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this could possibly be a significant test for the governing african national congress it's good family it says against corruption especially in recent years and now one of its own is standing trial. for the minimal more about that tell us how big of a. test is this for the ruling a.n.c. . jacob zuma continues to be a member of the a.n.c. he also campaigned to pull the african national congress just ahead of the recently how the election he is the one of the faces of the a.n.c. but the party is that difficulty in terms of distancing itself and also having this firm stance with regard to fighting corruption especially given the fact that jacob zuma and his presidency appears to be at the heart of these corruption scandals now we are expecting jacob zuma to address his supporters here outside the courts any
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time from now and many of the people here are wearing a and c. t. shirts they wearing a n c colors they don't separate to take up zuma from the a.n.c. and they say this is the party that should hold their home and leaders in high regard should protect roma leaders like jacob zuma for me to go live for us there thank you. so had on al-jazeera ukrainian comedian turned president makes serious moves immediately after being sworn into office. and the central tradition in pakistan that's helping poor women make money. and are there we're seeing an awful lot of wet weather over the new them. of age at
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the moment the satellite picture is showing that system as it pulled itself together working its way across the korean peninsula and up into the far eastern parts of russia that's going to be with us over parts of japan that if we had 3 choose day giving it some very very heavy downpours it could cause a problem with flooding towards the west what it will be brightening up so so we'll get to around 23 degrees in pyongyang to around 21 for the west still there and for beijing it's just hot at the moment with the top temperature of 31 but it's going to get even hotter and as we head into wednesday will be right there way up to $35.00 for the southeastern parts of china plenty of thawing weather now the shower is pushing their way towards the south this still here i propose to taiwan and just grazing the faucet in parts of china and into parts of vietnam there is we had 3 choose day this system they pushes a bit for the northwoods again as we head into wednesday so for the northern parts of it i'm just across the border into the growing she province i think we're going to see quite a lot of heavy rain during the day i mean for the don't want to sound them want to showers perhaps
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a report of the philippines and across 3 this is the parts of vietnam cambodia and into thailand towards the south that's where the heaviest showers all the large ish i was there were parts of borneo the stretching their way towards the west. 20 years of china's transformation. through one young girl's journey. from 2 i don't believe the. 2 decades following the development of. nation. rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl from one job. on the al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera and these are the top stories right now the us president has issued a direct threat to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight it will be the end of the country iran's foreign minister john serif is hit back saying along won't be intimidated by quote genocidal taunts senior palestinian leaders are rejecting the 1st part u.s. president on a so-called deal of the century upcoming conference in bahrain will focus on raising tens of billions of dollars for investment in the occupied west bank and gaza. south africa's former president jacob zuma is in court hoping that judge corruption charges against him some of those charges relate to a controversial arms deal exposed while he was deputy president. google's parent company alphabet has suspended some of its business with chinese tech giant wall
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way saying it's complying with u.s. government orders a smartphone will have access to google's play store where users download apps like g. mail and you tube it will maintain you said the n. forward operating system the open source licensing but google will not provide wall way with any technical support u.s. is trying to blacklist the company around the world several countries have banned long way from being involved in the development of their 5 g. mobile network citing security concerns the chinese tech giant says it will continue providing updates after sales services to its existing smartphones and tablets it is a political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues he says the u.s. is trying to cripple the competition. basically this is a very clear attempt to cripple hallway it's kind of like in the old days the u.s. when confronted by russia over sputnik going to the moon they said we're going to outcompete you we're going to show you the best and the brightest and what we can
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do but today it seems more about tripping up the competition we don't have to compete against you if we can cripple you this is going to be a long term situation in terms of what beijing can do hopefully it won't but it could quite possibly say that for security reasons they will be banning broadcom qualcomm who have also joined on the train with google and keep all of those out make it almost impossible from the do that then this is what i would call a hard fork where you're really going to see a real change in and basically 2 camps going ahead with their respective technologies you could see apple's sales plummet this is one of the other realities of this trade war is that these types of international stories are going to impact more and more nationalists china and they will shy away from buying apple and other u.s. products remember this is a over $350000000000.00 a year market where u.s.
