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young men like holly and marvie cannot move within the country they settled in the old romantics teaches snus has turned into a lack of the basic human right to have a nationality. and you say hey you're high up in national law well higher than a man did you see amanda. yes they. would have run and run out of new england. and the lot get one of woman. then it was certainly been. well ironical sheer harpo was in the lead in so i didn't. know her an issue about the. man i mean there were i'm a jew muslim and only were underage and see i'm anderson. thank
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. god that. is not. just. like palestinian refugees across lebanon unregistered people can't get work but it's limited to relatively low paid jobs and normal government services are closed to them. my feeling is so we. settle for what i live in the land of the cv and most of the valley. thank you. must not be any kind of matter.
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you know. he said he. said was not in our lives and if he had and how this. mother must have elizabeth who. is evident. in the cause of. i became a runaway mama. no come on i have the number that shows that.
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there are between 405-0000 tribe members across lebannon with around 25000 in the bekaa valley. where you'd work hard to preserve their traditions and community but if the old tribal social networks become weakened the elders aren't always able to maintain their former role of upholding law and order. the. fish on the battlefield. for female audience and say you feel if you must walk to be. 100. feet by to listen to she me with melody is a few and then looked i mean it was like
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a. monk and it did. man dog daddy ma understood how to fly and. they will bother. people. fearful. who she. mistook the boy. from one of conflict as a sucker. commish you can mean he.
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is ocean but. i don't. know joe was a charlatan on the national day. to command a man had a man had a mission it had. more of it i didn't believe and i should have waited. have. you seen fear. it. would. show. fear. does what a little. i love
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it done. but this news will. do the. work. in connection. with. the 1940 with the last change to lebanese nationality long. run a militia to. so now. i'm out. of a good will is how does the able to tell i don't know what i'm looking at genocide alan kohler people as the navy must. you know sort of.
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the home of the. well hello not 3. but they appreciate. how the job. the only form of id young unregistered men like ali have to not get is a card from the mayor of to believe us called in at the station to see that they live in the town and if you wash in a visual image of. the bill years. you'll learn. a lot of the machinery that i came home let me out i'm in name only missing out of how little harder but how he and if shalit another lame. little fish alan. the 2nd is b.s. to come 2nd to b.s. . because it was
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a. clear motherboard and maybe joel. gannett. i omitted i should say and i was. listening as a method to about archie we'll see what other valid near. balad where there isn't that easy. how has been around mt. study without a study of that if. you know how to build out the drought how does it feel after. we've had your with of me it was. started by. rice well if you've been involved in a vocal all of. the shots on the. be done by the. dad if i'm
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tied up most time doesn't feel. a lot after tyler so we already won an issue mindless be mindless be to have been me when i had so when no one must address their nominee to harry martin an issue. by you know i will bother no one but the muscle behind me has shifted. and you hold it. up to a minute and. a mallam you know how cesium out in my view that it was a fool of you was it. how yet so law doesn't seem stardoll never saw a menace man in the lineage to do. said he had to be a tree. and see here. to hey don't bother
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name kids she. the police came to my head and shout if you know. many. women a little money if you minimize that it's a lot about saying i'm sad to see how do i live. by 2 feet meaning. how do i didn't get a mission such a. mission that will bother. with the incision. over. the 7 different police this. ritual that giordano told you and. the how. many doctors and singularly the. kid you did learn whether that will
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bother them but usually flew. in 1904 live in these governments naturalized thousands of people including some of the of our a tribe today they live relatively stable lives. but many tribe members were not naturalized some didn't apply because they didn't want to serve in the army or simply couldn't see the benefit others didn't believe the lebanese government was serious about naturalizing people like them. for the family being unregistered has been disastrous to the fun of than i am an artist name the size sort of mana. factor sort of modern medical say you saw
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a female model of. what i now know were the knowledge you had now you might have a guinea going on why should an emotional weenie on his outer room for that are a thought oh no no no we're all figured out in the asha theater had a tin ear and they were somewhat damn forward now on the search for. janet mere hours after the armistice for the she how old was he on with us and on our journey . to get. us melicent going to al gore i have a normal me him and i we him shall we talk. for a man on it but not only when i'm by the father than it is you a she and all of ours are ordinal with the other 9 or not and i gag for 13 no. them no psych at all below now you lay on me i'm alas adamant. why i have none i'm in and how we're going to know and. none are meant how does this year as i did on the search for as it were there been without
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a doubt if you can says what they're going to vanish. oh my how we learn them says for some one can while the action one can. get into the. other side and how we have been on. shall see it in. that you. could see the colors on a muscle on. i could but again it out up i mean i could come out i'm cinema comedy about it i'm a time of year. to have a thought that if she learned the last but the whole i was out i was out and had. been a search for father to we haven't hunted haven't i been auntie and if you could be at the level of banish why. we're sort of your kid and i love made available affection and. while a fickle ability on the. capability of. vanity had given him to get.
