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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 142  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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problems 1700000 people will be left over a 1000 pounds worse off as a result of moving into universal credit the. funding for local councils has been cut in some cases up to 50 percent and very were the ones who used to provide the emergency protection for people who were really poor and couldn't cope they can no longer do any of that and certainly we're running out of time to regular interrupting i just want to get i just want to get the government's point of view here because they're considering lodging a complaint with the un and the rudd the work and pensions secretary effectively says that he doesn't think you did enough research and that you were politically biased they also point to record lows of absolute poverty in the u.k. and also low unemployment what is your response to the criticism from the government. that this report
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is better research than almost any other that she could possibly point to it contains references to some 80 different reports i conducted hundreds of interviews in advance i got submissions than 300 people it's a very far report and reflects not so much my views as those of all of the leading think tanks in the united kingdom. philip a professor philip alston that you represent an extreme poverty and author of that report sir thank you and that is it for me in the team here in london let's go back to there in doha . barbara thank you very much now the south african politicians have formally reelected serum of course as president. took the oath alongside new members of parliament in cape town a.n.c. won the general election early this month with its thinnest majority since coming to power in 1904 at the end of apartheid from a post that will be inaugurated as president on saturday. 2 explosions have killed
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at least 9 people in the somali capital mogadishu in one attack a car bomb targeted a convoy of politicians heading towards the presidential palace member of parliament was among those killed the armed group al-shabaab says it was behind the attack. china's 3 biggest airlines are demanding compensation from boeing after the troubled 737 max speed was grounded china was the 1st to take its fleet out of service when a 2nd 737 much plane crashed in ethiopia killing all on board now at china china southern china eastern are all seeking compensation for loss is all boeing 737 max planes have been grounded worldwide best again to say a flight control system problem was to blame for both crashes almost a 1000000 rangar refugees are living in camps in bangladesh for years government run schools have allowed refugee students but recently many have been expelled and the charger report from cox's bazaar amman and up where both born in bangladesh their parents fled me and mar in 1901 their home now
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a sprawling refugee camp in cox's bazaar we have not identified them at their request but both were recently expelled from school our teachers when our classrooms and told us that you will not be able to study here. mentees. study anymore. for years bangladeshi schools have allowed some rohingya refugees from cox's bazar to attend classes a man is now worried about his future and that of other refugees so. even the government can give us everything so way they are unable to give us and educations . nearly 55 percent of the total running our population our children providing them education is the biggest challenge the community is facing now bangladesh government however is wary that setting up any such schools will offer
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the rowing as a sense of permanence and that they will not want to return to me m r r bull is concerned many young people like him are being denied the chance to improve their lives. in this situation because of the more integrated the more don't support us to let our films to be known in the global area if we stay on it look at it will not be able to get our rights and our nation back. in the camps there are dozens of informal school run by iranian government tears where children learn basic literacy but little else and the un children agency says it is trying its best to provide more education when there is he came there was nothing. then i think i will say we've made a lot of progress in terms of both creating this space where she didn't and come together to learn so we have from the unicef save as of last week we had the
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2060 learning centers but the recent expansion from bangladeshi government run schools highlights the struggle faced by hundreds of thousands of running of children who are desperate to study if they were given the opportunity 100 chart 3 al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh. in the 1st hour. when the prestigious international prize was awarded $64000.00. it tells the story of. the end of colonial rule.
