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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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foreign minister and others many times when we gave them reminders on many issues. wiki leaks founder julian assange has facing new charges in the u.s. bringing the total now to 18 the u.s. justice department is accusing him of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources of conspiring with former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to obtain classified information in 2010 wiki leaks published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department swedish prosecutors account to try to actually write a song from the u.k. to face a rape charge heidi jocasta reports from washington. the federal indictment of juliana songe cover a sweeping 18 charges 70 of them are counts that he violated the espionage act and there's an additional hacking charge and altogether if convicted back to back they carry a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison now the indictment alleges that
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a songe in 2010 worked with former intelligence analyst chelsea manning to unlawfully obtain classified information and then publish it on wiki leaks it says that these documents were hundreds of thousands of pages of war logs and diplomatic papers that revealed the names of classified sources inside iraq and afghanistan these were people who were helping u.s. military in their efforts there and their lives were put at risk because of this disclosure the indictment also says that this endangered the national security of the united states now saunders currently in a jail cell in london where he's serving a 50 week sentence for having skipped bail he was arrested in april after being injected from the ecuadorian embassy if you recall that's where he had been for almost 7 years hiding from authorities who had wanted to prosecute him for rape in
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sweden now that he's no longer under diplomatic protection under ecuador those allegations of rape have been reopened in sweden coupled with this u.s. counts of violating the espionage act now it's a question of which country gets to go after him 1st once he's released from jail in london the u.s. has already moved toward extradition that's going to view now from classical stein is a professor of law at the university of pennsylvania she joins us now from oxford via skype good to have you with us barry pollack a lawyer for a song in the u.s. said in a statement that these unprecedented charges demonstrate the gravity of the threat the criminal prosecution of assault poses to all journalists in their endeavor to inform the public about actions taken by the u.s. government as he writes. well i have enormous respect for barry pollack who is indeed a friend i strongly disagree with him on this point john demaris from the justice
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department made very clear that in his view a songe is not a journalist i believe that that position is correct someone who is a journalist attempts to digest news events take more or less a neutral view of the news and attempts to inform the public in a general way the mission is not necessarily a political one and most importantly it's someone who can't be under the control of a foreign government now julian assange has been under the control of russia for many many years the indictment doesn't allege that with regard to these events relating to chelsea manning with the gist of it is what wifely whatever whatever to clear what evidence do you have what he would you say that julian assange has been under the control of russia for many many years well we
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have good reason to suspect that in the more recent events relating to a songes revelation of the e-mails that were hacked from the d.n.c. that that was an attack ordered by moscow so there's much evidence in the. report to this effect but these indictments do not relate to that issue but that's not because other countries under the control russia has many there now is it. right so the question is whether or not the older events that relate to this indictment were ordered or in any way encouraged by the russian government we don't know that at present. but there is from what i understand reason to believe that the russian government and julian a son have had. interactions relations and that intelligence has
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passed for a number of years now this indictment is more narrowly drawn and i want to be very clear about that so whatever more speculative information i am discussing is not contained in this indictment but this indictment is is quite clear that the concern is that he solicited chelsea manning to steal classified materials that he revealed in those classified materials by putting them up on wiki leaks that he did not redact the names of individuals who were working as sources to assist the united states and protect its security and that he endangered the lives of many people in doing not. that is not compatible with journalistic activity and i believe the justice department was quite correct in taking the position that therefore he is not covered by the 1st amendment all right these new
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charges though i mean i think whether they are covered by the 1st amendment or not miss is still up for debate but it's not exactly going to make it very easy for washington now in its attempts to extradite him from london is that this is a legal case that could drag on for years. well the extradition issues are a little bit different so there are strong extradition agreements between the u.k. and the u.s. and ordinarily we would expect him to be extradited under these circumstances. there is also however a principle that says that if you in order to extradite someone you have to be assured that they will not receive the new charges. there may be however an exception to that principle so there are a number of different legal issues at stake in the extradition debate and then there's also the question of sweden and sweden has now claiming that they would
