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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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for emergency that now has been imposed that you were talking about a moment ago. well it's quite interesting it remains the chinese in particular here in the northwestern part of sri lanka which is where all of the attacks at the beginning of this week were censored censored and what the minister says is quite interesting because it's you go to a lot of the villages here but typically the sinhalese buddhist majority villages fear and there is this sense of resentment against muslim communities muslim communities that live nearby and that resentment has been given an outlet really by these to sunday attacks a sort of an excuse that some of the international screws have been looking for looking for perhaps to target muslim groups and when you speak to some of the buddhist villages some of the in these small communities they'll say that the muslims on the interest rate thing they'll say that they're not normal politics or one can society unfortunate this sort of view is quite common and i think the
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government fears that it's being given fuel by the nationalistic street mistruths to the right going to spend the reporting from sri lanka thank you still ahead on al-jazeera why the ambitious indian health care plan modi care is failing some of the coredump stories coming up in a moment. and the weather still pretty miserable out of the parts of eastern europe in fact for some of this is being really horrible over the past few days we've had a lot of flooding and some damaging winds as well so we've not had this swelling massive cloud a mass going to stick around as we head through the next couple of days in fact that system just going to move and expand across other parts of europe as well so as we head through thursday it will be the northern pozza poland into germany where we begin to see that wet weather. then that will gradually spread its way towards
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the west as we head into friday so more of us here we see some clouds maybe old spots of rain as well we're also seeing another weather system pushing from the atlantic that's covering parts of britain and ireland down through france and then popping over into the mediterranean and that's where we see a little area of low pressure begin to develop and that could be quite nasty once a very strong winds and heavy rain out of that as we head through the day on friday for the other side of the mediterranean there have been a few showers here but the worst of theirs are now clearing away so i think for most of us from thursday and on friday there are plenty of sunshine around and the temperatures will be recovering force in chain as well get up to around $28.00 degrees for a battery would be quite that will get to around $21.00 the central belt of africa is looking more lively now plenty more showers around particularly over parts of cameroon. driven by. drugs. now with.
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the help of a theater troupe a group of colombian women fighting the challenges. was compelling series. talent. in america presents. color again the top stories on al-jazeera. opposition coalition says it regrets a move by the military council to suspend negotiations on
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a transition to civilian rule for 3 days opposition supporters say they'll continue demonstrating. sri lankan government says hardline groups are under investigation over a recent wave of anti muslim attacks at least 31 people have appeared in court in connection with the attacks overnight curfews have been put in place in 2 provinces the. coalition has conducted air strikes on the military targets in yemen the media said 2 of their positions were hit near the capital sana'a. claimed responsibility for a drone attack that shut down a major all pipeline in saudi arabia. the u.s. has placed china's tech giants weiwei and 70 if its affiliates on a trading blacklist while ways called the restrictions on. reasonable and said they infringe on its rights the announcement came just minutes after president donald trump barred american firms from using telecom equipment made by companies that he
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says threaten national security. the executive orders signed by president trump wednesday does not name the foreign adversaries whose telecommunications equipment is being banned in the u.s. but the commerce department immediately moved to add weight to its blacklist all but confirming that the cell phone titan and jewel of china's telecommunications industry is now banned in the u.s. nothing chinese firms do can be independent of the state the pentagon has warned while ways technology could be used by the chinese government to potentially spy on americans or access sensitive networks let me be clear there is no way or z.t. equipment in our network today there never will be the ban is not likely to impact the telecommunications industry in the u.s. an issue that has come under congressional scrutiny as much as other countries more
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heavily invested in huawei secretary of state micron pale has been putting pressure on allies not to use chinese equipment as the world gears up for the rollout of 5 g. networks the next generation of mobile technology what's imperative is that we share with them the things we know about the risks that the wall ways presence in their networks presents actual risks to their own people to the loss of privacy protections for their own people but cutting ties with huawei could be difficult for countries like canada as their top telecoms providers say replacing their equipment could cost them more than a 1000000000 dollars. by way executive mon one joe was arrested there at the request of the united states on charges. she helped her company evade u.s. sanctions on iran she is awaiting extradition to face charges in the u.s. if the united states has legitimate security concerns with wow ok i think the
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allies are prepared to listen in consider seriously what the trumpet ministration is saying but if it looks like this is all just gambit to try to improve the outcome and train to go with china much of which may not benefit other countries then i think the administration risks losing allied support including close allies like you know last week the u.s. and china escalated the trade war by implementing hundreds of billions of dollars of additional tariffs on each other now the ban on huawei could be another bargaining chip in a conflict that's further soured. castro al-jazeera washington let's bring in adrian brown he's joining us now from tianjin that's in china's northeastern you're at a major tech exhibition that in a sense adrian feature is so much less at the heart of the u.s. china trade war so what's been the response there to trump's executive order.
