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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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3. 100 air raids a day the furious onslaught from syria's last rebel stronghold that's forcing hundreds of thousands to flee towards turkey. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program thousands of people go on strike in sudan demanding that the military hand over power to civilian rule serbia reportedly deploys troops to its border with kossovo after a police raid tensions are soaring in the region and will it be mr or ms in europe
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the fight begins of the who will take the top jobs in the e.u. is european leaders gather in brussels for negotiations. thank you for joining us hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing a wave of airstrikes in northwest syria as government and russian warplanes pound rebel positions. at least 20 civilians have been killed in tuesday's attacks that number is expected to rise though as the government intensifies if you use push from the south health officials in the opposition held province say government crockett's have destroyed a hospital in the town of foreign aboard hama and aleppo have also been targeted forcing syrian syrian civilians to flee towards turkey well the worsening humanitarian situation in syria has been the focus of talks at the u.n.
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security council diplomatic editor james bays is that the u.n. you've been following the talks what's come out from the security council so far. well very strong words again because they are very worried about the situation 22 medical facilities have now been hit in the surveillance of by the syrian government and its russian allies that's now gone on a month i can tell you in that period in that month long period we've actually had 5 meetings in which the situation in the ad lib has been raised by the security council and yet despite the strong words no sign of any actual action that of course because one of those involved in this one of the protagonists is a permanent member of the security council with veto power the russians along with the other members of the security council did this meeting here this appeal from a top u.n. official can't to this council take any concrete action when
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attacks on schools and hospitals have become a war tactic that no longer sparks outrage is there nothing to be said or done when indiscriminate barrel bombs are dropped in civilian areas a clear breach of international humanitarian law and of council resolution 2139 millions of bettered and beleaguered children women and men cannot wait for another geneva round to succeed. strong words there at the u.n. james of course the situation all around is all for the u.s. state department has also been reacting to it what have they had to say. well the u.s. state department saying that what's going on is a reckless escalation of the situation and in addition to that statement that came
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out of washington we heard here from the acting u.s. ambassador to the united nations jonathan cohen saying that the u.s. wanted to see accountability for the crimes that are being carried out and certainly many members of the security council believe these are breaches of international humanitarian law the russian foreign minister saying that he was simply carrying out military action along with the syrian government to defeat what he said were terrorist groups but if you read international humanitarian law it's very clear and there have been specific security council resolutions on this very issue of medical facilities in syria you are not allowed to take military action if you are going to put at risk civilians and clearly there are many civilians in fact 3000000 civilians many who have fled from other parts of syria who are now in their place of last resort which is a place that has now been bombarded every day for
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a month and surveys are the latest on that from the u.n. james thank you. russia and turkey had reached an agreement last september which was supposed to protect it live over fears for the safety of the 3000000 people james was talking about in northwest syria since then though an armed group formally allied with al qaeda seized large parts of the area triggering the regime's latest offensive saying a horde of reports. the intensity of strikes like these is increasing and so is the number of civilians killed across southern and northern hama russian and syrian jets are carrying out more than 100 raids a day. and most are hitting crowded residential areas marketplaces are reduced to rubble hospitals clinics and schools have been destroyed in the offensive in northwest syria that is entering its 2nd month thank god the law but.
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many civilians have been killed the planes of return to hit model to normal the people are panicking afraid opposition activists are accusing the government and its allies of using internationally banned weapons like cluster bombs and white phosphorous they say it is part of a strategy to depopulate a belt of territory on the southern edges of province to secure 2 international roads more than 200000 syrians have moved north towards turkey's borders seeking safety in open fields but tens of thousands are believed to be caught in the area of hostilities the russian backed syrian government offensive has barely changed the lines of control government forces are trying to recapture territory to connect cities under their control and revive trade but they haven't been able to take much ground russia too is trying to push the rebels north so that its military base in luckier will no longer be within the opposition's firing range. opposition
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forces have united and are fighting back and. some of the armed groups say they are getting the letairis support from turkey which wants to strengthen its negotiating hand many believe the offensive is about pressuring turkey which is trying to balance relations between moscow and washington there are reports that turkey is holding behind the scenes negotiations to try and revive the last 2 year cease fire deal and create a demilitarized zone that fighters from the sham or h. the s. and the syrian army will respect. that's. all i ask oh gosh. yes. actually that's not the same. i don't.
