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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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mais of the world people are going to listen to what the people in this trading bloc is saying if politics start to change here it will have an impact throughout the world and if as expected we do see the new insurgency rising in europe this will change the relationships pretty fundamentally not only inside the european union but of course also with its trading partners there's a new perhaps a period of instability coming that is not welcome anywhere because any economy needs to verity it needs and you've ever a stable future and perhaps we're going to see a politics taking a much more extreme part in the european union and in the parliament that's good for democracy but it would be good for business we'll wait and see we have to wait until the polls close in italy at the end of the all right david thank you. election is supposed to be so posed to happen in algeria within weeks but nearly
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all the candidates who put themselves forward have been unable to register in time or 40 years hope the presidential poll would help the country out of a crisis that forced the longtime leader are. to quit sarah hierarchs reports. july the 4th is a proposed date of algeria's presidential election but it doesn't have any candidate so far the constitutional council has declared that almost all of the 77 candidates don't meet the legal requirements to take part candidates from the future front party a national republican party withdrew their applications calling for the election to be delayed and for the creation of an independent election monitoring body. the authority can form an independent entity like a national committee with branches nationwide so that we can have an election not involving the executive powers namely the president the government and the constitutional council critics of the ruling military fear the election will work in its favor the army's chief of staff rahm agave saleh sees the election as an
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important step to restoring stability to algeria. so a presidential election will put in them to those trying to prolong the crisis it's important to form an independent body to organize and supervise the elections. on friday protesters chanted for saleh to resign along with other leaders connected to former president added i visited frica including interior prime minister abdul qadeer have been silent protesters don't trust the interim government which took over in april after beautifully could step down the 82 year old was algeria's longest serving president in power for 20 years it's been 14 weeks since protesters 1st took to the streets demanding change now they want the election perspire and. an independent monitor must have more power than just organizing an election it should be able to supervise the entire. including declaring the results this is vital to bring back the people's trust despite the hardship of protesting while
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fasting during the holy month of ramadan demonstrates his insists they won't stop until their demands are met. and in a separate development algeria's new state prosecutor is pursuing corruption charges against a dozen high ranking figures from the governments of the former president. they include the former prime minister. as well as 5 former cabinet ministers their files have been referred to the supreme court's. it is a very important development let's not forget that these 2 ministers have been seen by a judge before all over the last 2 weeks when they opened up the investigations and obviously the fact that it has been transferred to the high court suggests that there is mounting evidence against a few weeks ago the who or the chief of stuff we spoke about corruption in algeria
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he made it absolutely clear that he had sorted evidence against members of the put because the government or the. people in the previous administration obviously it is moving on because what puppet is is that the promised to take up the no blood would be spit and so far so good he just kept to his words and the old saw said that he would get rid of what they called. the people who have been bullied in algeria the drug so would be to do movement. you would go a very very long way into a p.c. in the streets much more still to come on the odds is there a news hour including. the police used tear gas indiscriminately and treated everyone violently rights groups accuse indonesian police of unnecessary violence during last week's election riots the french open is off to
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a bad start for one top ranked player peter bother to tell us a little later in sport. but 1st one of sudan's main opposition parties has rejected calls from other protest leaders to organize a general strike on tuesday and wednesday it's the latest sign of divisions between opposition groups after weeks of political deadlock they're trying to force the military to hand over to civilian rule imran khan is joining us from khartoum who is calling to boycott the strike in iran and why they are not participating. well the boy the call for the boycott comes from the national party now this is a very powerful policy not so much here in the capital khartoum but in the ramon province which is where the base is they are incredibly powerful but they seem to have misread the situation during what's happened is if they've made this call
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before december before the protests started people would have listened to them but they misread the situation and they realize that actually no one is listening to them and that the protests are planned likely to go ahead as planned because the political landscape has almost completely changed we have the sudanese professionals association they're the ones that are pushing for this strike saying that we will go ahead with the strike because we're being forced into it because the transitional military council that's the army aren't negotiating in good faith so people are taking a look at what the omaha team said and say actually you guys don't really matter anymore it's the sudanese professionals association here equality and it does and we're going to listen to them also you have to understand that may well be divisions within the opposition but they all coming together in recent days because of the way the transitional military council have acted in the last few days we've seen the vice chairman of the transition military council the obvious actively go
