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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 136  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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thank you if they acquired this article on the record you know a lot more far better than i've done you already he bought their markup and got our here which here is some our peers that don't like the head high and got their pay and got to follow us because they need to ask know why your small 00 brotherly arch that if you're smart that he wrote thank. you. is now at 80 deli but he's spending his holidays at home in but no teaching this year's super 30 gillett but i. may. be without their game was a number that were part of. it but there's a rhythm. going over the bridges that protect the guy.
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almost feel to be the loveliest no but jazz some of which local chain. didn't you know move with this somewhat that he's a work that you made with us that got apollo. a decade on we return to but not to find out what had become of the students and of super 30 to sell. our stuff home village. but i look at his family had moved on later that day we tracked them down to a nearby village the teacher and our strike. a look at his family have left field and moved in here with a relative. to let them down here she. i mean again if you look at the tortured.
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brain you know when india says. look it never did a good. morning me. really. like a little financial condition of not. because father ok i think that. means how do we. go then you're going to get a break from salary. so. father mother when you've got their partner made at the. thing you need to. look at they said that was the cause of the not. protecting them part of. what angles and
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if you were in the movie both of. us placement in the piece and we want to make it through. make about me posting believe me to ask about my part and i may. be able to make it transmutes or i will get this across the country. or the ready yet. to give me my job. so one of the best company in the world. a few kilometers away from office now lives with his parents. after
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supertanker he went to i 80 to study engineering but now he's children defense attorney and. he didn't the. defense came going who had to do with us that there was. indian good in him about god and this thing just need. a logo the mayor enduring love but short notice them down meaning 2 of the on how to do it are to me didn't you could try to go to. our dividend live maybe talk maybe a. little hard to make simple. economics make the. noise about a bit. to do as it was given to you to the economics me i was give up going to new made me a deal has to be a 2000 acres i'll have you missing it it says hello i'm a mother the inverted to mrs gentle that. is that i'm not lazy.
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and don't work impulse. to live fairly dull but that's what it says that i know that says my love is only. you know what i got married i was going to hear you say oh what a chance i was running i'm another that says you gotta. die next and yes it's all good and next to me i did believe there may have been that love just in english and they are just one name because they're. my that this guy that i love it i'd say in the lake in india institute me in the mirror india made for the devil made up mother tongue hindi there. by holy cow it's an oath to have been a democrat finding the images from the sale would add. doing things think that you . are already made their targets are below the campus legs and in your place and you know because there's been or because nice company and ok because. i didn't make
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a lot of it i could just as a deacon some members of the land support. me my god you're not looking. so. much looking sort which was from what i. just looked. but if i could have. but he. was super thirties star. he now works for a management consultancy in the by he recently got married and we found him visiting his family but we just saw. this little one it was like. because. as he took me there. after 2007 and so potentially i joined i did early in electrical engineering. for the best years of my life where i met
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a lot of smart people. after their joy in opera solutions in new delhi as my 1st job in 2011 in 2014 i got the chance to. this was a great cultural change for me i moved from delhi to the way and and the work in one minute was really fast there was a lot of multinational. i could i could not well with spanish people pakistani people people from what i call people from china so it was a great beginning for me. in the management content consulting space in the butt and i currently travel to where my project is 4 days a week and the weekend i am in dubai. being. made out when. i was. hiking. or to. the way to
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go to the house. but so far only. the house. next stop is going through i d capital of india where raja. working with my city's as a software engineer in the research and development institute currently i mean to me i'd be a ballo office. here joining us today on 16 and since then i'm working with them. and what going for electric and hybrid vehicles software development by saying we are going to do this with a broad had my. eye is scored. then after you join or you become. a parent and they were imagined like the way i was thinking that i would never come out of the how you could listen or thinking about insoles well but now they are really saying that they can probably say that my son is you working with that i
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want to be a going abroad supporting all lines all over the globe supporting the society. back in but now we want to find out what happened to the super 30 program itself. our band and our founding fathers supercuts he retired from his job as police chief of bihar state and since them has been working hard to grow the idea deliberate dream part of the experiment. that bart having been successful. i thought this experiment is good for society and therefore it should come out of that shell and go big. and then. people who were not into the business of indication. they got in touch and their experience there do
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their due. investing this concept. and the philanthropy measure. and that's how some of these play money. and but they're. so good so let's do it i know it's being right is time close sun down. but those super 30 programs have sprung up right across india to model fairies according to needs to invest when. is different for different to. simply take these for example i'm going to protect the lives of people needs to say to her similarly a community in the minority community you know slips. they've got to get it and put this their money to the end of their leadership both. a lot of lead and i mean we