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companies are selling in china and that that would have disastrous consequences for american businesses especially on the profit lines i'm afraid is chief technology correspondent axios and says there's no doubt alphabets new will affect weiwei outside of its chinese face. if this stands i mean it's a pretty big blow i think they would be relegated to a bit later in most countries other than china and china they're probably ok where i don't think there is the same demand there alternatives as for stores chinese consumers or a lion or will services but everywhere else i think it would severely desert what has been having a really fast growing business while we not that long ago was not a major player on the global smartphone c and as you mentioned is now the 2nd biggest phone maker after sense i mean it's a very complicated it's hard it really depends on where you sit and who you believe
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so i think the questions about you know the security risks of why wait now we're here you know are hotly debated but there is a broader u.s. turn a dispute at play and certainly when it comes to being all business with china in this with the way in this case you know software for their smartphones that goes above and beyond security concerns this is a very drastic step that the u.s. has taken and it will be interesting to see if china retaliates i mean it is true that while weight on u.s. software but i'll tell you apple relies on chinese menu so i think they're worried as well because china could retaliate by saying fine you know you you'll have the giant export fees if you want to take those i phones elsewhere the cranes here president has used a swearing in ceremony to dissolve parliament triggering a snap election to calm my selenski has said his 1st task is to get a cease fire agreement with progression separatists in the east get a talks with russia could only happen after the return of the cranium territory and
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prisoners of war russian forces annexed crimea and 7 ukraine 5 years ago because he is a professor at the national university of care of layla academy in the netherlands he says alinsky has to prove himself a team craniums. the analogy with donald trump is a bit mistaken because donald trump was the very least involved for about 10 years and merican politics in a very in a variety of ways and in particular in republican party politics i mean he has held those populist nationalist views for quite a long time so once he has not has not made any political comment. and in that sense life he is more of a novice than than trump was but of course the similarity is that we neither expected trump to win. most american media expected hillary clinton and we nobody really expected selenski to win especially that by that margin zilinskas problem here is that people didn't vote for him they voted against the salvation
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and against the other candidates the people who had been running ukraine for the last 25 years and so and you saw that today in various reports from the ukrainian parliament they weren't massive crowds supporting selenski if this had been like previous presidents they would have been big crowds would vote for him supported him so selenski popularity isn't really very deep cannot sense it's more an anti vote than a pro vote of course of course those voters want to see certain things which which the previous president did not succeed in doing this the usual perennial problem in post companies countries of of corruption and in particular of putting the elites. so that they are no longer above the law members of the elites have to go to jail who have committed crimes. and here. the previous
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president i think was was was the best ukrainian president of all 5 but he failed in that particular area of as it were dealing with elite. elite view point that they are still above the law students military rulers and protest leaders say talks to finalize a new governing body are making progress and will continue discussions resumed on sunday after the military suspended the previous round of negotiations days earlier the army called on demonstrators to remove roadblocks in the capital khartoum that his sides are trying to settle on who will sit on a transitional governing body protesters want civilians to be in charge of it days after the u.s. state of alabama approved a near total ban on abortion president donald trump has weighed in and chop indicated in tweets that alabama has gone too far because this new wall makes some exceptions for pregnancies that occur from break for incest rights activists have been protesting against the ban in cities across the state they have condemned the
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law and want the courts to overturn it presidential hopeful bernie sanders says if elected he'll defend the 1970 supreme court decision that legalized abortion across the u.s. it is not an exaggeration to say that banning legal medically assists little borsch and forcing women back into the quacks will literally kill women yes i will have a look at this. and i will point. anyone so the united states supreme court alas that man or woman is prepared to defend roe v wade. 28 countries are taking part in the european parliament election which begins on thursday and right from tradition the french president has gone on a campaign trail by reports from paris. france's european elections is shaping up
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to be something of a rerun of the 2017 presidential campaign emanuel mark calls pro e.u. centrist party and the anti e.u. far right party of marine le pen all opinion polls suggest in the lead for folks the jewel of opposing visions of europe and a reflection of growing divisions in france at this paris market some say they're worried about immigration climate change and the cost of living i'm totally sick of politicians with that big salaries as opposed to defend us workers but they do nothing says mccombs been in power was struggling to live. it's important to vote for europe because there are countries where populist governments have come to power and it will be because let that continue the far right one france's last european elections in $24.00 teen since then and the immigration populous parties have flourished in europe and brakes it has rattled the block in the pen and the
