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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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and other nations roll out to keep buying iranian oil as mohammed heard in china is one of the most important partners of this logic republic of iran it is also a political partner or a very close economic partner and also one of the remaining members of the nuclear deal monday during this new stage it is important to have close consultations with the chinese but earlier this month donald trump cancelled the exemptions that had permitted such purchases just before raising tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese goods these recent developments pose a dilemma for china's leaders the relationship between china and iran has been affected a lot by the sanctions from america especially the recent escalating big nami sanctions and the military threat this cause a very big challenge and uncertainty in relations between china and the around creating added diplomatic pressure for china china's leaders are in a bind they still appear committed to the iran nuclear deal and maintaining trade
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ties but so far as we know china's not imported any iranian oil since the beginning of may a sign perhaps that china is reluctantly going along with the sanctions it publicly opposes so does china still have iran's back. no not at this point. and the other reason is that china is really not in a position to back here on right now the only the only party that can back here on is the europeans and they have 60 days to decide that about they probably have done everything they could and for china it's the best strategy for china actress stay out and maybe boys some support quietly. china has already begun to pay a heavy price for its relationship with their own mom when the c.f.o. of war way is awaiting extradition from canada to the united states on charges of
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conspiring to violate u.s. sanctions on iran 2 years ago another chinese telecommunications company paid the us government a fine of more than a $1000000000.00 after admitting trading with iran. the question now is whether china's leaders will be prepared to defy trump over iran and risk further diplomatic and economic fallout given the state of that relationship though they may well feel they have nothing to lose adrian brown al jazeera beijing. well speaking of those trade talks between the u.s. and china there are now reports that those negotiations of stalled president trauma says that they came close to an agreement before beijing backtracked. we actually had. broken ok we love you she returned. but i thought i'd. better try to go home you know how nice.
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dinners. was. but. take the things that we're going to share and. i see. you've been doing that and more. well i need your castro is live for us in washington so heidi what's going on have these negotiations ground to a halt. there are reports that they have or are they have at least stalled for the moment and we heard the frustration of president donald trump who again resorted to using china as a punching bag in a sense when addressing his supporters during that speech but reality is there has really been no movement among these trade talks since earlier this week when the u.s. took the move to put the huawei of the china's premier telecommunications giant on
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a blacklist in a sense banning their technology from the u.s. and it only followed a even more difficult week previously when the u.s. and increased tariffs on an additional $200000000000.00 worth of chinese imports and china immediately retaliated on $60000000000.00 of products from the u.s. and so now it remains to be seen whether beijing's invitation for the u.s. trade delegation to visit the chinese capital to continue these trade talks whether that's even still a standing invitation or whether it will be accepted but while all of this has happened on the u.s. china front the trump ministration has moved it appears to avert opening another front on this global trade war today he also decided to delay auto tariffs which would have significantly harmed the economies of europe and canada he had threatened a 25 percent tariff now there is
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a 6 month delay while they consider a solution also just announced a few hours ago that the u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from canada and mexico will be canceled all together this was a widely expected move as the u.s. congress had a bipartisan demand that the trumpet of and drop those terrorists before it considers ratifying the us mexico canada agreement which. would replace now after so a lot happening on the global trade front today to sum it all up with along the u.s. with its relationship with its allies seems to be that the tensions have decreased however with china the world's 2nd biggest economy it seems that it has only escalated merriam thank you very much castro in washington you are the news hour live from london much more still ahead the door as government is accused of murder
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is needed nation talks end in norway. here britain's labor party ends its breaks it talks with the ruling conservatives as both parties collapse in the polls out of next week's e.u. elections. and the king of clay is looking regal in rome. peter will have all that action at least for. tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have taken to the streets in algeria for a 13th friday in iraq security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators who climbed on to police vans in the capital algiers protest as a demanding the removal of the country's political elite he's been in power for nearly 60 years they also want the july election to be scrapped for president i'm jealous he's beatific that was forced to resign in april after saying that he would run for another term. while over in sudan protesters there have removed many of the
