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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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still just this week trump stopped his former counsel don mcgann from testifying to congress about that investigation and on wednesday new york lawmakers voted to release trump state tax returns to congress trump is also fighting democratic attempts to get his business records from deutsche bank what they've done is abuse this is addressed a geisha number for the same thing probably 5 and it really started i think pretty much from the time we came down the escalator in trump tower donald trump argues his democratic opponents have been resisting his presidency since before it even started and continue to back efforts to impeach him but democrats are divided on whether it's even wise to launch impeachment hearings knowing it could take down trump or help him win support for his reelection can really help at al jazeera the white house the world football governing body fifa has announced that the 2022
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world cup tournament in council will not be expanded to $48.00 teams now usually $32.00 teams take part but in 2017 fifa decided to include more teams in the competition last year the organizations president giani in frontino the change could go into effect in 2022 but those plans have now been scrapped cattle has been on the sea and land blockade by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt since june of 2017 wolf if i have released a statement saying council had always been open to the idea of an expanded tournament in 2022 but after joint analysis both parties have concluded that due to the advanced age of preparations and the need for a detailed assessment of the potential logistical impact on qatar more time would be required and a decision couldn't be taken before the deadline of june it was therefore decided not to further pursue this option. james dorsey is a middle east expert with the s.
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rajaratnam school of international studies in singapore he says the fee for decision was a foregone conclusion i think with that we have had months or weeks of basically just cussing heart air and something that was in my mind illusionary with other words culture was willing to play this out it's certainly became clear after kuwait gnomon said that they would not be able to accommodate fish in an expanded world cup and the idea that infantino was putting forward that agreement. to share the world cup with saudi arabia and the us would put an end to the gulf crisis was basically par in the sky got us since 2010 has been preparing for $32.00 team world cup and to expand that by by basically double half of that so going from $32.00 to $48.00 would have been an enormous task in the last direction towards the other world cup and i think they got
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a may have been willing to share with with oman and kuwait keep in mind the romance been very helpful to god during the. during this whole gulf crisis in the last 2 years and kuwait is the mediator but there was no way that they could be shared with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as long as the boycott was in place and the boycott is about much more than the world cup. when we come back we'll bring you lots more top news stories including these stories too. the 2nd night of violence in the indonesian capital over the reelection of joe cool we don't know. also ahead we'll tell you why illegal drug production is on the rise across the occupied west bank.
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how low we should see the weather quieting down across parts of the middle east over the next couple of days still a few shall clouds around the caspian sea siren can still see some showers afghanistan showers in the forecast here as well as showers just push up around the foothills of the emma last 40 celsius the back that warm even for baghdad at this time of the year 31 celsius there for buyers and lovely present sunshine around the eastern side of the med for a time that cloud will just spill its way and as we go on into friday the temperatures in baghdad continue to not out the skies are clearing you might just catch your child to northern iraq but for much of the region it is going to be dry hot and sunny that's the case too across the raven peninsula and a bit of cloud there into southern parts of saudi arabia so was a chance of one or 2 spots of right particular into the southwest of saudi arabia over the high ground of yemen just around the southern end of the i read say hey we're just going to foot $39.00 degrees celsius plenty of hot sunshine coming through it will be dry lots of dry weather to across southern africa might just
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can't see out shan't essential parts of maize and bake over the next day also pushing up north of the border to into southern areas attends in the eastern parts of kenya as well but for many it's going to be warm dry and sunny this weekend. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work out. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know if i have the data to prove a. witness on al-jazeera.
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and watching al-jazeera my name's peter dhabi these are your headlines so far the huge task of counting the votes is now underway after india's 6 week long parliamentary election for the 900000000 people were eligible to cast a ballot early trends point to a win for prime minister narendra modi's coalition. there are reports the u.s. is considering sending more troops to the middle east against a backdrop of tensions with iran earlier members of the trumpet ministration downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended their military buildup in the gulf. football's world governing body for as abandon plans to expand the 2022 world cup tournament in cats are to include $48.00 teams. security
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in the indonesian capital is still very tight after election results spawn deadly protests over the past few days now in jakarta 6 people were killed in riots and another with 200 injured on tuesday protesters are angry that president joker widodo was declared the winner of last month's election florence louis has more now from jakarta. well there seems to be a pattern that's emerging this is day 3 since protests started on tuesday afternoon and the protests usually start out peacefully in the morning and the crowd builds up in the afternoon and then by night 4 things start to escalate but at the moment things are calm in jakarta the train stations that were closed on wednesday have reopened cleanup crews at the main protest areas sweeping up deborah the police barricades are still there but the situation is largely peaceful now the tide of public opinion seems to be against probabl and his supporters at the moment there are comments on social media on local television stations criticizing probabl and
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his supporters for disrupting peace during the month of ramadan the hash tag tunk up probabl war which translates to a breast problem was the top trending topic on twitter in indonesia on wednesday and then you've also got 2 out of 5 of the coalition parties in groups who've distance themselves from the demonstrations issuing statements to say that they accept the electoral outcome but probable it's counting on support from islamist groups he's aligned himself with these hardline extremist groups and in the past these groups have been able to mobilize massive port for street demonstrations the best example was in late 2016 when they organized a series of protests against the then governor of jakarta who's christian and an ethnic chinese who was eventually jailed for crit for criticizing the koran for insulting the koran so at the moment it's still a little bit unclear there's no indication that these protests are going to stop.