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nationalist allies move even when the noise still weak is some we are experiencing a historic moment and all the signs show that we are on the eve of great political change in europe the idea of the europe that denies the right of nations to exist thora terry in the vision of an imprisoning e.u. have been massively rejected. the french president's rarely publicly campaign in european elections but might cross breaking with tradition he says europe's in crisis and he's fighting to save it i want reforms e.u. i want to accelerate the integration on some issues i think on currency on digital on climate action we need more europe i want you to. more protection protective for emanuel mark all these elections are an opportunity not only to campaign for united europe but also to try and boost his personal popularity in roles after a particularly challenging here domestically event because difficult 6 months period with yellow vests and
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a huge drop in his popularity in the country so these elections are a test for him what is at stake for him is 1st of all to rebuild his popularity within the country and to be in a position to have some influence on european affairs for the next 2 years the elections might be a child's from but they are also fraught with risk a win for the president's party and france will bolster him for the remainder of his mandate but if his party loses to the far right it will be a humiliating defeat in france and a 6 pack for example in europe especially butler al-jazeera paris or art of riley or making a patchwork quilt has existed for centuries tradition lives on in pakistan start as it were a good sport when they're not to make money of course have become a household name in cities all over pakistan and beyond meyer has a story. that every morning these women in pakistan start earlier to queue up to
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collect water for their daily house or do they have a difficult day ahead looking after the elderly their young and growing our go house or jolie. despite the hard life they still find time to make. a song and i listen and we make these quilts after finishing our household chores we try to make our designs better every time we give these quilts as wedding gifts after finishing our work at home we teach our daughters or younger sisters. the word dryly in the local language means to mix and good night and it's also a way for the women to make friends sitting together under a shared stop when they go about their work or eager to throw their talents santa at but i recall this is a traditional walk and has been passed on to us from our great grandmother's cost for months to make a single quilt but we're not paid well we make these quotes from scraps of cotton
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fabric to make extra money but the shop keepers keep most of the profits the art of making back to work with said existed for centuries in this region although dismayed by labor and our different conditions there are a guarded ward they do and i did making bad 2 of which have now become famous around the country as we prepared to leave their women want to sell out some of their work and choice there richard wright you of really. traveling to the nearest shop selling these were the shopkeepers happy to shortage based p.c. this one was all. about the high demand for such work. these patch quilts are sold at very high prices to make only one piece of patchwork quilt the women work for almost a whole year or sometimes longer foreign buyers pay as good money for this
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sometimes up to 5000 u.s. dollars. pretty 5 percent of the price for their hard work their race to get by middlemen and the profits by shopkeeper their women over charged they could do with some help from their government to help produce ball would an all for their family dinner during her default coverage. come on how you get out. there these are the top stories yes president has issued a direct threat to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight it will be the end of the country for mr childhood serif has hit back saying iran won't be intimidated by quote genocidal taunts tensions between washington and tehran have been on the rise after the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier group and b. $52.00 bombers to the gulf over unspecified iranian threats how science government
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is rejecting the 1st part of donald trump's so-called deal of the century white house will co-host a conference in bahrain next month on raising tens of billions of dollars for the occupied west bank and gaza a senior palestinian leaders say they were not invited nor will they participate the plan is developed by trump's son in law a jury questionnaire is being presented ahead of a framework for political issues. and the latest bombardments of the rebel held territory in syria has killed at least 10 civilians opposition activists say shelling in airstrikes have continued in the northwestern province of it live despite the syrian army and russian allies declaring a cease fire the remaining rebel stronghold is also subject to a wider ceasefire brokered by russia and turkey. it's about because former president jacob zuma is in court hoping the judges will throw out corruption charges against him soon as accused of fraud money laundering and racketeering some of those charges relate to a controversial arms deal while he was deputy president prosecutors say he received
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money to cover up the illegal purchases of combat gear for the south african maybe ukraine's new president is used to swearing in ceremony to dissolve parliament course that triggers a snap election selenski also said his 1st task is to get a ceasefire agreement with her russian separatists in the east get of talks with russia could only happen after the return to ukrainian territory and prisoners of war russian forces annexed crimea in southern ukraine 5 years ago. google's parent company alphabet has suspended some of its business with chinese tech giant weiwei saying it's complying with u.s. government orders the company's new smartphones won't have access to the google play store which includes apps like google and you too will keep you posted. as i still keep air on al jazeera we have more news at the top of the hour in the meantime keep it here inside story is that next.
