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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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as fighting continues in libya the united nations security council is holding an opening briefing to discuss the situation we'll be live in new york. think of this is live from doha also coming up. iran's president says he's open to talks with the u.s. but not in the current climate using the administration of having a novice politicians with naive ideas. while he's found a remains defiant after the united states blacklist the chinese tech giant over national security. a new study warns global sea levels could rise to
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meet by the end of this century unless drastic action is taken. the united nations security council is holding an open briefing at this hour to discuss the situation in libya the special envoy for libya. will update the council on the latest developments the meeting comes after the government had cut the main water supply to tripoli leaving up to 2000000 people without water for do day 2 days this is are live pictures now of the u.n. security council chamber they see delegates still gathering in there right now we will go to that as and when it begins so stay with us for. iranian president has sanna rouhani has called the u.s. administration novice politicians with naive ideas in his words it is the latest
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war of words between the 2 countries earlier rouhani said he favors diplomacy with washington but the current situation he says is not suitable for talks the u.s. says it is strengthening its military presence in the region over unspecified threats from iran on monday iran had announced it would quadruple its production of low enrich uranium samus ravi reports now from tehran. * in iran ramadan is usually a time of spiritual reflection charity and family but for a 2nd year in a row as iranians began a month of fasting there was escalating pressure from the united states. every day they face angry exchanges with american leaders a buildup of u.s. forces on their doorstep warnings to commercial flights in or near iranian airspace and threats from arab neighbors saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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and bahrain all that on top of an economy in freefall from the failure to out of the sky that it will trump or america can't do anything iran is not iraq even though they are strong iran's armed forces will stand against them that's going to get. them is on your mark we think our military is as strong as bass but it isn't we should never place america directly i'm afraid because we keep saying they can't do anything they finally well and the seat of the islamic revolutionary guard corps that took to the streets in the revolution and changed everything something iranian people speratus to that level but it isn't. a u.s. carrier strike group deployed close by in the arabian sea was for some a chance for a little levity a widely shared post has the abraham lincoln up for sale on a website for used goods. but for me. any talk of war is a real concern that some hope can be resolved through dialogue because one of my
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giving in the 2nd edition me i think if they enter into talks it would be better because this is the 21st century and we should avoid war now is the time for dialogue jank even as a man and a man also god of war in my opinion is not good for us now negotiation is the best our government could overlook some issues if this pressure could be reduced speaking to a group of young artists iranian president hassan rouhani said he always remains open to the idea of dialogue but not with us bullies even if it means taking on the world alone. iranians too young to remember when their country last fought a war say fighting america seems unreal. yet many say they have more faith in the country's strategic defenses than its economy in the past year the prices of fast moving consumer goods like food and household items have all gone up even bread a staple of the iranian diet that has been price controlled for decades is more expensive now and in some places the price of
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a piece of bread has tripled whether they have known war or not a few here are keen to rush into battle with the united states in a meeting of the to her own city council this week chairman most in hushed me rafsanjani the son of a founding father of the islamic republic warned that dissatisfaction and the possibility of unrest over high prices is iran's biggest immediate threat more so than another american war in the middle east same basra the old jazeera. or earlier we spoke in the tubes where we director of the gulf study center of qatar university he says iran doesn't want to hear from the u.s. national security adviser john bolton. what what iran wants to hear from washington is actually the president they don't want to hear that is because they know bolton is pushing 2 words confrontation or even but they want to hear words of where the president is going iran is calculations very clear that the maximum the president
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kind of state is 5 years does it worth to enter a confrontation with this president doesn't work to have a war to which basically iran will be losing may be the region will lose its existence from the history of iranian the last 3040 years this does a world so the best solution is to go and find an exit strategy this as you can go where the opening of an or behind door negotiation or actually. you know before coming as negotiation that solution on the table however it already is side they are looking to administration to see whether the trump can offer something because they need to see someone just to attack just to you know to. undermine iran or actually has a kind of a something to iran i think the president and the only those who want to they want to see whether the time can offer them something so they can take it take it and the and then start speak about the next step let's go live now to kimberly halkett
