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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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and they will. kill and kill door who. are going to go why she doesn't kill more modelling that key. key in highland ill bred the shura. the crucial one rosemary's perished who got back together. on killer who was it someone in the fluke of the gods and. causes a been a sawmill in the region for him as a condition than them with a problem an hour in launching or want to. go to her mom you want. to do us a symposium freeness. because frankly me with the communion guy who met in our who want. to be private i mean moved from his school to become super police with a beginning. one of them would appear in the missile english government official only to have it i'm told up a man like i have my own full of crime i was
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a movable type fellowship don't complain do continue bill still quite a ship out of washington when i can make you. look a dick any measure that still they go back to new premier back. he. gave a fake thought to jean keep us. from going to show it to us and sure why they were filmed or good 0 acknowledge it to look like they are doing it am willing to live up to have a man's blood at this needless a caddy you damn good. now * that there's a plus ample oh it's so heavy and it would seem the egg i said cowgirl the fact that. we could learn a man and. not a man from a broad broad broad.
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the neighbor who's helped is no longer around. there's a new influence on rosemary's life how are you going to try to get live. always am one of us and what are the history of a silver jail there speech or what. is a local community leader and d.j. . history broadcast to the neighborhood through a network of loud speakers. awful so you feel social. so you want something you know. he's built
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a playground in the middle of the favelas. to continue. its considerable. for if it. was sick it could also want to battle field. you want to. force your nose up into the soup. and then not only in scrabble and in the. bed that are. just. good police.
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you're just a little mini wish you guys had some. good deal most of my goshi gushing repercussions for me you. see this coming i want to open off more oh i don't feel that i shall go see all that you know but this is the you just do that i want to give them you with this amazing lot of i killed somebody who could double i was a man why why you know who got into the who the c.e.o. . now. let. me. call it by playing games. that iraqi can i don't have my legs i'm a slave. nation that i may not demand.
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i see that this clause. to man like a beast. but. what. if i could also get out i was out on a school acceptable but it was really good i'm going to quote that up what if this is will get you to give up in the actually down ice cream well of everything the opposite. yes well you know you. well i don't know what it was about it. who would argue it was always you don't want to educate is fish. too much you don't want to go without think but you could say it was about to. get up last one in. the can. but he can now read the play and can't. get the.
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house back there he says not b.c. and i don't care if the day that she offered. me an i.e.d. . and it came down was a lot cause i'm not joking they symbolize that. that leap off mom doesn't count as . all of what we have and how you can get them by a simple scam she had 1st seen leaving. those. guys are less expensive so. they think that that is a concert or sad. change selling the. game.
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to. us a little. dale was the house he says the game was fun to see. she'd. say for decent coming is pulling teeth. i'm sure it is triple it's yours or was there. some. thought. i mean i want to. establish my agenda here
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where we don't always just. doesn't do much for sure but issues of national structure got into you had you there. because you said you will show you that there's a link there for that issue. in 2012 at the age of 19 rosemary has a 2 year old son. you know kind of get out of the chances says. i feel both more. of what is physically. floors the boys ok very sad to us so much going to miss him a little while so a deep voice there but something mr bush spoke. about you know the end of the end about young ella. was even speaking to somebody about me oh my you see this shows
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the negatives you. see all of the gas and those from the loud voice only. you know if you go on to say karl a dog or some other kid but you know. call it really if you can kill you know this is an off you don't listen. to me and we just find zuki kid you call me. mary is pregnant again with her current boyfriend wallace. well as study. but wallace is prone to disappear for weeks on end. you can peg. any thought. it. would be gone shall. name wasn't there so console good sheffield don't. care to know the thing feeling.
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still other has just taken a form. she's no longer with him rosemary is scared of what the boy's father might do if he finds out. the vehicle cameras cards you know in the parking lot fuzzily well me. and always will feel i must cuz it is. good chink you line by shall i come out for myself with guys who did get him out of bed the middle voice i begin to have your stuff. thought you was a good bloke but appeared if i did good if i was ill was always taken up out of silicon no. question but. kept this up but i feel positive all talk the something told me the lungs. manuel just get it done we're going to have beautiful oh no no it's time i who are.
