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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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by james thank you it's been another violent evening in the nation's capital as police tried to contain crowds protesting of a last month's election results lisa put jakarta on lockdown after 6 people were killed during riots on tuesday flawlessly reports. day 2 of protests in jakarta and a pattern emerges as night fell the situation 10 volatile protesters threw fireworks and other objects at police who after holding back initially fired tear gas and chased them down police say they've arrested more than $250.00 people apparently got it out because after questioning of the suspects admitted that they were told to riot and that it was claimed we are still looking for the person who gave the instruction and the money. it was a different picture earlier on wednesday morning where the crowd was small and peaceful these are supporters of problem. who ran against president joker we don't know in last month's presidential election and the previous one was but last i mean
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they cheated on us and 24 team we don't want to happen again enough is enough but never had so little going to getting justice through the courts is impossible with the government we have so we come here we don't care about our safety we are prepared to give our lives as protests spread to at least 2 other cities president joker widodo has called for calm but also issued a warning so. it will work together with anyone to advance this country but i will not tolerate any one of these rights to security democratic processes in the unity of our beloved nation of god or you need. has refused to accept the election outcome and has urged his supporters to demonstrate against it . i urge everyone the police the military and all relevant parties to restrain themselves and avoid violence as they express their aspirations in the protests started the day out tonight shortly after president focal retarder delivered his
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victory was likely to continue until friday which is when we expect from both of them to the last the presidential election to follow a complaint with the constitutional court the challenging the election outcome the indonesian capital remains on edge with parts of it under lockdown $50000.00 police and military personnel have been put on duty as protesters showed no sign of giving in florence al jazeera jakarta time for a short break here now does it when we come back we'll meet the venezuelans looking for a miracle to help them through desperate times more in a state. hello there we still got those really stubborn showers over parts of the middle east at the moment this is the time of year where normally things would be coming down and
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the weather would just be quite help but we still got plenty of showers over possibly ran and there's a stretching through parts of afghanistan as well they'll still be there as we head through the next few days mostly over parts of afghanistan and stretching their way northwards into parts of kazakstan that's where they'll stay as we head through friday then behind it it does look like it will be drawing up a little bit and getting hotter so to iran we'll get to 30 degrees and hot in baghdad about 42 but parts of turkey there is still quite unsettled hair another weather system is making its way into the northwest giving us some heavy downpours they are a bunch of has been a lot of cloud recently but that's all now sinking towards the south you can see it here it could give us one of 2 showers around the you a. they may begin to i man but i think most of them will be over the parts of yemen and that area of clouds thins and works its way south was still as we had 3 friday that means here in doha it's just going to get off again with a top temperature of around $39.00 and then further towards the south and we've got a few showers to watch out for some in pas and madagascar but i think as we head
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through the next few days we're going to see more of those showers cause a mainland africa particularly over parts of mozambique here they could be heavy. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason to people that are about the v h one n one push is it getting much difficult for you now a w h oh yes there's a chance to sit down here in terms of trust that you trust on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount about top stories here the british prime minister to resign may is under increasing pressure over the latest version of how brags that the opposition labor party says it won't back it out of the prime minister is also facing criticism from within around. demonstrations continue in the nation's capital wepa testers are angry at the results of last month's presidential election and he said put parts of jakarta unlocked up to 6 people were killed jane riots on tuesday night. and the un general assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favor. a move to modern the u.k. into giving up control of the chagga saddam's to riches. in the indian ocean the house an important religious base for the u.k. and the u.s. u.k. has previously ignored an international court of justice ruling the islands and been in the guinea taken from militias. now it was once an industrial giant in the
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u.k. and now with the latest sign of growing uncertainty over brags that british steel has collapsed but in thousands of jobs at risk loans me has more from london. exactly a year ago british steel produced this corporate film glamorizing what goes on inside its plants in sky. high quality tailored to manufacturing the sort of thing the u.k. used to be feigned for all over the world. one year on the accountants of moved in british steel has collapsed putting some $25000.00 jobs in direct jeopardy the government it seems was unwilling to provide just $30000000.00 pounds or $40000000.00 to keep it afloat the opposition cannot believe it but also mr speaker want to express on behalf of the labor party might outrage that the government is again failed steel industry putting $5000.00 jobs at risk in british steel 20000 more in the supply chain this government has failed those people the government
