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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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on the money. it was a different picture earlier on wednesday morning where the crowd was small and peaceful these are supporters of probably. who ran against president joker we don't know in last month's presidential election and the previous one what it was but last i mean they cheated on us and 2014 we don't want to happen again enough is enough one never had so little going to getting justice through the courts is impossible with the government we have so we come here we don't care about our safety we're prepared to give our lives as protests spread to at least 2 other cities president joker widodo has called for calm but also issued a warning so. it will work together with anyone to advance this country but i will not tolerate any one of these rights to security democratic processes in the unity of our beloved nation of got any. has refused to accept the election outcome and has urged his supporters to demonstrate against it so i urge
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everyone the police the military and all relevant parties to restrain themselves and avoid violence as they express their aspirations. likely to continue. which is when we expect them to the last the 1st. place. challenging. the indonesian capital remains on edge with parts of it under lockdown $50000.00 police and military personnel have been put on duty as protesters showed no sign of giving in florence al jazeera jakarta. while football's governing body fifa has announced the 2022 world cup tournament in castle will not be expanded to $48.00 teams usually $32.00 teams participate but in 2017 fifa decided to include more teams in the competition last year the
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organizations presidents johnny infantino said the change could go into effect in 2022 but those plans have now been scrapped. sea and land blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt since june 27th team will fifa have released a statement saying the council had always been open to the idea of an expanded tournament in 222022 but after joint analysis both parties have concluded that due to the advanced stage of preparations and the need for a detailed assessment of the potential logistical impact on cost more to the time would have been required and a decision couldn't be taken before the deadline of june it was therefore decided not to further pursue this option james dorsey is a middle east expert with the s. rajaratnam school of international studies in singapore he says that faith his decision was a foregone conclusion. i think with that we have had months or weeks of basically
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just cussing hot air and something that was in my mind illusionary with other words governor was willing to play this out it's certainly became clear after kuwait gnomon said that they would not be able to accommodate fish in an expanded world cup. the idea that infantino was putting forward that an agreement. to share the world cup with saudi arabia and the u.s. would put an end to the gulf crisis was basically par in the sky got us since 2010 has been preparing for $32.00 team world cup and to expand that by by basically double half of that so going from $32.00 to $48.00 would have been an enormous task in the last stretch towards the the world cup and i think the got a may have been willing to share with with oman and kuwait keep in mind the romance
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been very helpful to god during the. during this whole gulf crisis in the last 2 years and kuwait is the mediator but there was no way that they could be shared with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as long as the boycott was in place and the boycott is about much more than the world cup. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program the u.k. suffers a crushing defeat in a u.n. vote on the. legal drug production that is on the rise across the occupied west bank. and later in sport find out about the german football team that's on the brink of a big thing. politicians in the u.s. a debating a bill which could provide citizenship to more than $2000000.00 so-called dreamers who were brought in to the country illegally as minus the house judiciary committee
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is voting on the legislation that's meant to protect undocumented children who've been living in the u.s. for years president trump has tried to cancel the program but those attempts have been rejected by the courts meanwhile questions are being asked about the safety of new young migrants 6 of them have died in detention centers along the southern border since september 1 of them was just 2 years old another a 16 year old from guatemala died on monday after contracting the flu at a facility in texas legal and is a deputy director at the american civil liberties union he says that young people are especially at risk when crossing the border. we are very concerned we've always been very concerned about what happens in detention centers we believe that immigrants are being detained far too often when it's unnecessary and with children it's that much worse and children should not be detained at all because of the psychological damage but now we're seeing actual death in great numbers and so we
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are extremely concerned and are hoping that both congress and others in advocates are going to try and hold people accountable and get to the bottom of what's going on it's important for people to understand that many of the children in these detention centers are genuinely on a company who are not separated so that the question of the conditions in detention centers goes beyond just the separation of families but the separation of families is absolutely critical for people to understand that it's still going on the u.n. general assembly is demanded that britain give up control over the shah go silence within 6 months militias claims that it was forced to give up the territory of the indian ocean and exchange for independence the move is a diplomatic blow to britain and the united states as a diplomatic it's a james bays reports. a humiliating defeat for the u.k. and its ally the u.s. in the u.n. general assembly countries voting overwhelmingly 160 nations in favor of the
