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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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as expected soon now arrive in iraq for talks with leaders there and his visit comes as iraq a protester demand their government stay out of the dispute between the u.s. and iran while matheson reports from baghdad. iraqis filled baghdad's tucker square chanting yes yes to iraq demanding that their country should not become a battleground in someone else's war started they have started to set out our messages for peace our message is to say no to the iranian agenda and now to the american agenda as iraqis we should make independent decisions and that. we reject war by any shape or form iraqis including sunni and shia people from all of iraq's ethnic and religious groups came to talk we are square to make our voices heard iraqis don't want their land to be a battleground by the iranians or the americans. iraq and its eastern neighbor iran share trade cultures and religion iran also supplies about 80 percent of the
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electricity and gas needed in the south of iraq but iraq also relies on u.s. and fallen troops to combat the threat of eisel it also means foreign investment. this rally is being called by mcdonald's out of these are shia cleric is also a leader of one of the biggest political blocs in all of it is also a nationalist he's made no secret of the fact that he wants troops from the u.s. and foreign countries out of iraq but he like many other iraqis across the political and religious spectrum i said that they want iraq's safety and security to be paramount and they want iraq to be central to any negotiations and not have my journey we are having discussions with the u.s. and iran and will be sending delegations in a few days to various foreign countries especially tehran in washington to try to push for calm. iraq has been relatively quiet since the threat from ice. will be
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going to decline last year iraqis like these now feel their country could be dragged into another conflict. back down in libya there has been renewed fighting on the outskirts of tripoli between forces battling for the capital. government forces so they push back against fighters loyal to warlords only for have to near the old international airports now. joining us for more on this story what's the situation at that airport right now mahmud. we're live the situation remains a very tense specially in the vicinity of the international in active airport in southern tripoli as have to his forces tried to move towards the city center namely in areas like keynes are and have adjourned but the government. forces loyal to the government of national. government of national accord say that they have managed to
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have to his forces and push them back to the old locations sources with the government say that they have picked mine dead bodies of have to his fighters for fighters loyal to the government were killed in today's clashes the government sources also say that they have destroyed the 3 russian made humvees with belonging to the world. and they have captured one military vehicle also on the other side of the city the government forces say that fighter jets with the government targeted at a location of have forces doing and the situation then in the capital itself what can you tell us about that. well there has been. there has been news about another incursion but have to his forces
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into this city centered on that of ramadan which was yesterday and that may be why have the forces tried to intensify their attack near the city center but we saw last night in the major square in tripoli many people protesting to condemn in the military escalation be have to have sort of forces and especially the attack. on the top of the parliament in tripoli that tripoli branch. of the house of representatives which was targeted by half to his jet on that night the situation remains very tense and people here. if the war gets into this city center they are very worried that tripoli could become another bit of i.z. right. thank you plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including.
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a major thomas big joe carter the city that shot down this week it's bothered protesters to go to the streets it's mostly back to normal now but i'll be looking at the economic impact of the trouble and whether it could be the case. could this grain from the bolivian peruvian andes be the world's next super food. roger federer plays down his chances of victory on the paris clear as he prepares to return to the french open after 4 years. but 1st the police 12 people including 7 children have been killed in an air strike by the saudi erotic coalition in yemen district unties province. the raid reportedly targeted a petrol station and some of the victims were children and there's been more
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fighting on saturday between saudi backed forces and the rebels near the city of thais the reports of loud explosions and clouds of smoke in the area local sources say a soldier was killed in the fighting. meanwhile funerals have been held for 6 victims of a saudi air strike in yemen's capital sana'a 4 of them were siblings killed last week sarah reports. family friends and neighbors for the last islamic prayers for those killed in last week's coalition air strike in sanaa the coffins lined up one by 14 of the victims were children from one family 3 brothers and a sister the family's only surviving son was in the same house as his brothers and sisters when the airstrike hit. my 4 siblings were killed my sister she her my brother abdul rahman khalid and wassim my father and i are the only survivors we are here to bury them our home is destroyed. as other family
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members said their last goodbyes. the children's father sat quietly seemingly loss in despair but soon turned to justice again i remember the aggression on yemen isn't just may god have been to them they killed my 4 children for no reason. this is attack is a reminder that no one who see controlled areas in yemen is immune to the sounds of its strengths was dozens of others were injured in the attack including 2 russian health workers. yemen's capital sanaa has been held by the filthy since it ousted the internationally recognized government of op the rebel months to head in 2014 the airstrikes and renewed fighting in yemen's for data port city have further complicated u.n. sponsored peace efforts to end the 4 year war that has killed tens of thousands of people and pushed the country towards the brink of famine sort of.
