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of police violence the sensationalizing the demonstration with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the hours they were news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes iran's president accuses the u.s. administration of having novice politicians with naive idea to magick to any talks for now. there has already been through much death and. warning by the u.n. that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. and a call to consider people fleeing venezuela's refugees we'll hear from a senior u.n. official on why it's making that up. and a senior u.s. house politician threatens to sue the former white house attorney after he skips
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a hearing on the russian investigation on president trump's orders. iran's president hassan rouhani has called the u.s. administration naive politicians with naive dia's is the latest salvo in a war of words between both countries earlier rouhani said he favors diplomacy with washington but the current situation isn't suitable for talks with the u.s. says it strengthening its military presence in the region because of unspecified threats from iran on monday iran announced it has quadrupled its production of low enriched uranium well we have correspondents both in iran and the u.s. keeping track of the story will go to the interrogative moment but 1st let's talk to can be how to get in washington d.c. can be as much skepticism is there in congress regarding iran and any potential threat as the white house is arguing. there's quite
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a bit of skepticism on capitol hill particularly when it comes to the intelligence and particularly among democrats in the house of representatives and that may be further sort of underscored in terms of the concerns based on statements coming from the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan he has told reporters in just the last hour or so that well c he believes that the threat from iran remains high the potential for attacks on americans in his words has been put on hold he would not elaborate further with reporters what he meant by that but his heading to capitol hill where he will join the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o as well as the chair of the joint chiefs of staff to brief not only skeptical democrats in the house of representatives but also the republican controlled senate now there are concerns about the intelligence that maybe the trumpet ministration has a zagg generated the threat with respect to iran but there's also been confusing
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and mixed messages many argue from donald trump himself the commander in chief on the one hand he has said he is willing to sit down with iran's leadership on the other hand he has threatened and spoken with outright bombast so 1 with a rod we'll see what happens but they've been very hostile they've really been the number one. provocateur or of tara this country of the you know representing their country but certainly our country has been very much involved because we're trying to help a lot of people out and i don't mind that at all we have no indication that anything has happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force will have no choice and can really can the white house some loud the u.s. to go to war with iran without the permission of the u.s. congress. legally only congress can approve war but there are fears on capitol hill by some members of congress that the administration is
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crafting a legal argument using the authorization of military force that is something that was put in place following the september 11th attacks that allows the administration to defend attacks on u.s. personnel and interests by al qaida and now the argument recent weeks by the secretary of state might pump a on at least one capitol hill hearing was that because there is an argument being made that operatives have transited through iran that there is a link but i can tell you there's pushback with regard to that link by the house speaker nancy pelosi still there are very hawkish republicans including senator lindsey graham that have been tweeting that if iranian threats against american personnel interests are activated we must deliver an overwhelming military response so those hearing set to take place rather closed door briefings with administration officials no question that well they are closed door we're likely to hear from some of the members of congress following those briefings on steps moving forward kimberly thank you for that let's cross over now to same buzz ravi he's live for us
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in the iranian capital as a mere runyan president hassan rouhani has just spoken about the crisis what would he have to say. well president hasan rouhani is on a visit to the western us or by john project he's there to inaugurate some infrastructure projects including a dam and it seems that every activity he partakes in even these domestic ones have taken on a political tone recently he said that the infrastructure projects that he was opening earlier today those are a decisive form of defiance against the white house a response to the aggressive american economic pressure and they basically illustrate to him in his interpretation their illustrate of of the fact that even though iran is under so much pressure from us sanctions from u.s. policies against it in the region it can continue to develop its domestic projects and could continue to invest in its own domestic economy he also said that in many
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ways the projects that it is moving forward are not just a form of defiance but he was taking the long view and even predicted that in the future the united states would be forced to apologize for a lot of its aggressive maneuvering and policies towards iran because of international pressure and again he reiterated his point that iran will not be forced to bow down to bullies and tyrants speaking like that about the united states and saying what about ordinary iranians on the streets and how worried are they about all this talk of war with iran is that we have spoken to continue to say that yes war is a concern it is an existential threat a conflict with the united states remains a fear for many iranians but they say that the more immediate problem they are facing is financial they're devolving currency and continued american sanctions that are eating away at iran's economy. in
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iran ramadan is usually a time of spiritual reflection charity and family but for a 2nd here in a row as iranians began a month of fasting there was escalating pressure from the united states. every day they face angry exchanges with american leaders a buildup of u.s. forces on their doorstep warnings to commercial flights in or near iranian airspace and threats from arab neighbors saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain all that on top of an economy in free fall on the day it's one of these guys that's it will trump or america can't do anything iran is not iraq even though they are strong iran's armed forces will stand against them that's going to get more dire than is only a more we think military is as strong as past but it isn't we should never face america directly i'm afraid because we keep saying they can't do anything they finally well and the and the islamic revolutionary guard corps that took to the streets in the revolution and changed everything something iranian people speratus
