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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 82  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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laws are not yet enforced they face court challenges that will likely escalate to the u.s. supreme court. yet conservative activists have decided now is the time to challenge roe versus wade the landmark case that gave women the right to an abortion in 1973. years. and i think. the supreme court has skewed to the right due to president trump's recent appointment of 2 conservative justices but there's no guarantee the court will intervene meanwhile the president has distanced himself from the most restrictive abortion ban tweeting he's pro-life with 3 exceptions including rape and incest. but these protesters say that's not enough they fear women's rights are eroding in america and are telling the supreme court now to protect their right to an abortion heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. almost
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a 1000000 refugees are living in camps in bangladesh for years government run schools have allowed refugee students but recently many have been expelled tanveer challenged reports. amman and abu were both born in bangladesh their parents fled me and maher in 1901 their home now a sprawling refugee camp in cox's bazaar we have not identified them at their request but both were recently expelled from school our teachers went on our classrooms and told us that you will not be able to study here at a time comment is not able to. study any money here for years bangladeshi schools have allowed some roofing or refugees from cox's bazar to attend classes a man is now worried about his future and that of other refugees so even the gunmen can give us everything so why they are unable to give us and educations. nearly
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55 percent of the total running our population are children providing them education is the biggest challenge the community is facing now bangladesh government however is wary that setting up any such schools will offer the rowing as a sense of permanence and that they will not want to return to me m r r bull is concerned many young people like him are being denied the chance to improve their lives. in this situation because of the more integrated the more don't support us to let ourselves to be known in the global area if we stay on it look at it did will not be able to get our rights and our nation back. in the camps there are dozens of informal school run by iranian government tears were children learn basic literacy but little else and the u.n.
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children agency says it is trying its best to provide more education when there is he came there was nothing he seems then he will say we've made a lot of progress in terms of walls creating this space where children can come together to learn so we have from the unicef save as of last week we had 2060 learning centers but the recent expansion from bangladeshi government run schools highlights the struggle faced by hundreds of thousands of roofing of children who are desperate to study if they were given the opportunity 100 charge 3 al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh. all right.
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our overcrowded hospitals and widespread medicine shortages in venezuela have left those in need desperate for help some are now turning to spiritual healers a latin america editor and see a new man let some of. you know my god and hear from 6 in the morning people start lining up to get their number every day hundreds gather in this spiritual center no created in venezuela still are just slum. the waiting room is full of images of local saints and day days especially horse signet glory laden and this 1900 centuries venezuelan doctor who is said to still have extraordinary healing powers
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diana has just seen the media while she waits to receive a donation of chemotherapy drugs to treat her advanced user and cancer your blessing and all kinds of liquid cheema is pressing on my thigh attic i went to the hospital for treatment because of the excruciating pain but it did no good now at least i can take a few steps i have faith in mass to see more than. just a little of the biggest came with her 6 month old baby she says he's been coughing for months. and nobody and they let the public hospital there either no doctors no medicine or it's contaminated and they send us away buying medicines at the pharmacies to expensive so my sister recommended i come here for. venezuela security konami crisis is drawing more and more people to the one place that it least gives them hope for less than $1.00 cases of depression are up 3 fold has although to leave us. me that they would be the lack of food especially for your
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children is one of the main causes along with violence and the deteriorated health system you see people dying so you can imagine how it impacts people's psyche many want to commit suicide we do what we can to calm them. he says the sessions which are not allowed to be filmed are a mixture of science religion and face now they are going to show me what they would do if i were a real patient in. media most merely of us says the 1st thing is to pass a candle over the part of the body that hurts in this case my back while in a trance the idea is to block and release trapped energy. if the case was serious he would do this. carry out a spiritual surgical operation. some call it a placebo others the power of suggestion but whatever it is people who are undergoing treatment here swear that they are being healed. which is why more and
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more are coming to find the kind of miracle that they say they desperately need to see in human i'll just see that that is in israela. all right time now for sport here's a big thank you so much as well as france or ups's or kept the hearts of a 1st appearance in the n.b.a. finals alive eruptions beating the milwaukee bucks to level the eastern conference finals at 2 games apiece are a small reports. to trailing in the series the toronto raptors were looking for another big performance from why latter. but it was the boks he made the early moves a courtesy of their own key man. was actually after a terrible game 3 the great player had 25 points and 10 rebounds. better does carry the raptors for much of the postseason he was in adam's absolute best but still managed 19 points. this time out is teeming share the load.
