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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 138  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2019 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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ethnic groups the sinhalese buddhist majority and the minority tamils who are mostly hindu buddhists account for 70 percent and dominate the political and military establishments while just over 12 percent of the population is hindu muslims make up 9.7 percent and christians round up the number nearly 7.4 percent so you know when you talk about the current tensions tamil are they religious tensions or ethnic tensions obo. well i think it's a mix of many things that have accumulated all over the years of course colonial governance in the country and different legislative measures have actually paved the way before a narrative that has fostered the attitude that it's the country of the single least buddhist. many scholars have written with with.
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many research indications that. is a country where the single leaves are living with a minority complex they are the majority of the minority complex and. there is this kind of an attitude that was carried from pre-colonial times already. where. certain leaders of nationalist religious movements like that of a ball or had infuse politician the lead singer leads politicians with this ideology where she should be only governed by the single leaves and minorities are just subjugated to then the tarot during the civil war muslims were also targeted by the tamil tiger rebels there and suffered at their hands what has the government done to restore confidence among young muslims following the recent attacks by by some members of the majority thin halle's buddhist community as
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a government done anything to address the grievances of the minorities whether it's the muslims or the tamils i mean so far we've seen sort of quite a strong reaction in terms of decoration of curfews and emergencies and. we've also seen that. the narrative from the state is quite an ambiguous about not tolerating violence which is always a good. however you know the risk to be here is that there are elements very strong national nationalist elements within the political system and they're the does have a very strong history of tallie retaining attacks on minority communities you know what we saw on easter sunday came as a huge shock but it is sort of it has a relevance and to it has they was a resonance to what happened in 2012 what has happened you know in 2014 you know
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the continuous pockets of attacks that have happened against the muslims were not addressed and indeed there was complete impunity and complete lack of state accountability in terms of investigating these attacks and holding the perpetrators to justice and so that sort of has bred an environment in which the minority can be attacked and there is a feeling of deep insecurity within the minority community i would like to make a very quick point about the city state the sri lankan state which is above this state you know also would be say that it has operated as as you know my majority area with this and national ism is in you know is it has been the norm this is entrenched in the constitution of the country so and it has been politically manipulated and utilized and acts of terrorism are acts of violence on t.v.
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so to perpetuate and strengthen the hands of matches we know he talked about these to sunday bombings and i want to come back to that economy lot of people by surprise do you think they are some elements within going to side here right now who are wanting to take advantage of the current instability to perhaps create more trouble and who would be those elements precisely. well i think it's quite clear that any sort of destabilization of the government and the fact that because of. the. information about that that intelligence was in should be different between the prime minister there has been since had no clue the fact that you know there is a there is a. complete political breakdown bait recent political. doubt.
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all bets the fact that any instability when. those who support a more right wing. call right now asked miss sent and so they will be a political faction in the country with food stamp again. and charo i want to bring in a 3rd guest now who has just joined us from colombo. who now our dana is an advisor to the sri lankan prime minister and former director of the information department thank you so much for joining us we're already started a conversation and cero and tommo both think that today is at a very. precarious position in a very precarious position at a crossroads if you will and that they could meet could be more instability in the country because of what we see in the recent months and recent weeks what is your take so where is today as
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a country since the end of the civil war in 2009. thank you for having me. actually we have been trying to consolidate. since last year what are the colosseum situations where sri lanka government was actually given more time to perform and fulfill their obligations so like i was looking good and we have managed to start developing our own national institutions especially the transitional justice institutions we have established office of the missing persons also office of a petitions so we were actually looking good come to the menu at the mission which came across the judicial spec these but there soon or in 21st of a pill that something unexpected happened where suicide bombers blew
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themselves in sri lanka so we beat off an uncertain situation but i can tell you all now as of today after 3 weeks off the situation we managed to bring the situation under control and we. tried to celebrate the festival that we use the most important day for the bloodiest in the country from to morrow and day after ok let's allow tamil to respond to that tamil. says say that the government has been trying its best the office of missing persons has been set up as a state body to look into those who disappeared during the civil war also alarmed reparations is being worked on a slow growing certainly but it's working is it not. well things. well i when i heard the comment of so the russian i had to smile a bit because we are hearing the same narrative over the last 6070 years that we
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need more time and that we have a special case intra longer and. longer with a need to establish its own indigenous. institutions to address the concerns of the country however we need to understand that after the end of the war there was the infamous special session in 2009 at the united nations human rights council that was a rather applauding the sri lankan government for what has happened and then moving on to certain evolution until 2015 and an immense pressure by the united nations and the international community as such for long to create transitional justice mechanisms and helping them also to pave towards that goal yes i acknowledge that that we have an office for missing persons and i do acknowledge all of that however even after 2015 there the movement towards fully reconstitute the country
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is not moving very much forward rather the contrary in my eyes we are entering the united nations you mentioned the united nations salman and it's true that after the war ended there were quite a lot of efforts by the u.n. to bring about justice but do you think the u.n. is vested and is committed to bringing about justice today than it was a days after the war ended. well i think after the retreat of the united states which was a country that was very much pressing on accountability in the country and given the fact that under the obama administration that was the predominant foreign policy in the asia and now under the trumpet mr a should we see a retreat of the united states. from the international fora body especially from the united nations human rights council as such i see there is a lick of momentum. i see that the international community is not asked committed
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as it was say 3 or 4 years ago however in the last report of general 2018 though a high commissioner for human rights of the united nations has stressed again that trunk a must follow ready the path of transitional justice and was very much concerned about the level of violence in the country and was very poignant in that aspect to say that this kind of violence that we have seen against the muslims in spectacular in 20142018 comes in a in a continuous cycle of 10 years right and the reason is why right well let's let's ask. about that why this continuous violence and you know with the new elections that are planned in november a lot of people are wondering you know where the current power play between the president and prime minister whether the political whale is really there to to bridge these their friend says and you know to heal the wounds of the war.