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like him back so that he can stand charges on the sexual assault charges so we don't know what's going to happen with the extradition it's my suspicion that he will end up back in the u.s. but the president has made very clear that this is something he does not welcome and so he himself is asserting the claim that julian songes a journalist and should be immune to prosecution kennedy thanks professor good to have you on many thanks. this is these are from 0 still to come on the program a trip to southern china by president xi sparks speculation of a new front in the trade war with the u.s. . heavy fighting in syria's provinces rebels hit back at government forces trying to capture the last stronghold. and india's captain reveals who he thinks are the team to beat at
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the cricket world cup. the rebels say they've carried out a drone attack on a military base in the saudi city of. who the media say that they've been targeting hangars that contain warplanes since wednesday the saudi led coalition say they intercepted an explosive laden drone accused of supporting the who is in carrying out these attacks. on. television channel has released video which it claims shows an attack on abu dhabi's international airport last year the united arab emirates has always denied that the attack happened at the time they tweeted that there was an incident with a supply vehicle dizzier cannot independently verify the authenticity of the video . the dutch foreign minister is calling for an international tribunal to be
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established to investigate i saw this would investigate claims that the armed group committed genocide during its so-called caliphate across syria and iraq diplomatic and it's the james bays reports now from the un. the un called the crimes committed by ice all in both syria and iraq a genocide now there are calls for a new international tribunals to prosecute the individuals who ordered and committed those crimes it comes from the foreign minister of the netherlands well i'm here because i'm confidence that there should be an international tribunal because the scale of c. atrocities committed by i.c.l. is such that it may be me amounts to genocide and is just fine as an international tribunal he's reflected called by human rights activists including the z.d. campaigner nadia murat she spoke to al-jazeera shortly after she received the nobel
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peace prize and here for years now and then we see that the rights of easy to people have not been given to them but we have not stopped efforts we are doing it tireless work yeah that we hope that very soon we will be able to see justice taking its place the country calling for the new tribunals of the netherlands is the home of the international criminal court in the hague but neither of the countries where i sall set up its caliphate it's syria or iraq are signatories to the treaty that governs the court the security council does have the power to create completely new tribunals human rights watch is among those who want them to do so but there un director says there mustn't be selective justice or this is needed desperately but let's make it broader and let's make sure that. all kinds perpetrators are looked at because there are there there is more to this
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conflict then i thought we all know that various parts of the un already investigating possible war crimes in syria and iraq setting up a tribunals to prosecute those crimes will require the security council to give agreement a number of permanent members are likely to have misgivings the u.s. busy for example will be concerned that its own military could be prosecuted for what it bombed raca and other eisel areas and russia in the past has objected to any accountability mechanism for syria james pays out his era at the united nations women's rights activists from saudi arabia say that they are being targeted by the government speaking at a congressional panel in washington can boehner say that those fighting for women's rights are being tortured and abused often without any clear course. as happening in saudi arabia as the definition of what is
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a terrorist can include. apostasy can include joining us here because we are considered terrorists are you being in the same room with us is now a crime so they can accuse you of being in the same room with us thus encouraging dissent in saudi arabia and unrest and social unrest in the country so everything is so loose that we no longer know what is and isn't actually legal or illegal inside of me and i think this is deliberately done to increase this environment of fear inside the country and northwestern syria rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting spirit intensifying in the provinces despite a. broken ceasefire. reports. the rebels have beat back gains by the syrian army and its allies in the countryside of hama province in northwest syria the town of foreign is back under opposition control the government says it will recapture it but the loss is a strategic and symbolic setback. for the army's 1st win since launching an
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offensive almost a month ago since then gains on the ground have been limited and has been facing stiff resistance. to heavy to share an armed group many in the international community believe is linked to al qaida is in control of this region after forcing syrian rebels backed by turkey to leave earlier this year those who are back on the front lines they are cooperating in what they are calling a battle for survival but it is also an indication that turkey too has joined the fight. when you take a look at the position of turkey in the. clashes speeches by. turkey is very dedicated to this position that. he's not working. to show its. board. everywhere there are.
