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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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well past and i have just you faster than all of us in the one you understand tennessee can do if you will muscle size also one of us invited. and that's really not easy i mean come on i would be well and i know you can focus on one thing that was in the. forty's or i was with you but now look i will say this enough in other churches outside i will not deny you what we don't like yes well i'm. not offered. away from analysts even what you are that. way. but it doesn't send us and i could just reach a book. on . the pill by 6 of the about me about my little bomb let's go back * to the
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columbine. mommy but. since i wasn't. going to say. it's not used in time it should be the full story for ya.
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i'm a family i have all the money. prenup me whatever i was that i had was my department so so not anybody would have got to come out o. america for that get out of. there quickly learned that the dutch are but i know what sounds good to have done to me what's that about but nancy i'm not probably not even a bad. mom i don't know. what i think you don't want to look good i want you no no i did almost no right to give up without knowing that what i was up to what you did before i let it come on outside of what was up i want to have my doubts about that club inside of them that you. thought meant that no but i think about that so i know you are not do you know where you got the record if i want to know if you know where and that i know god
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brings out if you're not a good life without god serving your god no not god for you but if i didn't think about so i don't. know if you've been sitting there it's not the food in your business no dumbly fame. fortune really. minimal smog it's come us to see. it in your community it's not i do. according to him in those display. this couple would need medical attention. these. who. are rather bored. yes rise out of what you know
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i shall. rise out of what is right and. you can work toward. the muslim you need to muscle in on the scene for semen was increased and nobody. i am proof for now so go to google groups you. know when you are i don't anymore and so to you i put up a good go on longer than i ever would you prefer on most of this is worth the time . so. it's just you know that's the greatest fear is. this new disease and while for under law if you're 14 with you can feel as if it's again we're not getting knowledge what's the disease so does not mean fear. because of because 81 really good people have been taught c.d.p.
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we will call horny for you because of the can't go and he would be 500000 you. big money but that's the. last book. is about let me see only a dollar. only at all up our week now small money down before you like it possible city for the interstates into you because infected i'd interviewed i am when you need it will you please see life it's not going away before bless me. oh i know within me if you can if i make me pick in north seattle good. it wouldn't
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cystitis it would know and i'm already fully to know it. they don't know most of me call you do we don't die when i'm your close friend in bindi secure also. a lovely sieving a good idea save me save before warm. this was not the local to duty. force the phone had a quad submissive and it would have only 10 days. and it would in fact safe and i believe see. anybody. i met got in gandhi mindedly gandhi. if you sat a while got passed by the world live. if well then you had god's will it's all you have. emo bomb out on loan and probably
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a bit on what that's a. big 10 am on duty. odds thoughtfully and pulling it difficult. to get a piece of the item to. do i get more thank you off my mean i'm not a back up if you don't know what i'm not sure. i do go along people to create a law school class can go from day we're going to get to monday without a good boy on a short and you've got to from all the send you meet. with the only person who doing that you can even be i would like you to murder me american money your parents and even in way make shoes but you shouldn't choose a commuter now more. that's not a car while mowing we don't want to pause to. revert to high
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school so when i was so worried. for the group today he has all that for the record go on games thought oh god this or that authority what if he wanted to. leave but on a game he was ok difficult. we do appreciate the good sums of living in the senate and listening but this was not to be such a morning i have exposed how fragile health for to a baby given up in long before the outbreak that we had this country had just one or 2 doctors. the people. going around to thank you know 3 their confidence as you continue this in the us. going to join the only thing that you know not what you want to. c do. this.
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is the only route you are going to how out of the north to do what you and. begin. to. do you. are going to work if you like to. go to. get. to. know. a lot yeah. yeah yeah thank you thank you ily. ily ily. ily for ground us. time and
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ye. ye going to the devil back to. the old. book was. ok i was a little off just on my website because of the old. 4 sided box . because i knew this i. know that it was a missile by that. emotion that was. keeping them up for the time down there on the west. bed no one else will tell her it was a. book or a fun site i thought i was going up with. this. you.
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have to. look i. think you. know you. look at it. from the new you. make my living. with. the only thing good.
