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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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bar a few small countries but turnout is up in germany is up in france is up in italy over europe and of course. at the beginning that was supposed to play out play in favor of the of the big the bigger your skeptic groups however as we said the mixed results for the for the european for the for the rupee an alliance led by salvini make is i think these would not be decays as the greens those have been able to mobilize both are very much the same one is positive from europe elects thank you so much so merriam of course a lot of the results might still change a little some exit polls some a national projections but we really do have an image now of the european parliament who's got how many seats the question is how now they're all going to perhaps change the groups that they sit in deede in many ways in many ways that the real work starts now doesn't it after the election thank you very much barbara sarah in brussels. well the results of these elections could give a boost to australia's embattled chances sebastian curt's who is facing
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a no confidence vote over corruption allegations according to exit polls his people's party looks on track to get around 34 percent of the vote losing just one seat curt's was forced to pull the plug on his administration last weekend following the release of a video secretly filmed 2 years ago it showed kurtz is deputy chancer in the leader of the freedom party discussing trading government contracts for campaign support with a woman posing as the niece of a russian oligarch. i'll bring you some other stories we're covering this hour iraq has spoken out on the escalating dispute between the united states and iran saying it stands with its neighbor but in the same breath iraqi foreign minister told his iranian counterpart and he's willing to mediate well matheson reports on iraq's that look at position. if mohammed jeffords early for came to baghdad to clarify where iraq stands in the
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ongoing tension between the u.s. and iran iraq's foreign minister seems to have given him an answer. against the unilateral measures taken by the us we are standing by iran in its position and god willing we can play an intermediary role between the parties if necessary. iran's foreign minister has proposed signing a non-aggression pact with gulf neighbors but iran says it will take action if necessary. we will defend ourselves against any efforts for a war with iran whether it is a military or economic one that would victimize the iranian people we will face it with strength and resistance iran and iraq have close ties to trade culture and religion but iraq relies on the u.s. and foreign troops to combat the threat of eisel and it needs foreign investment especially to develop its oil fields iraq has been doing a diplomatic balancing act for years and some say that puts it in
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a perfect position to be able to mediate between the united states and iran but to do it successfully like most negotiations it has to be seen not to take sides they're also fears that some shia armed groups in iraq who are allied to iran might decide to upset that balance they might decide to take their own action their own initiative against u.s. assets in iraq. iraqis filled a square in the heart. on friday demanding that their government put iraq's safety 1st and that their country should be at the center of talks to find a solution. and i doubt that the how of. iraq has become a bridge where meetings have been held at the iranian embassy with european diplomatic missions and it's taken the decision to start talks with moderate countries affected by the situation to lobby the united states and iran to try to extinguish the fires of war. iraqis may need more evidence to convince them that
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they won't be dragged into an unwanted conflict rob matheson al jazeera baghdad. and all the developments in iraq's military is saying at least 5 people have died after a car bomb exploded at a busy market west of the city of mosul it happened in a village within the town of robbia near the syrian border they were out shopping before breaking their ramadan fast. as more to come for you on the program britain's brac set policy set to sweep to victory in the european election here pushing the ruling conservative odyssey into an unprecedented 5th place that story and the united nations peacekeeping faces a budgetary crisis as the u.s. fails to pay the $1900000000.00 it is the force.
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hello again it's good to have you back we are seeing a lot of rain here across much of southeastern australia over the next few days as a fairly substantial storm system pushes through now that's going to be a lot of rain and in the overnight hours in the higher elevations it's going to mean some snow in some locations here in tasmania though it's going to be very hard in many locations to get above single digits in the region over the next few days from melbourne rain few at 12 degrees but still quite nice in brisbane a 27 here on monday and there is that rain to the south but to the north things are looking quite nice brisbane you do come down a little bit chillier with attempt to there of 21 degrees well for the south island of new zealand plenty of rain plenty of clouds and winds over the next few days that's a system coming across the tasman sea will bring a lot of that activity over the next few days we don't really see a break probably till we get to mid to end week over here towards auckland you'll also see winds coming out of the north not too bad in terms of temperature but on
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tuesday that does mean you're going to see more rain as well and then here across japan we've seen a lot of heat across the region where temperatures are into the low thirty's so here on tokyo on monday we're going to be seeing still $33.00 degrees there but the rain is going to be pushing through and that will drop the temperature with rain in the forecast on tuesday with a temperate there of 29 degrees. capturing a moment in time for the snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove a. witness on al-jazeera.
