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transparent on the other hand the process by which we are assessed also through our data and not very transparent and in that sense then we can see there is a reversal in empowerment and power shifts from the citizen to the state al-jazeera approached the company and e.c. and other providers but none responded to interview requests in a statement london's metropolitan police said it's a pilot scheme it now and it and the results are being assessed judgement in at bridges legal challenge is expected to be handed down in the autumn paul brennan al-jazeera. in nicaragua the opposition has called a general strike they want political prisoners released human rights activists say that around 800 people have been arrested since anti-government protests began last year and while rollo reports. the streets are empty across much of the nicaraguan capital many businesses have closed their doors for the day in an act of civil disobedience this is now the 5th national strike to take place since
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a political crisis group the country more than a year ago. the strike was organized in part as a response to the killing of anymore u.s. citizen held by the nicaraguan government as a political prisoner his shooting by prison guard was the subject of a recent meeting at the organization of american states that the u.s. . has in paris of the violations of human rights people to an end the nicaraguan citizens regain all of their political rights and privileges also that all political prisoners be released it is a maximum priority that a clear and forthcoming investigation be launched into the death of the month has. in the nicaraguan capital small protests have taken place in recent days calling on the government to release political prisoners. but it remains illegal to demonstrate publicly against the government of daniel ortega instead those in the political opposition are calling for alternative forms of dissent. this
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national strike is a legitimate form of peaceful and civic protests and is a way for us to show our support and solidarity towards those who suffer the heavy presence of anti-riot police and pro-government paramilitaries have been dispatched to prevent protests in managua the country's finance minister also issued a warning that any banks participating in the general strike would face sanctions by the national government madrid up a little dizzy to mexico city. eritrea has blocked social media platforms ahead of its independent state the reasons on clear but the speculation that the government might be trying to prevent people organizing protests communication in eritrea is strictly controlled by the government well if you're in eritrea we'd like you to help us tell the story especially if you're attending independence day celebrations on friday get in touch with us on telegram and share your thoughts or leave us a video message the number is plus 974501 triple
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149. scientists in the us are the coming up plan to currencies and could bring as many as 8 hurricanes they say the storms have been getting more powerful over the years and they blame climate change and the gallacher reports from miami. the 2017 atlantic hurricane season was one of the deadliest on record hurricanes harvey maria and caused billions of dollars worth of damage wrecking entire communities in their wake. according to the center for climate and energy solutions storms have increased in intensity over the past 3 decades fueled by warmer oceans and made worse by rising sea levels it's something researches at the school of marine and atmospheric science in miami have spent years studying this is the sustained for saudi professor brian house has no doubt that climate change is playing a role it's not a matter of belief this is not some political philosophy it's not a real it's not
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a religion it's this is this is facts it's happening it's going to get worse unless we do something now. some models predict storms may become less frequent but stronger slower and wetter experts use the accumulated cycle index to measure storms and the atlantic ocean is in the midst of its wars stretch on record despite all the evidence that climate change is a factor in making hurricanes stronger there are still those that don't believe it president trump and many powerful republicans fall into that camp but researchers say it's now time to reinforce vulnerable communities and prepare for the worst assistant professor lundahl fraud barbaric law says officials should invest in sea walls restore barrier islands and build stronger structures so we know that we have some reserves into our structures or that we need to in hate so differently something that we have to start building up on a screen ago because we know that the probability of stuff will happen in something
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different stated the atlantic hurricane season begins on june the 1st but the national hurricane center's already named the 1st storm it's since weakened but if the predictions are accurate it could be a sign of things to come to gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. but weiner has decided to lift a ban on elephant hunting the government says that it's that they've increased the number in recent years that are threatening the livelihoods of small scale farmers conservationists estimate that there are around one 130000 elephants in the country will travers is the president of the born free foundation and he says he doesn't understand what buts one is trying to achieve by lifting the ban the 1st thing is to remember the parts are it's one of the wealthiest countries in sub-saharan africa we don't g.d.p. of over 800000 u.s. dollars a year it does have around $200.00 pounds but it's a down by 14 percent since 2006 and the zimbabwe story the parts
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a lot of governments own position here is that trophy hunting will increase numbers this isn't there in spain published yet they try to hunt he will increase but most and non trophy hunting will also increase numbers so it doesn't appear to be about the money it doesn't appear to be about reducing numbers because everyone who knows anything about trophy hunting knows that that's not a population control measure so my question is what is it about outer stands that the president of what's one other documents easy wants there to be a so it's a sovereignty issue he's been very democratic he's reached out to the communities to n.g.o.s to experts in the country and has come to this decision but i think you have to recognise that while he is entirely unsuitable to manage what's one of the population in the way that he sees fit countries that import trophies are also entitled to say no they will not allow the import of elephant trophies into their
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countries such as the united kingdom i met with michael gove the environment secretary only a few days ago pressed him to ban the import of elephant trade he's not just from botswana but from all other countries not possibly doing the same with you know the european union but other prices. just ahead on the. comeback of the baseball season. thanks.
