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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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and conspiring with former a former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to obtain classified information in 2010 wiki leaks published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department swedish prosecutors are currently trying to extradite a songe from the u.k. to face the rape charge castro has more from washington d.c. . the federal indictment of julian a songe cover a sweeping 18 charges 17 of them are counts that he violated the espionage act and there's an additional hacking charge and altogether if convicted back to back they carry a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison now the indictment alleges that assad in 2010 worked with former intelligence analyst chelsea manning to unlawfully obtain classified information and then publish it on wiki leaks it says that these documents were hundreds of thousands of pages of war logs and diplomatic papers
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that revealed the names of classified sources inside iraq and afghanistan these were people who were helping u.s. military in their efforts there and their lives were put at risk because of this disclosure the indictment also says that this endangered the national security of the united states now songe is currently in a jail cell in london where he's serving a 50 week sentence for having skipped bail he was arrested in april after being injected from the ecuadorian embassy if you recall that's where he had been for almost 7 years hiding from authorities who had wanted to prosecute him for rape in sweden now that he's no longer under diplomatic protection under ecuador those allegations of rape have been reopened in sweden coupled with this u.s. counts of violating the espionage act now it's a question of which country gets to go after him 1st once he's released from jail
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in london the u.s. has already moved toward extradition. the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera. heavy fighting in syria is a problem as rebels hit back at government forces trying to capture their last stronghold. and we'll find out why a british man is taking pains to course over facial recognition technology. we've got the weather quieting down now across the middle east about time to still a few showers into afghanistan up towards tech made a stab at clear skies starting to spill away back across iran into iraq but we want to see a little more cloud just coming across cyprus that eastern side of the mediterranean syria lebanon jordan but we'll see
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a little bit of cloudy weather as we go on through friday into saturday bright skies come back a bit higher touch fresher to just 40 back around $45.00 degrees in the process of that cloud will spill its way towards iraq $45.00 in baghdad was enough there $25.00 in kabul still a few showers there up towards tashkent and also towards our math a pakistan stay strong and sunny it stays dry and sunny to across much of the arabian peninsula brought to skies now some parts of saudi arabia who are its chance of catching the around the southern end of the red sea but for many it will be settled and sunny 40 in riyadh here in doha will touch around 37 celsius over the next couple of days plenty of hazy sunshine feminism should see way into southern africa mozambique could still see a few showers into those central areas on friday and also into west sassed a further south as the warm sunshine coming back in cape town with a top temperature of 23.
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once and. no settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. boards and. citizen. meets the great people. work overtime going into tomorrow. that is 0. hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour rendered modi's b j p policy has
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been reelected with a massive landslide win in the parliamentary election but he told supporters in new delhi that he's got a mandate to build a new india. the trumpet ministration is being accused of trying to bypass a congressional ban on weapons sales to saudi arabia is concerned that u.s. secretary of state's mike compare and other senior aides may use a new poll allowing the president to approve the sale without the approval of congress. wiki leaks founder julian assange is now facing 18 charges in the u.s. and 2010 the website published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department. the dutch foreign minister is calling for an international tribunal to be established to investigate eisel it would investigate claims that the armed group committed genocide and during its so-called caliphate across syria and iraq our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations. the u.n.