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well behind me during you can actually see the the wall way the video now and a few hours ago we attempted to talk to some of the wall way executives here they didn't want to go on camera but they did say that you know while way as a company the united states is a country but added that actually if the united states doesn't want to work with huawei to deal with while way to exclude walk away there are plenty of other countries that do and of course while the united states represents could have been an important market for wall way in fact there are far bigger markets for the for in particular latin america africa and of course here in asia because governments in those areas have a raise the same sorts of questions and concerns that the trumpet ministration has now while way continues to assert. that the trumpet ministration is motivated by jealousy over while weighs success this is a company that in many ways is a national champion it represents the crown jewels of chinese technology it's
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a private company that has come as i say a long way very quickly indeed at the moment it's kind of the market leader in 5 d. technology and that's the concern the united states it is starting to dominate in an area where president from wants u.s. companies to dominate and at this exhibition here doreen what you have is really another reminder that the united states and china are competing in key areas like artificial intelligence robotics and 5 g. technology and president from is concerned very concerned about the advances the china you know is making because president xi jinping really wants this these technologies of the future to be the foundation of the new economy he wants to build because he believes that will also help to raise the standard of living of millions of chinese people all right adrian brown reporting from tianjin adrian
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thank you we'll take you back to one of our top stories we were telling you a moment ago that the saudi u.a.e. coalition has conducted air strikes on rebels who are the targets near the yemeni capital let's get more on the story and bring in our said. he's a yemeni journalist he's joining us on the phone from sun not thanks for speaking to us can you tell us what you're hearing about these airstrikes and what those targets are. thank you very much. there has been a lot. busy in many places. in the out. of. the house.
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where. we. will complete so are you saying that residential areas are being hit because the coalition says that it's targeting military target. you know. in the outskirts in the outskirts busy. we all. are going for years. and we didn't know what was. in the middle of. the.
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ground. 6 there are a lot a lot of. trying to do. but we had been out for sure that a complete family. busy and many others busy. so what more are you hearing in their house what more are you hearing then about. casualty figures as well as the number of people who've been injured in these airstrikes. yes we are. 5 receiving from internation from. a medical. but we want to know exactly how many but we.
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are. in the. military there is no. military medical staging there. will be. some of my colleagues in the play. calling. he told me 5 they're. trying to dig out some of the body. we thank you very much for giving us an update from. voters in the world's 2nd biggest electoral contest will head to the polls next week when they take part in the european elections topping the issues this year are immigration terrorism climate
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change and the economy but it's the rise of populism that could reshape the blocs agenda for the next 5 years barbara sarah explains. between may 23rd and 26th voters across the e.u. will elect members of the european parliament they'll have the power to approve e.u. laws that you budget and choose the president of the european commission there are 751 seats up for grabs with each country getting a number of seats proportional to its population as things stand the 2 major blocs in parliament are the right leaning e.p. p. and the center left s n d but the dominance of these coalitions could be a roaded by the rise of europe's populists the year skeptic e.l.f. grouping is predicted to pick up $62.00 seats that's an increase of $25.00 the group includes members of france's far right national rallied the party of marine le pen meanwhile the populist the if the with members of germany's far right if he
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could win an extra 4 seats in the u.k. of course the breaks a deadlock is far from resolved and nigel farage his newly established bracks it party is predicted to get more seats than both the ruling conservatives or labor parties and then there is italy's nationalist leg up party which is part of the coalition government its leader and deputy prime minister met there savina he says he wants a new block with far right allies in germany and denmark that could reshape the parliament until 2024 and potentially change the very nature of the european union . the indian prime minister narendra modi's ambitious indian health care plan was designed to solve most of the medical problems for the poor and many say the system is experiencing a slow and challenging start for the 500000000 people it's supposed to help scott hietala reports from new delhi. akash has a brain tumor he's travelled with his family from pradesh state to get specialized