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to is at the white house for us in washington so kelly how much skepticism in is there in the u.s. congress on iran and any potential threat that the white house has been arguing. there's enormous skepticism about the intelligence and so this is why for weeks members of congress have been asking the trumpet ministration to brief them on the threat as well as the plans to deal with any potential threat so we know that the administration is sending up the u.s. secretary of state along with the acting defense secretary and the chair of the joint chiefs of staff to grieve not only the senate but also the house of representatives but getting to that skepticism the house which is controlled by democrats is also going to get sort of a 2nd opinion briefing if you will bringing in trunk critic former cia director john brennan as well as
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a former state department official wendy sherman who helped to negotiate the 2015 iran nuclear agreement so there is skepticism about the administration because donald trump himself in his own words in terms of foreign policy when it comes to iran has on the one hand been saying he's willing to sit down with the rons leadership on the other hand has been using language that many liken to outright bombast so with iran we'll see what happens but they've been very hostile they've really been the number one. provocateur or of tara in this country in the you know representing their country but certainly our country's been very much involved because we're trying to help a lot of people out and i don't mind that at all we have no indication that anything has happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force will have no choice and on the question of war kimberly can the white
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house allow the u.s. to actually go to war with iran without the permission of the u.s. congress. well by law it is congress that must approve any sort of action with regard to war but the white house and there are many that believe it is using the argument and the authorization of military force is something that came into effect following the september 11th attacks and would allow any administration to defend u.s. interests and personnel if there were any threat from al qaeda or any attack from al qaeda and we've seen in recent weeks the u.s. secretary of state making the link between al qaeda and iran arguing that because allegedly iran has allowed al qaeda operatives to transit through iran that this is a connection this is a what many democrats on capitol hill including nancy pelosi the house speaker say is a weak link at best still there are some members of congress including republican lindsey graham that believe this is
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a threat and it's real and tweeted in the last 24 hours that in his view iran has attacked pipelines and ships and of other nations and created what he called a threat stream against the american interests in iran or rather in iraq if iranian threats against american personal interests are activated we must deliver an overwhelming military response all right kimberly how can lie 1st in washington thanks kimberly back now to the u.n. security council we think on libya in new york it has just started. let's go live now and listen in in accordance with the rules so to someone of the console's professional rules of procedure i invite the representative of libya to participate in this meet the if you so decided. in accordance with the rules of denial of the consulate professional rules of procedure i invite the following brief 1st to participate in this meet the list of
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hands on salami special and present that the if and head of the united nations support mission in libya. with their smiles charity african union commissioner for peace and security would be so decided because jerry is joining fairfield your conference from. the sacred council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of its again agenda all right so you're listening to the start of the proceedings there the u.n. security council here in the president of the security council from indonesia. beginning proceedings for us james bays is following all of this live from u.n. headquarters in new york so james talk us through what we are expecting to hear today. in just moments you going to get sun salami who's the special representative of the united nations talking about what has been
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a dramatic month in libya talking about his plans for a national peace conference in good dharmas plans that were completely overturned. and an offensive that was launched by general haftar reaching the outskirts of tripoli that is stalled the whole political process i can tell you diplomats are telling me that the special representative is very unhappy about the way things have developed very and happy with the regional involvement in events that have taken place on the ground very concerned about recent reports of war crimes mr salami the special representative is now addressing the security council let's listen and i have to sources there has already been too much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to the permanent division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now the
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consequences and that is of the conflict are already painfully clear especially for the libyan people. over 460 dead 29 of them civilians over 2400 injured the majority of them civilians over 737-5000 people forced from their homes all of them civilians over half of the displaced are women and children humanitarian actors estimate that over 100000 men women and children remain trapped in immediate frontline is a as was over 400000 more in areas there actually impacted by these clashes while the conditions for migrants and refugees in libya where already dire prior to the conflict these conditions have now gone from bad to worse nearly
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3400 refugees and migrants are trapped in detention centers exposed to or in close proximity to the fighting the u.n. humanitarian agencies have been working around the clock to transfer the most vulnerable from the conflict affected areas to safer locations and i'm very very proud of they're worth. mr president when the secretary general visited libya on the 3rd of april his visit was intended to show the full support of the international community to the peaceful resolution of libya's long period of upheaval the capital was enjoying a measure of increased security the population a much more stable currency and improved economic outlook and the political process despite many obstacles was moving forward indeed we were on the eve of hosting the national conference in the libyan city of of the dam it's an event that would have brought together over $150.00 libyans from across the country there was