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that bad. thank. you thank you. 5 days later when this is back. in the movie. feel good simple just say give me something. from here. because i have these. i am i think you belittle it yes it be accomplished. get. this isn't it let's go to feel. yourself again those blue he said. you follow me a few miles you need. to show me of. the. mood to do today or do nukes normally because you.
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know. should commemoration wish me. well miss insult to the. soil ball soup for example soup on this. day i. read a short. period. all on commission. but i couldn't find a great show i mean if you look historically also. told but like a lot of. filipinos why do you. unifies them now that they've in english one. could ask the busybody cars we're
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going to show absorb while it's ok to somebody being kind does the. others on the so follow. my michelin star. in recent years drug traffickers who have moved into the favelas. offices have now arrived to restore order. it's called pacification. i'm also going to die you still shall possibly carbonation my input on what you possibly go along also going to die 9 you would only wish i was right but you don't want to know so who do you. take off but if you got so angry at me what a well we're not going to die tonight. you'll have to. be kim. mind the
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poison. kill. the. phantom with the coys there millfield. it is secret that's the talk was a job. you know my only is there show is close in here now who is for bridge is. focusing i think there are 4 miles of the arch was. almost like a tough one mile thing to. the casual time as the time when i was in year i. call a i've got a good deal for damage and now i work a scene g i h r u a show is you don't wish. you to be gone they'd soon be and i love the disillusion i seem to have any of us came out she should we saw fall
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again in the same around because you put on days and police said there were. no he came out hello punch has a chair for this soon. became. capable of this so i had doubt he would cover for. the 1st one of the cyber world by dropping. a lot of business built by. dr jack. wallace has again gone missing. simply very large done.
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by dick you love of the sky you see for music your children. the same 1st. time. just before lee. on our last night we learned that rosemary has been taken to hospital. she's having a miscarriage. with bret's it's still unresolved the u.k. will join the other $27.00 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections will the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest on al-jazeera russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we
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know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking for it what's the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft going to be the most russian goals have your truth not be some good news for russia on al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once we want to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. 20 years of china's transformation.
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told through one young girl's journey. from 2 i don't even. 2 decades following the development of a life animation. rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl from one show you love me on al-jazeera. i don't know and hated underwear top stories are now jazeera the u.s. president has proposed an overhaul of the country's immigration system that he says will put american workers 1st donald trump says the changes will transform the immigration system into the envy of the modern world and he says the plan would stop illegal immigration and protect the border. we are proposing an immigration
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plan that puts jobs wages and safety of american workers 1st. our proposal is pro american pro immigrant and pro worker it's just common sense it will help all of our people including millions of devoted immigrants to achieve the american dream the fiance of murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has told a special us hearing that nothing has been done to seek justice for his murder a teacher has addressed the u.s. house foreign affairs committee on the dangers of reporting on human rights or for me was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october turkish authorities say his killing was ordered by the saudi crown prince. the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental
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airstrike insana after several civilians were killed the strikes in the yemeni capital left 6 members of one family dead the coalition says it launched precision strikes targeting the military positions but residential neighborhoods were also hit. egypt's military says it's killed 47 gunman in raids across north and central sinai hundreds of explosive devices and other weapons have been seized and more than 150 people arrested 5 soldiers were also killed in the offensive egypt has been fighting armed groups in the region for several years sudanese opposition groups say the military's decision to suspend talks on a transfer of power is quote regrettable talks with this phone for 72 hours after gunfire broke out at the main protest site in the capital on wednesday military described the atmosphere in khartoum as unsuitable for reaching an agreement. there's a top stories do stay with us 20 years of me continues next hour of news after you
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after that. by and. large i want you want that pipe down. i'm going to get all day out. all.