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this government actually came into power in 2015 with the promise of good governance and conciliation saw the promise is still valid and we have come a long way especially by addressing the democracy differently and also creating the independent constitutional institutions such as the constitutional council and with that consulates appointing the members to the independent commissions and so on and so forth nawa yes we are looking forward the next addiction possibly in november. and having a government and local habitation governments it's very natural to have tensions and also it's so the 1st time in our history like in history that 2 major parties come together but i must tell you that at this point at this national tragedy what president prime minister working closely know and there is more differences of
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opinion about how to address these and also both parties. made it very clear they are committed to it because national reconciliation so therefore i don't see that the the differences between parties and differences of opinion would not affect the agenda of national reconciliation at the clear indication was that even though there were many debates prior to the 2000. and 19 march and what our scholars insertions the government managed to send a unified delegation and of a foreign minister at the head of the liberation actually made comments and confirmed that 3 lanka is willing to continue in this part of the process not just is and the conciliation ok therefore i would like to assure that the government has
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our intention to address this issue because we want to make sure that country will not get back to the the past i chair oh there's been talk about a 2000 re consolation commission for sri lanka based on the south african model do you think that could work in sri lanka when certainly i mean it's a step in the right direction it's moved very very slowly it is field space but i think one important point to me a stat true reconciliation and healing of those who lost and are in a state of trauma really over having suffered decades of conflict to reconciliation will come by. and small steps that mean the stop the servants on the tamil community decrease the militarization in the north ensure that people have an equitable and equal chance at employment and access to resources which is something
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which is the driver of the conflict for all these years so you know it is setting up institution it's all very. but small steps which in the right direction need to be right thank you very much for a very interesting discussion. going our dana tunnel. and charulata holic thank you all for being on inside story and thank you as well for watching you can always washes program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for sasha a.j. inside story you can of course also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. insite story for me for me back to one whole team here in doha thank you for watching by the way we. will we.
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meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theater troupe a group of colombia women fighting the challenges they face through their own algis it was compelling series which showcases fresh film i can tell and from around the globe if you find a lot in america presents acting innocence on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tigers nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every piece of the news is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy
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inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it really brittanys happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable of the by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has . hello i'm. with the top stories on al-jazeera counting has begun and australia's closely fought general election the conservative liberal party latest scott morrison is hoping to retain his position as the prime minister he is facing a strong challenge from bill shorten who leads the labor party andrew thomas explains where things stand right now for both contenders. you know all the county
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is definitely going in the direction of the rights and saying it's a liberal government so that it is in the direction of the light for the $151.00 seats and that's very telling the $76.00 that most of the states will cite by the slightly in the labor camp most likely in the liberal somebody up front because it's going to be nationwide. is what we know so well for the most news in the east these states because they seem to be going to the right to the coalition in the gulf so. austria's far right deputy leader has resigned over a controversial video hines christian straka was apparently seen offering government contracts to an unknown russian woman in exchange for political support and as sonia gago explains there are now concerns about the extent of russian influence of a far right parties in europe runs with them. during that video which was made in july 27th t.
