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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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any quantity is promised a better life for all promises the thousands of people here have heard many times before all the question for them is made of the president will no one up to his pledge of the a.n.c. governments provided millions of south africans with running water electricity and free education is being criticised for the slow delivery of services at 27 percent more south africans than ever before unemployed we are expecting a lot of jobs to be there the best from them not only him but in the at large we are told it's that option. number one to stop the flow of the slightly expect that it did decisively with core upset to take our culture for what and i know all the best that would come back in the coming days and i'm of course is expected to name a new cabinet is under pressure to rid the government of ministers who underperformed or were implicated in corruption but he's also facing the risk of further dividing the a n c if his appointments don't appease factions within the party but for now
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it's a day of celebration for a man who carries the hopes of many south africans from al-jazeera pretoria south africa. where the next still ahead on al-jazeera zimbabwe's main opposition party is meeting to elect a new leader as it tries to get past internal divisions. and concerns over the world's biggest biometrics project and what it means for people's privacy. it's good to have you back or still looking at some very warm conditions here across the middle east we're talking about the eastern mediterranean where temperatures have been going into the high 30 some locations into the low forty's in the last couple of days now a lot of those numbers have come down a few degrees but it is. still above average and some of these locations now as you
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can see aleppo we're talking about 30 degrees there even the southern coast of turkey is seeing into the low thirty's over the next few days not a lot in terms of rain we did have wildfires in israel those have been controlled but aleppo is 34 degrees as those temperatures rise baghdad we do expect to see a time to them of about 41 well here across the gulf looking quite nice here in doha temperatures are about seasonal for this time of year about $38.00 degrees we expect to see but we do expect to see some more rain across parts of yemen so for sana some showers pushing through there and as we go towards monday a little bit of break but up towards and scott a nice day for you with a temperature of 35 degrees and then very quickly here across parts of southern africa we are seeing some clouds across parts of cape town for durban johannesburg you are going to be into the low twenty's over the next few days but by the time we get towards monday we do expect to see more rain across parts of madagascar some of the showers could be quite heavy at 21 degrees but harare it is going to be a nice day with a cool 22 degrees in your forecast. an
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investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are solved of the h one n one is it getting more difficult for you know it w h o yes there's research done here in terms of trust. that you trust on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour the deadline to file a pick ations to stand in algeria's july a presidential election has passed local media reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates failed to meet the legal requirements. donald trump has tweeted that a trade deal with japan will only be finalized after it holds elections in july he's teed off with the prime minister shinzo arbaaz a golf course and chiba south of tokyo trump has complained about japan's large trade surplus. iran says the u.s. decision to send 1500 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous iranian foreign minister javid zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterpart. well protest is have rallied in tel aviv against a proposed little that could protect israel's prime minister from prosecution benjamin netanyahu is facing fraud and bribery charges in multiple corruption cases
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his lawyer could poesy is reportedly trying to pass legislation that would grant him immunity and also he's seeking to weaken the high court of justice so that it warrants have the power to overturn any new little protecting him members of venezuela's government and opposition will meet in oslo next week for talks aimed at resolving the political crisis the developments seen as a sign of progress after months of tension between opposition leader and president nicolas maduro quite a told supporters that a rally the opposition wouldn't take part in false dialog box he's confirmed to steam will meet government representatives in norway antonio mora is the editor in chief of news a news dot com he says it's unlikely the talks will put an end to major as government the history of it as well as shows that every time a dural has managed to get the opposition in negotiations what it's been has been a stalling tactic he just bias time manages to diffuse whatever uprising of the
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moment is against him manages to diffuse international pressure against him so he has used talks as a tool on numerous occasions and even pope francis that one of the those series of talks a couple of years ago was under the auspices of the vatican and even pope francis who has not really been that harsh against dura over the years has expressed that promises were not kept rather than as well in government so the history of talks with the duro would imply that there is not going to be a successful outcome here and that's what vice president pensa in the united states was saying you know just a day ago was that the talks there should be no talks and then today the state department said that if there are talks that the talks should be focused on the exit of madeira only nothing else. now former argentinean edith cristina kirchner and her running mates have launched their campaign ahead of elections in october cuts in a surprised many when she announced she would run for vice president instead of the presidency she was seen as the main challenger to conservative president merits of mockery the launch comes just days after her 1st court appearance on