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to that level but it isn't. a u.s. carrier strike group deployed close by in the arabian sea was for some a chance for a little levity a widely shared post has the abraham lincoln up for sale on a website for used goods. but for many talk of war is a real concern that some hope can be resolved through dialogue because one of my giving in the 2nd edition i mean i think if they enter into talks it would be better because this is the 21st century and we should avoid war now is the time for dialogue jank even as it is also about a war in my opinion is not good for us now negotiation is the best our government could overlook some issues if this pressure could be reduced speaking to a group of young artists iranian president hassan rouhani said he always remains open to the idea of dialogue but not with us bullies even if it means taking on the world alone. iranians too young to remember when their country last fought
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a war say fighting america seems unreal. yet many say they have more faith in the country's strategic defenses than its economy in the past year the prices of fast moving consumer goods like food and household items have all gone up even bread a staple of the iranian diet that has been price controlled for decades is more expensive now and in some places the price of a piece of bread has tripled whether they have known war or not a few here are keen to rush into battle with the united states in a meeting of the to her own city council this week chairman most in hushed me rafsanjani the son of a founding father of the islamic republic warned that dissatisfaction and the possibility of unrest over high prices is iran's biggest immediate threat more so than another american war in the middle east. let's bring in
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shafiq gabber he's a professor of political science at kuwait university joins us live now from kuwait city the iranian president says he's willing to talk to the u.s. but not in the current climate what do you make of this statement is he perhaps leaving the door slightly open the possibility of talks. well i guess the only way out is. a level of talk and it's it's getting very very heated. however. it is also clear to me that a war in this region will only be destructive to everybody not on duty to iran but to us also on the other side of the gulf but also to the u.s. and its interests so this is a very. crisis that has gone way beyond the not mad rationale and i guess that is
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a very easy attempt to push for this war and to bring the u.s. to be involved that the people that go at house are looking from an israeli lens to the situation in the middle east maybe part of that is related to the whole idea of trying to import solution palestine that is not a solution that has no basis and therefore there is a lot of complexity going on iran is a strong country it has the will it will resist. it is there is no way but to negotiate probably something a little bit more enhanced in terms of what can be done to really activate this entire situation it's an important point to make about the deescalation because you saw the surprise letter from iran yesterday urging the u.n. secretary general to arrange talks to ease tensions but no mention of the u.s. in this letter so what's iran expecting the u.n.
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to do here do you think. well as you can see the u.s. is going all the way on its own and. past wars had you and stem this escalation has that's not having you and stan does not have even a consensus at the level of the world and therefore you don't have the chinese on board you're going to have the russians is on tap i would say the europeans as well so we're in there in a difficult situation where the superpower the us superpower is taking decisions on its on becoming more adventurous stick more inclined to create crisis. where this will only complicate the situation and that looks on a crisis over iran will bring in probably the chinese the turks there in the end it will bring in the russians it will it will completely look at venezuela for example
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look at syria look at. ukraine the us cannot go on its on a dictating the way it used to and it cannot do that ok in this environment and particle that that's the left on here we have to find a way out and there has to be some dialogue that can be escalates mr gubb let's bring in the nuclear complexity here because iran made the surprise announcement it was going to quadruple low your reign in richmond how much is this being seen as a way for terror on to win back leverage and is this a dangerous time because it pretty much starts another nuclear crisis doesn't it. well my reading of their in yes they're very patient they they look at policy in long term look how they benefit from the u.s. invasion and change or for human iraq they ended up being on top they have
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benefited from the israeli invasion of beirut which ended the presence of the p.l.o. and 1982 and ended up with hezbollah on the top. this is also we need to see how the us has behaved over the years and how the israelis have behaved over the years they have created the other results that counter exactly what they were looking for so then you clear again. there was a deal and everybody agreed europeans the russians the u.s. britain and the u.s. withdrew from that deal and therefore i think the iranians are trying to send that message that is still committed but at the same time they are a playing with other factors to bring. a situation where they go back to the deal now i would say the that the u.s. is also looking at this that 80 lanced as you know there's rael is do have
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a nuclear power it is not going to go lifted it does not come under any international law they have that so so there's always these contradictions ok you asked agrees and doesn't doesn't do anything about an israeli nuclear power and now we're looking at the situation with iran i think it's all about what the iranians are bringing ok what i'm going to say we have to now it would be helpful he would have gone to him fine it was very much an hour and and that is that the level ok thank you very much indeed for your time really good talking to you thank you. now iraq's prime minister says he's sending a delegation to the united states and iran there are concerns a military confrontation could lead to a renewed conflict in iraq which is a u.s. ally and iran's neighbor reports from the iraqi capital. iraqi fighters backed by iran fighting eisel in 2014. experts say that without the popular mobilization forces o.p.m.