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know the chief of the all india muslim person. here so far ramani designed specially for muslim students has been the most successful venture for a band and i mean if you started with just centers you have to do so centers across india who have been able to scale it we have been able to port it and this community asked for such a community report and everybody knows is a most. district education deprived community disport tickler project has changed the mindset of the community a producer of the students taking about examination says the students want to. so it is not that they want to work wired they're going from i.p.i. which is a basic technical training like lumbering electrician to make rockets or planes or changing over and getting into tears zone. now super petty's branching out
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still further goes on the project the best students plus several competitive exams . and there's a sports academy which is managed to produce several nationally acclaimed athlete. needs and plans. which is what. our game came out of where you can portray. buying a. man but you're your shadow chin ain't here on choreographs time when you get. on me air force and really really hard radio government department job i don't think i'm going to blackburn to win miss board but in general good job securing. a bike into a national level. up made a move. to the.
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community schemes only projects a sports academy that's one thing that binds all these projects together giving something back so we have a good thing that. these. things start you can record might be. needed if this is under construction maybe i knew my mother will get. better but out of a job like that about. about one m.b. but i'll get the want to actually going on a possibly yacht you see i'm really up on what this is almost a walk. on. one of the sure that isn't top of mine is. doing something with the traffic scales you
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wouldn't. let me. work with them and if they had the monkey to. do this. i wish and i hope and a very nice. sincerely believe that it is 50 posing the days when the kid back into his more to give him better causes a. piece of the. just a few months after journalist ramallah shocked she was killed another arab dissident was under threat norwegian security officials had to take him from his home in oslo to a secure location after a tip that the saudis were targeting him. human rights activist. talks to our jazeera. al-jazeera coverage as see as any feel is watching us of the
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reports see africa as it is. the. same way if we take our time getting to know the people we meet the soldiers aren't forcing a convoy of vehicles the road is unsafe to see in the past one as alastair has been telling stories ultimately it's not just about al-jazeera it's about the people who tell the stories about. he added to. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels dove into the realm of footballing legend rashid a clue free. before the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mcu free and b f l n t on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the
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discussions people have looked away i don't think it can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire and. the world is watching on al-jazeera. hello i'm martin dennis in doha and these are the top stories here it out is there are incident troops from the military unit called the rapid support forces of try to remove barricades plays by protesters outside the army headquarters in khartoum there's been a sit in there since april the 6th the troops backed down after meeting resistance
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regular soldiers have also been checking protesters for weapons tensions of escalating between the military and protests is this week resulting in a 72 hour suspension of talks on the transition to civilian rule on wednesday 14 people were injured when gunfire broke out at a protest camp. u.s. president donald trump wants to overhaul the country's immigration system to bring in more young educated in gray speaking people he says the way it works now is dysfunctional and unfairly favors those who've already got relatives in the u.s. about his plan has little hope of being approved by congress decided castro ripples from washington. the face of immigration to the us would look very different under the new white house plan more affluent more educated and most likely more white make no mistake this plan would have
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a devastating effect on millions of people around the world who like me have dreams of coming to this land of opportunity if adopted our plan will transform america's immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world the plan president trump introduced thursday would rank would be immigrants by english proficiency employment salary level and age those rank higher would have priority to become u.s. residents meanwhile the existing system of allowing immigrants to sponsor family members would be cut in half currently 66 percent of illegal immigrants come here on the basis of random chance their admitted soley because they have a relative. in the united states and it doesn't really matter who that relative is the plan has little chance of passing congress democrats and moderate
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republicans there have said they want to extend legal protections to young immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children. trump took away those protections when he took office his new plan makes no mention of fixing their status at the end of the day this is the only place a lot of us call home. the only place that we can drive it becomes the person that our parents always dreamed of us becoming pro-immigration advocates joined democratic leaders one built a replica of the statue of liberty here in washington it's a protest of the administration's plan which also seeks to limit the diversity visa and overhaul of the asylum system at the us mexico border a record number of central american families seeking asylum in the u.s. has strained the immigration system a republican bill in congress backed by the president would allow families with children to be detained for up to $100.00 days the white house says it's the only
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way to tackle illegal immigration and is calling for priority sections of the border wall to be built democrats in congress have refused to build the wall and say trump's newest immigration plan gives them no reason to support it castro al-jazeera washington the u.s. state department has been accused of disproportionately focusing on iran in its recent report on how countries are complying with controls democrats have written to the sexiest state raising concerns about the way they say intelligence is being politicized. coalition in yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental as strike on the capital sanaa at least 6 civilians all of them from one family were killed and 2 russian citizens were among those injured or i have to say this is the latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's born in
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48. but this not a good question as you know if you didn't you'll meet him something different as a kid in the sub village league.