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6 raptors scored double figures thank you to rob to going on to win a 122100 as to seal their 2nd straight how win and level the series to 2. they they did what they were supposed to do in a home for we do. know we have to go out there continue to do we've done you know it will be brought to the last 2 games and. put in gave we don't be tough we know we're going to come up empty ready to go as disappointing. series 2 to snap in the world you know every tear down court just like we do if i was going to dogfight now it's the 1st 1st team to win so ok 1st our 1st i was i would last in the row here and to go protect own cordoned governor. game 5 this coming up in milwaukee the winner of the best of 7 series will face the golden state warriors in the finals
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far as smile al-jazeera. brian sold us has become the youngest head coach in the n.b.a. saunders previously had the job of the minnesota timberwolves on an interim basis the 33 year old is the son of former head coach flip saunders the symbols of the new reach the playoffs once in the last 15 seasons. for its actions over words and we need to and we will you know prove that over time with you guys and continue to get better and better so it's that i can now is today's a thrill but there's work to be done and i look forward to putting that work in and continuing that work they said those players adding to the stanley cup finals for the 1st time in 5 decades the blues beating the san jose sharks $51.00 in game 6 of the western conference finals solaris winning 3 straight games to advance to the franchise's 1st stanley cup series since $197.00 say the braves took on the boston bruins but then they will face the same. is this. once we are go on though in
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january and february you know where we knew we had a good hockey team. you know we get the playoffs anything can happen that's got to get here and we did. credit to reporters they bottle and. they believe they're going to make the boil so we made it. one of the english football's best young players says giving teams points deductions is the best whites in cycle racism is the city strike a range sterling has been racially abused by rival fans during domestic and international games this season the 24 year old believes current sat 6 being used by the premier league is a call by the problem all good enough they can't say we have an idea but i do agree with the idea it was a permit i mean a social media blackout and i just sets of us simply don't agree with with what you want to put it's a social media post is going to happen for one day and by 2 days' time it's all forgotten about in england as well. a few times because we're teaching yearbook
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again this is not enough you know there are these to be hard upon a shred and i think the heart of punishments need to be you know teams going to talk to teams going kito because this is when people thought they could he serious . current title holders the 1st move into the knockout rounds of this year's asian champions league they came from a goal down against already qualified of china to get the win they needed in their final group game will now play for the japanese props and fracture here shimmer in the last 16. and their own goals enough for china's ground 0 of the grounds move into the knockout rounds this one no winner of a day do so then finish 2nd in their group and that result eliminated the south korean rice. indian cricket coach ravi shastri says the upcoming world cup is set to be the most fiercely contested in history its time champions are on their way to england and are ranked 2nd in the world behind the host nation india will play warm
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up games against new zealand and bangladesh before getting their world cup campaign underway against south africa on june 5th. any d.m. can beat any team on a given do you know if you look at 20142019 now the gap is much closer match between games you know you you see what i've done is done was in 2014 see what they are now what bangladesh was what they are now you know so it's a strong competition 40 years old filipino boxer manny pacquiao showing no signs of slowing down pacquiao sets a face 30 year old american thurman in a welterweight world title fight on july the 20th in las vegas back here coming off a points when. in january he's won 4 of his 5 fight since losing to floyd mayweather back in 2050. times now dead or make. my journey will continue. that's. what i want to prove.
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ok more sport for me in a couple of hours but for now. thanks andy and that is it for this news hour be back with more of the day's news and a couple. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me continues with good morning gruesome video on al-jazeera.
