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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the reality is and it's an uncomfortable truth is that we wouldn't be having these difficulties in the way in which they're presenting themselves this week if it wasn't for the decision to leave the european union perhaps the most startling statistic around british steel is that over the last 2 years alone china produced more steel than the u.k. has done since the industrial revolution in the 19th century maybe politicians think it isn't worth trying anymore but they don't have any other alternatives for people in scandal it's difficult to explain a situation where the government can find $5000000000.00 to renovate the parliament building and another $5000000000.00 to protect the country against the worst of a no deal brecht's it and yet cannot find the money to protect the u.k.'s steel industry how the been explaining it so voters is anybody's guess lawrence lee al jazeera in london members of the u.s. government are downplaying the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended their military buildup in the gulf less than 24 hours ago top officials briefed
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congress on developments with iran after members of congress voiced concern acting defense secretary says the deployment of additional forces to the gulf will limit terror arms ability to attack. that's coming at al-jazeera including high level talks on libya being held in paris stop the fighting for that. hello there the showers in the southern parts of china have been very very heavy recently on the satellite picture you can see some bright white areas of cloud hair mostly over the high nan province but also down towards the southwest and there over parts of it now the rain has been incredibly heavy to this region again will be very wet as we head through thursday and some of those showers will still be ducted along the south coast of china hong kong can expect to see quite
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a few showers during the day on thursday and probably on friday as well on friday we'll also see more wet weather towards the northern parts of our maps and should rather shop showers a gradually going to be drifting their way eastwards then we head across towards india there's this belt in the center where there's incredibly hot weather but elsewhere and there's a few showers around in the south we're seeing a few pretty monsoon showers still need to be a few more of those on thursday most of them around carolina to the northeast in through parts and of paula i think there will see quite a few outbreaks of rain some of them in nepal very very very wet recently and we'll also see more showers work their way through parts of pakistan through parts of afghanistan and into the northern parts of india and here we all still think some of that turn to snow now the cloud over the arabian peninsula is now we're treating towards the south still giving us some showers over parts of yemen and that's a chance of course the u.a.e. .
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after more than a month of voting the biggest democracy in the world will announce its election results indians voted with a record turnout march will the modi government maintain its power. joining us on al-jazeera and live coverage of the election results. yet. but you. know there are some other like. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour violent protests are continuing in the indonesian capital for the 2nd night in
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a row people around 3 of the result of last month's election police have put parts of the city on lockdown after 6 people were killed in the riots on tuesday night. the british prime minister to resign is under increasing pressure over the latest version of a briggs deal the opposition says it won back a 4th vote and members of our own party want her to resign. now the u.n. general assembly is voting to pressure the u.k. into giving up control of the child or silence to. the islands in the indian ocean the house an important military base for the u.k. and u.s. but the un's likely to cool for withdrawal within 6 months russia's claims it was forced to give up the islands and 965 in exchange for independence the u.k. has previously ignored an international court of justice ruling they are in this had been illegally taken when the trade was islands known as the british indian ocean territory rules the size of a u.s. military base on diego garcia britain took possession of the islands an 814 held on to them after the independence of moorish us in 19683 years before that the u.k.
