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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 142  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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am i. all the. that. they can live in fear of being arrested and detained for that doctor patient. of all but all nationality confers value on a person by the state it confirms an individual's affiliation to that country in return for their protection by the state's. norm of them but other benefits that i clearly can with. of whether think i had one have any fishy that with a minute to flip made them is a sad helen on one issue and a sure way said she in their. rule no one is she and i've
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been higher than a man i like and i'm sure head is in on it i had the whole we are. don't know where they are don't they thought i was personalized i had to learn on my own lies in c.m.l. member. but see them of those. the . my stuff that was shaved to last almost double. the normal. us are full and she was the one among those. community. so it isn't. the same can all that settlement with it so you don't really know about the one of them because we have a glioma glady anomaly i don't. own the lot sort. of
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given how mr i've been that of us. a lot. about. this man i would tell them no are not good what are not good what i have no good what i am. other. micro-management and then i. turn. and fight for the lawn of the. lush mutton where the one to nowhere this home to them. oh yeah since you obviously know we start then if i can she can win. another one but of the bilious love you know them if you need
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a little feel possum i'd love a mere hatlen pinot gris shooting started and all would have. to she could she get out of your internet should already have us. and she. got marco. and i brought the love image of bill into that. year though you were silent and finished some of those if you missed some of the internet we had a helmet. i i i i. was at least. a. few. house and get the call you know reminding him about a meeting and a meal with other men in the tribal community.
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now i don't know john there will be on my feet and now i'm going to how do i know how not shy out of my thought by the yeah i know i might have them i thought i might have been to the piano i don't know what of that johnny and you ought to. know when to basso to put out on a beautiful big. show how do you how do. you know so bam to help out the bit. you know. no no. no no no no no. no i mean as you know him and i am in the house i am here because i am not you're going to him like a feeling and by now i shall do well enough to know how when i don't know how we're not. going to cut overhead i want to know about how the one how do you have the i mean how big are the one i'm. going to have that they can use to condemn this one when i can in
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a moment that i've been one of don't know i got mad haven't had time i had to be i knew. i knew i had to tone up this i'm a mom and about. i but i want to get past. the just. the stuff out. was i. was sort of thing and said. this. is this if you have. to have had it with us with that. sort of thing for that to be a. going to be here would be a lot of time saddam has been but i don't know but it was a man with. a lot. more that
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was like knowing that if you like i'm not. like i don't know. but other than what i don't know. but it's only through who can you. possibly think that the last. place. i could have. left. that. will be. for you. would you see here.
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any. court of. law 1000000 see on out of all the. you know. we can see how we hear that says we. as than a 1000000 but disabled to see how we do as a. and then how he has sort of led a sudden. muster and i want to shoot with on how we wanted to do for lawyer of illinois. the school with all levels of police. or insanity that if i were a trustee then i would look on. the consumer. who i had. a lot of would order or hire.
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and i have many on in tamil and nanny mad that i'm with. and that is in see
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you in a sense and an end of many blocks and of ne ne down the way and all we did down there only one male we can manage is indeed many and many and give them a good run and of many method on an in a mini mini ice ana ana navarro we. many one knew it but. many of us and i would. call. it. interview with the. mahdi and died he muttered live in a country where statelessness continues to pass from one generation to another while nationality laws don't change. lebannon skala takes our labyrinth. but the plight of the upgrade highlights an urgent need to reform its albi to laws
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in line with internationally recognized standards of human rights. al-jazeera was goes on a roller coaster journey in iran and discovers how football can empower the g.g. community itself police and identity. i'd like to prove to the world the public i will be able to prove myself to my colleagues from the press and myself was able to decide to charge afghan units on al-jazeera.