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roadblocks they set up in the capital as demanded by the military for transition talks to resume but they are keeping up their protests holding friday prayers by the army headquarters where a mass sit in is still going on mohammed though reports from khartoum. under the scorching sun legal friday prayers i'm to keep the people to still make. a special prayer to for the dead who just days before the pope told them it. the friday someone has political messages to me and calls for the protesters took on down there and to military. and hot water and it's compulsory honest respect the security forces including the rapid support forces there our partners in our struggle for change they protected us from the old regime when we needed their help they are from our family. that loud
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chants begin as soon as they have done with the press. our martyrs i'm not dead but right here with us they chant 5 people were killed and more than 200 injured when sudanese forces fought the protesters earlier this week . when the protesters were killed the military council came out and said they were up circuits their commanders were not allowed to pass or checkpoints people died yet they are more upset about access for their man they don't really care. we have achieved 60 percent of our goals our revolution is ongoing we will continue until we achieve key objective a civilian government and accountability for those who have committed crimes against humanity. the mood of this queen her to this far more conciliatory than before. the protesters of accepted some of the demands of the military council and lifted most of the budget kids on the streets of the capital. the head of the
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transitional military council been robbed them for. suspended talks till all but it kids who moved the protesters say the only body kids left so far around the square and put there for their own protection and any attempts to remove them would be met with with stiff resistance they say there is no one who can take them away from this square because a bundling that a relation would be the death of saddam muhammad at all does it or. at least 15 people have died in flash floods in mali's capital most were killed after a bridge collapse in the center of bamako to rancho rain hit the city overnight washing away cars and damaging homes and shops residents are blaming the government for not carrying out the rubbish which they say blocked the evacuation canals. well ethiopia's started rationing electricity after a drop in water levels at a hydroelectric dam caused power to decline by more than
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a 3rd homes and businesses will now face daily hour long blackouts until july ethiopia has also suspended electricity exports in neighboring djibouti and sudan which and the country under $18000000.00 a year. it's exactly a decade since the end of the 26 year long civil war between the tamil tigers and the government so let's take a closer look at what's been happening since then well in 2012 the government rejected a un resolution urging it to investigate crimes committed during the last few years of the war in 2015 my tree policy or cena replacement or rajapaksa as president and pledged accountability for civil war atrocities then last year a constitutional crisis saw president or prime minister run away promising a replaced by former president rajapaksa parliament was dissolved and snap elections were called soon after the supremes court ruled against the dismissal of parliament and the former prime minister was reinstated ending the political process in march the un approved another extension to set up
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a credible war crimes investigation well people on all sides of the conflict is still trying to rebuild their lives but a struggling economy and rising unemployment have made the situation difficult algis there is an alpha now and as reports now from kilinochchi a northern town that was ravaged by the war. the. ship docked a tangle to subtlety has worked hard since the end of the war in 2009 to put the brutal conflict behind him he's one of 5 doctors who treated civilians caught between government and tamil tiger fighters mother and father broad who killed them so their one was hidden there you know it does not do call them wound or dave the in the next one the next. week and they told these were not for going today. they were. at least one
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arrested by the government questioned and released after the war he quickly returned to his job. he now uses his spare time to teach young people how to make the best of their education 10 years after the end of the war dr thought there were 3 hopes programs like these will give students more opportunities to build a better future. it's an option that may have kept can the learn from joining the tigers when he was 16 years old today his battle is to provide for his family after spending 3 years in prison and if i got conditional bail and have to go and sign in every month this is a must no matter where i work i also have to attend court hearings the 3 years that i was in prison we got into a lot of debt. that's a common feature in most households here in the form a war zone many families struggle to make ends meet these people who are devastated during the war who could not earn
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a living for many many years even over the last 10 years are still in an economic crisis of saud's and we have yet to see how we are going to get them out of this high rates of unemployment have not helped the aftermath of the war has left households struggling to cope financially if it is all few opportunities and many have lost family members or beatings the news of those still missing. government troops battled a 26 year war with the tamil tigers who fought to win their rights against what they described as discrimination by should learn to sing in these majority successive governments could not defeat the tigers until president mind the drug packs and took power he won the war but many say he lost the peace and alienated the tamil people i made serious allegations of human rights violations both the government and. or accused of committing war crimes but only the government has