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care in new delhi but he and his family don't have the money for this 2nd round of treatment like millions of others they are not poor enough to qualify for the universal health care program launched last year known as mody care. they only have benefits from india's national health care system and that does not cover all expenses the president of the doctors said that please deposit the money 1st i told him said i don't have any money then to get us a slip and told us to go to another account but then it was one gone after another they were then told the cost would not get free care because he's not from new delhi and were told to leave the hospital. moti care is supposed to help the 60000000 people who currently slip into poverty every year because of health care costs but something that makes the situation more difficult for people living in states not participating in modi care like west bengal and kerala among others
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those states have their own health plans so people from those states are blocked out from some of the best hospitals in the country like the ones here in delhi. the few who possess such more gods come to me and tell me that we took this got to the hospital but but it doesn't work the ground reality is that it isn't working as a policy. moti care only covers serious illnesses and hospital stays new delhi's health minister thinks more funding should go into essential primary care. we think that primary health care is the basis for all treatment big of so much importance on our secondary kit that we have neglected the primary kit. in some states insurance companies administer the funds for moti care and he accuses them of using their role to profit unfairly we have the man who runs motor care refutes this this is of it is not only good for people but it's
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also good for politics so if it serving. the country serving the people i don't see why or how any part of the power. to stop this. only 6 percent of the $500000000.00 people eligible for medicare have signed up election results are due to be announced later this month and whoever runs motive here afterwards will face the challenge of ensuring millions of people like a cash are not left out scott either al-jazeera new delhi. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the saudi emirate he led coalition has launched air strikes on residential areas and holds the military targets in yemen who the media said 2 of their positions were hit near the capital sanaa medical sources say at least 6 people were killed in the airstrikes so far on tuesday the
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whole thing is claimed responsibility for a drone attacks that shut down a major oil pipeline in saudi arabia the coalition clyde's to retaliate but said it remained committed to the whole day the peace deal sudan's opposition coalition says it regrets a move by the military council to suspend negotiations on a transition to civilian rule for 3 days opposition supporters say they'll continue to demonstrate. iran's foreign minister says his country is exercising maximum restraint in the face of tightening u.s. sanctions and a military build up washington has the port warships and b. $52.00 bombers to the region warning off an iranian threat. the advocacy group international says it has evidence work crimes may have been committed in libya. has waged a 6 week long offensive to capture the capital tripoli from the un recognized government amnesty has gathered witness statements and compiled satellite images
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which it says reveal lawful rocket attacks on a neighborhood of tripoli the group is calling for an international investigation. sri lanka's government hardline buddhist groups are under investigation over a recent wave of anti muslim attacks at least 31 people have appeared in court in connection with those attacks. we also ensure that those people who are behind these were arrested and today yesterday also last night would be days peace in this country nothing has happened so if we feel that these are all the nased attacks on. business houses premises that are happening and reveal ensure that it does not happen while way has the us government decision to place it and 70 of its affiliates on a trade blacklist calling it unreasonable earlier the us president barred u.s. firms from using the telecom equipment those are the headlines inside stories
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coming up next on al-jazeera. is to find out whether someone really or someone is very right it's not a we think it's how you approach it that it is a certain way of doing. it. 1st 2 of its oil tankers were attacked then saudi arabia saw some of its vital all pumping stations targeted by could feed rooms as tensions running high in the gulf what's really behind this series of attacks and could it escalate into a bigger confrontation this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan it's the 2nd attack in less than 48 hours to saudi oil pumping stations were targeted on tuesday west of the capital
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riyadh hooty rebels say they carried out the strikes to warn the kingdom against what they describe as its aggression in yemen saudi arabia state owned energy company around cope has stopped for the moment pumping oil through a major pipeline the incidents come off the 2 saudi oil tankers were damaged in an attack off the coast of the emirates of fujairah the government has also said that 4 ships were targeted off its coast loot the say the drone attack was the biggest since the war in yemen began in 2015. this 100. 7 drones belonging to the air force of yemen attacked pumping stations relating to the strategic pipeline that carries oil from east to west in saudi arabia it was a successful operation we found assistance from people living in saudi arabia and we had excellent intelligence the attack is seriously damaged the economy of the
