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her own party were demanding that she quit now that she has many of those same critics have now praised her dignity and determination i found it moving actually i think that we know the promises but our heart and soul is trying to do the best for this country at a difficult time facing a challenging climate in parliament many of those currently paying tribute are keen to succeed her in the top job more than a dozen conservative m.p.'s could contest the leadership with the new prime minister emerging by the end of july but parliament then takes a 6 week recess and some observers see the whole process as self-indulgent with the october 31st deadline approaching we're wasting the time that's been a lot of to us we are wasting good will and the next prime minister will have no different arithmetic from theresa may the same problems in parliament getting the deal 3 are the same promise in parliament if they try to get no deal the opposition labor party is demanding a general election is a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another
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opportunity for the people of this country to decide who that want to be in the government how they want the government to run what the long term strategy is that government i think we did a general election in brussels reaction to the resignation was diplomatic presence younker followed prime minister mace and now instruments this morning without personal joy the president very much liked and appreciated working with prime minister may and as he has said before terrorism a woman of courage for whom she has great respect choosing to resubmit a successor is a 2 stage process with conservative m.p.'s 1st with lean down the candidates to a final 2 and then a postal ballots of the party's wider membership choosing the winner the early frontrunner is boris johnson who has massive support among the 125000 grassroots conservative members but he enjoys less support among parliamentary colleagues the party's internal divisions were once again generate international repercussions it
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was bracks it which marked the beginning and end of teresa mayes premiership bracks it will certainly mark out her successor paul brennan al-jazeera. more now from natasha but on the european union's reaction to mrs may's resignation. well the big question for european union leaders is what does to reason may's resignation mean for brig's it we've heard from the french president a man calling for rapid clarification spain's prime minister says that for him it looks as if our heart breaks it is the most likely outcome my limbs prime minister very concerned about what it would mean for ireland talking about entering into now a very dangerous period indeed britain was supposed to be leaving the european union this year was post effect in march that was delayed then at a summit in april e.u. leaders and theresa may agreed on a new airline of october 31st but of course european leaders do not know who they will now be dealing with who will replace to resume a will it be
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a hard line breaks it is so to speak anything that is certain is that the european commission spokesperson says that there will be no new renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement but there is no doubt that sense of frustration that has been there within the e.u. circles for many months now and years over the break that process is only getting worse terry's amazing legacy will be defined by the continued fallout over breaks it but it wasn't her only challenge the risley takes a look back at her time in office. so well the new prime minister from the political chaos that followed the brushwood referendum set out her agenda which suggested a bold change of direction for the governing conservative party we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us. that will be the mission of the government i lead and together we will build
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a better britain. she been the home secretary in charge of the police immigration and security for several years with a reputation for high. hard work competence respected but not loved by colleagues but as prime minister less than a year into the job it was her decision to call and a necessary election and that was the beginning of the endless campaign was an inspiring stories a maze message repeated so often that you trust to have a strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership that strong and stable government the results well her face said it that night she and the conservatives clung to power but their majority was gone and so was her authority she was not a personality politician in the same way and jenny called even david cameron was she doesn't believe in personality politics and that becomes harder and harder than the age of social media and old timidly the country never fell in love with theresa
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may it tolerated her and the party tolerated her and the challenge now is to find someone who can lead the country but also bring some fades and dynamism it's been lacking in recent years restless colleagues sensed opportunity then foreign minister boris johnson amount of power. undermined her repeatedly with less than coded criticism of what he saw as her too cautious approach to brecht's it. then came the policy speech where almost everything went wrong the interrupting prankster the coughing the letters showing off the sound behind her none of it her fault but it created a fatal impression that not only was her resume incompetents she was also unlucky the windrush scandal the violations of the rights of people from the west indies who had come to britain decades ago only to find themselves at risk of deportation because of policies established by may when she was home secretary did her no good either so much for a country that works for everyone and i want to dispel any impression that my
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government is in some sense counting down the world systems particularly those in the caribbean. and life here for. today there because we're going to be story in. the us but bricks it proved impossible for her to manage the supposed hard liner accuse of flip flopping between the 2 warring sides in her party unable to make a decision about whether she wanted the u.k. a little bit in or completely else of the european union in the end she was undone by indecision to the last $319.00 so the no politics at the top is always lonely and perhaps a challenge was impossible to make a success of bricks it's well holding together a party at war with itself lawrence lee al jazeera in london. french counterterrorism police are investigating an explosion in the city of little at least 8 people were injured in the blast near
