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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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dire picture of iran they cite some examples they say there's previously unclassified information that's now been pushed into the classified section and they say that it's just missing a lot of stuff basically the report used to be the classified portion 45 to 57 pages this one is just 50 it 12 excuse me so they're saying that they want to know what's missing what went into the process and they're given this is state department till may 23rd to brief the members on exactly how this report was put together and and who tried to in their words basically put their fingers on the scale against iran. very interesting you know one wonders of whoever did try to put their fingers on the scale of that the same people that. are on the same page as president trump because we have so many reports now of divisions within the trumpet ministration about next moves with iran. well it's clear that the trump administration has been trying to basically up the game when it comes to
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a ransom to the aircraft carrier to the region and put it out there in these leaks to the american media that their intelligence that iran could be threatening american troops moving embassy personnel out of iraq what they're telling the media in these leaks now is that they have photos of iran putting missiles on to cargo ships that doesn't sound deeply threatening to the united states so we're seeing members of congress both democrats and republicans saying they need to know what this intelligence is we know that the gang of 8 those are the most important members leaders in intelligence and in the party system they were briefed on the intelligence today so far haven't really heard very much from them but all of this is coming as the president seems to be pushing back he was asked today just someone yelled out a question are we going to war with iran and he wrote basically said i hope not then that good seems to go against his own national security advisor john bolton and his secretary of state. they're well known around hawks job. me bolton often
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says that he wants to see regime change in iran so we are seeing these reports in the post in the new york times that trump himself is starting to really resent bolton for the situation he finds himself in and both venezuela and around so we'll see one report said that his noise was boiled was about the same as it was with tillerson right before tillerson got fired by tweet that he thank you very much for that is that the natives live in washington d.c. thank you. that iran's foreign minister says the u.s. sanctions on acceptable uncalled for but insists that has country is committed to the 25th nuclear deal mohamad job and zarif is in tokyo for a meeting with prime minister shinzo but japan is a u.s. ally that depends on iranian oil earlier this month washington ended waivers that allow japan and others to buy crude from iran was that i've said wald palace must take action if they want to preserve the nuclear deal also known as the j c p o a.
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we believe that escalation of tension in the region is not in the interest of anybody but iran will not be the party beginning escalation but you certainly defend ourselves and respond to any threat against our national security to be discussed how. to prevent further escalation discuss how the national community could step in to save case t.p.o. it to say he knew he would be in practice and the only way to do it would be to restore the economic divisions for iran. from j.c. pewit that is the purpose of the. the fiance of murdered saw the journalist has told a special hearing in washington that nothing has been done to seek justice for his murder had criticized the trump government for not taking stronger action over the killing mike hanna reports and miss who in
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a deeply divided congress this is one issue that receives bipartisan support democrat and republican members expressing dismay at attacks on journalists around the world and strong criticism of a president who stands accused of encouraging or empowering such attacks president donald trump has fought the digital mines the work of news organizations has failed to criticize repressive regimes and has praised leaders who crush dissent. under close scrutiny the murder of jamal khashoggi and testimony from his fiance is deeply saddened that visiting his hometown of washington alone what can washington if someone had told me 7 months ago that i would come here without jamal or to ask for something about him ask about justice for him i would not have believed it thank you words of support from committee members written testimony really is a love letter to your fiance i hope that what you hear today does not sound
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like empty words needs to be accountability for your fiance john markoff shows she's murdered his loved ones deserve justice and we lawmakers have an obligation to push for their justice despite pressure from congress president trump insists the matter is closed resisting attempts to hold any saudi leader responsible a stark statistic presented to the committee in 9 out of 10 cases of journalists killed while doing their jobs no body or person has been held accountable. jamal khashoggi remains part of what in the eyes of his fiance and this committee is a horrific reality. washington. al-jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein has spent almost 2 and a half years at an egyptian president without charges trial or conviction that
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egyptian national was detained at a car airport in december 26th enough to arrive and to meet his family he was accused of spying and disseminating false news egyptian authorities have renewed his detention at least 18 times al-jazeera strongly denies the allegations and demands hussein's immediate release we have much more still ahead in the news hour by one guy dog is downplaying talks between the venezuelan government and the opposition in norway. liberty island $100000000.00 at a time of tighter border controls we take a look at the upgrades being made to an immigration icon and the bad boy of tennis has thrown out of the italian open tournament more coming up and for. the saudi led coalition and yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental air strike in the capital sana the coalition insists it was trying to
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target the military positions that residential neighborhoods have also been bombed at least 6 civilians all from one family have been killed 2 russian citizens are among those injured are reports. for the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen the series of strikes was a successful operation targeting crew 3 military installations in the capital sanaa . but these pictures depict a reality residence attacks targeted civilians areas and that an entire family was buried under the rubble. and it is very clear that. this morning here in sanaa i was. through their home their own attacks on the. oil facilities in riyadh it is a very clear but unfortunately it was. blind completely blind.