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this ionizing dollars are you. bosh well. those ones out that i was able to hook on a come visit me you. know leukemia and. so it's only mouth to rosemary feels able to talk about the causes of the miscarriage it's. very well a follow on to. putting me at him gosh. this to a political washed elu kid to quit give them what enough of them to know if this was santa fe they can do something beautiful in my eyes is something on them i don't know washington post and look at the mill feed. thank you. you brought that when i see homosexuals say who do i have. an affair welcome to all with i mean you look at them feel the unify think you must have one eye for the pig
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wash clothes and a little no need bill so any lawyer spectacle voter id for you. there goes you didn't get involved or you. sure are. going to stand on most of the. biggie for they know. if could be a kid though she did polish bush. if you don't so god looking for me. is your more here. boss then my friend. oh i think one side michael. moore is on me for the shameful thing. you said darchinyan i don't recall seeing one that might see a published author and make up also you. know you from ohio
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come. to me with a look at the if you want to show you like there should. be included like the police for your man should get a good bill sure you want all the law you want don't want to do them and all. that you know jewish back you by this are yourself not me i don't think this is a. non-starter but did it last. there's a new man in rosemary's life. the one that says. he's quickly become part of the family with these earnings as a council laborer moved into a new home. now but i saw a. biomass down here that they are both behind.
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but. they always show. they believe me is. all. ok no it was it locally. we did it by the. because a man is a cell phone hogs. i. suppose the russian with. the debate i wish to read some of those. but this is not by the. help of the moment to buy the new besides the school was good soyou sucking them but. my dad was a new me. maybe. i thought he had their wish. i see. muscle moved to racine or when he was 16 from the pool northeastern state
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of pa yuba. but i haven't had a. confession that pm and i don't think that awful lot of danger you know they think. that all goodbyes. lab or the i can't think them by. myself in the city feel i made all the kick you know he. did some songs like defied the law it was. such a delight it was going to punch your brains will soon be able to zoom in. to see gotta love this shit i was digging out because god the bullshit hope you don't do a little bobby was a dude you long to find out. how to love one just like me i love.
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him now i'm on it. i'm not gonna get my resume or his mother machina also lives with a man from the north east a new zealander. he too had dreamed of a better life in the city if not more. for the son of a sub or. save me his way into. which. will fool you so large cause a lot of the memory. card. come . on of course the baby didn't come on the individual smoking. gun slinger token one could tell the question was
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are you happy. with love but thought she. meant some would think it was something to pose on the night to come. forward to their dad to take up in allegro that you don't mean this is funny associate him in any part and then you took it nice while you live on t.v. on my knuckles saucy and told him to keep his. his head gear out of it come to. your kid just the stuff you learn a little you know be beautiful to see aki certainty you are here pleasurable to me i'm ok woman go to turbine for myself only am i going to be a celebrity of course i didn't get the much time. she's the one i still. want to work on future a girl who's not. going to. the site
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you know nor your. books they're going to be a big deal to shit but you don't count a few minor things or something when mark wants it's not be going you know why the only name you know not that there you've got to move to another my they're not going to pick up where are you at all with nobody you see. i became a. 3rd or did you know there are 2 words and the others are exactly 0. $1000000.00 if. you're doing. your barlow up there mars the liberal arts coupon brothers or you hear the director tell of up allah. the rosalie's wrong number get this country. i want my song out parodies by merely. the.
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i'll do want to show you gonna show me. anything i don't know really been going don't leave me or you. good dope on the we'll see one of the old enough for the love good to know who i want where the blues i want to see on. the news. i'm no more the same nothing. and the missing the heard similar the new. version on the london scene it was a buzzing near the gig singing few number about. in a minute i'm scott. soon sounds. in my head and can't go. on the
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head. until you see it is on and see. it and say. it's been there or. not. but there was a. if it was so yes. i change the subject he named billed as one of those given what i want to know committed orginally. when she went out upon the option. for girls there or is it about the poor girl it's. simple it's a vision because of my salad days on the south as it was she will mimic ways.