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and see the saudi crown prince mohammed bin so man we've seen the chairman of the transformative council go and visit with the father of sisi the leader of egypt and now the chairman is in abu dhabi meeting with the crown prince of abu dhabi i haven't been inside and that's angered the protesters because they say this is a transitional military council is actually effectively acting like the de facto government of sudan so although that would evasions and these divisions are clear when it comes to the save your party and the rest of the coalition it seems to be on the ground that the way the army is acting is actually bringing the protesters together so these divisions that emraan are not being seen as a setback to the protest movement as a whole. no you have to understand that the this protest movement is very much coming from the people themselves it's also coming from the middle class of sudan the sudanese professionals association represents those people that are in jobs lawyers don't is people who work at the petrochemical industry and
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things like that and these people are very keen to go out on strike because they realize that this strike is the last option that they actually have that they've run out of options and they say that the army isn't to go shooting with the opposition coalition in good faith so they going to strike i have to say the army has been spooked by the idea of a national strike taking place so much so that in the last few days the army is off a 3 month salary to the teachers to not to go on strike 3 months salary to the apple work is to not go in strike and a lot of what we're hearing from those workers is we are rejecting that money and we want to go on strike because we want civilian rule and that's really everything that you hate get out of the protests not very far away from me during the day which is ramadan people fasting all in the evening after the fos breaks the message is always the same civilian government and we want and we will do civilian disobedience in order to achieve our aims i'm entente thank you sources have told
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al jazeera that an armed group is ambushed a nigerian military convoy killing at least 20 people they say it happened while the army was trying to move refugees from a camp in down boa on monday and i celing group struck a military base killing 9 soldiers in the same region by diddy's has more from my degree. local sources say the attack happened when the military was escorting a group of civilians from the village of. towards the world on saturday morning now the military has not issued a statement regarding this attack and this is not by the way the only attack in recent days a few days ago there were claims by islamic state in west africa province that it had attacked military positions i don't google killing so many soldiers just days after they released a video which they claim to show the execution of soldiers fighting the insurgency
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in northeast nigeria recently both functions of both state and west africa programs that allied to the islamic state of west africa province as well as the cold war. in other parts of borno state have launched attacks but the islip targets mainly military targets in the region while before them fighters the other ones led by factional leader i will because i've been raiding villages for food items and the rest they missed mostly target civilians and they also attack military positions and now the nigerian military in collaboration with the multinational joint task force the regional force like involved in the next area have ramped up their attacks and operations against in the region claiming to have killed several of them in attacks carried out on that basis in the north east. main opposition party is due to officially name its next leader soon nelson chamisa has been interim leader of the movement for democratic change since last year it's the party's 1st
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congress since the death of its founder morgan tsvangirai. has this update from where. it's been a bruising leadership battle which involves months of infighting and some of those who wanted the top job say they were harassed and intimidated into eventually dropping out of the race them say they wound up in hospital and according nelson chamisa i think. tate's and they feel relieved of the right man to lead the party to me so now has a huge task of uniting a divided in d.c. but most of our brains want to know what he's going to do about the economy right now the situation is getting worse in zimbabwe nurses are threatening to go on strike fuel has increased by nearly 50 percent civil servants say they can't afford to go to work every day because a play is so little the m.d.c. does have economic policies on paper but some economists say some of those policies are similar to those of the rulings only paid party and they want to know whether
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it's going to be more of the same missile will do things differently the government says the opposition is planning what's being called winter of discontent protests on monday 5 people arrested at the a porthos date says that they travelled abroad to the maldives to receive training and not organize protests to overthrow a government and how to use more firearms jewelry in protest of 5 deny the allegations nelson chamisa has izzy's planning protests but he insists they will be peaceful and the aim is to try and force president to miss them and got word to the negotiating table to try and find a solution to the economic crisis the last time there was a major protest in zimbabwe was in january when people codices over the rise of fuel which rose by more than 150 percent when that protest happened hundreds of people were arrested hundreds were injured several were killed and there were reports of a rape and torture by security forces the congolese leader moyes cut to be has told
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our jazeera he plans to unite the opposition he recently returned to the democratic republic of congo after almost 3 years in exile assembly is a wealthy businessman and former governor of the southeast province he was once an hour of the former president joseph kabila but the pair fell out and khatami was charged with property fraud and barred from running in the summers elections. that vote was won by felix just the though the result has been disputed since he has been in office he has pardoned $700.00 per prisoners including political opponents of the former president kabila boys could soon be was one of those cleared catherine soy sauce down with him in lubumbashi the main city in his political heartland. i think what is important for us is the life of the congolese people i'm going to go and do my 2 way in the country i came by a man of peace i never killed anyone i never stolen any penny from anyone