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people who still live in a small group of islands called the shah ghosts just 4 countries voted on the side of the u.k. in the u.s. back in the 1960 s. britain did a secret deal with the united states to build this military base on the largest of the shadow silence diego garcia the islanders were forced to leave their homes more than 50 years on earlier this year the international court of justice ruled the u.k.'s actions at the time were illegal in 1968 when riches gained its independence from britain the share goss was split off from the rest of the country so that the base could be built one would doubt who it. that any country found to be engaged in an ongoing wrongful act by the highest court of the word would hasten to make amends why will you not listen to the international court of justice to the un
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general assembly and give these islands back to the people they belong to. the islands around british suffering i want to make that point very clear that's point 1.2 this is a bilateral so she then outlined the british government's detailed legal position so i followed up with another questions the principle don't the show because people though have the right on their side the united kingdom sincerely regret the manner in which the cheik are since where we moved from british indian nation territory in the 1960 s. and seventy's the shag also islanders say they'll continue their long protest they say they just want to return to their home or we left a paradise we were down to us we were left. of malicious there was no support mechanism the british did not look after us
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for the people of the shire goss the best hope now probably lies in the unpredictable cauldron that is post the brics it british politics the current u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn says if he is prime minister he will abide by the international consensus and hand the share goes back to its people james 0 at the united nations the head of the un relief and works agency for palestine refugees has appealed for urgent funding at least a 1000000 people are dependent upon food aid from an ra in the gaza strip the agency says that funding is running out fast and that it can't afford to have any interruption in food distribution but israel has hit back its calling for the elimination of and has accused the agency of inciting violence against israel. i've failed to rehabilitate the goddess 3. theater only new
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3rd in violence against the. mandate must come to an end i can simply not accept that i'm president of the efforts that takes every single day in one of the most polarized if not the most polarized context on the planet to preserve the integrity dignity and you travesty of its operations be questioned in this manner i rejected robustly and the permanent representative knows it because we have had these conversations before palestinian police say that illegal drug production is increasing across the occupied west bank and much of it is tested for use inside israel palestinian face worsening economic conditions more turning to drugs as a last resort to make money to meet reports from the occupied west bank as a young carpenter that's not his real name couldn't make ends meet so it was difficult
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to turn down the chance to make some quick money when the opportunity presented itself but it landed him in prison. in. a palestinian living in israel rented the 2nd floor of my shop he brought soil seeds water tanks everything needed he told me all the medical plant and it takes a month to grow and i would get 10000 dollars in exchange i don't have to do anything i barely have any work i don't have a permit to work in israel so i accept. $2500.00 plants were found on the upper floor of his family business now he's facing up to 15 years behind bars after being charged with growing cannabis plants and drug trafficking. police say that illegal truck plantations have been spreading across the occupied west bank ever since it became more difficult to import the drugs through dishonor. brigade you have the likely we believe is due to an increase in demand in israel where mary who is
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tolerated for recreational use but production is illegal. but me explain over the past 4 or 5 years there's been this trend to plant drugs like this in the west bank especially synthetic cannabis known as hydro it's this one here they grow this and greenhouses are in secret labs at home they started when it became more difficult to traffic from sinai drug rates were stepped up by 30 percent in the occupied west bank last year about $33000.00 plants were seeds that's with an estimated market value of $7000000.00. it was the prospect of getting some of that cash that pushed some years to accept an offer to grow the plant 31 he's unemployed and has 5 children to feed. and i didn't produce for the local market it was all for export but the seeds come from israel to the bedouin they put them here at someone's place for
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a certain period of time depending on the type they could take 2 to 5 months to make sure i planted them in a valley which is hard to access authorities suspect there are many more money $1.00 of fields out there but most would be in the so-called area c. which represents about 60 percent of the west bank but palestinian police are not allowed to operate there without prior consent from israel making it more likely that illegal drug production will continue to increase as the economic situation among palestinians continues to deteriorate but at the al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. britain's prime minister tourism a is resisting calls to resign after her latest brags a plan backfired maize new pitch failed to win over both the opposition and many in her own party on a 1st senior cabinet ministers the leader of the house of commons andrea led some resigned after saying she doesn't believe the new proposals can deliver briggs's the revised plan including the possible vote on whether to hold