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you ask a duck and i think it will bring good. way to. get it done the next woke up this ok signal. case oh that's the. kind of. america you will bust heidi off paul. that body is. this is not made. to order doing. by the way the interview of. the earth. was. the motion to blame people who jesus. was a fog of food and then there was some. duck who show minimal food meaningless good
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bugs that should bring kids the child gets some of the disney hunk of. martin. he must piss off kind of whom. you know to put out by the thought that this is a fan. problem on this ng that was born with i am a new born. myself i was with god move. on finally don't follow our big words into the world in a form. as usual you dance or we'll see myself with your heart that you survived. yeah. i feel real good. i did what i
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got you know what i think i got what it wouldn't do to search and. it's 3 years since the so-called pacification began. but the drugs have returned to the upper parts of the favelas. their own my god. we can no longer still open. the house they always come with people. then would call front porch tough because police says if the thief got his book is the same now. and with peter who was. going to get it that is surely a few couple of the most tickle fans. brawls no fuss no. money. to buy stock. in a porsche this nothing quite too long. some levity by scarlett talk with you look
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at don't. want here how did the maid do we present the consorting washed. some thought the police guy came on them or had the right have one but she didn't please send. me. nothe emily's political salute to blue. help us a much time squeeze in some months you know. how when it was. the only come you go family. example to me want to follow. my point on the. memories a.
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phone call hi moved. from moment to do. i do you should kid. but i. those who come in for good things up obviously. this is the obama side because it sure as. a memory followed by movies up a few off will you will say fossil. we should. all keep it up and it does him image we thought. it. was just going to overshadow kids good thing is to get lost in the field it will. lose simple business that we're going to. visit lose good luck doing those but for me this.
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must play for fun to. play a cell wall might be a simple card to businesses that will still. sell dodgin told us in the move from the below pill form to god it is this some insult it will. it is a lie you'll come loose it will take over to. california lol luci if you going to do know that those he won't use a business because of the. one local thing you down you will kill us in school you. killfile the c.e.o. . who kills one to make you point out that while i am myself it will help us a form that came is a double whammy really to push conflict in the way to keep it up would you. do with . it what is still risk emily showing people still the shy energetic.
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little single kid most as you mean who shall. make good no i don't say. i visit them too will dummying you know and also my last kept this was close up last night. well soon. sick up a small q because the economy so this is the. so-called no i don't feel.
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that middle man knowledge. of one another on. the problem but the flip of a. lot of. those who follow come in when so many of this isn't just the playbook jumping around. a limo safe and. no one says instead. can laugh about the event. eloquent from you know this chap but. i mean that down washes you pretty. much diluted.
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some keepin some banter. than some bottom base from the. washed up day but i am. all. for the evil. because. the bigger they. go follow keel over so firmly into much fuller. you see for all of my fellow. to go off line bus will come before me leave. off. your folly borlase slow. i may have to sell a few say. no
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shit. but you. know wolf is this. bus just. comes in. it's all because a long. ass. and also. the scene over a good finish. is an issue best. i don't recall seeing aloof when i must see him push something along. the last time
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and i. must want to feel close like he's got a good name in it is to. cut the fast money muscle to feed. the men are simply. not prone. to. cigarettes give its. credit that dog will see that he probably does get the. stuff i just saw the full set. down 3. so. something. going to save in a situation that is of
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a pilot he really wants to lay the place on this is all over the summer day of the serape so freedom to do a. little washroom burchill not see feel the man's no one can gloat about moon walk through the museum convention dog watching you see it t.j. get hopelessly on with know his image of you that is not that you're going to be all those who are his abortion the young couple just thought of you that you posted years madonna did i begin to see if i decide to use his little brother was a good model for nice for you. to sue spend. good to see that this is.
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one of the. big government in power.