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will work closely with the official receiver and prospective new owners to achieve the best possible outcome for the sites the government has provided and indemnity to the official received who is now responsible for the operations and we will take every possible step to ensure that these vital operations can continue the irony isn't lost on anyone that the news of the demise of british steel comes one day before european elections in which the conservative party is expected to receive a thrashing and the story of british steel plays into a much wider debate about brecht seats and the future of british manufacturing. it has been blamed in parts for the demise of british steel just like honda. decision to close its car factory in the west of england it's widely thought the so-called hard bricks it would lead to the closure of nice sand in northeastern england as well to many voters the point of the exercise was to get politicians to pay more attention to their communities it's not happening the reality is and it's an
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uncomfortable truth is that we wouldn't be having these difficulties in the way in which they're presenting themselves this week if it wasn't for the decision to leave the european union perhaps the most startling statistic around british steel is that over the last 2 years alone china produced more steel than the u.k. has done since the industrial revolution in the 19th century maybe politicians think it isn't worth trying anymore but they don't have any other alternatives for people in scunthorpe it's difficult to explain a situation where the government can find 5000000000 dollars to renovate the parliament building and another 5000000000 to protect the country against the worst of a no deal brecht's it and yet cannot find the money to protect the u.k.'s steel industry or the been expanding its voters is anybody's guess lawrence leigh al jazeera in london a libyan a warlord only for have taras rejected french appeals to put a halt to fighting talks between have to. fail to reach an agreement on
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a ceasefire french officials say the lack of trust between opposing forces and libya is higher than ever. has more from paris. well it's not the 1st time that the french president's a man or mark or is meeting with the renegade commander after they have met several times before but is the 1st time that they are having one on one talks and he comes nearly 7 weeks after have to launch an offensive to try and capture crude tripoli where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based now the u.n. backed prime minister fires i was right was also in paris a couple of weeks ago also had a meeting with the french president emmanuel mark on what michael is trying to do with these meetings is really talk to both sides to urge them to restore stability and calm to libya he wants them to agree to a cease fire and to return to the u.n. backed peace process especially because the u.n. special envoy to libya has actually said that at this stage unless this crisis is
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resolved in some way that libya could be facing a very long and bloody war while france is official position in libya is that it backs the u.n. peace process but there are some analysts and experts over the years that have said that paris is supporting. and france has admitted in the past that it is given a certain amount of what they called technical know just tickle support so i have to what paris says is that he is a useful ally in eastern libya in the fight against armed groups including our i saw but what some say is that if you want to be considered as an honest broker a mediator as the french president does then it's of course very problematic if you are perceived to be supporting one side to the detriment of the other. members of the u.s. government are downplaying the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf some 24 hours ago top officials briefed congress
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on developments with iran after members of congress voiced concern and defense secretary patrick shanahan says the problems of additional forces to the gulf were limits. iran's ability to attack. were as the president has stated. we'd like to see change their behavior we would like decades worth of bad practices that they regularly engage and we know that the maximum pressure campaign is working you can see. that they have and will see what happens from there we're going to keep all of our options in there you know saudi arabia in the united arab emirates due to attend a conference in bahrain next month as part of u.s. president donald trump's investment plan for palestine but the p.l.o. and hamas of call for an hour a boycott of the meeting organized by senior advisor. to bomb explosions that killed at least 9 people in the somali capital mogadishu in one attack a car bomb targeting a convoy of politicians heading towards the presidential palace
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a member of parliament was among those killed. was behind the attack. a huge explosion half in that district point where. we have lost a young child. the soldiers and civilians and many more injured the blast destroyed our homes and we don't have much to rebuild mother china is accusing the u.s. of economic bullying against its tech firms the foreign minister while he says u.s. sanctions on chinese companies such as well we were aimed at hindering his country's development wang's comments come despite washington's decision to temporally ease restrictions on the chinese tech giant. british companies even vodafone are the latest to distance themselves from the u.k. chip designer and will suspend all ties with the chinese firm so i guess i was more . the british based chip designer a.r.m. whose products power purse ss from chip makers to companies such as apple
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has said that it was now a blocking war way from accessing its technology now the move comes after a u.s. government ban on the chinese firm a.r.m. employees have now been told to cease all active contracts as well as any pending engagements may comes after the u.s. put away in a list of companies that u.s. firms are banned from doing business with another reason because of of a arms decision is because some of its designs contain technology which originate in the united states and now as a result because of this it is one of the latest in a series of com of companies around the world that have partnerships with. with huawei that are now seeking to distance themselves from the chinese firm for example on wednesday to telecoms companies vodafone and the u.k.'s largest mobile operator have said that they are suspending the pre order of way 5 g.
