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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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70 is. the saudi led coalition in yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental airstrike in the capital sana'a the coalition insists it was trying to target when the troop positions but residential neighborhoods have also been bombed and at least 6 civilians from one family have been killed 2 russian citizens are among those injured. ports. for the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen the series of strikes was a successful operation targeting the military installations in the capital sanaa but these pictures depict another reality residents say the attacks targeted barely civilian areas and that an entire family was buried under the rubble. it is very clear that what happened this morning here in sanaa i was a response to that through the whole drone attacks on the. oil facilities in
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riyadh it is a very clear but unfortunately it was. blind a completely blind response because it resulted only in killing women and children in there is additional area the escalation comes a few days after the healthy is attacked an oil pipeline near the saudi capital riyadh using 7 drones. it's the most daring military operation by the hood since the start of the war 4 years ago and a sign of their growing military capabilities the saudi u.a.e. coalition remains adamant its its military campaign in yemen will continue until the military installations are destroyed thanks these are the fighters of the moment they opened fire they say was assad road they remain to fire
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. despite the prolonged conflict so our dogs are largely repaired the drone and will hopefully flight once again over saudi arabia israel and the u.s. . on the ground hope generated by a healthy withdrawal from the border city of her data is fading there's fighting on the oscars of the city raising concerns of a deepening humanitarian crisis how did abort the main entry point for food imports and aid is a lifeline for millions of yemenis writers by starvation. in the south there's more fighting around the city of by government troops backed by the start is us right wing to push back with the offensive. u.n. envoy martin griffiths has warned the united nations security council the recent ask elation might damage if fragile peace deal.
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much more still to come and the news out of why one by bill is downplaying talks between his opposition and the venezuelan government in norway. the u.s. state of alabama passes one of the country's toughest abortion laws will look at why it and others a pushing for a supreme court showdown and the bad boy of tennis is thrown out of the italian open to one of the more on that coming up in sport. the venezuelan government's beholden to what it calls the democratic side of the opposition in norway both parties were invited for discussions to end the 5 month political crisis on wednesday a military blockade try to prevent opposition leader why though from entering the national parliament he defied it why there has downplayed the importance of his envoys visit to norway. where there.
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so you begin now and i've also said it to the point of exhaustion we're not going to lend ourselves to any kind of false negotiation latin america editor lucy a new man has the latest developments from the capital caracas. strong rumors had been circulating since wednesday but now it is official opposition leader. has confirmed that for the 1st time in nearly 4 months since venezuela's president a power struggle began exploratory talks have taken place in between his representatives and those of president. he also acknowledged that for almost 3 months norway had been trying to mediate some kind of an encounter however he insists that the talks are only one of many possible options for bringing about regime change. it is one more initiative from those who want to cooperate and we've said from day one anyone who wants to contribute be they civilians members of the military or diplomats are welcome to achieve an end to her patient
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a transitional government and free elections but let's not confuse the method with the objective and we're going to both sides accusing each other of having negotiated in the past in bad faith but while the my brutal government has been insisting on the need for dialogue to resolve the country's worst ever political and economic crisis for the opposition the word dialogue is almost a dirty word in fact earlier i spoke to opposition activist. who has been calling for an international military coalition to come to venezuela's aid and she says that talking to the government is pointless we know that they are not going to accept. through an electoral process we we've seen several so-called dialogues even with the pope and the vatican involved dad. to gain time in any case the exploratory talks as they're being called are still very much in their infancy. have also been meeting here in cannes. with
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representatives of the 28 member international contact group mainly europeans and interestingly cuba which is my little strongest and most unconditional ally is also being brought into the mix while cuba's deputy foreign minister was flying to oslo canada's foreign minister was arriving in a van to talk to her cuban counterpart to see if quote cuba can be part of the solution rather than the problem in venezuela. some u.s. states a calling for economic retaliation against alabama after its leaders approve the country's most restrictive abortion laws the hash tag boycott alabama is gaining momentum online but supporters of its near total ban on abortions insist that it's the right thing to do the supreme court could end up once again making the final decision as andy gallagher reports from montgomery. susan and require to run their adoption agency together for 15 years in that time they found new homes