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a string of corruption charges. now verses and 21 member states including germany france and italy are heading to the polls in the european parliament elections and the last day of the vote which has seen different member states take to the polls in stages since thursday $751.00 politicians will be elected for a 5 year term with results expected on monday the e.u. parliament presides over a wide ranging laws including health and safety regulations farming and environmental protections david chase has more from brussels political analysts have been widely debated whether liberal values are on retreat in the european union and whether the $28.00 countries taking part in these parliamentary elections will show a rise in populism well we'll have to wait and see when the polling booths close on
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sunday evening what the 1st exit polls will tell us about those trends. immigration policy the economy and terrorism have been issues at the heart of this debates in europe the 1st direct elections to the european parliament began in 1989 but the 5 year early polls have seen a steady drop in voter turnout ever since 57 percent abstained in 2014 there are $751.00 seats here in the chamber of the european parliament up for grabs now each country is a wood or portion of them according to their population size or germany has 96 their top followed by france with 74 and then britain on 73. once elected the m.e. peas are organized into transnational blocs the largest group up to now has been the center right european peoples party so when the newly elected any piece take up
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their position in the chamber their 1st task will be to elect a president of the european commission because. his days in that are now numbered in just a few weeks and then also they'll have to decide on the shape and size of the european union's budget nearing 200000000000 dollars this year. a un maritime tribunal has ruled that russia must release ukrainian sailors and ships at sea as the last year during a standoff in waters off the crimean peninsula the hamburg based tribe called on russia to facilitate their release immediately and urged both sides not to aggravate the dispute but russia didn't attend the hearing dominic came has. several of her country's sailors and ships have been held by russia since last november so on saturday ukraine's deputy foreign minister led her delegation here at the international tribunals for the floor of the sea in search of justice in
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contrast russia chose an empty chair strategy. seemingly unconcerned by the possibility of an adverse ruling. the tribunal consider is it appropriate under the circumstances of the present case to prescribe provisional measures requiring the russian federation to release those 3 ukrainian naval vessels and 20 full detained ukrainian servicemen and to allow them to return to ukraine. one of the judges on the panel was russian his was the only dissenting voice among a panel of 20 a moment of success then for ukraine for out this is pure greek theory there's word we asked did you know and 2 of you now clearly the that all our vessels and our crew should be released immediately the tension between the 2 governments has been
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high since the russian annexation of crimea in 2014 which is why some legal experts believe bringing this case has been part of a wider ukrainian strategy ukraine is definitely in a very very difficult situation and they try hard to. acquire judgments in favor of their legal position in order to increase political pressure in order to make it possible to for the presidents to sit down and come to some kind of agreement but the russian government is clear who it believes is at fault it says it's detained the ukrainian vessels and crew for violating its territorial waters a criminal act according to russian law this ruling is pretty clear the minister has what she wanted but the russians won't hear the russians don't know what will really happen in moscow following this judgment until we hear that it's likely these sailors may not be going home any time soon dominic came out 0 at the
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international tribunal for the law of the sea in the. final results of this week's presidential elections in malawi will be delayed the high court has ordered that votes be recounted after some opposition party has complained of irregularities and intimidation others say figures on many sheets were altered using correction fluid incumbent president seeking a 2nd 5 year term. and in nearby zimbabwe the main opposition party is set to officially elect a new leader the movement for democratic change is expected to choose nelson chamisa who has been interim leader since last year the party narrowly lost the election in 2018 and analysts say it must overcome internal divisions in order to convince voters next time around. has more from. fuel queues are becoming a permanent feature in zimbabwe like everything else here prices keep rising and
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people are becoming increasingly frustrated. and. full of. summer asking politicians from all parties to put aside their differences and focus on fixing things this is the time sure but you actually have little interest at heart forget the politics. going because without we call it politics is useless. but zimbabwe is divided politically some people believe the main opposition leader nelson chamisa is the only one who can turn around the economy his m.d.c. party has a congress this weekend to officially elect him as leader his allies declared an interim leader after morgan tsvangirai died last year from cancer a decision that angered those who also want to the job the main opposition party is
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trying to reinvent itself since morgan tsvangirai died last year the party split there had been a court challenges over property ownership and who has the rights to the party's name john isa nary lost last year's presidential election to him or so when i was but the results show the opposition has significant support many challenges await opposition leaders who will be elected at this congress those challenges include managing internal divisions and come up with alternative economic policies to convince voters before the next general election in 4 years time. al-jazeera zimbabwe. sudan's military chief as a neighboring egypt on his 1st trip abroad since the army overthrew former president i'll bashir. held talks with the gyptian president arafat's l.c.c. the meeting has been closely watched by protest groups who reject any interference by egypt protest leaders in sudan have called for a general strike this week in a bid to force the military to hand over power to civilians. politicians from