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because you believe you can get it if you believe me. should it be started out that he got that he got this to use to move it up to get it off or should not move on that it was in the 1st clue that. this what he. said it's a little bit well you know full force an ox type of responsibility i see each week most of that not i know i like you did most of you know that something bad is going on just a bit longer to get to believe it's probably not just luck to you in the beliefs it you know told us are going to get much now we've got one tough luck on what you know to get us.
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or that. no one. could make a. bad. thing you know at. least in the woods and the soon to. be new kiss movie gets me because. we don't look for malacca to become it's just. a show can we get confused me to mix up the order saying. because everybody be worried look for me possibly not because honestly. most people on that whole thing's going to try to go down.
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because the last confided bid me go up to c.j. so i hope see i will mix on sitting on the chair. you. know from. now on talking america on the phone. i'll back off.
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i've got a call. under for you. so i'll. be in depreciates by did. it evolve me. being a. local .
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i mean you say goodnight impossibilities. so i believe you for me. we are. in believe open you have. org. let me take her. place on the.
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west the rain. and thousands come. to relieve the strongest fostex start a new skill for the. nation comes together to. raise. stadiums would have dropped like incredible located. to cover the $1.00 to $7.00 us destination defeat the women's world cup 2019 a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman part but she would say look to be goods and when the boy is changing demographics across asia with far reaching
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consequences you're creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level are bigot being given money money to agree to star as a ship our money to get other people to be the sterilization how does their examines the politics of population control. the top stories here on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has called india's. actually his election victory from an estimate he's expected to speak soon at his party's headquarters and early figures suggest he's on calls for a landslide victory the world's biggest home well the main opposition candidate has
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just spoken at his congress party headquarters he's leading in just 50 seats he congratulated his rival modi on a well for race so. to the election commission and these are still early stages they are trends that the moment that the election commission is keeping the indian public abreast of data suggesting that the b j p on their own not in the lead in 292 constituencies that if they win all of those 292 constituencies they've won 10 more seats than they did in 2014 and they themselves can then form an absolute majority because 272 is the magic number that any one party needs to an absolute majority not want to be j.p. one of voting is getting under way in the european union to elect members of the european parliament speech we now and sunday people from 28 nations will choose any piece to represent them the u.k. and the netherlands of the 1st countries to. britain's prime minister tories in may is resisting calls to resign over her latest breaks it major new pitch failed to
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win over both the opposition that many in her own party want to see me a cabinet ministers the leader of the house of commons under let some has resigned made a plan include a provision for a possible 2nd referendum. security in indonesia's capital is still tight after election result spot violent protests 6 people were killed in riots and 200 injured on tuesday protesters are angry that the president a joke or dodo was declared the winner of last month's election the election commission says the poll was free and fair opposition candidate provides. is expected to challenge the results in court. a country that's home to nearly a 3rd of africa's elephants has decided to lift the ban on hunting botswana's government says numbers have increased so much in recent years that threatening the livelihoods of small scale farmers that's a view rejected by conservationists. headlines here on got more news coming
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right up after this.
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mean. this morning i am declaring an outbreak of ebola virus disease a public outing emergency of international concern countries affected today simply do not have the capacity to manage an outbreak of this size and complexity on their own. the but. it resists the closure of the more you post the you can't get into the hold your body right wooldridge the p.p.p. we do. when it's came. to
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restock the cards because it's our thoughts of the very fabric. the foundation of our foundation of what makes us africans and that is our ability to associate with each of our ability to come to contact with one another. in physical contacts is very big important it's virtually impossible for me to meet someone in the street without harbin hunchy or. you know or some form of body contact so with the advent of. it's like. everything that makes me why. i took. the.
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letter. are told me. 2003 of. the interview they're going to have to i'm going to try it i love you actually with. regard to the well maybe it's a little. bit there why they now be. so far north after what i remember big for that in the. evening but. if the. valley was already getting mount when it would last and my thought was you know. it's awfully nice. up witnesses not going with.