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i cannot account for everything reach of god and do you still hold presidential ambitions 5 years is a lot we need to open our country to go up we need the people of better life people think you may be to be to be in government is where you can help people. where i am today in the opposition we are going to congratulate when we can where we can congratulate going to criticise where you can agree and you are going to give advice when we can give some advice in the last presidential election you supported martin for you and not a politician and he's been going around the country saying that he is the legitimate
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president do you support those issues you see i'm not the constitutional court. the constitution of god's plan better than just as president. some people as in the president has been struggling to his authority you see in this question but he's formed his predecessor joseph kabila what is your reaction to that i know want to talk about they are quietly and what are you concerned that he surrounding himself too much with people who are allies of the former president their people refused for the 3rd demanded of president gabi lab and secondly they didn't vote for years candidates so i think today their people want a better future is up to president to say good because i think you should listen to the people why did they do one for the future so you yourself have come back after almost 3 years you left the country thank you 16 because of your fallout with
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president with the then president joseph kabila how is your relationship now he's a former president. is a president who would retire. i always good retiring. i mean the opposition is goatees coalition i think when i resign because i saw the country was called up seems. i mean we've long gone and i think what is important is the future of congo the peace in the congo still ahead in the al jazeera news hour of the july on to groups in mexico take justice into their own hands saying police are failing the u.s. president takes in the traditions of japan but thinks there will be a progress on a trade deal. danus football fans lighten the mood for their championship winning sides peter will tell you about that a little later in sports. hello
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there the weather still giving us quite a messy picture over parts of the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing most of that cloud is marching its way across the caspian sea but further south we're going to see a few more showers as we head through the next couple of days in one or 2 of these may turn out to be quite lively they also might pick up a fair amount of distance well towards the west now if we find a dry for most of us here and the temperatures in beirut will be wrong as it as we head through the next couple of days have to stay i think will get to $27.00 degrees a bit further towards the south of the some of us around the arabian peninsula the still some cloud around particularly over the northwestern parts of yemen and into the southwestern parts of saudi arabia now this cloud is giving us some rain in fact some of us have reported nearly 90 millimeters of wet weather and that has
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always run down the mountain sides and you can see that water there just seeping through the town i think there will be some more showers as we head through the next few days and again some of them could turn out to be a little bit heavy here in doha though no major changes for us weather wise i think we'll get to around 39 or 40 degrees and still until we hear it at times for the southern parts of africa but a cloud there just getting into the southwest making things rather gray away for us in cape town that system is edging its way eastwards as we head into much. cut. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst air pollution in the world. 2 years into the
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blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and how tom join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence says it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera iraq has spoken out against how the u.s. has treated its neighbor iran iraq's foreign minister says his country doesn't approve of the unilateral actions against iran but also offer to mediate voting is in its final stages throughout europe as the continent decides on the make up for its next parliament $751.00 politicians will be elected for a 5 year term algeria supreme court will investigate corruption cases against a number of former ministers 2 former prime ministers and 5 ministers from. governments were referred to the. peacekeeping has always been dangerous work men and women sent around the world trying to keep a lid on the worst conflicts and now it's financially volatile to the un's finding itself short of cash and warns missions hang in the balance our diplomatic editor james bays explains why. the u.n. is holding its annual events honoring the work of its peacekeepers around the world
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. some of the most volatile places on earth last year 98 were killed while on chichi increasingly they also operate in a very difficult financial environment funds a tight with some budgets being cut or peacekeepers need better training and better equipment and that men need to be realistic and adequately support these with both resources and political will for many years un peacekeeping has been based on a grand bargain western countries the e.u. and the us providing specialized equipment and troops and the vast bulk of the money while most of the troops come from asia and africa. but the system is breaking down many countries but most notably the us are not paying their share un peacekeeping is owed a staggering sum over $1900000000.00 the countries providing the
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peacekeepers countries like pakistan which has over $5000.00 men and women serving around the world are the ones currently having to pay most of the costs so here we are $2.00 contribution countries making sacrifices losing lives in order to maintain international peace and security and facing budget challenges so i think we need to fix this it needs to be fixed because this removes the most successful enterprise of the united nations and it should be adequately resourced the us owes way more than any other country to un peacekeeping that's been the case for many years but under president trump the size of the arrears has swelled to over $1100000000.00 a former obama administration official says it would make real sense to pay up now it's a little confusing. the united states side the u.s. cares about peacekeeping we see it in our interest u.s.
