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i don't want to know or baby and she was pregnant 2 months you know happened in front of you and quality and the rest of the war and i'm sitting now that i think everybody even their right there were children who live in hope of these children you know. when they find a doctor before you actually want to get in there because you're going to bring your mentioning an important question that i believe our online community has a question about as well so dr before you just pause for a moment because you mentioned the children i want to share with you this tweet that's circulating online radio and writes i often wonder what reasons create international sympathy and outrage over crimes against humanity including women and children the ongoing plight of women and their children from war crimes seems not to be striking a chord and what they're referencing is reports that have come out that. mothers
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who were freed by isis or ice now face a very hard choice and it's whether or not they want to return to their families in iraq or give up their children because the children born of rape often cannot come home with them here's what one of our community members has to say about that this is someone on twitter who says if these kids are not a part of the community where do they belong they'd be strewn in waste bins ducts or for your thoughts on that yeah well i always say big easy to attack. you know the question should not be put to work before everyone else you have to put the question to you rocky government and you know the law in iraq by florida. so if you want born by. the child so when you are. looking for a thing no but when putin is the women come back with her child then north.
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and also by florida going to be if say that you can be converted for any other religion who want lamp but it will be around so i don't question the we care who actually did it and they don't have any voice and they don't have any right i have the right in government or the board of iraqi government to have been you know healing minorities in the region before anything else they haven't changed the law then you can't be there they are keeping the baby or not ok need to take a loss for many because there's so much they want to get i want to bring back has meaning to the conversation doesn't mean you became extremely well known because you represent the family of a young lady called shamim a beggar and then a sketch of one of the headlines as an old headline but just to remind people this is a story here about you trying to get to the camp to actually see your client and being pushed back this is the young lady concerned tell her about tell us about her story and to be in the story that is relevant to this question about what should happen
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to the children of i so madness. know what it really comes down to is this is every human being on this planet has the rights to be availed of some sort of citizenship and the question becomes with citizenship which country responsible for the children and the citizens. when they find themselves in a conflict zone and indeed in rebel territory so would respect them as a 15 year old charles she was groomed. struck out in 2015 to syria very quickly she was married quote unquote. the question of marriages is a lie one because she was married to a dutch national. and technically it was statutory rape in the u.k. law in dutch law. she's been for years the quote unquote husband is in custody she had 3 children 2 of them died. before she reached all come and she was
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pregnant with her 3rd she was she gave birth to a child and then she was subsequently stripped to citizenship now the issue of the using the women and everyone really who's out in al whole and in syria the question of who the fathers of these children are live because if they are if their fathers are from european countries then those children also have europe in citizenship and the countries where their parents come from need to step up and take responsibility for these children because the kurds or the kurdish rebel forces are in no position whatsoever to to even manage the the numbers that are out there let alone give the basic human rights that these children deserve food shelter clothing the right to life people. because they're not they're not being supported so what should happen to the camps because that's a very very clearly because there was
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a big debate happening and actually mad her little boy you can see them both here and before he die and then the debate was coming where were single his family was ready to tell him that in aquatic absolutely so the issue there was that there was no real debate about the child even sensitive except of the child was a british citizen and so the portion was one of practicality how do you get a child who's days old in a refugee camp back over to the u.k. . where are the travel documents how do you arrange those how do you prove through d.n.a. testing given that the child of the mother are in a refugee camp how do you get those d.n.a. test to them to to satisfy the conditions required for a travel of cubans. now there are administrative hurdles around all of those administrative hurdles have been thrown up by the u.k. government so that even though technically the child was. except it is british in
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practical terms that child was languishing. in a refugee camp regardless of what the legal status is well this is what i question yes go ahead when you toss a question. i would like to ask a question actually because since you know it has been c. the isis children and we are talking about children should not be in a war zone i have a simple question for you your government u.k. government supporting. out the gun and the terrorist acts of his country who are killing people all over find other countries and every day people are smuggled out of oil company man what's the question go ahead with a question i don't know my question is that i'm coming to my question the is the children a woman tempted to put a mark to the soul so do you really trust your country with these kind of you know
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by girls that they could rehabilitate people like. who have you know being one of them on my day i have a question it's also because a rapidly running out of time on the show that i want to get to know if i can get the committee to get back can we also need to continue trusting you can't comment can they rehabilitate. i don't trust the u.k. government. acted in bad faith when it comes to should be the big it's not for the government to rehabilitate individuals as the 1st port of call it's the. it's the people that love them cancer that will take them back in and attempt to reintegrate them back a 1st into the family and then being to the wider community now the u.k. government has spoken about its present strategy i believe we should push back. the camry sorry to interrupt. yes i think that a family can play. role in the rehabilitation someone that joined an extremist