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at it out of it didn't we show it all which is to me that as you feel me and him did make you. feel i'm going to fit in i was light enough for the. better we're there she answered. and you can last side is i think a shift but i see it and i can undergo them i can understand if you are them and so i will and you can go in for them on the monitor are going to tide me to meet our. animal any on the top. of the lot and a young cynic him big gives you michael j. michael j. . crew jim and the howler a fossil. so out of all your home. i leave it. this is so it should though it. were a whole year before the haven started at the moment. she was there. but
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they would have said this you know. i think it is. the greatest hardship is not being able to move freely within lebanon to be imprisoned and to believe another one but of the biggest thing i love you know it was for me a little feel for so much along amir hatlen cannot. stand and always have and which because she could she went out of europe and asia. should i mean it was.
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the work of a year. long gotten a lot of you know a lot of initiative been looted. you know silent and finished some of those even some of the internet we had a helmet. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell
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with the crowds in tahrir square talking. so. if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. in 2012 al-jazeera traveled to iraq people who are definitely scared to speak on camera they're saying that if they talk to us they think they'll be arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under u.s. occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq had turned into a battleground between the mahdi army and the americans rewind returns to iraq after the americans on al-jazeera. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can only
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produce identifying and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on. the big picture to kill the world according to ai exposes the bias inside the machine coming soon on 000. hello i'm a star with the headlines on al-jazeera to render modi's b j p party has been reelected with a massive landslide win in the indian parliamentary election modi told supporters in new delhi that he's got a mandate to build a new india so hell raman is in the capital. it's expected that on friday the election commission of india will formally announce that the b j p r the largest
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winning party in india's 17th general election b j p have secured at least 300 seats and is expected along with partners to round about $350.00 seats in the lok sabha to $72.00 is the magic marker of course but now what with the absolute majority as far as. we are expecting the cabinet to meet with the prime minister to discuss the next few steps aleck's few days ahead which will obviously include choosing a new cabinet obviously swearing in parliamentarians and obviously addressing the needs of the wants of the indian public in all the issues at hand for the economy to health to national security that they want addressing by the end of friday a prime minister modi and the existing cabinet have been invited to the president's residence for a formal dinner before they leave office in terms of this particular parliament or before they are sworn back is now the trumpet ministration is being accused of
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trying to bypass a congressional ban on weapons sales to saudi arabia is concerned that u.s. secretary of state mike and other senior aides may use a loophole allowing the president to approve a sale without the approval of congress. and libya warplanes have bombed the offices of a breakaway faction of one of the country's 2 competing governments no one was hurt in the attack the building is used by members of the brook based house of representatives who moved to tripoli soon after the war for hafter began his attack on the capital in april the united nations backs the tripoli based government. the wiki leaks founder julian assange is facing new charges in the u.s. bringing the total to $18.20 the website published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department swedish prosecutors are trying to extradite a son from the u.k. to face a rape charge while those are the headlines now back to al-jazeera wild. over
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a tribe was once the magic and move seasonally between syria and lebanon. everyone knew one another even if they didn't always know when they were born or how old they burn and not having an idea it was not a problem. but their life as wandering herdsman changed as national borders and politics forced them to settle in towns and villages many in the bekaa valley in central lebannon. today everything revolves around an id card without it their non existence since settling the upgrade have gone through the process of applying for lebanese nationality some have succeeded but others are still waiting for the political decisions necessary to grant them identity and legal status as
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tribal structures are inevitably gradually eroded religion can still bind people and communities together. a deal is done an interview in the summer i didn't have. the money. and. i got. another. and so on the nominee to head out time a hapless nominee was about down the onion has and i'm. not a lady i've laid the. slush on. sunday with the. low.