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for hundreds of babies they support a woman's right to get an abortion but described themselves as pro-life but even for this married couple with deep christian values alabama's new total ban on abortion has gone too far there are a lot of things in this country right now that are being pushed to the brink because of who is an office and and the men who are following the leader and who we. we're not fans and that requires a lawyer by trade says supporters of alabama's tough measures want to get it before the highest court in the land their aim he says is to overturn the law ruling notice roe v wade that legalized abortion in 1973 i think it will go to the u.s. supreme court if it's not alabama georgia or somebody over. those southern states that have very similar laws in the books under obama's new law
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doctors who carry out abortion. would face up to 99 years in jail even women who get pregnant through rape or incest would not be able to terminate their pregnancy the only exception is if a pregnancy seriously threatens a woman's health the american civil liberties union are planning to launch a legal challenge to stop the new measures which is set to become law in november randall marshall says women's lives are at risk abortion has always been easy for people with with welp. in alabama it's mainly low income women who are affected and would be even more adversely affected by this kind of a law. states across the u.s. are passing some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in decades even as others are protecting access to abortion antiabortion supporters hope to new conservative judges in the supremes court will help them overturn roe v wade but the legal battle has only just begun based on past cases it's likely that alabama's new law will be tied up in court for years delaying enforcement it's also important
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to know that the supremes court has discretion over what cases it hears nonetheless anti abortion campaigners see a chance they haven't had in decades and they gallacher al-jazeera montgomery alabama. meanwhile a prisoner in alabama and another neighbor in tennessee have been executed the men who are both been found guilty of murder were given a lethal injections that the 6th and 7th people to be executed in the u.s. this year. ok a fossil has appealed to world leaders to form a new international coalition to combat increasing violence in africa so how region the country's foreign minister made the plea to the united nations which already has a task force and the area that has a diplomatic editor james bays reports that force has suffered many setbacks what were probably the g. 5 joint force was set up by the sahara countries chad to mali mauritania bikini a fast so and me share 2 years ago but it still barely operational lacking funding
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and key equipment one of those nations bikini a fast so it was a largely peaceful country just a couple of years ago but things are deteriorating far here villages burying their dead after an attack at the weekend on worshippers in a church in the north of the country in new york ambassadors have heard a grim account of violence and instability spreading across the sahara local and regional armed groups expanding their operations with no respect for national boundaries moves it down the threats from these groups remain strong and exerts an enormous pressure on our states and all across the threat is gaining territory it is no longer contained to the north of mali or the deserts of broken a faso or along the mauritanian borders it has taken new forms with more terrible consequences the un does have a large $16000.00 strong peacekeeping force in one's country mali but they don't
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have the mandate to venture beyond its borders now the un is requesting permission to revive the separate regional force with what they call life consumables an amazing admission that the g 5 joint forces currently lacking food water and fuel geographical with speech and impose on menus must support have prevented the 5 as a bet the u.n. of the joint force which opened wait outside of mali to benefit from life consumable support. these proved to be one of the obstacle to the fool buildings tonight is a sign of the join forces while armed groups operate freely without borders the international community seems constrained by them as well as the g 5 so hale and the un peacekeeping mission in mali. national armies are involved in the fight as are u.s. special forces french special forces and it easy you training mission in mali the
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question is whether there's enough coordination and overall funding for security crisis that continues to grow james by 0 at the united nations whereas here from inside but can a fossil monocle in the capital. this is it downtown no longer do it right behind me is the main cathedral of this capitol the immaculate conception it's a place of worship where perishers are in mourning following a series of attacks against the catholic church on sunday 20 gunmen entered a church in northern brick enough aso abducted the priest killed him and then shot dead 7 worshippers burning the church to the ground there's been a series of attacks like this 3 priest have been abducted it seems that the christian community is being targeted yet no one has claimed responsibility for