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is a larger training training country for peacekeeping missions and our diplomats work worldwide to help them succeed because we see the value of these missions so some of this can and should be sorted out with congress so they fully fund the amount that the u.s. owes and we can resolve this shortfall the u.n. secretary general knows he must tread carefully president trump doesn't take kindly to demands for huge sums from international organizations even though in this case it's money that everyone agrees the u.s. is james bays al-jazeera the united nations let's speak to jacob kathman he's an associate professor of political science at state university of new york is joining us via skype from the city of buffalo thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera is the u.n. peacekeeping system broken. i wouldn't say it's broken while it is true that the u.s. does at times have a difficult time finding the political will to pay its share of its u.n.
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dues this isn't something that is particularly new is this a difficulty that has gone back quite a bit. but also i mean the u.n. is at a point where. that's greatest personnel troop deployments worldwide so the budget difficulties today might be a little more of what you say heightened at this point going to has been previously ok and seeing as they are heightened then with the reduction in money does that mean a reduction in mandates and if so how difficult is it for u.n. peacekeepers to carry out their duties on the ground in these circumstances. i wouldn't say it would be a reduction in mandate so the mandate is the chairman let a cli primarily on the. permanent 5 members of the security council however to the extent that the peacekeeping budget is not able to cover the cost of
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currently deployed soldiers then and given that those soldiers are provided voluntarily by the member states if those member states are not being reimbursed for the deployment of those soldiers then you could see member states deciding to pull their soldiers back from existing missions which would be critically important for the mission be able to use goals and what impact would that actually have on the ground. i can imagine that this would create in some instances a good deal of instability and one of the things that that soldiers do is they signal the commitment of the international community to bring resolution to these conflicts and one of the calmest conceptions of peacekeeping is that it's meant to keep peace that are to exist and that's simply not true in most cases the u.n. is the ploy to active conflict environments and when that's the case the effort put forward by the united nations is really important in terms of signaling to the
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combatants and to the civilians on the ground that they're committed to short term and long term stability in most places to the extent that those soldiers are being underpaid. misused or or returned to their their member states their home countries and that could create a level of instability on the part of the combatants and civilians in those places are right to jacob catherine we thank you very much for speaking to us from buffalo thank you at least one person has died in northern peru where there's been a powerful earthquake the magnitude 8 event happened about 75 kilometers southeast of us district a civil defense spokesman says at least 11 people had been injured it's also caused power cuts in several cities and damage to buildings. indonesia's disputed election is now in the hands of the country's top court which is dealing with a challenge by the defeated candidates at least 7 people have been killed in clashes between opposition protesters and police since tuesday and there are now
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calls for a formal investigation into how police handled the trouble just warning that under thomas' report from jakarta contains some violent images. down a narrow alley in a poor area of jakarta is a family in mourning that this was the home of the youngest person to die in the protests in indonesia's capital for a handful jari was 15 late on tuesday night he got messages from excited friends there was something big going on in the center of town just 15 years old. in brand's parents don't think he took part in any bullets and they don't know how or why shot. i went to the hospital and for hours no one could tell me anything eventually they took me to a body i didn't want it to be him but he was there when i heard about it i was distraught i can't believe that he's got that. piece of make me laugh he was
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a kind boy a lovely boy. we say they didn't fall out of bullets last week just tear gas and rubber coated bullets to control and disperse drawing crowds . they say their action was restrained doing only what they had to but others question. people from human rights groups say from their early investigations into what happened here last week basis but the place of using unnecessary force and violations of human rights. they say they've seen disturbing videos like this one of what appear to be police beating a man cowering in fear another appears to show men in uniform attacking. someone who's already been detained human rights activists want a formal investigation into police tactics and actions. the police
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used tear gas indiscriminately and treated everyone violently peaceful protesters people who just came out to watch and those throwing stones. last week's riots began as protests by supporters of presidential election contender. after in the media's electoral commission announced he had lost to the reelected president joko widodo. family say he wasn't motivated by politics he was just a curious teenager his parents want to know why that led to his death andrew thomas al jazeera jakarta. new guinea's prime minister is expected to quit after 7 years in the job peter o'neill's imminent resignation follows weeks of high level defections from the ruling party he says a change of leadership is needed to ensure a plan reforms are delivered the former prime minister julius chan will take over as leader australia's new cabinet includes
