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ready ton of fun up. this is al-jazeera. color entirely this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up. this is about the times not about war the pentagon chief turns down the war of words with iran a senior u.s. officials briefed politicians about the military buildup in the region. that has already been too much death and destruction a dire warning from the u.n. that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. the british prime minister offers the chance for a 2nd referendum on breaks it but only if m.p.'s support
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a new withdrawal deal. christine occasionally in court the corruption trial starts the former argentinean president. and spore niki lauda one of formula one's greatest ever drivers has died at the age of 70. 1 at 3 will titles claiming its 2 of them after a near fatal crash in 1976. back to us defense secretary says there will be no war with iran insisting washington has deterred possible attacks by terror on by deploying forces to the region patrick shanahan made the comments following a classified briefing to members of the house of representatives along with u.s. secretary of state they've been under pressure to reveal more details on what they describe as unspecified threats from tehran. our biggest focus at this point is
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to prevent the iranian miscalculation. we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about the time it's not about war. we're not about going to war this is about containing the doctor. interests in the middle east and conducting the missions that they're there to perform so well last week we shared with both the house and the senate our strategic campaign the effort to push back against iran activity 40 years of terrorist activity and so we talked about that we tried to place that or place the recent intelligence in context that 40 years of history and we walked through our efforts and our ultimate objective over the past days which has been to deter iraq. she have a. washington d.c. what house meetings with members of congress. it appears when members of congress went into these briefings what they really wanted was an all of the
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question does the administration know what it's doing when it comes to iran is there a strategy does the administration know how dangerous all these mixed messages are at least from donald trump himself on sunday vowing genocide effectively on monday saying he doesn't even see a threat from iran so now we know the administration has come up with this narrative we are the good guys we're the ones trying to tamp things down we just want peace we're escalating heavily in the region simply to deter iran as defense secretary of defense secretary said that's working and the threat from iran has now been put on hold as a result of escalation in the region the problem is for those who went to that meeting and several democrats have said this thinking that the u.s. didn't really have a plan and was simply actually creating a pretext for a war that figures like john bolton the national security. it simply wasn't enough however if you were hawkish on iran then as far as you're concerned this is
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a brilliant strategy and the trumpet destruction is doing a great job. the attack on the ships and the pipeline was coordinated and directed by the iranian government. picked up strong. intelligence that they had given the shiite militia basically more running room and direction and that attacks against american interests and personnel were eminent the decision to send the abraham lincoln to the region was to try to deter attacks against american personnel not to invade or start a war and i hope it works i hope the iranians understand that we will hold them liable for any attack on an american inside iraq or anywhere else i believe that a war with iran would be. an absolute disaster for the wall with iraq and i hope the american people told this to ministration but
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we will not go to war in iraq by delivering that to disagree here. it's interesting to him talking about this wasn't a lindsey graham that talking about the briefing and saying that whoever it was whoever someone in that briefing said iran was definitively somewhere behind those attacks because mike compared to a few hours before the briefing had refused to be drawn on whether iran was behind the attacks that lindsey graham was talking about so that we know that there was no publicly releasable evidence suggesting that iran was behind but secondly there was one other really interesting part of this the senators and members of congress a pair of the os the people briefing would you come to us would you come to congress before you attacked iraq would you seek congressional approval as is the law they would not get an answer they did not get a satisfactory answer according to some members of congress in fact the suggestion is that they were asked that would you simply just use the 2001 authorization of
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use of military force that was passed after 911 against people affiliated with al qaida who might be imminently about to attack the u.s. they did not give an answer from the administration which got a lot of people really worried here not least because mike compare the secretary of state in recent weeks has once again been repeating those stories about how iran and al qaeda if not now once. and for all of syria's it's long been ridiculed by experts on the region but he's been repeating that theory once again so that there is an unease and after this briefing amongst the number of members of congress that they couldn't get an answer as to whether if the u.s. was to attack iran now whether they would come to congress 1st or simply expound the authorization of use of military force in 2001 as you know president obama did not as well for that matter. she had a chance thank you very much. iranians say tension with the u.s. is putting pressure on daily life we need sanctions straining the economy and impacting the value of the currency making goods more expensive the reports from tehran. in iran ramadan is usually