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handsets now while way has reacted saying that it feels confident that it can resolve this decision it said that it is values very much as international partnerships but in a pub society involved the us itself it's said that it recognizes what it calls international pressure by from politically motivated decisions that's according to our way but make no mistake this is quite a serious blow to the chinese company because it really relies on a our ems technology uses it for its own chips so really quite a serious. delay on how it can continue to manage to produce those chips if it has no access at all to that technology china's 3 biggest airlines are . in compensation from boeing after the troubles 737 max fleet was grounded china was the 1st to take its feet out of service when a 2nd 737 max plane crashed in ethiopia killing all on board now as china china
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southern and china eastern are all seeking compensation for losses all boeing 737 max planes have been grounded worldwide investigators say a flight control system problem was to blame for both crashes. overcrowded hospitals on widespread medicine shortages in venezuela have left those in need desperate for help some are now turning to spiritual healing has a lot of america at its alessio newman has more. from 6 in the morning people start lining up to get their number every day hundreds gather in this spiritual center no created in venezuela largest slum. the waiting room is full of images of local saints and dade's especially horse on this 1900 century venezuelan doctor who is said to still have extraordinary healing powers diana has just seen the medium while she waits to receive a donation of chemotherapy drugs to treat her advanced user and cancer.
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decima is pressing on my thigh optic nerve i went to the hospital for treatment because of the excruciating pain but it did no good now at least i can take a few steps i have faith in this. just a little the biggest came was a 6 month old baby she says he's been coughing for months. and. the public hospital there either no doctors no medicine or it's contaminated and they send us away buying medicines at the pharmacy is too expensive so my sister recommended i come here for. venezuela's acute economic crisis is drawing more and more people to the one place that at least gives them hope for less than $1.00 cases of depression are up 3 fold says although to leave us. lack of food especially for your children is one of the main causes along with violence and the deteriorated health system you see people dying so you can imagine how it impacts
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people's psyche many want to commit suicide we do what we can to calm them. he says the sessions which are not allowed to be filmed are a mixture of science religion and face now they're going to show me what they would do if i were. patient. medium us middle of us says the 1st thing is to pass a candle over the part of the body that hurts in this case my back while in a trance the idea is to block and release trapped energy. if the case was serious he would do this. carry out a spiritual surgical operation. some call it a placebo others the power of suggestion but whatever it is people who are undergoing treatment here swear that they are being healed. which is why more and more are coming to find the kind of miracle that they say they desperately need to see in human. in israel or the kenya north binyavanga wainaina has died he won
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multiple awards for his writing including the caine prize for african writing in satirical essay how to write about africa challenge popular stereotypes about the continent and several antigay nor the past in countries across africa and 2014 when in a public he spoke out announcing that he was gay he got a stroke at the age of 48. and their money also has become the 1st arabic language writer to win the prestigious man booker international prize he was awarded $64000.00 for a novel celestial bodies she says shares the prize with american academic mountain translator the novel into english tells a story of a man's transformation of the end of colonial rule of 3 sisters. a quick check of the headlines here the british prime minister to resign made
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something creasing pressure over the latest version of her briggs deal the opposition labor party says it won't back it to the prime minister's also facing criticism from within their own party she maintains a 4th vote can unite parliament i've set out the 10 points about the new deal there is an issue about customs there is a difference of opinion in this house on the future customs arrangement with the european union that's why it's important that this house actually comes to a decision on that issue. and referendum the 2nd reading of the withdrawal agreement bill will. this house to come to a decision. issue it would also enable the house to come to a decision on a 2nd referendum which i continue to believe would not be the right route for this country to go we should deliver on the 1st referendum. anything about a 2nd. demonstrations continue in the nation's capital where protesters are angry at the results of last month's presidential election and the support of jakarta on
