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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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thanks very much. let's hear now from mohammed ali she bonnie used to associate editor of the news website al monitor and leads the iran pulse blog and he says that the situation will continue to escalate before and i think channels are entertained there are multiple dimensions obviously to what's going on i think on the one hand the u.s. has collation the decision to withdraw all non-essential personnel is a message to its own allies we had the british top commander saying that basically there is no such threat as you guys see it and we disagree and i think this is a way to basically hush them. on the 2nd level i think it's also a way to pressure they walk your stories to say that with us or against us and i think the 3rd dimension to it of course i think is what they want to refer to as a psychological war that the u.s. is not willing to go to war just yet at least but is trying to huff and puff i think the reality is that while the u.s. cannot be trusted here to its word which is not the one is want before they sign
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a nuclear deal it's still the sole remaining superpower in the world at some point asked to be some kind of understanding with i think if they're in a position of strength and if it's clear that the other members of the jury subpoena away you know the signatories cannot deliver at some point down the line if the decision is between perpetual war or cold war and some kind of settlement where iran can get the benefits it seeks perhaps through a lifting of primary u.s. sanctions then that's something that can be achievable but i don't see it happening right now there has to be a lot of steps before you want any u.s. get there. plenty more still ahead on the news including rallies in palestine to mark a day they call the catastrophe. signs of weakness for china's economy its growth retail sales it's a 16 year. old coming out to steph curry has put in another game winning playoff performance for the golden state warriors details coming right up.
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in the united nations security council is discussing the war in yemen and the sanctions placed on the country this comes amid heavy fighting in the southern yemeni city of ties on such a day the u.n. says the rebels began with drawing from 3 major ports parties agreed under a cease fire signed last year un talks were taking place between warring sides in jordan a government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition have been battling rebels in a 4 year civil war. diplomatic at a james base he joins us live from the u.n. headquarters and james tell us more about what's been said. well we've been hearing from a briefing a monthly briefing from the un special envoy martin griffiths now the timing of the meeting i think is important because it's no coincidence that it follows the u.n. announcing this weekend that there would be the beginning of
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a withdrawal from who's the forces around to date are the key port the lifeline of yemen to get humanitarian aid in certainly said that they be moving their positions and carrying out much of what was in the stockholm agreement at the end of last year this was the assessment from mr griffiths the moment is significant and it's worth cherishing such moments which are not as frequent as we would hope but this of course is only the beginning these redeployments must be followed and i'm sure will be followed by concrete actions of the parties to deliver on their obligations under the stockroom agreement and i know we will hear more of this later. we would like the parties to ensure that the momentum that we now begin to see is maintained by implementing subsequent steps of the mutual redeployments. verified of monitored by the parties and ensuring the support that we need in the u.n.
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to increase our role in the ports. her data of course is very important for the humanitarian situation but when you pull out a bit from her data you see the situation in yemen is still very very grim the humanitarian situation maybe is a bit by what's happened but it's still dire across the country color of cases have been increasing this year compared to last year we're no closer of course to a bigger political settlement in yemen it took the who sees the best part of 6 months to pull out of a day to remember they control large swathes of the north of the country including the capital sanaa and there are also many other parties involved in yemen eisel fighting there al-qaeda a growing southern separatist movement and then pull out of yemen to the bigger regional picture and that's going to me make peace in yemen even harder of course
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with the current tension between the u.s. and iran even in the meeting specific to yemen we heard the acting u.s. ambassador jonathan cohen attacking the who thiis and blaming iran for its support of the who sees he says they supplied all the drones and the missiles that who these own are james thanks very much indeed james bays at the u.n. . go to sudan now where a deal to transfer power to a mainly civilian administration is expected to be signed later on wednesday the military council and opposition groups have made several concessions after weeks of deadlock they agreed on a 3 year transitional period the army had insisted on 2 years while the protests needed leaders wanted for a during that transitional period the opposition will have a 2 thirds majority in parliament but they have not agreed on who will lead the sovereign council that will guide the transition the opposition insists that civilians must be in charge let's cross now to him morgan who's live for us in
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khartoum tell us more about the situation there. well at the moment there is a lot of tension this is the road that leads to state and to the 13 in front of the army headquarters this is just one of the roads and you can see that the security the protesters have set up roadblocks all along the road to make sure that the army and the military does not try to break theirs that's in there heard about the announcement last night and we spoke to them and they said that as much as they are happy that the civilians at the moment seem to be getting the higher ground in forming the transitional government they're going to have to wait for the sovereign council announcement they want to know who will be chairing this over a council and effectively the presidential council during the transitional period this is the spite of the opposition coalition and the military council saying that they are also optimistic that things are going well and that they will be expecting to make an announcement of getting transitional government in the coming few hours and this all started of course yesterday on tuesday evening. after 2 days of talks that started on monday and violence that resulted in the
