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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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to meet japan's new emperor and empress you know he became emperor on the 1st of may after his father akihito abdicated giving this historic 1st meeting to the u.s. president is being seen as a symbol of the strong alliance between the countries and a desire to keep it that way i think we'll have. a very important gift for him. to. keep a good relationship. is unlikely to be a trade agreement reached while donald trump is in japan meaning the threats and strong rhetoric may continue in the meantime japan's smaller businesses have no choice but to carry on innovating and making their own deals. well when the trade issue is looming large but what about north korea are they likely to discuss this pressing regional concern. yes i think there's no doubt that the issue will be discussed between donald trump and shinzo our band i think at the
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same time everyone will be keeping perhaps a nervous watch on the korean peninsula to see if there will be any more provocations from north korea timed with donald trump's visit to japan we've already heard from the u.s. national security advisor john bolton he's already in tokyo he spoke about the 2 missile tests that we saw from north korea earlier this month what appeared to be a new type of short range missile john bolton saying that there's no doubt those tests violated u.n. security council resolutions so some fairly strong words there from the u.s. government but he also spoke about the possibility of shinzo our meeting with kim jong un saying that that would provide substantial assistance in restarting dialogue with north korea national always been open to the idea of meeting kim jong un but he said in the past that would come with a precondition that there would need to be a guarantee that there would be some pretty substantial progress made on the issue
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of japanese of duck deeds these are japanese citizens who were taken by north korea in the seventy's and eighty's presumably to be trained as spies and north korea has returned some to japan but still there are others who are unaccounted for it's an issue that's very close to the hearts of japanese people and the prime minister himself as well he has softened his stance more recently though on that issue saying that he's now prepared to reach kim jong un without preconditions so there's no doubt that issue will also be discussed when he meets with donald trump ok when hafe and i thank you very much. at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi emirates a coalition on yemen districts in ties province the raids reportedly targeted a petrol station some of the victims were children and funerals have been held for 3 young brothers and their sister who were killed in strikes that targeted military
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sites in sana hooty run t.v. reports say that 6 civilians dies and dozens of others were injured including 2 russian health care workers beatty's have controlled the capital since 2014. votes more still to come on al-jazeera including cyril ramaphosa prepares to take the oath for his 1st full term aspect africa's presidents. a log and a welcome back to you in the national weather forecast well here across europe we have seen plenty of rain over the last couple days and unfortunately over the next you are going to be pretty much like the same we see the clouds down here particular down towards the southeast not so much the southern coast of turkey or greece will get to that just one moment but tickles your forecast map here on saturday plenty of rain all the way across parts of moscow as well putting that
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into motion from saturday to sunday the rain continues to move towards the east we've got some more rain coming out of the mediterranean bring some rain to parts of italy as well here across the iberian peninsula well by the time we end the weekend things look good there where the temperature of 27 and the temperatures across the southern part of turkey we are talking to the high thirty's from many locations well here across the northern part of africa we are looking at a lot of rain for the next several days notice anywhere from parts of algiers over here towards tunisia the rain will pretty much be along the coastal areas in algiers you are going to be seeing the rain over the next few days tunis as well. as you take a look at sunday though things get a little bit better towards the west but still lingering clouds and rain are going to be a big problem trouble you'll be in the rain as well with some clouds there but over towards cairo temperatures are coming down to normal of this time we're about $35.00 degrees there feel.
