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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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into her. little list. ok theater. in medina. who is a nurse in her whose oh i'm in it what on what. men. determined not me and with that name sort of the not to know where to and i had me at. home and when they act i am near the low when i'll handle. america i'm lovely. card the fear card the arab in your. blood but in your. not
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the herd out of nowhere harjo i don't have near the high level walk i had to for my. car the fluid than girl over not how well the hello how lucky i. am man got that for how does the law talk that if you know what i but not a male of with a comedy of. a buck now. he for how dark out the decider how to steal a login not on my own even. have a given road a hell of a man the hudson ally man. it's good. i love it and i hope. i know me.
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and weather that you need isn't the word for philistine. the monotony and also those the many out of a in. a thought as i said thought that a few medieval 21 is. so much into elma. moscow high newness. led to deal with a difference of mana from who i am. i'm a can shine a you she you know what not and i live 100 in an. in with the i again. in a consolidated them but out you can your with no but i haven't heard is even heard what omission of us my. pleasure an appt on hope the hope of her is hope and also.
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had. a sort of how to use the homes for both and i think anonymous had one a but that was sad to think too you didn't notice what sort of played out convention and bottom 3 out jani and an account of them in the feel of them in my thought was similar to me. really and then when the ts. 30 films i want. to keep. what a good photo to have to hit display in a sack maybe aboard a kitten and for that i can. look at that. so i thought. i thought it's a cut key for that. because. i love
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how the new dutchy my money she. gets a lot but often people me i'm mad at the other 7 on a molecule as it is or to knock it but it was awful to see which is any very big invade of value a dem. no amount to as the muster to the must certainly hold out. on or to what's. funny me overloaded lee malvo coffee so i woke up early as also years in tel aviv and. i rarely come right there was. surely there were going to be some awfully want. to fit to do a new city. and who couldn't mind if dish in a few bad santa segments of 24 could then mckinstry it so not considering what to
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do difficultly with the ricin to some to sell a bad set of results in a computer some to me only. how would it be. sort of home. to could. kind of see through to me my. vodka and. motor mouth here that called as my going to follow conclude something like the i'm saying. border to skate them. in the soft skate in calling with the mere thought of a to read them. to down again looking on making out of
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a bitter fog of war but they are there most of us who must look to double. to redemption the guys are more going to the law for a lot not for. business but also welcome and again they are not in disorder here they. saw the. so what a foreigner and could not kind of merge with and look in at the end there to call and bother to call it that lived in a subsidiary in the pub but i think it's really answered that call the image of that thing and i just happen to fall to had. a say in it went out. and i took on an award with any command i had 120. volts of voice at him so not hurting i'm a fisherman most shimon peres thing got me scott about no where to but you may know
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as my mining. we've got an email or call day he'd be out the soft. oh i'm the one who with. you didn't she say you like the women should on the roof of that i'm deena. and the phoenix i need him to come one some of him i'm sorry my remote won't know i'm a different we don't lay shotgun canopus raffle a new movie. on the eat we're eating out. in the seem. to support. i mean him to go. now yes i'm one of your kind there is a lot more good me hard than you shall be among among some harm as the mid. if you're sort of in about the 60 your feet are fickle out there and you can measure that. for he want to die early and. can and i believe
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a live shot of a small wood fired at a coil and a one. in the middle. of a big. bottle has not only. got us also left a. message of good luck i lesage in madrid. that if they lacked logic. an american would be the ham then. a yam a house or. just as they asked the manager of south that asked is sad. and less just so much it done. as human magid the satam and
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the outlaws all jennifer worse than any man missed more and understand that it was on the one mash. was 2. was was. was was. was. out her. was. better than and then on a different look in the mackinnon out of on more years she. has said i'm
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a head in commute or thought freak out a national see a lot of the middle sort of. why that you could be an island more friend i'm of course like a can when neck she looked are. a man been especially on this been a lucky and and if i can i am and she forgot to condemn her course that are all my many a if she really had. a chiffonier will see it the in can put a postcard. a quote from to be there and never made you feel block. set on i mean what up to that. and it doesn't matter how to do any of that as you know how little you heard it. from a lot. so. i need to elaborate for myself.