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the japanese electronics maker panasonic says it stopped all smart food related business with one way to comply with u.s. restrictions on the chinese company earlier britain's vodafone both announced their own measures to distance themselves from the tech giant the u.k. chip designer says it will suspend. all ties last week the u.s. blacklisted huawei citing national security concerns. canada is spending more than a $1000000.00 to bring dozens of containers of rushing rubbish back from the philippines the philippines government says it was shipped illegally in 2015 and 14 mislabeled as plastic meant for recycling. has more now from manila. between the period of 20132014 at least 48 container vents containing toxic waste were shipped from canada to the philippines it was discovered by the bureau of customs and has requested that the canadian government
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take that those shipments back to panda where they actually belong not much has been done since then the spy cases having been filed against the companies involved both here and in canada in 2015 canadian prime minister just introduced says it wasn't legally possible for canada to take that trash back and a few weeks ago president of the beleaguered the terry to ordered and gave a deadline basically to both sides to find a resolution that deadline was in may he threatened to go to war with canada if this was not going to be handled properly and that may deadline was in fact missed last week the foreign affairs in manila ordered members of the philippine embassy in canada through return to manila and yesterday according to the spokesperson of president reagan the 3rd the the president remains visibly upset about what happened and said that the philippine government will now shoulder the cost of
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returning these toxic waste back to where it came from now according to the canadian government just recently they have announced that they have found a resolution they are going to sign with a local canadian company and all of these stocks equates will be eventually be shipped back to canada by end of june this is been quite an irritant for both sides and with the new commitment of the canadian government to resolve this issue they hope that this tension between the 2 countries will be resolved soon as well. break a flu in the u.s. whose biggest detention facility in texas has forced officials to move hundreds of detainees position came after a 16 year old guatemalan migrant died after getting sick in captivity brunell's. the largest border detention center in the u.s. has stopped taking in new migrants for processing after a large number of people at the center came down with high fevers and flu symptoms officials say the closure came shortly after the death of 16 year old carlos
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hernandez vasquez on may 20th the guatemalan boy who traveled to the u.s. without his parents spent 6 days at the macallan texas processing center before he was diagnosed with the flu he was transferred to another facility and given medication but was not hospitalized he was found dead on monday hernandez vasquez was the 6th child to die after being apprehended crossing the u.s. border since september late wednesday u.s. official said the texas syllabi had resumed normal operations. in the rural guatemalan village of san jose del rio de o. the boy's family mourned and asked questions oh no ok open though i am fighting for them to send me the body as soon as possible because why do they want him there why do they want him because they did not take care of him. or they came with how or
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from what. they won't get clarification something must have happened or they did something to him or its conditions in migrant detention centers sparked this exchange at an oversight hearing on capitol hill at this point with 5 kids that have died 5000 separated from their families i feel like and the evidence is really clear that this is intentional it's intentional it's a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration and it's cruel and inhumane and thank you mr chairman i expect that's i don't care i don't know if you are using it down are men or women fight hard to protect people in our custody every single day record numbers of families and unaccompanied minors are fleeing violence and poverty in central america and seeking asylum in the u.s. in some cases nearly overwhelming government border and immigration agencies robert oulds al jazeera. in a western syria rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting has been intensifying in the
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area since last month the u.s.s. is concerned the chemical weapons have been news. reports. in northwestern syria these rebels are advancing on pro-government positions in the town of confident of with this operations underway as government jets attack opposition strongholds according to the syrian observatory for human rights dozens of fighters have been killed on both sides this is part of an escalation in fighting since the russian backed syrian offensive in it began last month. and as the violence has intensified so has the humanitarian crisis syrian forces seized control of car from the buddha in northern how my province in early may that area is largely controlled by the have you to show an armed opposition group formally affiliated with in a car in syria. now hundreds of thousands of people living there are caught in the crossfire dozens of aid groups are calling for an immediate end to the conflict saying conditions have reached