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people have to weigh your record on this trial in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel you do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no ongoing we also know you don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's a lot to graze in here join me near the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories this hour donald trump is sending $1500.00
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additional troops to the middle east as tensions with iran continue to grow their own foreign minister called the deployment of threats to international peace and security the u.s. president is also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to allies in the region. meanwhile security is high in tokyo ahead of donald trump state visits he will meet prime minister shinzo abbey for talks about trades and north korea's nuclear program and at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the. coalition and yemen the raids district entire province reportedly targeted at a petrol station some of the victims were children. the u.k. will get a huge prime minister by the end of july in the rain. this is already on for the top job several prominent conservative m.p.'s put their names forward just hours
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after to resume a revealed on friday that she would step down next month paul brennan has more on her 3 turbulent years in office. it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort to recent days resignation announcement speech began a little hesitantly and ended reluctantly but with her close staff and her husband philip standing by for support the prime minister conceded defeat. it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver breck's it she will officially step down as party leader on june the 7th but remain as prime minister until her successor is chosen in the end though the emotional strain of recent months overcame her i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring
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gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love the prime minister's resignation became inevitable after a hostile reaction to her final breaths at compromise offer even senior figures within her own party were demanding that she quit now that she has many of those same critics have now praised her dignity and determination i found it moving actually i think that we know the promises but the heart and soul is trying to do the best for this country at a difficult time facing a challenging climate and palm and many of those currently paying tribute are keen to succeed her in the top job more than a dozen conservative m.p.'s could contest the leadership with the new prime minister emerging by the end of july but parliament then takes a 6 week recess and some observers see the whole process of self-indulgence with the october 31st deadline approaching we're wasting the time that's been allotted to us we are wasting good will on the next prime minister will have no different
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arithmetic from theresa may the same problems in parliament getting the deal 3 are the same promise in parliament if they try to get no deal the opposition labor party is demanding a general election has a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another opportunity for the people of this country to decide who that want government how they want the government to run what the long term structure is that government i think we did a general election in brussels reaction to the resignation was diplomatic presence . prime minister mace and now instruments this morning without personal joy the president very much liked and appreciated working with prime minister may and as he has said before terrorism a woman of courage for whom she has great respect choosing to re some a successor is a 2 stage process with conservative m.p.'s 1st with lean down the candidates to a final 2 and then
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a postal ballots of the party's wider membership choosing the winner the early frontrunner is boris johnson who has massive support among the $125000.00 grassroots conservative members but he enjoys less support among parliamentary colleagues the party's internal divisions would once again generate international repercussions it was breakfast which marked the beginning and end of teresa mayes premiership bracks it will certainly mark out her successor paul brennan al-jazeera . german chancellor angela merkel has wished to resume a well and says she'll work with whoever takes over. we respect this decision i've always had a good working relationship with prime minister to resign the departure of the u.k. from the european union is a major transition and regardless of what happens in british politics the german government will do everything to achieve a good partnership an orderly exits and good cooperation. cyril ramaphosa will be
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sworn in for a full term us south africa's president on saturday it took office last year after jacob zuma resigned over corruption allegations but after winning elections our other this month. has his own mandate to govern and sends for me to miller reports from pretoria he has many challenges ahead yes i do accept the no i hear this week son in rome of course i was elected unopposed by parliamentarians as the 5th president of south africa while the african national congress won 57 percent of the vote in may's election it was the party's worst performance in 25 years of democracy observers say the governing party supporters suffered due to the poor delivery of services infighting and corruption scandals while revelations of the extent of state corruption in an inquiry that began last year has shocked south africans some accuse the a.n.c. of protecting its own but i know that when those interests are about shielding
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those who need to take accountability for the time that has come before us for those who took from one nation i wish to say we will be holding you to account that those members were looted from our country actually singeing. them up also a former trade unionist and business tycoon has been credited with leading the a.n.c. into a new dawn but some argue that he's not yet taken firm control of a fractured governing party he appears to be some uncertainty as deputy president david mark who's a hospice bonet being sworn into parliament. is one of $22.00 people the agency's ethics committee has singled out for bringing the party into disrepute i'm a pause as promised to trim an inflated cabinet which in recent years has cost taxpayers millions of dollars the president's under pressure to rid the cabinet of underperforming ministers many of us political appointments they're poor men of the cabinet. would be
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a major indication of. whether to be bold or not but certainly you can maintain the status quo south africa's struggling with a poorly performing economy and a 27 percent its highest unemployment rate ever as south africa tackles unfavorable economic conditions the government's been criticized for spending millions of dollars on a pause as inauguration many south africans say it's unnecessary but the appears to be some compromise so many won't take place at the traditional venue the union buildings in pretoria but instead here at the loftus festival stadium the government says that will save taxpayers more than $7000000.00. as i'm up was i was sworn in in parliament ahead of his inauguration there was no shouting or heckling that often characterized the zuma era us perhaps a new start for a government that faces the old challenges of poverty and inequality for media
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miller al-jazeera pretoria. demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against forced disappearances are calling on the government to release people who they say have been secretly detained human rights groups in bangladesh say around 435 people have disappeared in the last 9 years. at least 8 people have died while attempting to scale mount everest over the past few days the deaths have raised questions about overcrowding near the summit of the world's highest peak the dead include mountaineers from india the u.s. austria ireland and in their polar guides more than 120 people made the quinine to the summits on thursday alone well this force of choir's on mount everest has gone viral as you can see dozens of mountaineers were caught in a jam of people queuing to reach the summit and probably officials said the delays caused exhaustion dehydration is dehydration rather and in some cases death.