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and i will try i would lead you know what to do. so the court would show would have a new level of the feel of see says in what at all with which. the . was. that the can but how can a say on is sin. of the supply shops and the resume office wrongly and that is because a mature had the mobo done with name had not ignored served and did according to the. be in one. mission. and 10 minutes in the woods of his shabbier that is for the stay in fear that they have been seeing is the head at this hour of
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the many l c t m fear among. them. miche bests. can see and the bia via. is about them a dog there and a theater la militia by harry k. feel at the who is a gif that has man and that is a get it's fear and that the be the hand of the of the sunni at that he forgot the answer the sunni and the so called the answer the sunni i. mean clearly like the one i saw. sort of non-theists shanahan gena c.s.t. scotty. the one is about doubt of siesta down fosco was a lot of us got a head out of sing us a. car
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. when she doing how when she did you move. and let me on the mirror. of time much as she may have louder. in old staffer york bureau chief there feme where i've seen a to halt but our ability is sure pat got to meet flame you're gonna beat are ya very thin up to him. sin if you were near some but their holy. ivy league any pool benefits i want i mean he says who. will see where some nestle into an ok. i'm going to mention the very macabre you know least of you know that you know kid being young and i to be tonight will see him who it's a legitimate name when a funny cops morning school new commissary went in again when the. moderate thing in you mean 1000 will be naming i. have been
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going to binyamin. netanyahu. the. hershey are our world tomorrow night out you know who. are our spirit here on our own i got our own car so. their own sake not pet. rabbit it up in shame bow one of it's a knuckle damn. you i'll come to you what we did show
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a little bit in the must be true that the money say it enough of a keep should love with. him love all the us embellish kundan. about a temple that was saba but in the back yeah you cannot but to me. i know nothing. but as i have it in my alicia. disappeared and i'm. in a city she don't solution i have built up though. mortal boy tongue level yes additional by both the assumption into muscle tone. schimmel saw the. other day and he said i mean hamas i mean hamas. fired back by the whole under like as a deal don't really pull them a warning. that by remembering if. they do go to all the
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t.v.'s my bike the whole lot all but a simple as a motor home isn't a lot of. dummies and it's a good time line for smog the ticket out in the game should be. a well i think cinema. how long or how long. does i don't know my dish or to most of my in my house and that gives you mentioned to me that. she's a down and have to fuss about she's a. one of australia's most loved make it out of the one box is under threat from an agonizing decision but one wildlife term trina is dedicated to a lot of deciding what i want to east makes the woman who spoke on al-jazeera.
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the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this fact not of the fact the people who talk to say this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world as agassi has been offered to those who rebel against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. 20 years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult these. 2 decades following the development of a life animation. rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl from going joe do you love me on al-jazeera.
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jews iraq where every. hello i'm mr. it's 1230 g.m.t. and 6 in the evening in india where polls have just closed in the country's mammoth 7th days in general election there are about 900000000 eligible voters elected members for the lower house of the indian parliament prime minister narendra modi's seeking a 2nd term in office votes will be counted on thursday and results are expected on
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the same day regional rivals iran and saudi arabia say they don't want a wall as riyadh's ally the united states builds up its military presence in the gulf the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing a conflict his comments came after the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions but stands ready to defend itself and iraq's oil minister has criticized u.s. energy giant exxon mobil's decision to evacuate all its foreign stuff from an oil field in basra as an acceptable and unjustified timea got about and says exxon's decision is not because of security concerns but for political purposes about this and has this update from baghdad we understand that those are only about 60 foreign stuff and we don't know how many of those are u.s. citizens but we believe they were taken to bus or airport and then flown to dubai but we also understand that it hasn't affected the output of the west one facility
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in nearby atoll in fact it's still producing about 444-0000 barrels of oil a day and that's because there are about 700 iraqi members of staff who are still making the place work. the thing is that when exxon mobil made this a knows what it said it was they were doing it because of the situation in the region but also because of potential threats but it didn't specify what those threats were saddam's military rulers and protest leaders will resume talks later today they were suspended for 72 hours after protesters were killed earlier this week demonstrators have been continuing their sittin outside the army headquarters demanding that the military 100 power over to civilians sri lanka's government is paying tribute to the soldiers who died during the decades long civil war it's been 10 years since the conflict with tamil separatist fighters ended 100000 people including soldiers were killed in the fighting well those are the headlines now
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back to al-jazeera well. i.