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organization or a terrorist group like islamic state but if we start to the burden all of this in this responsibility on families is then securitize is the family space there have been many articles and much research done on the role of mothers in the radicalizing increasing resilience of against radicalism of their children now if that and fails and a mother fails to prevent her child either traveling to a war zone or all becoming increasingly radical in that ideas all in actions potentially how does that and then following that matter all the farther which will not matter because again. i'm on the parade. we have 3 children what. they are not mother and that's what we have and that you think. about your point there and i think i think it will resonate with
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a lot of people and i wrote it down because i'm so striking what you said no these are not mothers they are monsters and so i hear your point but i want to bring in this perspective this is 90 days on twitter who says if i so can brainwash a full grown person into believing their doctrine so can any government rehabilitate the children of these mother people that some of whom you refer to as monsters there and i lead i take your point but i want to push on towards then what to do about the children as this person is asking in the tweet we have a video comment from someone who picks up on that point she talks to us about what is next for many of these children she's a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations and here's what she told a string. when it comes to their children they did not choose to join isis many were born in the caliphate or were brought there before they were even school age and they should now not be forced to pay for the sins of their parents they should
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be brought back to their countries of origin government should monitor them along with their mothers and determine who may pose a security threat who should be prosecuted it's what's best for justice and in fact for our national security but it went also ensure that the children who did not choose to join isis have a chance at a better future and have access to education and health care that is their right. so dean alter i got radio gardena. and what we need to remember is there are different categories of children as far as research with myself and my colleague got to join a kirk i.z.'s i found the youngest miner to travel unaccompanied to iraq and syria to join was 15 years old so teen and teenagers may have had similar or the same reasons and motivations for joining dash as an adult we have to understand that they have had agency in their decisions begun being one of them she did not travel
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the company of an adult whether that's a parent or guardian however they are still children and we have a judicial juvenile judicial system for a reason when we then deal with younger children even those who have been indoctrinated through the education system trained militarily through dashes cubs' program and then of course going down to very innocent victims of those children that were born into the 2nd stances well let we cannot generalize across the gulf or just to finish a piece at. a just allowed to finish it just for me to finish off. i don't buy i want to finish i thought. there's been recent fantastic programs that have that have actually taken place inside mosul working on educating children who have lived under dash control admittedly not dash the courting or affiliated children but integrating sports my name games into education teaching those
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teachers how to deal with the trauma that is experienced by those children enabling them to understand and come to terms with their experiences and what they've seen so there are certainly ways to rehabilitate these children but what's most important and the final going on make is that initiatives like this that the children wealth comes they don't securitize these children and give them labels as the cue. threats all ticking time bombs as we've had in recent headlines they have the 2nd injury objective and secondary added benefit of ensuring that these children are given a better resilience to radicalization in the future but it's more important to deal with their developmental needs that are right where right at the end of the show i've just got a minute to ask has named this one thought and that is you have been right in the central part of the huge debate that is happening in the u.k. and in many countries actually about what happens to the kids or former ice or fighters public opinion can you describe what it is like to be in the middle of
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that to feel that public opinion how serious it is what you describe that went public opinion the vocal part of it tends to be right wing and that's why it's called populism so my experience has been personally or got death threats letters in the post and you know some of the some of the comments or they wouldn't be outside in terms of what people are proposing show us territory themselves really bug having so i then have emails and letters of support at the same time ok so it's all good because you the cartoon extreme yeah well you said i'm going to go out crying that's what i'll wrap it up as they will thank you when we hear way where you're coming from they're going to say thank you so much that has named to gina and also to adopt a name and go for e as well this conversation is not an end but we will continue always online you
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can find a link on myself at a stream on twitter and so what you see next. in a 2 part series. al-jazeera observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean continues with good morning groups in india on al-jazeera. leah and her husband gavin worst leak when 4 teenagers broke down the back the teenagers
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described as being of african appearance a still on the run the full of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever to focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird suit of african young people coming together and knowing there was a fort bragg energy card by rolling bowling feel on some of that was because the place because i'm involved in we started choice and they just variables in that crowd already did in the media and to talk a lot of political person. these people to commit crime can do single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to pay sites i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well.