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young activists sad rallies in cities around the globe demands and world leaders moved swiftly to fight climate change organizers say up to a 1000000 students demonstrated in at least 110 countries they're calling on politicians and businesses to take urgent action to slow global warming strikes were inspired by student grettir phone bird who became a global figure on climate change after protesting outside sweden's parliament in 2018. at least $29.00 prisoners have been killed and 19 police wounded during riots at a jail in venezuela it took place in the town of our curricula in the states of portugal police say special forces went into the present to rescue visitors had been taken hostage they say inmates were trying to escape and were armed with guns and grenades. stacey nutritious and is being touted as the next super
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foods can your has been grown for generations in one of south america's most inhospitable regions why the grain is being seen as a possible way to ensure food supplies in the face of climate change the reports from toledo in bolivia. at $3600.00 metres above sea level this desolate arab landscape in the end these mountains doesn't produce much but what it does manage to grow here is a grain with more iron zinc protein and calcium that its cousin it also has a less bitter taste at them of the presidency than the menthol for as sisters food production was an art the art of having a deep relationship with mother earth what we now call the environment they had to have a positive relationship. has that positive relationship working with a husband and for children to grow and develop the consumption both at home and
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abroad as flower cereal bowls soup and more. deliberate i believe all products must have a fair price for the producer that it covers the effort he puts in but it should also be a fair price for the consumer so they can afford it and then if fair price for mother earth the cost of pollution a sustainable use of the soil. she's keen that they're all gannett product does not go the way of soda high prices in the whole foods shops of london new york but linen elsewhere a so-called super food that the bolivians who produce it can no longer afford to go to be tough to survive up here and humans both need to understand the other not just to survive and thrive but to provide solutions so never hungry. can yell what can withstand frost and heavy rainfall strong winds and even drought making it an ideal crop in areas affected by extreme weather caused by climate change.
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it then needs to be adapted to the modern markets that's my noid says this machine didn't exist anywhere else in bolivia it's a prototype the 1st we had to test it on keen wine and the emraan to produce this toaster which transforms the product can yell is also providing work in regions which farmers have for generations been deserted for the cities to he returned from the city and found her peace with mother or the she says a here if we would only take the time to look for them. can you show him the rajah's era delayed or bolivia. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories donald trump is sending $1500.00 additional troops to the middle east as tensions with iran continues to grow iran's foreign minister called the deployment of threats to international peace and
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security the u.s. president is also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to allies in the region so trump is due to arrive in japan soon for a 4 day visit security is tight in tokyo ahead of his arrival he set to become the 1st state guest to japan since emperor nero he too assumed ascended to the throne earlier this month will also meet prime minister shinzo abbey both men are expected to discuss the u.s. trade deficit with japan ants north korea's nuclear program. at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi america sequel ition on yemen's district entire province the raids reportedly targeted a petrol station some of the victims were children and funerals have been held for 3 young brothers and their sister who were killed in strikes that targeted military sites in sana'a with syrian t.v. reported that 6 civilians died and dozens of others were injured including 2
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russian health care workers. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister to resign i announced on friday she would step down in saying she regretted failing to lead the u.k. out of the european union german chancellor angela merkel has pushed to resume a well this big deal maturity is and we respect this decision i've always had a good working relationship with prime minister to resign me the departure of the u.k. from the european union is a major transition and regardless of what happened. im pretty sure politics in german government will do everything to achieve a good partnership an orderly exit and good cooperation cyril ramaphosa will be sworn in for a full term as south africa's president on saturday if you cough as last year after jacob zuma resigned over corruption allegations of a poser has prioritized reform and economic revival well those are the headlines for you to stay with us here on al-jazeera the news continues after inside story.
