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less than what botswana is trying to achieve by lifting the ban the 1st thing is to remember the heart is one of the wealthiest countries in sub-saharan africa with an g.d.p. of over $800000.00 u.s. dollars a year it does have around $200.00 pounds but it's a down by 14 percent since 2006 and the. start of the parts a lot of governments own position here is that trophy hunting will increase numbers this is in their own state and publish yes they try to think how much he will increase but most and non trophy hunting will also increase numbers so it doesn't appear to be about money it doesn't appear to be about reducing numbers because everyone who knows anything about trophy hunting knows that that's not a population control measure so my question is what is it about outer stands that the presence of what's one other taught to miss easy once there to be a so it's a sovereignty issue he's been very democratic he's reached out to the communities
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to n.g.o.s to experts in the country and has come to this decision but i think you have to recognise that while he is entirely in cyprus to manage what's one as helping population in the way that he sees fit countries that import tariff these are also entitled to say no they will not allow the import of elephant trophies into their countries such as the united kingdom i met with michael gove's the environment secretary only a few days ago pressed him to ban the imports of elephant trade he's not just from botswana but from all other countries not possibly doing the same with you know the european union but other prices. the un general assembly has demanded that britain give up control of the chamber silence within 6 months militia says it was forced to give up the territory in the indian ocean in exchange for independence as our diplomatic editor james bays explains the un decision is a setback for britain and the united states. a humiliating defeat for the u.k.
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and its ally the us in the un general assembly countries voting overwhelmingly 160 nations in favor of the people who still live on a small group of islands called the shah goss just 4 countries voted on the side of the u.k. and the u.s. back in the 1960 s. britain did a secret deal with the united states to build this military base on the largest of the shagger silence diego garcia the islanders were forced to leave their homes more than 50 years on earlier this year the international court of justice ruled the u.k.'s actions at the time were illegal in 1968 when richest gained its independence from britain the share goss was split off from the rest of the country so that the airbase could be built one would have hoped that any country found to be engaged in an unwilling wrongful act by the highest court of the word would
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hasten to make amends why will you not listen to the international court of justice to the un general assembly and give these islands back to the people they belong to . the islands around british suffering i want to make that point very clear that's point 1.2 this is a bi national such event outline the british government's detailed legal position so i followed up with another questions the principle don't the show because people though have the right on their side the united kingdom sincerely regret the manner in which the. we moved from nation territory in the 1960 s. and seventy's the. protest they say they just want to return to oh we left. we while. we were.
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there was no support mechanism the british did not look to us for the people of the shadows the best hope now. that is post the bright british politics the current u.k. opposition leader jeremy colvin says if he's prime minister he will abide by the international consensus and hand back to its people. at the united nations. this man's hopes of expanding the twenty's when it's. come to an end.
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thank. you.
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but again now kind of is spending more than a $1000000.00 to bring dozens of containers of rotting rubbish back from the philippines the philippine government says it was shipped illegally in 2013 in 2014 mislabeled as plastics meant for recycling smell and has more now from manila. between the period of 20132014 at least 48 container vents containing toxic waste were shipped from canada to the philippines it was discovered by the bureau of customs and has requested that the canadian government take that those shipments back to panda where they actually belong not much has been done since then the spy cases having been filed against the companies involved both here and in canada in 2015 canadian prime minister just introduced says it
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wasn't legally possible for canada to take that trash back and a few weeks ago president of the beleaguered the terry to ordered and gave a deadline basically to both sides to find a resolution that deadline was in may he threatened to go to war with canada if this was not going to be handled properly and that may deadline was in fact missed last week the foreign affairs in manila ordered members of the philippine embassy in canada through return to manila and yesterday according to the spokesperson the president of the go there to the president remains visibly upset about what happened and said that the philippine government will now shoulder the cost of returning these toxic waste back to where it came from now according to the canadian government just recently they have announced that they have found a resolution they are going to sign with a local canadian company and all of these stocks equates will be eventually be
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shipped back to canada by end of june this is been quite an irritant for both sides and with the new commitment of the canadian government to resolve this issue they hope that this tension between the 2 countries will be resolved soon as well. or let's get started the sport has added thank you so much nicole football's world governing body fever has shelved plans to expand the 2022 world cup in qatar to 48 teams that will instead be a $32.00 country event as originally planned as always preparing 8 stadiums for the middle east's 1st world cup the 2nd of which held its inaugural game last week 3 for president join francine know how to be looking at the possibility of staging games in neighboring countries both saudi arabia the united arab emirates and bahrain sending a blockade of cats are and quite an arm and lacking infrastructure the idea has been abandoned by underwater sure writes for inside world football he says this is a big setback for the thief of presidents. this is