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more than $3500000.00 extra. turkey and russia work together in syria and sponsor a cease fire in the area but the offensive is testing their relationship at a time of intensifying dialogue between turkey and the united states the area of hostilities includes a belt of territory that stretches from the northern countryside of. provinces reaching the southern edges of province as well as rebel controlled villages west of aleppo city the pro-democracy side wants to clear those areas from rebels in order to open trade arteries and protect. aleppo cities under its control but progress has been made so far advancing on the ground is proving to be difficult the offensive however has depopulated villages and created a humanitarian crisis. the almost nonstop airstrikes by syrian and russian jets
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opposition controlled villages intensified since the rebel advance at least $200.00 civilians have been killed in turkey and russian ties have so far survived their relationship extends beyond syria but it is where they are bargaining and strengthening their negotiating hand. doctors engineers and marched towards a city in military headquarters in khartoum where they demanded a transition to civilian government. the ruling military council says it will hand power to a democratically elected government as soon as possible but the opposition alliance says the military is insisting on directing the transition and having a majority of the council. a buddhist monk accused of inciting violence against muslims and 2014 has been released from prison in sri lanka the head of the buddhist power for. force was given a presidential pardon while serving a 6 year sentence it comes just a week out
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a muslim buildings were attacked in an apparent reprisal for the easter sunday bombings last month. reports from colombo. i supporters of. tayto waited eagerly outside the valley could a prison in colombo a pardon signed by president michel policy received on wednesday night wife clean his 6 year sentence for contempt of court but on thursday security concerns forced him to leave through would be a gate only to reappear at this temple in look ma gumma a short while later. his 1st stop was to praise the. man who started paid on has attracted controversy since he founded a nationalist buddhist organization in 2012 called the. meaning buddhist power force. responding to a rise in nationalism after the end of sri lanka's civil war he began his campaign
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to protect what he called a single a buddhist identity but the organization has been accused of hate campaigns against the muslim community the theater himself was accused of instigating anti muslim riots in 2014 a charge 9 days nana's out of hero was jailed on contempt of court charges for insulting the judiciary in 2016 during a case into the disappearance of a journalist where military personnel were being investigated you know people they're targeting you know there's nothing they didn't say but destroyed my character they killed me without actually telling sorry. child me but there's a saying truth will prevail we have and always will be committed and. there have been attacks against muslims on hormones and businesses in. weeks after the easter sunday bombings that targeted churches and hotels that killed more than 250 people
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so some are questioning the timing of his release genotypic devised i didn't know but the president is belittling the judicial system by his action and proving that the claims made by the buddhist priest against judicial offices and the attorney general's department true on thursday of the month urged his supporters to stay calm during these tens times the controversial buddhist priest says after years of being vilified he's now been vindicated but some say president. would have to justify his decision to grant this presidential pardon fernandez al-jazeera colombo got a weather update next year i was 0 then we'll find out why a british man is taking police the course of a facial recognition technology. and in sport these 2 mercedes drivers are sending a message ahead of monaco grand prix.