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a bakery in the city center the interior minister has called for increased security across the country police have released an image of the suspect into calling for witnesses to come forward. we've got a lot more to come on this news hour including improving access or a threat to security the controversy over kenya's new biometric id cards. new york becomes the latest u.s. state trying to end religious exemptions for parents who don't want to vaccinate their children. and the big names for the french open peter looks ahead to the year's 2nd grand slam. so rahm opposed will be sworn in for a full term in south africa's president on saturday he took office last year after jacob zuma resigned over corruption allegations but after winning elections earlier
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this month rahm opposer now has his own mandate to govern and as for media miller reports from pretoria he has many challenges ahead yes i do accept that. earlier this week son in rome of course i was elected unopposed by parliamentarians as the 5th president of south africa while the african national congress won 57 percent of the vote in may's election it was the party's worst performance in 25 years of democracy observers say the governing party supporters suffered due to the poor delivery of services infighting and corruption scandals while revelations of the extent of state corruption in an inquiry that began last year has shocked south africans some accuse the a.n.c. of protecting its own but i know that when those interests are about shielding those we need to take accountability for the time that has come before us for those who took from one nation i wish to say we will be holding you to account for those
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members were looted from our country actually c.j. . from a course of former trade unionist and business tycoon has been credited with leading the a in. into a new dawn but some argue that he's not yet taken firm control of a fractured governing party he appears to be some uncertainty as deputy president david mark who's a hospice bonet being sworn into parliament a boozer is one of $22.00 people the agency's ethics committee has singled out for bringing the party into disrepute i'm a poor has promised to trim an inflated cabinet which in recent years has cost taxpayers millions of dollars the president's under pressure to rid the cabinet of underperforming ministers many of us political appointments they're poor men of the cabinet were be a major indication of. whether to be bowed or not but certainly
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you can maintain the status quo south africa struggling with a poorly performing economy and a 27 percent its highest unemployment rate ever as south africa tackles unfavorable economic conditions the government's been criticised for spending millions of dollars on a pause as inauguration many south africans say it's unnecessary but there appears to be some compromise ceremony won't take place at the traditional venue the union bold ings in pretoria but instead here at the loftus festival stadium the government says that will save taxpayers more than $7000000.00. as an arm up or so i was sworn in in parliament ahead of his inauguration there was no shouting or heckling that often characterized the zuma era perhaps a new start for a government that faces the old challenges of poverty and inequality for media miller al-jazeera pretoria. engine easy enough as candid. is challenging the
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result of last month's presidential election in court trouble as lawyers filed the appeal saying he lost because of widespread cheating official results showed president joko widodo won the vote we see election commission called free and fair that the results be met with violent protests with at least 73 killed and 200 others injured andrew thomas has more from jakarta a middle back crowd arriving at the constitutional court in the heart of jakarta a lawyer for both ruby and the defeated presidential candidate who found out earlier this week officially from the electoral commission that he had lost and lost badly to the presidential power without while he disputes that he says that the election was systematically raped and that is what his lawyers are here at the constitutional court to claim to have been some fear that the lawyers when they arrived here model rife with protesters and those protesters could turn violent
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earlier in the week in jakarta there were big protests riots really and a number of people were killed well those scenes thankfully haven't been repeated on friday it has been a big place and soldier presence right across jakarta all day on friday was certainly ready for a mass rally it hasn't happened for lawyers arrived on their own and this is the beginning of the legal process to dispute the election result. a u.s. charge has blocks president trump from building sections of his border war with mexico the preliminary injunction prevents the president from spending a $1000000000.00 in pentagon funds earmarked for anti drug efforts on the proposed wall. declared a national emergency in february after congress refused to approve funds for the wall democrats say that was a misuse of presidential power. a u.s. federal judge has blocked an abortion lower mississippi that forbids terminations
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after the detection of a heartbeat it comes as the state of alabama is sued over its recent ban on abortion the american civil liberties union and planned parenthood launched legal action the ban much of it is no exceptions for rape or incest was signed last week but is not taking effect the alabama legislations nationwide protests. i mean as of outbreak in the united states has officials looking for ways to get more children vaccinated the shots are already required to attend school but most states allow exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons christen salumi has more from new york where there is a movement to change that. the latest measles outbreak in the united states is concentrated in orthodox jewish neighborhoods of new york like here in borough park brooklyn there's nothing about the vaccine which has been proven safe and effective in eliminating the disease that is contrary to the jewish faith in fact religious