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i there is much cooler for some of us in australia now recently in the southwest is the really quite warm but now we've seen this area of cloud roll its way across the us has brought us a fair amount of wet weather and it's really dragged down the temperatures as well so they'll stay a bit below average as we head through the next few days i think will get to 16 their own friday and as we head into saturday even lower down to 15 that system as it's worked its way across us is beginning to pull itself together so we'll still see some rather heavy outbreaks of rain as it makes its way over parts of south australia and ahead of it is dragging the winds down from the north so it would be cold so adelaide will be at $22.00 on saturday but in that system alone its way across us as we head through into sunday for new zealand what is be very windy recently the winds have fortunately east and most of the cloud is now beginning to pull away it doesn't look a lot brighter as we head through the day on friday the winds a lot calmer as well the womb though christchurch at best just getting to 11
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degrees in the old days downhill again as we head into saturday with more cloud and rain being pushed into the western parts of the south island as we head up towards the northern parts of asia hair they have plenty of sunshine for us in tokyo $24.00 degrees will be our maximum but there is cloud building elsewhere that's working its way out of china making its way toward south korea it's pretty heavy some of that rain for saturday. one of australia's most loved making random house is under threat from an agonizing disease but one wildlife campaign and he's dedicating a lot to say what i want to east makes the woman who spoke of the era. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with
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a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. big stories generate foul sums of headlines with different angles from different perspectives jolie out of sun just a long standoff with international borders is finally over separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under-reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera was. was. a melodic i was born in the same year as his one voice i feel as though the state is my mother should have
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been a cause of celebration for some a catastrophe for others the nakba is still going on they put my sons in jail so every day i feel this catastrophe twice over al jazeera world tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in 48 on. al jazeera world. this is al-jazeera. alone our intake of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up a fair moderate and a lawful system of immigration the president trump outlines his vision to reform
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the u.s. immigration system but it raises many questions as an. offensive the murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi tells a hearing in washington that the u.s. should do more to bring his killers to justice. saudi u.a.e. coalition air strikes on the given capital sana'a colliton east 6 members of one family including 4 children. and australia's one bats under threat we have a special report on a painful and deadly disease that's attacking their very existence. and i'm peter simmons in doha with all your sports including a temper tantrum the bad boy of tennis nick cheerios just throw it out of you tell you no more coming up later this news that. the u.s. president has proposed an overhaul of the country's immigration system that he says
5:50 am
will put american workers 1st the reforms would mark a shop shift away from the u.s. tradition of welcoming migrants to their country however it's highly unlikely his plan will get through congress and many see it as more of a campaign speech than a serious bid to pass new legislation donald trump says the changes will transform the immigration system into the envy of them all. well he says they would stop illegal immigration and protect the border. we are proposing an immigration plan that puts the jobs wages and safety of american workers 1st. our proposal is pro american pro immigrant and pro worker it's just common sense it will help all of our people including millions of devoted immigrants to achieve the american dream. and often holland and mexico city
5:51 am
in a moment but 1st let's get more from hardy's or castro in washington d.c. so how do you what further details do you have about the reforms he's outlined. sure lauren so these reforms which is really just a broad outline a wish list in a sense is after 2 goals one is to secure the border and tackle illegal immigration the other is to drastically reform legal immigration in fact the green cards commonly known for the permanent residency cards that an immigrant receives in the united states would be gone altogether rather it would be replaced with something called the build america visa and the system which shift to a merit based criteria so would be immigrants under this plan would be ranked according to age english proficiency employment opportunities and a salary now right now more than a 1000000 people a year just about receive
5:52 am
a permanent resident card about 12 percent of them do so based on a merit or an employment based visa and trump is seeking to increase that dramatically he spins the current system which prioritises family relationships to sponsor relatives to join one in the united states he calls that random selection now the opponents of this plan have said this would be cruel that the united states is based on keeping families together and of course mention the statue of liberty and its famous poem saying bring me your huddled and weary masses which certainly this new plan flies in the face of what about some of the because as you didn't like issues about the undocumented migrants and so on. that's right and that's another reason why people are saying this proposal is ever introduced to congress would be dead upon arrival because democrats who control the house as well as several moderate republicans have said they want to normalize the documents the
5:53 am