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a time of spiritual reflection charity and family but for a 2nd here in a row as iranians began a month of fasting there was escalating pressure from the united states. every day they face angry exchanges with american leaders a buildup of u.s. forces on their doorstep warnings to commercial flights in or near iranian airspace and threats from arab neighbors saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain all that on top of an economy in freefall. really it's one of these guys that's it will trump or america can do anything you're on is not iraq even though they are strong iran's armed forces will stand against them that's going to get more dire than is on them or we think our military is as strong as bass but it isn't we should never face america directly i'm afraid because we keep saying they can't do anything they finally well and the siege of the islamic revolutionary
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guard corps that took to the streets in the revolution and changed everything something iranian people speratus to that level but it isn't. a u.s. carrier strike group deployed close by in the arabian sea was for some a chance for a little levity a widely shared post has the abraham lincoln up for sale on a website for used goods. but for many talk of war is a real concern that some hope can be resolved through dialogue because one of my giving in the 2nd edition i mean i think if they enter into talks it would be better because this is the 21st century and we should avoid war now is the time for dialogue jank even as a man and a man also god of war in my opinion is not good for us now negotiation is the best our government could overlook some issues if this pressure could be reduced speaking to a group of young artists iranian president hassan rouhani said he always remains open to the idea of dialogue but not with us bullies even if it means taking on the
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world alone. iranians too young to remember when their country last fought a war say fighting america seems unreal. yet many say they have more faith in the country's strategic defenses than its economy in the past year the prices of fast moving consumer goods like food and household items have all gone up even bread a staple of the iranian diet that has been price controlled for decades is more expensive now and in some places the price of a piece of bread has tripled whether they have known war or not a few here are keen to rush into battle with the united states in a meeting of the to her own city council this week. the son of a founding father of the islamic republic warned of the dissatisfaction and the possibility of unrest over high prices is iran's biggest immediate threat more so than another american war in the middle east. a former
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u.s. assistant secretary of defense lawyers called joins me now from washington thanks for being with us so we we had 1st the raising the rhetoric now it's being scaled back what do you read into the latest change of temperature on the u.s. iran matter coming from the u.s. . well i think the real problem is that you might have a misperception or an accidental encounter between the forces that could lead to war the administration does not have a clear goal in mind they think they can bring a ran back to the bargaining table by putting the sanctions back on preventing the europeans from getting around the sanctions on a military military buildup but basically that's not going to happen bret rouhani has already said he would not negotiate with the president and it will empower the hardliners in iran the i.r.g.c.
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people who said we should never have dealt with the united states in the 1st place and the real danger is that iran would shorten the time for them to get a nuclear weapon which could lead to a nuclear arms race in the region so what do you make of the fact that that to his defense actually that shanahan said on his way after those meetings that the united states had deterred possible attacks by deploying forces to the region region how verifiable is that plane. well again it becomes very very very difficult you know iran basically has been causing problems in the middle east with their arab militias for you know well over a decade they cooperated with us in iran to defeat isis they went into syria to help preserve assad remember trump and the sumber said when he was going to get out of syria well let the around in iranian solve it the war with the whole the started when the saudis attacked in 2015 and they arraign ians gave more aid to the holy s.
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but that's civil war has nothing to do with what the united states is trying to do in fact many members of our congress have voted to get out on force the trumpets vetoed it but they want the united states to get out of the. war and the whole thing about sending the forces in there for example nuclear capable bombers to the region what do you think that that's kind of signal is that going to. a known issue of the new climaxes i mean who the now it's meant to from iran that they wanted to see their international agreement stockpiled on the new k front and where does that take. the possible confrontation you think. well again out of that that i think we have to be very careful of because the deal we got with the iranians back in 2015 made it delayed when they could get one if they
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start stockpiling iranian more enriching uranium a could shorten the time for them to get it to a year or 2 rather than the 15 years that we that we had before and that is something you know that the card that they have and remember our european allies agree more with the rand than they do with us they did not want to put the sanctions back on your source spanish ship would not come in with the american carrier task force into the into the into the into the gulf region so it's really the united states alone and maybe you know the saudis and the u.a.e. but if there's a war breaks out they will not contribute troops we have a saying back when i was in the pentagon you know the saudis will fight to the last american so this whole idea of you know putting yourself in a position where you could go to war would be disastrous and it would make the.
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rocky war look like a very small war in our in school thank you very much and if you'll fill us in such a question in time thank you. so to come on the news hour thousands still fleeing every day the u.n. demands urgent refugee protection for venezuela has displaced. months of political uncertainty come to an end in the democratic republic of congo. and arsenal will be without one of their star players but the europa league final find out why and sport. united nations special envoy for libya has warned the country is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war a sense alamy was speaking at a un security council briefing on the latest situation as fighting for control of the capital tripoli is about to enter its 8th week our diplomatic editor james bays reports. the u.n.