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welcome to look at the international forecast and no end in sight for the severe storms rolling across the great plains of the u.s. we've got wet weather with the weather tornadoes pushing right up into the northeastern quarter next batch of storms will ganging up that will push through as we go on through the next couple tyson last friday's spenny a warmth around for the southeast and colder 23 degrees 20 celsius there for denver and i was also west coast's well look at the 18 in san francisco some cloud and right spilling across the pacific northwest that's going to continue driving its way through ace's basin places here around the western side of the u.s. western parts of canada but more lively showers more severe storms pushing right up into. the lakes into and through parts of kansas as we go on through the weekend
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these coastal states driest ice will 27 for d.c. and still getting up to 33 celsius there for atlanta meanwhile because some rather lively showers into parts of the caribbean particularly into hispaniola and to papa cuba jamaica could see some lavish as is the western side of the caribbean seeing some really heavy rain at the moment so nicaragua in particular could well see some flooding over the next few days and that weather pushes right up into honduras. goodbye. when the boneless struck many die and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers we see people making sacrifices will be lawful nation this is what i want to want to see survivors
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. of the major. city of. new responding 6 continents across the globe. i'll just series correspondents live and bring the story state. of the law does not feel. limitless. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian rhetoric i'll just 0 fluent in world news. hello again adrian for the good here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera our
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top stories india's prime minister narendra modi has claimed a landslide win in the general election and looks at for another 5 years his running b j p party is on course to increase its majority in parliament. wiki leaks founder julian assange is now facing 18 charges in the u.s. in 20212010 i'm sorry his website published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state. the hardline buddhist monk jail for contempt of court of the accused of inciting violence against muslims has been released from prison in sri lanka the head of the buddhist power force received a presidential pardon a 6 year sentence. china's president xi jinping his visit to a rare earth minerals processing plant is being seen as a possible new front in the trade war with the us rare earth minerals and natural elements used to manufacture of variety of products including smartphones electric car engines and even fighter jets china processed as much as 70 percent of the
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world's supply last year and tariff or changes to the supply chain could impact many u.s. companies particularly apple and that gives beijing leverage during trade negotiations try to correspond adrian brown reports from beijing. it is not what president xi jinping is saying right now that's interesting it's what he's been doing for the past few days he's been touring central china and earlier this week he visited junk c. province to go to a rare earths mine now china at the moment controls about 90 percent of the world's supply of rare earths one of the country's exports to the united states but so far the trumpet ministration has not been slapping tariffs on rare earths as it has been on just about everything else that china exports to the united states so this visit was filled with powerful symbolism now last week one state controlled
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newspaper suggested that perhaps it was time for china to start reducing rare earth exports to the united states as one way of hurting the trumpet ministration the other message that's been coming out from president xi jinping this week and it's a message that's been loud and clear is that it's time for china to become self-reliant when it comes to technology he feels that china has been left to vulnerable too dependent on what the united states makes things like microchips and that's why he is determined to press ahead with his made in china 2025 policy this is his signature economic policy that the trumpet ministration is desperate to dismantle but china regards that as one of its core interests and it's one concession it's simply not prepared to make us secretary of state my compare has accused the head of the chinese tech giant are way of lying about the company's
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ties to the beijing government washington place where away on a trade blacklist last week effectively banning u.s. firms from doing business with the company at escalating a trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies beijing says the u.s. needs to correct its actions if it wants to continue trade negotiations may violate only one. the u.s. is employing power to perth chinese companies seriously undermines mobile corporation and it also poses a serious threat to the global industry china china is resolutely this if the us wants to talk it should shows the correct its mistake. the dutch social democratic party is the big winner of the european act lections in the netherlands according to exit polls europeans are voting over the next 3 days
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to elect 751 e.u. parliamentarians the outcome in the netherlands will reassure established parties who fit a surge on the far right labor easily piece an upstart populist group of prime minister mark words as party came in 2nd at the polls have closed in the u.k. for the european parliament elections campaign group says that hundreds of citizens trying to vote were turned away due to administrative mistakes britain had been due to leave the e.u. by the end of march but parliament was unable to agree on a withdrawal bill the past led to a surge in support for the duly launched briggs it party at the expense of the ruling conservatives. french far right leader marine le pen has been ordered to repay the european parliament more than $330000.00 in misused funds after her appeal to the e.u.'s top court was rejected the former m.e.p. will now have to pay back the money she claimed for a parliamentary assistant who was based in paris the pen is found to take the case