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a record number of 7 women as well as the 1st aboriginal minister for indigenous australians prime minister scott morrison named his reshuffle cabinet a week after his surprise general election victory. says one of his top priorities is to improve the way australians interact with their government on everything from tax to social services. donald trump has hinted on social media there will be no major progress on a trade deal while he is in japan so far his spend his time there taking in traditional japanese culture and on monday prime minister shinzo out there will hold a bilateral summit where trade will be discussed when he reports from tokyo. it was something of a contrast as donald trump set ringside at the grand sumo tournament in tokyo alongside the 1st lady and japanese prime minister shinzo a bare and unconventional president watching the most ritualistic and traditional japanese sports i earlier in the day the 2 leaders had
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a round of golf but on monday the games will stop and they'll get down to business although no significant announcement on a trade deal is expected it's thought that she won't make major concessions particularly in agriculture before an upper house election in july the us produces one better access to japan's food and agriculture markets that have traditionally been protected by subsidies and other non-tariff areas the rural voter base is one that she won't want to risk losing ironically u.s. farmers would have had better access to japan if the united states had remained part of the trans-pacific partnership multilateral trade deal that came into force in december but donald trump pulled the u.s. out of that agreement after he won the election. trump also wants to revive the u.s. car industry believing that imports have harmed american innovation. as you arrived in japan classic car enthusiasts gathered outside tokyo keeping the glory days
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alive. what i like most is the design and also the sound of the v 8 engine i don't think the design has a the designer who came up with his car 50 years ago is amazing. to help the revival the president wants japanese companies to invest more in the states he made demands japan limits vehicle exports and is threatened to increase tariffs japan has been there before in the eighty's with the reagan administration what was agreed at that time was a quarter upper limit for cars and that resulted in major investments of japanese car makers in particular honda and toyota in the u.s. economy i do think that the negotiations are heading in this direction. for now this visit seems to be mainly about relationship building with japan trying hard to impress and keep the united states on side when hey al-jazeera tokyo norway is to host more talks aimed at resolving the power struggle in venezuela when as well and
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government in opposition representatives are due in oslo where discussions were held earlier this month a development seen as a sign of progress between president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader oh he's warned he won't take part in what he calls false dialogue and so many more are is the editor in chief of news and news dot com he thinks it's unlikely the talks will put an end to murderers governments. the history of it as well as shows that every time a dural has managed to get the opposition in negotiations what it's been has been a stalling tactic he just biased time manages to defuse whatever uprising of the moment is against him manages to defuse international pressure against him so he has used talks as a tool on numerous occasions and even pope francis that one of the series of talks a couple of years ago was under the auspices of the vatican and even pope francis who has not really been that harsh against my dura over the years has expressed that promises were not kept by the met as on government so the history of talks
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with maturity would imply that there is not going to be a successful outcome here and that's what vice president pencil in the united states was saying you know just a day ago was that the talks there should be no talks and then today the state department said that if there are talks that the talks should be focused on the exit of madeira only nothing else in mexico the inability of police to reduce violent crime is being blamed for a growing number of vigilante attacks groups have burned some suspected criminals alive others have been hanged meanwhile rapido has more. on the streets of a neighborhood in the state of mexico. is meeting residents who said he says the leader of a neighborhood watch group set up in response to a growing crime rate in his state with some but a lot who sometimes police don't do their job sometimes there simply aren't enough officers or they don't patrol so if we can lend our support to looking out for
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suspicious activity obviously that helps. there's a growing incidence of vigilantism in the state of mexico which is one of the most dangerous states in the country. and according to a recent report by the national human rights commission attacks by lynch mobs are on the rise that just because 70 he's done and the data registered in these 1st few months of $29000.00 confirms there is an increase in lynchings and there have been 67 cases and 107 victims experts say these attacks are often triggered by fake news or rumors on social media because you know you know. there is a direct relationship between the phenomenon of theft or rape and lynchings it doesn't matter if a crime has actually taken place for a lynching to occur so long as a population perceives as a crime as happened it must be punished even if it isn't real. there have been several recorded incidents involving innocent people being beaten or even burned alive by lynch mobs after being mistaken for criminals neighborhood watch signs