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special representative salami reporting to the security council on what's been a dramatic and destabilizing period for libya. the country gripped by fresh violence his plans for a national conference representing all libyans overturned by a no day shifts offensive by holy for hafter a renegade general believed to be armed by the united arab emirates and egypt 48 days into the attack on tripoli by general have those forces there has already been too much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to the permanent division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now he said war crimes were being committed and some of those already listed by the international criminal court were involved in the most recent fighting there are numerous reports of extremists persons under international sanctions and individual
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is wanted by the international criminal court appearing on the battlefield on all sides. orde parties must publicly dissociate themselves from such elements without delay and referred to the i.c.c. those for whom as warrants have been issued addressing a security council that is itself deeply divided and has been unable to agree a resolution calling for a cease fire in libya he attacked regional and international players for fueling the conflict by sending weapons to both sides in defiance of an arms embargo officially in place since 2011 many countries are providing weapons or parties in the conflict without exception the amount and sophistication of these weapons are already causing greater numbers of casualties without it robust and forstmann mechanism the arms embargo into libya will become a cynical joke some nations are fueling this bloody conflict the united nations
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should put an end to it the u.k. is what's known as the pen holder on libya they would draw up any security council resolution it's likely they'll try again to negotiate a resolution calling for a ceasefire but it's also likely the negotiations will be difficult james space al-jazeera at the united nations. and british prime minister is offering members of parliament a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd breaks that referendum to reason may set out her latest plan for britain's departure from the e.u. telling politicians they have one last chance to deliver bricks it m.p.'s have already rejected her previous withdrawal agreement negotiated by the european union 3 times may's latest deal will be brought to parliament in june. i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a 2nd referendum. i've made my own view on this clear on many many times i do not
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believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in a 2nd one. but i recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the house on this important issue. the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement they'll at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified there are slowly is following developments in london. by her own admission this is three's a maze one last chance so she put it in a speech to try to deliver some sort of bricks it's to try to deliver herself a legacy frankly but what she wants is a brick set that can appeal to as many people in this deeply divided parliament and deeply divided country as she can and so to that end she's obviously listen to
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all the different very loud voices across parliaments i find who want entirely different things from bracks it's and tried to bring them all together and say ok let's see if we can have a withdrawal bill that we can pass that brings all of these things in at once and so she's trying to appease the hardliners in her own party who want to ensure that at some point the u.k. will be free from a customs union with the european union says that will have to be done by december 2020 that they're not nourish part of the democratic unionists who've been propping her up that there will be a same system nor nolen to the rest of the u.k. so the argument be divorced so all that to appease them but if she's trying to appease the labor party as well and those other much more moderate parties by saying don't worry we won't have a horrible american chicken in the u.k. afterwards will be environmental standards and most crucially of all she said to those m.p.'s on the labor party side if you pass my bill then we will have a confirmation referendum where the public will get to decide if they like it or if
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they don't presumably the u.k. then doesn't leave the european union at all to bend pieces like it's no they do not speak as much of it is absolutely hated there's no really big new idea in any of it's to try to move the process forward or the bracks there's a saying with hurdle. no thanks very much the labor party side crucially those who won the 2nd referendum are saying well i am to reason may your saying these things but your leaving office anyway and your successor could be a hard liner who will rip up the idea of a 2nd referendum completely so as an idea a week or 2 before this voted or it looks pretty much dead in the water the un says most of the people who fled to venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection and it's urging governments not to deport them 3000000 have left the country since 2015 as the economy crumbles and a power struggle continues between president nicolas maduro and opposition leader one door the un's refugee agency says between 3 and 5000 venezuelans are still
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leaving every day just under half a 1000000 have sought formal asylum mostly in other latin american countries this thrust saw as a spokeswoman for the un refugee agency she says for many venezuelans staying in the country is no longer an option. venezuelans in many cases are unable to go back home they're suffering from the point of view of persecution but also deterioration in the conditions inside the country one example is a father who spoke to u.n. refugee colleagues who said that he decided to take his family to brazil after 3 of his relatives including his 9 month old daughter died and he put it quite bluntly he said we either leave or we die we totally understand that the scale of the numbers of venezuelans arriving in countries is challenging and it is complex we recognize that and we recognize that the countries of latin america and the caribbean have made efforts to host venezuelans in some cases they have offered