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i. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of
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public health trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are one and one is it because like you know. those who says don't trust that you trust who. protests in indonesia's capital. on tuesday night with the results of the presidential election. as a. this is why also coming up one of the u.k.'s biggest industrial names british steel
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has gone into liquidation crisis deepens. the u.s. acting secretary of defense says they do not want a war with iran but defends america's military buildup in the gulf. does anyone here think that women and their dogs. might get away from. rallies are held across the u.s. to protest state laws restricting abortions. hello there is continuing violence in indonesia's capital from protesters angry at the results of last month's presidential election parts of jakarta were all locked down after 6 people were killed during riots on tuesday night as an in-joke a widow was reelected to a 2nd term and says his government will not tolerate any threats to the nation's security for unity i this report now from from snowy in jakarta.
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was police outnumbered protests but the crowd screw these are supporters of. who ran against president in last month's presidential election and the previous one brought people. they cheated on some 24 team we don't want to happen again enough is enough. getting justice through the courts is impossible with the government we have so we come here we don't care about our safety we are prepared to give our lives. just like the day before. the protests turned violent as night fireworks and other objects were thrown at the police who fired tear gas and water cannon police say they have arrested dozens of people but i would like to say the series of events that we saw earlier today. it is not a spontaneous incident but it is an incident by design a sit up incident as protests spread to at least 2 other cities president joko
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widodo has called for calm but also issued a warning. i will work together with anyone to advance to scan tree but i will not tolerate any one of these rights to security democratic processes and unity of our beloved nation. has refused to accept the election outcome and has urged his supporters to demonstrate against it. the police the military and all relevant parties to refrain themselves and avoid violence as they express the aspirations of the stance of the she must be up to the shortly after press to. deliver to speak to us was likely to continue until which is when we expect from both of them to the last the presidential election to come up later with the constitutional court the challenging the election outcome for the city
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remains on edge with parts of it under lockdown 50000 police and military personnel have been put on duty as protesters show no sign of giving in florence al jazeera jakarta. sana is in indonesia consulting for human rights watch she says president window has not done enough to address the political violence. president to all he has no option but to address human rights violations in indonesia then there's been talk of it has all to address the deeply deeply between let's say on the surface muslim in a mostly 2 for trouble now then the more foolish muslim idea of the cause the last question how do you support us but then giacobbe. over the last 20 years there are many many political violence involving ethnic and religious violence in the nation i just read them but there's a book about that and i asked him it's about 90 parts of the people who were killed
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in the 1st 67 years after the fall of soeharto these are the portico while of course there are many many of them that should be addressed president took all these should not be shying away infesting porticoes happy though in dealing with it that's human life i was in class the right of seeing. hundreds of discriminatory regulation mostly passed by. people on the on bravo campus to some extent also on the so-called attempt that this simulates to be the most limited in the name of islam you know they must let me tell you i. read this these committees and with all these legal in the structure it is becoming more and more difficult my not enthused woman included to to do their daily life and this is something that. islam is still the big game for scholars and trying to bring down the president or believe that they consider to be the latest hurdle to implement what they claim to be perfect
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islamic sharia law in indonesia the british prime minister theresa may is under growing pressure over the latest version of her break the deal but the opposition labor party says it won't back its prime minister is also facing criticism from within her own party she maintains a 4 vote can unite parliament. i've set out the 10 points about the new deal there is an issue about customs there is a difference of opinion in this house on the future customs arrangement with the european union that's why it's important that this house actually comes to a decision on that issue. allowing 2nd referendum the 2nd reading of the withdrawal agreement bill will enable this house to come to a decision on that issue it will also enable the house to come to a decision on a 2nd referendum which i continue to believe would not be the right route for this country to go down we should deliver on the 1st referendum suggesting anything
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about a 2nd well john hall is live outside the british parliament in london for us so journo it seems that the prime minister is facing a hostile reactions in parliament about her latest attempt to get this would draw deals. certainly a torrid time in parliament for to resume a laying out a 10 point plan of her so-called new breaks it deal that she expects a vote to take place on in 2 weeks' time the pressure it seems has never been greater on her she was on her feet for about an hour and a half in the house of commons taking questions by the end of it many of her own m.p.'s the majority of own cabinet ministers have left the house it is clear that she does not have the support of her own party she doesn't have the support of the opposition either jeremy corbin saying that the promises contained in this new deal were you the promises she couldn't keep or that she simply lacked the author of you to be able to make them time to go said jeremy corbyn and that call echoed
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elsewhere to resume a has clearly failed to win the support of moderates on both sides with her promise of possibility dangled in front of them of us of a 2nd referendum of compromises on a customs union it is only earned her the even deeper anger an eye of the right of her own party the progress at right of a party and her cabinet ministers many of them didn't even turn up for her pm queues and indeed there are suggestions now of acquired through under way the possibility that ministers may seek to meet or that the cabinet may seek to meet her later to tell her time is up to reason for her part insists this vote must go ahead they must vote for her deal if they want it to happen at all the alternative she says is no brakes it at all or leaving with no deal that's a journal with all of that swirling around her it's begs the question as to whether this deal will even be voted on at all. he does indeed.