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like these are a common sight here in the comic which is regarded as one of the more dangerous regions of mexico residents here say they've chosen to take matters into their own hands citing a noticeable increase in crime and a lack of confidence in law enforcement's ability to keep everyone safe we says his neighborhood watch group is intended to enhance the efforts of police not replace them adding that since his bija lanty collective began the streets feel much safer than it up in new. mexico well india is in the midst of the world's biggest biometrics initiative big government says linking people's personal records to their biological signatures saying it will streamline welfare and other services but as far as jamil reports from new delhi some see it as big brother in overdrive . india's biometric program began with a promise to give every indian a unique number that entitles them to citizenship rights and services. nearly 9
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years later many say that promise hasn't been fulfilled and that romney ryan came to new delhi 5 years ago with his family from ra just on he got his biometrics card here but other than helping him get a mobile phone sim he says it hasn't been much use but. the government promised me i'd get a plot of land in the russian cots of food but so far nothing it's let my family and i stay at the shelter and put my kids in school in the summer and there are other concerns about the program even as our sign ups continue critics say their usefulness has diminished india supreme court has ruled that private corporations cannot demand customers of our info though the government has recently passed a temporary order allowing companies to use it again but that has added to concerns over data and privacy leaks. hackers journalists and others have exposed security flaws and earlier this year domestic media reported the biometric numbers and
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personal information of millions of people could be bought on the black market critics say the program isn't living up to its promise never allowed that potential to be delays it was saying what harsh mander says promised opportunities for the poor have been replaced by concerns over people's privacy especially that of critics of the government but this would biometrics so be in allows the government to have access to know everybody who are. sending what i buy i will and then the state wants to get back and it has a huge amount of what do you do that it's the hist. the government continues to defend the program saying it's a benefit to all that will streamline bureaucracy and government services. many of those the program was meant to help say the system makes them feel trapped they're still waiting for the benefits that were promised. you delhi here's what's coming
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up on the news hour the sports news and red card for the referee peter will explain this strange moment in the chinese super league that's coming up. the pollution is palpable. shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have be got in a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens. on a. one a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. publicly refuse to accept
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dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of college. football whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country. and the demise of i ended a on al-jazeera. hello again time for the sports news with peter green thank you very much lewis hamilton is celebrating his 3rd career victory at the monaco grand prix of the help of the challenge of max for stepan to win the crowd to race on the formula one calendar for the 1st time this season mercedes failed to secure a one to finish with l.t.
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but s. coming home 3rd hamilton dedicated the victory to the team's non-executive chairman niki lauder who died on monday. after 3 years away from the french open roger federer is back to winning ways at roland garros on the opening day of the year's 2nd grand slam he was a straight sets win on a go in their 1st round match federer who has set up to take all season in recent seasons is the number 3 seed at the start. but a top seed has crumbled in paris world number 5 engineered kerber is out the 3 time grand slam winner was dominated by world number 81 on a star sea or part. of russia the only major curb it hasn't won is the french open and it will stay that way at least for another year after a straight sets exit. and former french open champion got to be overcame american taylor townsend in 3 sets to reach the 2nd round luther who won this tournament 3
12:42 am
years ago taking the deciding set 62. but toronto raptors have done what no canadian team has done before they're on their way to the n.b.a. finals they eliminated the mole was he but close shootout at home on saturday in game 6 star player. school 27 points with wing man car lowery contravening 17 final score 194 the raptor will take on the golden state warriors the 1st batch of betsy's will be on 1st day. of motown gear my career 30 years 7 years here. rancher one guy for a while you know we were given opportunity laughter we didn't really get a little lucky for me you know savor the moment but. you know i'm not satisfied you know or goes to to a. chair bridge championship which will keep him better employed and work.
12:43 am