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want to read. this. although a ceasefire would save lives there's no sign of it but for now through their proxies russia and turkey are reminding each other how costly it is when they're not working together senator bayh but. protest leaders in sudan are piling pressure on the military to hand over power to a civilian one of. a 2 day strike is underway with workers nationwide walking off the job but testers hope it will force military leaders into a new round of negotiations imran khan reports now from khartoum. on any other day this would be the main transport hub for the whole of the 2 but the central bus station is shut and the general strike is holding disruption to the capital's
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airport but strike is displaying signs saying we will build our country shops and businesses are closed citywide and protesters are out in the streets a handful of shops and government offices did open but the strike is widespread enough for the organizers to deem it a success the plan today walkout was organized by the sudanese professionals association speaking on monday night before the strike started organizers said they were forced into taking action because the transitional military council are not negotiating in good faith. abundantly so what are the sole guarantor of the revolution are the sudanese people and the law and order in what we agree upon as a constitutional declaration or otherwise this is the guarantor of the revolution not a military rifle for the workers who have walked out they hope that the military leaders who replaced ousted president omar al bashir will listen to their demands for a civilian led government 2 so we just like to do this right but we're going for
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more if they don't leave it out there the longer she was in the dr i don't know the 1st the opposition coalition will be hoping that the strike gives them negotiating power and that the transitional military council will have to listen and we have been told if they don't opposition leaders say they will take further action such as more strikes for now the padlocks remain firmly closed as do the talks between the 2 parties who can speak to him on live now he is in the sudanese capital less so in mind is this strike having the effect that protesters desired is it putting pressure on the military. well it really depends on who you speak to or and in fact who you listen to now the deputy chairman of the transitional military council gave a televised address to fellow offices now in that address he's known locally as a miti in the address he actually said that we the army are part of the revolution
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that if it wasn't for us. it would still be in power and he's appealing to. a position council. sort of the opposition coalition to come to the negotiating table however no date has been set for any more negotiations so it feels like it looks like that there is some pressure being put on the army as a result of this strike he had mentioned the strike at this televised speech saying that he was very fearful that the maybe problems with electricity for example and he said this would have an impact on ordinary sudanese people however the ordinary sudanese people seem to be relishing in the strike we were traveling around all day as you saw in the package every few blocks or so there were people out on strike so the opposition coalition will be hoping that another day of strikes will force the army to come back to the negotiating table and we expecting anything in particular on on wednesday tomorrow you know further on how this strike might develop.
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well what the opposition coalition have said is that if this 2 day strike doesn't force the able back to the negotiating table that they'll further escalate action and they'll take further action including what they say is civil disobedience and more strikes just take a look at this road behind me one of the lawyers one of the most busiest streets in completely empty it really depends on what the sudanese professionals organization they're the ones that called for the strike on behalf of the opposition coalition say either tonight or in the early hours of this morning whether they say actually we're going to go for another day of striking on thursday and that will put pressure on the army because to is still at the moment and not it's not just. government offices that are being affected by this but also a lot of the private industries are being affected by this is well so it really depends on what happens in the next 7 or 8 hours and what the sudanese
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professionals association issue as a state whether it's a state in this is ok will go on strike for the one day that we said we would on wednesday that 2 days of striking and then we'll see what happens or whether they decide that they're going to extend the strike period in one town with the latest from the sudanese capital khartoum run thank you. thousands of students and teachers have marched through the jury in capital in protest against the ruling elite there keeping up the pressure on the military demanding sweeping changes in their country nearly 2 months after a veteran president believes he's been defeated resigned army chief i'm a guy salah has been calling for mutual concessions between interim leaders and protest the demonstrators want him and others from his era gone before new elections are held. you're watching out jazeera live from london still ahead on the program malaysia says it will not be bullied into becoming
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a dumping ground for plastic waste from developed country. it's. i'm very sad for him what outsiders were pro-choice activists will try to get an abortion bill to arguments again in a country where around $500000.00 illegal abortions are carried out every year. hello there there's still plenty of very heavy downpours even parts of europe at the moment we still got the swirling mass of cloud over the central and eastern parts and it's still giving us some very heavy downpours to the east of it it's really quite warm but for the west it's quite chilly and this is the boundary between the hawks and that cold air is sweeping its way eastwards and as it does so this ambush isn't really dropping for many of us so warsaw will only have a maximum of around 15 degrees as we head through the day on wednesday ahead of it
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though kiev will be all the way up at 27 the thunderstorms are rumbling their way towards us there with the temperatures will begin to drop as we head into thursday meanwhile towards the west this sudden sunshine to be found but in the showers begin to start it gets a bit messy as you head up to the northwestern parts of europe so london $21.00 degrees but a good deal of cloud around at times is hotter towards the southwest madrid will be all the way up at 30 degrees in the whole weather stretches across the other side of the mediterranean as well so for roberto maximum will be around $27.00 degrees and there will be a cooling breeze off the sea and for the east them for many of us in libya is going to be quite gray and at times rather sunday there's also the chance of seeing a few showers out of the system that's going to stick around for wednesday and for the day too. al jazeera was. on a roller coaster journey in the wrong and discovered you can empower refugee