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a big effort hit i've heard a faint of course. little beer octet i'm in about a 100 what are under sort of my your man water bar but stuff it in her feet and sun be now her way of anonymity and i was there to go to get him he did and i let him alone arrive. here's how mad in a way if. not enough and now will be so he hey betrayed us in the midst of our. carrier who'd to chat like a cave man that came after. a man had nukes and what is did mean a lot isn't.
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a new idea it's a lucky time to bitch vice like a bunch more nicely and it like you know what i need to get yes they meant should he but it suddenly show on a t. but the hooked by slick and the city that's what is it the. could it be taught to everyone the question in us that's about to any to have to be said of as a last song at the wheel and soon sit in addition not to be true at all but in this morning and say i'm a little of that piece of holy shit i'm up then you might see it i should like to be clear that that i wanted. to duck the time to cough up it's a law that was in the shop some of the time to me let me shoot a 10 lot of. i mean i get even with the mouse
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a good attitude useful because when i for i need oh so i think about that i mean he said he gives you like so much grief to codify the law if you want that it's a mockery of one business and he give all emotional to you. remember such a reduced. way i mean after. they laugh you know. that's a kid i know. and he invented. the p.s. in concert with the f i'm not trying to learn or frankly every resource i mean because of. the. color by. and openness made about look at this wonderful. goodness what if what i've had to
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go for the. well let alone i don't know them said nothing at all joe's a hefty awful. i don't wish the knife and. then had the. thought of leaving me in out of the sun i love lose a lot of it only yeah. i think then fell in a fog of have all been. seen fit to have been through a fog. imagine were activated if in a long line of this and that has limited them that day. and most of which offend have had that is what i now understand them had only been a. vastly unless you. ringback have rested. a shift. some of us how little some.
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my with that even if it made me let me kind of took action i thought of washing out the normal i mean when because you've had to. go back to. in the cold war fatigue. and move. me the ability my me do not. the me kushal me i'm. not i'm not the slave. and you'll manage the myth to say. that he'd like to see the mess that. we left at home and we will meditate.
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now at that and we shall on the whole should we make money on the most on the whole to. the hordes of the many holes in it. for the whole church and i do not need very very much she spotted us as an image of the shiny team shiny can't see a lot of good she gets she seen the humming as if i mean my own will not make me get a new kind and among the more medina. but what she did i knew a dutch shell in the hole she was. and he. showed it with them. and about the if it had been about that is. my mother had had an
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idiot ad the new ads at the naacp and how many bad not a 100 out of the not a 100 men and that only not yanna should had to do. well i know only the sure enough seats and whatnot that i am not. an economic to kind of. the south. or. the i mean but then you need to.
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show that they should have the c. make that. sad. but committed to claiming. it's easy for those who come from live in the mood to live in for the scenes and mood. was looking for they seem. a new car this is one of them people on the for those. in the whole say. have been through really movie night. and i think i could do. the needle for say that on the stove. well any gimmick of us or lawyers offices doesn't you must to say after a few more that the whole admin time any. of these somebody in the protests in could mom but because.
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in. my view. in new. ad that says membership in the model so be it in here. in a working mom conceived mind it's like the. bad most of last season had to end up out of. an estimate. will have been attained.
