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on handing over power to an independent civil in transitional government then they will escalate their protest and their strikes still ahead on al jazeera 2 years after it was pushed to the brink of famine another severe drought leaves millions hungry. president raul is launching his bid for a 4th term seeking to shore up the declining fortunes of the left in latin america . sponsored by. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast out here across europe we're watching 2 particular places that are causing a lot of weather over here towards the east as well as across here in central europe but here in turkey the storms have been quite severe over the last couple of days and unfortunate they are going to continue as we begin the week with very
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heavy rain across northern parts of turkey as well as into north eastern turkey up towards the north though we are looking at a lot of rain there as well crossing over towards parts of western russia but here across central europe that is where the biggest problem is going to be as we begin the week this area of low pressure really begins to organize and heavy rains can be seen all the way up here towards parts of poland all the way down across parts of italy as well temperatures not too bad with berlin seeing about $25.00 degrees but a little bit cooler out here towards the west with zurich a rainy day for you at 14 degrees well here across the northern part of africa we're seeing quite a few clouds not a lot of rain within those clouds though temperatures hover into the low twenty's for most locations but we are going to be seeing a little bit more clouds and possibility by the time we get to monday of some rain here across parts of central algeria towards parts of morocco they're looking quite nice at $22.00 degrees up here towards algiers it is going to be a partly cloudy day 23 in tunis more clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 23 degrees there. the west spawn said alys
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just a few months after journalist jim on a special she was killed another arab dissident was under threat norwegian security officials had to take him from his home in oslo to a secure location after attempts at the saudis were targeting him. rights activist baghdadi talks towns is the era. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there. is and we don't. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera and dunes are voting in the final phase
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of national elections wrapping up a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's poll prime minister narendra modi is seeking a 2nd term. the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing war earlier the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom also doesn't want to escalate tensions but will respond if iran chooses to engage in conflict things are not called for talks with arab leaders after the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier to the gulf over what it says are threats from tehran . sudan's transitional military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the un e.u. and african union demonstrators continue their demands for a civilian government and further protests in the capital khartoum on saturday. the un is warning of a major humanitarian crisis in somalia which is again on the grip of drought 2000000 somalis are at risk of starvation unless they get emergency aid victoria
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get be reports. hungary's the mollies arrive daily at this makeshift camp on the outskirts of the capital mogadishu the farms have failed and the animals have died sheltering here is now that best chance of surviving the drought but how does the hogs but i was in a fight left our home and farms because of drug related conditions and conflict off farms were hit badly by the drought thankfully now we live here somalis are leaving rural areas in the 10s of thousands to get food aid in the capital the failure of so-called low rains which usually sweep east africa between march and may has caused crop failures across the region. aid agencies have scaled up efforts but say more support is needed the situation in somalia is very worrying we were just 2 years on from the 27000 drought which had a famine warning to it we were able to avoid famine through working with partners
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government civil society did diaspora private sector it really was a collective effort. the new arrivals join 200000000 others already displaced by conflict and past droughts in somalia with their livelihoods destroyed many of the displaced will continue to stay in camps after the drought is. big turia gates and be. in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization says it will move ebola transit center. to avoid attacks by rebel groups health workers have also been targeted by local communities more than a 1000 people have died since the ebola outbreak was declared last august in the capital kinshasa. that. is just back from the capital kinshasa. which is now the center of the weather why are not fighting missions the whole of response the security situation increasing. treatment. by the
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rebel group. just last week we had 10. on. the now is to move down. to where people were suspected of having a boil off. so the plan is to move some of them to areas and all this logistics need money. also saying that they want to go back to the. people who live in this area so they want to go back and just continue talking to them because there's been a lot of. understanding some people in those areas like saying that. this disease is being brought in. for political reasons so there really needs to reengage them and show them just how serious the situation is. we need to give