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india's governing alliance led by the hindu nationalist b j p have reluctant to render modi as their leader and rubber stamps his 2nd 5 year term as prime minister after a landslide election victory he has promised to promote inclusion critics accused his party of divisive policies that put him juice 1st and indian opposition leader raul gandhi offered to resign as president of the congress party after it was transferred in a 2nd straight election but party officials say the gesture was rejected gandhi lost his seat and it was a pradesh which has been held by his family for decades the gandhi dynasty includes 3 former prime ministers. and india's government has been linking people's personal records to their biological information and the world's largest biometrics initiative supporters said it would drastically improve the ability of the poor to access basic services but now concerns about privacy and government surveillance
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have taken center stage says jamil has more from new delhi. india's biometric program a door began with a promise to give every indian a unique number titles them to citizenship rights and circuses. nearly 9 years later many say that promise hasn't been fulfilled and that romney ryan came to new delhi 5 years ago with his family from ra just on he got his biometrics card here but other than helping him get a mobile phone sim he says it hasn't been much use and. the government promised me i'd get a plot of land in the russian cots of food but so far nothing it's let my family and i stay at the shelter and put my kids in school in the summer and there are other concerns about the program even as our sign ups continue critics say their usefulness has diminished india supreme court has ruled that private corporations cannot demand customers of our info though the government has recently passed
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a temporary order allowing companies to use it again but that has added to concerns over data and privacy leaks. hackers journalists and others have exposed security flaws and earlier this year domestic media reported the biometric numbers and personal information of millions of people could be bought on the black market critics say the program isn't living up to its promise never allowed that potential to be delays in the u.s. saying what harsh mander says promised opportunities for the poor have been replaced by concerns over people's privacy especially that of critics of the government this would biometrics so vehement allows the government to have access to know everybody who are. sending what i buy where i travel and when the state wants to get back at me it has a huge amount of what do you do at it's they hissed. the government continues to defend the program saying it's
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a benefit to all that will streamline bureaucracy and government services. many of those the program was meant to help say the system makes them feel cramped still waiting for the benefits that were promised. you delhi. the cannes film festival is top prize the palme d'or has gone to the film parasite by south korean director. and it's the 2nd year the award has gone to an asian filmmaker antonio banderas won the best actor category for his performance in pain and glory and best actress went to emily little joe. hello i'm mr hall with the headlines on al-jazeera the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria as presidential election in july has passed local media reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates failed to meet
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the legal requirements voters in 21 member states including germany france and italy are heading to the polls in the european parliament elections it's the last day of the vote which is seen different member states take to the polls you're watching live pictures now from rome all of that vote. those polls have been going on in stages since thursday $751.00 politicians will be elected for a 5 year term with results expected on monday the e.u. parliament presides over a wide ranging laws and tooting health and safety regulations farming and environmental protections iran says the u.s. decision to send $1500.00 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous iranian foreign minister job and zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterparts. donald trump has tweeted that a trade deal with japan will only be finalized after japan holds elections in july
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they've teed off as a golf course in chiba south of tokyo he's there with prime minister shinzo abbay trump has complained about japan's large trade surplus he arrived in japan on saturday evening for a 4 day state visit. to iran the poser has been sworn in as south africa's president following the worst election yet for the ruling african national congress from a person has promised to reform the country and revive its economy members of venezuela's government and opposition will meet in oslo next week for talks aimed at resolving the political crisis the development seen as a sign of progress after months of tension between opposition leader one and president nicolas maduro confirmed his team will meet government representatives in norway. for the argentinean leader cristina kirchner and her running mates have launched their campaign ahead of elections in october surprise to many when she announced she would run for vice president instead of the presidency those are the
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headlines faultlines is next. millions of dollars of being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe one i want to waste gains exclusive access to this cutthroat on the world through a criminal turned whistleblower on al-jazeera. hired rang out in honor to be here we don't you today if you want to be a bird and listen to you must see you you must talk to people is it comfortable you know we came to washington state during an outbreak of missiles a highly contagious and potentially life threatening to seize how many of you here are worried about autism how many of you are worried about caesars on. the alan greenspan. and that we are not living in alternate realities this is our reality life with that scene injury i just was one of more than 20 states with