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a crisis point in my out of the norm and people say the town's marketplace was crowded when it was attacked by air raids. play it will not go on the russian and regime planes struck the area of the mosque it's a crowded place in the middle of the cornish street. i let them the shops are destroyed the flesh of the injured people is on the floor people are collecting their belongings the strike hit an hour before the morning ramadan meal but according to the u.s. it may not just be conventional weapons that are now in use in syria the state department says pro-government forces may have carried out a chlorine gas attack on sunday in the region security experts say that would be very disturbing if proven true quite frankly they have a negative track record in that area so i wouldn't be surprised at all they are in really this falls to russia to rein in and because russia is the patron of russia signed the agreement with the united states half dozen years ago for syria to get rid of its chemical weapons it will guarantee that and i mean again we're seeing
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this issue pop up and it's really something that needs to be punished seriously. crosses all red lines the state department says it will respond quickly and appropriately if it finds evidence of a chemical attack a statement that comes just a day after more than $400.00 u.s. lawmakers urged the trumpet ministration not to pull u.s. troops out of syria. and just. a living will or telling how tough has rejected friendship feels to put a hold to the fighting in the capital tripoli talks between huffed on the french president emmanuel micro and paris failed to reach an agreement on a cease fire after us forces have been fighting troops loyal to libya's internationally recognized government based in tripoli for weeks. britain's prime minister's reason may is resisting calls to resign after her latest plan backfired may's new pitch failed to win over both the opposition and many in her own party
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one of her senior cabinet ministers though these are the house of commons resigned last night after saying she doesn't believe the new proposals can deliver it. the head of the un relief and works agency for palestine palestinian refugees rather appealed for urgent funding at least $1000000.00 people are dependent on food aid from the gaza strip the agency says funding is running out fast and it can't afford to have any interruption in food distribution. police say illegal drug production is increasing across the occupied west bank and much of it is destined for use inside israel as palestinians face worsening economic conditions more of them are turning to drugs as a way to make money or to adel hamid reports now from the occupied west bank as a young carpenter ahmed that's not his real name couldn't make ends meet so it was difficult to turn down the chance to make some quick money when the opportunity presented itself but it landed him in prison.
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a palestinian living in israel rented the 2nd floor of my shop he brought soil seeds water tanks everything needed he told me of the medical plant and it takes a month to grow and i would get 10000 dollars in exchange i don't have to do anything i barely have any work i don't have a permit to work in israel so except. $2500.00 plants were found on the upper floor of his family business now he's facing up to 15 years behind bars after being charged with growing cannabis plants and drug trafficking police say that illegal plantations have been spreading across the occupied west bank ever since it became more difficult to import did drugs through dishonor. brigade. believes it's due to an increase in demand in israel where merry one is tolerated for recreational use but production is illegal. but me explain over the past 4 or 5 years
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there's been this trend to plant drugs like this in the west bank especially synthetic cannabis known as hydro it's this one here they grow this in greenhouses or in secret labs at home this started when it became more difficult to traffic from sinai drug rates were stepped up by 30 percent in the occupied west bank last year about 33000 plants were seeds that's with an estimated market value of $7000000.00. it was the prospect of getting some of that cash that bush said to accept an offer to grow the plant 31 he's unemployed and has 5 children to feed. i didn't produce for the local market it was all for export but the seeds come from israel to the bedouin they put them here at someone's place for a certain period of time depending on the type they could take 2 to 5 months to mature i planted them in
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a valley which is hard to access authorities suspect there are many more money $1.00 of fields out there but most would be induced to called area c. which represents about 60 percent of the west bank but palestinian police are not allowed to operate there without prior consent from israel making it more likely that illegal drug production will continue to increase as the economic situation among palestinians continues to deteriorate but at the al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. has become the 1st arabic language writer to win the prestigious man booker international prize was awarded $64000.00 for her novel celestial bodies she says the prize with the american academic marilyn who translated the novel into english. let's recap your top stories so far this hour the big task of counting votes is now
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well underway after india's 6 week long parliamentary election the world's biggest poll in history ended on sunday early trends point to a win for prime minister narendra modi's coalition there are reports the u.s. department of defense is considering sending more troops to the middle east against a backdrop of tensions with iran sources have told news agencies the defense officials will go to the white house on thursday to discuss possible deployment mike hanna has more now from washington according to these reports quoting an identified defense officials these are points that are up for discussion that will be presented to president trance national security advisers in the course of thursday now the reports put the number of troops at the pentagon wishes to deploy at anywhere between 5 to 10000 along with other resources such as added patriot missile batteries more nabl warships in the area the pentagon itself has been