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confidence to the local community involve them in everything including. trust more than a 1100 feet off the now this month and that this could spread across borders to neighboring countries involved a lot from the international committee of the red cross. that they've run out of money for barry all the other logistical needs so a very complicated situation in that part of east india our home i health way having to deal with security problems not just acknowledged money problems as well that's the thing i'm extremely hostile for me. austria's chancellor sebastian kurtz has called a snap election after his deputy was filmed apparently offering to fix a contract with a russian woman the hidden cameras thing has brought down the coalition just days before european parliament elections in which far right movements are striving to
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gain ground. for a political downfall and a humiliating and to political office austria's vice chancellor hines christian strong have faced the cameras after handing in his resignation but he was adamant that he was the victim in this scandal but it's a good stuff with the duty criminal offense that is present here is this state secret service trap with illegal recording this. is and then set it off and yes that was a targeted political assassination but if this is it's a scandal that's proved too tough for the survival of austria's coalition government just. hours after accepting stratas resignation the chancellor sebastian cuts announced snap elections if you are with us this i believe that a new coalition is currently not possible with anyone the freedom party cannot if the social democrats do not share the substance of my approach and the small
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parties are too small to really be able to support us and talk again. this is the video that led to his demise recorded secretly at a villa on the spanish island of ibiza just months before the 2017 actions in it struck another senior member of the freedom party and a woman posing as a russian oligarchs nice wanting to make a $280000000.00 investment that led to talk of funneling funds from the russian national to the freedom party turned an offer of lucrative austrian government contracts. for the election now for the election campaign yes yes. tell me. then you have to translate these are some very wealthy people they paid between 500008 1000000 and a half to 2000000. to current election.
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yes however they do not pay to the party but when nonprofit association you have to explain not to an association. that this is not going to the court of order to. the freedom party issued a statement denying it had accepted any funds but a straw has stood down anger erupted outside chancellor kurtz's office many here blaming going into coalition with the far right freedom party in the past sunday diagonal al-jazeera. the german chancellor has denounced what she described as politicians for sale angela merkel visited croatia before the european elections starting on thursday as she faces a right wing challenge at home merkel warned of the threat to the european union posed by hardline nationalists. levant. hi is the does our common values mean we're all proud of our native countries but at the same time we
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want to build up europe patriotism in the european union are not in opposition to each other nationalism is the enemy of the european project and this is what we have to make clear in these final days before the european election australia's prime minister has attended a sunday church service after his surprise election victory which he called a miracle scott morrison is governing conservative coalition overcame predictions of a major loss to the opposition labor party as andrew thomas reports from melbourne and it's not clear whether morrison will have an outright majority. he wasn't supposed to be the winner of a strike he has election opinion polls consistently had prime minister scott morrison and his rights of sense and liberal policy behind the labor party rivals he and they defied expectations side friends. were going to work to do. we all work to do and we're going to get back to work we're going to get back to work for the
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a strategist that we not go to work every day. if i started struggles and trials every day they're looking for a fair go and they're having a go and they're going to get a guy from our government the way in the sydney hotel hosting young expected the tree party the world's euphoria the good gone she won the liberal party once again have profiles like me and hottie scott morrison i said i'm not going to see job how do the liberal party and let's enjoy the next 3 you think it's all to believe that the least i thought was so funny and labor's been taking these people i mean that long what's next in melbourne where they were expecting a policy labor policies the polls as well very subject completely i can't believe it i. just shattered so i sat straight out why did. i just say that. the labor leader had been
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copeland to victory there on saturday in states he had to be the gracious loser i was scott morrison good fortune and good carriage in the service of after right now the national interest. it was not the speech shorten hoped nor expected to make sure i could say thanks but thanks election i will make a promise that i can state is just resigned the leadership of this labor c.e.o. there is a chance in. labour's policies more action on climate change more investment in schools hospitals and infrastructure did not resonate enough one result did buck the trend and independent candidate to campaigned hard on climate change because of all the prime minister tony abbott he wants described manmade climate change as salute. but that was the exception oberle this surprise result is