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an international maritime court has ruled russia must release 3 ukrainian naval ships and 24 detained sailors for us a season. ukrainian vessels in crew last november during a standoff in waters off the crimean peninsula the ruling follows a hearing the international tribunal for the law of the sea in hamburg john mccain is joining us from there this is verdict come as a surprise at all dominick or was it expected. in one sense legal experts during really thought that the court would probably come down on the side of the ukrainians nat's effectively what happened to the panel of 20 judges who spent some considerable time sifting through the evidence that was presented here in person by ukrainian representatives but in a recent form by the russians and they came to this decision russia has not really
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taken part in this case at all it is not send its representatives to any of the hearings there was no russian russian representative here today either there was however paradoxically a russian judge on the panel as there was a ukrainian judge on the panel and perhaps unsurprisingly all of the judges voted through these this action against russia apart from the russian judge looking through the ruling all the particular judgments that they must return the ships and the crew one dissenting judge judge quality of the russian judge the point about this is that although this decision is binding during they have no power to force the russians to comply which means that the ball is very much now in president putin's court does he want to listen to the verdict the interim verdict of a court whose jurisdiction he recognizes his country recognizes which he doesn't want to implement. all right said dominic cain with an update from hamburg thank
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you south africa's recently elected president cyril ramaphosa is being formally sworn in at a ceremony in pretoria. to serve a full term this president he took office last year after jacob zuma resigned amid corruption allegations the africa national congress won the general election earlier this month but it was the party's worst performance in 25 years for me the miller has the latest from pitt's oriel. once presidents will run a poster to case of oath of office he then address the thousands of south africans gathered at the loftus best pals day germany as well as the millions of others watching and he began that address by thanking them for stowing this trust on him saying that this would be a different era an era where he would want to tackle the challenges of poverty inequality and the huge problem of unemployment especially unemployment that affects the almost home of the young people in the country he also made the knee
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veiled reference to the last few years when jacob zuma was president piece previously preferred a referred rather to those years as 9 wasted years and one with state institutions were affected potentially looted and corrupted and this is way thousands if not millions of south africans lost out on the benefits and opportunity that the african national congress government has promised them of forward to kate's now aroma also touched on the 25 years of democracy looking back at when announcement dello was sworn in saying that the country has made a number on the chief ment's in that time but how those achievements with threatened by some of the decisions as well as the the poor governance by the african national congress and how that would change now the next step. is to nominate to name the members of his cabinet he's promised to scale down on the size
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of the cabinet and look at people who would to run the country more effectively this is what drum up warsaw is calling a new dawn and he's making a promise to some to some africans that many of them have heard time and time again but the certainly is hope that this time around there will be a difference in the drama and the government will love up to those promises so expect it will. he's a professor in the school of governance at the university of virus sand and he's joining us now from johannesburg thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so the president is putting out a message if unity and in fact he said that he'll be a president for all south africans will he be able to unite south africa in the face of an increasingly disillusioned electorates. you know this is almost you know 5 extra years for the a.n.c. because naturally if you look at the last 10 years in government i mean it was such
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an appalling of performance and of former president jacob zuma that the n.c. really has you know that account of some very lucky that actually in government now the challenge really is this is even a bigger challenge than 9094 when nelson mandela became the president because the resources is not there at the moment what has happened the last decade corruption has eroded the public sector and 2 challenges for them of course are 1st he has truly love public service quality education quality holds and then he has to create jobs now the problem is the state of the public service is disarray and then he then it is a private sector and for that he needs confidence you know to get a private sector on board to deliver the jobs because the state is i mean you know it is a terrible state and the state will be unable really because it needs reform the
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state clean it up and it during that process of cleaning up the state won't be able to execute it different it's a private sector so you need confidence i mean it would mean that you will really have to deal with the things that are private sex in the public what it's about corruption number one number it's something that he's helpless to deal with well the 1st thing perhaps that he has to deal with is if he has to set up this cabinets we're expecting an announcement on that probably within the next 24 hours to what extent will the makeup of his cabinet really be a test of his commitment to cleaning up corruption as. absolutely it was a test of his commitment to corruption to deal with corruption but it's also a commitment you know to bring a competence and to bring a fresh ideas and fresh energy because a cup she absolutely needs 1st ideas and competence so you know he's here to determine now he's problem is he is governing you know a divide as a.n.c. just really to the one a.n.c. of mustard on the poor the other a and c.