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confirmed cases of museums across the u.s. at more than 800 cases so far 200-1000 has already broken a 25 year record the department of health will take it upon themselves to make the decision on whether a child should be vaccinated or not that's insane these protesters berkus to change the law that would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccines for their children to see yourself you would start talking and be afraid to be on social media you have to talk to your church members you have to talk to your neighbors at the heart of this crisis is a fear in the belief that the measles vaccine is dangerous a claim this been repeatedly disproved by the medical community we have overwhelmingly new evidence showing just absolutely no link between vaccines and autism measles is a leading cause of death in children worldwide and multiple countries are currently battling outbreaks the disease was declared a limited in the u.s. in the year 2000 in this episode of fault lines we look at what's behind us return
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now from parent tries to download. anyhow scare information about facts seems overwhelmingly to hold down the vaccine misinformation the 1st thing we have to do is figure out a way to dismantle to empire this was all preventable. and vaccine preventable disease and we shouldn't be saying it this is no longer i got back saying this is a civil rights matter. that. i. was. telling you to understand how washington state ended up with one of the largest museums outbreaks this year look no further than the state house in the capital
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olympia. in late march state lawmakers held a hearing to discuss doing away with an exemption that allows parents to decline the measles vaccine for philosophical reasons. with you. while the vast majority of families in this state choose to vaccinate washington is home to 2 of the least fascinated cities in the country in part because of these exemptions. doors in the capitol opened at 7 am here this morning is already a line down the sidewalk this bird filled up and maybe it really we're told it's 3 overflow rooms at least 800 people all of them opposed to vaccines as far as we can tell you know the uses those who are most a risk to getting missiles or children who are unvaccinated either because of their parents' decision or because they're immuno compromised and can't. the elderly are
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also at risk as are babies. we're too young to get the museum's mumps rubella or m.m.r. vaccine which is typically given in 2 doses starting at 12 months my daughter in law is pregnant and she's concerned about going into public she's concerned about her friends who may bring over children who are an immune it's a real concern for those who are at most risk and that includes those infants the base with more than 70 confirmed cases washington declared a state of emergency in january and mobilized a response that cost more than a $1000000.00 it's because of this work that the outbreak wasn't much worse but it shouldn't take the outbreak of a potentially deadly disease to encourage people to obtain a safe and effective vaccination to protect themselves their families our schools and our community outside the hearing vaccine opponents continue to make their case
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you basically walk in there whining thinking that you're getting this wonderful thing that's going to make your kid healthy and then when the system you know you you feel betrayed yes and that's how i feel i feel betrayed i think many of us are here because we feel betrayed lydia says her son changed after he received his m.m.r. shot 13 years ago he would stop breastfeeding he would not breastfeed anymore he was not interested in looking up at me like he used to before babies don't really make much our contact but still he would like look around will his eyes eyes i'm just staring at one point. and i didn't put the $2.00 and $2.00 together but i knew that something happened to my child and i didn't understand what it was so on day 3 he was screaming day and night screaming bloody murder i would like somebody killing him it was terrible so i started questioning my doctor i said what is in this vaccine did any doctor ever confirm it was from the vaccine told what happened
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to your son. so basically after i took him into the doctor. or they they didn't want to admit that it was from a vaccine no i don't feel like they did they were trying to say that it could be an allergy and i was scared and because of my faith i prayed and that's why i think he's here today and he's normal he's not to stick or anything talking to vaccine opponents for this story it becomes clear that there's a deep well of terrifying but unverifiable anecdotes often found and spread online and now they want to take our medical rights away so they want to tell us what to put on our bodies and there are stories of people getting euthanized that are mentally ill i mean where is the fine line where do you hear stories like that online yeah mostly online or there are like certain sources you go to for emissions so there's like newsletters i'm signed up to get. and also you tube videos. there's a lot of information if you just dig. i don't have time to dig but i have people
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that send me this did you consider vaccinating your 3 year old never never again not for me not for him not for anybody. lydia and her family were living in california when the state time to specs a nation lost so they moved here and there ever washington. now that washington is taking away that in a more philosophical exemption they may be looking for a new home again it's scary for a family like my family i was even talking with my husband and i said well if if these laws are all going to come to play let's go somewhere else you know we don't have to stay in this country even though we love this country i've been here for 30 years but i love my kids more than i love this country. for the outbreak had you ever seen these on here in the united states. is this radical it is or it was it a decade now now that kind of come back and come back with more and more numbers.