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them temporary visas or work arrangements to enable them to stay but what we are saying is that given that the infrastructure in their silence systems may be overwhelmed it really is important for the governments to focus on giving venezuelans international refugee protection and it may be very difficult maybe impractical to do individual determinations so in that case we are advising that they consider venezuelans as a group in order to give them asylum. argentina's former president cristina fernandez to care for her as appeared in court on the 1st day of what's expected to be a yearlong corruption trial it comes just days after she announced she was running for vice president in october's election there's a ball report from what is ours. she was argentina's president for 8 years from 2007 to 2015. 4 years later cristina fernandez that continues to be one of the most important politicians in the country. now she's on
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trial for her alleged role in a corruption probe worth millions of dollars during her administration and. lawyers likely got of them one at a sun say the links between kirshner and the businessman are a crucial part of the investigation that will be the nobody has been able to prove that she had corruption money but what has been demonstrated is how the former president used their hotels and other places to launder illicit money. money that allegedly came as kickbacks from public works contracts from last advice a family friend who was a bank clerk turned tycoon when he 1st met the kershner family cristina kirchner will be appearing in this courthouse regularly from now on even though she's been implicated in more than 10 corruption investigations this is the 1st case that makes a full court cristina kirchner is now a center for still sees protected with parliamentary immunity which prevents her
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imprisonment but not her prosecution. since leaving office cristina kirchner and members of her government have been indicted and accused of corruption one of them was even caught trying to hide around $9000000.00 in a monastery. but the former president says she's seen a cent and a victim of political persecution from her rival precedent. and the judiciary in argentina tends to lean towards those in power i guess it will feel there is political persecution there is animosity and judges pushing cases improperly against certain political figures but i believe it has to do with the justice system as a source of power and not because they are responding to those who are in government commission or was expected to run in the october presidential election against modi. but the former president surprised everyone on saturday when she said
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she would run for vice president instead i company i'll bet the farm and this a former political ally a strategic move that is supposed to help her party win more votes. her supporters say cristina is in a sense isn't it was. with her we had a better life education health care she has been persecuted because she defended the poor. the trial is expected to last for a year a year in which she could make it back to power once again. they said well i'll just. so. why broken a. former president is offering to return home. calls for drastic action to combat climate change after warnings that global sea levels could rise by 2 meters by the end of the century. and sport basketball's most dominant team heading to be n.b.a.
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finals for a 5th straight season. hello there all storms are still rumbling away across parts of europe the satellite picture shows the huge system we have with us here over parts of turkey and then all the way across eastern europe i'm looking back down through the central belt and it's here where we seen some of the worst of the weather the southern parts of germany through parts of switzerland and austria have seen a lot of heavy rain and some flooding and that is gradually now edging its way towards the east you can see a little circulation developing in that little area of low pressure so we are expecting more heavy downpours and they could be some more severe weather as well the whole thing becomes more consoling to the east impulse there as we head through thursday and then in the west it's actually a lot different here it's fine unsettled we've got an area of high pressure in
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charge and in the bright whether that should be some fairly warm weather as well so 21 degrees a in london and force in madrid our temperatures will be rising quite quickly will be over to around 28 for the other side of the mediterranean lots of cloud with us at the moment particularly over parts of libya it looks like that area of class just nudging its way eastward as we had 3 says day and here they could be a fair amount of dust mixed in with a simple tension one or 2 showers the showers though really across the central belt of africa with some particularly heavy ones around parts of cameroon and into. a policy imposed decades ago. with port richey selective goods that have already boarded it's changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for leading poor socially disadvantaged young men so you have this system where people
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at every level will be get be given body money to agree to serve as a ship or body to get other people to be the services al-jazeera examines the politics of population control. which is or will be is different because there's a maturity about its views go to the news group generally over the losses. channel but the pads like the rest of the story are. all the time going on in the world is or is setting out to give thanks to the reality on the ground that other reality on the ground can only come from that of the people and that's what we do i think that's what we do well.