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arabs the victory over eisel in iraq may not have been won. but with the u.s. now increasing pressure on iran many iraqis are concerned that they will be caught in the middle of washington says the pm in for one of iran's proxy fighting forces and or a potential threat to u.s. interests in iraq including about 5200 u.s. soldiers stationed here there are tens of thousands of fighters among different p.m.a. factions in iraq and. america wants to control this region and to exploit its resources and frankly that's why we totally stand with the republic of iran and its people because iranian people are being oppressed by the sanctions also there is a religious bond between us that's another motive to support iran. 1 pm at function led by the influential shiite cleric muktodhara solder has distanced itself from iran but said that any party that threatens iraq's stability is an
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enemy neither iraq nor its people combat another war he tweeted on monday we need peace and reconstruction any party that ignites iraq with war and makes it a battlefield will be an enemy of the iraqi people. the u.s. has withdrawn its non-emergency staff from the embassy in baghdad there was an evacuation of exxon mobil foreign workers over the weekend from an oil field in the south of the country a katyusha rocket was fired into the green zone which is home to the u.s. embassy on monday night nobody claimed responsibility as the war of words continues between the u.s. and iran the atmosphere here in iraq is increasingly tense. the iraqi prime minister says any u.s. intelligence about increasing threats to u.s. interests in iraq is wrong and his country has been mediating between both sides to try and avoid further escalating tension and. iraq is very concerned
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that its country might be a battleground so iraq is seeking solutions between the iranians and the u.s. and their allies including saudi arabia iraq knows that if this fireball grows bigger it will set a blaze in the society dividing it deeply. p.m.s. will formally integrated into iraq military and security apparatus in 2016 they take part in raids on eisel sleeper cells in iraq almost every day but amid fears of a military confrontation between the u.s. and iran there are questions over how these iran backed fighters in iraq would respond. like that. i let's not so to come here on the news hour including we'll be live in buenos aires as one of latin america's most polarizing politicians goes on trial for corruption. a family and a nation divided we'll have the latest on the case that's become the center of french debate on the right to die. and in sport
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a look back at the life and times of one of formula one's greatest ever drives that's all still to come. now the u.n. special envoy to libya has warned the country is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war. he was speaking at a un security council briefing on the latest situation in libya the meeting comes after gunmen cut the main water supply to tripoli leaving up to 2000000 people without water for 2 days and i did about the editor james bays joins us live now from the united nations james said another u.n. security council meeting on libya what they have to say this time around well. who is the u.n. special representative giving a very sobering briefing of the situation in libya over a dramatic and destabilizing period for the country he took the security back council back to the beginning of april when he said there was an improved economic
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outlook the currency was beginning to stabilize there was people looking quite positively at the political situation and then of course there was the offensive by general haftar that completely changed things he actually started offensive while the u.n. secretary general and tonio could terrorists was visiting libya and this now is what mr salami says is the situation in the country. 48 days into the attack on tripoli by general have to us forces there has already been too much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to the permanent division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now so james also discussions at the u.n. but i mean how relevant is the u.n. in this conflict to still have a significant role to play. well certainly the u.n.
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believes it's the solution to the conflict because it has a plan that was completely overturned by general half those actions and some of the key players including some of those that are sympathetic to general haftar actually sit all the u.n. security council that i think is why some of the comments from mr salami i think will put some pressure on the wider u.n. membership particularly some of the regional countries and on the security council because he said there had been widespread breaches of the arms embargo that's officially been in place since 2011 and he said it was time for the u.n. to make that stock to make those arms deliveries stop he also said that there were reports of ongoing war crimes taking place on the fresh in the fresh battles around tripoli and some of those that previously been named by the international criminal court were involved in the fighting once again so i think there will be pressure on the security council remember this is a divided security council that
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a few weeks ago wasn't even able to come up with a resolution on a ceasefire around tripoli now one country that seems to have changed its position a number of times on this is the u.s. we know that at one point president trump phone general haftar that may well have been a sign of support to general haftar will certainly now the acting u.s. ambassador jonathan cohen who spoke just a few moments ago is again calling for a cease fire so there may well be fresh efforts to put a resolution in place but clearly the situation in libya the humanitarian situation the idea of political political settlement has been set back a very long way by general have those offensive one last bit though of slightly good news for the u.n. and that's reports we're waiting for u.n. confirmation but records coming out of government sources in tunisia that months of car tass who is one of those that have been investigating the breaches of the arms
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embargo is one the u.n. panel of experts he had been arrested by the we understand just before the security council meeting he has been freed all right james bays there at the u.n. james thank you. well the u.n. says most of the people who fled venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection governments not to deport them over 3000000 have left the country since 2015 as the economy has crumbled a power struggle is continuing between president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader one guy though the un's refugee agency says between $3.50 venezuelans are still leaving every day for less than half a 1000000 of sort of formal asylum mostly in other latin american countries let's bring in lives through a cell she's a u.n.h.c.r. spokesperson and joins us now from geneva the u.n. estimates around 3700000 people have left venezuela since the crisis began and you now saying that most of these are in need of international refugee protection why is the u.n.