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you or. she cannot be admitted to hospital even though the doctor said that she really needs is to see a section. these are all problems if you will because normally i could have taken how to get between us she would have been admitted and. all of these things. so kind of stuff. so i think it's in this. well let me give you. this yes. but the level of. something that. goes well. this will not you know justin is not young is about i don't
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know if i did find a fan of it was not high 5 on the day i don't as a bad ass what can i said before the i don't know if that's all i don't know is if you don't on the whole subject i didn't i mean life is i mean a person with the funny to somebody people don't do what and when to have of told me my me to do or say for them for a man i don't i'll die i don't i can die for that is the sense underground so 2 it doesn't matter if i make a point of what i know we welcome it it's on my own i don't well what it is and i am misled i discover me and i know one guy now i don't suffer for money i don't want that now i know one day i want you 1st see what's in a come. oh . all right what i did i don't.
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know you know i. don't know. what we. got done. yet. you know. i don't. want. to do.
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it. you may. still. come. with. me. but if you want. to. just turn your back yard. or you get sick you can't pin them
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up on what you know before. revolution because you're. not going to challenge the only thing you. will. fight. the.
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abominable i. get. this are good. people money got going to do what you need obama. gave us some give up iraq look. good let's try to get back in. but i may become the only quote out in baghdad so it's not. not in the pond they could. see it was really in it and then the pontiff but that's all nonsense when. i put on let's. look
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at it in need of a meaning to g.-d. for they're not going to. go to you about this life i seem to be your body if you're still too hot it wouldn't be equal to that. list today we don't let it come to midnight and it was time to take up on that that is going to be and bring doesn't lie here i don't have a family and then we should treat each she's leaving me. so these days especially for me now to money are very very important things for me
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because. they don't all get into saturday that's tomorrow if she did not get back my tomorrow she won't be going through syncing on section. one for me i just believe on transco dots and then. nothing goes wrong with about another baby. to go to glory. this is only. that's written this ruefully and. in jesus name it we're. the kind of scene where the press is a world. the lights whenever you go to light or was shut up when you're going to walk in darkness why is goodness a message showed up on you in about a father who was on the list in jesus' name.
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by the hiss of both my wife. and my son home safe. and i safaga am happy that you be happy because. i have seen my song a nice healthy. i am really into people across the country i think. people in the arab spring began to hear it west africa's q 1200 will. reach out to some smallest of. the stars for 3 days don't try to do this an extra push to. the church will be taken to this counterproductive to having by some
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charities a similar campaign liberia's capital last year of just writing to die. alone or you know any good i don't want to be part. of the minutes and are going to have a dozen to do you both are going to knock the shit what i wanted someone to even put up a little get him a bit i know full well that. makes it ok for whatever this stuff yet somehow. let's not even. let. me know anyway i don't think there's a lot of a genuine and i've done a lot of late night that i know i didn't. have and i don't get is the sound i was made aware that i'm gonna get really down as well most of the above and i know many did so maybe it was time to walk out of the no no no no no no no no no more than going to survive. you know you need to know i mean i still get to be with him
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because. if you want you can ask me if you know i actually want to see norm you know will be. he just might need to. unite you young gents might i'm less able you have the previous night looking up your high few c.d.'s are what's on his biggest nothing it's not ok i've got about how to get your work to do so we didn't get to go the don't be stupid to all sides. not if you want to get up to standard time to come thank you for me that's what i don't get for not sucking something. we know say when they don't get to accidents you know they don't get to accidents but i possibly can son we're not interested in 2 accidents one to suck in one but at this particular point in time because you feel for the people you work for making people lives that sacrifices now do you want an awful time and until we meet we haven't got to do just that you begin. to look at spider-man not a superman look up to make you know he was that if we are one of the sacrifices
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that will be just me and this one i want you will will some of couple of us are going to be pleased i just don't see you going to discuss books and become nobody suspects of all was learned about how the. knots out and got some you know we do thank you very much like you very much above the wonders of the words it was your mind's eye for the 100 will be different and i was running away everything i know you've got nothing to do with it whatever tonight. come here to tell us you know finally coming home i mean if you're gonna be good with the guy. at the end. feeling.