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on counting the cost where did it all go wrong for argentina's champion of the free market can actually stay in power as a populist makes a comeback a potential multi-billion dollar fine on course to break up facebook and bailout number 13 for pakistan counting the cost on i just. read has been an independent state says 99 to one but it's only just emerging from decades of sanctions and diplomatic isolation as a 28th birthday we ask why hundreds of thousands. have become refugees this is inside. hello welcome to the program on. a rest area is marking its independence day after
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a year of profound changes a peace deal last year and a decades old border dispute with this larger neighbor if the opiah the united nations lifted sanctions and an arms embargo was president. has been in power for nearly 30 years is accused of ruling with an iron fist political opponents are jailed there's been that's rheumatiz service and korea is now one of the biggest sources of african refugees in europe for government has blocked social media head of independence celebrations this week we'll bring in our guests in a moment but 1st under simmons has this report. it's the biggest day in eritrea's calendar of celebrations with even more significance now there's a peace deal with its neighbor and want time enemy ethiopia. now u.n. sanctions are lifted but human rights organizations say repression is still part of
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daily life president is as off work he keeps a firm grip in this one party state. and reports of a ban on social media may be surprising to some when you consider how few people are actually online eritrea has a population of 5000000 but it's estimated fewer than 2 percent use the internet mobile phones don't have internet access and there's no private media dissent isn't tolerated and the country is now in a position to open up to the rest of the world. the. surprising are very little seems to have changed actually. despite. the system of government. autocratic stream the repressive eritrea's peace deal with ethiopia last year part of it signed in jeddah appears to have had
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some involvement from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates partly brokered the deal with a clear objective to have more influence in the horn of africa the u.a.e. had already built a military base in the eritrean port of back in 2015 and as these satellite images show it's a large complex the runways are used by warplanes from the saudi u.a.e. coalition in its fight against the truth is in yemen. with a base in positioned at the mouth of the red sea it couldn't be more strategic the suez canal to the north but even more important to the u.a.e. its enemies in yemen. for a short distance away. eritrea's war for independence from ethiopia lasted 30 years coming to an end back in 1990 warm the conflict may be over but unemployment is high compulsory national service in the military is indefinite tens
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of thousands of people have fled the country one of the hazardous routes out through libya where many have ended up in detention centers. peace may have been established but any hope of it bringing better fortune for the people of eritrea is still thin on the ground. andrew simmons. let's bring in our guests joining us on skype from athens in ohio their executive director pen a rest area in exile a freedom of expression organization in london martin plots senior research fellow of the institute of commonwealth studies and the author of understanding a rest area inside africa's most repressive state also on sky from salt lake city here to john mark on the buckle and nonresidents senior research fellow of the brookings institute situations africa growth initiative program thank you all for
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joining us. by asking you this question about with see many countries in the african continent turn that chapter of attack rossi and repressive rule and reinvent themselves except for a rest area why is that still fickle too or just say it in fewer strikes this commission of the fact that has been. there has been like everything that has suspended for the last 20 years and right now you're just realizing that this has been met excuse by the you are. because that sanctions have been lifted the conflict as it has been solved but things are getting worse from day to day and this probably because of the regime are martin is it exclusively because of the regional dana mix in the horn of africa or solide because someone like.
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assayas of working is seen as lars of the life and definitely staying in power for as long as it takes well you're right about him appearing larger than life that certainly true. when i've met him i mean he that's the way came our cross i mean pretty haughty share we say but you know the problem is really that he runs the country with a tiny group of people there is no parliament there are no elections there's never been an election in eritrea's history and the situation is controlled by them and really they just rule everything there are no free press there's nothing whatsoever so it's an extremely repressive situation and burkle if you don't have a functioning parliament you don't have an opposition recognized by the government if you don't have freedom of expression how is it possible for the people of iraq fear in the near future to call for political reforms or at least start
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a new political establishment. i think that this is a very difficult question to answer because. what is happening me in the region know is something that i snuck in a lot of other countries especially countries that come from the revolution in about ground in which some group of people fight for independence and then they do not live to sing and i love civilians to rule the country this simply believed that they have they're the only people capable of ruling the country i think this is the problem that you have in eritrea but i believe that peace agreement signed between a journey through a pia opens up a very important door for if your p.r. spatially and other countries in the region to convenes the existing government in your trip to to open up and whole. credible and fair elections to have
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a new government because i think that on that is to go many you have a retreat and now you're not going to be able to have any sort of economic development were any sort of human development in the area primarily because this particular government is either incapable or is and willing to move the country hit in terms of economic development. is every leaders of the o.p.'s took the world by surprise last year by signing the peace agreement are you hopeful that this could be conducive to genuine political reforms in your country. not amateur full and almost little past 10 months of form that there's no real english major trying to or meant to an editing damson and signs of improvement like in terms of military terms of the economy in terms of i don't find them the issues are certainly issues and things that did it getting from bad to war so i don't i'm not talking about what is. planned for many years of work it has been saying that his biggest concern