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cut. just. yet look i'm going to tell you. there's some other like. at least 6 civilians are killed in a saudi u.a.e. coalition air strike on the yemeni capital sanaa. this is al jazeera life from my headquarters in doha i'm daddy navigate also ahead . sudan's military suspends talks with protest leaders after
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a violent few days sri lanka's government says hardline buddhist groups are behind the recent attacks against muslim. chinese tech giant weiwei hits back as the u.s. adds to a trading blacklist. hello at least 6 civilians have been killed and so do you eat coalition air strikes on yemen's capital sanaa the media say 2 military positions were targeted residential areas were also hit on tuesday the whole thing has claimed responsibility for several drone attacks that shut down a major oil pipeline in saudi arabia let's speak to. a yemeni journalist following developments out of sana'a thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera can you tell us how a widespread these air strikes are. thank you very
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much. in fact. saudi. planes resumed bombings now after i arrived so this is 300 and we have now. started stix from the ministry of health but this is not the final one and the ministry says that $32.00 civilians were killed and injured including one family entire family. of 7 members. or ones of the bombing he said of course focused on on the outskirts on the military bases on the outskirts of samarra. from all directions but these are places where we did hit repeatedly from the very beginning of this
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war. in my way to the studio i have seen 2 of them so i couldn't see anything new in the coalition i think. if you really can you confirm that because there are reports as well from what the media are saying that residential areas have been targeted. yes yes is this is what i'm saying the military places. have been targeted. here in the south of the city and in the north and in the east and i have myself seen 2 of these ablaze in my way to the studio but nothing new i mean there were places in between military bases and they were already had from the very beginning of this war. attacks considering the incident on thursday in what saudi arabia accused the drone attacks
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on the oil installations. it is very clear it is very clear that it is what happened this morning here in sanaa was a response to the to the drone attacks on the. oil facilities in riyadh it is very clear but unfortunately it was. blind completely blind. response because resulted only in killing women and children in there is a danger area but military blazes we don't at all we don't expect anything we have i mean we don't expect anything new we don't expect even any damage there because they are empty places and no troops in them and even equipments and these places they are just empty ok thank you very much for speaking to us from santa with an
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update. so don's military council has suspended talks on a transition to civilian rule for 3 days there's deadlock over how to govern the country until elections are held and this follows a recent upsurge in violence here but morgan reports from. on the day that sudan's military council and the opposition coalition were supposed to announce a deal to form a transitional government a setback appears and the announcement that came was contrary to what people expected just 24 hours before. we have decided to stop all sorts of allegations actions for $72.00 hours with the freedom and justice alliance and the removal of barricades from bridges. it's all started on wednesday evening when protesters say a faction of the sudanese military known as the rapid support forces opened fire on them after they refused to allow the removal of barricades they set up. around them but this is a bullet casing it's one of the live ammunition what happened is that the forces beat up those guarding the barricades ahead and when the protesters tried to defend
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the barricades they were shot at the sudanese doctors committee says at least a dozen people have been injured in a scene that unfolded very much like the one from monday night when 5 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. once the evening's events happened less than $24.00 hours after the opposition coalition and the military council which ousted sudan's 30 year president obama to be sheer announced progress in talks to form a transitional government the coalition said the attacks were an attempt to disperse protesters at the sit in at army headquarters less than 500 meters away it's now in its 6th week with protesters saying they're there to put pressure on the military council to hand power to civilian rule the opposition coalition which has been leading the calls for the protests and the sit in has urged protesters to remove the new barricades set up on main roads. no one will scare us with bullets will stay and face the bullets but it will be organized and united and it will have certain points a barricade can be guarded by