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faced pressure to answer for its actions so far a senior government official in the north says the government could have done more if real life. and every life need to be on 3rd fall and without which we can't move forward i would a mark of if you move forward without answering i would have a call to review and i very well won't be any justice for that and i'm standing for that dr southam of the hopes those pledges will be honored till then he's concentrating on helping young tamils better their lives and their philander's al-jazeera killing archie northern sri lanka. well still to come for you on the program australians are preparing to vote in an election that could give the nest 6th prime minister in 6 years. celebrations in taipei taiwan becomes the 1st country in asia to legalize same sex
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marriage and why being multiple italian champions it just isn't enough as the news of a big name departure in football management. hello we've got quite a mixed bag of weather across europe of the moment lots of showers into central there isn't even over towards the east but east impulse will turn a little quaters you go on through the next because we go 1st because every of high pressure settling things down or flabby area of high pressure down towards the balkans over towards the black sea but wet weather in between around the baltic states some heavy showers long spells of crying that wet weather will gradually drive its way a little further west was already got some lovely showers into southern parts of france northern areas a spy cool 19 celsius there for madrid that cloud in the rain will linger into the
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northeast corner of spain temperatures started to pick up for london paris back up to around 20 degrees celsius but the showers along with the fright have really too far away from those central pass eastern areas on the other hand running up nicely 18 celsius in the sunshine for moscow and also sunshine seeing across northern parts of africa well sunshine here $36.00 there in tahrir generally getting up into the the mid to high twenty's across a good part of north africa some bits and pieces of fat whether cloud or rolling 3 meanwhile a cloud across central africa producing some rather lively shall is that weather stretches from the gulf of guinea right into the heartland. on counting the cost as the u.s. ratchets up the pressure on iran we look at the straits of hormuz the most valuable waterway in the world sri lanka's tourism industry takes
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a hit off to the east the sunday attacks and flying cars as the future just a rough. cost. driven by outrage and spanning generations the row hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 years if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world.
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welcome back put look at headlines now the united nations is warning of a worsening humanitarian crisis in syria is a play province of the hospitals and refugee camps in the deescalation zone will by russian forces. a senior iranian politician has called for urgent talks between tehran and washington after weeks of escalating tensions the chair of iran's national security and foreign policy commission tweeted that senior iranian and american diplomats have rejected the option of war. protesters in sudan have removed many of the roadblocks they've set up in the capital as demanded by the military in order for the transition talks to resume but they are refusing to end their mass sitting outside the army had courses in hard to. pull some news from afghanistan now u.s.
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and afghan officials saying that at least 17 policemen have been killed by mistake in an air strike in the southern part of the country it happened during a battle against the taliban just outside lashkar gah the capital of helmand province a u.s. military spokesman has described it as a tragic accident afghan officials say they are investigating. former director of venezuela's intelligence police who defected at the end of april has accused the government of killing his right hand man is soon garcia was found dead in a hotel near caracas on thursday and while mediation talks of wrapped up in norway between venezuelan government and the opposition they were aimed at ending the country's 5 month power struggle representatives of the opposition have now left in a way the foreign minister of venezuela thanks norway for helping to build a dialogue with the opposition our latin america editor lucien newman has more from caracas. there is a tremendous amount of secrecy surrounding attempts to bring about some kind of
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a negotiated settlement to this ongoing conflict we do know that conversations that took place with representatives of both the government of president hugo last mughal and of opposition to the white dog in all slow norway have ended their representatives have returned here to the capital we don't know whether those talks were stalled were ended or they're going to be resumed no nothing has been said about that all we know is that the foreign minister has thanked norway for its efforts to mediate or rather to do has about a dialogue while. there is no dialogue only mediation and he's being very very careful not to make it sound as though he is negotiating with the government and this is because he is under tremendous pressure from some sectors more hardline sectors of the opposition who say the time for talking is over that the only way to dislodge president nicolas maduro at this stage would be to have some kind of international foreign military intervention. well over here across party talks