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deaths of protesters and injury of at least $200.00 the 2 sides in sudan's quest to form a transitional government and now it's more progress. was agreed on all the powers given to the servant council the council of ministers and villages that have council and we have agreed that the transitional period will last for 3 years. the transitional military council which has been governing sudan since the overthrow of the country's 30 year president and the opposition coalition which has been demanding the council hand power to a civilian rule and say a final agreement will be signed before the end of wednesday make this a sovereign council which will be formed in consultation between the military council and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change and the cabinet of ministers and a consultative council 66 percent of which will be allocated to forces of freedom in china. i was minutes after the announcement was made thousands celebrated in front of the army headquarters they've been camped there for nearly 6 months
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initially to demand the military take action against the country's president then to demand that they hand over power to civilian government after they ousted the president since sunday they have been increasing pressure on both sides to reach a deal by calling for strikes and setting up more barricades on main streets in the capital khartoum that is this announcement didn't cover all points of contention the final point that the military council and the opposition coalition have to agree on is the structure of the south frank council which will be guiding the transitional period people here say if the military doesn't agree to having a civilian head that's council then protests will continue. they also have other questions they want answered and other demands they want to response to another one who like to know who is responsible for guaranteeing the results of this agreement between the military council and the coalition of freedom and change the coalition of freedom and change represents the interests of the people in the street. when they announce tomorrow that the deal is done in our revolution will be complete we
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need to get justice for all our martyrs that's when our revolution will be complete with all the demands in new concerns one thing people agree on is that this announcement brings them closer to the civilian government that they've started the revolution for more than ever before. so as much as there is optimism from the opposition coalition and the military council that a deal will be reached in the coming hours protesters here are saying that the devil is in the details they want to know who will be leading the so frank council who will be effectively the president of the country and they're saying that they do not trust the military people here at the city and are saying that they're going to continue to walk into the 15 to defend their revolution just a few minutes ago we heard bullets fired around the barricades that were set up by the protesters the military has been thing that they don't want to protesters blocking main road that the protesters are saying that the only way they can put pressure on the military council to hand over power to civil eons is by escalating their protests and that means more roadblocks more barricades more signs of protest
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and strikes so for them if the military council is trying to disperse their protest especially firing at them like we heard just a few minutes ago then they do not trust the military and they're very wary and they will wait until the announcement is made later on whether the military council will be the one leading the transitional period or whether it will be led by civilian chosen from among them that's a current picture in khartoum thanks very much indeed who morgan reporting that. the u.s. treasury secretary is facing more questions were president tax returns steve nujood is testifying to senators on the ways and means committee in washington he's previously blocked requests from congress to. trump tax history might come and joins us live now from washington d.c. and mark what are we hearing. well nick once again steve facing questions about revealing president trump's tax report and this is being a call from democrats better because of congress in both the senate and in the
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house democratic senators during this appropriations hearing repeatedly asked the treasury circuitry whether or not he agreed that the congress had the power to request the i.r.s. to explain how it was adjudicating the tax rate. off a sitting president democrats arguing that congress does indeed have this right pointing to previous precedents in particular that involving richard nixon but the new shouldn't continue to argue that the justice department had to advise the treasury that this was not the case and that there would be disagreement over this issue which would probably be up to the courts to decide this is what he had to say there is a difference in interpretation between congress and us and the department of justice around this law that not only impacts this president in this congress but
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has a very big impact on every single taxpayer and weaponize in the i.r.s. in this is why there are 3 branches of government so if there is a difference of opinion this will go to the 3rd of branch of government to be research well the house has subpoenaed the treasury secretary to produce these tax returns of the president that to deadline that they set in that such pina apply as in this on friday at the treasury secretary making very clear that this is an issue that in all likelihood will go to the courts to decide our mike thanks very much indeed we're going to take this on now we can speak to brian kelly who's a professor of nor the georgetown university law center joins us now from washington d.c. mr ghali welcome to the program what's your view on this does congress have the power to do such things. yes it does it's
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a basic principle of american government that no one is above the law and the transparency of both the legislative and executive branch are also basic principles of our constitutional system but if you ask the founders. the people who wrote our constitution one of the things that they said was that ambition should be made to counteract ambition that is that even if revealing information about people in another branch is good politically for congress that's not a reason why that power should exist in fact it's a reason why the power should exist we should want government officials to know that if they do things that serve their own in their own interests somebody across the street is going to reveal their wrongdoing to the public and that will discourage people from using government for their own ends so this does sound like it's heading to cool i think it does it sounds like the treasury secretary has said that he's going to rely on the advice of the justice department we haven't seen yet he's stated that he would release a formal opinion from the justice department when it's available we haven't seen it we don't really know what the arguments are so it's hard to assess the merits based