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is there causation between the movement to not. children and the return of missiles off the course but as i don't put my son on line that is the strong force especially people who want to know that felicity you know who talk things about i cloud and good things. and a lot of lies just plain light is dr tatiana oda rich runs a family practice in clark county washington the epicenter of the outbreak she believes that vaccinations have been so effective that they've become a victim of their own success people don't see those diseases they don't know how they're look they think it's harmless and the proof of that is some of those missiles. people method to get exciting methody you know 5 times i'm like snakes and they. were do they trust you as
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a doctor not all of them obviously i mean that's an interesting one child just said that's just me. but when a child is healthy they don't. public health officials suspect that the clark county missiles outbreak began after an infected child visited from ukraine where there's also an outbreak. as the disease spread officials launched a massive investigation interviewing more than 4000 people who might have been exposed. and they had been a fide more than 50 exposure sites including schools grocery stores and restaurants this dollar tree store was exposure site that trader joe's that urgent health center that store over there fred meyers was a exposure so. county officials also jumped online since the internet is often where skepticism about vaccines begins. we didn't want to get into social media wars with commenters and going back and forth but we wanted to
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make sure that the really egregious misinformation was countered and that we did answer questions so that people who had legitimate fear concerns or you know had doubts were seeing that we were responding and at least knew that there was another side to this false argument they were hearing. you have up there says there's no studies that link autism to more shot 1st comment no studies course or more except these 30 peer reviewed links to autism. but this is a b. vaccination the stop again it goes back to that kind of pieces of truth and i've seen even some where they would link the things but it would say like the conclusion of the study would be like this was such a small you know population we can't draw any definite conclusions to this more research needs to be done but people wouldn't read that part or wouldn't. we try to
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respond with out without getting sex so the risk the response here is vaccines do not cause autism that misinformation has been thoroughly were purely debunked but if i'm a parent how do i know it's been working out yet where this other guy's given me all these leanne's doctors these studies we have had other posts where we would you know link to vaccine safety information another thing we would run into is commenters repeatedly posting the same thing over and over and over on every single you know they go back for the last 2 weeks and post the same comment over and over and over it can very easily overwhelm. the misinformation that we're seeing on social media is not just about the vaccine it's about musicals itself it is explicitly contagious. if you have measles and you're with a bunch of folks who are so sad. wolf for example not immunized 9 out of 10 of them will get infected it's airborne and can stay in the environment for
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a while there all these symptoms are runny nose cough conjunctive virus which is pinkeye red red eye in fever after a few days you develop a rash on this starts on the head and goes down to the rest of the body it's not a benign disease before we had measles vaccination the united states we had $400.00 or $500.00 deaths every year for measles in the united states. are we so focused on was that 153 people there have missiles yeah right right last in there because it's so so with so little pieces of him but now it's stress or mano or like there's a so many other infection why are we just going to need for this what if the immunocompromised aren't even that deadly for them they would be worried about the comical we're not saying that vaccines are the only cause of autism we've got a lot of talk from from the world that aren't.


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