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is to undermine the basic tenets of a country facing an existential threat from neighboring is the opium this expose what has been clamping down on dissent now with the overtures to worse the if your peers your relations with the somalis with the job would you bertie do you think that the jew political dynamics could be now in favor of political reform in the country well i wish that was the case and for a while it looked as if things were really going to open up on the border between ethiopia and eritrea was open there were about 3 different crossing places where people could come and go and people particularly from ethiopia flowed into eritrea there was the airline began to make daily trips and that was very very positive but the problem is that since then without any explanation the border has been closed again now the eritreans are reaching out to the sudanese they've sent
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a mission there although the border with sudan was closed about a year ago and troops were put on the border so it's everything's done by the whim of president he syas now why he does these things well your guess is as good as mine what it could be is that in relation to sudan is that he's acting on behalf of his allies in the war in yemen which is saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and that he's actually carrying a message from them but with this is pure speculation because there is no accountability there's no way of knowing what is actually going on with some burqas because of an accountability why has the international community and the african union failed to enforce. radical reforms in a place like eritrea because they do have some sort of leverage i think part of the problem has to do to found that when you look at the horn or did east africa region you see that international community is involved in
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a lot of issues that make it very difficult for them to concentrate on what is happening to retract some of the groups that. position to do something significant every trip more interested in finding. a bed to problem in somalia and actually looking whiz to help. get out of debt quite mad that the country could only is in one thing that i need to mission here is that. since the peace agreement between if you reach i was sent there was a feeling among some scholars that. maybe actually trying to open up just a little bit in order to get to sanctions lifted so that he can access is international resource a day needs to continue his or repressive rules rule and that he's not really
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interested in moving forward in such a way that the country would have new political parties there will be new political competition there will be new konami competition in order to provide an opportunity for your returns in the diaspora to come back home and develop the country so i think that there must be international community and especially i got and countries in the hone have to look for a different way to force change in the new tribe because i don't believe that. to prison regime in their trash is really interested in gently change. i'm listening to you seem to be a pretty must pursue mystic about any positive outcome that would put an end to the reclusive authoritarian rule in their rhetoric but if you go back just to your neighbor in if the o.p.'s mass protest movement suddenly asked. a minority of the. is there any chance as we might see a must protest movement similar to that in iraq we are. this difficult to have that
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kind of policy national because every move has been controlled by the regime let alone big protests like every move like people kind of goes in with 5 or 7 time examples and talk out there it is. it is very tight in investment up to live like that being impacted everywhere so it's difficult to organize that kind of protest in extra so i'm talking about. martin when the united nations secretary council security council lifted the arms embargo and when the united nations general assembly elected to the whites council what message were they standing. well they were sending 2 messages i think one was that they were hoping that there would be some kind of reform inside eritrea if they lifted the the sanctions that had been imposed on eritrea i think the 2nd one
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was basically saying this is a very sad thing to say that really they didn't care what eritrea did about its own political prisoners i mean hundreds of of political prisoners languish in jail they've never been put before courts they are held there at the whim of the president and but you know that the opening up has actually paid some dividends i mean for example the international monetary fund for the 1st time in 10 years paid a visit to eritrea recently and 2 days ago it put out a statement saying yes eritrea is in economic difficulty did does need help you know but there they think that it's possible to engage with it well i wish them luck you know i mean do you know that there isn't even a budget published in eritrea now how do you analyze what the economy of a countries when you don't have a budget published john i think one of the biggest expectations of the people of rhetoric after the peace agreements was to see is size of quirky announced
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and to the. rickles christian that didn't happen at all. no he didn't and i believe that part of the reason has to do with the fact that the. president does not in my opinion does not plan to live office. and he needs that. situation in order to continue to hold onto. power and i really believe that. the president is either incapable of understanding or understand but doesn't kid that decision that has happened in the future. since independence is that there war would it be acute a lot of young people and he's repressive rule has literally sent force a lot of young people to leave the country so know that in terms of transformation
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that you don't really have that many people left in the in the retreat or were capable of forcing the transformation that is necessary as it happened in ethiopia from early because most of the young people who are able to have lived a country and then there was that didn't realize that the only way to survive is to submit to the repressive regime in the country and i think this is a sad situation and it is sad that primarily because the african union is either incapable or unwilling to do anything to remedy this situation ever home for many is the size of what he was saying basically that the need to have this mandatory military service in place because every tria is some sort of david faced with a neighboring goliath it's a tiny nation facing a nation of more than 80000000 and therefore there needs to be more people in the
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military. is this something the people of eritrea understand or they just see it as a justification by the government to continue its grip on power most most people see that kind of distribution because the us in the government also is trying to create conflict so they are to sustain this kind of in the national service so it's become tourist know that the government is getting conflict to continue national service and now it's a justified letter saying you know we have discovered that mr then we have to put in our or not out of it or our standing army but people understand that the cause their region or the government itself so it's just you know it's just progress excuse martin the inaction of the international community is baffling in a way or another because when you look at the migration crisis towards europe 16 percent of those migrating come from tiny place like eritrea which begs the