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i don't and one of the top stories here on our syria the pentagon has stressed there will be no war with iran as u.s. politicians received a classified briefing from the secretary of state on escalating tensions between washington and tehran. the united nations special envoy for libya has warned the country is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war. and british prime minister to resign may's offering pays a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd brecht's that referendum as she set out her latest plan for britain's departure from the e.u. . for our top story now the increasing tensions between the u.s. and iran there are fears that a military confrontation between the 2 could impact iraq a u.s. ally and iran's neighbor the iraqi prime minister says he's sending a delegation to both countries for talks stratford reports from baghdad. iraqi fighters backed by iran fighting isolate 2014. experts say that
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without the popular mobilisation falsies o.p.m. the victory over eisel in iraq may not have won. but with the u.s. now increasing pressure on iran many iraqis are concerned that they will be called limit. washington says the pm air for one of iran's proxy fighting forces and or a potential threat to u.s. interests in iraq including about $5200.00 u.s. soldiers stationed here there are tens of thousands of fighters among different p.m.a. factions in iraq and look at that and to say that america wants to control this region and to exploit its resources and frankly that's why we totally stand with these damage republic of iran and its people because iranian people are being oppressed by the sanctions also there is a religious bond between us that's another motive to support iran. one
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pyramid function led by the influential shiite cleric muktodhara solder has distanced itself from iran but said that any party that threatens iraq's stability is an enemy neither iraq nor its people compare another war he tweeted on monday we need peace and reconstruction any party that ignites iraq with war and makes it a battlefield will be an enemy of the iraqi people the u.s. has withdrawn its non-emergency staff from the embassy in baghdad there was an evacuation of exxon mobil foreign workers over the weekend from an oil field in the south of the country a katyusha rocket was fired into the green zone which is home to the u.s. embassy on monday night nobody claimed responsibility as the war of words continues between the u.s. and iran the atmosphere here in iraq is increasingly tense. iraqi prime minister says any u.s. intelligence about increasing threats to u.s.
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interests in iraq is wrong and his country has be mediating between both sides to try and avoid further escalating tension. and iraq is very concerned that its country might be a battleground so iraq is seeking solutions between the iranians and the u.s. and their allies including saudi arabia and iraq knows that if this fireball grows bigger it will set ablaze the society dividing it deeply. p.m.s. were formally integrated into iraq military and security operators in 2016 they take part in raids on ice or sleeper cells in iraq almost every day but amid fears of a military confrontation between the u.s. and iran there are a question is over how these iran backed fighters in iraq would respond child struck at al-jazeera baghdad. 3 prominent saudi scholars are to be executed after the end of ramadan on june the 4th according to
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a report by the middle east i saw our joke on me and early on i'm ari well rested in september 2017 on what the saudis described as terror charges all 3 have large online following this so money order on the left is renowned for his relatively liberal opinions on homosexuality. the chairman of the u.s. house of representatives says he's willing to go to court to force a former white house counsel to testify before congress that's not the president ordered the gun not to speak at a hearing into russian interference in the 2016 u.s. election again has delivered some of the most damning testimony against chimed in special counsel robert miller's investigation he was a key witness in the miller report regarding the possible obstruction of justice by trying. dozens of protesters been held across the u.s. against new restrictive abortion legislation in several states.
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hundreds of pro-choice activists gathered in washington d.c. to demand the bills are blocked by the supreme court last week alabama passed the strictest legislation in the nation of the often and most cases missouri is also signed a law banning women from abortion after the 8th week of pregnancy. the founder of huawei says the company will not be impacted by u.s. sanctions ranging fe warned that blacklisting the chinese tech giant in the u.s. would have implications for american firms on monday the u.s. issued a temporary license allowing some companies to continue supporting existing hardware networks and devices. although this time we're on the blacklist our own company won't be affected by it but the u.s. is a country with the rule of law the u.s. companies cannot avoid respecting the launch as the media reports on this they should deeply understand that u.s. companies share a common fate with us. global sea levels could rise by as much as 2 meters by the
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end of the century if the world's carbon emissions continue unchecked researchers say that's far more than predicted and it's due to accelerated melting in greenland and antarctica but as more and a whole reports scientists say there is still time to act. our planet's ice sheets are enormous around 10000000 square kilometers in size and they're melting but just tell much fresh water is flowing into our oceans and how quickly has been notoriously difficult to assess the climate can vary widely from one part to another they were affected by different way the ravines the thickness of the ice the temperature and flow of the ocean around it the long held view of the i.p.c.c. that the un body dealing with climate change has been that if we do nothing and continue on our current trajectory sea levels could rise by as much as a metre by 2100 here's the coastal city of miami by that assessment but new