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he even suspected at one point that he may have been being set up but clearly those worries were laid and he continued speaking about the business in hand as it were which revolves around gaining russian support financial and political in a bid to try and win over contracts not just with austrian businesses but with the austrian government as well inflated contracts to to build highways casinos and also even discussing the possibility of taking over one of australia's most widely read newspapers at least 20 fighters of the us backed syrian democratic forces were killed and 2 bomb attacks and rocca a local police station and a military base were targeted and explosions were also heard in the capital damascus state media describe the shooting down of numinous objects coming from the direction of israel israel hasn't commented but often attacked targets connected to
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iran and the lebanese prepares for. sri lanka is marking 10 years since the end of the 25 year long civil war tamil tiger rebels who for to create their own independent homeland made their last stand against government forces on the jaffna peninsula in the north both sides were accused of widespread war crimes and smith reports from bosnia in more than sri lanka where many are still grappling with the legacy of war. in the closing months of sri lanka's civil war as estimated by the un some 40000 civilians were killed as the government launched its final campaign against tamil tiger fighters those civilians caught many of them on this warm little patch of the area that was the scene today of a very moving commemoration survivors and relatives of those missing in the conflict lit candles and it's a giant flame to commemorate those who were lost now the survivors many of
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those still have missing relatives they don't know what's happened to them some thousands and thousands of missing and a u.n. panel some years ago found that both sides were possibly culpable for a potential war crimes they said the sri lankan forces may have summarily executed tamil tiger fighters and they say that time of target fired his shot civilians trying to escape so the emotions still very raw particularly in this part of sri lanka many people complaining but still nothing has been done to give them answers to what happened during the conflict the united states has reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove its tariffs from steel in aluminum imports the move could put the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying a deal that would replace the north american free trade agreement the agreement will also eliminate canada's retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products including pork beef and batten well those are the headlines the news
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continues here after peace and war stay with us. ching ching some of them used to be with. you put a muesli is composed mostly of she. was supposed to shoot a new kind of. plates each of which i'm going to mean here voice i'm still to you know it's the room show me more to the piece. this is the muslim solution cookie going to cease consider with this
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to. you. shouldn't miss the little. boy you meet it goes into the soul in the slum and yet i see. that. they much. poisonings cross to war us cyber and financial interference in the u.s. and european elections support of syrian president assad. this is the view from all sides russia which scandalized this international opinion but from visiting russia these are mia details all so much more frightening domestic and international scenarios in the hills of europe and i want to explore what influential russians
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feel about this. international perception of russia and what the consequences of this could make. russians especially in the capital moscow have adopted the european way of life they feel part of europe but for now russian government is in a deadlock with the west. as a journalist and writer specializing in our history and politics it has never felt more important to understand these tensions since russia's annexation of crimea we have headed towards a new cold war. russia has support a separatist fighters in the eastern ukraine. is accused of tampering with the us a lecture. and of poisoning a former secret agent in a british country town. within russia there was a white range of opinion on these events but the official position is the opposite of the west and here. deputy foreign minister sergei volkov deals with the russian
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western relationship 1st hand. says she's up a. good for this i see a loss up there with it over the girl as a girl they're going to someone who hasn't been any kind michelin is dealing. with i see if yes i would be you might. not serving as chairman good in the. good dog order. in to me your room in the. mcguckin at night she's not i was in the cool of there must be a good deal is creepily. in the suspect was one with. the americans q we were near to not know which it was written book up to whom we knew but it stated we should we should be seeing it with those rates.
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who gave us to my view of national because we would come to really deal with. the jungle we had he was muslim. no. strain yeah most privileged people no problem but it's just a shame that i she's going to probably. we. usually pretty clear after the for tea party chick you know with at the hoover he wouldn't talk was also. in the diplomatic action like the. east room to produce kurdish sure you should keep excess rain you silly me and there was no stress you good was a moment i knew pretty. in the stooge your movie would
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not have to tell you was me. and then since she's rolling. you just called on us read york's most primitive past your. not only other new tensions but all the diplomatic victories between the 2 superpowers are coming undone. russia blames the usa for withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty while the usa accuses russia of doing the same with its intimidate range and you claim asylum the night am $7.00 to $8.00 russia has jeopardized the united states security interests and we can no longer be restricted by the treaty while russia shamelessly violates we can't be put at the just advantage of going by a treaty limiting what we can do what somebody else doesn't know but that training ok let's start with you would do this they're going to see english not their disposal but he would. like to be released just because i've been there seen it yet
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i see the notion that. the gold the boys sang the ocean not ocean no more the blues was a middle aged man when you're with but it. was the best thing. in the war of words and images the state own channel russia today is the kremlin's response to what is perceived as dominant western media. its editor in chief is margarita simonyan. yeah. the such that. i share so i see skins their basement when you my. us store there was mint lice the interest in the south where you got all the culture in your admission is up to the. government so a reason to say this is a look at the medical exemption are. addresses because then they need to one of these. rate cuts was amongst the.
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more we're told now and i must receive up to them on the bill like these mr. black is besides the those english need extra. absolutely believe me to you don't complain you will give advice to i mean us they had us wrapped around their little pink is a nice guy i mean you can hide it. me you were the shim equally bad to me and with what you would be really a miracle you will get over with a solution to me. and in them go right at the most and we didn't. get one vote. but a pseudo shift the bill istana i talk now.


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