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called the crimes committed by isolating both syria and iraq a genocide now there are calls for a new international tribunals to prosecute the individuals who ordered and committed those crimes it comes from the foreign minister of the netherlands well i'm here because i'm confidence that there should be an international tribunal because the skill of sea atrocities committed by i.c.l. is such that it may be me amounts to genocide and this is just a fine as an international tribunal he's reflecting called by human rights activists including the z.d. campaigner nadia murat she spoke to al-jazeera shortly after she received the nobel peace prize and here 4 years now and then we see that the rights of easy to people have not been given to them but we have not stopped a law efforts we are doing in
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a tireless work we hope that very soon we will be able to see justice taking its place the country calling for the new tribunals the netherlands is the home of the international criminal court in the hague but neither of the countries well set up its caliphate it's syria or iraq are signatories to the treaty that governs the court the security council does have the power to create a completely new tribunals human rights watch is among those who want them to do so but there un director says there mustn't be selective justice or this is needed desperately but let's make it broader and let's make sure that all kinds of property. traders are looked at because there are there there is more to this conflict than i saw we all know that various parts of the u.n. already investigating possible war crimes in syria and iraq setting up
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a tribunal to prosecute those crimes will require the security council to give agreement a number of permanent members are likely to have misgivings the u.s. for example will be concerned that its own military could be prosecuted is for what it bombed raca and other eisel areas and russia in the past has objected to any accountability mechanism for syria. out 0 of the united nations. eritrea has blocked social media platforms ahead of its independence day the reason is unclear but there's speculation the government might be trying to prevent people from organizing protests communication in eritrea is strictly controlled by the government well if you're in eritrea we'd like you to help us tell the story especially if you're attending independence day celebrations on friday get in touch with us on telegram and share your thoughts or leave us a video methods the number is plus 974501 triple 149.
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and northwestern syria rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting has been intensifying in and how the province says despite a turkish and russian. has the latest. the rebels have beat back gains by the syrian army and its allies in the countryside of hama province in northwest syria the town of far no back under opposition control the government says it will recapture it but the loss is a strategic and symbolic setback. for no bhutto was the army's 1st win since launching an offensive almost a month ago since then games on the ground have been limited and has been facing stiff resistance. the happy to share an armed group many in the international community believe is linked to al qaida is in control of this region after forcing syrian rebels backed by turkey to leave earlier this year those rebels are back on
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the front lines they are cooperating in what they are calling a battle for survival but it is also an indication that turkey too has joined the fight. when you take a look at the position of turkey in the area especially the clashes which has really transpired that. turkey is very dedicated to its position that if the diplomacy is not working in the. turkey you show its feet for the star to every actor inside the. church wants to accept more than $3500000.00 extra refugees to describe turkey and russia work together in syria and sponsor a ceasefire in the ad lib area but the offensive is testing their relationship at a time of intensifying dialogue between turkey and the united states the area of hostilities includes a belt of territory that stretches from the northern countryside of lattakia and
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have a provinces read. the southern edges of italy province as well as rebel controlled villages west of aleppo city the pro-democracy side wants to clear those areas from rebels in order to open trade arteries and protect. aleppo cities under its control but little progress has been made so far advancing on the ground is proving to be difficult the offensive however has depopulated villages and created a humanitarian crisis. the almost nonstop are strikes by syrian and russian jets on opposition controlled villages intensified since the rebel advance at least $200.00 civilians have been killed turkey russian ties have so far survived their relationship extends beyond syria but this is where they are bargaining and strengthening their negotiating hand so out of. beirut.