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on what the treasury secretary has said so far in his letters to congress it doesn't seem as though their position has any real merit they cite one line of a supreme court decision from 1057 and they fail to cite the next 3 lines which are directly contrary to their position so given that and given the confusion in differing of the opinion this is we heading for a constitutional crisis i don't think that there will be a crisis i think that courts courts can read and they'll read the 3 lines of the supreme court's decision that the treasury secretary didn't cite in his letter and they will very quickly in my opinion likely rule against the drug or secretary and compel him to turn over those documents ok. so now go ahead well i was just going to say it's likely that a trial court will make that initial determination and then there will be an appeal and then ultimately the supreme court will decide if they want to step in or not. and then at that point i would imagine that the supreme court might go in favor of
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the administration well i think that's a cynical view of the supreme court there are 5 members of the court who have been appointed by republican presidents but i also think the law here is very clear now it is true the court has said very recently as recently as this week that they'll overturn all precedents that they think are wrong but there's a long string of presidents going back more than 100 years on this principle so therefore can you see the point at which the president would be forced to hand over his tax returns i do think that's likely to happen all right thanks very much indeed short and sweet we appreciate your perspective on this broad got it thanks very much. still ahead on al-jazeera venezuela's opposition leaders meets at the national assembly a day after they were stopped from entering it will be live in caracas. whammies the international is calling it a year of shame for human rights in saudi arabia. and sport in 20 minutes or so the
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world's best golf a tiger in their sights ahead of the it is 2nd major told. how i welcome to another look at the international full costs looking say about across the middle east at the moment got some shop showers a little further west even across afghanistan more the pasta pakistan been a little cloudy lately they'll still be a few showers here as you go on through the next day easing up towards us but. when i stand seeing some showers long spells of right in the coast looking snow over the high ground there's a fair amount of cloud just spilling out of the southern areas of iran down towards the straits of moose pushing across into central and southern parts of pakistan but for much of iraq is dry it's hot 42 celsius in fact that 27 therefore baratz maybe
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a touch will of beirut as because through friday plenty of sunshine then across the levant easing across into iraq prodicus they want to see showers just coming into iran the showers continue through the east was a possibility of a shower or 2 into central parts saudi arabia where you see the clouds you could just catch your spots of right hades on temperatures 30 i celsius in 40 back to around 36 on friday little more cloud in the mix chiles of the old spots of rain drying clear across southern parts of africa at the moment there is a weather system just clearing away from the southern type but the most is fine and dry. let me take. place on.
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you're watching al-jazeera or might have the top stories this hour in the united states state department has ordered all government employees to leave iraq immediately the order follows a warning by the u.s. military if a threat from the right in linked groups. the united nations is holding a meeting to discuss progress being made in yemen a special envoy matson gryphus is pretty senior who 3 rebels for beginning to withdraw from 3 major ports and is calling for more measures of these talks her agreement to be adopted from. sudan's military council as agreed with opposition groups to a 3 year transitional period the opposition will now have. 2 thirds majority in parliament but both sides have yet to decide who will guide the transition. the media in the venezuelan competent have been barred from reporting the proceedings of the national assembly where members of the opposition have finally been allowed
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in choose days means it was cancelled off the police barricaded the building over an alleged suspicious package opposition politicians had called the move over intimidation let's cross to our lot in america today. he joins us live from caracas and here we were talking about this 24 hours or so ago what's the latest. yes absolutely dicked well here we are about 60 meters from the entrance to the national assembly on tuesday we weren't allowed near because allegedly there was a bomb there and a few hours later the pro-government constituent assembly in the constituent assembly met in the same legislative palace without any problems now the media has been pushed literally pushed away from the entrance by the riot police of the national guard that directly behind me in fact they've cordoned off this entire area however one by the who is the president of the national assembly and other opposition deputies are in there now the session is about to begin but there are 14
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less than you what you would normally expect 7 more of them were stripped of their defense of their they just made of immunity on tuesday most of them went in to hiding but one of them significant being asked for refuge at the mexican embassy and this is significant because up until now mexico has been seen as a soft ally of president. now that unconditional support is being put into question mexico giving refuge to one up people asked my view those sworn enemies interesting thanks very much indeed for that update you see new reporting from caracas. extending it a night curfew in 2 provinces all through series of attacks against muslims police are warning they will respond with maximum force to any further violence at least one person was killed in writing in recent days and smith reports now from the new one go to north of the capital. an appeal for calm from one of the