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of jacob zuma of and so on and the jacob zuma group of the a.n.c. one parity they want equal division of power you know they want their people in cap unearths now this really is going to be the test of strength and says here those are nice to see itself and also give it legitimacy in the eyes of those who voted for the a.n.c. albury the votes fell to a post apartheid low low now you know sort of oppose our faces the challenge does you want to unite and see and divide the country or that you want to divide your night and divide the agency and there really is and in needs to unite the country to get the confidence to put us confidence. to get the energy back again confidence in government if you want to unite in a and c.
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itself you know that it means you will have to bring in some of those people from the zuma account in order to you know to dream up to bring the 2 wings of the party together but that really will bring down confidence ok about it we thank you very much for speaking to us from johannesburg. time for a check on the weather with stuff thanks daryn we're off to the central americas now where it's incredibly wet it was only about a week ago the places like costa rica and panama were complaining that they hadn't had enough rain and they were looking at a drought but that's certainly changed over the last few days you can see the huge blanket of cloud we've got over many of us at the moment today it really has been raining very very heavily this hasn't only been going on for 24 hours and has been several days so we do now have a problem with some water logging in places a little bit of flooding and the potential of seeing some monthlies so this region again is looking incredibly wet as we head through the next few days
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a little area of low pressure just developed to the southwest there not it's going to enhance the rains over the next few days as well say from guatemala south really through costa rica and into panama that's where we're going to see some of the wettest of the weather but if you're heading off on holiday maybe to make here or towards hispaniola or cuba here it's also looking pretty wet to expect some of the showers really to be quite heavy and they could cause quite a few problems as we head through the next couple of days so for the central americas then all looking really quite unsettled until you head up to the yucatan peninsula and up into mexico here there's more to dry weather but if you had even further north we've still got this system here this is the one that has brought us lots of thunder reactivity lots of tornadoes over the past few days that system still with us so there's still restore rain of seeing more tornadoes in the next few days stuff thank you very much well still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour. we travel to rule america where volunteer ambulance drivers are the modern day
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cowboys of the frontier. and if you want to feel like a kid again maybe a little fighting is the sport for you joe has more on this japanese craze coming up a little later in sport. people have to weigh your record on. trouble in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story isn't there and i'm sure we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't black and white there's a lot to gratian here join me mad the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people need to be heard there were days when i was at work with no food for my church because they all went to sleep with an empty
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stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more real wooed winning documentaries russian girls beatrice none and tonight names on air and online. the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. president donald trump and sending $1500.00 soldiers to the middle east as the dispute with iran escalates the iranian foreign minister calls his appointment a threat to international peace and security there's been renewed fighting in libya on the outskirts of tripoli between forces battling for the capital back government
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forces say they pushed back against fighters loyal towards fending for have to near the old international airports and international maritime court has ruled russia must release 3 ukrainian naval ships and 24 detained sailors russia sees that ukrainian vessels on cruise. donald trump says he's hoping for progress on a trade deal with. the u.s. president. both men are expected to discuss car tariffs and how to improve their working relationship has this update from tokyo. despite the fact that the white house and the japanese government had been saying that trade was not going to be a big factor in this visit by donald trump to japan i think no surprise that the u.s. president made it all about trade pretty much soon after he got off the plane in
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tokyo speaking to business leaders he referenced the big trade deficit as he has done many times before that the united states has with japan saying also that he wants a better deal the official reason for this visit is that donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor another hito at the imperial palace in tokyo but there is no doubt that trade will be discussed as well when he meets formally with the japanese prime minister shinzo are there on monday trade negotiations on a deal are underway they started in april and we've seen the trade delegations continuing those talks over the last few days in tokyo having said that i don't think there is an expectation that there will be any significant announcement on trade while donald trump is in japan and north korea will be discussed between the 2 leaders as well particularly after the 2 missile tests from north korea earlier this month we heard from the national security adviser for the united states john