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a victory for right of center politics in australia under thomas al jazeera melbourne. also in australia a far right senator has lost his bid for reelection after blaming the new zealand mosque attacks on muslim immigration fraser anning was widely condemned after the killing of 51 people in christ church 2 months ago he tweeted then there's anyone still dispute the link between muslim immigration and violence. bolivia's president has begun his reelection campaign for a 4th consecutive term eval rollo's has been in power since 2006 and the opposition has called has the session to run for the october vote unconstitutional critics say he's ignoring the results of the referendum 3 years ago when voters clearly expressed their opposition to the reports. after 13 years in office many believe in scotland then brit time this was not that president he's
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credited with lifting tens of thousands out of poverty but giving a voice to women in the poor is getting a fairer price on the international markets they believe is commodities especially natural gas they don't know the brothers i want to tell you why i want 5 more years to finish our great work why 5 more years of evil i want to tell you that we feel strong we have self-confidence and these rallies give us a lot of energy 5 more years to guarantee liberation and once and for all. these supporters were able. to continue being their president. is that. the strength is dare in our democracy the strength and depth of our democracy is thanks to president evo morales because the people decide and they will decide in october to start the campaign this meeting will be massive men and women miners transport workers teachers medical staff and professionals. and there's believe
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indigenous president in the country with indigenous majority he's been an inspiration both here and abroad other musts. in the my presence here is to accompany my friend president. to give him strength in the knowledge that the world's 1st indigenous president is here in bolivia years here but increasing numbers of believe the ends believe model is out state is well they say he's acting unconstitutionally by ignoring a national referendum in 2016. the vote by more than 51 percent to prevent him standing for a 4th consecutive term in office. this is embarrassing democratic you can see that president morales has clearly lost the support of the bolivian people because he's not a man of his word he's lied to the bolivian people and is now using the democratic mechanisms to keep himself permanently in power. even with. the
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tricks campaign and the following year it was overturned by the constitutional court but his opponents say he's undermining believe these hard won democracy both campaigns of the next 5 months earlier likely to harden their respective positions and al-jazeera former argentinean president cristina kirchner is hoping to make a comeback as vice president in october his election her decision seen as a surprise because she was considered the most likely challenger to conservative president machree whose support has fallen in opinion polls and corruption trial involving current star is due to begin next week the 66 year old does also implicated in other scandals boeing has admitted flaws in its 737 max flight simulator software that's used to train pilots after 2 crashes involving the aircraft that killed 346 people company says it simulators couldn't replicate
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conditions that contributed to the ethiopian airlines crash in march or the liner accident off indonesia last october boeing says it's fixed the problem it's also working on software updates for the planes themselves which are grounded worldwide . oliver mcgee is a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary for transportation he says it's vital for pilots to have access to accurate training systems. and this simulation these simulators are very important to the airline operators that can cost about tens of millions of dollars over the life of the aircraft so american airlines is already on board saying we're going to get those simulators and we're going to get some more dating information to the manufacturer from the pilots where the maneuverability and controllability the impasse takes place. hello again the headlines on al jazeera this hour indians are voting in the final phase of national elections wrapping up
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a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's poll they include those living in prime minister narendra modi's constituency he's seeking a 2nd term. voles iran and saudi arabia us have said they are not seeking war as the us builds up its military presence in the region the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing a conflict and that saudi arabia doesn't have the will for it his comments came after the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions . saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to evade it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the
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region instability in saudi arabia ask the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world sudan's transitional military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the un and african union demonstrators continued their demands for a civilian government and further protests today in khartoum. for a new governing body were suspended for a 72 hours on wednesday after protests more roadblocks in the capital. the german chancellor has denounced what she described as politicians for sale angela merkel referred to the austrian political scandal while campaigning for the european elections in croatia as she faces a right wing challenge at home merkel warned of the threat to the european union posed by hardline nationalists. those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera is coming up next then it's the news i'll see you