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anything. 2 2 you. know how. are. you. going to get in the night i'm going to. be very. did you. know your was. out if you. think you feel. it's. just i don't feel it so not thank you for tonight make. me smile what i will be it will be c.
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because this. and it will survive. it is no. more does not we know each of us the journey of a one year 6 months it was so but for me we have. and this i know more acidic i do and i make efforts and if we do see the union we all make efforts when i make a fault. or sunny banyan it hurts so i told all to keep even told him we live and come. now discounts you for this i want to feel sick and weak said i think i am . your voice very special that he's a fighter in their home and you cannot imagine how happy. you are going.
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to say such if you g.t. . one and only decide to see. this it impugns this piece live here only want to know it's a. from reading the a tete a tete a tete from a nice with. and so so bloody good at the boat we've received me from this plane it's a dirty job for the efforts back when i moved from yeah you can i do on a motorcycle name he greets me this you know if you need to call 922 in the senate now college yes. it's fine and we see where c.d.c. came in we said huge no but in a minute if he did. it because the both he said as it doesn't to be needed
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a new case if he does something you must know it it's all can i say something in it the same question please him and if. he says i think it was just a. little bit on the top of the bottle. has one more said it will add almost comes on and so then decided for once i think today and when i will stand in a new thing the quality of my performance is going to get worse yes i go this by the end of this morn i will start to look back and i can and. i go especially if i if i don't think. of my.
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fellow civil unions. we declared a state of emergency. because the very existence of this country was at stake. i have commenced discussions with the leadership of my limits in the state of emergency. the ebola outbreak has ended in sierra leone but we must remain vigilant and we must remain alert. a total of it $1704.00 see the unions were infected during the outbreak. and we lost 3589 of our brothers and sisters. more theirs and further as our sons and daughters. rest in perfect
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peace. got their money to come we've got a good morning tom i'm wishing them off my meat and yeah when you going to name me tell my back to me i will. soon got according i've going on. between. the people who are all discharged give believe. it's so warm an elder. now. know it's. only thing i'll pull it off we know he's in europe with a lot of the got mail because you know up here in brazil and your whole that what are you like about them and you will have everything anybody knew when you read the book in the old.
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if you government didn't know you wanted me one going on. my plan for make it. would be. me and if i'm in the will come on i guarantee it. may be bigger than me wes. because orderlies the number i just gave up is it's.
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just 100 listeners how does one know if you gloom gets or would say i don't do it belong to me. because. i believes it will not be going to do this once in this or 5. well it will i don't know on. this press. this one now. ringback and then we'll get to this this. was. the was the main lead or lose the will and that was. wouldn't there. i mean. there's about been most of them they lost their life you you saw.
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signs that this is a strong country. this is what makes us unique we survived. 10 to 12 years on one of the most brutal war in africa. survived it and also by the board. to see. things happen and to see you continue to talk talk talk talk making a change for me the goods assuming of course is the make a change in the life of somebody. we are so in the lights on the mission. to sierra leone and to the work. because that is why we're here. to to give meaning to life.
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a career reporting to the won't do is it here one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest please use to it when you need it is history. to children like a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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the wet and spun sets by cast time alan. kohler get a welcome back to international weather forecasts were here in the united states over the last 72 hours we have seen 94 tornadoes touching down here across the central plains and the midwest but i want to show you what is happening right now as i put the satellite into motion right here you know to see clouds really develop and in this area we saw one wedge tornado make it suit jefferson city and right now we're experiencing catastrophic damage across that area will keep you informed as those storms make their way through but unfortunately thursday is going to be a very severe weather day here along the spine abounded right there as we go towards friday we're going to see more active weather pushing out towards the northeast as well as another line of thunderstorms to those back here across much of the south we're also looking at temperatures here across the southeast breaking records anywhere into the low thirty's to maybe the mid thirty's and many locations
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across this region well over the next few days we're also looking at some very heavy rain here across parts of costa rica as well as into parts of nicaragua tickled the clouds right there we do think that we could be seeing some accumulations particularly 72 hours of the next few days across this region anywhere between $2300.00 millimeters of rain and that is going to lead to flash flooding. the weather is sponsored by cattle and. this is al jazeera. this is it live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. the votes are being counted in india's prime minister narendra modi appears to be
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heading for a landslide victory. in the steps up security in the capital after violent protests against the results of last month's presidential elections. botswana a hunting ban on elephants despite the animal being endangered elsewhere. in sports football's world governing body shelves plans to expand the 2020 world cup to $48.00 teams to catapult form and it will instead be a $32.00 country event as originally planned. so then we begin with the biggest election on earth and indian prime minister narendra modi appears to be on course for a landslide victory early figures suggest his governing b j p party has a big lead modi has commented for the 1st time since the vote counting began and he's promising to build a strong and inclusive india so rahman has more now from new delhi.