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had secret at least one of the islands diego garcia to the u.s. to use as a military base international court of justice issued an opinion earlier this year urging the u.k. to hand over the territory to militias which claims sovereign tree over diplomatic editor james bays joins us live from the u.n. james out how significant this is vote what does it mean on the ground. well it's significant because i think it will show the overwhelming whip will of all the nations of the united nations because that's what the general assembly is effectively the u.n. xp parliament we're expecting a vote pretty soon the delegate of botswana is speaking now lots of nations have queued up to say what they think about this there are 3 more after botswana before we actually get to the vote and what is telling of all of those that have spoken so far all apart from the u.k. and the u.s. are backing
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a ruling in february by the international court of justice that said the ukase ownership of the change or silence was illegal that what the u.s. did at the end of the 1960 s. well beyond when it has given back most of its empire around the world when it decided to split off the shade off from the rest of the rishis before it gave independence so it could keep the chain goss and then do a deal with the u.s. to make the main island of the chain goss' diego garcia a big u.s. military air base that was illegal and that's still the situation there were 1500 islanders who were moved from the island back in the 1960 s. they've still not to be allowed to been allowed to go home i don't think anyone doubts including the u.k. and the u.s. they are going to lose this vote but although the moral position may be well against them legally even though there's been that that advisory ruling by the
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international court of justice they say that they will continue keeping the base of diego garcia operating james away from the results of that vote james bays there are diplomatic editor from the u.n. . now to syria where rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces in the north west fighting has been intensifying in the region since last month and the u.s. says it's concerned chemical weapons of nappanee used to live ports. in northwestern syria these rebels are advancing on pro-government positions in the town of kufa in the buddha this operations under way as government jets attack opposition strongholds according to the syrian observatory for human rights dozens of fighters have been killed on both sides this is part of an escalation in fighting since the russian backed syrian offensive in it began last month. and as the violence has intensified so has the humanitarian crisis syrian forces seized
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control of cuffing a buddha in northern how my province in early may that area is largely controlled by to have you to show that armed opposition groups formally affiliated with al qaida in syria. now hundreds of thousands of people living there are caught in the crossfire dozens of aid groups are calling for an immediate end to the conflict saying conditions have reached a crisis point in my out of the norm and people say the town's marketplace was crowded when it was attacked by air raids. played on i go on a russian and regime plane struck the area of the mosque it's a crowded place in the middle of the cornish street. i let them the shops are destroyed the flesh of the injured people is on the floor people are collecting their belongings the strike hit an hour before the morning ramadan meal but according to the u.s. it may not just be conventional weapons that are now in use in syria the state department says pro-government forces may have carried out a chlorine gas attack on sunday in the region security experts say that would be very disturbing if proven true quite frankly they have
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a negative track record in that area so i wouldn't be surprised at all if they are in really this falls to russia to rein in because russia is there peter and russia signed the agreement with the united states a half dozen years ago for syria to get rid of its chemical weapons it would guarantee that and i mean again we're seeing this issue pop up and it's really something that needs to be punished seriously and needs crosses all read minds. the state department says it will respond quickly and appropriately if it finds evidence of a chemical attack a statement that comes just a day after more than $400.00 u.s. lawmakers urged the trumpet ministration not to pull u.s. troops out of syria. and. the libyan all orderly for have taras told the french president emanuel mccraw that a cease fire is not currently possible even visiting paris while fighting on the ground continues its forces are trying to take control of the capital tripoli from
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the un recognized government the u.n. envoy for libya is warning the fighting could permanently split the country in a natasha butler joins us live now from paris but certainly for after hours met with macro what more do we know about the meeting. well this meeting between the french president and the libyan warlord khalifa had to have to was behind closed doors so there are very few details as to what the 2 men discussed but the elisei has let a few details emerge and one of them is that the renegade commanders told the french president a man or mack or that the conditions in libya are not in place for a cease fire but that he would be open to some political discussions if a cease fire were to be in place now it's not the 1st time these 2 men have met they have met several times before but it's the 1st time they've actually i had talks one on one and it comes nearly 7 weeks after i have to launch an offensive to
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try and capture tripoli the base of the u.n. backed an internationally recognized government and just 2 weeks ago the libyan u.n. backed prime minister fires are soraya was actually in paris as well also meeting president because what michael's been trying to do over the past few weeks is trying to see whether he can mediate in this crisis in some way persuade the 2 men to agree to a ceasefire and return to these un backed peace talks but it seems if these comments by have to be believed it seems that the french president has failed in his mediation efforts because after is saying that the conditions simply are not in place for a cease fire right now but thank you the head of the un's agency for palestinian refugees appealing for urgent funding at least a 1000000 people are dependent on food aid from the gaza strip the agency says funding is fast running out and it can afford any interruption in food distribution