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a great public excitement about what the conference could yield in terms of the way forward to end libya's 8 year long period of transition and usher in a new period of stability and security through the ballot box to see those who had and flues yes the cli accepted our invitation to the dam is suddenly taking up arms against each other to attack the capital or to defend it has thrown me into the deepest level of sadness for the opportunity lost and for a hope killed exactly 10 days before that realisation that back on tripoli also imperil the potential of the talks which had been held on this 27th of february and i would have between prime minister satirize and general have to have the 6 of its kind between them at those talks that had been the real opportunity to replace the government of national accord and tripoli to solve the parallel government and by them and create an inclusive unified national government which would have shepherd
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of the country through the election process to the end of the transitional period the understanding is reached and i would be had also placed the military and the civilian control a key demand of the vast majority of libyans and many in the international community. mr president i am no cassandra. but the violence on the outskirts of tripoli is just the start of a long and bloody war on the southern shores of the mediterranean imperiling the security of libya's immediate neighbors and the wider mediterranean region the security vacuum created by there was the role of many of the general have those troops from the south couple was the focus of the western forces on the defense of the capital is already being exploited by die and by al qaida and the sounds of libya the black flags of their eyes are appearing and i am dismayed to report that since april 4th there have been 4 separate dashed attacks in the south of libya 2
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attacks and would do one in 7 and one just a few days ago in. the cumulative toll of the attacks has been 17 killed more than 10 wounded and 8 kidnapped libyan forces that had in the past courageously defended their country against these terrorist groups are now busy fighting each other in addition to the innocent libyans being ruthlessly subjected to the increasing terror that there will be spillover of the violence to libya's immediate neighbors there are numerous reports of extremists persons under international sanctions and individuals wanted by the international criminal court appearing on the battlefield on all sides. all parties must publicly dissociate themselves from such elements without delay and refer to the i.c.c. those for whom arrest warrants have been issued i recommend that the council
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support the formation of a commission of inquiry to determine who has taken up arms and support this stablish moment of mechanism to ensure the exclusion of and wanted elements not less worrying is the fact that arms are pouring in again to all sides the blatant and televised breach of the arms embargo by the apparent delivery over a large quantity of weapons and adam are very close to d.n.a. forces in tripoli a few days ago comes on the heels of earlier and ongoing deliveries of banned modern weaponry to the l n a many countries are providing weapons to all parties in the conflict without exception the amount and sophistication of these weapons are already causing greater numbers of casualties without a robust enforcement mechanism the arms embargo into libya will become a cynical joke some nations are fueling this bloody conflict the united nations
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should put an end to it. the conflict has been characterized by the use of airstrikes heavy artillery and the indiscriminate shelling of residential areas and i'm other nights normally convivial is spent in the company of one's neighbors and family have become periods of sheer terror for the residents of the capital waiting in fear for the next that act since mid april there has been a rising number of my time precision strikes on jenae positions and around tripoli by an unknown aircraft ever injuring 5 in night on may the 8th munition to pull belonging to the d.n.a. line knights was hit in an airstrike that was within a kilometer of the u.n. compound where we were and live mr president the large number of casualties has overburdened already weakened health facilities struggling with
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shortages of medical personnel and supplies 11 ambulances were directly hit by airstrikes rockets and shelling while on duty i am appalled by the apparent disregard for the due protection of personnel in gauging in the vital medical tasks and recall that attacks against health workers constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian law were also deeply concerned by the sharp increase in abductions disappearances and arbitrary arrests since the start of the current conflict at least 7 officials and employees were arbitrarily detained or kidnapped in east and west libya the fate of all these individuals remains unknown and there may be others who have disappeared under similar circumstances journalists also facing freezing threats intimidation and violence often in connection with reporting on the conflict. i therefore called for your
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unique walk vocal support in insisting on the application of international humanitarian law with all parties to the conflict we need to demonstrate to those who commit violations that impunity will not prevail we need to sanction those who use the fog of war to settle violently personal or political scores as the conflict rolls on libya's social fabric is unraveling at an alarming rate calls for the heart of the fighting and a conciliation among the warring parties are being drowned out by internal and regional parties who have weaponize social media to dr fay can use false narratives and expression of hate that more deeply divide the population the mission has established a mechanism to monitor hate speech online and the office of the high commissioner for human rights has already referred a number of cases of incitement to facebook mr president the u.n.