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approached for comment today will not speak on troop movements basically declining to comment in any form security in indonesia's capital is still very tight after election results sparked deadly protests in the past few days in jakarta 6 people were killed in riots and another 200 injured on tuesday protesters angry the presidential call we're told of it was declared the winner of last month's election . the world football governing body fifa has announced the 2022 world cup tournament in qatar will not be expanded to $48.00 teams now usually $32.00 teams take part but in 2017 feet for decided to include more in the competition those plans have now been scrapped casaus on the sea and land blockade by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt since june 27th team canada spending more than a 1000000 dollars to bring dozens of containers of rotting rubbish back from the philippines the philippines government says shipments were sent to the country
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illegally in 2013 and 14 you are right up to speed with all the top stories here on al-jazeera more news in half an hour see that. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years it. continues with good morning groups on how does iraq.
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upgrade up to. this sign or a here this wakes up and put it in the face it. will flare on trouble for us.
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right. now and i hope that i would be the person to bring in the high speed internet too must be cheap. sometimes it takes somebody who can see the bigger picture and you know stand up above it. get all of the software head dress you know to make a difference in your community and be chief. use the internet. for me than it is for free internet.
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bringing in fiber to any of these communities in. everything. and in the big cities of you know lived in the real world and i want to come back here and everything go inside backwards. so all the towers point away from us which is why nothing works here. in the sort of way speed takes a lot of money and then someone like me and money. just you know the small guy. i'm not even employed in a poor guy you know steal from their itching give to the poor with nothing. for advertising no that's what this is if you guys are interested in me. i run it and i pay for it out of my own pocket for the community.
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why not. yeah. so what are you doing this. i tell of you know give it up for free get to make a difference where you can and when you can write why not you know it's free you are going to go get it set up. here. in the heart of the land. ok. i need it.
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as well as expected i. will get back to you soon. i think. yeah this is like my idea and you know our number really heard back from them but they're not going to actively support me because i speak up and i have a voice on like an agitator of sorts. but here i'm just you know speaking up for my own people and you know what's right and said if you know or what's appropriate i guess.
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there is a little divide i guess some of the older generation to the newer generation it's so new to us that they really understand it. you know maybe she's going to start where you can and. i guess plant that seed so to speak. and. crazy stuff here some really really technical. here and that is that it's money that you still do to yourself. yeah. because if you let other people do it free we're number going to. know i'd like to do stuff and. know how to do it on my own right. to do a lot of trial and error with stuff. done. to help bring what happens.
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very likely rates smack dab middle of the province this should be the reason why it's caught up. in barely use your cell phones. and. you know they don't want to put any money or any structure on the 1st nations whatsoever. kind of makes me mad you know canada hasn't done enough for its 1st nations. you know with 3rd world. that's the digital divide to me rain.
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next door neighbors are asking me how come there's reporters here. going to say something out. to doing a bit on what it's like to live next door to the neighbors. oh. no no no they're just doing a report on this internet thing. you know screw into this to ground but then this has to be grounded somehow right further like network infrastructure i just got a paid access point and i connect that to. network switched and i fundraise for to access points they connect to each other and then you can get the signal wirelessly rick you need something to get your signal know what i am probably get all these one and all these ones for sure up until the thing and then
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possibly be home from the wrong tree. oh man it's only one bar equal. when i think you need to call. him. what. man is a hell of an age you live in really think about it. you can do this stuff in the 70s. really i'm proud of this uncle one of my best nephews actually the oller but he's one of the best to brady a story that's right what to say. i'll say by the end we get somewhere with this
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and you know some actually changes come i'm sure it will it's i'm sure really there's no way the only way it could fail is if it doesn't work yeah that's my system down and it's not working people are going to get turned off and. and there really do hope that this works. not just for his sake but for the whole town say released with really good thing for that to be in the town say it's true. to the switch. here. you can usually plan to get it done for christmas but the lights yeah the 3 lights and that.


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