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the. the. the. yeah or the. the. the. the. by the side of the general i never the. night i saw tyler hamilton. but i know gallup now i had to. have been annoyed about 2 anomalous yet i'll
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tell you i just met. when nomadic tribe fettle there's always a danger that their old social organizational network might break down. the tribe might no longer be the center of life so the bonds of kinship that used to bind families to their community might be weakened or disappear. but simply b.s. many traditions and their reputation for journalists hospitality seem to have survived especially during religious festivals or when they're receiving guests. it's. the most or rather. know. when they're
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not. going to another. or do they have no knowledge of the be heard. you know my bad behavior now middle of numbing myself as a. husband who had actually gotten into the. mother. and her lover. that i. was 7. looking. for.
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and. distorted. but it would have moved you to the deal should not. he. was more feel. ok that didn't shoot me in the foot she. doesn't visit with his official what do i do to put it but then know if you should let go. and i haven't and the reason why but they're going to and will be remembered. better even time is ready of a time of mother ted look at the time. i got to. want to share some of. my mean i'm sorry i painted my son we should how do you. think mr harry and i've
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been up. in the how can i paint on suffering and. i'm an inventor. not wonder no one. i know that i did i didn't mean. to be and she too has a role in settling certain types of disputes and being consulted in matters like marriage and divorce and i'm not out of them at this. and not a lot of. women have a lot of the feel. you have a lot of them to all. feel. and i feel sort of you not.
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understand honestly. who will come. out on the common we're going to. have to plan on and do it in advance. you've got on with the up with the. kind of lives who can shoot. what i had to give have a van and. be one of the lucky to have them and it's one of the idea of how to. give how do we. sort of with the toilet one of the very very well. said well we're not but i would have thought of it.
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when you give us we're minutes. to do to you. and she not only can get away with. for the job was impossible. but there was a high live one before the decision and one that says you. know what the now be art of on mosab a militia we have nothing is the dealing with don't. and alabama mr home up to now we shall. see you know we have been my dear was another buzz. but how coding is in my family come of it. or. how about.
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talking about how we know the war we. know is a museum or not. there with. the if you had there was a mule and. i shared. with you. your own life.
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out. of a deal rather than a given. normally i was out of. the rhythm of to hear. a lot. of us a lot of that until and. how was i. with him and that is. a lack of nationality makes people are highly vulnerable social group denied basic human rights like freedom of movement and access to education public health care and employment. m.r.i. . the. that.
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they can live in fear of being arrested and detained for lack of documentation. of all nationality confers value on a person by the state it confirms an individual's affiliation to that country in return for their protection by the states. am i dumped out of the river that i clearly can with officially a man. but i had one have very few she took me to merely to let meet them is i said helen what i want to she. said. then. you. know what is year and i've been here then and an election i'm sure should be fairly easy and i need to have the whole we're at the ugly old don't know they don't call us alice personalise we had to learn all that on my agency and member.
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but see them of the only. modest lot of mama bones. about them in. my stable that were shipped to los angeles the bill should get them out. and she was the one among those. community so it is a. claim can all that settlement with it so you. should be one of them because we have a glioma good lady our number lived them. along with a lot sort. of a good living and how mr i've been that of us. a lot. about.