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a significant blow for for johnny continue who was very keen to pull this off not least because it would have generated somewhere in the region of 302400 1000000 extra dollars but you know as soon as it was mooted a couple of years ago in juneau took it up and ran with it it became virtually a sort of pet project but as soon as the findings of this be for feasibility study came out it was always going to be a tall order it's true because our neighbors. have imposed this block in this ongoing blockade which made it very difficult if not impossible to share the tournament with then you had to be shared it was going to be expanded but they obviously couldn't do it nor could own man who recently said it simply didn't have the facilities so that kind of world out any hopes of co-hosting a part perhaps one with ok wait also you had the situation adding 16 more teams
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would have meant potentially playing 6 matches date in order to squeeze it squeeze the tournament into the 28 days that have been a allocated and then of course you have the situation that guitar because of its very size and its infrastructure simply couldn't host $48.00 teams on its own so it was i think it was you know extremely tricky to say the least from the start or africa could have had up to 4 extra tains at an enlarged tournament's going in football writes a carry out smith says the fifa presidents will now face and tough questions from the continent. african countries have historically honestly not done well at a world cup. given them and it's been this has been used to us if i should put it that way for a long time it makes it even more difficult for african countries to progress to the latter stages of the competition and it's a massive massive disappointment this was one of the promises he made to the different configurations and it appeared that he delivered it and now that it's not
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i think misstatements you know we have to look for that courage to be able to give to the considerations a sweetness to be able to get votes for him next. now berlin's so-called rebel football same f.c. union are on the verge of promotion to the german bunds league it for the very 1st time that same reliance on fund support rather than high finance place the 1st like or play for stood guard later on this thursday dominic came reports as they go through the training routine the players of you'll have got one thing on their minds the chance to play in germany's blunders league next season but to get that they must 1st beat. out a team with a bigger budget that's used to life in the big league something. is definitely not . when you have a new challenge you have to adapt to it there is a difference in quality between our league and the bundesliga but i can tell you we
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all want to get their club officials hope these might be among their biggest assets fans considered among the most fervent and most loyal in germany who support during the years of communist domination during the cold war was a focal point for those who opposed totalitarianism evolve going marty's played in goals during the seventy's and eighty's he told me what it was like back then. it must be a shoo in it was great for us on a personal level but it was also hard because we had so many obstacles placed in our way we were the small team that no one wanted to look at and who they wanted to get rid of but in the end we are still here. teams from the old east germany have struggled to succeed since reunification indeed 15 years ago. finances were so poor that fans donated blood to raise funds to keep the club afloat. one of germany's leading football writers told me how significant efforts winning
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promotion would be not just for the club but also the blunders league it's the most interesting of the special. the only club which is which is still successful from the eastern part and so and on the other hand it's it's it has very interesting supporters they built the stadium by the supporters are together with the supporters for generations the stands have been packed with fans all loyal to their club through thick and thin with the hope they might one day see their team play in the big league we'll find out if that wish will come true on monday night dominic kane al-jazeera berlin and i was a boxing czar a governing body said to be stripped of the rights to organize the events of the 2020 olympics finances in governance have been under investigation for 6 months boxing will still go out in tokyo the i.c. have set up a task force to oversee qualifying. has high school something fanatic about it
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thanks very much we will see you a little bit later on now and the strike in state of queensland have launched the 1st of a on the water right sharing service for about $2000.00 and a school but will take you around the great barrier reef the submarine can take on 2 passages and goes up to 30 meters deep but is it for this news hour me back a couple minutes with more of the day's dudes. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason and people that are involved in the h one n one push isn't getting much if they can't thank you now they w h o it's just chest who says w h o trust that you trust who
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on al-jazeera. she's the head of 4 generations of family and the bearer of 40 years of suffering fools a heart or a hinge a refugee in her ninety's has fled persecution in me and more 3 separate times in her life 1st in 1970 then 1991 and finally in 2017. they beat as they kidnapped us they detained as. gould and her family spanned almost a century in age bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee kenya in many ways what's happened to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other rohinton who face decades of repression and abuse the ranger aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're all. so among the world's most persecuted minorities people have to weigh your record on this trial in fact
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a few years ago there was a place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story isn't there and i'm good we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were going to visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's lots of grains in here join me from my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here when i'll just era. it is prime minister narendra modi appears to be heading for a landslide victory his vote counting in the biggest election on a continuous. ironic
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like this is the line from. u.s. border officials evacuated child to tension center after a flu outbreak kills a 16 year old guatemalan migrant a 6th child to die in the custody of border guards since september. the u.k. suffers a crushing defeat in a u.n. vote so i. want to lift the hunting ban on elephants despite the animal being in danger elsewhere. all right so you begin with the biggest election on earth and indian prime minister narendra modi appears to be on course for a landslide victory. so you can look at the scenes at the headquarters. party he's about to address his supporters. suggest that the party has a big. one has more from you. the count is not even over but other headquarters the celebrations have begun.