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aimed at striking a compromise on the prime minister's deal leaving the e.u. a failed opposition leader jeremy coleman is saying discussions between his labor party and to reason is really conservatives have gone as far as they can parliament has tried for weeks to carry on the terms for the country's exit from the e.u. britain was due to leave on march 29th but that's been delayed until oct 31st well with all this ongoing disarray of a bricks at u.k.'s main policies about to turn their attention to campaigning for next week's european elections in person the vote is being seen as a barometer of how much support there is for leaving the e.u. and both of the traditional big 2 policies the conservatives on the right and labor on the left are collapsing in the polls laurence leamer looks now at the u.k.'s fast changing political landscape. these people believe they are the defenders of democracy in britain under siege by elites which would storm the barricades and overturn the bricks and referendum the new brics it party likes to encourage this fortress mentality and clearly many english people due to their way ahead in the
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polls and this is a warning to parliament not just the conservative party the labor party as well if they do not deliver for exit in a meaningful form that actually is a box that we won't contest the next general election and that m.p.'s of both parties are in dire trouble assuming the polls are right the brics that party will win at least a 3rd of the votes in the european election plus a further people in this country who actively want to leave the european union with no plan and no deal they are determined and they are organized and their opponents are in some disarray with the conservatives and labor at war with themselves and each other it has fallen so far they've other parties to try to fight off brick says he has a new one called change u.k. currently polling in single digits. and here's another resurgent centrist liberal democrats on around 15 percent nowhere near as high as the brics it policy so why
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don't they all stand together and if they don't which will get people vote for clearly it's going to fearing i would be much happier if there were 9 parts or 3 working together on a common thread from it didn't happen i'm not blaming anybody it's just the way it is now we're dealing with the reality and i think it's very clear from the polls people are gathering around the liberal democrats and the 100 encourage them to be right then there's the greens registering their highest ever polling in the u.k. they accepted there have been infighting between the remains supporting policies not a good look when the aim is to defend the u.k. from the disaster of brics is if we're taking it as a proxy referendum by me to add up the votes of the brits at party not at the base to remain parties and then i think what that might come out about but honestly say it's the people in the middle who can make a difference and what we need to do is have a people's face so we can actually see where the country is now and i'm trip i'm pretty sure that that will come out for remaining to the u.k. voters are offered a choice between a new policy that offers no policies whatsoever other than brick states and yet
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which is utterly focused or several others who have coherent policies on almost everything yet which seem at odds with each other along with all drugs all the more confusing it becomes lawrence leigh al-jazeera in the southwest of england and this is the full list of parties competing in the european elections in the southwest of england. on now to another election this one in india it's taken 6 weeks and it's drawing to a close official campaigning ended on friday had a 7th and final phase of voting on sunday governing b j p's campaign has been highly focused on prime minister narendra modi who's seeking a 2nd term in office the opposition has accused him of stirring up indian nationalism. and in the next half hour australians are due to start voting in an election which could give the message prime minister in 6 years polls say that the incumbent scott morrison is widely expected to lose is only been prime minister for
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9 months and the man tipped to replace him has promised to put an end to the country's revolving door leadership andrew thomas explains from sydney the if opinion polls are right the man in the middle of this crowd will on saturday be elected as australia's prime minister bill shorten from the left of center labor party is popular with many young australians. he promises higher spending on schools and actions to tackle climate change but many say it is the chaotic leadership of the governing party that has helped the opposition most we've got to stop us take action. we've got to stop the chaos and take real action on 1st a living we've got to stop the chaos take real action if you like. since being elected in 2013 m.p.'s of the right of center governments of the liberal party have turned against their leader twice dumping tony abbott for malcolm turnbull before throwing him out the current prime minister scott morrison. m.p.'s of the previous
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labor government also deposed their own leader twice. this is how you get if bill shorten is elected he'll be australia's 6 prime minister in 6 years and change your prime minister through an election would be a break from the recent past what bill shorten is promising is a period of political stability with the full on climate change that means relatively ambitious targets for emissions reductions renewable energy and electric cars the current government has failed to act on climate change over many years and police have been rising for the last 4 years so it's really risen as a crucial if elected the government says tougher action on climate will hurt the economy it also says a labor government's policies on refugees will lead to what it calls weak your borders the government to sort to deter refugees from trying to reach australia and sent them to detention camps on remote islands in the pacific think the bottom line