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by showing my age. some up to me. i am sure you. know your whole. thing. i feel empowered by people holding them up to run the show and. hirsch why mounted on talk of real as a sort of also. a new law that allows the reality of a. whole. notion of i'm.
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here. was too obvious to meet our reality. in the election mccain. lecithin but on the flip i should tell it if you were full of something. he could be danish he's heard whatever he highly am and that was a time and macand mcduffie. a year. or so we have had the map would have been the s.s. if we command and the s.s. mystery then we have a question how you met them i can have 3 of. you and i. looked and i've been out of the class benignly. for the.
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left alone sort of the way. to my top way let the 1st holy man miss in the top a year. or 2 for. they are far and a lot of months for cheever even if she is a hawk it's scorching babo lump under she should look into but the bluff was all a shitty years. imho because they knew what a lovely. passage persico are and your dad didn't know why because she was stuck here on the bus and she seemed so numb as in a local i was in awe is there a lot below you or didn't belong to. militia general in 70. ad for questioning about the happening other. than getting in and out of the. shot if you took a muslim hard to get into. and we've actually got about as good an election issue among the whole north. yes with her beams on
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a low ceiling. we did not let me listen i'm hoping with. where i need a hotel this is the limit for i mean free me are you will you be good to some to let me look just a little boy and that she becomes a whore don't follow paul. now the stuff will see him smash them after the scene in the intimate roma well it's intimate has to submit what it is intimate lumbermen is intimate and money 9 minutes in the head a mr man can mow should have no other to do how can i need them most of the. shit that are so caught up with the credo of oh yes i don't want money i will i'm gone i stick a cell unorthodox arsenal to be there with about my story out of the lock up but i want to stop myself i stole your sugar money else problem but a lot of thought and a mother get real ugly frieda and they are here to have a car because she figured you. were more best to have
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been. one of them in the so in the. in the saddle in the us and. you. mean when when when judy when and you go with him when doesn't didn't do what i had been when he had been a slug. is a better job than macand mish in how we rose. and. lives and within a very little actually seen him home she made. him so he made them. feel safe limits. she limits. i mean or that he let. me. be me.
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in a scene. 2 and for his era when they were submitted i know. i wanted you headed for was a big t. . there was a few a lot of them but also with. a few other was the thought. he had to have. i'm going to fight with us. for one of several that limited course it. was a lot was misplaced between
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a phone when i was skype for the daily. insane e. and my mother could deny that she will be a. fill in and maybe i'm due. and he says he came in it the insane you will just said you will be shared all. the football be a you haven't a shot of the ring my mesh lot for the way. or could look a little as it does you. when you want to be a good little. in the community. you know look i certainly. was. was. on. the in the
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summer to bed in the last year expire. as except him earlier who had the admin war in rural america lama for belief that the whole why that columbus ohio. law far. left the hair in the. well i can and most of us. thought mrs obama. at the. solemn august's this author has an idea a model of that model to russian and that collected at the school until. the you have to hold it but you have sure for that market saw. most all the cattle in luton who anna quindlen up for the state all of the whole sort of to another. her last ditch she had a stick wound up on the minute they were fed is of the without a shadow of another one headline what the job done i. relax and she had her. home she was.
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once and the magic. now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and. none of the citizenship al-jazeera world needs to upgrade people. who are out on the person's course or the existing. state lists in lebannon. on al-jazeera.