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question why the a use not doing enough to send some messages that the would like to see we will change in in the country for the people to go back home. well one of the real problems for the pin union or the united nations is that eritrea really doesn't respond to any kind of shall we say carrots i mean the european union has for years been trying to give aid to eritrea eritrea just said we're not interested we really don't care whether you give aid or not in fact it's always the europeans that are trying to say to please please take our aid now in those circumstance you can then hardly say well if you don't take the aid we'll take it away you know we'll if you don't reform we'll take this away i mean the european union has rather been doing a different series of things they have been putting up buffers in the mediterranean to pit stop people crossing they've been making it much more difficult for people to get into libya and once they in libya the they are then imprisoned they are sent
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back to this all sorts of restrictions are in place put in by the european union and then by other countries along the way who are encouraged to do this the whole hard to process which is supposed to oversee this is actually not chaired by eritrea so you know the european union and the air tran's are actually uniting on this issue but it's not succeeding john this seems to be some divide between the scholars about the nature of the migration from industry or towards europe some say it's purely economic others say it's because of political repression what do you what do you think. well. it's both. you cannot have an effect if economy if you have political repression primarily because as. we now know from china as. the thing is that as the economy expands and people become more. financially independent did to start demanding more political freedom so one of the
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things that you seen in a chair is that many young people have come to the conclusion that it did continue to stay in eritrea they'll never be able to have in your community for service station there's no opportunity for religious cation and training so that they can participate productively in the economy and even if they get to training as we see from it returns will go up brought there's no reason for you to return to the country because if you do you not be able to participate in the game fully in the economy so deliberation destroys the economy and they destroy the economy forces people to leave the country so if you want to stop make recession from richard to europe you must have to change the dynamics in the retreat respect to education respect to the economy respect to the political repression though you had accomplished brings me to this question. i guess the backdrop of the current
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situation do you think that groups like the. red liberation democratic movement has any chance in the near future with all the impressive network put into place by the government to rally popular support among those disenfranchised with a seance. you know that the getting up especially pos the pistol is to power now coming together 2 and no doubt much over that the only problem is it sets up organiser region so people are coming together to oppose religion in different ways and more than in a time before it just becomes much easier to galvanize people around same i don't want those now so i'm hopeful that it will be difficult to organize from inside the country at least from knowing countries or most much of the population of them at times as i know in countries like egypt they are so than uganda and other countries so it just becomes easier to write that back to the country and then kind of
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restart it again if things simple. just amplified about it. john you have the military which bites into a huge chunk of the state's budget compounded with the severe drought that the country faces for quite some time isn't this a situation that could be conducive to a retreat or to implode from within rather than face an existential threat from outside. i think this. is a very good question because it ties in to some of this the clinicians that people at mit regarding why are all of a sudden. the president is reaching our true if you're. the it when you have such a huge military budget. and the government a glitch or order in the years of busy economic activity in order to fund and what
4:44 pm
is going to happen is that somebody down the line the government is going to run out of living because there is nothing being produced locally that can be taxed and there's a resort this year there see and improve all you government reaching out for example due to united arab emirates in search of really news in order to continue to prop up the government and so without this report of this external sources i think that the government is getting to the point where it is it is likely to. look martin i have less than a minute if you don't mind for many years the u.s. in particular has been looking of the horn of africa through the prism of the fight against groups affiliated with al-qaeda and i said but we have this new momentum which is building up in neighboring countries about the need to build vibrant democracy is in the region don't just see it as the opportune moment for the west in particular to say to
4:45 pm
a size of well it's about time to change well i wish they would take that stand unfortunately quite frankly eritrea is pretty low down on the list of priorities if they have any priorities in the horn of africa and the united think someone like donald trump really cares very much about it but if they do then it's always with ethiopia and the air tran's have rightly complained that they are their concerns are not really taken seriously enough so i thought i list they can work with the saudis to raise their game i think it's unlikely that the west will take a great deal of dhea of interest in it which means it's up to air tran's in in eritrea to really deal with the situation themselves. thanks to all our guests very bottom plot and john will come back oh and thank you too for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting our website called for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot call forward slash story you
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can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a.j. inside story from me and the entire team here in doha but for now. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman part but she could selectively goods and have only boards changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating poor socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be good at being given money money to agree to sterilization our money to get other people to be disturbed socially al-jazeera examines the politics of population control what is left of the vast indigenous knowledge that cohen isolation of the americas has assaulted for centuries to amateur astronomers in far can a journey of discovery and reach
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a remote village in mexico's mayan breacher. but who has more to learn about the ways of the world a route through makes a close contemporary wreckage and its mystical past few find glances on al-jazeera. i.