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. as we speak all euro has only enough money to run its operations until mid june then we will hit negative figures and a funding gap it is absolutely crucial to avoid a breakdown of our food pipeline and all on our partners to actively mobilize in support of our efforts to secure the needed funding. british companies even vodafone are the latest to distance themselves from the hallway and the u.k. chip designer a.r.m. will suspend all ties with a chinese firm some of the lego has moved. the british based chip designer whose products power purse esas from chip makers to companies such as apple has said that it was now a blocking war way from accessing technology that is now on the move comes after u.s. government ban on the chinese firm a.r.m. employees have now been told to cease all active contracts as well as any pending
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engagements may comes after the u.s. put qual way on a list of companies that u.s. firms are banned from doing business with another reason because of a arms decision is because some of its designs contain technology which originate in the united states and now as a result because of this it is one of the latest in a series of com of companies around the world that have partnerships. with huawei that are now seeking to distance themselves from the chinese firm for example on wednesday to telecoms companies vodafone and the u.k.'s largest mobile operator have said that they are suspending the pre order of away 5 g. handsets now while huawei has reacted saying that it feels confident that it can resolve this decision it said that it is values very much as international partnerships but in
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a proper snipe involved the us itself it's said that it recognizes what it calls international pressure by from politically motivated decisions that's according to our way but make no mistake this is quite a serious blow to the chinese company because it really relies on a our ems technology uses it for its own chips so really quite a serious. delay on how it can continue to manage to produce those chips if it has no access to talk to that technology china's 3 biggest airlines are doing. in compensation from boeing after the troubles 737 max fleet was grounded china was the 1st to take its feet out of service when a 2nd 737 max plane crashed in ethiopia killing all on board now air china china southern and china eastern are all seeking compensation for losses all boeing 737 max planes have been grounded worldwide investigators say
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a flight control system problem was to blame for both crashes asian brown has more than the chinese capital 3 of china's biggest airlines have decided to seek compensation from the u.s. aircraft manufacturer because these chinese airlines of course were forced to ground the boeing 737 max aircraft the foreign ministry spokesman defended the right of these companies saying they had every right to defend their legal interests now analysts have been warning in the past few days the one of the other ways that china might hit back at the united states is perhaps for chinese airlines to start ordering less from boeing and instead switch their orders to boeing's main rival airbus people who support abortion rights of marched in cities across the u.s. in a show of force against conservative efforts to restrict the procedure as there was how does a castro has more. whether i was right. c on
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the 100th anniversary of the house giving women the vote in the united states women and abortion rights activists in cities across the country took to the streets to say their battle is not finished does anyone here think the women in this country will stay silent while our rights are being taken away from us. they march to protest abortion restrictions recently passed in conservative states 256 nays one alabama's new law is the most extreme it bans abortions except for when a woman's health is at risk making no exceptions for rape or incest this was a stabbing we were alive for even a fact we have right in america and it says it's very important analysis which other great work by. more than a dozen other states are trying to make abortion illegal after
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a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as 6 weeks democratic leaders say such laws are unconstitutional from the missouri fact that you are republican but play truth are waking up your heart going rabid our women aren't coming at all right the state laws are not yet enforced they face court challenges that will likely escalate to the u.s. supreme court. conservative activists have decided now is the time to challenge roe versus wade the landmark case that gave women the right to an abortion in 1973 illegally where you are. and i think. the supreme court has skewed to the right due to president trump's recent appointment of 2 conservative justices but there's no guarantee the court will intervene meanwhile the president has distanced himself from the. most restrictive
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abortion ban tweeting he's pro-life with 3 exceptions including rape and incest. but these protesters say that's not enough they fear women's rights are eroding in america and are telling the supreme court now to protect their right to an abortion . castro al-jazeera washington their money author harvey has become the 1st arabic language writer to win the prestigious man booker international prize was awarded $63000.00 for her novel celestial bodies she says the prize with american academic man in blue the translator the novel into english it centers on the lives of 3 sisters living in an i'm on the verge. of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera violent protests are continuing in the in the nation capital of the 2nd night in
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a row demonstrators are angry over the result of last month's election police to put parts of the city on lockdown after 6 people were killed during the riots and choose the night. really has more than jakarta because joko widodo won the elections by quite a huge margin 2 digits 11 percentage points which translates to nearly 17000000 votes analysts have pointed out that this in a way undermines the opposition's claim that the elections were rigged and also worth remembering that international observers have largely declared the elections to be free and fair despite. claims that the elections that there were fraud irregularities during the polls. british prime minister driesum aides under increasing pressure his version of how briggs it deal the opposition labor party says it won't back it the prime minister is also facing criticism from within her own party she meant tains a 4th vote can unite parliament. britain's