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community itself to lead and identity. i'd like to prove to the world. i will be able to put myself in my homes from bring myself. to the sun chop the afghan you know on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera syrian government forces have made further advances into rebel held in the northwest of the country troops of the syrian arab army are advancing under an aerial bombardment that's reportedly hit
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several populations. consider a 2 day strike has begun as protest leaders and the country's military remain at loggerheads over a future government protesters are demanding a return to civilian rule after the regime of omar al bashir was ousted last month . thousands of students and teachers have marched through world capital in protest at the country's rulers are demanding that army chiefs associated with the ousted president have been as he's been to freak out step aside ahead of national elections. activists in argentina are launching a renewed effort to legalize abortion after narrowly failing last year lawmakers are introducing a bill to legalize terminations of pregnancy. up to 14 weeks a similar measure had passed last year in the lower house of congress but was the featured in the senate and the heavy opposition by religious organizations that i suppose joins us live now from buenos aires center is
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a hundreds of people have gathered where you are award is there a message. that's correct we're right here in front of congress where hundreds of people have gathered here and a way to support of the possibility of congress debating once again the legalization and decriminalization of abortion in argentina let's not forget that in argentina abortions are only permitted on cases of rape and in case of a women's lives as a driscoll's you can see right behind me are hundreds of people here that are wearing a green handkerchief that's what they say is that the pro-choice groups are saying taishan in this demonstration under slightly separated by the police from martin smaller group that is right towards my rights for all life protesters here again this is a an issue that has polarized argentina it's the dates time that this law will prove percentage in congress use just said it was debated last year it passed
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through the lower house but it was rejected in the senate that it was an issue that polarized argentina we saw hundreds and thousands of people protesting on the streets for of for and against and it's also an issue that the people we've been talking to here that are supporting this law say that it needs to end hypocrisy that it is a matter of public health because there are lots of ready saying that abortions are already happening in this country the ministry of health says that over 350000 abortions that happened this year the minister of health told us that in 2017 for example $70000.00 women were hospitalized because of votes to abortions and what they're basically saying it this is a law that needs to be addressed and the issue that needs to be a. yes because it goes the effect for women who in a way ahead do not have an access to health care it is if they view as you say that the law was defeated in the senate because of opposition by religious organizations
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what makes the supporters there behind you that the pro-abortion people think that things would be different this time. well as i said before this is a an issue that has polarized argentina like few things few issues before and it also cuts right through party lines their supporters and detractors in almost all political parties in argentina presidential elections are happening in october this year and will really know that many of the candidates do not want to save it would be will actually try to pass a law like this one because of course it affected their relationship with one of the most powerful in argentina and that's the catholic church the pope francis is argentinean and most of those who could make it to the presidency do not want to damage their relationship with them but still those who have come here today
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believe that in spite of the electoral here in argentina there is a chance they believe as i said before that this is an issue of public health an issue that is affecting poor women in argentina and that it needs to be debated and resolved there is a boy live there from when inside is today is a thank you. serbia has reportedly the ploy the troops to its border with cos of oil after kosovar police made several arrests in a northern territory dominated by serbs the police say they were targeting organized crime but serbian leaders who will recognize cos it was in the pens so the officers were sent to intimidate them or a challenge reports. in the air and on the ground closer than police signature to. their brain. parts of the city has prompted serbia's army to be put on full combat readiness. shifts this morning at 629 as a commander in chief of the armed forces ordered full military readiness of our
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armed units in case of any serious disturbance of water or danger to life of serbs in northern cos about our armed forces will protect our people. serbia's ally russia has called it a provocation the u.n. says a russian u.n. worker has been released by cross of and police after angry protests from moscow for his detention. the u.n. is demanding the release of another employee also alleged to have been detained and injured. the river and makeshift barricades divide the 2 ethnic harv's of the city majority albanian kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008 a decade after nato stepped in to support kosovan forces in their separatist war with belgrade but north mature still has a population that is mainly and many of them like serbia itself still do not accept kosovo as an independent country nato peacekeeping force in kosovo k.
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4 is playing down the incident at the moment there were no signs. that. this equation is. the cause of and president insists the operation is about law enforcement and nothing else for the new yorker to go abroad in order to the north that i am sorry but belgrade should not under any circumstances be an address that protects those involved in crimes in regardless of their ethnicity. with its bloody history and complex ethnic and religious divisions the balkans have long been a focus for international tensions is rising there once again challenge.