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well we've had some slightly quater weather and see the u.s. for the weapons day but storms back on as we go on into thursday and indeed into friday here we go without lights hysterically out just pushing up up toward see the appalachians easing up across the midwest of the border as well as the central parts of kind of the hook of clout that the race was still a few storms in the fall cause us to go through thursday so ontario could see some light the showers long spells of rain hopefully few of tornadoes that have light but you can see the temperature contrast in place there for denver and for dallas i celsius in denver $31.00 there in dallas the storm starting to brew up once again this spilling off the rockies there's some snow in the full cost as well as we go on into friday that system really organizes itself as
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a shotgun by this day more tornadoes coming through that will run across the plains easing of a towards the midwest by the state ahead of that with us not bad 24 day same going to 23 in new york friday afternoon well into the taliban system shall assist big ones to just around hispania into parts of keep the west and saw the caribbean stays very unsettled over the next couple of days but steady dry and brighter for the east. ready ready 2 2
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ringback 2 ringback ready ready
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2 2 2 2 ringback. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason of people that are about to be h one n one question is it getting much difficult for you now
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a w h o has this chest who says don't hear terms of trust that you trust who on al-jazeera. americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to places that he's. a former governor of the indian social banks cost the country good stuff. we bring you the stories the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. you know what. i'm not a mug shot. you know. oh . this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the given this is the news hour live from doha coming up in
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the next 60 minutes u.s. defense officials consider sending thousands more troops to the middle east as tensions siva's with iran. a 2nd bite of violence in the indonesians capital over the reelection of djoko widow that. abandons plans to expand the number of teams allowed to compete in the 2022 world cup. added the u.k. british steel goes into liquidation with many blaming breaks it the creating a market on so. there are reports that the u.s. department of defense is considering sending more troops to the middle east against the backdrop of tension with iran officials have told reuters and the associated press that donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday earlier members of the trumpet ministration downplayed the possibility of war with
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iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf extra warships and fighter planes were deployed within the past few weeks al-jazeera as mike hanna has been following developments from washington. various media outlets quote identified pentagon officials as saying that national security advisers will be briefed in the course of thursday one of the suggestions to be put on the table is the deployment of some $5000.00 troops to the middle east region this to support those forces already deployed in that particular area now it should be noted that the acting secretary of defense as well as the secretary of state briefed congress behind closed doors in the course of recent days they made very clear it would appear that the u.s. is not intent on any military action it is placing its trust in what is regarded as a policy of the terence we saw that with the accelerated deployment of an aircraft strike 38 which was sent into the region weeks before it was due to be deployed the
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acting secretary of defense telling reporters that this policy of the term and has actually helped deflate or contain this ongoing crisis with iran so certainly added troops in the region would inflame tensions even greater the reports though not confirmed by the pentagon the pentagon say that they will not comment on any troop deployment at any time basically refusing to comment president trump has accused top democrats of tearing the country apart by pursuing investigations into his administration he walked out of a planned meeting with democrats of the white house and has refused to comply with congress following the release of reports of the russian interference of the 2016 elections separately a judge's ruling may now allow democrats access to trump's financial and business records to serious can be how could reports. it was supposed to be
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a bipartisan meeting with democrats about fixing america's roads bridges and airport but when democrats arrived at the white house meeting on wednesday u.s. president donald trump abruptly ended it just. took a pass it was planned when we got in the room the curtains were closed why trump is upset democrats are accusing him of blocking multiple attempts to investigate him we believe that the president of united states is engaged in a cover up and cover up later called reporters to the rose garden to debunk that argument i don't do cover ups on capitol hill for the past few days there have been growing calls by democrats and at least one republican to ready begin impeachment proceedings against trump in an attempt to remove him from office yes there was. some lawmakers believe the president obstructed justice during the investigation
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into allegations his 2016 campaign worked with the russian government there has been no collusion and april report by the u.s. justice department cleared trump of any collusion use them again as a legal obligation to be here still just this week trump stopped his former counsel don began from testifying to congress about that investigation and on wednesday new york lawmakers voted to release trump state tax returns to congress trump is also fighting democratic attempts to get his business records from deutsche bank what they've done is abuse this is investigation number 4 the same thing probably 5. and it really started i think pretty much from the time we came down the escalator interim donald trump argues his democratic opponents have been resisting his presidency since before it even started and continue to back efforts to impeach him but democrats are divided on whether it's even wise to launch