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because it is only in killing women and children in there is additional area the escalation comes a few days after the her theists attacked an oil pipeline near the saudi capital riyadh using 7 drones. it's the most daring military operation by the her theories since the start of the war 4 years ago and a sign of their growing military capabilities the saudi u.a.e. coalition remains adamant it says its military campaign in yemen will continue until the military installations are destroyed thanks these are the fighters of the moment they opened fire on what they say was a soggy drone they remain defiant despite the prolonged conflict drags a large she will repair the drone and will hopefully flight once again over saudi arabia israel and the u.s.
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. on the ground hope generated by a healthy withdrawal from the border city of how data is fading there is fighting on the ask us of the city raising concerns of a deepening humanitarian crisis how did abort the main entry point for food imports and aid is a lifeline for millions of yemenis frightened by starvation. in the solve there is more fighting around the city of by government troops backed by the saudis are struggling to push back the offensive. u.n. envoy martin griffiths has warned the united nations security council the recent ask elation might damage if peace deal. egypt's military says it's killed $47.00 armed men during several raids across north and central sinai the army added that hundreds of explosive devices and other
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weapons were seized and more than $150.00 people arrested 5 soldiers were also killed egypt has been fighting armed groups in sinai for several years. the united nations says at least 10 palestinian refugees were killed when rockets hit their camp and 7 years aleppo province 4 children and creating a 6 year old are among those killed 30 others are believed to be wounded. while elsewhere at least 150 civilians have been killed as the government presses on with a week's long offensive and serious northwest backed by russia the violence has put a strain on the ceasefire agreement struck by turkey and russia last year saying aha the reports from beirut. people's lives have been destroyed while their neighborhoods are reduced to rubble. schools mosques and hospitals have been hit. for 3 weeks syrian and russian jets haven't left the skies over northwest syria opposition controlled villages across southern and northern. provinces have been
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targeted very good but i see nothing in those in the middle that the majority of the people of looked to areas further north many were killed in the bombing of a solution there is no ghost town empty of its residents. it's the biggest military escalation since the ceasefire agreed by turkey and russia last september that agreement is now under strain turkey says it is intensifying diplomatic efforts with russia to deescalate the violence but it seems moscow has its own agenda. asked. all right. what's what. if that's true that's what. nato ally turkey is in a difficult position going ahead with a deal to buy russian made s. $400.00 missile system would worsen
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a troubled relationship with the united states which is threatening sanctions. president treasure time or to the un was also careful not to mention russia's role in the violence in northwest syria he accused the syrian government instead of seeking to sabotage turkey's relations with russia the 2 countries don't just cooperate in syria. turkey is increasingly reliant on russia for its energy needs they also have an important economic relationship and the kremlin's expanding influence in the middle east is a reality so it is difficult for turkey to walk away from a now lions that secures its interests in syria and gives it a say in its neighbors future. it live gives turkey political leverage but the offensive around the province is unlikely to break its alliance with moscow. smart or. you know. interest or i think it
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was. in. turkish officials say a working group with russia on northwest syria will could be 2 and it didn't give more details but the offensive continues dozens of civilians have been killed and nearly 200000 displaced many more remain trapped not just in a war zone but in a geo political struggle. the route. the venezuelan government's been holding talks with what it calls the democratic side of the opposition in norway both parties were invited for discussions to end the 5 month political crisis on wednesday and military blockade tried to prevent opposition leader on why there from entering the national parliament he defied it why there has downplayed the importance offers on voice does it norway. b o r. there are some in voice to norway i said this on tuesday and i say it again now and i've also said it to the point of exhaustion we are not going to linda ourselves to any kind of falsely goshi ation
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now hundreds of facebook and instagram accounts and pages have been deleted for trying to influence foreign politics facebook says it's banned an israeli company responsible for the accounts uses in west africa latin america and south asia were targeted by the campaign facebook says that israeli company spent nearly a $1000000.00 on the advocates. as a digital forensically set to add the atlantic council and he says this campaign appears to be the biggest that facebook has had to crack down on the pages misrepresented themselves using fake identities and different identities by acting as local news organizations or link web sites and support me just for local politicians. there was also an instance of troll age. i was aiming to push campaign against the. who was the former vice president