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scientific research just published in the u.s. predicts sea levels will rise by twice as much the city of shanghai would cease to exist along with many island nations and other coastal cities the took me to sea level rise that we we project $2100.00 is not the most likely scenario but it is a plausible scenario so it is one that we should consider if we want to plan and adapt to future sea level rise it was based on the assumption that we carry on increasing our emissions of greenhouse gases into the future and i mean sadly carbon emissions have carried on increasing even after the paris agreement on the 15th the all things combined to the assessments of 22 scientists and insist this is a worst case scenario a world where we have not taken action with global temperatures have hit 5 degrees celsius and the world sees have risen by 2 mases they say there is still time to
12:37 am
wait but that has yet to happen just last week the national oceanic and atmospheric carbon dioxide in the its atmosphere from burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal is now at its high. naval and human history madame mohan to see how. well we can speak now tonight why would he specializes in climate adaptation at the nature conservancy and joins us via skype from new york for being with us so what's your interpretation of these predictions are there any more reliable than than previous predictions i think it's really important to remember that studies like this are a series of future potential futures that's a range of possible future scenarios so it's not that we are committed to this high end scenario but we're not taking enough action right now and i think you heard that from the comments in the piece that led into this is that we need to start
12:38 am
doing working on reducing emissions right away to avoid those most extreme outcomes that we might be looking at i want to think of the most effective measures to try to reduce the what we're trying to avoid the kind of and then not necessary that was septic to. well i think there's there's 2 big things that come to mind 1st we do need to reduce emissions and we have not seen the the traction that we would have liked to have seen so far coming you know the paris accords but science is showing us now that there are investments that we can make in improved land use in reforestation forestation investing in nature as a means of starting to actually take some of the carbon dioxide back out of the atmosphere and if we do that successfully we have the opportunity reduce as much as a 3rd of the emissions that we need to by 2030 to keep us from that really extreme high tracks an area in order but yeah so i go well i was going to say that the other part of this is that no matter what we do there is some amount of built in
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zeal rise it is going to be happening and so really important part of studies like this is to continue to remind us and help decision makers understand that we do need to start addressing what those impacts will be and that many of our cities across the world. were built with an assumption of what the future or the future would look like the past and we know that's not true today and so we need to start thinking about planning for a future that was very different than the world that we're in right now and what that future is that we want to see where the investments that we want to make what is it that we want to use to actually look like and be like in the future in the face of rising seas however high than iraq at the moment there are places that are already at threat from whom rising water levels what are the practical measures that have shown to have wet in time these areas that can make a difference well there's a whole array of different things that are happening and we see in some places where it's simply basic adaptation that people start taking different ways to work
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or that you actually increase the size of your culvert or raise the size of your bridges as water is no more commonly coming into your city but there's other places where investments in protecting coral reefs which can provide as much as a 97 percent reduction in wave energy become really important in stopping the storm facts and so civil rises one aspect of this and then when we put storms on top of future syllables we need to make sure that we're making investments that start to reduce those impacts nature's a really good way of doing that as a sort of coral reefs that provide important role mangrove forests in mangere protection are really important way to both mitigate wave energy but also they start sucking carbon out of the air as well so that provides a sort of the double bang for the buck in that we're reducing the emissions that are going into the air and we're also protecting communities from the effects of silt rise and storms now why would you thank you very much little to fear thoughts
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thank you thank you. a protest leaders in sudan a calling on their supporters to prepare for a general strike talks between the opposition alliance and ruling military council a continuing demonstrators say they will remain on the streets of khartoum until a civilian led government is installed so far the 2 sides have been unable to agree on the makeup of a new governing body. it's the 1st day on the job for new democratic republic of congo prime minister sylvester longer who was appointed on monday but it will known him longer was a surprise appointment by president felix security it ends months of political uncertainty in the vast central african nation since january is controversial election result after a story reports from the capital kinshasa. what stands out when you visit kinshasa are the number of roads being built in the city infamous for its bad drugs and traffic congestion many are potholed and prone to floods because of poor training
12:42 am
each president felix to see katie has a located $7000000.00 for an emergency infrastructure program in downtown kinshasa traders and workers say the disrepair has cost them lots of money. because road is very important to many businesses here and very difficult to come with the quality of. construction is really to almost 4 months since she said katie became president inheriting many a cannot make and social problems from his predecessor joseph kabila the previous government was accused of mismanagement of public resources as well as human rights abuses she said katie says he wants to change that he's also given amnesty to hundreds of political prisoners and lost those in exile to come back home but all that has been overshadowed by politics with some critics saying that he's a weak president who's not in control of the country's affairs. he has formed a partnership with the former president common front for. the f.c.c.