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enemy of saudi arabia's minister of energy khaled al finally has condemned the quote cowardly attack in a statement he said this act of terrorism and sabotage in addition to recent acts in the arabian gulf to not only target the kingdom but also the security of world oil supplies in the global economy these attacks prove again that it's important for us to face terrorist entities including the who thing militias in yemen that have backed by iran and this is what the u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia john abizaid had to say we need to do a thorough investigation to understand what happened why it happened and then come up with reasonable responses short of war it's not in iran's interest it's not in our interest it's not in saudi arabia's interest to have a conflict will the attacks come as tensions running high between the u.s. and iran washington has announced that it aims to cut iran's oil exports to 0 and has boosted its military presence in the gulf in response to what it calls iranian
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threats but both sides have played down the possibility of an armed conflict iran's supreme leader ali harmony so that no war is going to happen but he's also ruled out to go see asians with the u.s. over turf iran's nuclear program as for the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said we fundamentally do not seek a war with iran that steering a visit to russia on tuesday. well let's bring in our guests for today's program we're joined from sana in yemen by out of the yemeni journalist and filmmaker via skype from reston virginia trita parsi professor of middle east politics at georgetown university and author of losing in enemy obama iran and the triumph of diplomacy and from oxford in the u.k. samuel romani university of oxford ph d. candidate regular contributor for the diplomats and washington post gentlemen good to have you with us on inside story samuel but start with you we'll talk
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geopolitics for most of the program but 1st i want to clear up a few things about these these incidents how were such relatively slow and still fee aircraft able to fly so far into saudi arabia undetected at a time of war what does this say about saudi air defenses i think this shows a bit about saudi air defenses but also it shows the degree to which this ad is that underestimated the improvements in the ballistic missile technologies and drone technology that they have these have made over the past $6.00 to $8.00 months so now they would have the ability to launch just started a radius of niagara kilometers with a remarkable degree of precision so in july of 2018 they try to attack in the bab amanda and they were able to organize a major oil spill or anything of that level by the a shell of their intent and their ability to strike then in january they launched. an attack on the yemeni intelligence minister i was after the sas nation which is a lot more targeted a lot more imprisoned by i don't think the saudi air defenses have improved at the
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at the same level i think they've actually been quite complacent about the degree to which is applying the hoodie to the degree to which the hoody capabilities are improving so i this was almost a wake up call and a shock for this that is partially a complacency as much as you do you see improvements in the who didn't knowledge it possible you concur with that what does this drone attack tell us about the who these level of technical sophistication is it technology that they could have built and flown on their own or would they have needed outside help. it seems unlikely that they would have been able to do this entirely on their own although i think we also have to take into account that or against yemen by the saudi authorities have been done with tremendous incompetence from the very very outset so for the saudis to suffer. and loss like this is not in and of itself uncharacteristic in this war but it is quite clear and it's not usual as well that as what was on both sides
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will try to advance their technologies and improve on them and clearly this does appear to have guns that's out to be in. santa what are we to make of the fact that the it was economic interests that the who thiis targeted and not civilian areas in saudi arabia obit targets that were a similar distance to riyadh from the yemen border. well. first of all yemen is aggression and blockade for more than 4 years which means that we have now the worst humanitarian crisis in the world so this was. a response to that that aggression and the blockade because you know when we say when we talk about the worst humanitarian crisis in the world we mean we talk about
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250000 people who are killed most of them are women and children at home the schools hospitals there with things that funerals and if we where and we talk also about 3w3w yemen 3000000 yemenis homeless yemenis we also talk about about 11000000 who are now facing a main famine when i mean when i say off i mean i don't mean where there is a drought in yemen no it's saudi made from in saudi made the starvation that that is used as a weapon of war so we are talking about all these things we are also talking about about there about 100000 people who already died now all because of this starvation we also talked about the border that are closed and.