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this man i have a dollar not good what are not good what i have no good what i am. and then i. go on and you go. and fight for the law in the. last month i don't know where the shot i'm to know in addition to them. we are since you of a she we start then if i can she can with. i'm not the one but the bilious love you know the most immediately a little midfield person i'd love amir hated internet pushing stand and always have fun because she does she did she went out of europe in asia and the internet should
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already have us. and she might think down the mark foley. button have brought the missed nothing up laugh in the winter that. year though you alan feuer silent and finished some of the clean kill though if you missed some of them to that we had a hell me. was . was. i will have them get the call you reminding him about a meeting and a meal with other men in the tribal community.
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no i don't know young man only on my feet and now i know how do i know how not shy at it and i thought by the yeah i know i might have them i thought i might have
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been to the piano i don't know what to. do what i'm. not avoiding to basso to put out on a beautiful big. show how do you how do. you know so bam to help out the bit. you know. no no. no no no no no. no no measurable him and i am in the house i am here because i am if you call him i have to be open and by now i shall do well enough to know how when i don't know how we're not. going to cut overhead we're never gonna be how the when and how do you have the i mean how big are the one i'm. going to have that take this to condemn this one when i can in a moment that i've been one of don't know i got mad haven't had time i had to be i knew. i knew i had to tone up this i'm moment about.
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i don't want to get past. the just. the stuff out. there was i. was sort of the. idea is. this if you have. to have had it with us with that. sort of thing for that to be a. going to be here would be a lot of time has been but i don't know but i imagine we ended up putting. it up i thought. it was the conflict knowing that if it looks like i'm not. ok. but other than what i don't know. but
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it's only a 3rd of. them are buzzing with the back of the one that. i was. left. with that. will be. the year. by the way. would you see here. any. court of. law to be a 1000000 c or not of others.
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nor. are we he he can see how we hear that says we. as i only him but the simple to see how we do as a. and then how we saw the clarity said my father that he must said and i want to share with you how we want to live a little more than a girl by the. little guy in the dark with fall in love with the idea that we've got a pretty low of course hierarchy or in any of the i that if i we're just savior now you look on and. you consume a question here i'd be on the do i have though i've now allow a mile or 2 a day will hire. a lawyer the lawyer. i should eat enough. 2 enough will power. i would lose by.
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the. minute the enough. to. be the one with all the. money all the litter. the clothes the old all the little the on the on off the cars on the floor. i don't have many i'm going to 1000000 the minimum mad that i'm going to. and the hunt and the d.n.c. when i think that i and i live near blast and i'm in a new way and we get down there are we 1 may how we can manage and see the many and many and in the beautiful good and nathan on and on in a mini nobody you
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a 1000000 any of us on a snowy. many one knew it but. many of us and i would. call. it. interview with the. mahdi and died he muttered live in a country where status miss continues to pass from one generation to another while nationality laws don't change. lebannon spall it takes our labyrinthine but the plight of the upgrade highlights an urgent need to reform its outdated laws in line with internationally recognized standards of human rights. law and.
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al-jazeera was goes on a roller coaster journey in iran and discovered its football can empower refugee community itself police and identity. i'd like to prove to the world comes to public i will be able to prove myself to my colleagues from friends and myself was able to decide to charge afghan units on al-jazeera. we understand the different strains. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it down to 0 it will bring in the news and current events that matter to you.
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we've got the weather quieting down now across the middle east about time to still a few showers into afghanistan up towards tech made a stab at clear skies starting to spill away back across iran into iraq but we want to show is a little more cloud just coming across cyprus that eastern side of the mediterranean syria lebanon jordan but we'll see a little bit of cloudy weather as we go on through friday into saturday bright skies come back a bit higher touch fresher to just 40 back around 4 or 5 degrees in the process that cloud will spill its way towards iraq $45.00 in baghdad already nothing there $25.00 in kabul still a few showers there up towards tashkent and also towards our math a pakistan stay strong and sunny it stays dry and sunny to across much of the arabian peninsula brought to skies now some parts of saudi arabia who are its chance of catching the rather southern end of the red sea but for many it will be settled and sunny 40 in riyadh here in doha will touch around 37 celsius over the
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next couple of days plenty of hazy sunshine fabolous on should see way into southern africa mozambique could still see a few showers into those central areas on friday and also into west sassed a further south there's a warm sunshine coming back in capetown with a top temperature of 23. people have to weigh your record on this trial in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story isn't there no one can really feel sorry i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling fun the world is watching wife there's lots of brazen here join me man the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. big story generated thousands of headlines with
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different angles from different perspectives to separate the spin from the facts with the listening post on al-jazeera. the toll fine thanks.