12:43 am
controls parliament the senate and local governments some analysts say the struggling to his authority. tied to the will of the if you were to have a government that would really be operational that's part of the deal he was getting in as he signed for this did however it will come up to a point. well we'll have to see results you know. for me it will start pointing fingers people will know who is blocking from desired results from happening the president has appointed a new prime minister 73 year old sylvester is a little known curry a public servant who served in 3 previous governments and is loyal to some policy he brings nothing new to the table but others believe he comes in a wealth of economic experience of a problem in. our public into prices and he was the head for some time or the
12:44 am
committee rituals are actually. what was in charge of trying to reform our public enterprises to understand so if you can bring the tax pretties and security become our truly outline. the new prime minister is yet to name his cabinet many people we talked to said they want to see government ministers who are keen to make reforms but here political choices of the past may largely determine who's going to be appointed katherine so i al-jazeera kinshasa. some breaking news for you now the u.s. has just announced it seen signs the syrian government may have been knew that use of chemical weapons the state department says that includes an alleged chlorine attack on sunday in the northwest of the country it said it will respond quickly and appropriately if it's found to be true the more that story as it develops. out of 5 years in exile book in
12:45 am
a faster as former president blair's call boy says he wants to return home he's offering to help broker a peace deal with armed groups responsible for a wave of violence in the north of the country groups linked with isaw have killed dozens of christians and sparked violence within communities close to the border with mali and is there close haq reports from the capital we're going to protestors are threatening to take action. only. bringing hope to the hopeless lyrics by brooklyn across as a rapper smokey. with sectarian attacks and intercommunal violence multiplying this song serves as a reminder to politicians that if they failed to bring the country together people would take to the streets again. if you could claim who profits from this violence and divisions politicians do especially those from the old regime who are looking at the country's instability to make themselves relevant and come back to power.
12:46 am
back in 2014 smokey was among those leading the popular uprising against pretty tough boss was longtime ruler blais after he sought to extend his 27 year long hold on power protestors burnt the parliament down forcing campari into exile in neighboring i re coast the parliament has been left untouched the plan is to turn this into a memorial to pay tribute to those who fought to oust him because the government wants this to serve as a reminder that his regime is part of the distance dart chapter of history. but after 5 years in exile of the former president now wants to return home in april he sent a letter to the current president offering his help in bringing stability to the country so far the government has refused to negotiate with armed groups a mistake says a member of parliament in the sunni region where the group islamic state in the greater satirize active he wants to see lead negotiations you wouldn't really
12:47 am
sciatic the terrorists are from my region we have to fight them but also to negotiate with them when blizz was in power we didn't have any of these problems he had his channels of communication his secrets. led successful peace talks with armed groups in neighboring mali and secured the release of western hostages while he was a key mediator in the. freedom of speech at home but. for different reasons of course we want to see him back home so he can face justice and pay for his crimes the government has no plans to allow him back in the country yet presidential elections are due to take place in a year's time with the security situation rapidly deteriorating politicians are under pressure to bring about peace. so. the young. head.
12:48 am
back at the life of one of. us. business updates to you by. going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. temple sport now has santa. thank you very much. one of formula one's greatest ever drivers has died at the age of 713 will titles claiming 2 of them after a near fatal crash in 1976 looks back at the korea of
12:50 am
a man who never knew when he was beaten in his prime mickey lauder was one of the most famous and fastest people in sport formula one world champion 3 times 2 of these titles came after an astonishing with coverage from a crash that almost killed him and dressmakers lauder was born in vienna in 1949 by the age of 22 he pulls up enough racing car experience to be part of f 1. 174 he's been asked to draw for italian college giants' ferrari he finished 4th for saying that had been struggling and his input to improve the car proved invaluable because in 1975 he became world champion. more dominant in 76 until a horrific and infamous crash at the new bridge in germany now the had urged his fellow drivers to boycott the rice i was safety concerns but it went ahead and on the 2nd lot of the truck and burst into flames he was trapped in the wreckage
12:51 am
suffering severe burns damage to his lungs and was left in a coma he survived severely scarred but incredibly missed just to rices he returned to his jimmy joe with english driver james hunt with physical and psychological scars. then you just fight with. the brain you hear noises and you hear voices and you just try to listen to what they're saying and to try to keep your brain working and to get the body ready to fight against illness and i think this was very good that i did that because of a lot of retired from the foreign advice of the season after just 2 lops concerned with its eventual writing hunt completed device in place to win the 76 drivers title by a single point. did manage to reassert himself dominating the 77th season to regain his title. when he left ferrari there was a limp a week including too short a time it's. 1902 he was back winning races with mclaren and part of
12:52 am