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making this suggestion now well the reason is that we have seen a progressive deterioration of the situation in venezuela but regards to politics economics the hanna terry and the human rights situation so what we're saying is that we now consider it's absolutely vital that the majority of venezuelans are offered international refugee protection venezuelans in many cases are unable to go back home they're suffering from the point of view of persecution but also deterioration in the conditions inside the country one example is a father who spoke to u.n. refugee colleagues who said that he decided to take his family to brazil after 3 of his relatives including his 9 month old daughter died and he put it quite bluntly he said we either leave or we die so so is the aim that the unit's yars guidance notes make it easier for states and for judges in those states to give people asylum but but i suppose the question is the decision in the end still lies with
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those states doesn't it. well it is a guidance note it is helping hoping to to assist those that will make decisions what we are saying is that we totally understand that the scale of the numbers of venezuelans arriving in countries is challenging and it is complex we recognize that and we recognize that the countries of latin america and the caribbean have made efforts to host venezuelans in some cases they have offered them temporary visas or work arrangements to enable them to stay but what we are saying is that given that the infrastructure in their silence systems may be overwhelmed it really is important for the governments to focus on giving venezuelans international refugee protection and it may be very difficult maybe impractical to do individual determinations so in that case we are advising that they consider venezuelans as a group in order to give them asylum and you're also calling on states to ensure
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that venezuelans regardless of their legal status are not deported or forcibly taken back to venezuela but your guidance isn't legally binding so that's going to be very difficult to police isn't it. well it is a call that we are making we think it is incredibly important to make it now given the fact that the numbers are continuing as you highlighted between 30025000 venezuelans leaving the country daily these are huge numbers these are complex challenges countries in the region are overstretched and it is absolutely vital that the international community steps up with humanitarian and development aid to help these countries host the venezuelans and also that is important given the deteriorating situation in the country venezuelans indeed a not sent back to venezuela list or so from the u.n.h.c.r. thank you very much indeed for talking to us. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the opposition controlled national
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assembly the next election wasn't due until late 2020 at least a dozen assembly members have been stripped of their legislative immunity and face charges of treason and subversion that coincides with talks held in the us with representatives of opposition leader one. who the rebels based in yemen say they have carried out more drone attacks in saudi arabia what saudi officials are describing as an explosive device targeted a civilian site in the saudi city of natura that's near the yemeni border no casualties are reported an oil pipeline was damaged in the kingdom last week the saudi led coalition in yemen says the who these are carrying out attacks for the support of iran. hundreds of u.s. congressmen and senators have sent a letter to the white house urging president trump not to pull troops out of syria the bipartisan plea argues the united states should remain engaged in the conflict to protect regional allies democrats and republicans voiced concern after trump announced the withdrawal last december. what's called boots on the ground
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has always been a complicated issue for the united states when it comes to the war in syria. at the height of the u.s. presence the pentagon had around 3000 troops there u.s. allied militia and coalition aircraft played an important role in reversing eisel territorial gains then the us president surprised many by declaring i suppose to feet and abruptly announced in december that u.s. forces were going home the u.s. defense secretary james mattis resigned a few days later blaming policy differences with donald trump. america shouldn't be doing the fighting for every nation on earth trumps reluctance to get sucked into a never ending commitment in syria was shared by his predecessor he criticizes so often barack obama trumps the original announcement to withdraw all u.s. forces from syria has evolved since december as allies and politicians raise their
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concerns from thousands to around $400.00 the u.s. presence is shrinking into a small stabilisation mission to support local partners making many members of congress uncomfortable nearly 3 quarters of them have called on the president to remain engaged in syria in order to limit the presence of what they call terrorists and counts or u.s. adversaries by supporting israel's military activities along its northern border using sanctions and diplomatic pressure on russia for supporting syrian president bashar assad and on iran for its support of hezbollah the letter does not call for the u.s. to maintain a permanent force in syria or say how many troops should be there. there's tremendous concern across the house and senate and probably within some element that the administration is well that you have open spaces within syria that can be taken over by the likes of isis hezbollah or factions groups loyal to our iran or russia. it's unclear if