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of nigeria and. presidential candidate for the general elections in nigeria 2019 facebook is being more reactive on. their you know accounts and it is that or why late in there i mean the standards. we've seen more takedowns than ever. and they stay down particularly highlights. you know. who. organizations are attempting or even are trying to attempt to interfere with elections around the world. coming up for you a plea for help once peaceful putting a fossil calls on the world to act as violence intensifies across its surrounding region and it's all change at the g. road italia peter has details of the new man unpaired current.
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hello there we're seeing a fair amount of rain over parts of north america at the moment so thanks to this weather system has been pushing its way in from the pacific it's given us a lot of cloud as you can see on the satellite picture but also quite a bit of wet weather as well that system is edging its way eastwards making its way across the rockies there still giving more hope to outbreaks of snow perhaps as we head through the next couple of days as it makes its way across the rockies that it's going to them really intensify so this system here as we head into saturday is likely to give us some severe weather particularly over parts of texas that's where there's the biggest risk of seeing some tornadoes a bit further towards the south will go a few showers had to deal with over parts of cuba they're looking fairly heavy but we've also got plenty of wet weather from the southern parts of mexico all the way down towards panama this is actually good news because some of us here already
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drowned but some of the showers on looking pretty heavy as we head further south still we can see the showers that we go to around the coast of brazil looking heavy as well and they're going to stick around on any for friday but also for saturday to cool as a few problems here to the south of all of that we've also got cloud building i've opposed in argentina as well so for when as always we'll see the sunshine disappear as we head into saturday more cloud for us and a few outbreaks of rain the temperatures there still getting up to a fairly decent to $21.00 degrees.
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sweden is his home. northern iraq his homeland. from which. camera in hand he returned. to film those whose turn it is to run. a story soon transformed by a chance encounter. a girl who saved my life i witnessed documentary. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour on these are our top stories
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donald trump has announced how he wants to or the whole of the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it more difficult for non english speakers and asylum seekers the u.s. state department is being accused of disproportionately focusing on iran and its recent report on how countries are complying with controls democrats have written to secretary of state mike pompei of raising concerns about the way they say intelligence is being. politicised and the salary that coalition says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental strike in the capital at least 6 civilians from one family and intruding women and children have been killed 2 russian citizens among those injured. and more now on our top story donald trump's immigration changes which would pivot from the u.s. tradition of welcoming your poor your huddled masses will those words are of course and squat on the statue of liberty where new museums are opened reflecting on its history and some but as i'm from new york kristen salumi reports for more than 130
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years she's welcome visitors to new york harbor a symbol not just of the city but of the entire united states a beacon as it says in the inscription for the huddled masses longing to be free now the island lady liberty is called home all these years is getting an upgrade a new 100 $1000000.00 museum designed to enhance the experience for the more than $4000000.00 visitors who cram the island every year and that building can hold about $500.00 people at any one time so we think of it as 500 people every 30 minutes to move in cycles through the museum we're going to be ok. it's hoped the exhibits will fill the gaps for the many tourists who don't beat the lines to get into the statue itself and immersive theater not only recounts the early history but also takes visitors on a virtual journey inside and up the structure it was not used to engineering marvel
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outside galleries continue the abridged history from a recreation of the workshop of the statues french designer frederick bartoli to its opening ceremony in new york in 886 the statue has layers of meaning for americans not least as a symbol of hope for waves of immigrants but at a time when president trump has attempted to drastically reduce those allowed into the country. this federal landmark largely avoids the topic we wanted this museum to be about that idea of liberty and the idea you are defining what liberty means to you and it could be immigration or it could be something else but that's up to you to choose not. on the way out the statue of liberty's original torch which was replaced in 1986 is the final display of an experience it's hoped will shine a new light on one of new york's oldest attractions kristen salumi al jazeera new york. became a fossil has appealed to world powers to form