as you can imagine toronto turned into a giant fan zone 1000 celebrated on the streets all across canada on line the raptors while a nickel worldwide trains held a basketball tweeting that they are now moved in just a hockey country. the u.s. is showcasing one of motor racing's most prestigious events a little later that's the indianapolis $500.00 axes christian bale and matt damon the honorary starters for the race the 2 are starring in a racing movie coming out in november but although they've played the roles sunday's part in the real race is still causing confusion i thought there would be one flag and we'd like flip a coin before hand or something i guess we have 2 classes we're going to have to see is going to be synchronized flagging. we go in blind on this i thought initially i thought it was one flag really we're both going to hold one like a little bit and they the other guy has the i phone here. 3 time major
12:44 am
winner jordan spaeth is just 2 shots back going into the final round at the colonial that takes him hasn't won for nearly 2 years but shot a $68.00 to sit in a group of players all at 7 under par out in front there is kavanagh he's looking for his 3rd p.g.a. to win. a nest of says he's the right man to carry on in charge at barcelona despite missing out on another piece of silver way off the season ended with a surprise defeat of valencia in the final of the cup or del rey. delivered another league title but in the space of 15 days he suffered big disappointments in the champions league and now the spanish cup. but in germany boy in munich are celebrating a double winning season day after the champion's speed leipzig in the cup final they paraded the trophies in front of thousands of fans in the city it's the 12th on by and have completed the bundesliga and cup double. becomes the 1st man to win
12:45 am
the double as both a buy and player and coach. we've all seen football fans to throw up matches by throwing bottles or flays onto the pitch but those that f.c. copenhagen have a way of lightening the mood they've been throwing who inflatables to celebrate the latest danish league title they clinched the 13th league crown earlier this month it's becoming something of a tradition over the last few years. now it's not often you see a referee risking a raid because but that's what happened in the chinese super league on sunday and look at this this is referring to matthew kong in blue accidentally colliding with an auto a gust of beijing go on and knocking him to the floor the new zealand official seemed a bit embarrassed as expected as the brazilian required treatment as well beijing would go on to lose $21.00 to shanghai s.i.p.c. in the top of the table clash. will even if an hour most for coming
12:46 am
up again later during ok peter thank you for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we're back in a moment we'll have much more news coming your way at all the day's top stories to stay with us. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman thought that she could selectively goods and have only boys changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at
12:47 am
every level will be get being given money money to agree distro zation our money to get other people to be the services out there examines the politics of population control. culture a down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here. it's 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient such a better business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. once and the mad to try now settled in towns and
12:48 am
villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2 of those none of them have citizenship al-jazeera world needs to upgrade people. who are out on the identity of the person who's considered non-existent. stateless in lebanon. on al-jazeera. iraq's foreign minister says his country stands with its neighbor iran as tensions rise between tehran and washington. this is all just 0 life from headquarters and. also ahead millions vote on the final day for elections for the european parliament. nationalism ounds we'll be
12:49 am
live in brussels a presidential election without candidates constitutional council says none of the 77 hopefuls are eligible to take part concerns over the world's biggest biometrics project and what it means for people's privacy. hello iraq's leaders are vowing to stand with iran after the united states ramped up its rhetoric against what it calls the iranian threats foreign minister muhammad ali and hakim made the pledge following talks with his a rainy and counterparts reports from baghdad. if my homage of a came to baghdad to clarify where iraq stands in the ongoing tension between the u.s. and iran iraq's foreign minister seems to have given him an answer. against the unilateral measures taken by the us we are standing by iran in its position and god willing we
12:50 am
can play an intermediary between the parties if necessary. if iran's foreign minister has proposed signing a non-aggression pact with gulf neighbors but iran says it will take action if necessary. we will defend ourselves against any efforts for a war with iran whether it is a military or. anomic one that would victimize the iranian people we will face it with strength and resistance iran and iraq have close ties to trade culture and religion but iraq relies on the u.s. and foreign troops to combat the threat of eisel and it needs foreign investment especially to develop its oil fields iraq has been doing a diplomatic balancing act for years and some say that puts it in a perfect position to be able to mediate between the united states and iran but to do it successfully like most negotiations it has to be seen not to take sides there
12:51 am
are also fears that some shia armed groups in iraq who are allied to iran might decide to upset the doc balance they might decide to take their own action their own initiative against u.s. assets in iraq. iraqis filled tahrir square in the heart of baghdad on friday demanding that their government put iraq's safety 1st and that their country should be at the center for talks to find a solution. that the how. iraq has become a bridge where meetings have been held at the iranian embassy with european diplomatic missions and it's taken the decision to start talks with moderate countries affected by the situation to lobby the united states and iran to try to extinguish the fires of war. iraqis may need more evidence to convince them that they won't be dragged into an unwanted conflict rob matheson al jazeera back that.