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a 2nd briggs's referendum once the prime minister's legislation passes its 1st stage if we are going to deliver bracks it in this parliament we are going to have to pass a withdrawal agreement and we will not do so without holding focus on the issues that have divided us the most that includes votes on customs arrangements and on a 2nd referendum we can pretend otherwise and carry on arguing and getting nowhere but in the end our job in this house is to take decisions not to duck them so i will push those decisions to this house because that is my duty because it is the only way that we can deliver bricks it one hour from general hole in london. the reason may is a prime minister under siege it's not just the opposition who want to see her go to court to resign it is her own party her own m.p.'s her own cabinet indeed one of them one of those cabinet ministers has resigned and relents and the leader of the
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house of commons say you no longer believe that a reserve base approach can deliver on the brakes referendum well the reason may is not going to resign tonight as a wave of rumors suggested she might she will we're told be in her constituency on thursday as britain votes in e.u. parliamentary elections and then on friday we're told to be meeting brady the influential chairman of the $122.00 committee that's the conservative party committee of backbench m.p.'s it's sort of he will lay out for her just how little support she has just how perilous her position has become a prime minister now with both cabinet and her own m.p.'s gunning against her cabinet members wanting her to pull the vote all together into her deal a 4th vote for the 1st week of june there are happy about concessions she's made but they say went beyond any agreement they had with her and her own m.p.'s appear ready to change the rules of the $22.00 to allow another vote of no confidence you'll recall she survived narrowly
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a vote of no confidence by her own m.p.'s in december it's unlikely she would survive one now the options for to reason may appear extremely limited either wait for the axe to fall or give a more dignified resignation at the podium and that podium omened could well come as soon as friday or in the 1st week of june after next week's parliamentary recess the ongoing uncertainty over briggs's has been blamed for the collapse of british steel the u.k.'s 2nd largest steelmaker its last 3 reports thousands of jobs are at risk. exactly a year ago british steel produced this corporate film glamorizing what goes on inside its plants in scum. high quality tailored manufacturing the sort of thing the u.k. used to be feigned for all over the world. one year on the accountants of moved in british steel has collapsed putting some $25000.00 jobs in direct jeopardy the
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government it seems was unwilling to provide just $30000000.00 pounds or $40000000.00 to keep it afloat the opposition cannot believe it also mr speaker want to express on behalf of the labor party might outrage at the government again failed our steel industry putting 5000 jobs at risk in british steel 20000 more in the supply chain this government has failed those people the government will work closely with the official receiver and prospective new owners to achieve the best possible outcome for the sites the government has provided and indemnity to the official received who is now responsible for the operations we will take every possible step to ensure that these vital operations can continue the irony isn't lost on anyone that the news of the demise of british steel comes one day before european elections in which the conservative party is expected to receive a thrashing and the story of british steel plays into a much wider debate about brics it and the future of british manufacturing. it has
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been blamed in parts for the demise of british steel just like honda decision to close its car factory in the west of england it's widely thought the so-called hard bricks it would lead to the closure of nice sand in northeastern england as well to many voters the point of the exercise was to get politicians to pay more attention to their communities it's not happening the reality is and it's an uncomfortable truth is that we wouldn't be having these difficulties in the way in which they're presenting themselves this week if it wasn't for the decision to leave the european union perhaps the most startling statistic around british steel is that over the last 2 years alone china produced more steel than the u.k. has done since the industrial revolution in the 19th century. maybe politicians think it isn't worth trying anymore but they don't have any other alternatives the people in scum fulp it's difficult to explain a situation where the government can find 5000000000 dollars to renovate the parliament building and another 5000000000 to protect the country against the worst
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over no deal brecht's it and yet cannot find the money to protect the u.k.'s steel industry had the been expanding its voters is anybody's guess lawrence lee al-jazeera in london whether a tape thanks to a non-zero then a fresh offensive in good live will have the latest on syria's. battle made the venezuelans looking for a miracle to help them through desperate times and later in sport the team heading to hockey is most famous playoff series for the 1st time in 5 decades. the web sponsored by cattle and. welcomes another look at the international forecast to get some slightly quater weather now into southern parts of china we