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i get where you are what you're saying here but i want to focus for the meantime on the hooty response to all of this and that their tracks all the attack on the oil installations in saudi arabia the fact that they were economic targets not civilian targets. yes this is very this is the not only the this is the boadicea of the of the here from the very beginning they never tell you to civilians in any place they already launched many ballastic myside. short and long range and they never have a targeted civilians now they die getting the economy interest because they already they already declared that that we are not going to do a stand idle by and watch our people being starved and being and being killed and we don't do anything of course they know that the oil the saudi oil is that is
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behind all these things behind the problems behind what a crime is behind the starvation and because behind this worst humanitarian crisis which is described by the united nations as the worst in the world so they tell you that the economic interest in deliberately yes ramadi you talked about the shock in saudi arabia after these these drone strikes latest drone strikes you think saudi arabia's reconsidering its position regarding the war in yemen after 4 years it's pretty clear that they they don't have the ability to defeat the who neither can they prevent who thier techs on their own soil i think that this is a moment to reassess and for saudi arabia but it should not be viewed as a moment of or transparent because if you look at the saudi response today they're continuing with even more intensified said over strikes on al dalet i think that this will just reduce the saudis trust the hoodies and she's already extremely low so the yemeni government to say well not withdraw from the day that her data could ultimately end up being
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a renewed scene of warfare saudi arabia will likely appeal thena to states a point to the fact that the hoody threats about targeting dubai abu dabi and riyadh are actually serious now and who these could disable international oil markets so they could try to lobby members of congress to soften their opposition. to the movement of arms to saudi arabia so i think that this will end generally to a more aggressive saudi position in terms of airstrikes and dad and by and let not only the pushback that some people might be intending here even though there are strikes that clearly enable and causing hoody lashon and the fact that they haven't really achieved anything substantial in this war since they recaptured aden from the hoodies in late 2015 are let's broaden the discussion out hit policy and the attacks on the other stations in saudi arabia and the subatomic of the tank is near that the strait of hormuz connected and what are we to make of the rainy and denials of involvement in either of those incidents well certainly on the surface mindful of the timing i can understand why there would be speculation that this has
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something to do with the fact that the u.s. is not aggressively pushing to push out all of iraq's oil from its national market and replace it with saudi and american oil that's understandable but we also have other factors that we have to take into account you have a government in saudi arabia that asks for more than 10 years push the united states to go to war with iraq you have a former secretary of defense bill gates saying that the saudis want to fight the iranians to the last american you have a secure national security adviser in the white house who has a history of fabricating evidence in order to get the united states in its war and was a key architect of the iraq war given all of that i think we have to look at these things that on a surface level looks like potentially being connected but also realizing that there are very powerful elements that want to go into war with you brought in who are more than happy and have a track record to fabricate false flag operations in order to get the war so we
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have to keep that in mind as well because in some ways the timing is perhaps a little bit too coincidental. to be iran's ambassador to the u.k. says that the islamic republic isn't involved in any attempt to destabilize the region the who thinks of claimed responsibility for the drone attack the u.a.e. as yet hasn't said who it believes was behind the sabotage incident while iran says it took some suspects that it was israel and if it wasn't iran who was it and what was their motive i think talking about the iran here is here in particular in in this issue of drones. talking about iran is sort of their side stepping from the problem of yemen because now. given that the aggression the you have in that war that is that last that the last
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for a law student of for now for about a more than 4 years is enough for yemenis does it do it to do it to do it is retaliate then to to do something because. talking about iran is this something that is not fair at all for a 4th volume and name in that same time they say they said that they it's it's them who did this and they would do it the more and more until this aggression and relocate to stop. sorry ramoni up at the same question to you that i put to a few moments ago. are they attack the attacks on the on the oil stations in saudi arabia on the sabotaging of the tankers in the strait of hormuz connected and who do you think was responsible for that attack on the oil tankers. i think that you know realistically all the thinkers point to iran and we should be careful about the fact that the u.a.e. and the saudis have not officially blamed or add because this is a direct reaction to gel as
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a recess separation of time from the gulf countries have a look back what he said recently he said that it's a poor b.s. including bins i had been some men who are enabling trump to go to this war so the saudis probably holding back and waiting for the us to call it 1st because they want to make it look like it's actually the us leading at and they're kind of coming from behind happy that i really don't see any other country that would have an interest in launching these attacks i think they're both largely related to each other because iran has viewed economic warfare against saudi arabia as a 2 front war so on the bottom and have in the red sea and on the state of hormuz cell and the gulf of oman i could even be a 3rd at area so these are probably part of a broader faggy to show that if you continue to watch the war in yemen continue to strangle our oil exports will retaliate in the oil markets less than something that would cause a war like the shape of our moods but enough to destabilize and shock major oil exports that exporters like riyadh would have to the prosperity would you agree with that by framing iran as a provocative act of saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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hoping that the us does the heavy lifting and that it's this this b. team that is trying to steer the us into into conflict signal security advisor john bolton israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu saudi arabia's crown prince the u.s. the u.a.e. all the abu dhabi's crown prince and i haven't been ziad i mean this is oh no documents. you know you have the notes and you know giving press conferences and saying that we are now coming together with the our countries because we have a common interest in war you how weak elites revealing what the king of saudi arabia said to the americans what m b z consistently was telling the americans in the 2010 period in which they want to war with iran and they don't want to work. that they would even fight themselves they wanted the americans to fight so that's why i would disagree with the notion that iran is the only potential suspect their idea that their only country that would benefit from this no actually u.a.e.