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the dutch social democratic party is the big winner of the european elections in the netherlands according to exit polls europeans are voting over the next 3 days to elect 751 e.u. parliamentarians the outcome in the netherlands will reassure established parties fearing a surge among the far right and the polls have closed in the u.k. for those european parliament elections a campaign group says hundreds of e.u. citizens trying to vote were turned away because of administrative mistakes. a buddhist monk accused of inciting violence against muslims and 2014 has been released from prison and sri lanka the head of the buddhist power force was given a presidential pardon a 6 year sentence in alpha and as reports from the capital colombo. supporters of gallagher doubt they are theater waited eagerly outside the valley could a prison in colombo. pardon signed by president michel policy received on wednesday
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night wife clean his 6 year sentence for contempt of court but on thursday security concerns forced him to leave good beer gate only to reappear at this temple in a short while later. his 1st stop was to pray. nam a sort of pedo has attracted controversy since he founded a nationalist buddhist organization in 2012 called the. meaning buddhist power force. responding to a rise in nationalism after the end of sri lanka's civil war he began his campaign to protect what he called a single a buddhist identity but the organization has been accused of hate campaigns against the muslim community the theater himself was accused of instigating anti muslim riots in 2014 a charge he denies nana's out of pedro was jailed on contempt of court charges for
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insulting the judiciary in 2016 during a case into the disappearance of a journalist where military personnel were being investigated you know people they're targeting you know there's nothing they didn't but destroyed my character they killed me without actually. truth. we have and always will be committed and. they have been attacks against muslims one homes and businesses in recent weeks after the easter sunday bombings that targeted churches and hotels that killed more than 250 people so some are questioning the timing of his release genotypic devised i began by the president is belittling the judicial system by his action and proving that the claims made by the buddhist priest against judicial offices and the attorney general's department
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true on thursday the monk urged his supporters to stay calm during these tense times the controversial buddhist priest says after years of being vilified he's now been vindicated but some. would have to justify his decision to grant this presidential pardon. now history has been made in taiwan after a handful of same sex couples became the 1st to marry in asia 6 days ago taiwan became the 1st asian country to legalize same sex marriage but the new law taking effect on friday. automatic facial recognition technology uses our unique facial dimensions to let us access bank accounts cashless and holiday resorts and use automated border controls bonce air fall can also track us and invade our privacy paul brennan reports on the u.k.'s 1st legal challenge against the technology. security or surveillance cameras have become
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a silent ubiquitous feature of cities across the world residents seem almost oblivious to the routine monitoring of their daily lives. and bridges was irritated the 1st time he realized the police automatic facial recognition vehicle that scanned his features in a shopping center but the 2nd time it happened was at a peaceful and arm street protest and on that occasion the van was parked opposite the crowd i felt it was better to intimidate people and destroyed them from using their right to peaceful protest so it has taken south wales police to court in the 1st u.k. challenge to the use of a f r i mean essentially what you have this is a situation where technology is running miles ahead of where the law is in the law needs to catch up here for biometrics is increasingly used for things like keyless buildings and cashless leisure resorts but civil liberties groups are most concerned by its use in public spaces to scam more abiding citizens as they walk past the camera it takes
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a really sensitive biometric data from them without their knowledge or their consent is really akin to them walking down the high street and the police forcibly taking their fingerprint or their d.n.a. automatic facial recognition has dramatically improved thanks to rapid advances in a computer technology known as d. planning the accuracy is still variable. at the 2017 champions league final the system produced 92 percent of false positives and even if accuracy can be improved the still the other questions of governance of purpose and the wider question of exactly when protection of the public tips over into intrusion and oppression. china's mass surveillance of its citizens including the use of facial recognition is well known in 2017 australia authorized police and some private companies to use and access a controversial new system but this month the u.s. city of san francisco banned situ with or from deploying the technology academic dr
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ana hence has examined digital citizenship and surveillance our data trails makers transparency says the balance of power is shifting we have become very transparent on the other hand the process by which we are assessed also through our data and not very transparent and in that sense and we can see there is a reversal in empowerment and power shifts from the citizen to the states al-jazeera approached the company and e.c. and other providers but none responded to interview requests in a statement london's metropolitan police said it's a pilot scheme it now and it and the results are being assessed judgement in at bridges legal challenge is expected to be handed down in the autumn paul brennan al-jazeera caught it. with the headlines on al-jazeera now render modi's b j p party has been re-elected
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with a massive landslide win in the parliamentary election but he told supporters in new delhi that he's got a mandate to build a new india. u.s. president donald trump has met with pentagon officials to discuss tensions with iran the u.s. has already sent extra warships and fighter jets to the region over the past few weeks saying it's facing unspecified threats from tehran but iran's president hassan rouhani says his country won't surrender to u.s. pressure even if it's bombed what to. us is just so. i think those are their comments our job is to trance it's about we have a mission. freedom of navigation. counterterrorism. security. jordan and there are reports the trumpet ministration is planning to