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such a letter will push the white house into articulating a clear strategy for syria if it has one at all and these members of congress appear to be raising far more concerns than they are providing solutions and or chapell al-jazeera. for a short break here not just era when we come back the sound of her while he remains defiant despite the u.s. blacklisting his company. the coast guard perfect picture but rising sea levels could drown it all out quicker than we think. and without all the sports basketball the most dominant heading to the n.b.a. finals for a straight on the spirit. how i once again still no let up in the spring rains across parts of the middle east
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lots of cloud showing up around iraq iran pushing over towards afghanistan and to the north of that as well so we are going to see some unsettled weather once again anywhere from the caucasus from the black sea the caspian sea right across into iran but gobble it around $23.00 degrees celsius for the south what is hot sunshine for pakistan crunchy 35 to crease sea temperatures into the thirty's there 39 celsius for baghdad and 28 for beirut on the web site come thursday well 30 degrees in beirut 40 for baghdad so it's warming up bright skies less cloud by the station notice the shallows then further north pushing over towards afghanistan alone. once again we'll see if i don't try weather across parts of the arabian peninsula but in southern areas of saudi arabia just around the border with we could see one or 2 spots of rain some showers longer spells of race still in the forecast as we go on through the next day or so need for that wet weather by the way down to southern end of the red sea if you catch a show it could be
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a sharp one show it showers continue into northern parts of mozambique eastern areas of tanzania but for a good part of southern africa is fine and dry. the foreign ministry. of yugoslavia disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episode 3
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football rebels enters the world of footballing legend push each. who when from coaching boys football to teaching young men life president bush each of the siege of sarajevo on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour iranian president hassan rouhani has called the u.s. administration novice politicians with naive ideas the u.s. says it's strengthening its military presence in the region because of unspecified threats from iran. the u.n. says venezuelans feeling the political and economic crisis should be considered
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refugees and is urging governments offering refuge not to deport them 3000000 venezuelans upset abroad in the past 4 years. and the u.n. special envoy to libya has warned that the country's on the verge of descending into a long civil war which could lead to a permanent division on salama is warning came of the. the u.n. security council briefing moments ago. former white house counsel has failed to appear at a congressional committee on the russian investigation after donald trump instructed him to defy a subpoena and stay away the house judiciary committee says it will hold trump accountable for the no show one way or another done mcgann delivered some of the most damning testimony against the u.s. president during robert muller's investigation the white house says mcgann has constitution immunity from testifying let's talk to clare finkelstein she's a professor of law at the university of pennsylvania law school and joins us live now from philadelphia the white house's move to keep mcgann off capitol hill is just the latest in
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a series of current and former trump officials defining subpoenas from the democrats on how much hot water is done madame likely to be and. well congress really has no choice but to pursue this subpoena the ability to bring in witnesses and to place them before the american public and to demand their testimony really goes to the heart of congressional power so they can't just let this ride they're going to have to pursue it and the argument that mcgann has on the other side is that the president has ordered him not to appear and the office of legal counsel has an opinion saying that the president's view is correct however it's important to remember that the office of legal counsel does not make law congress has a legal power to enforce a subpoena but the office of legal counsel advice is just that namely soft advice to the president about positions the president may or may not take on the white
6:36 pm
house argues that as a former senior adviser to the president mcgann is exempt from having to appear before congress i mean how legally robust is that argument. it's a very weak argument the memo from the office of legal counsel is not making this claim on the basis of executive privilege they're making the claim on the basis of what they call testimonial immunity and the position that they maintain is that the president has complete immunity from appearing before congress any time he chooses and that that immunity extends to any of the presidents aides senior aides that's an argument that has no legal precedents in fact the only legal precedent goes the other way in the case of harriet miers who was subpoenaed to appear before congress during the 2nd bush presidency and the court held that in fact that subpoena was valid so i do not think that the president's position and backed up by