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these attacks late in april. welcomed new affiliates to the group from brick enough so in mali is a tax how the whole marks of the slum make state in the greater hell who are waging a war against the government of bicheno faso mali and the other countries in this hell the situation in this region that's the size of the european union has gone from bad to worse 1200000 children are in urgent need of assistance suffering from acute malnutrition just last month 200000 people were displaced because of these on going attacks the foreign minister of britain a faso held talks at the un security council asking for more help more boots on the ground though soldiers are brick enough so are overstretch already they are the largest contributing forces to the peacekeeping operation in mali but they are
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needed here at home where attacks are intensifying. among the stories coming up were take a look at the $100000000.00 for an immigration icon at a time of tougher border controls architect i am paid his creations the glass thrown at the new the and the museum of islamic art and cut the dyes aged 100 and to look at his legacy and it's all change of the geo to tell you peter has details of the new man in. the wedding sponsored by the time. the rain has been intensifying for some of us in china recently we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud will gradually drifting its
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way eastwards but then some bright white areas a pair on the satellite picture and those clouds are giving us some very heavy rains we more as we head through the next few days again some of the worst of them in the southeast corner but then as we head through into saturday we'll also see some intense downpours a bit further north as well as i always wherever you are across this region there's the risk of see some outbreaks of rain as we head through the next day i'll say a bit further towards the south and there's a general mix here some sunshine but also some showers for the philippines as a good deal of sunshine a 1st just some showers breaking out later on during the day and i think that's what we'll see as we head through the next few days as well for borneo there more wet weather ahead will persistent showers for some of us and those showers still feeding all the way up northwards towards parts of thailand where they could be rather heavy at times out towards the west and we've seen a few few a pre monsoon showers here some of them be making their way across the northern parts over the last day or so and i think it's still going to be a little bit unsettled here as we head through friday so still some clouds coming and going at times and still we can't rule out the risk of the old shower times 2
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for the south just hot here we're right there way up at 42. the weather sponsored by qatar airways anything you say tight or browse can be held against you. lines investigates how governments are using israeli software to turn critics cellphones into the ultimate tools of surveillance exposure of your personal world doesn't just stop you right it extends out to the people you care about trusted you and it makes you toxic cross border and he phones anywhere targeted by text on al-jazeera on him about that i was born in the same year as his one voice i feel as though the state is my mother. because of celebration for some a catastrophe for the nakba is still going on they put my sons in jail so every day
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i feel disgust for a few twice over al-jazeera world tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in $48.00 on al-jazeera world. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news salad these are our top stories donald trump has announced a controversial proposal to the whole the u.s. immigration system the changes will strongly favor skilled migrants and make it more difficult from now on the anguish because and asylum seekers the u.s. state department is being accused of disproportionately focusing on iran and its recent report on how countries are complying with controls democrats of rushing to
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secretary of state like pompei oh by some concerns about the way they say intelligence is being politicized and the saw the end. raji coalition in yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental airstrike in the capital sana'a at least 6 civilians from one family and including women and children have been code 2 russian citizens were among those injured. more on our top story donald trump's and gratian changes which would pivot on the u.s. tradition of welcoming your poor your huddled masses those words of course and squad on the statue of liberty where a new museum's opened reflecting on its history and symbolism from new york kristen salumi reports. for more than 130 years she's welcome visitors to new york harbor a symbol not just of the city but of the entire united states a beacon as it says in the inscription for the huddled masses longing to be free now the island lady liberty has called home all these years is getting an upgrade
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a new $100000000.00 museum designed to enhance the experience for the more than $4000000.00 visitors who cram the island every year and that building can hold about 500 people at any one time so we think of it as 500 people every 30 minutes for movement cycle through the museum we're going to be ok. it's hoped the exhibits will fill the gaps for the many tourists who don't beat the lines to get into the statue itself and immersive theater not only recounts the early history but also takes visitors on a virtual journey inside and up the structure it was not used to engineering marvel outside galleries continue the abridged history from a recreation of the workshop of the statues french designer frederick bartoli to its opening ceremony in new york in 886 the statue has layers of meaning for americans not least as a symbol of hope for waves of immigrants but at