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9 mosques attacked in a wave of violence across northwestern sri lanka this week. and from these catholic priests a show of solidarity with they told us their 1st visit to a mosque 3 weeks ago on easter sunday suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels in sri lanka killing 253 people. the source said that things like this had happened . but the church had been digging. a lot of steps in order to let previous working in these areas become that people don't you can never know. there are certain groups you know be the more diverse you know and but the gunman months put a stop to these sri lanka's minority muslim population is now living in fear they break the ramadan fast behind drawn curtains. there's no visiting friends and neighbors a curfew empties the streets the mosques usually busy in this muslim holy month
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a closed. we're not sure what will happen we're hearing reports of attacks in different places and we don't know what to do we don't really trust any government witnesses described what they called mobs of sin halle's young men smashing up shops in and around 30 towns and villages the businesses in this town are owned by sinhalese people who are mainly buddhist as well as muslims. jessamy watched helpless as bricks rained down on this mosque there and these people who are blaming the government then why but it turned out in the military when really we knew this was coming and the government warned there would be atrocities but they wanted this to happen to us the government thought we'd leave these areas so those goons could unleash mayhem and. try lanka's prime minister says the country will be destabilized if sectarianism escalates more than 70 people have been arrested and are in custody facing charges related to this week's violence nightly curfews have
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been keeping a lid on the violence here and they'll be another want tonight it's wednesday but they're only a short term measure the much greater challenge is repairing the into community relationships which have been so badly fractured by the easter sunday bombing burnitz. northwestern sri lanka. to china which is reported slower than expected economic growth in april that was a period before u.s. trade tariffs took effect industrial growth slowed to 5.4 percent last month and that's a drop from 8.5 percent growth in march adrian brown has this update now from beijing . well these figures will worry china's leaders because they demonstrate that in april there wasn't much confidence among chinese consumers in fact the figures for retail sales were the worst in 16 years and that's a worry for china's government because at the moment it's trying to convert china's
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economy from one based on manufacturing to one based on consumption also down was industrial manufacturing output that fell from 8.5 percent to 5.4 percent meanwhile president xi jinping has been addressing a conference here in beijing entitled dialogue of asian civilizations the theme very much asia for asians this conference another example of chinese soft power now the thrust of president xi jinping speech was essentially that all civilizations are equal and that all civilizations should treat each other with respect. the no civilization is superior over others the thought that one's own race in civilization is superior and the inclination to remove or replace other civilizations is just stupid and meanwhile the state media here in china continues to maintain a very defiant and strident tone and for the 1st time in several months is
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referring to a trade war as opposed to trade tensions but not naming president trump not blaming president trump blaming the u.s. government and not blaming the u.s. people either now it still seems very likely that president xi jinping and president donald trump will meet at the g 20 summit in osaka in japan at the end of june but analysts are warning the by then the damage to the relationship could be very serious indeed. it's been 71 years since hundreds of thousands of palestinians were forcibly evicted from their land to make way for the creation of israel they call it. the catastrophe and it's being marked by protests this was before as it existed under the british mandate 492-2948 or may the 15th 1908 the state of israel was created setting up new borders and that triggered the 1st israeli war
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and forced more than 700000 palestinians from their homes has been every year since 948 with protests at times turning violent it highlights palestinian displacement and demands to return to the. war rallies and marches have taken place across palestine one of the largest was in ramallah that's where the palestinian authority is based. peaceful but there was. more in just a moment. i needed abraham has more for us from ramallah. for 71. 71 years. when it really started for the palestinians and. to. talk about. the 48 we
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have. this situation. can also jeopardize their future in. your organization 20000. he enjoys the support of the u.s. president. he is going to be. going to be included in that and also has. so all of these are signs that are seen by palestinians officials that they are trying to deter mine and to undermine the right of return for palestinian refugees who are on the girls' border is ready for this a fight of thousands of protesters sculls his health ministry is reporting that 47
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people were injured it says 2 against rubber bullets and live rounds were fired more than 250 people have been killed a week to demonstrations since march last year but that's going to mean has this update now from gaza. compared to previous protests the numbers were modest on the 71st anniversary of nakba hamas had been urging people on this day off from school and work to turn out at the border in large numbers and send a message saying that we must resist the occupation and we will not stop until we have our rights hamas is also in the midst of a 9 day cease fire with israel it was the deadliest round of violence between the 2 since the gaza war in 2014 hamas has been looking to israel to abide by pledges it made to help ease the effects of the air land and sea blockade a blockade that has lasted for more than a decade and has had a crippling effect on gazans and this week we have seen
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a bit of relief though modest money $180000000.00 the 1st installment of that from qatar arrived to provide financial assistance fuel has been arriving and of the zone in the mediterranean for fishermen to catch the food was expanded hamas has said that its ability to maintain the cease fire would quote depend on the israeli aggression for its part israel stepped up security at the border there were media reports that soldiers are being urged to exercise restraint and only fire bullets if they were facing imminent danger otherwise they needed to clear it with a senior official it's your revision this way. week israel is hosting it there are thousands of tourists in tel aviv and the international spotlight on israel and there is a general feeling that israel as well as hamas want to continue to keep the ceasefire at least for the moment when i speak to my. side as