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to a. home .
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thank you very much india captain goalie believes the host england are the team to beat at the cricket world cup the tournament begins in a week's time. men are ranked 2nd in the world behind in glendale he and the 9 other captains took part in a promotional event earlier this year as a wool cup goes back to a round robin league format the top 4 sides will go into the semifinals indian england will face off on june 30th i think england is probably in their conditions the most strong side in the storm and but i also agree with that all 10 teams are so well balanced and so strong and the fact that this is i don't mean we have to play every game once makes it all the more challenging and i think that's going to be the best thing about this storm and i see this as probably one of the most competitive boycott that people are going to see it's going to be extraordinarily competitive tournaments and i think there's some quality cricket played so we're
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really looking forward to i think for us it's you know it's called home advantage for a reason we get to spend a lot of time in our own beds we see a lot of our family and prepare like we have done for a number of years no. president is being a formally investigated in france so for suspected corruption it's been reported by a paris based newspaper. that french authorities suspect the qatari ill being involved in a deal to help to doha when the right to stage this year's world athletic championships it 45 year old allegedly paid for the world that lennox president let me $3500000.00 and his lawyer denies his involvement. his peers you are traveling to for their final game of the season and their star player kim is chasing the european golden boot standing in his way as barcelona's the n.l.
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messi well cup winner bobby has scored 32 times in the french top division at this season and he will have to score for m.p.'s use last game on friday to catch method method or this could be the last accolade with p.s.g. in bapi recently hinted that he could be tempted away from the club by a new project. i'm a little divided that he has goals and he has lots of confidence he decided to make this comment and he's very smart he knows what he's doing play encourage him to take responsibility. for to go will be looking to complete a european double next month when they host the nation's league finals the euro 2016 winners and named their squad on thursday for just spectacle it of course includes their star player christian or naldo here is that he returns to the squad having agreed with coach fernando santos that he can miss a few games portugal faced with zealand in the 1st semifinal on june 5th with engel
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and taking on the netherlands a day later but. obviously we want to enjoy the much against switzerland with the utmost concentration and we want to use our capacity on the pitch with one clear goal victory if we want to be in the final and if we have the ambition to win this trophy we would have to begin by beating switzerland. to formula one where mostly this have dominated practice ahead of the monaco grand prix 5 time world champion lewis hamilton edged out his teammate valtteri bottas in the 2nd practice just north point 81 seconds ahead of the fence how much in a 7 points clear both us at the top of the standings after 5 races catching messi this will be difficult. according to their rivals. having seen the city's performance taking the slow speed sensor at barcelona they are absolutely the standout favorites for this event so if we can get anywhere near them and put
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a little bit of pressure on them would be you know certainly our target you know going into the weekend cycling and to saturday benedict one stage to all of the gerrard italia. led along breakaway group in the 1st mountain route after the 158 kilometer stage it was the 1st pro win for the 31 year old italian slovenian. took the leader's pink jersey he needs his compact to it. by 4 minutes and 7 seconds. he walk he has to have pulled off one of the comebacks of the major league baseball season they overturned a 5 nothing deficit to beat the cincinnati reds and they got level in the 4th inning as mining ground played his spot with his 9 homer of the season but the crucial run came from orlando r.c. at the single opening up soon run lead to our route to an $11.00 to $9.00
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a win. and that's no small for me we'll have more later on. so many thanks indeed while we look at that a whole hour has flown by that's where the news grinds to a halt that he is of course continues the stand your table we have to update you in just a few moments take a little website if you can. call see again thanks for watching part of. yugoslavia disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episode 3 football rebels enters the world of footballing legend push each. who when from coaching boys football to teaching young men life president bush each of the siege
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of sarajevo on al-jazeera.