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bolton he's also in japan he said that those 2 missile tests were clearly a violation of united nations security council resolution so the issue of north korea regional security will be discussed when donald trump meets shinzo up in crime has returned to indonesia as capital after protests over presidential election results defeated candidate. has asked the constitutional court to review the voting and vote counting process while people in jakarta are counting the cost of this week's disruption andrew thomas has more. people shuttling bundles of clothes from southeast asia's largest tech stock market. about $30.00 a day so when violent street protests in jakarta many managers close the taliban markets janai idea dealers took a financial hit. problem in a very fast about on busy days i can make 40 or $50.00 so missing 2 days means i've
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lost nearly $100.00 i couldn't give anything to my wife there was nothing violent street protests in jakarta or choose to end wednesday night stopped for much of the internet easy capital protesters were angry that official election results showed a big victory for the incumbent president jocko widodo over his more religious opponents for votes to be anto supporters shared their opinions on how the voting was raked and the vote counting operation was run by biased officials. the violence led to road closures shops and offices was shut people discouraged from leaving home it's all had an economic impact which economists put in the 10s of millions of dollars. short term it will have a negative impact but long term if the government shows it can control the situation it could actually create confidence among investors and on friday opposition politicians appealed for calm as their lawyers launched
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a formal legal challenge of the election result the city has mostly returned to normal but it's not hard to find proposal supporters sympathizing with the protesters. something strange went on with the lists of voters and with the vote counting the witnesses on the site were able to do their job. but the mother mostly wants life to return to normal he says his personal finance trumps his political concerns if this week's violence turns out to be the extent of the post-election troubles in the long term economic impact it will be pretty small the concern is that we could be more disruption hate when the constitutional court releases its verdict at the end of june. beyond and to thomas altshuler to come. india's newly elected m.p.'s from the governing b j p have reelected prime minister narendra modi as their leader and follows the party's landslide victory from the 6
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week election for the world's largest democracy the win gives modi a powerful mandate to implement his nationalist vision sale raman has more from new delhi as part of the process the protocols of choosing the next government the prime minister narendra modi and his cabinet how to design their positions on friday and submit those resignations to the president covalent he accepted the resignations but asked the prime minister to stay on as a caretaker until the new government of the new prime minister was elected by the winning party of course the b j p r the winning party of the general election and so on saturday winning parliamentarians have gathered in an empty chamber of the parliament and have elected. modi to be the man that they wish them to lead the next government now that process has happened he will take that request by his own
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members and his allies back to the president and say that he has a mandate as a majority leader to form the next indian government that said and done there has yet to be a swearing in date in the future that will be coordinated between astrologers b.g.p. prefers to consult astrologers and also allies before they go ahead and decide what day that will be most probably at the end of may or early june. demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against forced disappearances they're calling on the government to release activists and members of the opposition who they say have been secretly detains human rights groups in bangladesh say around 435 people have disappeared in the past 9 years who thought that having it has more. there is no respect in their torment even during this month of ramadan where did they leave fasting is made more difficult by the longing
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for a loved one has disappeared into the pig justice system of bangladesh many unheard of for several years. despite repeated appeals now calls to stop in forced disappearances are getting louder this one organized by the mothers call campaign a family initiative inspired by a movement in argentina through which mothers they're called on the authorities to reveal the fate of their missing children their story is similar to that of these bangladeshi families one of a family member picked up on the street by security forces and never heard of again for design actors husband was abducted on his way to a birthday party he was a student leader of the bangladesh nationalist party the main opposition force in the country their fellow december they are it was on the 2nd of december 2013 it was his friend son's birthday humans out with 6 friends 4 of them are standing together at one corner and the other 2 in front of