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what about temple sports on a zoo thank you very much down while the cricket world cup begins in just 8 days and one of the tournament favorites and you have a arrived in england ahead of the event there at cawley's a team all ranked 2nd in the world behind the host nation the 2 time champion is it will play a warm up game against new zealand and bangladesh before getting their wool cup campaign on the way against south africa on june 5th. any day i'm going to beat any team on a given day you know if you look at 2014. and 19 now the gap is much between teams all you do you see what i've done is that it was in 2014 see what the now and what bangladesh was what the now you know so it's
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a strong competition. the toronto raptors have kept their hopes of the 1st appearance in the n.b.a. finals a lot of the raps as beat the milwaukee a bucs to level the eastern conference finals at 2 games apiece for a small hospital. ready trailing in the series the toronto raptors were looking for another big performance from why leonard. but it was the boks he made the early moves a courtesy of their own key man. because it showed after a terrible game 3 the great player had 25 points and 10 rebounds. better does carry the raptors for much of the postseason he was an ad is absolute best but still managed 19 points. this time out is teaming shared the low thanks 6 raptors score double figures thanks to roger going on to win
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$122100.00 as to seal their 2nd straight how win and level the series to to thank you thank you thank you they they did what they were supposed to no home for we do. know we have to go out there continue to do we've done you know it will be brought to the last 2 games and. put in gave we know to be tough we know they're going to come up empty ready to go as disappointed by me series 2 to snap in the world you know every time i don't think or just like we do on the game for us and we don't fight now is the 1st 1st team to win so. ok 1st our 1st i was i were last in a row here to go protect encored governor. game 5 this coming up in milwaukee the winner of the best of 7 series will face the golden state warriors in the finals far as smile al-jazeera after years of struggle berlin's a rebel team f.c.
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union are on the verge of promotion to germany's top league the bronze league for the 1st time its team are set to face stood guard to end a 2 legged pailful. reporter dominic casey. as they go through their training routine the players of f say when you'll have got one thing on their minds the chance to play in germany's blunders league next season but to get there they must 1st beat fall at bay stuttgart a team with a bigger budget that's used to life in the big league something on your own is definitely not. when you have a new challenge you have to adapt to it there is a difference and called it was our league and the bundesliga but i can tell you we all want to get them club officials hope these might be among their biggest assets fans considered among the most fervent and most loyal in germany who support during the years of communist domination during the cold war was
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a focal point for those who opposed totalitarianism evolve going marty's played in goals but when you're on during the seventy's and eighty's he told me what it was like back then. it must be a shoo in it was great for us on the personal level but it was also hard because we had so many obstacles placed in our way we were the small team that no one wanted to look at and who they wanted to get rid of but in the end we are still here. teams from the old east germany have struggled to succeed since reunification indeed 15 years ago best soon your finances were so poor the fans donated blood to raise funds to keep the club afloat. one of germany's leading football writers told me how significant efforts it when you're winning promotion would be not just for the club but also the blunders the guy moves it's the most interesting and special the most. the only club which is which is still successful from that in some part
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and so on and on the other hand it's it's it has very interesting supporters they built the stadium by the supporters of together with the supporters for generations the stands have been packed with fans all loyal to their club through thick and thin with the hope they might one day see their team play in the big league we'll find out if that wish will come true on monday night dominic came out 0 berlin. british newspaper the times is reporting that fever is set to abandon the plans to expand the world cup in qatar to 48 teams the gulf nation have been preparing 8 stadiums to stage a 32 team tournament however pfieffer president giani and $29.00 had been looking into expanding the tournament and staging games in neighboring countries a formal decision is expected to be announced at the fee for congress on gender fest in paris qatar is under blockade by some arab countries led by saudi arabia
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who cues it of supporting terrorism denies the allegations. current titleholders the handlers or have moved into the knockout rounds of this year's asian champions league. they came from a goal down against already qualified shandong running of china to get the when they needed to in their final group game. play a fellow japanese club some fears hiroshima and the last 16. he sent to his blues are heading to the stanley cup finals for the 1st time and 5 decades the blues beating the san jose sharks 51 in game 6 of the western conference finals and was winning 3 consecutive games to advance to the franchise 1st stanley cup series since 970 if used to con the boston bruins back then and they'll face the same opponents this year and that's it for me daryn thank you very much indeed well that's it from me down so this goes out don't go away that because my
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colleague barbara starr right now your pin you sent in london is up next with much more of the day's news stay tuned i'm so watching. after more than a month of voting the biggest democracy in the world will announce its election results indians voted with the record turnout but will the modi government maintain its power. join us on al-jazeera for live coverage of the election results.