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supporters are confident of victory could this be a 2nd consecutive government in the making the votes of hundreds of millions of indians are being collated and candidates and their agents are focusing on the district centers in each constituency. the election commission says the turnout was the largest in indian election history more than 600000000 people voted out of 900000000 that were eligible to take part in the 6 week election the issues are very clear for some. people have voted for nationalism for the good of the country and for development work done by multi multi task. people that. this election has been one of the most divisive in modern indian history i think. that imagination was fixed. and then you start feeding them. so it seems that in the post
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independence india the 1st time for the 1st time security issue has become such a big issue. india has 29 states and 7 union territories and is the world's largest democracy there are over 8000 candidates all fighting for 543 seats in the lok sabha the incumbent prime minister narendra modi and his b j p party won the last election with a landslide victory on the 1st majority led government since 1904 repeating not in 2019 might be difficult but early exit polls suggest modi is heading to victory once again or this is short time ago we have. from the main opposition challenger those rahul gandhi he congratulated her and modi the result so far many campaign make during the campaign i said the people will decide who will rule the country and they have made a decision so firstly let me congratulate prime minister modi i must also thank my
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party workers who are putting up a tough fight our battle is of ideology and vision and the people seem to have chosen to be j.p. and speak now to our correspondent joins us now from the capital new delhi and so it looks like a resoundingly mandate how much was surprising. but it is a huge surprise everybody we talked to today you know from policemen to passers by to those are just coming to be around the location where we were earlier in the day near parliament were surprised that the level of victory the march of the victory that it seems is so nominal i mean and the fact that rathole gandy has spoken as well when i was here for 24 to an election and he did not speak when the congress conceded defeat now what he said there was as near to a concession speech as we're going to get in the next year as he did actually say nick is well i just want to go he said i've kept
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a line with whatever insults i faced i would always treat others with respect to day is not a day to go into details today is the day for the new government and i want to. say to congress workers not to be afraid of the future i mean the speech went on for quite some time and so he's still trying to rally his supporters whereas modi for example obviously is incredibly pleased with the results so far as you can see from those pictures as he walked in with the president of the b j p officially the b j p one around about 49 seats according to the election commission they are in the lead in certain constituencies in 250 seats i say these are still a state try. ns but we assume that these are pictures trends we will get those confirmed results from the election commission what's a counted verified notarized and hunted the wedding certificate to the new member of parliament to those respective constituencies that b j p campaign clearly then
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has paid off what issues they have been forgotten. well while you saw in that report you know the issue of the nationalism of beating the drum about who we are as indians and also ready the defense of the realm against its enemies many pakistanis certainly has hit a chord with indians now of course the opposition has been quite critical of the b j p government using that line saying that it was. using the people using the line using the nationalistic bombastic tone to drum up support when they should actually be talking about the issues they never talked about unemployment unemployment figures were the highest since 2016 those figures were released on the 2nd of may to the consternation of the opposition because they wanted them released before the election campaign to begin so they could be debated to debate on g.s.t.