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a time when president tribe has attempted to drastically reduce those allowed into the country this federal landmark largely avoids the topic. we wanted this to be a. liberal idea if you are defining. it it could be immigration or it could be something else but that's not. on the way out the statue of liberty's original torch which was replaced in 1986 is the final display of an experience it's hoped will shine a new light on one of new york's oldest attractions kristen salumi al jazeera new york. now one of the world's most famous architects i am pay as died at the age of 102 some of his works and the pyramid in paris and the 72 story bank of china tower and hong kong and the house newseum of islamic art was one of his last major projects or pay was widely known for his modernise architectural style he completed
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on kong's bank of china building in 1809 the tallest skyscraper in asia at the time it was also during the 80s that he was appointed by former french president francois mitterrand to design the new pyramid and among his masterpieces and has adopted country the east wing of the national gallery in washington d.c. but we are going to get more on iron tayo and his legacy joining us from new york is paul goldberger he's an architectural critic author and columnist very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so he is hailed as one of the best architects good to be here one of the best architects of the past several decades what is it mr goldberger that made his work so unique. well i am pe was really one of those people who was able to push the envelope with innovative new things and yet make architecture that was interesting too to
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a broad range of people so he could create a building like the national gallery in washington d.c. that was incredibly popular and yet was also evident guard so he was somehow able to almost magically blend the cutting edge with things that people were interested in and wanted and like and responded to so he made modernism modern architecture something that people loved as opposed to something that people hated which a lot of architects have done and you know as you've written and you just said something that i'm a lot of people loved you know has a pain wide not just museum boards real estate developers the corporate world. he managed somehow to bridge those worlds you know in much of architecture there are those that are serious architects who do very artistic architecture that is not of interest to the corporate world and they're the corporate architects who do
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buildings to make money i am pay could never fit into either category and he made a career that was a bridge between those 2 categories he kind of almost brought all of architecture together and made a central point around his work that almost everybody could respond to and that was pretty amazing and you know here in doha we're fortunate enough to have his museum of islamic august which he puts so much into even though he was pushing 90 when it was commissioned. yes that's right and i've actually made 2 visits to the museum of islamic art in doha it's an incredible and extraordinary place but to me one of the most amazing things about it is that when i am pay got the commission to do it he admitted he didn't know that much about islamic architecture and he set out on a worldwide tour of islamic architecture to understand it better he then he read
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a biography of the prophet muhammad i mean what architect does that kind of thing and he actually said i need to understand this to do it well and then he created this building that is in many ways a synthesis of his own ideas of western modern architecture which admittedly are not islamic and islamic traditions and he tried to find a way to synthesize these and bring them together in tribute really to the islamic tradition facing them that you know his 100th birthday cake was acting in the shape of the museum of islamic hotness to go but it is you know i think it's you know yes exactly really appreciate it thank you very much unfortunately yeah thank you i don't please go ahead actually thank you know is that there was an extraordinary celebration of his 100th birthday at the rainbow room and top of rockefeller center
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in new york and indeed there was a cake in the shape of the museum was of islamic art in doha and i remember being honored to be there and seeing him sitting in his wheelchair blowing out the candles it was an amazing moment just to go away it really is great to have you and that is pull goldbug and i think you live in new york thank you. right moving on now and the united nations says at least 10 palestinian refugees were killed when rockets hit their camp in syria's aleppo province 4 children including a 6 year old are among those killed 30 others are believed to be wounded elsewhere at least 150 civilians have been killed as the government presses on with a week's long offensive in soviet northwest backed by russia the violence has put a strain on the cease fire agreement struck by turkey and russia last year as they know how the reports from beirut. people's lives have been destroyed while their neighborhoods are reduced to rubble during their home or the lot schools mosques
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and hospitals have been hit. for 3 weeks syrian and russian jets haven't left the skies over northwest syria opposition controlled villages across southern it live and northern hama and provinces have been targeted like i'm honestly not going on those in the middle that the majority of the people flocked to areas further north many were injured and killed in the bombing of a solution there is no ghost town empty of its residents. it's the biggest military escalation since the ceasefire agreed by turkey and russia last september that agreement is now under strain turkey says it is intensifying diplomatic efforts with russia to deescalate the violence but it seems moscow has its own agenda. asked. all right. what's what's the reaction. because.