12:52 am
voting that began on thursday is into its final stages in europe as the continent decides on the make up of fits next parliament millions are casting ballots in 21 countries including 3 of the biggest member states germany france and italy people in the other 7 countries voted earlier and with national. a sentiment rising these elections are seen as a battle between and populists and their rivals who want closer unity within the bloc barbara sarah joining us from brussels some projections are now coming out barbara what do we know so far. we have started to get what they're calling national estimates now it's worth remembering that of course are people are still voting across the e.u. because different countries vote on different days and finish voting at different times but germany has finished voting we're getting national estimates germany of
12:53 am
course the biggest party in the biggest country in the un sends the biggest number of parliament areas to the european parliament 96 now estimates are coming in a we're joined now by peter clipper was head of the brussels office at open a europe as so of course there is still a coalition there with angela merkel at its head but we had seen the if the party so-called far right party surging in the past what do we make of these exit polls what do they say of course they really do looks like a.v.'s going to be slightly less well than the opinion polls had predicted greens are doing slightly better even topping 20 percent medical so you see the you is the wrong 27 so that's what was predicted but interestingly her coalition partner the social democrats are doing a little bit worse than predicted of course we still have to wait to find a result but this could put some some strain on the coalition of medical between
12:54 am
this christian democrats and the social democrats it all speaks of these grand coalitions formed by sort of center right and center left a lot of people had been fearing that far right parties like the f.t. and similar minded parties across europe were going to do very well as you said these are national estimates the countries are not going to release of fishel statistics until later but so far what can you interpret by the fact that the. f.t. the far right party hasn't done as well as at least the opinion polls are pretty. well i think they seem to have been losing notes in general voters maybe have flowed back to the cd you were the originally came from at least many of their voters came from see the u. i think it's largely due to destabilization of the migration crisis of course the great booster for that particular. party the sort of to the green protests probably have played a role in the success that we're now seeing of the green syrians doing well only
12:55 am
scored an interesting effect so we have a german at least we have the national estimate so far in the next hour as we will be getting more national estimates before we get the official results which of the countries are you looking out for. france of course will. be to morrow of course hungary whole world will orbán do poland to the governing party there. the sort of the so-called right to populist in scandinavia finland sweden denmark how will they do and have you had the sense that these elections were different because it's quite a strange election all sorts you know 28 different countries that in a way are almost holding 28 national elections except that then they all and up in one parliament apart from the potential rise of a lot of the far right that you have the sense that this was different the europeans european voters were more galvanized in these elections i think they were assured because for the 1st time since 1979 we may see the turnouts going
12:56 am
up before and at every european parliament election there were less and less people bouldering to vote so that's quite interesting. it looks like the. other part of the explanation is the success of the anti establishment parties i mean even in germany. the party is consolidating itself in the in the heart of europe and they are breaking with a consensus in german politics that the us fundamentally a good thing they are very critical to do you some within the party even want germany to exit you. peter klepper head of the brussels office for the think tank open you have for the moment thank you we are expecting more national estimates from other countries in europe deceiving greece and austria quite soon as well we're not going to get official results from these elections until 21 g.m.t.
12:57 am
when all the polls will crow close right across the continent for for the moment there in back to you ok barbara thank you we'll speak to you a little later on well an election is supposed to happen in algeria within weeks but nearly all the. and there it's who put themselves forward have been unable to register in time or thorny as hoped the presidential poll would help the country out of a crisis that forced the longtime leader abdel aziz beautifully cow to quit several reports. july the 4th is a proposed date of algeria's presidential election but it doesn't have any candidate so far the constitutional council has declared that almost all of the 77 candidates don't meet the legal requirements to take part candidates from the future front party a national republican party withdrew their applications calling for the election to be delayed and for the creation of an independent election monitoring body. the authority can form an independent entity like a national committee with branches nationwide so that we can have an election not
12:58 am
involving the executive powers namely the president the government and the constitutional council critics of the ruling military fear the election will work in its favor the army's chief of staff rahm agave saleh sees the election as an important step to restoring stability to algeria. so a presidential election will put an end to those trying to prolong the crisis it's important to form an independent body to organize and supervise the elections. on friday protesters chanted for saleh to resign along with other leaders connected to former president added i visited frica including interior prime minister abdul qadeer have been silent protesters don't trust the interim government which took over in april after beautifully could step down the 82 year old was algeria's longest serving president in power for 20 years it's been 14 weeks since protesters 1st took to the streets demanding change now they want the election perspire and.
12:59 am
an independent monitor must have more power than just organizing an election it should be able to supervise the entire process including declaring the results this is vital to bring back the people's trust. despite the hardship of protesting while fasting during the holy month of ramadan demonstrators insist they won't stop until their demands are met so to hide out. on a separate developmental jarius new state prosecutors pursuing corruption charges against a dozen high ranking figures in the government of the former president bill to flee and they include former prime ministers. as well as 5 former cabinet ministers their files have been referred to the supreme courts it is a very important development let's not forget that these 2 prime ministers have been seen by a judge before all over the last 2 weeks when they opened up the investigations and obviously the fact that it's been transferred to the high court suggests
1:00 am
that the mounting evidence against a few weeks ago who were the chief of staff we spoke about corruption in algeria he made it absolutely clear that he saw the evidence against members of the because the government or the. people in the previous administration obviously it is moving on because what happens is that the promised. the no blood would be spilled and so far so good here as to his words on the old saw that he would get rid of what they called. the girl and the people who have been bullied in the draw so the movement. would go a very very long way into. the streets still ahead on al-jazeera find out what's at stake is the man on his.


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