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the new implementation of tax nick and the de monetise ation if you remember in 26 in 2016 when they took the big 500 or 1000 rupee notes out of circulation was a huge disaster for the agricultural sector farmers to still suffering from that because they work on a cash crop they work on a cash salary they don't have plastic credit cards they don't have a bank near them and these issues are playing out the congress the opposition parties played to those fears those worries those concerns answered the questions of those communities the beaches he didn't to all intents and purposes they managed to sell a campaign on an individual on modi the image modi the fact most of the international statesman it will now be a case that mr modi has to deal with high unemployment rates infrastructure projects which have been delayed or broken down he will have to deal with the health and education crisis that does roam free across this country and certainly
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he will have to address angry farmers across the country because out those farmers they carve a seed indians here. it is just very country yet of course you don't want to sort of just for example charles getting the basics so that people actually do the hard work in the fields it's practically nonexistent so all right we'll leave it there thanks a lot reporting from new delhi. oh voting is going on a way to in the european union electing members of the european parliament's between now and sunday people from 28 nations will choose i mean pays to represent the u.k. and the netherlands are the 1st countries to vote and all the while britain's prime minister to resign may is resisting calls to resign after her latest breaks it plan backfired may's new pitch failed to win over both the opposition and many in her own party one of her seen in a cabinet ministers the leader of the house of commons who is under that some she resigned after saying she doesn't believe the new proposals can deliver break that
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revised plan include included provision for a possible 2nd bricks it referendum let's bring in lawrence and he has got the latest from london and lawrence given that everybody is saying that series of may is done that she is finished why she's still there. apart from her. she's she's she's still clinging on and you know she apparently this afternoon as she's trying to rewrite the withdrawal agreement bill again presumably taking out the most controversial bit about a contingent continuance of the 2nd referendum in its and talking to ministers as to whether the market for that but there you know the rest of the one that she presented the other day was exactly the same effectively as the ones that have already failed 3 times by record margins and you know it is tempting to just say it was completely blind and deaf to what's going on around her because all her own m.p.'s are just run out of road with her now and the thinking seems to be that some
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are morning after the head of the the rank and file and please go to see her and says you've got to tell us when you can they go see otherwise they're going to try and rewrite the rules and bring a vote of no confidence in against you anyway. i think what she'll do is to stand outside downing street and she'll say that she's going to step down as the leader of the conservative party which would allow a contest to begin to have a new conservative party leader but she'll probably also say she'll stay on as prime minister for the next few weeks until that contest is is finished and i think part of that from her point of view is that because she is so stubborn and bloody minded and feel so betrayed by her own party because she thought she presented a sort of bracks it would work and they're just throwing it back in the face that she doesn't want to leave on that but in her own. anyway if she does that then it allows that contest to suit to go ahead and they will take several weeks it will go straight through the whole of june into july. where the conservative party will go
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and so there's a huge navel gazing period again and bicker among itself between soft conservatives who want to retain a relationship with the union and the hardcore you don't have the hardcore. i think will will win because in the end it will go to votes among the conservative party membership who are very hard core and that explains why someone like boris johnson the former foreign secretary is the favorite to succeed and that will end when when parliament breaks up for the summer. and there's the world watches this as a fiasco as new which is this fiasco unfold in the european union observes this year what are they thinking about it. well you know i mean they say they've got all the no deal planning in place already i mean there are several countries in particular the french who you know of are saying quite openly seen a minister saying they just want the u.k. to leave and they certainly don't want the european union to give it another
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extension poles october 31st to sort it out which we wish is where we're at now. head of the european council had said don't waste this tell him find some alternative strategy and they have their ways all the time so far has gotten absolutely nowhere but it seems to me if you get a real hard liner in who says out loud i'm prepared to take the u.k. out with no deal that is going to focus minds very much as. if that's boris johnson he wouldn't get anywhere in the autumn ready with talks with the european union if it's all brinkmanship they won't back down and they just say fine go off it go but if it had to come to a general election then that theory would be tested to destruction wouldn't it because if the polling is correct then there are now a majority of people in the country if you have them all up who don't want to leave the european union at all and of change their mind and so this is why i keep saying .


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