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impeachment hearings knowing it could take down trump or help him win support for his reelection kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. in 25 minutes time votes will begin to be counted after india's 6 week long parliamentary election the world's biggest poll ended on sunday more than 900000000 people were eligible to cast a ballot exit polls released soon after pointed to a win for prime minister narendra modi's ruling coalition throughout his campaign he highlighted his tough stance against rival pakistan the opposition accuse the government of failing to address unemployment let's go live now to new delhi al-jazeera raman is so how are we expecting today to one falls what's the timeline of events for today. indeed as you said about
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25 minutes the voting begins and what will happen is that the initial votes that will be counted will be those from civil servants and military personnel who live outside of the borders of india so we look at diplomats military personnel and or working with the un for example peacekeeping duties that postal votes in their respective constituencies will be counted but really i think one of the main national newspapers gives a very good indication of what's going to happen when the votes were cast in the general election across the country those voting machines and the paper ballots were actually secured and sealed under the auspices of the candidates themselves those votes. machines were then locked away again under guard from the election commission they will then be opened up again for the vote count again with all the candidates present to make sure there's no tampering be taken to the district
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headquarters of each constituency in the voting will begin in 2019 there's an extra layer you might say of voting security where the ballots that all the voting slips that the individual has brought to the counting center will also be tallied against the number of votes that are in the actual electronic machine to make sure that they also tally up there has been some controversy in the last few days where mobile phone footage has revealed apparently that some voting machines apparently arrived in counting centers when they shouldn't have been that's all still part of a debate that's going on the opposition very angry about it the election commission have been able to confirm or deny exactly what's going on in the eighty's in each of these respective constituencies that will unfold as the day progresses however we expect early indications in a round about 3 hours when they'll be live scenario with the election commission as they sort of as those results come in we're not expecting
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a result for at least another 6 to 7 hours so how is this election deferred to the last one in 2014 you covered both of them. it is very different to the 2014 there was an incumbent united progressive alliance government led by the indian national congress that was mired in corruption scandals the main one was the 3 g. scandal the way that licenses had been offered to various telecommunications companies the band with whether there was any sort of underhand dealings that i think the public got very sick of this whole issue of corruption that was the ticket on which new entry modi came into government on that he was going to corruption out what we've seen in the next 5 years up to 29 teens vote has been an issue of communal politics a very low level communal politics infrastructure promises that haven't been kept and also divisiveness of the rhetoric about the capability and the
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professionalism of politicians within government and what we've actually seen and heard is that people wanted to see what progress have the b j p made in that time well. i would say that yes i have completed infrastructure projects i have kept my promises to cut corruption down many of supporters have followed but it's also maintained his case a deep spirituality that he is the defender of the hindu faith and that sort of plays into the narrative of the b.g.p. policy of hindus thurst you might say and we've seen a decline in the rights you might say in the accessibility of minority groups to such things as their ballot papers as their names are on on voting lists and that in itself has been a problem for many of the. constituents and those voting in this particular election has been very divisive at the end of the day we will see what happens when that when the vote counting starts whether those policies have actually rung true
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but for the moment what we have seen is the election that's been full of personal insults and we expect that to continue during the vote count much more coverage of the results throughout the day here on al-jazeera for the moment so raman reporting live from new delhi so many thanks. in indonesia hundreds of protesters have been arrested after a 2nd bite of violent demonstrations they're angry the president djoko widodo was declared the winner of last month's elections 6 people were killed in rising on tuesday florence louis reports from jakarta. day 2 of protests in jakarta and a pattern emerges as night fell the situation 10 volatile protesters threw fireworks and other objects at police who after holding back initially fired tear gas and chased them down police say they've arrested more than $250.00 people that
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they got because after questioning of the suspects admitted that they were told to riot and that it was planed we are still looking for the person who gave the instruction in the money. it was a different picture earlier on wednesday morning where the crowd was small and peaceful these are supporters of problem. who ran against president joker we don't know in last month's presidential election and the previous one was but last i mean they cheated on us and 24 team we don't want to happen again enough is enough never had so little going to getting justice through the courts is impossible with the government we have so we come here we don't care about our safety we are prepared to give our lives as protests spread to at least 2 other cities president joker widodo has called for calm but also issued a warning so. i will work together with anyone to advance this country but i will not tolerate any one of these rights to security democratic
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processes in the unity of our beloved nation of got any. has refused to accept the election outcome and has urged his supporters.


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