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to the european court of human rights. a flu outbreak in the u.s. is largest detention facility in texas has forced officials to move hundreds of detainees the decision came after a 16 year old guatemalan boy dies after becoming sick one in custody is the 6th miner to die in u.s. border patrol facilities since september reynolds reports. the largest border detention center in the u.s. has stopped taking in new migrants for processing after a large number of people at the center came down with high fevers and flu symptoms officials say the closure came shortly after the death of 16 year old carlos hernandez vasquez on may 20th the guatemalan boy who traveled to the u.s. without his parents spent 6 days at the macallan texas processing center before he was diagnosed with the flu he was transferred to another facility and given medication but was not hospitalized he was found dead on monday hernandez vasquez
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was the 6th child to die after being apprehended crossing the u.s. border since september late wednesday u.s. official said the texas is syllabi had resumed normal operations in the rural guatemalan village of san jose down or dale the boy's family mourned and asked questions you know not a open though i am fighting for them to send me the body as soon as possible because why do they want him there why do they want him because they did not take care of him one can only they can reveal how or from what to say. they won't get clarification something must have happened or they did something to him or it's conditions in migrant detention centers sparked this exchange at an oversight hearing on capitol hill at this point with 5 kids that have died 5000 separated from their families i feel like and the evidence is really clear that this is
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intentional it's intentional it's a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration and it's cruel and inhumane and thank you mr chairman i act as that's what i'm trying accusation down our men and women fight hard to protect people in our custody every single day record numbers of families and unaccompanied minors are fleeing violence and poverty in central america and seeking asylum in the u.s. in some cases. nearly overwhelming government border and immigration agencies robert oulds al jazeera. more than 120000 students are missing school in libya's capital 2 years of fighting between forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and the un recognized government many educational facilities have been destroyed what are the what had reports from. 50 days of fighting in southern tripoli has changed many aspects of people's lives the education ministry decided to close schools down until the end of the fasting month of ramadan but this school in the
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super neighborhood needed the city center is the exception it's remaining open for displaced as students to catch up on missed classes. my year most of us is a 12th grade science student she was displaced along with her family from the where they will be area in southern tripoli after the fighting broke out on april 4th she has joined other students in this school tim primarily but she still has concerns. and i'm still worried about the missed curriculum the time wasted and the power where we'll sit exams if the original students of the school return here after ramadan i have no idea what happened to my old school it could have been damaged by the ongoing war there i don't know how long this will continue we're under stress. 5 weeks ago a school in a neighborhood in southern tripoli was targeted by
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a fighter jet belonging to the forces of warlords have turned to days later another jet hit this education warehouse in the same neighborhood it's the government's main reserve for school supplies books turn it into ashes and the whole building collapsed by the explosion the books stored here used to be distributed to areas all over the country. millions of textbooks in this warehouse were damaged by the airstrike in mid april along with the equipment and students records libya's education minister says it's a great loss that will affect teaching across all age groups for months to come. the education ministry is postponing classes in safer areas to 8 says that's because fuel shortages and other problems have made it difficult for students to
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reach their schools. education will be resumed after aid and all students from the troubled areas can resume their classes and safer areas they moved they can also be set for exams in the areas they move to although i'm sure it will face a problem of overcrowded schools by then the fighting in southern new tripoli led by have to as forces to take control of the capital has forces nearly 70000 people to leave their homes and according to the education ministry more than 120000 students are unable to go to school other schools have been used as temporary shelters for those displaced by the fighting not only libyans but foreign migrants and refugees as well. maior says she's still traumatized by the sound of rocket explosions near her home her dream is to start a missing classes at the university later this year but she's worried she might not
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be able to fulfill her dream if the world moves closer to the city center. tripoli. automatic facial recognition technology uses unique facial dimensions to let us access bank accounts go cashless on holiday resorts and use automated border controls but the technology can also track us at invade our privacy as paul brennan reports now on the u.k.'s 1st legal challenge against the technology. security or surveillance cameras have become a silent ubiquitous feature of cities across the world residency most oblivious to the routine monitoring of their daily lives. and bridges was irritated the 1st time he realized the police automatic facial recognition vehicle that scanned his features in a shopping center but the 2nd time it happened was that a peaceful anti arms trade protests.


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