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the office of legal counsel is going to be a compelling one for a court at all ok so in terms of the next step then i mean the homes judiciary committee says it'll hold mcgann in contempt and take the issue to cool how's that going to play out what happens next i think this is very likely to catapult us into impeachment hearings and i'll vote the ranking member of the house judiciary committee gave a fiery speech today after chairman navl his opening remarks it may be that some republicans decided in fact to go along with this because right now the white house's stance is really challenging the authority of congress down to its very core and it will be very difficult for congress to survive intact if it excepts this so i think this may well be remembered as the moment that we were catapulted
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into impeachment hearings we already have a republican member of congress who has come out in support of it the tide may at this point be beginning to turn cliff interesting thank you very much talking to voters there. former president of argentina is denouncing the start of a corruption trial as a political smokescreen cristina fernandez de kirchner since the prosecutions aimed at hurting her chances of being elected vice president in october the tories abode joins us live now from but as i was to reason so just bring us up to date on this trial and what we are expecting. well this is the 1st trial cristina kirchner we know that she arrived about a one hour ago right behind me you can see a small group of her supporters that have come here to give them her they say that the case against her it's completely i think they will go with the regularity that what we know right now with that number of woman president there is not
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a threat you can get you going at that downing hording listen to the charges against her and 12 others and the whole trial is expected to last or year and what's interesting about the trial and in need help it is that it's going to be happening i don't have a presidential campaign it's not here yet feel that candidates are going to be but we know that quick enough our number is hoping to run our vice president. now though to this here. she was argentina's president for 80 years from 2007 to 2015. 4 years later cristina fernandez the kitchener continues to be one of the most important politicians in the country. right now she's on trial for her alleged role in a corruption probe worth millions of dollars during her administration. lawyers likely get on one of the sons say the links between kirshner and the businessman are a crucial part of the investigation that will be the nobody has been able to prove
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that she had corruption money but what has been demonstrated is how the former president used their hotels and other places to launder illicit money. money that allegedly came ass kicked backs from public works contracts from last advice a family friend who was a bank clerk turned tycoon when he 1st met the kershner family cristina kirchner will be appearing in this courthouse regularly from now on even though she's been implicated in more than 10 corruption investigations this is the 1st case that makes a full court cristina kirchner is now a senate or still see is protected with parliamentary immunity which prevents her imprisonment but not her prosecution. since leaving office cristina kirchner and members of her government have been indicted and accused of corruption one of them was even caught trying to hide around $9000000.00 in a monastery. but the former president says she's seen a cent and
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a victim of political persecution from her rival precedent. analysts say the judiciary in argentina tends to lean towards those in power. there is political persecution there is animosity and judges pushing cases improperly against certain political figures but i believe it has to do with the justice system as a source. suppose not because they're responding to those who are in government. was expected to run in the october presidential election against. the former president surprised everyone on saturday when she said she would run for vice president instead i company at the bottom and this former political ally a strategic move that is supposed to help her party win more votes new this year there is fear in disenchantment with my korean suspense there are 3 different fears
6:42 pm
the one who is afraid of christina votes for my create the one who is afraid of my creed votes for christina and the one who is afraid of both is not sure who to vote for. the trial is expected to last for a year a year in which she could make it back to power once again. well cristina kirchner tweeted before coming at least court house again thanks to the victim the argentinean she just scary thing about what's happening to her is the physical persecution that happened that happened. and i'm sure what they think of that whole trial when port of argentina is also i'm a little complaint made by god and that that they are irregularities that of course the outcome of both evaluation by the supreme court could have an impact on the trial you think during the governmental. personally accusations up eruption where the time that norway has
6:43 pm
a large sector of argentina population that did not get justice at that time and that's what got precedent now if you're not elected but then there's the other side of argentina people who say that corruption is not the real problem but in a quantity and those are the ones that are saying that they would vote no once again to resign thank you. protests leaders in sudan are calling on their supporters to prepare for a general strike demonstrators say they remain on the streets of the capital khartoum until a civilian led government is installed talks discussed just that are due to continue later on tuesday or so far the military and opposition alliance have been unable to agree on the makeup of a new ruling body. ukrainians are to head to the polls on july the 21st after their new president announced a snap election of a lot of mirrors the landscape mediately dissolved parliament after he was sworn in on monday the former t.v.