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should rich nations dump their rubbish on developing countries the dispute between the philippines and canada is exposing this side of the global trade of waste disposal who should pick up the time trash this is inside story. welcome to the program i'm nick luck is often said that one man's trash is another
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man's treasure but that's not how the philippines sees dozens of shipping containers filled with waste from canada the cases spot to diplomatic disputes and is just one example of a global problem with managing rubbish like sarah brown takes up the story. this is some of the 2 and a half 1000 tons of trash that's been faced during in the philippines for 6 years shipped there by a canadian company initially labeled as recyclable plastic customs officials found everything from household waste to diapers for filipinos living near the ports the smell has become unbearable while environmentalists say it's more than the rubbish that stinks is. environmental problems it will set in for other me for. developed countries. ways here in the philippines. they say it's unacceptable for rich powerful nations to
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dump on poor countries which often struggle to dispose of their own garbage the philippines has demanded canada take back its russian refuse they've been protests high level talks and last week government leaders in manila recalled the ambassador to canada after the canadians failed to meet a deadline for action that shows that we are. very serious and asking them to get back their garbage otherwise. seem very religious with them. a filipino court ordered canada to take back the trash in 25th dame the same year justin trudeau became canada's prime minister he promised to look into the matter then and in 2017 when he visited manila not enough for the philippines president to a greater detail say he even threatened war. lord it well.
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then i would advise. that you have got a big. bear is grounded if that. this is an issue that we have been working very closely with the pit officials in the philippines on over the past months very hard over the past week so we're going to continue to work on this and we very much hope to get to a resolution shortly directive any resolution is years too late they say the dumping is not only immoral but illegal accusing canada of breaking international rules earlier this month around 180 countries agreed to make the global trade in plastic waste more transparent to protect people and the environment something the philippines hopes will work in its favor brian for inside story. one of the world bank says around $270000000.00 tons of waste is recycled
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globally every year and it's estimated that recycling is now worth $200000000000.00 china once led the global recycling trade but it banned waste imports 2 years ago because of the environmental threat and since then countries such as malaysia thailand indonesia and turkey have been picking up the slack but they are now concerned about becoming dumping grounds for rich countries thailand is imposing a ban by 2021 and the malaysians are cracking down on garbage imports. for more of this let's join our guests now a man in the know in the philippines on skype back on gifts regional coordinator for asia in the pacific for break free from plastics in beirut shaken an environmental engineer and founder of cedar environment an environmental and industrial engineering organization and also on skype from nice edward cozy
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a managing director of next tech a recycling consultancy welcome to you all if i could start with you in the philippines what happened here with the canadian shipment is that the plastic was labeled as recyclable but in fact it was not i was mystically at how widespread is such a practice always received from overseas by the philippines well it's very difficult to determine if all the shipments that arrive in the 15th are actually recyclable materials or waste because we don't have enough personnel to be able to determine. the kind of shipments that arrive. what's what kind of evidence do you have of too much waste coming from overseas around the country how prevalent is it and how much can you see it all the burning pyres of waste and so forth. well we we know all of us a minute illegally and retreat and out to
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a good thing and good time in a mixed race. that includes canada south korea. kept battles we know a lot about that unless we see it from communities or convenient the shipments that are arriving there in their places. it would cause your unease that it was just last year when all the china put a bearing on foreign waste imports can you talk about them how much plastic waste was going to china and and where that waste is now going. that's a very important point i can't give you the exact volumes that we're going to china but they were importing all the order of 12 to 14000000 tonnes per annum and those plastics were redirected then to other countries once china closed its doors and indeed some of the companies receiving plastics from china set up businesses in