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a professor of political science at the university in gaza joins us from the so another important day of commemoration. yes today is the 71st anniversary of the palestinian nakba and it's a day over the member for millions of palestinians inside palestine and outside of palestine as it was reported by you reporters in jerusalem and in gaza more than 700000 palestinians will experience from their homeland back in 1988 when as well declared its independence on former palestine and it's also a day for the palestinians to send a message to the international community and to all concerned parties that the plight and the suffering of the palestinians is continuing until this day even though it's been more than 70 years since the palestinian not about but still the
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palestinians are under israeli occupation in the west bank and gaza they are. receiving inequality inside israel and 2 more 2000000 palestinians inside gaza are suffering from israeli of collective punishment and thrown his way to see a jump blockade against the gaza strip so the palestinian plight the palestinian suffering is continuing until this day and. this this should be a big concern for the international community and for all concerned parties to put an end to this suffering of the palestinian people right you say it should be a big concern for the international community it sends a message to the international community yet a year by year as we mark the situation just seems to get worse and worse. well unfortunately the data conditions of the palestinians have been getting from bad to worse especially in the gaza strip as
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a result of israeli promises toward the palestinians if you look at the west bank that is why it is of building more settlement units in the west bank and east jerusalem on daily bases and also the israeli occupation forces out of out of this thing palestinians on davis is in the west bank and when it comes to the girls us to when you look at the. data figures like of out of the unemployment it's the warst i have ever seen in my life of about. 70 percent of the palestinians in the girl's us to brissie of food aid from under w r 50 and unemployment is 52 percent among the palestinians in the gaza strip and if there is no intervention from the international community the situation might get even worse or especially after all know wot 2 days ago. called for an intervention that on the way is in bad need for $60000000.00 us dollars to prevent starvation among
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$1000000.00 palestinian refugees in gaza who are dependent on the wound its food services in the gaza strip. we appreciate your time thanks very much indeed. thank you an hour earlier we were talking about a deal in sudan to transfer power to many civilian administration we a correspondent there was talking about life gunfire she's now back in the bureau in a cult hit tell us more about what's happening. well nic what we do know from protesters and from being near the vicinity of where the gunshots were protesters are saying that the military unit of the rapid support force tried to remove some of the barricades that they set up on the roads leading to the sets and now protesters have been escalating their forms of protest of tried to put pressure on the military council to hand over part an independent civilian transitional government so the protesters are saying is that the rapid support forces the units try to move the barricades and when they rejected them the rapid support forces unit opened
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fire 3 people have been reported to be injured and let's not forget that just 2 nights ago on monday night this is how the incident started and people ended up with people dead and more than 200 people injured so protesters are saying that they are not they don't have any faith in the military in the military council and despite the fact that negotiations are ongoing between the opposition coalition and the military council to form a transitional government the military council said that in the next few hours an announcement will be made a deal will be made regarding the transitional government and how it's going to look like the protesters are saying that they do not trust they do not trust the military council they're not sure if the military council will allow a civilian to hand to be the one in charge of the of the transitional period we can still hear more gunshots right now as we're talking it doesn't look like this is coming to an end anytime soon and there are concerns that there will be loss of lives by the end of the night just like it happened on monday and this is all happening within the vicinity of the military headquarters where protesters have been staging a sit in for the past 6 weeks they're concerned that what the military is trying to
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do is to disperse their sets in before the announcement is made because they think that the military is not going to hand over power to civilian government is troubling situation here morgan reporting the deal to transfer power to many civilian ministration is expected to be signed later on wednesday we can go to live pictures right now he has just been talking about some of the live gunfire that she was hearing when she was talking to us live from the streets in khartoum she's just been reporting there from the interviewer these are live pictures coming in. it was people clearly running away from gunfire which i think can be heard in the background i can't be too much with you speeches but i believe that is gunfire in the background as i say this just as a deal to transfer power to many civilian administration is expected to be signed later on wednesday military council opposition groups have made several concessions after weeks of deadlock but clearly tensions are running extremely high and as our correspondent was just describing that it could well be serious injuries
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potentially fatalities as this goes on we'll be back with us as we get more information from college to ensued on. now that i missed international is putting pressure on saudi arabia to free many prominent women detained one year ago the rights group described the side to crack down as a year of shame dozens of rights as academics and journalists were arrested many of them have not been able to communicate with their families and have had have had no legal representation during court appearances swimmin reporters being tortured and sexually abused in detention 7 detainees were released in the past 2 months but many more face prison terms for making statements seen as a critical of the saudi government. still ahead here in sports want to go along. with tribble problem of motor sport. thank.