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leaders have been at the forefront of urging members to vaccinate still this local elected official thinks people should have the option of opting out on religious grounds it is just a dangerous precedent we will be opening a pandora's box 1st amendment issues with the state senator brad hoyle men is sponsoring legislation to eliminate the religious exemption in new york just like california did after a 2015 outbreak of course you have a 1st amendment right to practice your religious beliefs in this country and that it sank or sank but you do not as the supreme court has said time and time again have the right to endanger your children or worse someone else's child all but 3 states allow parents to opt out of vaccinating their children on religious grounds even though none of the major religions in this country are against vaccinations here in new york it's as easy as filling out a form and bringing it to your local school for approval. but now several like new
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york are reconsidering the why when we vaccinate our children alexander rapoport took part in new york's pro-vaccine ad campaign and runs a local social services agency but he thinks a limiting the religious exemption will simply fuel the conspiracy theories that lead to the destroy. as to vaccines it gives the entail vaccinations a platform they say you see what they're doing to they're closing down your schools they're getting rid of the religious exemption there so then. instead of you. being seen as a friend someone to take advice from you being alienated i am concerned that the measles outbreak will continue to grow eliminating the religious exemption has raised vaccination rates in california the number of children seeking medical exemption is there has tripled the bill sponsors are hoping to bring it to
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a vote before the legislative session ends in june kristen salumi al jazeera brooklyn new york still to come on the news hour calls for a general strike in sudan the opposition's latest move to push the military to hand over power. and the maritime tribe you know in germany is due to deliver its decision in a naval dispute between russia and ukraine. and a chilly day in the saddle for the riders on their 0 to talia peta has more in sport. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. you know welcome back to international weather forecasts where across china we have seen plenty of rain and the rain is
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going to be on the increase by the time we get to the end of the weekend we do have a flow that is coming in from the south bringing a lot of moisture here from the south china sea up towards the north so what you can see here to the north very heavy rain and it's on the increase as we go towards sunday shanghai your rain is going to increase your temp is going down to about $24.00 degrees there for hong kong though it is going to be a rainy as well this humid day with a temperature of 30 but feeling much warmer than that well here across parts of the philippines heavy rain is expected for manila over the next few days we do expect to see a temperature there of 34 rain continue for much of the region and by the time we get towards sunday the rain continues pushes across towards the west as well holtzmann we expect to see off and on rain few $33.00 degrees and speaking of rain it is the month it is that time of the year for months soon a rain to begin down here across much of southern india for sri lanka though it has begun for colombo the rain is going to continue and we do expect to see a time to $31.00 degrees up here towards kolkata a passing shower at $38.00 and for katmandu heavy rain in your forecast at $31.00
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but to the north it remains dry from new delhi all the way over here towards a perp with a temperature of $44.00 degrees. the weather is sponsored by cattle and weighs. in a good fight. when the boat struck many died and many reste to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of the local film make us see people making sacrifices. mentioned this is what i want to want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you want. to take a look at the headlines here at al-jazeera the white house has moved to bypass congress to sell billions of dollars in arms to allies in the middle east the secretary of state says it's to deter iranian aggression. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have already put their names forward to become the next british prime minister as off to theresa may announce should step down on june the 7th
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ending 3 tumultuous years in a. lawyers for the defeated indian easy enough position candidate for. so we have filed a lawsuit challenging the result of last month's presidential election official results showed president joker widodo won the vote that preferred says he lost because of widespread cheating. india's prime minister in iran dermody has pledged to take his country to new heights after leading his party to a landslide reelection victory the official vote count shows movies right wing b j p party swept to victory taking 303 seats out of a possible 542 the main opposition congress party led by rahul gandhi trailed far behind it won only 52 seats that are still up from an all time low of 44 seats 5
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years ago the remaining 187 seas are divided among thousands of other parties a record number of women were and the new parliament 78 seats are gone to female candidates so that's so well below the global average of nearly one in 4 female representatives but the victory gives modi a powerful mandate to implement his nationalist vision so how raman reports from new delhi. india woke up on friday to news that the bharatiya janata party led by the rent remotely had secured an absolute majority in the 6 week long general election. b j p celebrations began on thursday when early indications suggested another wind was imminent. the election commission has been counting more than 600000000 votes cast since early on thursday and everyone is waiting for the initial announcement modi still has to be formally elected by his own party parliamentarians he's expected to meet them in a special session on saturday we need to listen to the well b.g.p.