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the count is not even over but other b.j. police headquarters the celebrations have begun. supporters are confident of victory could this be a 2nd consecutive b j p government in the making the votes of hundreds of millions of indians are being collated and candidates and their agents are focusing on the district centers and each constituency. election commission says the turnout was the long. just in india election history more than 600000000 people voted out of 900000000 there were eligible to take part in the 6 week election the issues are very clear for some. people have voted for nationalism for the good of the country and for development work done by multi multi. people that. this election has been one of the most divisive in modern india history i think the security. imagination was fixed.
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and then you start feeding them constantly. so it seems that in the post independence india the 1st time for the 1st time security issue has become such a big issue. india has 29 states and 7 union territories and is the world's largest democracy there are over 8000 candidates all fighting for 543 seats in the lok sabha the incumbent prime minister narendra modi and his b j p party won the last election with a landslide victory and the 1st majority led government since 1904 repeating that in 2019 might be difficult but early exit polls suggest modi is heading to victory once again we're going to hear live from just a couple seconds but a short time ago we heard from the main opposition challenger that and he congratulated me on the results so far. during the campaign i said the people will decide who will rule the country and they have made a decision firstly let me congratulate prime minister murty i must also thank my
9:52 pm
party workers for putting up a tough fight our battle is over ideology and vision and the people seem to have chosen to be j.p. . so correspondent in the capital new delhi. yes thanks very much nic care they were the winds of change in 2014 and it's blowing a gale here in 2819 as the new wave of an election victory seems just within touching distance of 400 modi and the b j p and it wasn't just roll dandy he was congratulating the prime minister in what was more or less a concession speech they were not actually concede yet until the election commission had those final results. confirmed but the prime minister of pakistan also tweeting by congratulating the prime minister on his 2nd victory and hoping that both pakistan and india can move forward to try and talk to each other in
9:53 pm
peace and prosperity will see what happens there but joining me now is the dash no doubt then he is a political analyst and a member of the r.s.s. . affiliated body parent body of the b j p it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera thank you for joining us on this very blustery election counting day the prime minister yes can celebrate for a short period of time and then yet again yes to roll up his sleeves and start work again what are the b j p's main priorities and when they are declared the winners of this general election see the b.g.p. has already declared its intention through its many 1st or. many 1st are talks about economy. the water management which is very important because it's becoming an issue. and poverty alleviation and development is really ginned up right now and obviously it is i'm from this sub continent not only india but from the
9:54 pm
subcontinent and therefore if you look at his eye you don't really know where he demonstrative during the strike on the court is for all to see and saw. in those very few indeed he had that platform of course that nationalist platform that. it happened in late fall into the election campaign as such but at the end of the day there were issues such as demagnetize they should wish didn't work and hurt the agrarian economy there are farmers out there in india who are still hurting 2 years on we've also seen g.s.t. roughly and badly implemented in some cases that's hurting small and medium sized businesses we're in bar and i see i spoke to a small business entrepreneur who's having all fairly bad problems trying to sell his products because they've now become just too expensive for the indian market or what's going to do that it's going to look at the texas to see that beyond so you one by 11 about the monetization and 2nd of all g.s.t. . demonic isolation was
9:55 pm
a very difficult step for this bombing to take but there were issues prime minister had raised it off for 3 years saying that if i had you know the exact position of the tragedy then there would have been you want to make your side india there was no money in that tragedy there was a lot of black money circulating around the banking system was almost on the verge of collapse by this act of the morning papers and he was able to bring back money into the banking system one secondly there was a lot of illegal how all the transactions over the good that were going on through the. shell companies large of about more than 200000 companies have been destroyed and been doing nothing except you know going about our business and thirdly you know the banking system became quite strong and let me assure everybody that. everything that has come into the bank is not quite money then come tax department has issued thousands of notices they have penalty they're taking taxes from them so this might sound that it has not been