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welcome back top story this hour according to estimates in the european parliamentary elections the european peoples party will remain at the largest bloc they are down from 5 years ago greens and liberals have significantly increased their seats whilst the parliament's 2 populist blocs have made slight gains for the greek prime minister alexis a process called a snap election after his party suffered a heavy defeat in the elections early results show his policies the writs a trailing the opposition new democracy party by about 9 points and our other top story this hour iraq is about to stand with iran as tensions escalate between
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tehran and washington but in a meeting with his iranian counterpart in baghdad. the iraqi foreign minister says his government is willing to mediate between iran and the united states. or more on top story european election results and we turn our attention now to the u.k. where the deadlock over breaks it means that the country has unexpectedly had to take part in this vote. policy was expected as they lead so let's speak to a challenge he is with me now to get an update on the results and the expectation i suppose that the result so far reflects the trend of smaller parties gaining ground at the expense of mainstream parties and it looks like nigel farage and his new bracks party of managed to repeat maybe even top their success in 2014 well the knowledge of raj is leading a new party so this is an insurgent party that's only been around since its wealth
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but it is doing extra really well. considering that it's such a new entity. the results are still coming in but at the moment the u.k. has elected 7 brix it's m.e.p. 5 liberal democrat ones. so that's another smaller party that's doing well too but the 2 main parties labor and the conservatives are having a pretty torrid night of it certainly the conservatives are they only have one m.e.p. so far that's fewer than the greens labor have 3 so the trend in the moments. in these elections is the bricks that are absolutely sweeping it. liberal democrats doing very well but the 2 establishment parties labor and services are having a very bad night how is the british party done this has been around just for 6 weeks time it's an incredible achievement and it's basically down to i think the the failure of the conservative governments to get brecht's it done and how there
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are a large chunk there is a large chunk of the population that is very angry about that and they are the ones that are going in their droves to the brits a party they're the ones that voted leave and they're angry that it hasn't happened on the other side labor is facing a tough time because it is fudge the issue is not come out properly is either remain or leave and it's traditional it's leave it's remain very remote areas remain voting. supporters are deserving it to the other smaller parties like the greens the liberal democrats of course the big debate here in the u.k. playing out in parliament has been whether britain should ultimately have a heart breaks it all whether there does need to be some sort of a closer relationship with the european union going forward so how could these here these european election results impact the race to replace prime minister treason well yeah if you are in the running for that that leadership at the moment and
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you're looking at these elections you're thinking what lessons can i take from it then. i think there's only one really it's going to be a wiring lesson for anyone who has concerns about the future of the center ground of british politics because. all of these contenders for to resume its position are going to be thinking if i am going to have any hope for him back some of these voters that deserted the conservatives and gone to the brits party i'm going to have to be as hard as i can possibly be i'm going to have to out for our schneider for raj thank you very much for a challenge. well i want to bring you news of another election now which was supposed to happen actually in algerian it's meant to be happening within weeks but nearly all the candidates who put themselves forward have been unable to register in time authorities hope the presidential poll would help the country out of a crisis that forced a longtime leader abdelaziz bouteflika to quit. reports. july the 4th is a proposed date of algeria's presidential election but it doesn't have any
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candidate so far the constitutional council has declared that almost all of the 77 candidates don't meet the legal requirements to take part candidates from the future front party a national republican party withdrew their applications calling for the election to be delayed and for the creation of an independent election monitoring body. the authority can form an independent entity like a national committee with branches nationwide so that we can have an election not involving the executive powers namely the president the government and the constitutional council critics of the ruling military fear the election will work in its favor the army's chief of staff rahm agave saleh sees the election as an important step to restoring stability to algeria. jago a presidential election will put it into those trying to prolong the crisis it's important to form an independent body to organize and supervise the elections. on
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friday protesters chanted for saleh to resign along with other leaders connected to former president added i visited frica including in 2. prime minister harder than solid protesters don't trust the interior government which took over in april after beautifully could step down the 82 year old was all jerry's longest serving president in power for 20 years it's been 14 weeks since protesters 1st took to the streets demanding change now they want the election perspire and. an independent monitor must have more power than just organizing an election it should be able to supervise the entire process including declaring the results this is vital to bring back the people's trust despite the hardship of protesting while fasting during the holy month of ramadan demonstrators insist they won't stop until their demands are met it's sort of. in a separate development algeria's new state prosecutor is pursuing corruption