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lockdown after 6 people were killed you know riots on tuesday night has more than jakarta because. one of the elections by quite a huge margin 2 digit 11 percentage points which translates to nearly 17000000 votes analysts have pointed out that this in a way undermines the opposition's claim that the elections were rigged and also worth remembering that international observers have largely declared the elections to be free and fair despite. claims that the elections that there were fraud irregularities during the poll the u.n. general assembly has voted in favor of a move demanding the u.k. give up control of the islands to marusia the islands in the indian ocean house an important military base for the u.k. and us had been illegally taken. in all of delhi for have to has rejected french appeals to establish a cease fire fighting continues at the top. failed to reach an agreement those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station
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council chamber. what's next for weiwei as google restricts access to its technology how will consumers in the industry be affected and could this change the course of the ongoing us china trade this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam is a major technology companies are considering their next steps out of the us
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president blacklisted weiwei the chinese firm is accused of endangering u.s. national security american suppliers have 3 months to keep supporting wall where users before they have to cut ties google says it'll carry on updating its software on existing weiwei devices but new handsets won't have access to google's operating system applications that's raising questions about how the world's 2nd largest mobile phone maker will adapt while ways founder says the u.s. is underestimating his company's abilities. although this time we're on that blacklist our own company won't be affected by it but the u.s. is a country with the rule of law u.s. companies cannot avoid respecting the launch as the media reports on this they should deeply understand that u.s. companies share a common fate with us well let's have a look at how we got here last week the u.s. president donald trump added weiwei to
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a trade blacklist that means the telecom giant can't get technology. a jew from u.s. firms without government approval washington says while away acts for the chinese government might have been spying on americans while wade denies that though the u.s. is urging its allies to ban wire way products in 5 g. mobile networks in some countries have stopped using the firm's equipment all of this is seen by many as another escalation in the u.s. china trade war. let's bring our guests into the show we have joining us in washington d.c. robert scott senior international economist at the economic policy institute on skype from hong kong pauline lu a veteran china policy risk analyst she runs the research consultancy asia analytical and in preston of the u.k. max i's a lecturer in computer and network security at the university of central lancashire
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he specializes in security and consumer trust in new technologies good to have you all with us if i could start with robert though this isn't the end is it what happened with google we're about to see even more companies follow suit and end business with weiwei right. exactly i think this is where we're coming here at a critical moment as the 5 g. networking systems begin to be rolled out in the united states and other countries and there is growing concern there was always technology represents a real threat to the curity for the u.s. companies and the u.s. government if its equipment is used in these systems the company was hit with i think 23 indictments earlier this year for theft of intellectual property and for prop fraud the cia has determined that while a is getting funding from chinese security agencies and and the company vodafone has found back doors in some of
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us technology that it chinese or sources to get access had no access to information used in these systems given everything robert has said let me take this question to pauline the commerce department older means that u.s. companies which want to sell to while away need to get a license in practical terms given everything rob is just outlined then the allegations against it how easy would it be for u.s. firms to sell to while at this point i mean to get a license to sell well it would depend on how easy washington wants to make it whether. is. in the trade discussions over whether it is and i believe it is. in the 1st step to look for a wind it just it's really the 2 countries it's not just
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a function calling it sounds like you feel that this is highly politicized this is not just about a straightforward security matter. but security is everything for a country if you believe that a company or whether it's a commercial company whether it's a government run company is and can do your nation harm then then it becomes a different story altogether and it's and don't believe it's it's a matter of commercial competition that you know that while the way is a commercial competitor i do believe that washington thinks that while waste more than just a commercial competitor it's a security risk and this is obviously a very serious development for weiwei isn't it max how will it impact become pany when eventually i think after the 3 month period it looks like no u.s.