9:56 pm
a success but some long term effect on the economy economy is rebounding now as you have noticed it's going to 7.4 percent growth on g.d.p. so the base has been laid down in the last 5 years so what is used to use concern g.s.t. was it was something new to india is. could not have been done at one go so therefore it ended we did you do years do you all those dates where the opposition parties are also there the unanimous get passed it is addition and then the taxes imposed those various laps. before that action is in the future it takes 3 years for g.s.t. is about 3 years and today the world is it will be shooting that d.s.t. system which is what happens i was threatened again thanks so much for your time on this very blustery thursday evening here in new delhi of course the night really is still young the counting continues the b j p at the moment to confirm took one at least 22 seats they are in the lead in over $280.00 constituencies according to the
9:57 pm
election commission as the evening progressed as more and more seats will be declared and we expect a statement from the election commission maybe later on this evening or in the early hours of the morning back to you are so i thank you very much indeed that's a picture from you danny porter. well voting is getting underway to win the european union electing members of the european parliament between now and sunday people from 28 nations will choose any piece to represent the u.k. and the netherlands are the 1st countries to vote while britain's prime minister to resign may is resisting calls to resign after the latest brics plan backfired may's new pitch failed to win over both the opposition and many in her own party one of her senior cabinet ministers us the leader of the house of commons andrew led some well she resigned after saying that she doesn't believe the new proposals can deliver the revised plan including provision for possible 2nd breaks it referendum let's bring in lawrence. following all the developments busy from london and so
9:58 pm
lawrence how long can we say tourism a has got left. well i don't think it can be very long in some senses it's a bit of a pointless argument that's going on in political and journalistic circles here because she's already said that she's going to step down it's just that when she brought the idea of the bill the you just mentioned and presented it's when p.s. there was such a furious reaction from her own side that it contain provision for a potential seconds referendum that they just said go which is just get out the way and go now because it's a travesty and you can't do it and they got themselves in a position where they were trying to get to they go last night the night before the european elections i mean is that was that bad and she refused to meet anybody just locked herself in downing street she's still there now and is apparently is is still digging your heels in she's said to be rewriting the withdrawal agreement
9:59 pm
bill. but the crucial thing is that the head of all the back benches that the rank and file can serve and these who want to go as soon as possible is meeting her to morrow morning and she knows that he's going to say they've she doesn't set out a timetable for when she's going to go they go to try to rewrite their own rules to have another vote of no confidence in her so it's sort of all over anyway it's just like watching as an insider and downing street apparently said this morning it's like watching the slow motion car crash when all the air bags don't work in the car it's got so that sort of level of stupidity. so you know it is over for her and they're just getting ready at some point in the next few weeks for leadership contrasts the contest which will take the u.k. through to the summer and it will be a new a new prime minister and you can set about leader prime minister presumably with a much more hardline vision of the u.k. leaving the european union right so how is all this going down in the european.
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well claude younker the head of the european commission who's who's going later this year was was quoted this morning as saying that he thought he assumed that the u.k. would have to have another extension after the current one end zone october 31st he may well think that there are lots of other people in the european union particular the french they were so sick of all this that they they actually want the u.k. out even if it ends up being the dealers' as i was saying earlier on you do have to ask yourself i mean given that when theresa may go as well as her david cameron the last concert of prime minister john major who lost his job as prime minister over the over rouse of the maastricht treaty inside his own party and margaret thatcher as long ago as a 980 s. that's the last 4 conservative prime ministers who have to resign over their difficulties with the european union and across parliament they don't know what to do and i just think they're oh you know a number of european countries who just think what's the point.


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