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maintains an active presence on the ground in libya and tripoli and through our hub that we have naturally scaled down our nonessential personnel given the situation but we remain in libya alongside the libyan people to deliver it as best as we can all over 42000 people have received some kind of assistance through u.n. programs since the start of the conflict. prices of food are rising across the country as shortages start to insecurity and resource demands of the parties to the conflict are exacerbating these shortages but piccalilli in regards to fuel another casualty of the conflict is libya's infrastructure including electricity and water already unable to meet demand the water supply to the capital and the whole of northwest libya has been weaponized as armed groups have cut of the manmade river to extract concessions this act caused stands of thousands of people in immediate
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danger and may constitute a war crime such acts must be condemned in the strongest terms the only positive economic indicator is that all parties have so far acted in the national interest by not impeding the oil supply however but are indications that the eastern branch of the national oil companies again at them think to export oil in violations of the sanctions regime this illegal at them risks dividing the national company which remains the primary source of revenue for the country and the national social safety net. mr president don't discount libyan resilience in the face of this tragic turn of events since the 30 years of march libyan citizens have shown admirable resolve in democratically elect thing newman a simple counsels and 22 minutes a ballot is in the western and southern part of libya 18 of these councils have already sworn in their mayors it's unfortunate that some elections had to be
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postponed for security reasons in that regard i know of the efforts. by the parallel government in the east to appoint mayors or block municipal elections from being held to denial of the rights of all libyans to elect their local representatives it is vital to keep the pilot light of democracy alive in libya and i appeal to the council to land its unqualified support to the continuation of the municipal election process mr president there is no military solution to the area there is no military solution to libya this is not a cliche it's a fact and it's high time for those who have harbored this illusion to open their eyes and adjust themselves to this reality libya's mosaic of communities cannot be governed without alliances and relationships the retching across the country it was to be through the national conference bringing these myriad communities together so that talk for an inclusive peaceful and prosperous future existed. i hear many
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libyans telling us that the political process cannot ignore the present war as if it did not take place they are right they are a that is a before and after april 4th and we as impartial mediators need to adjust that process in order to bridge the deep gap of mistrust that has prevailed since that day our consultations with the parties as well as with man and women of influence have not seized and we struggle to maintain a minimum of political fluidity among the various groups who will sooner rather than later will need to come back and devise together a better future for their children and a more peaceful formula for power and resource sharing for that libyans need for. for the international community instead of being the amplifying mirror for their live events to work in unison to mitigate and alleviate these divisions
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a better future is still possible but to all must be seized with the fields urgency of now while the frontlines remain on the outskirts of tripoli and before the battle moves god forbid to the capital is more densely populated neighborhoods this will require concerted and immediate action by the international community without the international region as they called they could and i think that libya is not a prize for the strongest but the country of 6 and a half 1000000 people who deserve peace and the right to collectively determine their own path forward the future of libya will be bleak i fear that without immediate action to stop the flow of arms and pressure on libyan parties to the conflict to enable a return to serious dialogue libya will descend into civil war which could potentially lead to a hopsin all against or state of care was or but the sion of the country full civil
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war in libya is not inevitable it may occur by the will of some parties and by the inaction of others i hear libyans resigning themselves to a conflict of many months or even many years my duty and that of this family of nations is to tell them no. you need to stop the fighting and stop it now for the sake of your loved ones for the sake of your country and for the sake of international peace and security i therefore request this is the body to take up its responsibility to urge the silencing of the guns and for the warning put these thing gave was the mission to ensure that food and comprehensive decision of hostilities and it had. been inclusive you and lead political process thank you. so we've just been hearing there from that sent me the special representative of the secretary general and head of the u.n. support mission in libya giving his current assessment of the die a situation there and the toll that it's taken particularly on the people of libya