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a new international coalition to combat and creasing violence and africa hell intervention the country's foreign minister made the plea to the united nations which already has a task force in the area but as a diplomatic editor james bays reports that force has suffered many setbacks hope of a bloke the g 5 joint force was set up by the sahara countries chad to mali mauritania bikini a fast so and me share 2 years ago but it's still barely operational lacking funding and key equipment one of those nations bikini faso was a largely peaceful country just a couple of years ago but things are deteriorating fost villages burying their dead after an attack at the weekend on worshippers in a church in the north of the country in new york ambassadors have heard a grim account of violence and instability spreading across the sahara and local
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and regional armed groups expanding their operations with no respect for national boundaries moves it down the threats from these groups remains strong and exerts an enormous pressure on our states and all across the threat is gaining territory it is no longer contained to the north of mali or the deserts of broken a faso or along the mauritanian borders it has taken new forms with more terrible consequences the un does have a large $16000.00 strong peacekeeping force in. ones are held country mali but they don't have the mandate to venture beyond its borders now the un is requesting permission to provide a separate regional force with what they call life consumables an amazing admission that the g 5 joint forces currently lacking food water and fuel geographical with st sion impose on menus must support have prevented the 3rd wave as a better yarn of the joint force which operate outside of mali to benefit from life
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consumable support. these proved to be one of the obstacle to the fool police tonight he's a son of the joined forces while armed groups operate freely without borders the international community seems constrained by them as well as the g. 5 so hale and the un peacekeeping mission in mali. national armies are involved in the fight as are u.s. special forces french special forces and it easy to training mission in mali the question is whether there's enough coordination and overall funding for a security crisis that continues to grow james zira at the united nations. china has vowed to defend its companies after the u.s. plays twa way and 70 of its affiliates on a trade blacklist washington believes equipment produced by the chinese tech giant could be the spine which denies. reports from a tech trade show and. what you see here is at the heart of the trade
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dispute between china and the united states the 2 countries are competing to be world leaders in artificial intelligence robotics and 5 g. technology. showcasing its achievements while with china's national tech champion its expansion plans in the united states now seem over after the u.s. put the firm and its affiliates on a trading blacklist an issue too sensitive for this company official to discuss the market the country operates a company so sorry. but he's confident while way will still thrive in other markets so now leave her with your fire level. we hope we can cooperate each other with other countries while away officials had anticipated this move and on thursday the firm issued a statement saying the transactions wouldn't improve safety or security in the
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united states and would only harm could. seumas and companies it doesn't bode well for the faltering trade talks between the 2 countries u.s. firms are present here the mood among one technology representative surprisingly upbeat is it very hard to sell u.s. technology in china today because of the trade i don't think i saw in so many years chinese is open for the all the difference to you know the 3rd star darts here until our attorney is the customers who is what i think. america a. paradox is one of. the theme of this exhibition is artificial intelligence in china the technology is widely used in surveillance and facial recognition cameras. especially in the far western province of shinji where they monitor track and rate members of a largely muslim group known as the week goes this company manufactures many of
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those cameras and has been promoting its expertise here but officials didn't want to tell you the reason you can't even use the u.s. government has once more targeted one of china's most successful companies leading executives and other technology firms wondering who will be next adrian brown al-jazeera interior in northeast china. and pakistan line fighters suspected of being involved in an attack earlier this week have been killed during a police raid at least 4 offices and several other people wounded after a bomb exploded outside a mosque on monday in the country's been noticed on province a pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. sri lanka the government says the situation is now peaceful enough that it can lift its nationwide evening curfews that have begun and play since monday there were imposed after gangs attacked mosques and muslim businesses the balances hardline both the scripts on the investigation of the attacks then