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is celebrating the mood is very different from any opposition groups whose influence in parliament is now severely reduced given our experience. the last 5 years we kept his government on board and we showed them that we mean business we would let them have the only way we will stand up as far as people's issues are concerned will be i mean picture of operation 1st time voter has analysts suggest job creation in rural and urban areas is a topic the government needs to focus on that modi has one this victory by appealing significantly to the young and 1st time voter much like he did in 202014 but in the last couple of years unemployment has been very high and big and it will be something that he will have to address for the young as well as for the future of the country. but one senior leader says policies are working what next in terms of how. the self-employed sector all the sectors must move
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because if the impetus which is already there is the fastest growing economy has to do you mean the must produce results which will better performance at least until. the public too has those concerns that if you got a good about age of reason you should try and remove unemployment for the young of the country the problems of the villages lack of electricity water should be tackled the farmer should get more facilities and the marginal and the problem farmers get their problem solved these are the issues for money. and as the prime minister gets ready to begin his 2nd term many will be looking to see if he'll address these issues modi has received an overwhelming mandate to deliver on his pledges but it's not just domestically issues that'll be a factor in a 2nd. global financial uncertainty is something that may affect india's growth and economy and regional stability with pakistan is something that modi has to balance while appeasing his nationalist vote base so whole raman al jazeera new
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delhi. security forces have killed a rebel fighter in indian administered kashmir india's government had accused his group of being linked to al qaida sarah higher triple. 25 year olds a k mosul was one of india's most wanted men i but in indian administered kashmir he was considered a hero fighting for independence. tens of thousands attended his funeral in troll districts with many others already protesting against his death was also says we were going to do he has not been killed in our hearts he's alive we will fight until we have our freedom it's not that. he became a rebel because we are facing oppression the owner of our sisters and mothers have been violated indian forces are harassing our youngsters. the indian army
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says it shot and killed more such as hi i'm in trouble district on thursday security scenario has been managed well that has not been a me law and order incident reported so far. most of the hezbollah mujahideen one of the largest separatist groups fighting indian rule in kashmir and in 2017 declared his alliance on the cards or by forming the onslaught of those with and hand on the group during the standoff between me and the indian forces his supporters sent out a message calling on people to protect him secure mosul was a close ally to the kashmiri separatist leader but han one who is killing in 2016 triggered months of unrest and more than $100.00 civilian deaths was his killing comes at a particular sensitive time in the region which has for decades been at the center of a tussle between india and pakistan was the mobile internet services have been suspended
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schools and colleges have been asked to remain closed and the indian government has imposed a curfew so the height of. protests is in sedan have called for a general strike on tuesday. and wednesday they're trying to force the military to handover to civilian rule imran khan has more from. the long awaited announcement of a general strike has now been made it was made late on friday night with announcements from the sudanese professionals association that's number. represents i number of professionals here within sudan the strike will take place the 28 and the 29th of may and the s.b.a. and the opposition coalition are hoping that all affectively bring the entire country to a standstill and not just in the capital khartoum now the s.b.a. have said that they've been forced into this action because they haven't been able
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to come to a deal with the transitional military council they say every time they come close to a deal the transitional national council the sakes and says no we want all of a role in public political life also there's a lot of anger here from the protesters who say that they are very angry about a recent visit by the vice president of the transitional military council who went and met with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma and they say why is he meeting with them in this manner is he now the defacto leader of the sudanese people he is a t.m.c. now the effective representation that's made them very angry so they're hoping that what's going to happen in the next few days when this strike takes place that will give them the upper hand it will give them some leeway in the negotiations between the opposition coalition and the transitional military council a decision is expected later on saturday in the navel to speed between russia and