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still got a few showers just around the south china seas into the gulf of tonkin high nan could see some lively showers over the next couple of days but it does look a little quadrant of the southeast and call it their home call you might just catch short shabba 29 celsius what's the weather there across northern parts of vietnam easing across into laos in this picture as we go on into friday i feel for hong kong but i think is going to hear that wind coming in from the sea sticky conditions too into the philippines into where much of southeast asia borneo malaysia saying that long line of showers there pushing up into somalia right up into the gulf of thailand some rather wet weather for a time said it was a to the day shall really banging away as we go on towards the weekend. 85 celsius the top temperature in bangkok and a cloud on the right you can follow a little further north with 7 possibly a mom may well see the start of the monsoon rise just pushing their way in a see how the cloud links right back aim to sri lanka so in parts of india
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a few showers in central areas still about the hate $43.00 cells just there from that pool that's in up a little bit as we go to friday. the west sponsored by cattle and ways in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean continues with good morning groups in young on how to 0. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging but in the particular because you have
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a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. again it's good to have you with us adrian for the get here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines there are reports that the u.s. is considering sending more troops to the middle east against the backdrop of tensions with iran earlier members of the trumpet ministration have downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf . hundreds of protesters have been arrested in the indonesian capital after
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a 2nd bite of demonstrations against the reelection of president joker with. an football's world governing body fifa has abandoned plans to expand the 2022 world cup tournament to include $48.00 teams. canada is spending more than a $1000000.00 to bring dozens of containers of rotting garbage back from the philippines this will happen before the end of june the philippines government says the shipment of trash was sent to the country illegally in 2013 and 14 it says the shipment was mislabeled as plastics meant for recycling cases sponsor a diplomatic dispute between both countries that lost it in the 6 years libyan war . khalifa haftar rejected friendship peals to put a halt to the fighting near the capital tripoli in talks between after and president of only one crore in paris failed to reach an agreement on a ceasefire after us forces have been fighting troops loyal to libya's
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internationally recognized government based in tripoli for weeks now the butler reports from paris. well it's not the 1st time that the french president a man or mark karr is meeting with the renegade commander. after they have met several times before but is the 1st time that they are having a one on one talks and he comes nearly 7 weeks after have to launch an offensive to try and capture crude tripoli where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based now the u.n. backed prime minister fires i was right was also in paris a couple of weeks ago also had a meeting with the french president emmanuel mark on what michael is trying to do with these meetings is really talk to both sides to urge them to restore stability and calm to maybe he wants them to agree to a cease fire and to return to the un backed peace process is specially because the u.n. special envoy to libya has actually said that at this stage unless this crisis is
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resolved in some way that libya could be facing a very long and bloody war while france's official position in libya is that it backs the u.n. peace process but there are some analysts and experts over the years that have said that paris is supporting. and france has admitted in the past that it is given a certain amount of what they called technical know just tickle support so i have to what paris says is that he is a useful ally in eastern libya in the fight against armed groups including i saw what some say is that if you want to be considered as an honest broker a mediator as the french president does then it's of course very problematic if you are perceived to be supporting one side to the detriment of the other in northwestern syria rebels launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting has been intensifying in the area since last month and the u.s. says it's concerned that chemical weapons used to have
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a germ jhoom reports. in northwestern syria these rebels are advancing on pro-government positions in the. of confident of with this operations underway as government jets attack opposition strongholds according to the syrian observatory for human rights dozens of fighters have been killed on both sides this is part of an escalation in fighting since the russian backed syrian offensive of it began last month. and as the violence has intensified so has the humanitarian crisis syrian forces seized control of cuffing a buddha in northern how my province in early may that area is largely controlled by the hate a sham and armed opposition group formerly affiliated with in a car that in syria. now hundreds of thousands of people living there are caught in the crossfire dozens of aid groups are calling for an immediate end to the conflict saying conditions have reached a crisis point in my out of the norm and people say the town's marketplace was crowded when it was attacked by air raids. play it will not go on the russian and