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i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinist and that is in france with in our global federation it is really hard to get hired or if you join us on saturday. the beat up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. once and the mud to try now settled in towns and
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villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2 year olds none of them have citizenship al-jazeera world meets the great people. who are out on the invented around the person's going through the nonexistent. statelessness in lebanon. on al-jazeera. little areas of indonesia's capital in lockdown as protesters continue to vent their anger over presidential election results. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program the u.k. prime minister faces an angry backlash over the latest version of our breaks it
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deals some say she's gone too far and must resign immediately. british based chip design a a r m severs ties with chinese tech giant huawei as it moves to comply with a u.s. trade ban and remembering the life and legacy of kenyan author binyavanga why 9 of the writer and gay rights activist who has died at the age of 48. thank you for joining us hundreds of protesters have been arrested in the indonesian capital in a 2nd night of them and stray sions against last month's election results parts of jakarta have been on lockdown following the deaths of 6 people in riots on tuesday the president who has been re-elected for a 2nd term says he will not tolerate threats to indonesia's security florence louis reports from jakarta. day 2 of protests in jakarta and
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a pattern emerges as night fell the situation from the town protesters threw fireworks and other objects at police who after holding back initially fired tear gas and chased the down police say they've arrested more than 250 people. after a quick. the suspects admitted that they were told to riot and that it was planed we are still looking for the person who gave the instruction in the money. it was a different picture earlier on wednesday morning where the crowd was small and peaceful these are supporters of problem. who ran against president joker we don't know in last month's presidential election and the previous one who are evil but they cheated on us and 24 team we don't want to happen again enough is enough. getting justice through the courts is impossible with the government we have so we come here we don't care about our safety we are prepared to give our lives as
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protests spread to at least 2 other cities president joker widodo has called for calm but also issued a warning so. i will work together with anyone to advance this country but i will not tolerate any one of these rights to security democratic processes and unity of our beloved nation of got any. proposed has refused to accept the election outcome and has urged his supporters to demonstrate against it so i urge everyone the police the military and all relevant parties to restrain themselves and avoid violence as they express their aspirations the protests started the day on shortly after president djoko daughter was delivered his victory speech was likely to continue until the day which is when we expect from both of them to the last the presidential election to play to the constitutional court the
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challenging the election outcome the indonesian capital remains on edge with parts of it under lockdown $50000.00 police and military personnel have been put on duty as protesters showed no sign of giving in florence lee al-jazeera jakarta. the british prime minister a terrorism a is resisting calls to resign after her latest plan backfired. mase new pitch failed to win over the opposition or indeed many in her own party the revised plan included a possible vote on whether to hold the 2nd breaks at referendum once her legislation passes the 1st stage to raise a main system next a vote on the e.u. withdrawal bill will be parliament's last chance to deliver breaks it is if we are going to deliver bricks it in this parliament we are going to have to pass a withdrawal agreement and we will not do so without holding votes on the issues that have divided us the most that includes votes on customs arrangements and on
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2nd referendum we can pretend otherwise and carry on arguing and getting nowhere but in the end our job in this house is to take decisions not to dock them so i will put those decisions to this house because that is my duty and because it is the only way that we can deliver bricks it allowed to join a whole now who is in westminster for a surgeon or just to remind the viewers that of course tomorrow thursday british people will go and vote for the european elections the european parliament which obviously they 3 years ago they voted not to be a part of so incredible that all of this is going on while we were getting calls for her resignation how precarious is the reason may's position right now. yes it's interesting that election is part of what is. as it were by her own party at to reason may now her own m.p.'s her own cabinet essentially looking for her
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resignation giving her the message in no uncertain terms that it is time to go she's a prime minister under siege it's not just the opposition that want to go as i say her cabinet one of them a senior cabinet minister has resigned this evening and relents of the leader of the commons saying she no longer believes that the prime minister's approach can deliver. referendum. that said her resignation is not going to come tonight as a wave of rumor during the afternoon suggested it might. treat says the prime minister would be her constituency on thursday as that voting takes place in the e.u. parliamentary election and then on friday she comes back to london to meet brady he's the chairman of the 122 backbench conservative party backbench m.p.'s committee and it's thought that he will lay out for her in no uncertain terms just how little support she's got in the party just how precarious position has become with m.p.'s and cabinet members gunning for her cabinet demanding she withdraw the vote altogether saying she exceeded her or making concessions to the labor party in