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what is left of the vast indigenous knowledge that colonize ation of the. because there's assaulted for centuries. to amateur the strong which is embark on a journey of discovery and reach a remote village in mexico's mayan region. but who has more to learn about the ways of the world a route through mexico's contemporary wreckage and its mystical past you find flounces on al-jazeera. an emphatic win for indian prime minister narendra modi's b j p party in the world's biggest election.
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hello i'm the star of the a 10 this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up accusations that donald trump may use and legal loophole to bypass congress and sell arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . the u.s. adds to charges against wiki leaks founder julian a song. and dire warnings about this year's hurricane season in the united states scientists say the storms are getting more powerful. modi's p.j. party has been reelected with a massive landslide win in the parliamentary election india's lower house the locks about has 543 seats in the coalition led by modi's party the b. j.p. looks set to win as many as 350 seats that's almost as many as they did 5 years ago
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the main opposition party the congress is way behind their coalition is expected to win only about 82 seats also held raman reports from new delhi. he is on course to win a 2nd term as prime minister of india he arrived at his governing b.g.p. headquarters late talk thursday evening jubilant by what his party had achieved. today we witnessed citizens from every nook and corner of the country filling this beggar's hand i've banged my head before india's 1300000000 citizens. but celebrations at b j p headquarters began earlier in the day and vote counting wasn't even over yet the votes of hundreds of millions of indians were tallied and candidates and their agents are focusing on the district centers and each constituency. the election commission says the turnout was the largest in indian election history more than 600000000 people voted out of the 900000000 who are
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eligible to take part in the 6 week election the issues a clear for some. people have voted for nationalism for the good of the country and for development work done by trust. is the only person who can fight. this is the reason only and as recently as a prime minister. this election has been one of the most divisive in recent years i think the security issue has been protected in a way that people's imagination was fixed. and then you start feeding them constantly. so it seems that in the post independence india the 1st time for the 1st time security issue has become such a big issue in india the opposition have congratulated modi many. during the campaign i said the people will decide who will rule the country and they have made a decision so firstly let me congratulate prime minister murty i must also thank my
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party workers for putting up a tough fight a battle is of ideology and vision and the people seem to have chosen to be j.p. . for now it's a moment for the j p supporters to say. also how raman joins us now from the capital new delhi so it's been 24 hours a day. the counting started where does all that stands now. well the counting continues for the moment and we can confirm now that the election commission has said that the b j p alone is a political party of 1292 seats they are in the lead in 11 other constituencies across the country now the magic number is 272 so the b.g.p. by themselves have won another absolute majority and it's the 1st time in indian election history that a normal congress party has not just won an election but been reelected again so history in the making again and of course this is just one of the national
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newspapers the hindu is saying of course india gives modi a high 5 when he was elected 20141 of the 1st things that i remember him saying was he wanted the public to give him a 10 year mandate we thought well he's big quite presumptuous there he's got the 10 year mandate now and he's got a lot of work ahead of him in terms of what we expect of a friday well there are 2 certain things that are going to happen one is that at some stage the cabinet will meet and they will discuss their move forward or how they will end or conclude business as such because they have to be reese warnin and then in the evening there's a formal dinner for the outgoing cabinet with the president in the middle of all of that it might be today it might be tomorrow the election commission has to finally announce and notarize the result and then all of the b j p parliamentarians that have been elected or on the verge of being elected will gather in new delhi to
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elect who will lead them in parliament and that's foregone conclusion it's near and remotely. for us from new delhi thank you very much though. while u.s. president donald trump says he's meeting pentagon officials to discuss tensions with iran the u.s. has already sent extra warships and fighter jets to the region over the past few weeks saying it's facing unspecified threats from tehran the acting defense secretary downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf. war 2 risk of destruction which so. i think those are just they're common so our job is to trance is about we have a mission that is freedom of navigation. counterterrorism. security . guard. and there are reports the trumpet ministration is planning to bypass