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saudi arabia and to a certain extent some folks here in washington as well will very much like this war and as a result also have an interest in fabricating these things and mindful of the fact that the key person in the white house right now on this helped fabricate evidence that got the united states into war with iraq we have to keep that in mind and realize it to them what they want what do you mean explain explain them for me. john bolton was very much involved in the fake stories about yellowcake in the lumia 9 pipes all of these different things that helped make the case for war with iraq back in 2002 and you still on the record saying that the iraq war was a success so there is it good reason to treat all of this with a tremendous amount of skepticism precisely because some of these very same individuals helped trick the united states into war about 15 years ago and that's out to be where what are we to make so far of iran's reaction to this ratcheting up
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of tension. well. iran has its own problems with the united states and. it said that clearly iran said it clearly that it is it was not involved in any of these the 2 things but. i think. again and again that talking about iran when we talk about yemen and about. the aggression and the blockade and the starvation and the famine and all these things is not fair to me is at all because because yemenis are now want to or to endure this this is this a crisis this brought this tragedy. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are the ones who are killing and destroying yemen for 4 or 4 years now so it's you know it's unfair to say iran iran iran iran is iran is not the killing yemenis if iran is gaining if you run is benefiting from what's happening in yemen this is
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something. this is something you know another not up to it but yemen now is under bombing for 4 years for 4 years the starvation and famine and all these kind of things so we should the world should listen to yemen to what's happening in yemen saudi arabia and the united arab emirates if they have a problem with iran they should go to iran not yemen they are killing yemen they are destroying yemen this is the problem this is the problem that we want the world to listen and this is why yemenis are now the army of the of yemenis led by a truthy yesterday that the economy interest in reality yesterday just to tell the world that we are being killed we are being starved we are here for 4 years and why you are now talking about only about this these things that. about the bombings and about the bombing stations of oil yesterday so humans are more and more important than any things so the only thing that can be done now is to stop the aggression
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and the blockade and then everything will be ok. yemenis would not that that they have been is don't want to attack saudi arabia they don't want that thought that the united arab emirates they don't want to at that anyone but they are defending themselves they must defend themselves this is a lot of the world should know this is what the world should listen to the yemeni. romani you talk about this the split in the white house this difference of opinion between the national security adviser and the president one of whom seems quite keen to go to war the other one a little more reticent the u.s. ambassador to riyadh said that it's not iran the u.s. or saudi arabia's interests to have a conflict u.s. secretary of state might pompei or says the u.s. doesn't seek a war with iran so what is really going on here what's this all about. i think that you know there should be a bit of caution when you're talking about the degree of differences in there and i think certainly between bolton and bombay are they have a very similar world deal in ideology with regards to the potential benefits of military action towards iran i think that both in is a lot more of
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a long term proponent of the unilateral use of military force everywhere from cuba to venezuela to to act before that with a garcia trump i think that trump is probably the person there who is least likely to want a war because during the 2016 campaign he repeatedly plaids you would not want to get the u.s. into another nation building mission or into another kind of war without end that would not benefit america's interests and it's also interesting to note that during the campaign and even praise around at one point as a fighting isis and was critical of the saudis so his positions are all over the place and very hard to tell whether or not he will actually be the person to go to war i think that the voices of restraint from the ambassadors from the diplomats in the state department and maybe even ultimately could prevent a major escalation from occurring because i think this is a lot about that we have to see between containment and actual preparation for war but something that not on people or day to the process with the u.s. military buildup in the gulf region this this tension building up right now will
4:42 pm
the voices of restraint with out here what are the dangers of a how close are we to a full scale full scale military conflict. i think actually that's the iranian calculation i have a piece about that an n.b.c. today in which i write that the iranian council ation is that the voices of restraint in particular trumps only boys of restraints his instinct for not getting into these wars will really not kick in until there has been this type of the mobilization because that's the point in which the tensions between pump him between bolton and trump will come to its maximum so essentially it's cost free for trump to escalate right now and talk about moving troops etc but once it comes to the point of him actually making a decision to order or i think the iranian calculation is that trump will back off precisely for the reasons that was mentioned earlier on here so i think we're moving towards this point but there is a high likelihood that he will back off he did back off in north korea adopted
4:43 pm