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the web that sponsored by. the showers over the eastern parts of brazil a finally beginning to clear away i mean with us a while and they have given us some very very heavy downpours here some places have reported nearly 200 millimeters of rain just in a 24 hour period fortunately the worst of those are moving away we just have a couple of residual shallow as i think on sunday and on monday it's looking almost completely dry further towards the southwest they're really going to see more in
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the way of what weather develop that's every pozza paraguayan into the northern parts of argentina really does look pretty heavy some of that rain and for some of us in chile and with the border of argentina we're likely to see some snow but it won't be that warm in santiago a maximum temperature just of 11 degrees for the central americans lots of cloud here and plenty of showers but as you head further north there's more in the way of dry weather that is through the temp and into the way up through mexico until you head up towards north america where we've had some very violent weather in the last 24 hours is all we now to this area of cloud here is that it's worked its way eastwards it's given a symbolic thunderstorm we've seen damaging wind we've seen very large hail and we've also seen some tornadoes as well look at this impressive system impressive but incredibly scary and that system is going to give us some more severe weather today. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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struck many. many. to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers who see people making sacrifices. this is what i would want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. 0. hello i'm a star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes polls close in india millions have cast their votes in the final phase as prime minister narendra modi's ruling party seeks reelection. unacceptable and
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unjustified iraq's oil minister hits out at the u.s. for withdrawing workers from the safety fears. and sudan's military leaders are expected to resume transitional talks with the opposition days after they were called off the use of violence and i'm we're hard in with all of your sport as manchester city's table trouble winning captain vincent kompany announces he is leaving the club after 11 years. but 1st we begin with some breaking news out of egypt where we are getting reports that an explosion has targeted a tourist bus near a new museum at the paramedics and at least 16 people have been injured we'll be bringing you more details on that as we get them.
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well to india where the marathon 6 week long election is over polls close just a short time ago sunday was the final day of voting where 100000000 people across 7 states were eligible to cost their ballots but prime minister narendra modi will have to wait a bit longer to find out if voters wanted to wanted him to keep his post with counting starting in a few days while al jazeera so how raman is live in very nasty where prime minister modi has his constituency so he'll talk us through the significance of where you are and the stage of which pradesh especially given that it's modi is incumbent seat. in the road where i am right now i was on the banks of the ganges now as the sun sets and i see it's also setting on all of the polling stations in the 29 states and the 7 union territories over the last 6 weeks. culminated in the end of the 17th general election everything now has to wait till thursday for the voting but in this very long and mammoth period of voting where up to 900000000 indians
9:51 pm
were eligible to vote the issues that indians want to dressing have been varied and wide controversial and accommodating we'll be meeting some of them today as they voted down some of the concerns that many of them have here environ r.c. it being the prime minister's parliamentary seat and also one of 13 that was up for grabs in the final session of voting in the 7th phase of the indian general election. they've been queuing up since daybreak it's the 7th and final phase of india's general election on sunday people from 59 constituencies across 7 states and one union territory head to the polls more than 900000000 people were eligible to cast their ballot in the world's largest democracy over the past 7 weeks voters waiting here are excited that their day has finally come. should be given regularly and more infrastructure here physically situation which should be given to the.
9:52 pm
first i felt really nice voting for the 1st time i want prime minister modi to come back to power and move the country forward and develop it so that the unemployed can get employment. veyron arcee is one of 13 seats in the state of pradesh that's being fought over on sunday it's the parliamentary seat of the incumbent prime minister. there are many issues the electorate has had to consider communal politics unemployment the economy education and national security. for some small scale manufacturers the issue is clear this factory produces fans and it's been severely affected by the monetize ation and the introduction of the new goods and services tax g.s.t. which is added to the manufacturing cost and impacted of the workforce the gupta wants the new government to revisit the amount of tanks small cottage industries like kids have to pay. for about 50 to 60000 people depend on cottage industries
9:53 pm
like us here my sales are down and property margins tool by about 60 to 70 percent when it comes to workforce i used to have about 30 employees now i can only afford in. analysts suggest there is a disconnect between what the public needs and what politicians say they can deliver i think one of the reasons is that. india has been quite an immigrant from the masses they don't have things to offer as their economies are. going deep into crisis and the promise is that they are making the parties and it's very difficult to fulfill their promises so they don't want to talk about the very . least voters wait patiently in line for their turn to vote the country will have to wait until thursday before the national vote count begins. so how this has been a marathon election involving millions of people how peaceful has