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2 ringback ready
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2 2 2 ringback. india's prime minister narendra modi will form a new cabinet after his b j p party is re-elected with a landslide majority. i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon meets sudan's military leaders
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a move that could spark more protests in khartoum. every tree is celebrates its independence day for the 1st time since it signed a peace deal with neighboring ethiopia but rights groups warn of widespread abuses and sri lanka's president pardoned among convicted of inciting violence against muslims. india's foreign minister narendra modi b j p party has won a landslide reelection victory with most of the 600000000 votes counted the b j p s secured my joy seen parliament and this gets modi a powerful mandate to implement his new india vision which promises a strong economy and a more influential role in international affairs so hell raman reports from new delhi. he is on course to win a 2nd term as prime minister of india he arrived at his governing b.g.p. headquarters late on thursday evening jubilant by what his party had achieved.
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today we witnessed from every nook and corner of the country filling this beggar's i banged my head for india's 1300000000 citizens. but celebrations of beach. headquarters began early in the day and vote counting wasn't even over yet the votes of hundreds of millions of indians were tallied and candidates and their agents are focusing on the district centers and each constituency. the election commission says the turnout was the largest in indian election history more than 600000000 people voted out of the 900000000 who are eligible to take part in the 6 week election the issues a clear for some. people have voted for nationalism for the good of the country and for development work. they trust. is the only person who can fight.
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corruption this is the reason only and yes recently marking as a prime minister. this election has been one of the most divisive in recent years i think the security issue has been protected in a way that people's imagination was fixed. and then you start feeding them constantly. so it seems that in the post independence india the 1st time for the 1st time security issue has become such a big issue in india the opposition have congratulated modi many. during the campaign i said the people will decide who will rule the country and they have made a decision firstly let me congratulate prime minister murray i must also thank my party workers for putting up a tough fight a battle is of ideology and vision and the people seem to have chosen to be j.p. . for now it's a moment for the j.p. supporters to say. joins us live from new delhi. victory for
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the big j.p. defying all expectations when do we expect an official formal announcement. yes we were expecting an announcement hopefully but that didn't happen they were still counting the votes of course the extra level of security. all of the polling stations in terms of the way the votes were cast and recorded with the electronic voting machines and the paper trail and a paper trail was collated with the electronic voting machines to make sure the right number of people cast the right number of votes on the machines that's when the election commission notarize those results on various candidates were confirmed as of the winners 302 seats that the j.p. is comparator confirmed to have now folly that means they have an absolute majority and with their other allies across the country we expect that figure to reach around 350 you mentioned in your introduction of course that. to talk about the economy and its new vision for india joining me now is professor shruti from the
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university of cambridge we've been talking about the economy all morning because it's the one issue that the prime minister and the b j p didn't want to discuss during the election campaign now they're talking the talk but will they walk the walk in the next 5 years where they find out i think it was a interesting spoke yesterday for his speech 45 minutes long speech he spoke very little about the economy it was very much about the new identity of the leader but of course it's one of the biggest concerns that will face the problem mr because india has historic unemployment rates at the moment very very demanding aspirational young population which is what it behind him so it'll be interesting to see how he does that and it's big business that has to support today who would be keen to see reforms and of joining back of welfare of course of india is going to prosper it is through the economy and there are various stories here when we look at the monetize ation and how that's affected the agrarian economy with the
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big 501000 pianos taken in 2016 in 2018 i think tank suggested that 18000000 jobs have been lost it's all about creating the possibilities for a better future for all and that's the real the difficult thing for any incoming government you're right he said i mean i think it's interesting that the monetizing . very controversial a failure a big ticket take that that he did the last time he did not pay for it electorally and that is one of the questions that i think analysts will have to address that even though the economy was doing very badly on the agrarian front on the on the unemployment and with that somehow people have riposte faith again and more the to do to actually do something with the economy what that will be is unclear for sure because the baby should be manifested and give very clear indication on it nor did the prime minister's speech yesterday that. often promise lots of things to the electorate but the image modi the brand. is something that the international
3:55 pm
community of kept a very close eye on how will that attitude change how the relationship changed between him india and the international community know well it's a fast changing international scenario with iran with the u.s. with china but i think at one level modi has as a lead the globe a populist nationalist wave that has come to a mass democracies in the world so in some senses mode he will be in very i would say like minded companies for want of a better term but i also think there are real foreign policy challenges whether it is china or whether it is pakistan but also iran a long time ally off india that india has in a way shown some distance to at the moment so it'll be very interesting to see what modi does in changing international and economics to see what happens professor kabila thanks very much for joining us from cambridge university and of course surf ali what we are expecting on friday is that the election commission will sometime later in the afternoon we expect now as we're getting very close to those last few constituencies being declared will declare. and of course the beach a.p.