legal status of these young dreamers there the people who have been brought to the u.s. when they were young and have basically grown up in the united states but are still without legal status another nonstarter in these proposals would be building the border wall trump has said he wants to prioritize building immediately another nonstarter issue for democrats so really this likely never even to be introduced much less voted on in congress that question is what it purpose will it serve most likely political purposes as trump looks toward a reelection morn. thank you very much but your home and joins us live now from mexico city what's the reaction been to the u.s. president's plan in mexico. we didn't reach out to the foreign ministry here and they said that they're not going to react to this that they're
5:54 am
not going to release any statements but i think tacitly from the mexican government their reaction and their aunts to this sort of rhetoric from president trump which we've heard mostly before when it comes to asylum seekers when it comes to. another security mechanisms really has as already been heard president lopez obrador is really very keen to not get involved in any sort of confrontation with president trump with the united states and possibly to do that piece of ministration has actually detained 80 percent more people heading through many of them from central american countries like honduras el salvador guatemala 80 percent more in april the with detained in the same month from the year. passed now that 6 clear signal here president trump wasn't happy about the caravans of people heading through and president lopez obrador and his administration seem to have moved on that another thing that's also happened there's
5:55 am
a plan that could remain in mexico which was set in place by the trump administration now what has always happened is that people looking for asylum in the united states while their request has been process they've waited on the u.s. to you the united states side to hear the response now the president trumps ministrations said no those people are now going to wait in mexico even though a lot of them on mexicans now the mexican government has tacitly sort of agreed to allow people to wait on the mexican side even though it's caused a sort of a build up and danger for a lot of those people here so that's sort of the mexican government's position tacitly not declared on this they're going to try and do what they can now talking about some of those asylum seekers are these something the president from touched on in his speech he didn't really go in 20 sort of veto but he said he was going to tighten the legal gap snow a lot of people trying to look for asylum in the united states hopping over the
5:56 am
fence and then declaring that they would like to get asylum many of them coming from countries that are suffering a lot of violence a lot of poverty so that's an area in which president trump says he's trying to sort of close down he calls those claims frivolous and he says that he wants to sort of close that down so that all deserving people can be can have that status available to them come home and thank you very much indeed. but he'll say of murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has told a special us hearing that nothing has been done to seek justice for his murder at issue chang is has addressed the u.s. house foreign affairs committee on the dangers of reporting on human rights. was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october turkish authorities say his killing was ordered by the saudi crown prince that u.s. government says there's no direct evidence. got to. get at least to learn
5:57 am
tonight this murder was a great brutality that took in the last 7 months nothing was done to legal proceedings in saudi arabia not transparent we still do not know why he was killed we don't know where his body is the u.s. should bring sanctions against saudi arabia and all journalists detained there should be free. mike hanna joins us live from washington d.c. she seems quite disappointed of the promise of the u.s. president. was very disappointed indeed a teacher making very clear that she had expected by this time there would have been some consequences for those who ordered the murder of her fiance pointing out too that she simply doesn't know what happened to this time not even where his body is also very sad words about being in washington without him a visit that they had discussed for many times she told this committee now this is a deeply divided congress on many issues but on this issue of jamal khashoggi and
5:58 am
on attacks against journalists generally there's complete bipartisan support and the president trump came under criticism not only for his refusal to act on the murder of jamal khashoggi or to hold those responsible accountable but also for the language that he's introduced into the debate the use of the term fake news now this was criticized by head of the committee to protect journalists also criticized by members of the committee both republican and. democrat saying that this not only undercuts journalists doing their jobs around the world but also empowers autocrats who would use the excuse of fake news as a way to suppress journalists doing their job mike hanna thank you very much. still ahead on the understeer news hour growing anger from sudan's opposition as the military suspends talks for 72 hours following violent protests. lanka's hard
5:59 am
line british troops under investigation every spate of attacks against muslims. and this all change. peter has details of the new man in pink. saudi you a coalition in yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental airstrike in santa after a family of 6 were killed in a residential neighborhood the coalition says it north precision strikes targeting hoofy military positions as the latest. for the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen the series of strikes was a successful operation targeting crew 3 military installations in the capital sanaa . but these pictures depict another reality residents say the attacks targeted barely civilian areas and that an entire family was buried under the
6:00 am
rubble. it is very clear that what happened this morning here in sanaa i was a response to that through the whole drone attacks on the. oil facilities in riyadh it is very clear but unfortunately it was. blind completely blind response because the result it only in killing women and children in there is additional area the escalation comes a few days after the her theists attacked an oil pipeline near the saudi capital riyadh using 7 drones. it's the most daring military operation by the her theories since the start of the war 4 years ago and a sign of a growing military capabilities the saudi u.a.e. coalition remains adamant it says its military campaign in yemen will continue.


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