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2nd biggest steelmaker has gone out of business citing concerns of a break that the company was hoping to secure a bailout from the government but the high court has ordered it into compulsory liquidation up to 25000 jobs are at risk. to bomb explosions have killed at least 9 people in the somali capital mogadishu in one attack a car bomb targeted a convoy of politicians heading towards the presidential palace a member of parliament was among those killed group al-shabaab it says it was behind the attack. libyan all orderly for have to ask told the french president emmanuel map that a cease fire is not currently possible he's been visiting paris fighting on the ground continues his forces are trying to take control of the capital tripoli from the un recognized government up the u.n. envoy for libya's warning that the fighting could permanently split the country. all right so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after
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inside story stage and thanks so much for. when israel's political uprising is now in its 4th month on january 10th president nicolas maduro is sworn in for a 2nd term following elections not recognized as legitimate by opponents nor much of the international community this sets in motion an opposition plan to declare the president of the national assembly hall as venezuela's interim president more than 50 countries recognize him and call on mughal to step aside to allowed new
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elections since fall who took office in 2013 than israel is a con and he has plummeted along with the production of oil the country's lifeline . blames domestic and foreign opponents for widespread shortages of food medicine water and electricity more and more of an israeli and believe their once rich nations collapse is the fault of gross government incompetence and corruption the united states which has already imposed selective sanctions declares an all out economic war on the total to cut off access to oil revenues and financial markets opinion polls show quite off has wide public support but the government proved to be far more resilient than predicted russia and china which have heavy investments in that israel are coming to my voters 8 and he maintains the crucial support of the military high command going by dog unsuccessfully attempts to encourage a military uprising 1 april 30th the crisis enters
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a new critical phase opposition deputies are arrested others go underground. and except. that government doesn't dare touch for fear of even stronger u.s. reprisals. u.s. military intervention are escalating and surprisingly last week both sides agreed to send. to explore a possible negotiated way out of a crisis that has taken on global dimensions the man whose job it is to try to convince the world venezuela is a victim of u.s. aggression is foreign minister. he has been traveling tirelessly to countries all over the world as far away as china russia turkey and iran all of them allies. he wants their political and economic support we caught up with him here at the foreign ministry just before he got on the plane yet again. foreign minister. thank you for talking to me that i'd like to start by asking you
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is there any reason to believe to mystic that there could be a peaceful resolution to this conflict. cia which of course on principle also i. mean. if you know help out of those who need to be going to want to see a minister than i do you know korea for your blood the know him or the neocon where going to sleep then sent there when i would assume seen president this and they thought that you know maybe gonna need to go on the board i mean monkeying with the money on them been doing boco to look at what is here and the other synthesis and democracy and if they're going to do so i say look on the employer democrat us it was your own is going to be me and grown up us the same bad no but in their most. well you can mislead the them all you go is the moment the busy and the motorway joe want to your moment the auto up with that on top of this
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and. allowed to go there to court romances either momentum and communes have it set up the middle who have a big well 1st of all you call it a dialogue your opponents call this the best mediation that's taking place right now with the under the auspices of your no which i'm counterpart but more than that the opposition for the 1st time seems to agree on something and that is that they are demanding you all of them unanimously a demanding that president you could ask mother to step down that there be a transition government and that there that it will be free fair transparent elections under international supervision to quote them are any of those things negotiable for you talk about them and then go aboard get those when we'll see a lot of things here and you know sort of obama. there ya know and quite get into the good old the going are going to see only the center of the mess no i come. neuer scone out of anybody alabama corner going to those who don't either until are going to do so most of the book i want us all to see on the. numbers and then the
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north down and i wanted to see where you talk about the constitution so does the opposition you're both holding up a. the constitution in your hand but this is a political conflict i think you would agree that it's political that needs a political solution so what concessions can your side give to the opposition one that comes as you're now more than i was told that i would be most i'd want to have as i don't know someone and it was the idea of that or one of your lesser political walkie and you only got daughters and then you know me this is he had to draw a line you immediately said that will come when i said i love you lend support to lecture on this go go to rio and i told myself don't send your ticket elephant they're going. to put id and i thought that they need to go go real close and what howard had up by a secular corner said i go you know and as for leno. my point is you're not getting you know ok you had jonathan i wanted to see on you know sore throat and will
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continue well to get them ok yeah look at them ok i see i'm better political i think i can do that and we just saw the important of c s i k u conflict authority and venezuela didn't know when to use 11th but related to him i know that i would see it either suppose when he was he let me guess are you a part of the whole so you had no one cared only that or the i don't recall him going to sway that you know those when you wonder come on then to tell you why do you hang up all that because i put the letter you know and didn't wear what they contain went down them and on that i would guess yes you know i don't mean that it was. no wonder you know they're all sort of letter gets up early in the editing and bodo because you know inside or them b.b.n. there but i really meant this young. it went up and i thought again border would see about it at the multiple it. rained going to the advent of but the later people in terms of cell and supplement democrat mean it that a conflict that they conflict with that actually the place they would get alexy on
