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gratian we can know a lot about the impact history not only of the moon but of earth and the inner solar system and by impact history you know what these were asteroids or these 4 these are explosions are these are hits on the moon yes oh yeah asteroids impact in the moon you know over what time frames is that happened had there been spikes and the impact history throughout history throughout the moon's history. there you know there's a lot you know there's a recent discoveries of water ice on the moon but we don't know what forms this water's in you know is it you know solid ice beneath the surface is it mixed in with the soil on the moon we don't know and these are just you know a couple of things you know we could hit on topics regarding the lunar atmosphere and the interior of the moon the actual regolith there's just so much we don't actually know and we need to go back to answer all these questions. in years that we we send some plants in we made you discoveries the old question new questions
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indeed we found a. lot of the moon but also we found a. new look and these are in the science of the moon would be key to understand it so. i'm sorry very briefly because this one has come up twice yeah well that is that what one is i suppose to keep in a brand as you well but also in the future we are going to take samples. and as a state we are going to do science from did a scope to observe the beginning of the universe look for extra to a source of edition and also we do science on the moon we bring life to the surface of the moon so yes go ahead go ahead rob and to answer your question about blocking as so vulcanism on the moon isn't quite the same as what you might think about walking as i'm on the earth you know there's there's no large volcanoes sitting on the surface spewing lava. and there's not. what we consider active so there's no
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volcanism currently taking place however if you look up at the moon you know often see kind of light and dark features and the darker that this little lava flows are or basalts so that's kind of the main type of volcanism you see this is generally lava flows that have welled up from inside of the moon and solidified on the surface but there's all sorts of different types there's some explosive explosive all cannick products on the moon there's areas that are solicitor are not as iron rich is typical basalts like you might see on the near side of the moon or hawaii for example to play a terrestrial analog so there's a lot of questions about the duration of optimism when did it happen what types are there what kind of materials were produced so that's kind of what i mean on the ism i think the focus of grow this recent brush back to them is sort of focused on the south pole and because of the indian mission the chandran mission chandran one
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mission over the last decade we've had a really good look at the south pole of the moon and what scientists are discovering there is that there's ice beneath the surface now we don't know if that is filled with regolith busy and we don't know if that ice is in solid rock form but we currently don't have the technology to well to mine that ice because we don't know how to but there and we just studied this ice but that could be a resource for a fuel for oxygen just for general life support but i think going back to what ryan was saying about welcome is a very important aspect. related to this terrain and when it comes to the terrain of the south pole especially it's fatter rougher than what neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked around on her and remember it's on a permanent cell so it's dark and it's hold and i don't think it ever gets above minus 250 degrees and my gosh. yeah you're making it sound very enticing very robin
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here if we could take a step back i mean there's a lot of people talking about how incredible this all is obviously space exploration is exciting even for those of us who don't understand the intricate inner workings of it a little bit rainy on our you tube like tad asking this question admitting that the space race is an amazing achievement for all humans but saying i hope it doesn't become another form of colonize ation and this has been at code even on twitter by a lot of people saying seeing as how we've already trashed this planet from the immediate space around it to the deepest parts of the ocean why should we as an obviously subpar species be allowed to leave our trash heap and go destroy someplace else you talk about needing to exploit resources bernard what yeah you're right sir what would you answer to people considering all phobos is a moot but they do to the new we did a system able to really fold futures intuition for human kind even for the rest of life on earth and so we have to go there 1st to see what is their
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environment and then we go these robots but also in the very. least respectful what he said it so we are going eventually. place we have 1000000000 tons of water we could use maybe just a tiny fraction to start. to get fuel to the. interplanetary economy but we do we respect and also there are some areas we could use full settlement but we also protect them should show that they do is on top. so you're saying that this time will do a better hole do it right i want to share with all of you a little clip from amazon c.e.o. and blue origin founder jeff bezos so this is on may 9th and he was on the ailing his plans for returning humans to the moon and he was also agreeing with the trump administration's push to do this all within the next 5 years have a look. vice president pence just recently said it's the stated policy of this is
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ministration and the united states of america to return american astronauts to the moon within the next 5 years i love this it's the right thing to do it's time to go back to the moon this time to stay so he loves it take a look here you see see that web page for blue origin and they are working on a robotic lunar lander called blue moon so take us through this are you as excited as jeff bezos is or are you worried at all because the next 5 years sounds too soon . yeah you know i'm definitely i would say i am as excited as he is if not more because i have been in the inner community for a while and i would love to have you know my own apollo to see humans back on the things i'm concerned about the timing is really short i'm not saying we can't do it but there's a lot of infrastructure that still needs to be in place and we need to have a rocket that's ready to go into the lander that's ready to go we need to have ash