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a 1000 people but we shouldn't have thousands of barricades we can't defend our plans didn't include many of the main roads will now open those roads and return to the roads laid out in our maps. and the protesters list and they move the barricades back to the current meter set up when the sit in started on april 6th some analysts think some factions of the military stand to lose if a deal is reached between the council and the opposition there were allegations that the security forces which. the vice president are messy attacked the crowd on monday there were a number of deaths. and it's quite possible the same forces are involved here he is after all the kingpin in the whole of the military structure that is responsible for holding the whole of the security forces together and i dare say that he's not too happy about the idea of sharing power with the civilians meanwhile those at the sitting say they know they are the power base for the opposition and the pressure card against the military council to hand over power they say they want and they're
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certain despite the violence until their demands are met with the new orders from the military council their determination to continue with the thetan will be tested he will morgan al-jazeera or to him let's get an update from hama. who's joining us from khartoum how much of a setback is this then for the protesters one month. well a big setback that they were expecting a breakthrough from the talks was everything was that that land both parties are given themselves for final agreement on not only the structure and dudish of the transition on destruction but also on the highest organ within the transitional administration the to done is said to have so when. for the came up with that postponement for another $72.00 hours of course the protesters
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dejected there refusing to to see the value risen saying it's a flimsy citizen but when they were done so far is removed all the body caves that they have put on roads in the center of to him and they're saying that israel would have been open really for days but it's a strike at the sudan runways company that is holding that the trains from plying those routes it's not them so this saying that keeping their eye on the bigger picture which is the ultimate goal which is what they want to have a close far off power from the military to a civilian rule and they say they're not going to be derailed so if peace talks do resume in $72.00 hours as supposedly planned then what are the sticking points that remain between the 2 sides. well one main sticking point remains this into agreed
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on a lot of the issues including the structure and. you know how many councils there would be with in the administration but they have to agree on the makeup the composition of the highest organ in the. transitional administration that's done is settled which is this solved in council which is supposed to have members from both the opposition movement and the transitional military council but both sides want a majority stake in this council on but has been the course of the deadlock in the past and could be the course of the impasse in the future ok mohamad oh thank you. sir lanka's government says hardline buddhist groups are being investigated over a recent wave of anti muslim attacks at least 31 people have appeared in court in connection with the raids that saw mosques on muslim owned businesses targeted in days of violence or it's worth has more from. they press conference on wednesday
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updating the security situation in the sri lankan where the government says. although i've been no further attacks since the beginning of the week and that is essentially because there's been a curfew in place and that has kept a lid on the violence but the greatest challenge of course which is to try and find some sort of long term solution to bring these factors fractured communities back together but it was not in this one and i ask one of the ministers in the government who for the 1st time we've heard this from the government claimed this nationalist extremist groups provoking misapplying. we all saw ensured that those people who are behind these were arrested and today yesterday also last night did days peace in this country nothing has happened. so we've beefier the again hold it we feel that these are organized attacks on muslim business
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houses premises that are happening and we will ensure that it does not happen well it's quite interesting it remains tense in particularly here in the northwestern part of sri lanka which is where all of the attacks at the beginning of this week were censored censored and what the minister says is quite interesting because it's you go to a lot of the villages here or to particular the sinhalese buddhist majority deletions here and there is this sense of resentment against muslim communities muslim communities that live nearby and that resentment has been given an outlet really by the easter sunday attacks a sort of an excuse that some of the international screws have been looking for looking for perhaps to target muslim groups and when you speak to some of the buddhist villagers some of the in these small communities they'll say that the muslims aren't integrating they'll say that they're not a normal part of sri lankan society and unfortunate this sort of you.


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