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a shop suddenly security forces got out and picked up 2 of them and put them each in a fan both were white 2 days later sent this to his brother was also snatch along with 5 other friends from the streets of dhaka by men dressed in black witnesses say they were part of the anti terrorist elite force it was the eve of a general election a video and dying every day our each member of this family wait every night that maybe. we'll get information maybe my brother will back other brothers will be back so they should realize that they should take action or that it's not something going to flying as they want they should grant that they should accept that so that's our only only request to them so far authorities have denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of judas brother or anyone else's relative human rights groups say more than 400 people have disappeared in the last 9 years some have been found
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it but the fate of the majority of the missing in bangladesh remains unknown but at the. governments around the world are increasingly interested in using biometric technology so what exactly does that involve it's often used for identifying a person through their physical and behavioral characteristics that includes face or patterns the iris of the fingerprints or even the bits of one's voice supporters say biometric registration is more secure than id cards or pin codes which can be stolen lost or forwards but there are concerns about just how secure biometric data can be where it's stored and the amount of oversights involved so in the 1st in our series on biometrics catherine sawyer reports from nairobi on how a new id card is dividing opinion in kenya. this kenyans are registering for a new digital identification card called who do that all citizens and residents
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will be expected to hold it can government calls it a single source of truth it will contain details about people's physical characteristics combined with other data it's costing taxpayers about how awful $1000000000.00 and everyone above the age of 6 will be expected to have one official say it will make it easier for people to access public services and we'll protect national security we don't want you to do just that but just might. but. you need to get the services that is much more. kenyans hold of identification documents all with different numbers from a national id passport. to a driving license and so on government officials say the who do. all in one digital platform some kenyans see this as a good and progressive step but human rights campaigners are concerned that privacy
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protection laws could prove dangerous critics also say people are being crossed into registering and they're not being told how the information will be stored or shared on the national integrated identity management system or names names. all everybody. that will be. whether. or not. we are not sure how that particular system will be audited who see who can access that information who will. who will be able to who apply and be given this information if somebody applies for my information reliably notified. the government announced it was bringing in the system weeks after this attack by somalia's armed group al-shabaab in january that left 21 people dead at a hotel complex in the capital nairobi some security experts say having data on one
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platform will make it easier and quicker for security forces to identify people who pose a threat to doing this ditto together is going to help the management of human resource in our country some rights groups tried to block the scheme in court although judges rejected that they did drew the system should be balloon terry and not lynch to access to public services the state was also bad from gathering people stand me and from sharing information it collects with other organizations but activists say that's not enough and only real bastard those can protect people living in kenya from their past the information being misused catherine sorry al jazeera nairobi and on sunday will be looking at concerns raised in india where the world's largest biometric system has captured the personal details of more than a 1000000000 people you can see that report here on al-jazeera on sunday. or it's tasty and nutritious and is being tells it is the next super food has been grown
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for generations and one of south america is most inhospitable regions and now the grain is being seen as a possible way to ensure food supplies in the face of climate change. are reports from toledo in bolivia. at 3600 meters above sea level this desolate arab landscape in the andes mountains doesn't produce much but what it does manage to grow here is a grain with more iron zinc protein and calcium that it's cause and it also has a less bitter taste at them of the presidency than the menthol for as sisters food production was an art the art of having a deep relationship with mother earth what we now call the environment they had to have a positive relationship. has the positive relationship of working with a husband and for children to grow and develop and the consumption.


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