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in knots who are who are trained not only to fly these things but trained and field geology and how to actually do science once they're on the moon and how to exploit the resources so there's a lot of work that needs to be done but i think it's very feasible and i'm excited to see all of the excitement from the administration and the commercial companies. so it's i know you're excited and you know there are many optimists or time into this conversation and i don't want to be too negative but because there are some critics on twitter are for now saying listen trying to put a caveat on his previous trade saying don't get me wrong i mean i want us to eventually be a spacefaring species i mean with the universe however i work from a place of realism our species has not earned the right to go permanently off planet we need to clean up our messes here before we explore there robyn you're nodding there's another tweet from kyle william marston and this is what we love to see when a conversation happens online saying replying to him saying well i totally respect your view i remain an optimist but also
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a pessimist i think humanity is shouldn't go extinct and to ensure that happens we need to be a space faring species what do you think robyn i mean is that a fair criticism that there are going to go ahead those both these individuals are correct and my answer for that is i think that space can help us start to fix ourselves here on earth too ready i think it's you know we've all over the past decade we've looked to the internet we look to social media as a great united or and it's turned out not to be but i think in space exploration we can make it cheap and we can make it accessible to the everyday person i thing. there's a new frontier to be explored there's new technology to be made and i think it's going to be an even playing field i think on this new frontier and it will be great you know. i just i love that optimism as well but i also i'm kind of still chuckling at that the person who tweeted and called humans a subpar species so i want to put this to your attention this from the united
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nations office for outer space affairs i'm sure you're all familiar with it the treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space in 1067 countries around the world agreed to a set of rules on governing exploration and using space and one of those things was that it was supposed to be free for exploration and for use only for peaceful purposes so you see headlines like this this is from defense one pentagon wants to test a space based weapon and 2023 that's on one side of that spectrum on the other side that is just today this headline dropped back to southern russia signed joint statement on no 1st placement of weapons in outer space this from the international news bernard you're trying to jump in there what does it mean go for it. countries who greet. you no. no you can it does need to give you the moon you could of
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destruction you could have. put but you have to. do it to reach. sun to st bernard bernard no no disrespect i just want to quickly push back on that i mean you could say many countries here on earth have signed many treaties and then violent designs here on earth hold on they violated them here on earth so what's to suggest that they want to the same on the moon. these 2 have a good treaty because this was a new time of we need all of conflict and if only it was the best way to have a space for peaceful purposes because then you could mostly do economy development that you know she could use e t and you know like on the international space station it's a place of peace between countries which have no tension conflict space is used for exchange for full knowledge and also for for peace so i think you know the country so touchy if i did treaty keep to it even. gives us china not all of them
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so let's keep dystrophy but i need i need to point out that if this is coming from the united nations the u.n. barely has the ability to enforce its laws and regulations here on the planet i don't see them i don't see these treaties being upheld and i can tell you right now there i don't know if you can really define them as offensive weapons but there's a defense of weapons in the form of satellites and experimental technology being launched to orbit right now without the permission of anybody and i know that you. just agreed to do it los to do it in the space around us but it's thought be done on the moon so the moon is we do a continent of peace so when we expose a moon we start he's a peaceful approach from here and i want to believe everything you're saying and i really do and so i am going to for this moment no i am i think it makes sense why not but i do have a question that's coming in i in our live youtube chad maybe ryan you can answer
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this he tender a rapper saying wait a minute who has a story over the. you know no one no one has that authority i mean there is this treaty that's been signed but essentially no one owns the. you know the u.s. is gone and we played it flags but we don't own that soil beneath you know the landers there so no one owns it no one really truly has that authority it's just like bernard said it's a peaceable place we hope that everyone who who plans to send a lander or a spacecraft to the moon does it with the intention of exploring and learning and you know getting humans out yonder but you don't need to know you'll need to because the deep sea with nobody owns it but you can go fishing there on the moon result ownership you still have to go to ricky to deploy to to there to fish or to exploit the resources and then after we have to discuss how we distribute the bit if each of the sources so that's an interesting debate do we can we use it also for
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the rest of the road or what path you key for the one that is investing in putting to toulon so now are you actually have a retirement plan you're thinking yeah i mean it's about that i don't know most of we are working on a movie. or t.v. dish on the moon base and in 20 years i plan to retire on the moon and stars are talking about you know we're going to take a look at the animations on the european space agency and it's part of our moon a village that you're talking about so talk us through why this excited me and why does this not scare here and yet we have a visa lenders that we have designed we go 1st in all beat and here we have looked to. be dug we start out and then we create some structures we want to examine which the street printed structure the tile of looted by robots and then we come these human soul he said leave some of the 1st arsenal to do it in 10 years we have some