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it and her m.p.'s appear ready now to play with the rules of the 22 committee to allow another vote of no confidence you'll recall she narrowly survived one in december it is highly unlikely she would survive one. options looking pretty bleak either wait for the axe to fall on her or seek a more dignified exit perhaps a podium resignation that podium resignation moment could come as soon as friday or it could come in the 1st week of june after next week's. prime minister the conservative party will have to. change that. trying. presents an entirely new set of dynamics assuming her deal fails and doesn't come to a vote that would mean her breaks a deal would be good for have
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a negotiated deal with the european union we would have a new prime minister as you say quite possibly from the right of the party. pushing a much harder version of breaks it october the 31st of course he's breaks a day the deadline not enough time to make a new deal it would seem that opens the way to a another cliff moment a possible no deal exit but it also leaves open the possibility of brigs it scenario in which either article 50 is revoked or there's a 2nd referendum or indeed a general election. or the ongoing uncertainty of a breakthrough breaks that has been blamed for the collapse of british field the u.k.'s 2nd largest steelmaker as lauren 3 now reports thousands of jobs are at risk . exactly a year ago british steel produced this corporate film glamorizing what goes on
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inside its plants in sky. high quality tailored to manufacturing the sort of thing the u.k. used to be feigned for all over the world. one year on the accountants of moved in british steel has collapsed putting some $25000.00 jobs in direct jeopardy the government's it seems was unwilling to provide just $30000000.00 pounds or $40000000.00 to keep its afloat the opposition cannot believe it but also mr speaker i want to express on behalf of the labor party my outrage that the government has again failed our steel industry putting 5000 jobs at risk in british steel 20000 more in the supply chain this government has failed those people the government will work closely with the official receiver and prospective new owners to achieve the best possible outcome for the sites the government has provided and indemnity to the official receiver who is now responsible for the operations we will take every possible step to ensure that these vital operations can continue
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the irony isn't lost on anyone that the news of the demise of british steel comes one day before european elections in which the conservative party is expected to receive a thrashing and the story of british steel plays into a much wider debate about brecht seats and the future of british manufacturing. it has been blamed in parts for the demise of british steel just like honda's decision to close its collar factory in the west of england it's widely thought the so-called hard bricks it would lead to the closure of nice sand in northeastern england as well to many voters the point of the exercise was to get politicians to pay more attention to their communities. it's not happening the reality is and it's an uncomfortable truth is that we wouldn't be having these difficulties in the way in which they're presenting themselves this week if it wasn't for the decision to leave the european union. the most startling statistic around british steel is that over the last 2 years alone china produced more steel than the u.k.
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has done since the industrial revolution in the 19th century maybe politicians think it isn't worth trying anymore but they don't have any other alternatives for people in scunthorpe it's difficult to explain a situation where the government can find $5000000000.00 to renovate the parliament building and another $5000000000.00 to protect the country against the worst of a no deal breck's it and yet cannot find the money to protect the u.k.'s steel industry had the been expanding its voters is anybody's guess lawrence leigh al jazeera in london. 2 bomb attacks have killed at least 9 people in somalia's capital mogadishu in one of the blasts a car bomb targeted a convoy of politicians heading towards the presidential palace a member of parliament was among those killed the young group al-shabaab says it was behind the attack that's going to syria now where rebels have launched
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a counterattack against pro-government forces in the northwest of the country fighting has been intensifying in the region since last month and the u.s. says it's concerned that chemical weapons have now been used mohammed general jim reports. in northwestern syria these rebels are advancing on pro-government positions in the town of comfort in the buddha this operations under way as government jets attack opposition strongholds according to the syrian observatory for human rights dozens of fighters have been killed on both sides this is part of an escalation in fighting since the russian backed syrian offensive in it began last month. and as the violence has intensified so has the humanitarian crisis syrian forces seized control of car from the buddha in northern how my province in early may that area is largely controlled by the have you to show an armed opposition group formerly affiliated with al qaida in syria. now one.


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