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and the best time of the trade now for some of them from the now donald trump not that dabney a missile on the phenomenon of the welcome please. please . read the middle but there's a fit of the 80 and that's what's known where. should the idea that the much more with. the russian and i get the you know that are much more. on in a lot of feed bus and now some do not know. the name of the child top hmong how to call him in a city maybe not. please . would not give a. real made me that the will of the match was not the deeds of thinking.
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i mean an oddity buried holy modafferi television. that a millionaire or a bathrobe or my electorate are buying this morning and b r. i need are our conversation with you on yes we are bob the name sheriff had been. over the market at morgan hurried. your most small before your correctly many. eventually. got your marks mowed a good board and me and you got the shiny. and even then adam instructions on tell me i'm clean and knowledgeable tauriel. with
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a dream to last me for the gillem between the hawker you got your math mode as a guest. in a going to school a article in my early you got your mouth moving with the quickly i me any and now some p.r. market of the cookie mind that you know that you're going to swing. by will italy. phytic and they will feel like i'm not on can i had when you couldn't win a tom sawyer in the israeli army fi film. how to listen to what had it not so much to out of to know yes comedian it is too good a stupid rather than a salutary or a bad or could do a little mother but had no sort of a fan over it a few minutes dude who had a small hockey team will let you how will we. do it laugh or can defeat the smear for him ot a little willie 2000000 children here. that the 1st radio call to local had the
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medina medina to little let up here cannot suffer through all of it and should really have him and can america by the way that he will very enemy in your not quite. charge of to do. with the help of this little seal how it. can move to the. women came where i met alarmism. and you must serve it a bit them in the hospital and shell out at me and timid i know a minute and. a nibble at my son. a condom did not bit of tomato by him to share it. and you know loaded. the baby. and you know what i'm not suggesting is a share
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a never yet over you know him shall not take any moment as she. is similar to say that to some out the sex at an unknown with dana perino and here valid for me missed it out of assassinate. him any closer than a to me to make sure ne. is stuck in a to call me need. look how many. months it will surely not matter look at her that she is to her that she never get over him a made in a very. it but would you farai. actually governing a frame should be it but after the audiophile and what actually show you live only a big showy little. they. sell them at length and if somewhat of a much more never say slide show election model in this morning. fast
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and sammy of the many a 1000000000 bad lead one has a laugh at us the one at 3 of us is that the many are. a bit in. the quarter faulty if you. can saw bacteria and i can attribute data lives to fuck out of. your theory has. been primarily leo. the hell of your existence a human is a film on taco. bell at sharia. law lab i may well say. about now a lot of the money at. the haddock of the earth that i learned is that there are al and a city in the who had a whole hour though. and had it all near and. home. and
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into her. little list for the stinney ok theater time who was. in medina midget. who was in last minute had the who's your men a lot on what the loughner was. jim good day to monogamy and with that name sort of the not to know the whole when how to not have me at. home and when they act on the mirror to know when i'll handle the. america i'm lovely.


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