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a smith reports from the gumball and west and sri lanka. a chat with almost any village monk will give you an idea of the challenge sri lanka faces in repairing relations between its muslim minority and buddhist majority population. i think and we'd like to talk with muslim and muslim community leaders to have a discussion and live in a couple way to be able to live harmoniously and muslims need to realize this is not arabia this is sri lankan lanka has a culture and a civilization and an identity 31 men from this village are in police custody after violence in northwestern sri lanka on monday. very. open under their oath says the men were protecting the village and didn't attack muslim properties 9 mosques were vandalized and hundreds of businesses in more than 30 towns and villages were ransacked by what witnesses described as sin healy's young men a sailor wickramasinghe is not vines or to one of the buddhist nationalist
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political groups that are now the focus of government criticism after this week's violence if i go to saudi arabia if i say i am a buddhist person i need the right. if you are brought like that what will happen to you. saw me how do i understand the reality i had this is a mad already there were these people are saying that it's a norm the muslim people they understand their video of a police raid on a mosque where large knives were seized spread quickly on social media it's thought this helped fuel anger so the government shut down access to apps including whatsapp and facebook but we're missing a says the government hasn't done enough to calm the tension and if someone said this there is a way. in this must see them you know on these muslim houses then of course emotionally we are trying to protect our children right so we we expect from the government to take
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a necessary action. this controlled this current situation at st sebastian church in the gumbo there continuing to repair the damage caused after one of the 8 easter sunday suicide bombers blew himself up here he killed more than $100.00 of the 253 people killed in a series of coordinated explosions across the country most of the victims of the bombings were sri lankan christians but they're not the ones that have been involved in this week's attacks on muslims rather one minister is blaming buddhist extremists are trying to tarnish the reputation of the government bernard smith al-jazeera and the gumbo in western sri lanka to hong kong now where pro-democracy activists has been sent back to jail after a court rejected has been to have has prison term quassia joshua one was sentenced to 3 months in jail last year so reports from hong kong. joe sure one was the most
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high profile activist behind the problem ocracy protests here in hong kong in 24 last year he was given a 3 month jail term for contempt of court for his role in obstructing aside during these demonstrations he's already served time for other convictions but he feels the high court to have this job turn quashed he arrived at court confident but the judge ordered he returned to jail to serve 2 months of his prison sentence no regret at all and now it's hard for us called to you our flights through our games or extradition law that extradition bill is being proposed by the government and would allow hong kong to extradite fugitives from hong kong to mainland china to stand trial. for the 100000 people marched against this bill last month there's also been clashes in the city's parliament over the proposed rule critics are concerned that their trials won't be guaranteed on the mind not just only. hong kong this but the international community has very little to no trust nor
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confidence. over the hong kong china extradition business. the reason for us to be fear. because it's court has. to protect. and safeguard human rights but sides of politics are at an impasse over who would chair this committee which will scrutinize the extradition bill for the city's chief executive wants a vote by july. now one of the world's most famous architects i am pe has died at the age of 102 some of his works include buildings like the pyramid and paris and the 72 story bank of china tower and hong kong dog museum of islamic art was one of his last major projects. one of australia's longest serving prime ministers has died aged $89.00 bob hawke as being remembered for reforming the economy during the
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1980s while being a champion for workers' rights under quade takes a look back at his life. australia had never had a more popular prime minister and there hasn't been one since at one stage opinion polls found 3 quarters of australians approved of how bob hawke was leading the country he took the left leaning labor party to 4 election wins his 1st in 1983 was his party's biggest victory will get embodied qualities australians like to see in themselves he was down to earth seen as having a great sense of humor and a sense of fairness he could also drink a placard oxford university commemorates the day the future prime ministers that a world speed record quit drinking almost an liter and a half a beer it was a reputation he played to in his later years. of.


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