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bypass a congressional ban on weapons sales to saudi arabia there is concern that u.s. secretary of state mike compare and other senior aides want the president to be able to act without the approval of congress in libya warplanes have bombed the offices of a breakaway faction of one of the country's 2 competing governments no one was hurt in the attack the building is used by members of the to book based house of representatives who moved to tripoli soon after the war khalifa haftar began his attack on the libyan capital in april the wiki leaks founder julian assange is facing new charges in the united states bringing the total to 18 the u.s. justice department is accusing him of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources and conspiring with former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to obtain classified information. on those are the headlines they'll be more news here
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after earthrise. millions of dollars are being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe one i want to use against exclusive access to this cutthroat on the world through a criminal turned whistleblower on al-jazeera. climate change is an existential threat to life on. the world health organization predicts that in 30 years it will be directly responsible for the deaths of over $250000.00 people each year. many feel governments the failing to respond and it's unlikely that the paris agreement targets of keeping the global
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temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade will be matt's. put to time and pressure groups believe change is possible this seeking to push urgent environmental action to the top of the political agenda. and these movements gathering momentum. i'm the raw tour and you ask workers are dying activists pushing for a radical shift in government policy in order to avert a climate crisis and i know from the carbon in the u.k. and i've come to c move known as extinction with eliot these men must believe that the only route to environmental change is for a people's rights. fearful for the planet their own heritage young people around the world are standing up and demanding a better future in the us a growing and passionate group of youth is campaigning for urgent environmental action and the forcing the adults to west. we're
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talking. even how. much. this is to summarize movement. in the space of just 2 years this group of activists most of whom are under 30 has grown 210-0000 members. but. not with. their strategy is clear to hot climate change by working within the system and lobbying politicians into pushing through legislative and economic before. i've come to boston to find out how the sunrise movement has become a force to be reckoned with in u.s. politics. leading the charge is 26 year old partially percussion. while studying in massachusetts she joined the university's fossil fuel divestment campaign before co-founding sunrise in 2015. so you've been at the sunrise movement
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from the very beginning what made you started a number of us young people all under the age of 30 were saying that the hurricanes were getting bigger the fire seasons were getting longer and the floods were getting bigger but there wasn't a movement big enough for young people to win sure that we had a habitable planet for our future generations q talk more about why you feel you need to actually write now so scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years to make unprecedented changes to transform every part of our economy and our society today carbonized to get off fossil fuels to invest in or an old bowls and to protect life and human civilization on this planet as we know it and yet our politicians have not done what's necessary they have not built and garnered the political will that we need and people are dying as a result. of the heart of this in our strategy is the green new deal. a radical
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environmental change policy the idea for which this can see. in the u.s. in the 1960 s. . the deal's goal is to completely transform the u.s. economy by ending its dependency on fossil fuels investing instead in renewable energy and creating jobs in the process. the green new deal is massive economic mobilization at a scale that we have not seen in this country since world war 2 that is an effort to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs. i'm curious to find out whether real political change is possible with people power alone particularly by those so young. i've come to the sunrise boston. there are 204 hubs like this spread across the nation. here every month 60 sunrise members gather to share experiences and get behind the cause. welcome your 2nd
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husband it. i mean i guess it's the way. they're. every thing. that. i get that was. the hubs give people of all backgrounds an opportunity to come together and voice their concerns every single person who decided to come to the scene and say as a part of this movement as a part of this greater moment in history these are young people need to be heard it's precisely because texas. broke the law. and they want to take positive steps to fix the world we live in bristol ahead of the folks who actually live in. the hopes listen to breakout groups where they plan their next actions what we think
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will actually may. high schoolers and listen we just both like their green background with the words like bring new deal and put a link in our body or something i don't interact so feel free to ignore me dear friends in high school care about climate change because of people i know know that climate change is an issue there that's not a debate to debate is how willing they are to get it and i think a lot of young people don't feel like they have the power at all to make any change if we actually come together which totally can change so many things i thought i was coming into believing and it's really a lot more than that there is energy. there and gauge do you feel the sense of urgency it's not just 6 days reality for them this is are you sure you can feel that there are. so for all the passion how effective a sunrise actually been. marshallese invited me to her to show the
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impacts on rice's had in the top tiers of power. so this was from our 1st action at nancy pelosi office in washington d.c. and as you can see there's literally hundreds of young people lining up the halls and they're carrying signs that say what is your plan our ultimate goal was to share our vision of what the green new deal is all about looking at this or seems to be a sort of plan of action right there's a there's a style that sunrise is using to achieve your goals we're really trying to embody the fact that we are young people fighting for our future and we wanted to be joyous and we wanted to be raucous and we wanted to be serious and we wanted to be determined and resolved. say that older generations chronic inactivity on environmental issues is inexcusable. the united states will. all implementation.