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earlier this morning michael gove the environment secretary a senior minister in her cabinet a senior program figure of course one of many vying for her job was asked will this vote go ahead he said it is time to reflect and consider the options that's language that rather suggests a delay at best a reason may was asked what she insists it will go ahead but as i say with all the rumors swirling now that the endgame for the reason may is underway there are questions indeed whether she'll even last the night. all right john her live for us there in london. how the industrial giant british steel has collapsed is the latest sign of the growing weakness of the u.k.'s manufacturing sector and confusion over briggs it lawlessly report. exactly a year ago british steel produced this corporate film glamorizing what goes on inside its plants in sky. high quality tailored manufacturing the sort of thing
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the u.k. used to be feigned for all over the world. one year on the accountants of moved in british steel has collapsed putting some $25000.00 jobs in direct jeopardy the government it seems was unwilling to provide just $30000000.00 pounds or $40000000.00 to keep it afloat the opposition cannot believe it but also mr speaker i want to express on behalf of the labor party might outrage that the government is again failed our steel industry putting $5000.00 jobs at risk in british steel 20000 more in the supply chain this government has failed those people we will be working with the company and others and the official receiver in the days and weeks ahead to ensure that we can pursue every step to secure the future of the operations. and auntie side the irony isn't lost on anyone that the news of the demise of british steel comes one day before european elections in which the
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conservative party is expected to receive a thrashing and the story of british steel plays into a much wider debate about brics it and the future of british manufacturing. it has been blamed in parts for the demise of british steel just like hundreds decision to close its car factory in the west of england it's widely thought the so-called hard bricks it would lead to the closure of miss sand in northeastern england as well for many voters the points of the exercise was to get politicians to pay more attention to their communities it's not happening the reality is and it's an uncomfortable truth. is that we wouldn't be having these difficulties in the way in which they're presenting themselves this week if it wasn't for the decision to leave the european union perhaps the most startling statistic around british steel is that over the last 2 years alone china produced more steel than the u.k. has done since the industrial revolution in the 19th century maybe politicians think it isn't worth trying anymore but they don't have any other alternatives for
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people in scum fulp it's illegal to exploit a situation where the government can find $5000000000.00 to renovate the parliament building and another $5000000000.00 to protect the country against the worst of a no deal breaks it and yet cannot find the money to protect the u.k.'s steel industry or the been exploiting it so voters is anybody's guess lawrence lee al jazeera in london 2 bombs have killed at least 6 people in the somali capital mogadishu in one attack a car bomb targeted a convoy of politicians heading into the presidential palace a member of parliament was among those killed the armed group says it was behind the attack. french president emanuel mcroy is meeting the libyan warlords in paris after its fighters have been battling forces allied to the un recognized government for control of libya's capital tripoli in recent weeks the u.n. says the fighting could split the country. still ahead on.


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