9:54 pm
a bet. has been very closely fought and if you just take the state of uttar pradesh it is often described as the florida of india in the sense that it sends the largest number of m.p.'s to the locks about the indian parliament 80 m.p.'s over the 6 weeks of course those votes in constituencies have been graduated through the passing weeks to the 13 seats that were available today however in 2014 the b.g.p. under new and remote he won 71 of the 80 seats it's very difficult for an incumbent government jobs. party to actually maintain that momentum be interesting to see how many of those seats they actually retain when the vote count happens on thursday but what they have been doing is buying up other states that they think they can make headway into and one of them is west bengal it has a 1000000 seats available on sunday and it is often more than likely ruled by another state party called the t.m.c. the trinamool congress has had about a month the banner g a lady whose name you should actually be aware of because she
9:55 pm
may become one of the king makers in a potential coalition government there were clashes between supporters of both the t.m.c. and the j.p. earlier this week it really raised the stakes you might say in this election which has been relatively peaceful and it's been quite unique in terms of indian election history the election commission were very worried about this sort of going out of control so they actually ended campaigning on the evening a full 24 hours before they were supposed to end campaigning caused a great fear amongst the opposition parties are absolutely livid they still have plans of course for friday but they couldn't do anything about it however nobody killed several injured a couple of 100 arrested but the animosity between the 2 parties is quite evident about the g. has been a stern critic of the policies of. the prime minister and i think that that war of words will continue as the vote count begins on thursday is that we will be watching very closely from new delhi very closely indeed so hell
9:56 pm
raman is across the indian election for us from there and i thank you for that update well let's speak to that catch you he's a former definitely joins us now live from new delhi evac where reaching the end of a very long electoral process talk us through some of the issues you think may be decisive. the 1st is national security i think the prime minister and the ruling party tried to weave this election their election campaign campaign around national security issues as well as the programs they had put in place to improve the condition of the poor people. the opposition on the other hand tried to paint the government and the prime minister in authoritarian to say that
9:57 pm
he was not respecting of democratic institutions and that he was also promoting the interests of the majority hindu population the prime minister and his party of course deny these charges so these were the basic teams around which the election was tested one of the issue which of course is very important for india is the question of agriculture and the opposition was trying to put modi on the mat was claiming that there was a huge upgrade in distress and the prime minister was pointing out that the schemes that he has initiated to improve the agricultural situation thank you say national security was a huge issue and we've seen tensions with pakistan especially escalation the last few months how is that affected the whole.
9:58 pm
i think it proved to be an advantage for the prime minister and the ruling party the boulevard just attacked in favor of it was a particularly wishes from one of the soldiers lost their lives and the prime minister as you know then. asked the air force to launch a strike against terrorist bases on pakistani soil the pakistanis retaliated but within the people especially in in north india this seems to be considerable sectors faction that for the very 1st time terrorist bases in pakistan were attacked especially as they feel that it was high time that something like this was done that the people have been facing to the surtax for almost 3 decades
9:59 pm
so they said that the prime minister to go to action. that catch a former diplomat who was speaking to us there from new delhi thanks for being with us again on al-jazeera. well regional rivals iran and saudi arabia say they don't want a war as riyadh's ally the united states builds up its military presence in the gulf the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing a conflict his comments came after the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions but will respond if iran chooses to engage in conflict has called for 2 emergency summits involving gulf and arab leaders later this month to discuss the situation in the region. saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to have beat it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its
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interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spear of the region instability in saudi arabia the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world. while the united states has deployed an aircraft carrier and bombers to the gulf over what it says all threats from iran for commercial ships were sabotaged off the coast of the u.a.e. last week although it's not known who was responsible and an oil installation west of the saudi capital was attacked by yemen $33.00 rebels and iraq seems to be caught in the middle of the rising tensions between neighboring iran and the us iraq's oil minister has criticized u.s. energy giant exxon mobil's decision to evacuate all its foreign stuff an oil field in basra as unacceptable and unjustified to mean a god and says the decision has not be.


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