6:44 pm
actor beat former president petro poroshenko in the runoff elections last month. now in the last few minutes the british prime minister to resign may have been speaking trying to make an improved case briggs a deal to lead the european union let's bring in lawrence lee who joins us live now from london so what more has to reason may have been saying and what does all mean . well what it all means to towards a 2nd point 1st is it it's her absolutely last throw of the dice and should say were sold one last chance as she put it to try to get to secure some sort of legacy for herself if she steps down as prime minister in the next few weeks and get some source of deal pasts to avoid the u.k. leaving the european union with with no deal at all and so having spent 6 weeks eventually fruitlessly negotiating with the opposition labor party to try to come to a deal that all collapsed at the end of last week she's now trying to bring the hard
6:45 pm
side of her own party and all those level decisions who either don't want to leave the european union or at least want a 2nd referendum on boards similar tain is lead by offering concessions to both sides i won't go through them all now she she listed 10 of them but the main one to try to get labor m.p.'s on board because that's who she is now looking to to try to get the deal passed is by promising them a 2nd referendum if a deal goes through or least a vote on a 2nd referendum if a deal goes through and so in trying to do that she's effectively try and sue peel away labor m.p.'s opposition politicians and others from opposition parties who don't want breakfast at all to try to support it so on the promise that they would have a vote on a confirmation vote it's called on a 2nd referendum will it work is the question probably not it hasn't done so far this source of half in half out of the european union this has been trying to do has ended up over and over again appeasing absolutely nobody because over the
6:46 pm
course of time what's happened is that the positions of hardened and what you're seeing is a lot more people saying bracks it means equals no deal at all and on the other side everybody else saying we don't want brecht's it because it's going to be a disaster so probably the final for the dice will be a one rather than the 6 i should think lawrence thank you. not judges in france to force doctors to resume life support for a car crash victim at the center of the right to die debate vincent llambias suffered severe brain damage 11 years ago paralyzed in his arms and legs the 42 year old's been on life support ever since listening to his wife's wishes doctors had agreed to switch off support equipment on monday but the appeals court overturned that decision the tasha butler joins us live now from paris natasha so at the court's order doctors to resume life support for this man vincent lam bear on this reverse is an earlier court ruling so what's the background to this case and what does this latest ruling actually mean. well as case
6:47 pm
is a very high profile one in france's divided people across the country and in fact is actually torn apart his own family he's 42 years old in 2080 had a motorbike accident and since then he's been in a vegetative state in a hospital in eastern france where he can breathe on his own and he can sometimes open his eyes but he is on life support so doctors are having to feed him and also give him a hydrate him through artificial means now on monday a judicial following a judicial hearing doctors began to withdraw that life support because it was deemed that basically he's not going to recover but then just hours later a paris appeals court reversed the decision and then doctors are then forced to restore that life support to resume it and this is basically been happening more or less since 2013 because there have been battles in court since then over the
6:48 pm
question of whether or not fast on bear should be men taint alive through these artificial means that on one side you have his wife who says legal guardian who says that he should be allowed to die in a dignified manner that's what she says she says the doctors say he will not recover but on the other side you have his parents who are very devout catholics who say that everything should be done to keep him alive and just briefly so where does the country stand on this issue with drawing life support. well firstly in terms of euthanasia is such that is prohibited in far as any legally assisted dying with a doctor is also against the law but there are cases in france or the nor does provide i should say for cases in france where it is deemed that a person really will not recover their very particular cases there are many of them
6:49 pm
and in those cases doctors are allowed to withdraw life support and across europe you know this is a very sensitive very complex issue and there are countries such as the netherlands where things that you said days your and doctor assisted dying are legal there are countries like switzerland where only doctor assisted dying is legal in another's of course like frogs where though for those of completely it's very sensitive it's very complex and i think in a way a vast along in france has really become a symbol of that complexity natasha thank you for now the founder of who are always says the u.s. is underestimating the strength of his company when john fay warned that blacklisting the chinese tech giant in the u.s. would have implications for american companies later on monday the u.s. issued a temporary license allowing some companies to continue supporting existing while the networks and devices. although this time were on that blacklist our own company won't be affected by it but the u.s. is a country with the rule of law u.s.
6:50 pm
companies cannot avoid respecting the law which as the media reports on this they should deeply understand that u.s. companies share a common fate with us. global sea levels could rise by as much as 2 meters by the end of this century if the world's carbon emissions continue unchecked that's based on new research into how much melting ice sheets in greenland and antarctica will contribute to global sea levels but as our science and technology editor marion 100 ports researchers say there's still time to act. our planet's ice sheets are enormous around 10000000 square kilometers in size and they're melting but just tell much fresh water is flowing into our oceans and how quickly has been notoriously difficult to assess the climate can vary widely from one part to another they were affected by different way the ravines the thickness of the ice the temperature and flow of the ocean around it the long held view of the i.p.c.c.