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10 arsenal at their own this is a good news if you go to you know it's check it on twitter anderson no based on the experience that we have. but something to the show's decision we use. the moon also do something it's a place where the fun thought this can be just something so some interest in the robot that you sleep with it breaking a candle only comes structure which is very light it's not going to take some. housing juvie you can deploy it. as a robot if you take it you don't notice. and i think you might have thought that. it could be ready for use in noticed if you're an artist and do become you want to live i hope so no doubt but a quick question just to snap back to reality robin we have a tweet from there saying all states venturing to the lunar surface are nuclear powers doesn't this make sense to someone here and a lot of other tweets asking about why it's single nations working on this rather
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than working together your thoughts quickly robin i don't think it's single nations yes the nations may be covering a lot of the cost but these kinds of missions whether it be the moon or mars on require the efforts of universities reese research companies private companies manufacturers people busy who train astronauts you know there this is an international effort and i think we're not seeing the many pieces connecting right now but when it comes time to go to mars the 1st humans there will be an international effort everybody's going to have their hands on it it will be a crew of ross cosmos jacks nasa astronauts it's going to be the most expensive thing and it's going to be the most complex thing we've ever done so go back to the moon go back to mars no matter how much how much conflict there is and how much up complimentary everyone's going to have their fingers in the pie right robyn we shall see robin i have to leave it there robin for
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a night and ryan thank you so much for being part of this discussion today that's all the time we have for now but the conversation as always will continue on my. i'm at a stream thanks for watching. the you know this is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leaders to agree upon a solution people are taking the tools into their own. the top enough to keep up. with trying to sections to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's critically about friends with the people in stores on 00 the globe in the united states i learned that the 1st
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amendment is really key to being able to freedom of the challenge is going to be something we men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth people have to weigh your own record on this trial in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we've all seen already i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't black and white there's lots of brazing here join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues
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here on al-jazeera. news as it breaks local communities here importing our very. frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this month none of the people who look to see this struggling to make ends meet and just want a better life from around the world as agnes has been offered to those who rebel against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. and his prime minister the interim ody appears to be headed to a 2nd term vote counting is underway in the world's biggest election. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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here to media reports washington may be considering a troop buildup in the gulf in response to unspecified threats from iran indonesia steps up security in the capital after violent protests against the results of last month's presidential election. and abandoned plans to expand the number of teams taking part of the 2022 world cup tournament and qatar. early vote counting in india suggests prime minister to run for modi is on course for a major victory in the world's biggest poll according to the election commission nobody's ruling coalition is off to a bigger than expected lead but there is still a huge task ahead and counting more than 600000000 ballots throughout the campaign modi highlighted his tough stance against india's rival pakistan. on sunday after a 6 week process so how raman joins us now from the capital new delhi so what are
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the trends that are emerging so far compared to 2014. yes well as you said 600000000 ballots being counted that's the largest number in terms of turnout 67 percent the election commission is saying huge turnout especially with female voters samples across the country have suggested that again in certain constituencies there's been around about 6870 percent turnout not just the women which is a great thing but in terms of the trends what we are seeing since the counting started early of day was that slowly the b.g.p. seem to be gaining traction certainly in the locations and the states the constituencies that they managed to win in 2014 and on the whole they have managed to retain those states certainly into a majority they've lost a few seats in pradesh which is the largest state in terms of sending as many as 80
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m.p.'s to the lok sabha they've also lost a few seats and production raja's that but managed to hold on to or be the largest party at the moment as far as the trends seem to tell us they are up in bihar. and jharkhand those are 3 states to the east quite troublesome for example in just discovered there has been a maoist insurgency up in bihar tough campaigning there from the local party big fight in west bengal that's the state very close to bangladesh where they wanted to make inroads along with addition another state slightly to the south a victim of a massive cycloid earlier this year what the b.g.p. have tried to do is to try and garner and gain traction there to offset any losses elsewhere in the country that policy that train of thought seems to be working in terms of some of the big players let's just give you a quick idea of what the trends are saying modi is fighting environ i.c.i. reporters in the last week it's the spiritual center for the hindu faith he's