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told. the u.s. is sending more troops to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls it a dangerous escalation. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. u.s. president donald trump has just landed in japan stock trades and security will be
4:49 pm
mine in tokyo. and they are a strike by the same coalition kills at least 6 people in yemen's ties province. and a race to the top of the world overcrowding is being blamed for recent deaths on one temporist. but 1st the disputes between the u.s. and iran is escalating with president donald trump confirming plans to send $1500.00 soldiers to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls the trip deployment a ferrite seen ensor national peace and security trump is also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi arabia the u.a.e. and shorten in a moments we'll hear from zain bus ravi but 1st here's alan fischer in washington. initial reports suggested the u.s.
4:50 pm
was preparing to send an additional 120000 troops to the middle east to combat the perceived threat from iran but president donald trump is no confirmed he's sending $1500.00 we want average action the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops the u.s. defense department says the troops are going to include an anti missile battery additional intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft it's also sending fighter aircraft for deterrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but adds to another rush deployment earlier this month the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group started to move to the gulf we would continue . to call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of reading. the threat from iran is also being used to push through $8000000000.00 in weapon sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan normally congress would be given 30 days to approve foreign arm sales but it's already put
4:51 pm
a hold on earlier sales so secretary of state might pompey or decided to bypass congress and to clear the seal necessary to bolster regional allies against iran in the statement he said delaying the shipment could cause problems for key partners during a time of increasing regional volatility he says he sees this as a one off event the state department's decision to do this implies that they are very intent on increasing the weapons flow to saudi arabia but they did it within what i think they would argue is politically acceptable frame by adding jordan to the mix plus now of course although it may have been there originally these 3 countries together it's looks like a more robust package of defense against iran the sale has provoked criticism from both republicans and democrats in congress but it appears there's little they can do to stop it the president insists robust u.s. action sent
4:52 pm
a clear message to iran right now you know i don't think iran wants the bite and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us trump maintains he wants to strike a new nuclear deal with iran having pool the u.s. out of the existing deal he's cranked up tough financial sanctions to force them to reopen discussions alan fischer washington well for more let's go live to the end tehran and saying what has been the reaction there to these new developments is there a fear in iran that war is imminent. i think most iranians will tell you they don't think that war is imminent they're not afraid that it's going to be starting anytime soon but they are very concerned about the rising aggressive moves by the united states in the region we heard from the foreign minister. zarif speaking about this troop surge calling it dangerous for peace and international security and he said that the americans are just doing it to justify their hostile moves towards iran and raise tensions in the region
4:53 pm
just a little while ago published on a government news website the brigadier general marks of her body an advisor to the head of the islamic revolutionary guard corps said it is unlikely that the us will stage an attack on iran but if the enemy does the smallest stupid thing these warships referring to the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and the fleet that has made its way to the arabian sea and the waters near iran he said these were ships with the smallest stupid action will be sunk by missiles or secret weapons the enemy shouldn't bully us so there is a great deal of rhetoric there's a great deal of. everyone here is very anxiously watching the next move that the united states makes but we must put this in some kind of context this kind of rhetoric from senior iranian civilian and military officials about sinking warships in the waters around iran it's this is nothing new we've seen films that have depicted fantasy versions of things like this playing out in a conflict between the united states and iran so it's very much
4:54 pm
a part of the sort of public conversation that if the united states is aggressive towards iran iran will begin sinking american ships in the waters in its region so this is not relatively new but the rhetoric is ratcheting up at a sensitive time we also have to look at the context behind the 1500 troops that are coming in the united states has about 70000 troops all across the middle east so this 1500 really is a relative drop in the bucket we've seen much larger troop surges in the 10s of thousands during our. campaigns under previous presidents during iraq and afghanistan both president barack obama and george w. bush had much higher troop levels at different times during active conflicts of 1500 is a small number admitted leave the united states has also said it is for protective defensive purposes not necessarily offensive so we have to look at this in context the war of words is definitely ratcheting up in terms of activity on the ground both sides have begun to scale back from the tension of previous weeks and it seems