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the winners of the 17th the general election. confirmed scenarios are the cabinet is in government right now will have a formal dinner with the president it's a normal statutory thing where the president says thank you for your service goodbye whatever the new. government is whatever the new cabinet is in a few days time they will be sworn in and welcomed in again by the president but for the moment we keep a very close eye on the election commission and the final declaration of who has won as we know the 17th general election here in india thank you very much for that sale raman live for us in new delhi. in other world news sunday arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sama has met the deputy head of sudan's transitional military council their brains and general mohamed have done die going to discuss corp between the 2 countries and other issues affecting the region meanwhile back in sudan doctors engineers and artists have rallied on the streets of khartoum demanding a transition to
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a civilian government protesters have voiced concern that regional powers are trying to influence the future of saddam but the end of all things for now we're marching through our voices can be heard and to form the sudanese people that we are all on no matter what the circumstances we started a strong revolution and will continue with the same strength i demand all fall under the establishment of a civil state. this march which is organized by the sudanese professionals association with so we could all participate and stress that we will go on a political strike and civil disobedience to support the position by the sudanese people and the opposition groups negotiating in the name of the sudanese people. eritrea is marking its 1st independence day since the peace deal was reached with neighboring ethiopia last year the government has moved to bronx social media platforms ahead of celebrations the reason is unclear but there is speculation the
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government might be trying to prevent people from organizing protests let's speak to matt bryden knowledges the chairman and city chick advisor research which is a political think tank covering the horn of africa he joins us via skype from nairobi kenya thank you so much for being with us matt so these are the 1st independence day celebrations since a decades long border war between ethiopia and eritrea ended in july 20. year ago what has changed in your view for every tree and the retreat ends in this last year and is there cause for celebration. i think this is the paradox of eritrea and this certainly is cause for celebration in that a peace deal with ethiopia has been reach sanctions on eritrea have been lifted and the country is now in a position to open up to the rest of the world. the flipside of that to perhaps the surprising part is that very little seems to have changed actually within eritrea
3:59 pm
itself despite all of these variables the developments in the system of government remain autocratic and extremely repressive. the question of closing social media eritrea as one of the poorest information communications technology platforms on the continent. perhaps 7075000 years or years not more than one and a half percent of the population have access to the internet so this raises the question what could the government be afraid of in such low penetration and access to social media on independence day. moreover eritrean jermain subject to national service indefinite conscription and service in the armed forces or other tasks that the government might decide to work at and as a result we see that the exodus of traits in our country is still at least on the
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ethiopian border approximately $250.00 people every day fleeing to america trade zone $11.00 and every trade is future should be looking brighter but there's no sign on the ground of tangible improved amat to what about the new iraq peace and cooperation with ethiopia that was promised ethiopian prime minister has been very much promoting our regional approach is i think the wacky on board with that. well eritrea has. welcomed. prime minister after his gesture and we've seen a more open eritrean foreign policy with visits of senior government officials and party officials to many countries in the region so i think on the from the from the outside eritrea.


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