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firms are going to be able to sell all supply any technology or components to it well it's it's really interesting these times when a big company like wa way is coming under this kind of pressure the customers one side are raising a lot of the questions and concerns i mean in the last 2 days since today a lot of you were start asking these questions can we still use this phone can we can we actually trust to use this for one guy or been my online banking should i actually go and buy a new form so in the short term there's a lot of concerns of trust issues emerging especially on the security side of you know mobile phones and technologies from the customers whether we're talking about current customers or future customers. it is a really tricky situation for
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a while at the moment. it's obviously an issue in consumer trust but coming back to why weighs options right now i wonder robert can while we quickly find alternatives to those u.s. suppliers well one of for example take the google question i know has announced. that what they get from google in part is the is the end droid operating system that it uses on many of its phones. has announced that they've developed in the process of developing their own back up operating system for those phones so i suspect if they can probably given the fact that they have access to massive state resources in china they can probably innovate their way around this problem and survive. the question is whether or not
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. they're. their major markets will be cut off in the united states and especially in western europe i think you know they will probably continue to be able to sell phones in china and elsewhere perhaps in many countries in asia but i think is going to this is going to cut its growth going forward that is an interesting question before we get into i want to come back to max and say even if they they find a work around if they can innovate their way around this one or there is going to be some impact on huawei uses who will any sort of innovation be able to get around the trust issues and get around perhaps the loss of well for new customers the loss of anything related to your google apps basically. well. you were saying that they were preparing for this eventuality they
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were you know they call that plan b. which means that they were thinking about they were. developing their own of rating systems. they have a history because in china they don't have access to google services anyway and they have like a middle track so they can actually pull the security update and any new things from google on android and push it to their customers in china that maybe the who they had the momentum for for users in the u.s. and perhaps other parts of western europe who are used to having access to their usual apps saying well we can open up an alternative chinese app store for you is my not really meet people's expectations and needs right. that's true indeed you're absolutely right because a lot of bieber like the feasibility and the usability of android phones because
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they have google maps installed they have google everything is ready and done for you now to get used to a new system is going to be very challenging for for our way to gain customers it's faction and customers trust i mean we see people a little bit reluctant to normal from an apple phone to an android phone because they don't want to you know to experience this change they want everything to run as a smooth as possible so it's very challenging to see how be able will react to a new store a new technology a new operating system it's not an easy road for a while but in the in the future stephanie on easy road pauline do you agree with max's point there thing where we're heading is that effectively was always going to be locked out of the u.s. market not only because consumers in the u.s. and perhaps western europe are going to be you know not very happy with losing their access to the app store. but also because the u.s. let's not forget has also is going not
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a ban about banning its companies from even installing hallway networking equipment new poor all that together is how are we basically out of the u.s. market. well if washington continues with its policy the way it's been. to what china yes i think one way is essentially out of the u.s. market not just the u.s. market but many european markets i mean it is true people don't want to change you have an i phone you want to go to an ngo a given and i want to go to an eyeful and you certainly don't want to switch over to a plumber or system people by the way phones i believe because of the price not because. it out they they like it's a pretty system because it doesn't happen it takes western technology do you think the u.s. will continue with this approach or is this just perhaps
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a tactical maneuver in trade negotiations what do you think robert. well i think we really have crossed a watershed and in the development of our relations with ship with china i think there's a growing interest not just in the u.s. government but amongst many u.s. companies and stepping back from engagement with china is a recognition that the way its government interacts with and supports. companies like wall way. represents a growing threat to the united states not only on a technological basis for example we talk mostly about phones but i think the bigger question is what the use of what way networking in the development of 5 g. networks in the u.s. and around the world i think that's really a major threat so i think there is
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a growing recognition that we really need to step back and disengage and reduce our reliance on these chinese companies and this is true not just for awhile way we saw it last year in the debate with the chinese. phone companies e.t.e. there's a currently a big debate about in the u.s. about. involvement with the chinese rail car company which has provided rail cars to los angeles and chicago and philadelphia and this great against concerns that the use of these rail cars spread presents a security threat to consumers who be writing in them with their phones so i think there's really a growing recognition that there's a systemic problem here that we need to step back from. max no doubt some of our ways rivals can have a field day with this is going to reshape the market and who stands to gain well wu want to see how things will develop because at the moment like you just mentioned
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earlier there's a 90 days temporally supply that will continue i think the decision google has taken even if it's withdrawn later you know during negotiation or anything like this i think while we got the message that they need to develop their own system they need to develop their own apps. and like i said before it is going to be a challenging task for them in the short term future for their users following what do you make of the suggestion that as fierce as the bans in restrictions not now the u.s. might just lift them or hawaii just as it did before on t.v. they did not let it ever seeing what they did it was to put in a lot of conditions for its operation i mean for instance they've even got an american reporter to be sure that you know they're watching everything that's been
2:36 am
done they change the entire management so what the deuce perhaps lancer be focusing on is oh he got good or truth well actually it's a little bit less than that do you see that sort of scenario potentially playing out here pauline that perhaps some conditions are put in place in why ways welcome back into the american market. and i can really see i mean basically the question of why our way isn't i mean are there. you know are they spine can we prove that this is why the question is do they have the means motive and opportunity if your country and china. law will go our way had the means motive and opportunity to do you have are and i think the answer is
2:37 am
washington in the present climate is a big yes talking about washington let's go back then to rob and say let's not forget some of these bans in restrictions are obviously going to hurt american companies right which are going to see some of their sales drop i think we already saw the share price of some of these companies on monday like broadcom and qualcomm drop. there's going to be some suffering on the u.s. side right. there's no question and i think that's the other side of the politics here that the suppliers i've got may push back against these restrictions i think that's part of the reason why as e.t.e. was eventually let off the hook and it was it was allowed to settle complaints in that case but the 2 cases are really fundamentally different in the earlier case with the z t e. the major complaint there was was fraud and that they had violated u.s. restrictions on trade with north korea and iran and they were able to put in place
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the controls within the company to make sure that problem was not repeated here we're talking about fundamental security threats as as we've been discussing in terms of creating back doors that would expose the u.s. to to ready to harm. as a result of china's security system having access to. to secrets from both the government and the private sector so it's a trade off yes in the short run we're going to lose sales to while away but in the long run there are going to be replacements for that equipment that are going to be developed here in other countries so new markets will develop so i think it's a transitional problem for us suppliers next follow a path security perspective how unique the shall we say national security concerns to while away compared to any of its competitors all alternative systems.