6:51 pm
that the un body dealing with climate change has been that if we do nothing and continue on our current trajectory sea levels could rise by as much as a metre by 2100 here's the coastal city of miami by that assists meant but new scientific research just published in the u.s. predicts sea levels will rise by twice as much the city of shanghai would cease to exist along with many island nations and other coastal cities the to me to sea level rise that we we project $2100.00 is not the most likely scenario but it is a plausible scenario so it is one that we should consider if we want to plan and adapt to future sea level rise it was based on the assumption that we carry on increasing our emissions of greenhouse gases into the future and i mean sadly carbon emissions have carried on increasing even after the paris agreement on the 15th the all things combined to the assessments of 22 scientists and insist this is
6:52 pm
a worst case scenario a world where we have not taken action with global temperatures have hit 5 degrees celsius and the world sees have risen by 2 mases they say there is still time to wait but there has yet to happen just last week the national oceanic and atmospheric carbon dioxide in the its atmosphere from burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal is now at its highest level in human history. and to 0. i have another short break here and i'll just say that when i come back i will the sport gone as all time leading goalscorer decides to call time on his international break that story coming up or that. once and the magic. now settled in towns and villages. but many
6:53 pm
are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2 a girls none of them have citizenship 0 world meets the great people. who are out on going to the persons can see them. stateless in lebanon. on al-jazeera. will go back tell us what his farm they are and thank you so much nicky lauder one of formula one's greatest ever drivers has died at the age of 70 the austrian won 3 world titles claiming 2 of them after a near fatal crash in 1986 we welling his looks back at his career. in his
6:54 pm
prime ikey lauder was one of the most famous and fastest people in sport formula one world champion 3 times 2 of these titles came after an astonishing with coverage from a crash that almost killed him. and dressmakers lauder was born in vienna in 1949 but the age of 22 people took enough racing car experience to be part of f 1. 174 he'd been asked to drive for italian culture in its ferrari. he finished 4th for team that had been struggling and his input to improve the car proved invaluable because in 175 he became world champion. more dominant in $76.00 until a horrific and infamous crash at the new ring in germany now that had urged his fellow drivers to boycott the rice over safety concerns but it went ahead and on the 2nd lap of the track and burst into flames he was trapped in the wreckage suffering severe burns damage to his lungs and was left in a coma he survived severely scarred but incredibly missed just to rice's return to
6:55 pm
regime a jew with english driver james hunt with physical and psychological scars. then you just fight with. the brain you hear noises in new year weiss's and you just try to listen to what they're saying and to try to keep your brain working and to get the body ready to fight against illness and i think this was very good that i did that because indeed where survive a lot of retired from the foreign advice of the season author just 2 lops concerned with it's a wrench writing hunt completed the rice in 3rd place to win the 76 dr his title by a single point. now did manage to reassert himself dominating the $77.00 season to regain his title. when he left ferrari there was a limp a week including too short a time it's. by 99 he turned he was back winning races with mclaren and part of another famous rivalry this time with tonight adam crossed he beat the frenchman to
6:56 pm
the 84 well drive his title by just half a point when he finally retired as a driver at the end of the icy 5 season there's still plenty to keep him busy he want to align and yes there were times he was back in the cockpit as a pilot. management positions include the returns of ferrari in the ninety's and he was not exactly to the chairman of messiah when my son lewis hamilton in 2012. parts of his legacy would be his dedication to drive to safety. the damage from the 76 crash before but the trophies and powers of recovery and what you define if you leave. the golden state warriors of advance the n.b.a. finals for the 5th straight year golden state securing a $119217.00 overtime win against portland trailblazers to wrap up a for nothing series sweep in the western conference finals the 6 time champions will next take on either the toronto raptors or the walking bucs. as
6:57 pm
a hunger about us and whether we want to lose you know if we take pride in how we play in. the historic nature what that is kind of crazy to think about. we want to enjoy we know full well as the season. so got to stay locked in and god knows all time leading goalscorer has announced his retirement from international football and says he won't play at the upcoming africa cup of nations in egypt the 33 year old was unhappy at not being named team captain for the tournament and scored $51.00 goals in $106.00 games for ghana. and that's all you sport for now for later but for now it's back to you daryn all right fara thank you very much indeed and that's it for me down jordan to this news out don't go away i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news states with consul cinnamon at. once
6:58 pm
and the mad detroit now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2 year olds none of them have citizenship al-jazeera world needs to upgrade people. walked out on them been put on the persons close to the existing. stake lists in lebanon. a knowledge of 0. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of
6:59 pm
thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman part that she would select to be goods and how many boards changing demographics across. with far reaching consequences you're creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be get being given money money to agree to start our money to get
7:00 pm
other people to agree to start station al-jazeera examines the politics of population control. iran's president accuses the us administration of having novice politicians with naive ideas after rejecting any talks for now. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the british prime minister to raise a baby has set out a final bid to get these tobacco brags that deal allowing for the possibility of a 2nd referendum there has already been too much death and destruction to be a warning by the u.n. that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. or the new study warns that global sea levels could rise 2 meters by the end of the century and this drastic actions.


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