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charges against a dozen high ranking figures from the government of former president abdel aziz beautifully they include former prime ministers. as well as 5 former cabinet ministers their files have been referred to the supreme court now at least 30 people at dead and 200 others are missing after a boat sank on lake my endo in western democratic republic of congo officials estimate several 100 people were on board when bad weather hit they were mainly teachers travelling to collect salaries by boat because roads in the region a poor. series of explosions in the in a poly capital katmandu is killed at least 4 people and injured several others a police official said 3 blast took place across the city in a residential area near a head dresses and near a brick kiln the cause of the explosions is under investigation but it might be the work of far left rebels opposed to the government a pamphlet from the group was found at the site of the 1st explosion. at least 20
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people have reportedly been killed in an ambush on a military convoy in northeastern nigeria this happened while the army was trying to relocate refugees from a camp in the dembo region of borno state no one has claimed responsibility at all very active in the region it is the 2nd attack in the area within a week on monday who are linked with i.c.l. struck a military base killing 9 soldiers the united nations has been paying tribute to its peacekeepers serving around the world there are at least $100000.00 on active duty deployed to some of the world's most dangerous places but as the tributes come operations face an unprecedented budget crisis of diplomatic editor james bays as mall. the u.n. is holding its annual events honoring the work of its peacekeepers around the world . some of the most volatile places on earth last year 98 were killed while on
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g.t. increasingly they also operate in a very difficult financial environment funds a tight with some budgets being cut or peacekeepers need better training and better equipment and their men to be realistic and adequately support these with both resources and political will for many years un peacekeeping has been based on a grand bargain western countries the e.u. and the u.s. providing specialized equipment and troops and the vast bulk of the money while most of the troops come from asia and africa. but the system is breaking down many countries but most notably the us are not paying their share un peacekeeping is owed a staggering sum over $1900000000.00 the countries providing the peacekeepers countries like pakistan which has over $5000.00 men and women serving around the
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world are the ones currently having to pay most of the costs so here we are $2.00 contribution countries making sacrifices losing lives in order to maintain international peace and security and facing budgetary challenges so i think we need to fix this it mostly thinks because this removes the most successful enterprise of the united nations and it should be adequately resourced the us owes way more than any other country to un peacekeeping that's been the case for many years but under president trump the size of the arrears has swelled to over $1100000000.00 a former obama administration official says it would make real sense to pay up now it's a little confused. the united states side the u.s. cares about peacekeeping we see it in our interest u.s. is a larger train training country for peacekeeping missions and our diplomats work worldwide to help them succeed because we see the value of these missions so some of this can
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and should be sorted out with congress so they fully fund the amount with us those and we can resolve this shortfall the u.n. secretary general knows he must tread carefully president trump doesn't take kindly to demands for huge sums from international organizations even though in this case it's money that everyone agrees the u.s. has jamesburg al-jazeera of the united nations. brief look at the headlines before we go according to estimates in the european parliamentary elections the european people's party will remain the largest bloc but they are down from their result 5 years ago the greens in the liberals have significantly increased their seats whilst the parliament's 2 populist blocs have made slight gains well the greek prime minister elect says that process called a snap election after his party suffered
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a heavy defeat in the european parliamentary elections early results show his party separates a trailing the opposition new democracy party by about 9 points sipress his popularity has fallen juice the recent controversial name change agreement signed with north macedonia his term had been due to expire in october but a vote is now expected to be held in june the results could give a boost to austria's embattled chancellor sebastian kurtz is facing a no confidence vote over corruption allegations according to exit polls is people's party looks on track to get around 34 percent of the vote losing just one seat. want to bring you some other stories now iraq has vowed to stand with iran as tensions escalate between iran and washington but at a meeting with his iranian counterpart in baghdad the iraqi foreign minister said that his government was prepared to mediate in the dispute between iran and the us
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in algeria to former prime ministers as well as 5 former cabinet ministers are among a dozen high ranking figures facing corruption charges the country's new state prosecutor has referred their cases to the supremes court they all served in the government of the former president bill as these beautiful. news now from the d.l.c. where at least 30 people are dead 200 others missing after a boat sank on lake lying don't bay in the western part of the country officials estimate several 100 people were on board when bad weather hit they were mainly teachers traveling to collect salaries by boat because roads in the region are poor and a series of explosions in the a pilot capital katmandu is killed at least 4 people and injured several others a police official said 3 blasts took place across the city in a residential area near headdresses and near a brick killed the cause of the explosions is under investigation well those are the top stories this hour that's it for myself from the team here in london coming
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up next on al-jazeera it's witness. millions of dollars of being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe one i want to gains exclusive access to this cutthroat on the world through a criminal law on al-jazeera. ready ready or. another and i would. have said it was it i mean ready sort of the good the. very heart. a pot just planted. for
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