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the crane russia detains $24.00 ukrainian sail is and sees the ships since last november in the waters off the crimean peninsula the hearings taking place at the international tribunal for the north of the sea that's in hamburg the mc cains . this report. these men have been in russian custody for months held because the government in moscow accuses them of violating its territorial waters when the vessels they were on board tried to cross from the black sea into the sea of as of last november. when. the korean ships did not respond in any way to the questions of our border guards surface they trespassed into territorial waters which were russian even before crimea joined the russian federation. the sailors say they were following a longstanding agreement between ukraine and russia on sharing the waterway for their government it's the russians who are breaking the rules treating their
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sailors as criminals and denying them the protections built into international agreements governing the military at sea. yet i spoke to the parents of the men one cannot remain involved so i met the sailors mothers i will do all i can to return them it is our top priority saturday's ruling will be provisional and hinges on the way russia acted in detaining the sailors and their ships one maritime law expert believes the evidence points in one direction when it comes to the merits of the case i think that your group ukraine has a very good point by. arguing that the russian federation has violated the immunity of the warships and the military personnel on board of these ships and that essentially means the immunity of ukraine as a state this case needs to be seen in the wider context of the fraught relationship between the 2 countries the ceasefire in place on ukraine's eastern border with
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russia remains patchy international monitors there report regular violations of the truce from both pro russian and pro ukrainian sides both governments say they want the minsk agreement to be implemented but they have been saying that a few years when this body makes its ruling its decision will be legally binding but it has absolutely no power to enforce it which means it's questionable quite how much he russia will pay to the final verdict dominic kane al-jazeera at the international tribunal for the law of the sea. thailand's newly elected parliament has held its 1st session since its disputed elections in march a government has yet to be formed as rival coalitions battle for more seats as that goes on in parliament one of thailand's main opposition figures is on trial out of highly reports from bangkok. addressing the new members as he
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opens thailand's parliament it follows a contentious election in march the 1st since a coup 5 years ago this week led by the current prime minister. did it is important for everyone to be truthful and work together with full abilities. prates party. is positioned to take control of the government allowing him to keep his job thanks mainly to a recently written constitution allowing the military government to appoint the 250 member upper house but they'll still have to form a coalition to reach the 376 seats needed for control of both houses and there are strong indications that they have the numbers there's a physical transition with this new parliament as well the old parliamentary building has been closed and is set to be torn down the new building was supposed to open 4 years ago but remains unfinished the king had to meet with the new members here in the ministry of foreign affairs on the eve of this opening session
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the constitutional court decided to move forward with a case against on a torn june kids his new future forward party ran on an anti who platform and did very well in the election the party is in the democratic alliance coalition with main opposition party it garnered the most votes there are multiple legal cases against the court he says there are trumped up charges by the military government and politically motivated earlier he told al-jazeera he's concerned about people losing faith in the system and look at the big picture i think it's clear the attempt to continue to be in power of the military government is that. they be willing to tax thailand to the bottom if need be for them to stay in power. some feel that this new government will be short lived mainly because of how pretty it has run the country over the last 5 years he had not been talented so in
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order to answer to the parliament he has to be more kind more polite this is not his way at all and also in terms of the latest lengthy process he will face a lot of challenge he cannot run the country by i don't feel. and pray that our eyes in parliament will also face those challenges as they try to govern now operating outside the political vacuum they enjoyed for the last 5 years many feel it will be a short term government a year or 2 and the political tension could possibly lead to public unrest it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. in taiwan more than 360 same sex couples of tied the knot to the island became the 1st place in asia to legalize gay marriage taiwan's polman to praise same sex marriage last week it follows years of debates have a marriage equality.


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