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you. let's get straight on to sport has for nick thank you so much that kerry has put in another game winning playoff performance for the golden state warriors curry scored 36 points against portland trailblazers as golden state took an early lead in the western conference finals and the richardson reports i there have been some concerns about steph carey's form heading into the western conference finals to get a look at. this very post 6 time all star wasted little time in moving that merits of along in game one against the portland trial blazes thank you thank
12:40 am
you can't show her a lot just. with kevin durant's out injured curry steps up to school $93.00 points his and $36.00 points over all the warriors and aiming for a 5th straight appearance in the n.b.a. finals and a 3rd strike championships this 116th and 94 when suggesting it will be difficult for any team to stop them this is nice to see the ball to shoot the ball well for 4 to have quarters and afford to have games of say in my series and going to a good start tonight so when i want to maintain that every game is different you got to really establish yourself. and that's my perspective no matter how. i thought our mars was right we came in the game ready but there are teams that you know they go they make shots in the game can get away from you so tonight we are too many moments where you know we have slipped out of the physically. carry on the
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warriors return to action figure. to this best of 7 series home state and the richardson al-jazeera. college basketball's biggest names in williamson turns pro next season and we're a bit closer to finding out which team helped play for the 18 year old is expected to be the 1st pick in next month and being dropped and he was in chicago for the draft lottery where one team is chosen at random to be given that all important 1st pick here's how it turned out so you see the 2nd period will be made. this morning. is that the number one it was going to draft goes to good towards now which. it's a pelican to have the 1st chance to sign williamson who says he's never actually been to new orleans. the boston bruins are just one win away from a place in the stanley cup finals bruins goalie to go raf make 35 saves as the
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carolina hurricanes suffered their 1st home loss of the post season the ruins winning 2 want to take a 3 nothing series lead in the eastern conference finals. i want to play call them and you know make myself look bad you know maybe even chances try to. you know make it look easy kind of. you know if. it's in the zone and i just try to be focused and use a chance. tiger woods says he's feeling a great physical condition heading into the p.g.a. championship is taking a month off since winning the masters ahead of his bid to win a 16th major title. i wanted to play a couple weeks ago just wasn't quite mentally ready to do it but physically i've been feeling really good the training sessions good. i've been practicing of late i'm excited to get out there on the golf course we came up here last week took a look at it in detail and spent a lot of time on it but this is going to be a long week with the golf courses set up and potentially you know could play this
12:43 am
could be a hell of a championship. formula one champion fernando alonso is getting ready to challenge for the indy $500.00 later this month has been out practicing ahead of the race which takes place this week on sunday victory would see alonso completely prestigious triple proud of motor sport having already won the monaco grand prix at the lamont $24.00 hour break. and that's why he's for promoting nick back to you thank you so much we'll see you later thank you it's not in the french riviera where the kind of film festival is underway 2 very different types of comedy films open this year's event famous directors will compete with promising new comments for the big prize the pump will challenge the reports now from cairo. film stars flashbulbs festival magic. can is a celebration of cinema like no other and in its 72nd year it is still surprising audiences. this year its opening with
12:44 am
a zombie comedy. packed with stars directed by jim the dead don't die seems an unlikely choice for the prestigious festival but the american director has used to sneak in big ideas that they sometimes get buried under all the bodies the festivals directed. explained his choice. general cinema is important for cinema for many artists especially in the era of big studios it was a way for them to express themselves within a defined framework and today john are cinema continues. a man of many genres is director quentin tarantino who rushed to finish his new film screening. once upon a time in hollywood is a black comedy set in 1960 s. los angeles being fired to go to jail is called manslaughter many more heavyweight
12:45 am
directors will walk this red carpet over the next 11 days including ken loach. terrence malick and. but they'll also be flanked by newcomers that critics anxious to see i want to see what massive i mean it's kind of ridiculous that this is the 1st black woman to ever be composition as a director ok when trying to say what women. more than the men because i feel like ken loach parenting the daughter we kind of know their work and we know that film is going to be solid but are they really going to surprise us can is dedicated to cinema survival but in doing so it lost out to new films for martin scorsese and steven soderbergh this year that's because they were produced by netflix you refer . uses to screen in cinemas before going online but netflix now attracts the biggest names it spent $12000000000.00 on content and it's unclear how long can will be able to hold back is changing tide challenge al-jazeera can. say from
12:46 am
a mechanic for this news i'll be right back with more news in about half now especially with more developments from call to. cox plus. i really felt liberated as a journalist was wound up getting to the truth doesn't lie with us well there's just. anything you say tight brows can be held against.