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i think the main concern from a national security point of view is the technical ability for weiwei to. to install back doors or have ways to access information or ready there is also a growing concern that if huawei wants to install like ready kill switch to to shut down the network. that could be possible from a technical point of view it is possible now whether while we do it the succumbed lately a different issue but do we know max have any are other alternatives innocent of life forms special who have the exact same features or backdoor skills which is i mean how much do we really know about what's going on not only with y. way but with the competition well it's goes back to
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a trust issue i think the the main issue with weiwei is there are links broadly to the chinese state with other companies because they regard themselves as private companies they don't have government so links so they are more trusted they come across more reliable in the market because they are more about computer sharing more about providing a good service to their customers and they operate on an international level as i said before they are trusted they've been tested before. so that's why they are there is more tendency to trust these providers in comparison to why we lately. pauline how much concern do you think there is into art let me give robert chance going you want to get in on this one go ahead robert. i just want to stress the
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broader point i think the difference between chinese companies like wall way and say a company like apple in the united states which has had its own security problems is that in china you have the role of the state as we've been discussing you've got a big problem with state owned enterprises and beyond that you have the involvement of the chinese army and other chinese military services directly and indirectly in these companies sometimes it's. in a public way some more often it's not and i think that's really where the core security concern right now lies is that there is a different way of operating in china right right pauline is that how much concern is there in china that opus had been that this is really part of a trade war if it's not resolved well maybe other chinese companies might be targeted lenovo open and so on so forth oh i think there is a great deal of concern that this is just the start. list
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of companies that might be put on the planet so that's why christensen in pink has been making visits. this week to read factions in places like that to say we do have 3 tele options. so yes china is very concerned what will kind of retaliatory options does china have at this point . well it seems to be basically 2 that are cost effective $1.00 is as i said because china has effectively cornered the market. on rare earths and the current that people don't seem to think about is the market of one point full. 1000000000 people and with that sort of market you can't capitalist companies really want each other bite of that so it dangle
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a bit of carrot and you hope that there will be a lot of company. lot of money washington on your behalf robert 2020 lections not too far away how far do you think the u.s. president wants to see but i guess you could say u.s. companies and consumers suffering. well i think that's a pretty a big question you know it terms of the chinese market it's it's still for us producers for production estates is a relatively unimportant we export about $100000000000.00 a year to china we know where the goods most of its raw materials that they need to make things work for back to us we import about $500000000000.00 worth so it's a $5.00 to $1.00 ratio there china as a market is more important to companies like g.m. it's selling cars they're making profits there that they cars that they make in china but in terms of the production in the u.s.
2:44 am
it really doesn't register very much the question is what does trump going to do about this is he going to cut a deal or all these threats really just designed to generate some kind of press release that he can announce or is he think for his 2020 campaign he's going to be better served by having an active. in economic sense a shooting war by having tariffs across the board in place is that going to be a symbol to his voters that he's really doing something about our trade problems i for one think. the bigger question is has he actually achieved anything with these policies yes it's a good idea to address the security concern but has he addressed fundamental concerns such as the the overvaluation the u.s. dollar which you promise to do he has done nothing about that today i guess time will callista and fascinating and it's been fascinating discussing this with you thank all of our guests at this point full of this discussion robert skulked holy
2:45 am
noon and next i the. and thank you too for watching you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com is the address and of course for further discussion just head over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from me sam is a van and the whole team here at inside story for now thanks for watching goodbye.