a completely different posture and doc can happen but the big risk is that some sort of fabricated accident happens in the persian gulf or innocent areas and that that is then used by bolton to really press trump to do some form of a military attack and then sell it to him as a defensive measure that's where i think what the europeans and others are warning about right now ramadi what does iraq come into this sort of caught in the middle even even cata stuck in the middle as well the does iraq have a role to play as perhaps a mediator between the u.s. and iran here in iraq as in trying to cover that important mediation role for some time and even into evidence athene the start after the on the emirate that the nation as occasion they called for mediation being the saudis and the iranians then so they're they're stepping up their all without regards to diplomacy in eastern syria they're sabotaging good relations with both iran and iraq they could be
4:44 pm
eventually data qatar is obviously concerned about this too but ultimately i think the real mediators of the u.s. make the thought. and iran is telling inclination to accept or be collate nominate that they would probably be more significant in the long term in dealing with that than perhaps iraq when you look at regional mediator somebody had them are experienced and they have more credibility i think from the saudis that a truth i want one final question to you how do you see the situation playing out in the next few weeks or months just how dangerous is the situation right now it is extremely dangerous and i think we should not take it lightly at all but at the end of it they have as much as i do agree that trumps instincts are towards restraint and he doesn't want to go into war and what he's shown so far in other areas is that he's walked away from the brink at the last minute but we also do know that trumps impulses oftentimes all right and it's it's it's and with his
4:45 pm
domestic challenges and other things happening right now i think the risk for some miscalculation as well as the risk of some form of false is very very significant and i find it quite noteworthy that the british commander that is in charge of the campaign against isis spoke out yesterday and said that they have not noticed any increased threat from shia militias in iraq already in syria or from the iranians completely contradicting what the trumpet mistreatments say is saying and i think it's again a sign that some of the allies of the united states are worried that john bolton is trying to fabricate an accident in order to actually a trigger a much larger war a war that would be to the detriment of everyone including the saudis. gentlemen there was we must leave it many thanks indeed for being with us last hour be sure to percy and samuel ramani thank you for watching don't forget you can see the
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problem isn't just live it's a pleasure so if you're. a former governor of the good social barriers cost jobs or the country's goods. we'll bring you the stories of the shipping bt can only the world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. at least 6 civilians killed in saudi u.a.e. coalition air strikes on the yemeni capital sana'a. the sub-zero life from a headquarters and. also ahead. sudan's
4:49 pm
military suspends talks on a transition to a civilian government sure line because government says hardline groups were behind attacks against muslims. and anger in alabama after the state passes america's toughest abortion law. hello at least 6 civilians have been killed in saudi u.a.e. coalition air strikes on yemen's capital sanaa the media say 2 military positions were targeted residential areas were also hit on tuesday the who claimed responsibility for a drone attacks that shut down a major oil pipeline in saudi arabia let's get the latest and speak to. a yemeni journalist who's joining us on the phone from sun can you tell us what you're hearing about the latest casualty figures we are hearing that at least 6 civilians have been killed so far. the number of civilians killed
4:50 pm
and injured. expected to be even more than. 6 of course because the. pictures we received from the site which we are we are very close to. the new things that we can turn out a good. ratio was told. to mention now from. from some sources in. ministry. for the vatican. a lot of. even higher than just sex but. the saudi led coalition that
4:51 pm
says it strikes have targeted 9 military sites in and around the city can you confirm these reports because then there are can transfer addicting reports from the media that say residential areas have also been hit. well the father probably a military leader of the military side really people places that were. there were very many military blimps that. repeatedly helped us from the beginning of this of this war. nothing new in the town. in the south all the way. even in the old directions of. lead to believe or do you know nothing new and difficult to believe of the new thing we have today is essentially
4:52 pm
a very different area even. in the normal city in back of the more crowded very very very bombed randomly leave it to us. many many many houses wherever. you can plant. there where there is no military base or even the. police station next to the belief that where. the money in the captives are so there are really. not only that need to be. repeated you have in the outskirts of town are ok now sir we thank you for giving us that update from sanaa. now sudan's military council has suspended talks on the transition to a civil war role for 3 days there is deadlock over how to govern the country until
4:53 pm
elections are held have a morgan reports from hard to. on the day that sudan's military council and the opposition coalition were supposed to announce a deal to form a transitional government a setback appears and the announcement that came was contrary to what people expected just 24 hours before. we have decided to stop all sorts of allegations actions for $72.00 hours with the freedom and justice alliance and the removal of barricades from bridges. it's all started on wednesday evening when protesters say a faction of the sudanese military known as the rapid support forces opened fire on them after they refused to allow the removal of barricades they set up. thank them but this is a bullet casing it's one of the live ammunition what happened is that the forces beat up those guarding the barricades ahead and when the protesters tried to defend the barricades they were shot at the sudanese doctors committee says at least a dozen people have been injured in