12:47 am
food lines investigates how governments are using israeli software to turn critic cellphones into the ultimate tools of surveillance just exposure your personal world doesn't just stop at you right in extends out to the people you care about trusted you and it makes you toxic crossflow death any fun any way targeted by text on al-jazeera. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you get a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing $200000000000.00 in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of
12:48 am
rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war but aware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at opel calls rubber white gold at least for now. one person has been killed in sudan a number of people injured by gunfire near the military headquarters in the capital khartoum. i'm a klutz is about 0 life and also coming up in the program american troops on high
12:49 am
alert in iraq as washington orders all know and like you see stuff to leave immediately. to moment is significant and it's worth cherishing an air of optimism on yemen as the u.n. security council discusses efforts to end the conflict. the police in sri lanka carry out more arrests after a series of attacks against the muslim community. so one person has been killed in sudan and the number of people injured by gunfire near the military headquarters in the capital khartoum protests is have been coming to an 86 weeks demanding civilian government and government and military rule it comes off to sudan's military council agreed with opposition groups to a 3 year transitional period. let's go live now to hit morgan who's standing by for us in called to tell us more about what's happening what you've been witnessing.
12:50 am
well make this just comes a little less than $24.00 hours after the 2 sides the military council and the opposition call it a coalition and now they are going to reach a deal and less than just just a few hours from that $24.00 hour period that they see a deal will be announced lots of tension in front of the army headquarters where the bullets have been fired we were down in the streets less than an hour ago and we heard lots of rounds and we spoke to protesters and this is what happened was that the rapid support forces one of the u. factions of the military tried to move their barricades and when they refused the rapid support forces opened fire now let's remember that this is not the 1st time this is happening on monday night this same scene and for the people saying that they were up at support forces try to move a barricade and they rejected that and then shots were fired several people killed more than 200 injured including 10 in critical conditions one of them who passed away today morning so protesters are saying that with the military is trying to do is try to disperse this that and head of the announcement that will be made they think that the military council is not ready to hand over parts of civilian
12:51 am
transitional government they're waiting to see how this sort of sovereign council which will effectively be the presidential council and be guiding the transitional period will be formed and who will be chairing it they're worried that the military council will be the one chairing eggs and that civilians will have less than 50 percent of the representation so they're saying that they will continue with this that in regards of the threats of course one person was killed several people have been injured protesters are saying that they're expecting more into the fall and more loss of life because of the injuries and they are calling for medical help for their thing that they do not trust the army and they're not going to let their barricades be removed until they hear that there is a civilian transitional government in place and you should listen to this deal with no. deal is very much and don't know. well at the moment the 2 sides are yet to come out with a statement regarding what happened that's happened all within the past hour but last time when this happened on monday night the military council came out and said that this the people who fired at the protesters were not part of their forces. all
12:52 am
from the rapid support forces and they said that they will be opening in independent investigation that's something we heard again on tuesday night that the 2 sides the opposition coalition and the military council agreed on but protesters are saying that if the deaths continue if the military continues to try to move their barricades which seems like a way to try to disperse them from their sit in which is now in its week they are calling for the opposition coalition which they say represented them to to to call off talks with the military council and still they control the military council once again but then again it's going to be very hard for the protestors and the opposition to have faith in the military council with people being injured and bullets being fired most of them from men which the protesters they are wearing the rapid support forces uniform so this concept of the opposition will be a 2 thirds majority in parliament how does that come about the border or the arguments for and against. well people are saying that they're happy that the opposition coalition will be getting a majority in the parliament and that they will be going to decide who will be in
12:53 am