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the non-binding paris accord the current republic government refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem so sunrise believe they must act to make change happen that is the lie that can stop here right now and they are being heard to green generation that's risen a growing number of democrat senators now support the green new deal and sunrise have found influential political allies in socially conscious representatives like alexandria ocasio cortez this is right before representative a cousin cortez unprecedentedly joined us on her 1st day of orientation as the new congresswoman to say that we have nancy pelosi in the democratic party's back in pushing for the most progressive and ambitious energy agenda this country has ever seen this about you know the stuff here and the fact that here for you me that you
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. know that yet. but firm opposition to the green new deal remains on the 26th of march 2019 a draft of the deal was due nana mostly rejected by the republican controlled senate how did you feel when the resolution got voted down in the senate the goal of the resolution is for it to be a statement of values to chart a blueprint to lay out the projects of what would be included within the great new deal we need an attitude shift we need to put into gear and into momentum these big ideas so that we can write the policy over the next year and get these things to pass. the sunrise aimed to create momentum for their cause by directly lobbying political leaders to do it every day. sean and his team plan to doorstep andrea campbell the president of boston city council. we're told today. got it
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later down the road. work with her several other cultures to craft a resolution for a green new deal that's going to pass the city council. yes absolutely it's got. the 1st step for the group is to encourage politicians to sign a pledge promising that they will refuse money from possible companies who want them to act in their interests. over $1400.00 politicians have signed so far. as we approach the council president's office i'm struck by this group's confidence they walk straight in. just to meet you and your nationality nice to meet you or punt we're here to ask you if you could sign the no fossil fuel money pledge absolutely i mean i will say before even you know sign this thank you for your advocacy. work this stuff doesn't happen by accident if people aren't showing up so happy simply just to pay happy to do this i just want to say thank you. so it's not
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just a movement where there and confronting a lot of hostility they're actually getting support and encouragement and warmth really from politicians. i think we lead by example and i know i do and so by saying let's do this signing on and committing we hope that others will follow our lead it's impressive to see these young people having genuine success in the halls of power having meetings like this is really refreshing because it shows that we do have allies out there that we can be working within the system to promote change that we want to see in the world and this job if you look at. the sunrise movement is clearly influential and it's getting results where it matters most. their ultimate goal is to convince the majority of congressmen and women to sponsor the green new deal. so when the next government is elected in 2020 the bill has the weight of support to make it policy the center is movement is asking for
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a lot and they're asking for it quickly critics say they're too idealistic preferred. problem as massive as climate change if we do need ambitious radical solutions now. the. past 2 days environmentalists cite risings of the past as proof that incredible social change really is possible. in 1000 i strained britain the suffragettes campaign for women to have the right to vote with a rallying cry of deeds not words they often resort to extreme acts. at some racecourse family davidson even gave her life for the course. these tactics worked in 1020 eight's women won equal rights.


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