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then bye bye. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. to be able to see. just months after a journalist was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul another arab dissident says his life he's also in danger. baghdad he is a pro-democracy activist and strong critic of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man the u.k.'s guardian newspaper reported that norwegian officials took him from his home in also to a secure location there he was told the cia had warned norway's government that the saudis had him in their crosshairs el baghdadi gained popularity during the arab
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spring when he posted pro human rights messages on social media the palestinian activist was granted asylum in norway 4 years ago after being expelled from the united arab emirates for his criticism of middle eastern regimes jonah how in oslo in an exclusive interview baghdad it discusses an unlikely friendship with the murdered washington post journalist jamal for saudi and have continuing his work has brought him into the crosshairs of the saudi government human rights campaigner el baghdadi talks to al-jazeera. a daily thank you for talking to al-jazeera thank you so much for having me i'd like to go back a couple of weeks now to the 25th of april when you 1st got the knock on your door here in oslo telling you that there was a threat against you how did you react how did it happen. well to be honest i
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wasn't that surprised that they showed up. and i believe the 1st thing i said to them once they introduced themselves showed me their badges was something like what took you so long. i remember on that day you know from the corner of my eye i could see some activity outside i could see that i think they were standing there for a while. it seemed to me that they secured the area before asking me to go with them norwegians the norwegian security the norway we call them the p.s.t. they're kind of a combination of norway's you know kind of see if the i and security you know. special service you can see so they also provide security for politicians you know dignitaries. and they're known to be you know highly professional highly competent . so. at the time of course they were in plain clothes and what did they tell you. they didn't tell me any details on the spot they simply asked me to go with them they didn't give you any sense of why there was
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a threat against you or where information had come from the only did that once i was safe and secure in that specialist secure location would do this and they simply sat me down and then they told me that they received a tip from a partner intelligence agency indicating that i've been the target of a threat and you now believe that to be the cia and the threat to be coming from the time i had a good i had a good. idea that it was the cia but i wasn't 100 percent sure i believe i only this only was completely confirmed when the guardian did you know the work to confirm it and in the absence of real evidence to support this notion of a threat what gives you pause to think that it is credible that there is a real threat out there well to start i think the you know whether whatever you think about this from a moral point of view i believe everyone would agree that there are competent. so i
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don't believe that this would have passed. if there wasn't something behind it. but i should also mention that i started to become concerned about my security as far back as october you know shortly after the murder is murder on october 15th i received a friendly tip from a saudi source indicating that you know i'm being discussed and that i should be concerned about my security. you mentioned other names as well. you know i also inform them. but i didn't take any drastic action back then. in february while i was working with the business as investigation team i became i mean i started to understand how sensitive that matter is and i started to feel i mean revisiting a lot of my old sources etc. i started to feel that i mean i don't want
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to be too dramatic but i felt like you know i have i probably have cross hairs on my back. and i did indicate my concern to a number of norwegian friends you know and in an e-mail that went around asking them for advice you know what you know someone who is in this kind of situation what do you do where do you go. in march i filed a police report with the police with the local police which is the normal procedure when you want to know when to and want to indicate something like that but i believe it was over a month over a month had passed before. the p.s.t. came to my door so it was october last year the same month that was killed that you began to feel somewhat under threat yourself and you were friends with him where you know. and you work together well yeah i mean initially of course i mean i tell people that someone like them all and i are not supposed to be friends we're