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regime planes struck the area of the mosque it's a crowded place in the middle of the cornish street. i let them the shops are destroyed the flesh of the injured people is on the floor people are collecting their belongings the strike hit an hour before the morning ramadan meal but according to the u.s. it may not just be conventional weapons that are now in use in syria the state department says pro-government forces may have carried out a chlorine gas attack on sunday in the region security experts say that would be very disturbing if proven true quite frankly they have a negative track record in that area so i wouldn't be surprised at all if they are in really this falls to russia it's raining and because russia is the patron russia signed the agreement with the united states half dozen years ago for syria to get rid of its chemical weapons it would guarantee that and i mean again we're seeing this issue pablo and it's really something that needs to be punished here is really
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. crosses all read minds. the state department says it will respond quickly and appropriately if it finds evidence of a chemical attack a statement that comes just a day after more than $400.00 u.s. lawmakers urged the trumpet ministration not to pull u.s. troops out of syria. and. the japanese electronics make a panasonic says that it stopped all smartphone related business with all way to comply with u.s. restrictions on the chinese company britain's vodafone announced their own measures to distance themselves from the tech giant while u.k. chip designer all says it will suspend all ties last week the u.s. blacklisted hallway citing national security concerns which on its reacted by accusing washington of economic bullying foreign minister says the u.s. is hindering his country's development. can finally is a contributing writer with the technology publication wired he says that huawei has
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contingency plans for the short term but getting off the u.k.'s blacklist could take time. the company has been stockpiling ships for at least a year so we are just in anticipation of something like this happening it can also develop a lot of its own suckers we're going to as an operating system is even develop some of its own ships so it can definitely stave off disaster but not having any way to buy more ships once those stockpiles run out you know that decadent up being. a massive blow to the company especially outside of china and it's not really clear to need it right now what else could you the companies already opened up its proprietary code to the u.k. intelligence and i would do the same for the u.s. if requested. but it's difficult to prove that that in an error or
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a security bug it was an accident as opposed to malice so it can be really difficult to to to shake out whether that what way it has malicious intent or not allies of the philippines presidents were to go to town to have won a landslide victory in last week's midterm election that's despite criticism of policies that he's pursued in his 1st 3 years in office john allen dogon reports now from the law. after a bitterly contested campaign lasting 3 months it is official the philippines has elected enough candidates from rodrigo to tar does administration to put the senate on their almost full control of the president that's a devastating defeat for the opposition liberal party run by former president being ignored keno its influence has severely weakened over the last few years and the campaign was no match for a well organized administration at the solidified that they're discounting all for
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the remaining 3 years of this presidency but many say the electoral process wasn't free and fair there are reports of widespread. buying across the country and a 7 hour delay in the release of early electoral results has led many to question their credibility. ranging from number one. busy which never happened before or. wrong. with. regard to. our. work program or. were ok. opponents say he is growing relationship with china is a threat to the country's sovereignty and his so-called war and drugs has left more
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than 5000 political nose dead. i mean marcos the daughter of former dictator president for didn't marcuse won a seat in the chamber while. a returning senator and former actor won another seat despite being charged with corruption when he was in office those in the opposition say this is possibly one of the least inspiring line ups in recent elections but widespread criticism over how the elections were conducted and threats of cases to be filed against the commission on elections were not enough to stop the proclamation today and to a greater extent the church is growing political influence dog and al jazeera. the british government is considering launching a complaint with the united nations over a damning report on poverty in the u.k. the un ruppert's on extreme poverty for the post and says the government's in a state of denial about the 14000000 people living on the breadline that it goes on
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to say the u.k.'s social safety net has been deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos. told al jazeera that efforts by previous u.k. governments to reform the social welfare system i've had a negative impact on millions of people. a staggering prediction which everyone seems to accept that something like 40 percent of british children will live in poverty within a couple of years rising rates of homelessness. food bank you seeds through the roof. increasing concern about suicides even lower life expectancy in some areas so overall while the economy is thriving in the united kingdom what we see is a social situation which is not just neglected.


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