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he said that some semblance of progress had been made up until the moment when the renewed fighting began he called on the council to support an investigation into what's been happening there he talks specifically about the flood of weapons deliveries to all parties in the conflict and that there needed to be a robust in foresman mechanism. that to to address this he continued to say that u.n. u.n. staff would can would remain in libya to help the libyan people and he talked at length about the suffering that this was putting on the people there jonathan winer is a former united states special envoy for libya he joins us now via skype from maryland so what's your take on what you've been hearing here from the u.n. . well mr solomon where you delivered the same messages last week it's just we're.
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finding the star. the u.n. security council is just for a cease fire. is it just coming into the country. to be a political issue of the current u.s. putting together to say please just tend. to our. troops. what do you say to those who've been who've been arguing that the international community may be doing more harm than good here in libya and that it is this is a conflict that needs to be settled by libyans themselves and that's what's happening right now is is simply fueling the conflict. well we've seen a dynamic in which libyans have relied on paper and straps on libya to provide the money for them political support to provide them well it's certainly happening right now on both sides it's been happening for a good long time as the u.n.
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panel of experts demonstrated focusing on particular weapons laws by some of the supporters of the libyan national army. so if countries that are outside libya are divided and pick different clients those clients are going to think they can then conquer libya. by the strongest and take libya is a process that's not going to work in libya that is a recipe for civil war and terrorism and the fighting the it's to stop other the it's to be a political ready solution so how do you expect the members of the security council to react to what they've just heard given that they declare division that there is within the council at the moment on how to go forward. i'm confident the will maps of the military people ready who know libya best throughout the world understand what
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a disaster. this current civil war ready is the question of whether the political leaders of every country recognizes will one i capture i hope they do certainly the career professionals recognizes and while the worst i am hopeful the un will act. so where do you where do you expect this to go from here if say there is not nothing meaningful comes out of the un at the moment. if nothing meaningful comes out of the un most likely both sides will continue to grab as many weapons as they can islamic state will grab as many weapons as they can carry out attacks amidst the fog of war and the conflict between the other 2 coreys a lot of innocent people will ready die will be a growing humanitarian crisis will be a risk free overall economy as well start getting shut lluvia efforts to develop the. oil and each side will think by continuing to fight it to gain advantage it's
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having international unity that can begin to deny that fallacy that if we just fight a little more we can get on the ground which we can then translate into a political victory it's not going to work that way they need to stop fighting they've stopped fighting battles good to speak we appreciate your thoughts on this jonathan winer former u.s. special envoy for libya joining us via skype there from a bit. mallon stay with us on here on in jena we'll have the latest reaction to this and all the other stories that we're covering here on the stream is up next and then in about half an hour from now my colleague down george will have the news out at 1500 stay with us for that. after more than a month of voting the biggest democracy in the world will announce its election results indians voted with a record turnout but will the government maintain its. joining us on
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al-jazeera and live coverage of the election results. and you're in the street and i have a dream how are young people forcing world leaders to act on climate change today we dive into a new al-jazeera documentary highlighting the social justice movements pushing for reform. u.n. secretary general antonio gates yet as the world is facing a climate emergency and with political will to respond to the problem there is a growing movement of young people fighting to address the inaction and its rise explores the impact these movements are having in a new episode now airing on al-jazeera the u.s. is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just.


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