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not supposed to be friends the reason is for the longest time was one of the elites of saudi arabia he was a figure who was deeply loyal he continued to be deeply loyal to the saudi state to the idea of saudi arabia. and for the longest time i mean within my team we had a lot of frustration we had rants about about who should be you know like the guy who almost gets it the guy who would say 10 things 10 positive 10 things about democracy and human rights and free expression 9 of them would be things that you would absolutely you know agree with and the 10th would walk it all back you know. and so i was always skeptical about until that moment when he chose exile. and something really amazing happened after that which was that one was unshackled from having to be concerned about security and about as you know as
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his safety once he was safe reasonably in the united states. he could have gone in any direction he could have gone to words you know he could have one of his dreams was to start his own t.v. station or could have done that he could have you know gotten a pretty decent position at a think tank for example in d.c. . eventually he chose 2 things 1st journalism his 1st you know his 1st identity and he gravitated towards activists was used to some kind of normal politics he was used to the old saudi arabia which had some kind of norms and some kind of traditions of how things happen. as completely destroyed that and the end of normal politics eventually meant that you have to seek other ways of seeking influence. and i think that's how he that's when he started to gravitate towards activism m.b.'s. of course the crown prince in saudi arabia. eventually you found
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common cause with jamal khashoggi do you think that he was your association with him. the 1st put you on the radar of the saudi authorities to attempt to answer your question. we did a risk assessment and we identified 6 or 7 reasons of 6 or 7 things that i've been working on you and he's not with jamal i mean generally i mean 3 of these are 2 of these were but the rest were basically other initiatives that were highly sensitive and i believe from my own informed opinion would have been highly you know of concern let's see if to the saudis well you knew you knew that what you were doing had the potential to get you in trouble you tweeted if they don't want to kill me then i'm not doing my job is the risk the danger something that you accept as simply being an inherent in what you do it is something that i accept i
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mean this is i mean it's not the easiest life but it is the life that i built and it's the life that i chose so let's talk about the period then after jamal khashoggi death in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october you took on along with these who's also been warned at the same time as you he lives in canada there's another individual who lives in the united states also warned by security services of a threat the 3 of you took on jamal's work and tried to carry it on and that's what brought you into contact with the arms and founder jeff bezos give me a sense of of how events unfolded after june miles death and how they involved your work so your mother was very concerned about the state of free expression the main medium of free expression. in the arab world post 2011 was social media particularly twitter i think the nature of twitter. the fact that twitter is this
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unfiltered you know there's no algorithm or at least the algorithm is very light. and the fact that twitter became very very popular in saudi arabia i think saudi arabia and certain and certain. certain surveys tops the world when it comes to an attrition rate went up supporter. jamal himself was a twitter influencer as you know i mean he had i think 1600000 for something like that as we saw 1000000 followers i mean i'm nowhere near his influence on twitter i mean under that keep in mind also that he's influential in the arabic language which is the language that for safety i avoided even though i enjoy speaking i mean and communicating in arabic it just happens that there were far more aggressive with arabic speakers because they wanted to control the arab public sphere ok so you identified twitter as the sort of main battleground it was the main battleground the main i mean i remember as far back as 2011 someone called twitter the parliament of the arabs it is where arabs go to express their opinion it is
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where arabs go to to get informed. likely exactly so take me on. in how you went about picking up where jamal left off trying to finish what it was he'd started. you might be aware of the project that omar abdel aziz was working on and of course was a project that was structured in association with the treasury. and the idea behind it is you know these guys the saddam regime they weaponize twitter they manipulate the media they manipulate the platform in order to do really dark things and to just to fight really dark things why don't we do the same but in the in the opposite direction in other words why don't we also manipulate twitter to push our own narratives which are basically you know pro freedom pro pro freedom of expression pro-human rights etc. so that was one line of attack and i would i would mention here that i have a certain philosophical difference let's say with this approach of course i was not
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involved in that project at all but i have this philosophical difference because i think maybe fighting fire with fire is not the best strategy because they simply have so much more fire. the 2nd approach i mean there's 3 approaches i prefer not to mention the 3rd approach at least for the meanwhile because it's very much a work in progress and it's highly sensitive and it's starting to bear fruit. but i would mention the 2nd one with the 2nd one basically was. jamal's desire to create. what we eventually came to describe as an arab state media watchdog so he actually gave me a call i believe it was.


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