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is as difficult as this policy is if you change it if you wait a minute if you show a lack of resolve then you invite on this country and the poor souls who would type the risks the worst of all possible outcomes but labor has effectively removed refugees as an election issue by saying it's will continue those tough policies. opinion polls can be wrong but there is one certainty turnout will be high in australia voting is compulsory with fines for those who fail to show up to vote andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. taiwan's parliament has become the 1st in asia to legalize gay marriage. i thousands of people celebrated the vote on the streets of the capital taipei the bill recognizes same sex couples and gives them protection such as tax insurance and child custody benefits this follows years of
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debate in taiwan over nary equality. since there was a presence of actually when i started to learn about myself meaning the time when i came out i never thought that i could get married in taiwan i thought this would not happen in my time i knew that they would come in taiwan but never thought it would be when i am still young but maybe when i would be 50 or 60 years old you know. what is wrong with being the 1st in asia who knows maybe this will be a source of pride when looking back on history in the future and not at all a shameful thing. a u.s. challenge has been hearing a challenge to president tom's declaration of a national emergency to fund his border war with mexico a group of states and advocacy organizations are seeking an injunction in february and congress approved more than a $1000000000.00 in funding his demand of nearly $6000000000.00 then transferred funds from other government programs to make up the shortfall let's get more on
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this now from rob reynolds he is in san diego just north of the border with mexico what's the latest on the court case challenging times declaration of a state of emergency to fund or the whole construction well. a well morry and the judge in this case says concluded the hearing for the day the arguments have been heard and judge hayward gilliam federal judge in oakland california says that he will render a verdict or make his decision no next week now the 20 states and several nonprofit organizations civil liberties groups and environmental organizations had argued that president trump acted unconstitutionally and illegally when he declared a state of emergency in order to obtain funds for building his border wall they said that congress did not appropriate the funds and that. the congress
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specifically set a number which trump did not like and therefore in it tried to do an end run the centrally around legislative branch of government by declaring the state of emergency and it says it said that based on the president's own comments several months ago saying that he was going to do this that it made it clear there was no real state of emergency for its part the government supporting troops action argued that the president was well within his rights that he had broad latitude under a law from the 1970 s. to declare a state of new. national emergency the money that we're talking about here would come from various accounts in the pentagon including some personnel payment accounts and money to build weapons systems and that is the crux of the issue here now with when the judge makes his decision we'll find out whether the. wall construction will be halted at least temporarily and certainly that will not be the
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end of it marion both either the winning side i mean excuse me the losing side is certain to appeal and the case may go all the way to the supreme court in washington. what new developments are there all along the border and the government's response to migrants. well the number of migrants who are coming to the u.s. border from mexico primarily from central america it's primarily of family groups and unaccompanied minors 90 no excuse me nearly 100000 such groups individuals came last month the month of april so it's a very heavy flow and we're also hearing now that a child a 2 year old boy from guatemala died in a hospital in el paso texas after being taken into custody and then released for
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medical treatment after he and his mother crossed the border that is the 4th young child to die after being apprehended crossing the border all from guatemala thank you very much for the latest on that story wrong. and all the developments and u.s. treasury secretary has defied a subpoena from congress requesting president trumps tax returns steve mentioned says the request lacks and it just in that legislative puppets he also said he's not authorized to disclose the information it sets the stage for a lengthy court battle between the politicians and the trumpet ministration. the heads of many of the world's biggest shipping companies have been meeting here in london to discuss how they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions the shipping industry moves 90 percent of the wilds trade and it has the same carbon footprint as the whole of germany well 4th largest economy but one cruise ship company in norway is leading the way to go green a war says the clock went to the shipyard to find out why all. the clip in yards of
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the west coast of norway where there's been a long rich history of ship building but this is something different to ships the roald amundsen the fruits of nuts and a nearing completion and they're a step into the future but if these vessels are state of the art this is a ship that will take paying passengers through remote parts of the world powered partly by buses but you expedition ship together is a complex process as you might imagine involving welders carpenters and plumbers and of course electricians there's more than 750 kilometers of cabling to say nothing of detailed and extensive wiring for powering the ship by self generated electricity but results in place yet so what's what are we what's going to be put in place and what will we see and distract your can can fit 20 and better access and it will be about toast was for eats so for each record here with this rex with we have behind us now we can we do.


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