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a congressional ban on weapon sales to saudi arabia there is concern that u.s. secretary of state mike pompei and other senior aides want the president to be able to act without the approval of congress the proposal emerged publicly when democrat senator chris murphy criticized it on twitter i'm hearing that trump may use an obscure loophole in the arms control act and a major new sale of bombs to saudi arabia the ones they drop in yemen in a way that will prevent congress from objecting could happen this week alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . well normally under u.s. law congress is given 30 days notice before any foreign arms sales and then they can see year or nay it another appears that donald trump is going to subvert the process by using a look paul in the law and declaring the sales to saudi arabia a national emergency in this he's being pushed by secretary of state might pompey
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or in that case the sales will go ahead no matter what and all donald trump has to do is provide congress with a letter of explanation of why he's the clear the specific seal a national emergency know there's going to be opposition to this if there is a gap between donald trump and republicans on capitol hill it certainly comes over the issue of sodium arabia you'll remember that earlier this year a bipartisan move in both the house of representatives and the senate to limit american support for the saudi led war in yemen was passed and it was only defeated when donald trump issued a very rare veto the republican senators like lindsey graham big supporter of donald trump who says he doesn't want to see any arms sales to saudi arabia until the address the issue of crime prince mohammed bin salman who he says is responsible not just for the war in yemen but also for the mark of journalists jamal khashoggi there are republican senators like marco rubio who says he wants to
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see any details before he would be comfortable with selling weapons to saudi arabia and there certainly are many many democrats in both the house and the senate who are very very anxious at the u.s. getting involved in arms sales to saudi arabia now this is happened before but you've got to go back to the 1980 s. when the president declared a national emergency to force through arms sales in this way the president then was ronald reagan the issue was the perceived threat of iran and the weapons sales while that was to saudi arabia. well jeff stacey's served in the state department during the obama administration and he says president trump will face strong opposition if he tries to go ahead with the plan where's the emergency is the question that the people on capitol hill are asking and they are asking it loudly because not only do we have everything left over from the shoji affair we now have
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this purported threat in iran which is highly controversial in itself for very good reasons the alleged killing of is still fresh here people want accountability for it and they also don't appreciate us munitions etc being used against civilians in yemen and there's been a very strong statement one of the strongest we've seen in the most bipartisan in the recent era of polarization against any further involvement in that conflict so let's hope that this might just be a trial balloon that the administration is floating here knowing how sensitive things are in all directions and in particular now because of the potential conflict with iran women's rights activists from saudi arabia say they're being targeted by the government speaking at a congressional panel in washington campaigners say there is fighting for human rights for women's rights i'm sorry are being tortured and often abused often without any course is happening in saudi arabia is that the definition of what is
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a terrorist can include. apostasy can include joining us here because we are considered terrorists or you being in the same room with us is now a crime so they can accuse you of being in the same room with us thus encouraging dissent in saudi arabia and unrest and social unrest in the country so everything the so loose that we no longer know what is and isn't actually legal or illegal inside of me and i think this is deliberately done to increase this environment of fear inside the country. in libya warplanes have bombed to the offices of a breakaway faction of one of the country's 2 competing governments no one was hurt in the attack the building is used by members of the brook based house of representatives who moved to tripoli soon after the war began his attack on the libyan capital in april the country remains divided following the overthrow of gadhafi in 2011 the united nations backs the tripoli based government of national
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accord the wiki leaks founder julian assange is facing new charges in the united states bringing the total to 18 the u.s. justice department is accusing him of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources and conspiring with former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to obtain classified information in 2010 wiki leaks published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department swedish prosecutors are currently trying to extradite a song from the u.k. to face a rape charge how these are castro has more from washington d.c. . the federal indictment of julian a songe cover a sweeping 18 charges 70 of them are counts that he violated the espionage act then there's an additional hacking charge and altogether if convicted back to back they carry a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison now the indictment alleges that assad in 2010 worked with former intelligence analyst chelsea manning to unlawfully
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obtain classified information and then publish it on wiki leaks is that these documents.


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