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certainly in the lead by maybe 2 to 300000 votes apparently. the president of the beach a p is in gandhinagar a good drug state that state it borders pakistan and it's the main state from where modi originates from he 4 seats in 2014 gave it up when he won both our nazi and got the nod go what in a by election he's doing very well in that seat role gandhi the leader of the opposition indian national congress is not doing so well it's a tough fight in and met the end of the pradesh he may lose that seat he's fighting for another one name he might win that one instead again these are all trends results hopefully by the end of the day ok so how a month life for us new delhi thank you talk more about the elections with an entry at the corys a professor nehru any versity center for political studies joins us from l.a. so our reporter there so just listed a lot of the trends of thing to be emerging what is the most significant trend that has caught your attention so far. your
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attention so far in these early election results. so the major difference between this election and the good election is that. this is actually won by the name of the movie the demand in fact has been the choice watch and. the body has become secondary and interesting to me everywhere in the country voters we're responding that they would like to vote for our friend mr sol decide to become more a place. in vietnam and then in india just give it keeps going that there. is one man has to shift to the presidential system and i think informally this has become close and centric election so does one amazing differences and 2nd is that. a b. was. bochy last change the election was one to do and on there is
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feeling a strong. and gene comes vincy against congress this time it is a growing come and see that the government has merely been able to reach out to people and each has created a new disk pools which was nor did last trying to secure your discourse so that anxiety of the majority community could easily be converted into a security discourse disinhibition is very different to defeat this election and it's hurting is that. a pollution party did to try to add a line on the basis of the cost system that communities and i and says what document work it seems mr modi's must not in. the party's fady very powerful office in his truck show that it's in the scene as you call it and. policies that they had rolled out for common people all of these things have made
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this a nixon very different and operation parties go in decks of unity has also been so much that people don't truly countered on smart that the u.p.a. has done on them all right professor minter the core thank you so much for joining us from new delhi we appreciate that. the u.s. is apparently considering plans to send thousands of troops to the middle east to guard against what it says are potential threats from iran and u.s. news agencies are reporting tunnel trumps national security team will be briefed on thursday earlier the acting defense secretary downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf the pentagon has deployed extra warships and fighter jets to the region over the past few weeks mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . various media outlets quote identified pentagon officials as saying that national security advisers will be briefed in the cause of thursday one of the
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suggestions to be put on the table is the deployment of some $5000.00 troops the to the middle. region this to support those forces already deployed in that particular area now it should be noted that the acting secretary of defense as well as the secretary of state briefed congress behind closed doors in the course of recent days they made very clear it would appear that the u.s. is not intent on any military action it is placing of stressed in what is regarded as a policy of the terrapins we saw that with the accelerated deployment of an aircraft strike 3 pts which was saved into the region weeks before it was due to be deployed the acting secretary of defense telling reporters that this policy of the term and has actually helped deflate or contain the ongoing crisis with iran so certainly at the troops in the region would inflame tensions even greater the
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reports though not confirmed by the pentagon the pentagon say that they will not comment on any troop deployment at any time basically refusing to comment voters across the e.u. will elect members of the european parliament in the coming days between now and the 26th of may people from 28 nations will choose any pace to represent them at the u.k. and the netherlands are the 1st countries to vote britain is taking part in the poll having failed to agree on a deal to leave the e.u. and britain's prime minister theresa may is resisting calls to resign after her latest cracks it plan backfired may's new pitch failed whenever both the opposition and many in her own party one of her senior cabinet ministers the leader of the house of commons andrea led some resigned after saying she doesn't believe the new proposals can deliver bracks it the revised plan included a possible vote on whether to hold a 2nd or exit referendum. if we are going to deliver brick city in this parliament we are going to have to pass a withdrawal agreement and we will not do so without holding folks on the issues
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that have divided us the most that includes votes on customs arrangements and on a 2nd referendum we can pretend otherwise and carry on arguing and getting nowhere but in the end our job in this house is to take decisions not to duck them so i will push those decisions to this house because that is my duty and because it is the only way that we can deliver bricks it. so latest on land and so warrants how long it may have. just of given up guessing but it's not very long richelle is the short answer i mean the knives are out for everywhere i looked at all the newspapers here are like this this ready this is this is not me support this right wing paper teary eyed surrealism a room you know looks a bit like margaret thatcher when when she had to go there.


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