4:55 pm
that now they're in the mode of both sides trying to save face and speaking of saving face zain the americans have repeatedly said they're just ramping up the pressure in a bid to bring iran back to the negotiating table is there any chance it's all of the iranians reaching out to donald trump. it's really difficult to see how that's possible iranian leaders have said over and over again the only way they could restart any sort of conversation or dialogue or active diplomacy with the united states is if the united states research returns to its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal to join comprehensive plan of action the united states seems very unlikely to do this and so it's really difficult to ascertain how iran and the united states might sit down and have any kind of talks during a diplomatic trip to pakistan this weekend foreign minister zarif said addressing that very question that there is no plans for a phone call or anything like that with u.s. secretary of state my pompei oh he was addressing
4:56 pm
a direct question about that and he said those negotiations are on likely to go anywhere so they're not going to carry them out he also said that the label of terrorist is the that the united states has applied to iranian forces recently he said only donald trump deserves that label we also saw an op ed from the iranian ambassador to the united nations in new york much a tougher avanti and in that he said the u.s. policy of maximum pressure has failed and he said that the country has waited patiently for a year for some kind of economic help to come from europe it had no choice but to pull out of parts of the nuclear deal and he said our argument is basically that we cannot and no one reasonably can be expected to unilaterally honor a multilateral agreement and what this really shows us is that the trust deficit that didn't exist between the united states and iran that the 25th 2 nuclear deal had gone away is to address has become a trust gourds there's really very little. space within which the iranians and the
4:57 pm
americans can operate on any kind of diplomatic. tempo at the moment simply because iran sees the u.s. pullout from the 2050 nuclear deal as a clear signal that they aren't serious about any sort of negotiation with the iran . speaking to us there live from tehran thank you. u.s. president donald trump hours just landed in japan for a 4 day visit he will become the 1st state guest of the new emperor now he too who came to the throne earlier this month trump will also meets with prime minister shinzo abyei let's get more on this state visit when haiti is life 1st night in the japanese capital tokyo. when just talk us through the main purpose of this visit is it mainly about trade. well if you ask the white house or the japanese governments they will say no in fact the trade will not make up
4:58 pm
a big part of this 4 day visit to japan by the us presidents not the main reason for the trip the main reason i say is the issue that you mentioned before the historic visit to the imperial palace for the president in the 1st lady where donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meets japan's new emperor but there's no doubt that trade will be discussed when the japanese prime minister shinzo of the hosts donald trump and that formal meeting on monday there is a trade negotiation underway right now between these 2 countries we've seen trade delegations the negotiators in tokyo threshing out that deal over the past couple of days having said that i don't think we're going to see any major announcement from donald trump or from shinzo are they when it comes to trade and we may not see any sort of agreement between the 2 countries any time soon either i think there's probably more of a desire to rush this through from the u.s. side than there is from the japanese side because of domestic political reasons
4:59 pm
there is an upper house election shed jeweled in japan for july possibly lower house elections as well and i think there's a sense that the japanese prime minister will not want to be giving away any concessions to the u.s. because it could be seen as being too risky ahead of those elections and when the other looming regional concern of course is north korea curious given that this will be discussed between the 2 leaders when they meet. yes no doubt it will be discussed between shinzo up and donald trump and i think also everyone will be keeping a close watch on the korean peninsula while donald trump is in japan to see if there will be any further provocations following those 2 missile tests that we saw from north korea earlier this month we've already heard on saturday from the u.s. national security advisor john bolton he's also in the japanese capital and he said referring to those 2 missile tests that there is no doubt that they violated united
5:00 pm
nations security council resolutions he also welcomed the prospect of a potential meeting between the japanese prime minister and the north korean korean leader kim jong il saying that that would provide substantial assistance in restarting dialogue with north korea shinzo are but his always been open to the prospect of meeting the north korean leader in the past he said though that they had there was a precondition that they would need to be a guarantee that in that meeting there would be substantial progress made on the issue of japanese abductions these are japanese citizens taken by north korea in the seventy's and eighty's recently though he has softened his stance saying that he's willing to meet the north korean leader without preconditions now so i'm sure that issue will be raised when he.


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