another famous rivalry this time with tonight alan crossed the frenchman to the 84 well drive his title by just half a point when he finally retired as a driver at the end of the 5 season there is still plenty to keep him busy he want to align and yes there were times he was back in the cockpit as a pilot management positions included the returns of ferrari in the ninety's and he was non-executive chairman of messiah when i signed lewis hamilton in 2012. part of his legacy will be his dedication to drive a safety. for damage from the 76 crushed. but the trophies and powers of recovery i want you to find nicky the. cricket world cup hosts england have named. and their final squad for the tournament. a born play only qualified to play for england and martin has appeared in just 31 day
12:53 am
internationals david. souter despite being involved in the recent series against pakistan thing then arrive at the walk up in good shape good preparation good squad good leadership good captain good track record is number one of the world but there's always the question during the business of the tournament and they're very excited about doing it. afghanistan have got their world cup preparations back on track they've beaten arlen the by a $126.00 runs in belfast it comes off to being a thrashed out by the irish on sunday. arsenal will head to buckle for the european league final against chelsea without a star matilda henrik area in the armenian international has concerns over his security his country is involved in a territorial dispute with host azerbaijan over the. region of the us over to
12:54 am
an f.a. had assured the arsenal there would be no issues over it terence a safety the final happens on may the 29th. if. it's. kind of 2. and if you fall for for these issues it's very very personal decision persona decision and we need to respect. i don't understand. all of the college programs but. i. i must respect. gun as all time leading goalscorer has announced his retirement from international football a slam washy and says that he won't play at the upcoming africa cup of nations in egypt he said to 3 year old that was unhappy at not being named team captain for the tournament the golden state warriors have advanced to the n.b.a. finals for the 5th straight year called the state securing $101217.00 overtime
12:55 am
women against portland trailblazers to wrap up a 4 nothing series sweet. as a hunger about us and whether we want to lose you know if we take pride in how we play and. you know if i say follows and the historic nature with that is kind of crazy to think about. we want to enjoy. you know full well where's the fun season. so i'm going to stay locked in and that's it for me i had to bow to lauren in london. thanks ana the young afghan director is making headlines at the cannes film festival siobhan who set ups 1st feature was produced in 2011 when she was just 20 years old since then she's started her own production company in kabul and now her latest work the orphanage is on show challenger has more from khan. welcome to the couch film festival we're talking to director
12:56 am
sullivan who said that about you film the opening thank you for joining us the film is based on your friend memories of being in a major problem in the 1980 s. tell me what inspired you to see this but i had access to the diary of my friends almost 10 years ago it was 800 pages that's the roads in a very honest for the police to go away for sewer i was so inspired by reading each orographic is your film is set in kabul but shot in to g.c. stuff why was that many of my movie a woman so of the reach to the point of so many discussion that maybe doesn't work stuff because of a life in danger because of the film we did location scouting all over the world and we ended up into it you can stand on screen afghanistan is easy to fix it as a concert how it will be is it the question or do you see this different perspective of the or a lot of films coming out with the topic of afghanistan mainly it's about the
12:57 am
prison in the prison up on the stone afghanistan today or it's about the taliban and we don't really know that much about the eighty's about the seventy's about the sixty's and this is what i'm really interested. because i think if we want to talk about afghanistan prisons we should know about the past. how easy will it be for going to see your film there are 3 cinemas lifted a couple. and i can say that it's very difficult to shoulder the kind of my face to indo cinema so a lot of paperwork and brush presses i think it's a fight it's a war by itself but i'm getting prepared for that. and that's it from a don't tell it in this news hour back in a moment another for round up the day's news thanks so much shorter than a bit. millions
12:58 am
of dollars are being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe one o one ace gains exclusive access to this cutthroat on the world through a criminal turned whistleblower on al-jazeera with bret's it's still unresolved in the u.k. will join the other $27.00 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections but the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest on
12:59 am
al-jazeera what is left of the vast indigenous knowledge that colonize ation of the americas assaulted for centuries to amateur astronomers involved on a journey of discovery and reach a remote village in mexico's mayan region but who has more to learn about the ways of the world a route through make sicko's contemporary wreckage and its mystical past few find glances on al jazeera. the most memorable moments of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to us as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place. we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength.
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this is about the times not about war the pentagon chief turns down the war of words with iran a senior u.s. officials briefed politicians about the military buildup in the region. and our intended this is al jazeera live from london for the coming up there has already been too much death and destruction a dire warning from the u.n. that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. the british prime minister offers the chance for a 2nd referendum on bret's it but only if m.p.'s support her new withdrawal deal. and christina kay.


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