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that's what. nato ally turkey is in a difficult position going ahead with a deal to buy russian made s. $400.00 missile system would worsen a troubled relationship with the united states which is threatening sanctions. president. so you are divine was also careful not to mention russia's role in the violence in northwest syria he accused the syrian government instead of seeking to sabotage turkey's relations with russia the 2 countries don't just cooperate in syria. turkey is increasingly reliant on russia for its energy needs they also have an important economic relationship and the kremlin is expanding influence in the middle east is a reality so it is difficult for turkey to walk away from a now lions that secures its interests in syria and gives it a say in its neighbors future. it live gives turkey political leverage but the
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offensive around the province is unlikely to break its alliance with moscow. smart or. you know. interest or i think it was. in. turkish officials say a working group with russia on northwest syria will could be 2 and it didn't give more details but the offensive continues dozens of civilians have been killed and nearly 200000 displaced many more remain trapped not just in a war zone but in a geo political struggle. the route. china has vowed to defend its companies from a trade blacklist imposed by the u.s. and 70 of its affiliates washington equipment produced by the chinese tech giant could be useful while way denies reports from a tech trade show in tangent. what you see here is at the heart of the
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trade dispute between china and the united states the 2 countries are competing to be world leaders in artificial intelligence robotics and 5 g. technology. showcasing its achievements while with china's national tech champion its expansion plans in the united states now seem over after the u.s. put the firm and its affiliates on a trading blacklist an issue too sensitive for this company official to discuss i guess the country operates the company so sorry. but he's confident while away will still thrive in other markets so now laid her with your fire level. we hope we can operate out of its other countries while away officials had anticipated this move and on thursday the firm issued a statement saying the transactions wouldn't improve safety or security in the
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united states and would only harm consumers and companies it doesn't bode well for the full 3 trade talks between the 2 countries u.s. firms are present here the mood among one technology representative surprisingly upbeat levy is in very hard to sell us technology in china today because of the trade rules i don't think so in summits years chinese is open for the all the different you know the products here and our attorney is the customers who is what i think. america. pronounce is. the theme of this exhibition is artificial intelligence in china the technology is widely used in surveillance and facial recognition cameras. especially in the far western province of shin jang where they monitor track and rate members of a largely muslim group known as the week goes. this company manufactures many of
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those cameras and has been promoting its expertise here but officials didn't want to tell you the reason you can't even use the u.s. government has once more targeted one of china's most successful companies leading executives and other technology firms wondering who will be next adrian brown al-jazeera interior in northeast china and pakistan line fighters suspected of being involved in an attack earlier this week killed during a police raid at least 4 officers and several other people were wounded after a bomb exploded outside a mosque on monday and the country's been noticed on problems the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. it is the final stretch of india's now as an election with just one day to go until campaigning. wraps up the last leg of the vote in west bengal campaign it was ordered to finish a day early after several incidents of violence in the state more than 100
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supporters of prime minister and that in the modis party were arrested after clashes with opposition supporters on tuesday. and astray in the voting in elections on saturday that are expected to see their latest prime minister scott morrison lose power he has only been in the job some 9 months and the man tapped to replace him has promised to put an end to the country's revolving door leadership and thomas reports from sydney. if opinion polls are right the man in the middle of this crowd will on saturday be elected as australia's prime minister bill shorten from the left of center the labor party is popular with many young australians. he promises higher spending on schools and action to tackle climate change but many say it is the chaotic leadership of the governing party that has helped the opposition most of us don't. take action. we've got to stop this take real action on us
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a living we've got to stop. take real action like. since being elected in 2013 m.p.'s at the right of center governments of the liberal party have turned against their leader twice dumping tony abbott for malcolm turnbull i thought throwing him out the current prime minister scott morrison. m.p.'s of the previous labor government also deposed their own leader twice. this is where you go if bill shorten is elected he'll be australia's 6th prime minister in 6 years and change your prime minister through an election would be a break from the recent past what bill shorten is promising is a period of political stability with the full on climate change that means relatively ambitious targets for emissions reductions renewable energy and electric cars the current government has failed to act on climate change over many years and police have been rising for the last 4 years so.


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