4:54 pm
a scene that unfolded very much like the one from monday night when 5 people were killed and more than 200 wounded ones the evening's events happened less than $24.00 hours after the opposition coalition and the military council which ousted sudan's 30 year president i'm going to be shear announced progress in talks to form a transitional government the coalition said the attacks were an attempt to disperse protesters at the sit in at the army headquarters less than 500 meters away it's now in its 6th week with protesters saying they're there to put pressure on the military council to hand power to civilian rule the opposition coalition which has been leading the calls for the protests and the sit in has urged protesters to remove the new barricades set up on main roads. i would not have no one will scare us with bullets will stay and face the bullets but it will be organized and united and it will have certain points a barricade can be guarded by a 1000 people but we shouldn't have thousands of barricades we can't defend our plans didn't. include many of the main roads will now open those roads and return to the roads laid out in our maps. and the protestors list and they move the
4:55 pm
barricades back to the current meter set up when the sit in started on april thinks some analysts think some factions of the military stand to lose if a deal is reached between the council and the opposition there were allegations that the security forces which. the vice president to miti attacked the crowd on monday there were a number of deaths. and it's quite possible the same forces are involved here he is after all the kingpin in the whole of the military structure that is responsible for holding the whole of the security forces together and ideas say that he's not too happy about the idea of sharing power with the civilians meanwhile those at the sitting say they know they are the power base for the opposition and the pressure card against the military council to hand over power they say they want and they're sitting despite the violence until their demands are met with the new orders from the military council their determination to continue with the thetan will be tested
4:56 pm
he will morgan al-jazeera. let's bring in mohammad adel he's joining us from khartoum what's been the response to the protesters now that the suspension talks have been suspended. well the. complied with some of the demands had been made by. for dub iran he's the leader of the transitional military council so far they've removed the. body caves they have erected on most of the streets of the central traffic this morning is moving smoothly they're also saying that they're not the reason why the trains are not more going but rather it ease a strike by the sudanese royal way kampen which is holding the trains and that they have to moved the body cave they have put on really way lines a few days back so the protesters seem to be giving in to the demands of of the
4:57 pm
vote on this saying they don't want to be used as a scapegoat by a transitional military council but is not very keen to hand over power to them and it will be interesting to see whether now that key demands made have been respected and the. bloke whether of the book is going to wait for that land to lumps or resume talks with the protesters us one as possible and once these talks do get under way mohamed what sticking points remain between the 2 sides. when one main sticking point remains on. the board of contention from the beginning of the torques is the make up of the summit in council it is the highest body in the proposed transitional administration
4:58 pm
for sudan full science once a minute just taking that action in the majority the military wants to maintain the leadership of the console the protesters are saying but does not go. to happen because who has the majority or is the elected to lead the transition are someone in console is going to be the head of state of the country and they're saying they would not want to see a situation where the military continues to have more influence than civilians in any transitional arrangement saying that their biggest fear is for that evolution they started to be hijacked by the military something that's been done by the military twice before in the history of this country ok mohammad the doe thank you sri lanka's government says hardline buddhist groups are being investigated over a recent wave of anti muslim attacks at least 31 people have appeared in court in
4:59 pm
connection with the raids that saw mosques and muslim owned businesses targeted in days of violence birds read has more from. a press conference on wednesday updating the security situation in sri lanka where the governments. of all the have been no further attacks since the beginning of the week and that is essentially because there's been a curfew in place and that has kept a lid on the violence but the greater challenge of course which is to try and find some sort of long term solution to bring these factions fractured communities back together but it was not in this one and i are one of the ministers in the government here who for the 1st time we've heard this from the government blamed buddhist nationalist extremist groups for provoking misapply. we also ensured that those people who are behind these were arrested and today yesterday also last night did days peace in this country nothing has happened. so we've beefier the again
5:00 pm
hold it we feel that these are organized attacks on muslim business houses premises that are happening and we will ensure that it does not happen well it's quite interesting it remains tense in particularly here in the northwestern part of sri lanka which is where all of the attacks at the beginning of this week were censored censored and what the minister says is quite interesting because it's you go to a lot of the villages here or to particular the sinhalese buddhist majority deletions here and there is this sense of resentment against muslim communities muslim communities that live nearby and that resentment has been given an outlet really by the easter sunday attacks a sort of an excuse that some of the international screws have been looking for looking for perhaps to target muslim groups and when you speak to some of the buddhist villagers some of the in these small communities.


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