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when they're both struck many died and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers who say people are making sacrifices. this is what i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera with bret's it's still unresolved in the u.k. will join the other 27 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections with the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest on al-jazeera the us is
2:47 am
a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 near us the world's leaders failed to agree upon a solution people are taking matters into their own. topic you know even now. which by its actions to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's ridiculous both sides return to people's doors on 00. 0 it's swear every. mining 6 continents across the do. here is correspondent live in the story
2:48 am
state. of why there are no. limits this. we're at the mercy of the camp for palestinian children syria slew didn't world news. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the news hour i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe. so let's demonstrate what this house can achieve let's come together no sign of coming together in the british parliament but the reason may is facing
2:49 am
more pressure to resign immediately over the latest version of a break said. the united nations votes overwhelmingly to demand the u.k. give up control of the change or silence. and i'm daryn jordan in doha with the rest of the headlines as his troops carry on the offensive to capture the capital tripoli the libyan the warlord at least a half starved tells the french president conditions are not in place for a cease fire. more violence in the indonesian capital over the results of last month's election that gave the president a 2nd term. britain's prime minister is facing growing calls to resign immediately over the latest. version of her breaks a deal three's a means compromise the plan failed to win over the opposition or indeed many in our own party that spread the backlash the pm maintains
2:50 am
a 4th vote on the withdrawal bill can unite parliament if we are going to deliver bricks it in this parliament we are going to have to pass a withdrawal agreement and we will not do so without holding votes on the issues that have divided us the most that includes votes on customs arrangements and on 2nd referendum we can pretend otherwise and carry on arguing and getting nowhere but in the end our job in this house is to take decisions not to dock them so i will push those decisions to this house because that is my duty and because it is the only way that we can deliver bricks it in a moment will speak to join a hole in westminster 1st though let's go to lawrence lee was outside downing street for us lawrence do we know 1st of all where she isn't what she's planning to do tonight. she is under siege barbara absolutely literally under siege from m.p.'s from their own policy both very senior and junior
2:51 am
who have literally been banging on her door today demanding to see her telling her that there is no way they will support her breaks a deal and that she needs to go immediately in the meantime she's refused to see any body at all has gone to see the queen for her weekly meeting there buckingham palace. is and saying anything like she's off in her constituency. for the european elections backbenchers the rank and file m.p.'s who want to change the rules to try to get more quickly have stepped back from that this evening their head is going to see her on friday to tell or that the rules might change and she going to have to go anyway but she knows all these things and you might well ask yourself given that her to her deal is dead why she's not going and clearly the simplest answer is one of the earth would it look like for a prime minister of the ruling party to resign the night before a major election and as well as that parliament's in recess next week donald trump
2:52 am
the american presidents coming over for a state visit a whole series of 2nd world war commemorations i'm sure trees may want to have the passing shot but she is literally on political life support her deal is dead and across parliament i have to say among all her opponents who don't agree with each other about anything at all do they do agree on is that there needs now to be this sort of bloodletting because her deal won't unite the country whatever she says and something else needs to happen to try to get the u.k. out of its terrible terrible directed on purpose or 3 with the latest there outside downing st lawrence for the moment thank you let's go live now to jenna hall in westminster where of course she was hoping to present her deal for the 4th time in the 1st week of june. i guess you know it wasn't looking great. for a but what does this actually mean for her deal going forward.
2:53 am
assuming she survives long enough to be able to bring that vote and that's an extremely optimistic scenario at this point it looks very likely that her deal would go down in flames for a 4th time why because she's not achieved any new support for her so-called new briggs's deal largely because it turned out to be not much different to her old briggs's deal save a few concessions on a 2nd referendum on the customs union but much of the house of commons earlier today seems to have judged promises she couldn't keep and promises made without or thora to a course that borne out by subsequent events outrage in her own party outrage in her own cabinet a good deal almost certainly did where does that leave things barbara for brakes it means crucially that this country would not have a negotiated deal with the european union be a leadership contest a new prime minister quite likely from the right of the party driving for a much harder breaks it october 31st remains briggs that day not enough time it
2:54 am
would seem to make up a new deal that would bring into view the possibility of another cliff edge moment no deal exit from the european union or potentially a range of options leading to no brics it at all either revoking article 50 or a 2nd referendum or a general election which is therefore outside westminster and jonah thank you. and the un general assembly has adopted a resolution demanding that the u.k. relinquish control of the trade. the islands in the indian ocean how's an important military base for the u.k. and the u.s. well russia's claims it was forced to give up the islands in 1965 in exchange for independence the u.k. has previously ignored an international court of justice surely that the ruling that the islands had been illegally james evasive. is following developments for us at the u.n. . this was a humiliating defeat for the u.k. and its allies the u.s.