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they would have would get a conflict also you know a classic simple about that percentage out of the numbers a minute out of the completely a c. in the party to go and promote you would then of course i mean if that end in the end but it gave them to the frenzy then they got to where the put other can be and so how do you get along with the ones that you call the bush but actually i would argue that they're not but it's not necessarily the case in the actions for the national assembly 2 thirds of venezuelans voted against the government candidates but going beyond that just the other day and i want to quote him president medvedev said come rain thunder or lightning the revolution will remain in venezuela for the rest of the 21st century i didn't create is that the type of democracy is that what the constitution says that old assume but as we go to god i will do so knowing what we have no or one president the letter was whom proceso mad it's a month and they're gone they're all there let me guess honest or not but it will
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and to put going through either party then well people who are put up. by. the previous or set up makes the. home that i was on process were more than to be to divide them which of my yeah that would tell us what it was doing to do so and then either gain control no no one wanted to see what to do a 2nd lesson then assume then go. about that and see. only here on what i would see and you're going to turn on us and let us know so and represent done to the light and to him but as i have over time to one go there i don't think that is a thought he could have and it's really that i think up out of people political troubles as you know are you not going to put us through economic or i want to sponsor a man who does something. this is a form letter and go so you want a photo of a for your buddies are part of the loan at that moment or in the other suppose we put them in the bin but let's go back to what's happening today what's happening today this political crisis for cuba and i was surprised to hear this has been
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requested by canada and norway to to help mediate does some kind of a dialogue which and i'm wondering what could be cuba's role especially since the opposition sees cuba as part of the problem rather than a solution. you know say better than i thought i had a man who. had any evidence or learn how to boil over as well and over that we have no one else will learn oh you know where my kid that i'm the demon so i can being as a whole we have a bed or a lot of in the end there you go there but i know boys you're going to. sue under one of them again and when i was yep it was some. sort of handle in a body begin to understand it well what can you tell me about what could have been discussed in no way no boil yourself. improve the process would have been had then i said but would you say that there's reason for optimism or is it still too early but this and when i confront this your own political see in them but every day i
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want to confront those whom barely can see i'm going to what i know as we speak the opposition you know why those representatives in washington got to make us about to meet with the u.s. military southern command. and i'm about to ask of course for it to co-create help or assurances that the united states will come to the opposition's aid militarily do you believe that there is a real credible threat of u.s. military intervention in minnesota was it a bluff no come close i'll go ahead like i said learn to annoy bluffs going to who's going to like us so long to see him break it then add more more more talk we always put a very dollar has an idea for a president that they don't bring a water bill mean this is you have to go they go ok you're going to wind up with us or many don't want to live in this world and elsewhere was only for one bill for the wrong boat and the term investor bailed out the 2 brands for the age of 2 i don't see and i think sort of the message going to be done but i'll put it like it
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is and i do see lawson going to have a nice reload but i'm going to look over my knee and i know what i'm going to and he got i want us all mine i walked on by the org on their bodies and after going to placing us on the i wanted to get brought they headed north and i swear that venezuela i think at the moment to be center hopefully to go there one of your last young. i didn't in that interview and i guess he better me deems he better meeting . with the international i'm going as well i said i did i'm going on and on to say that i can but in the video where you keep saying that why why though is there is there is a puppet of the united states but what about the more than 50 other countries that support him that recognize him as the interim president of this country countries that like canada like germany like france that do not particularly i'm not exactly known for taking orders from president donald trump how do you explain this you know you're going to get what i contracted to go and do most i know it all but what i want us when we see a view then. when the economy to seal. them
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with them and thousands of those numbers look at the oh i don't know what up in the pan the end will now know it'll be i guess i got by them yet in the conflict in the noise from madison. proper many throat read the fine alysia. american on a comment said on the road out of that meeting today and there are going to say the net again that idea the motor thought it will go away but it's almost what if we are going to say i want you know and we want a job loss and then he got on a committee said on day. one we need to let us when i had a daughter that a drain on the seafront all of us alone or go back and we had no what i got a better noise when we had and washington anybody warning sam but i caught a boat i feel it but if you're in a political angle we have no law my important and i guess i like in washington but i get into but if you and daughters of by the end don't they mind what i say and they don't want going on monday and if you get em on the nepali so all the problems of it is the economic collapse in this country the.


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