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these other countries so they have set up there still is in malaysia thailand vietnam philippines to accept these materials that they could not bring in bar of china so we've got really a shift in the problem from china to these other countries and some of the facilities we know were set up and not approved by local authorities so in a sense though running illegally and some of those have been closed down quite publicly say as well so is it a 2 ended problem so you have the unscrupulous operators in the source country if you like who are sending in knowingly illegal shipments and then there are those who are prepared to receive them in the receiving countries is that what's happening. yes and i think we really should talk about the ones that are shipping contaminated materials in the 1st place. this is a very difficult thing to control because once something is loaded into
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a container and put onto a ship it's very hard to turn that around and get that back and the definition of purity is also not very well defined so if something is 95 percent salt or plastic well that's going to going to be quite a high quality material for recycling and yet if it's 50 percent sort of plastic and the balance is unwanted materials and non recycled materials then that material is unacceptable and should not really be shipped and indeed there are unscrupulous operators and this is been happening over a number of years and of course now philippines is in a position where if it accepts materials it may be except excepting with those that have been below what was really specified for proper recycling ok in barrys let me bring you in in lebanon the problem is much more home produced waste but it's led to turtle problems there describe some of those for us and tell
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us what's being done about it. actually our problems are also similar to all the others. what is really lacking is a complete infrastructure in place to deal with with generated waste you know what we've been famous he had of saying that we should change our perspective regarding waste and instead of looking at it as a as a problem let's say let's look at it as a resource to revalue this is the source you will need to install the infrastructure and oddly enough when when china busy banned all imports of recyclable materials chinese companies went to the states now and they are setting up in the states plastic recycling and paper recycling operations so that they can take advantage of the affordable materials now that that is
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there is a ban on exporting them. and i think eventually the whole word we will need to sign a conventions with a 3rd party said he cation is issued for any kind of reworked or remanufactured material due to go from 111 place to another and we need to make sure that it is pure to a certain extent and since sorting these materials is a bit costly this is why we face this problem no it was just before you go that it will get isn't there before he comes we will get into the and how we how we can deal with it but just just explain for us what the situation is like in lebanon what are you witnessing there on the streets how bad is the problem of trash around the place. nor the problem is not no sense after the
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crisis we we as a country set up to coastal land fins and now 50 percent of the waste of the country goes into goes to be land feed and these 2 coastal land phones now how long can we afford to do that they say have to about a year and a year and a half and i'm not sure we are ready we are not working on a plan b. fast enough to install the infrastructure so we might see garbage back on the streets probably 2 years from no right so. from your point of view we have this convention that we were talking about and all film a little bit earlier which now just last week in fact has been upgraded to add plastic to the convention which is it's a treaty that regulates the movement of hazardous materials between countries how important is that kind of international agreement to stop this kind of dispute
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that's ongoing between kind of there and the philippines would you say i think it's a very significant step forward in terms of dealing with trade and we. now it allows countries to refuse. contact me to bring it being sent to them. and edward the problem with the convention of course as you well know is that i think if something like a 187 countries signed up to it but not the united states you are the biggest producer or biggest exporter of waste around the world what do you make of that well i think that's very unfortunate and i think the the paines authorities have a right to make sure that materials coming in are of a suitable quality. this is really not modern a moral thing to do to ship materials that are not recyclable i understand the economic argument that.


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