2:55 am
in fact only 4 other countries voted in support of their position overwhelmingly most of the u.n. general assembly effectively the parliament of the united nations voted in favor of the shah goss islanders they are people who have not been allowed to return to those islands for more than 50 years since they were forcibly removed the islands in a deal between the u.k. and the u.s. became a military base and that was at the time that marie was given its independence but the u.k. kept hold of these arlen's the international court of justice has ruled that this is a legal now at the u.n. general assembly has had its say and yet the u.k. and u.s. say they will continue to use the base that they're on the islands the base of diego garcia there is a treaty between the 2 countries that runs until 2036 the shaders islanders simply say they want to return to their home their best hope now i think is the very
2:56 am
unpredictable crucible that is british politics prospects it because the leader of the opposition in the u.k. jeremy corbyn says he would apply the international court of justice ruling if he was prime minister and hand the islands back to those who originally come from there and i want from london a little later in the news hour a very busy day here in the u.k. now though let's go back and bearing in doha. barbara thank you very much plenty more ahead on the news hour including why turkey's main opposition candidate for istanbul man is back on the campaign trail after winning the election in march and we'll meet the venezuelans looking for a miracle to help them through desperate times. and we'll have the spall the raptors buy back in the eastern conference finals n.b.a. playoffs actually coming up in sports a little bit late. to
2:57 am
syria now where rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces in the northwest fighting has been intensifying in the region since last month and the u.s. says it's concerned chemical weapons have now been used mama gem jhoom reports. in northwestern syria these rebels are advancing on pro-government positions in the town of kufa in the buda this operations under way as government jets attack opposition strongholds according to the syrian observatory for human rights dozens of fighters have been killed on both sides this is part of an escalation in fighting since the russian backed syrian offensive in it began last month. and as the violence has intensified so has the humanitarian crisis syrian forces seize control of capturing a buddha in northern how my province in early may that area is largely controlled by the have you to show that armed opposition group formally affiliated with al qaida in syria. now hundreds of thousands of people living there are caught in the
2:58 am
crossfire dozens of aid groups are calling for an immediate end to the conflict saying conditions have reached a crisis point in my out of the norm and people say the town's marketplace was crowded when it was attacked by air raids. play it will not go on the russian and regime planes struck the area of the mosque it's a crowded place in the middle of the cornish street on my left them the shops are destroyed the flesh of the injured people is on the floor people are collecting their belongings the strike hit an hour before the morning ramadan meal but according to the u.s. it may not just be conventional weapons that are now in use in syria the state department says pro-government forces may have carried out a chlorine gas attack on sunday in the region security experts say that would be very disturbing if proven true quite frankly they have a negative track record in that area so i wouldn't be surprised at all if they are in really this falls to russia to rein in because russia is there peter and russia signed the agreement with the united states half dozen years ago for syria to get
2:59 am
rid of its chemical weapons it would guarantee that and i mean again we're seeing this issue pop up and it's really something that needs to be punished seriously and needs crosses all read minds. the state department says it will respond quickly and appropriately if it finds evidence of a chemical attack a statement that comes just a day after more than $400.00 u.s. lawmakers urged the trumpet ministration not to pull u.s. troops out of syria. and just. a members of the u.s. government are downplaying the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended their military buildup in the gulf less than 24 hours ago top officials briefed congress on developments with iran after members of congress voiced concern acting defense secretary says the deployment of additional forces to the gulf would limit turnarounds ability to attack. were as the president has stated he's not looking to go to war with iran we'd like to see change their behavior we would like that
3:00 am
decades worth of bad practices that they regularly engage in to stop we know that the maximum pressure campaign is working you can see that by the crumbling economy that they have and we'll see what happens from there we're going to keep all of our options out there you know. the head of the u.n. relief and works agency for palestinian refugees has appealed for urgent funding at least a 1000000 people are dependent on food aid from the gaza strip the agency says funding is running out fast and it can't afford to have any interruption in food distribution. as we speak. has only enough money to run its operations until mid june then we will hear negative figures and. it is absolutely crucial to avoid a breakdown of our food pipeline and.


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