the executive cabinets during the transitional period but then again they're going to have to wait to hear from the 2 sides the make up of the sovereign council and they have to know the mandate of that sovereign council as it stands at the moment and council will be to supreme body during the transitional period and they're saying that if it is going to be the supreme body headed by the military council then offensively they are still under the rule of the military so it doesn't make a difference between from ousting president on one of the shia from power on the 11th of april where they want to see is a civilian head of the transitional period including heading the sovereign council what the opposition is also suggesting is for the sovereign council to have a sort of more new role and that the executive body which they will be meeting members for to be the one guiding the transitional period a lot of things for the 2 sides to actually agree on before coming out with a deal for a transition period but then this all comes down to if they can continue talks after what's happened in the past hour with protesters injured and some of them losing their lives. ok but only there for the moment just let's have a recap of what actually happened little bit earlier when it was just returning
12:54 am
from reporting on the streets to the bureau in color to a great deal of gunfire was heard and we've been reporting how one person has been killed several injured let's just take a listen as to what happened on the streets. this less than 24 hours after a deal was announced as he was just reporting the deal to transfer power to a mainly civilian administration is expected to be signed later on wednesday neither side at the moment has made any comments as he was just reporting all in these events and these pictures that you are seeing. but. yes that is the situation on the streets in khartoum you know we can speak now to
12:55 am
sort of. on the phone right now who can tell us more about what happened from your perspective what did you experience. oh i actually right now. what's going on on the 3 from london where you have 3 better. firing. a on. so i thought all of this harrowing is still continuing there are moments as right and if you can hear me fire you still continuing at this moment yes exactly that good morning a live video from the place right now under under where you are 3 rapid response people. with bullets and then real bullets.
12:56 am
it's clear to you. it's clear to you who is firing these bullets is it. exactly that 3 people hit frank now right so tell us from your point of view who is responsible for these attacks. just. tell us if you can who is responsible for firing these shots but i think. that's what i know ok and you. are still out on the streets is it still going on right now. no i didn't like to do. 5 that but my friend seeing them. i'm quite sure about it. i grant you going to appreciate your perspective thanks very much indeed for giving us that update from the streets there of cults and we will bring you more on this as we get more information on these events as they were
12:57 am
unfolding there in a call to. in the meantime the u.s. state department has ordered all non-emergency government employees to leave iraq immediately the order follows a warning by the u.s. military of a threat from iranian linked groups but that appears to contradict the view of a senior general in iraq just right for reports now from baghdad. in 2014 iraq's senior shia religious leader ali al sistani issued a fatwa urging iraqis to take up arms against eisel this came up to the iraqi army fled to isolate french people move slowly without a fight but led to the establishment of the shia groups noticed a popular mobilization forces backed by iran who were highly effective in iraq in syria fighting in coordination with u.s. led coalition forces but the u.s. is putting increasing pressure and sanctions on neighboring iran and some in washington say what they call iran's proxy militias in iraq are
12:58 am
a potential stretch to u.s. interests here including 5200 american soldiers but major general christopher geek the deputy commander of the anti eisel coalition has contradicted that. no there's been no increased threat from iranian backed forces in iraq and syria where aware of their presence clearly. and we monitor them along with a whole range of others because that's the environment we're in after that statement the u.s. central command issued a strong rebuke comments from the operation inherent resolve deputy commander run counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from the u.s. and allies regarding irradiance backed forces in the region the statement said. earlier this month u.s. secretary of state michael peo came to iraq on unscheduled visits because of what
12:59 am
he said was intelligence on specific increased threats to u.s. interests in iraq the us has since sent 2 warships and b. 52 bombers to the gulf. mobilization forces under the command of prime minister idol of the little mahdi in his weekly press briefing he said iraq wants to play the role of a mediator between its 2 our allies and it didn't see any threats. iraq is currently stable up until this moment we have not seen any military escalation in iraq iraq has expressed this to the u.s. secretary of state iran is iraq's most important ally in the region sharing strong political economic and military and religious ties iraqi politicians and religious leaders have said they will not accept any interference in iraq's sovereignty by any country including iran. the conflicting statements about possible threats from iran has raised concerns that some parties in washington are
1:00 am
exaggerating intelligence in order to build a case for some sort of military action against the country now the u.s. state department has ordered the immediate departure from iraq of all known emergency government employees and many iraqis are increasingly anxious that after suffering years of conflict and political instability there may be more to come china stop al-jazeera baghdad well let's see who has the latest from baghdad. it was early on wednesday morning when the u.s. state department said that all non emergency personnel should be removed from government buildings here in iraq they said that this was an order to departure not an evacuation and that stuff should be using regular commercial flights in order to leave the country but all of this followed hours of a great deal of confusion over particularly.


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