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all service president says he will try to preserve peace and stability but he's ready to protect the ethnic serbs in the region yellow crew such as this update from the serbian capital belgrade. after a very tense morning situation bored in kosovo and serbia seems to be peaceful now earlier today serbian president alexander go teach confirming that serbian forces are ready to act if necessary but just 2 hours later he changed that statement and said we are ready to protect our people but i'm not talking about any military intervention so what we saw today was 2 very different interpretation about what happened also the police arrested 33 people who as they said who were involved in corruption and organized crime also close to the police said that their action took place not just in the region would supermajority but also in that there were 3 all costs of about serving the president said of course the police have used force against an armed supposed serbian and to this claims this action was organized to
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scare serbian people in cos of this all situation is happening in the moment when cost to go is a big issue even serve in public but also in serbian parliament in the past 48 hours the members of serbian parliament were discussing the report on course of and that was the 1st time of the 6 year is this possible is the topic in serbian parliament i'll remind you that dialogue between belgrade and pushed enough has been stopped 6 months ago of the cost of a major decision on 100 percent taxes on products from serbia says van zyl built or this has underlined that that this must be withdrawn for the dialogue to be continued yesterday so when the president said there. normalization is only a solution for peace today alexander added that after this situation in costs over things will not be the same after the fact is his say relation to negotiators will
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be different so social is unlikely to be found soon the negotiation process has just become even more tense. european leaders are meeting in brussels so the scots who they want to fill the top jobs backroom negotiations have already begun to appoint to the commission's president as well as other heads of the institutions the elections a sore center right and center left party support and nationalists liberals and greens taking advantage of voter anger with the current direction of the they've a traitor of reports from brussels. who's next for the top job in brussels the german chancellor angela merkel arrived with the name of only one man on her lips to replace john called as president of the european commission the truth is this one included months of not truly is
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a great coalition i support manfred but not all coalition partners do the same it's kind of the 46 year old but very and has never held an elected office in his life but as the leader of the european peoples party tradition at least recently dictates it should be good we know that we cannot celebrate a big victory we lost seats but we are still 2nd as a 1st party and that's why we are ready to talk now is everyone to sit together to find a common understanding prosecutor. the french president a man your macro though was clearly against his job and part of his choice and he's gaining support among other leaders. but you don't want today to speak about a name and to turn to names. i think we must take into account what came out of the poll was what european people expressed we must have decision makers who have the credibility required to be able to react the presidents and prime ministers of europe will thrash out the differences over dinner but no quick decision is
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expected. no party in the european parliament now has an overall majority each decision on policy each decision on appointments will take time and compromise. the british prime minister to resume a run out of both of those commodities in her negotiations with europe as the brics it does matter great regret to me because i have been able to deliver threats but of course that's masteries now for my successor and they would have to find a way of addressing the face strongly held views on both sides of this issue as she left to join the other european leaders for dinner to resume a might have been reflecting on president macro's warning at the summit. everywhere the extremes are rising and what it is driving on on fear and all the lies they be chaytor al-jazeera brussels. facebook and microsoft are joining forces to prevent
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foreign meddling in canada's elections through their platforms the to take giants have agreed to boost efforts on cyber security before the october vote they're aiming to remove fake accounts from their platforms and to counter the spread of this information last month the government complained that social media companies were not doing enough to fight misleading news. malaysia says it won't be bullied into becoming a dumping ground for waste from other countries it's sending thousands of tons of rubbish back to britain the us canada saudi arabia and china the philippines is in a similar dispute with canada their relation government has clamped down on dozens of illegal plastic recycling factories that have sprung up since china banned imports of plastic waste last year whatever that sand there are ways to malaysia ways where those plastic ways or whatever ways we will send it
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back and we will fight back even though we are a small country we cannot be bullied by a developed countries much more on that story and we have a lot of specials on the environment as well on our website there it is our dot com . now a reminder of the main stories on al-jazeera syrian government forces have made further advances into rebel held it live in the northwest of the country troops of the syrian arab army are advancing under an aerial bombardment that's reportedly hit schools and hospitals thousands of civilians have fled north to escape the bombing and the un security council says humanitarian aid is being exhausted. he's done nothing to be said or done when indiscriminate barrel bombs are dropped in civilian
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areas a clear breach of international humanitarian law and of council resolution 2139 millions of battered and beleaguered children women and men cannot wait for another geneva round to succeed. in sudan a 2 day strike has begun this protest leaders in the country's military remain divided over a future government protesters are demanding a return to civilian rule after the regime of omar bashir was ousted last month public and private sector workers are taking part in serbia has put its soldiers on high alert have to kosovan police made several arrests in its serbia dominated northern territory also when police say that they were targeting organized criminal gangs at least 19 people were detained. thousands of students and teachers of marched through the old jerry in capital in protest the group against
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the country's rulers there keeping up the pressure on the military demanding political reform nearly 2 months after the veteran president abilities beautifully resigned many of the army chiefs associated with defeat have remain in power here appear leaders are meeting in brussels to discuss who they want to fill the top jobs backroom negotiations have already begun to appoint a replacement for young as president of the european commission elections a source center right and center left parties lose support and nationalists liberals and greens taking advantage of voter anger with the current direction of the e.u. those are the top stories from london i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us coming up next it's history thanks for watching but i.
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ok and joined this train today how can they be used to promote peace i mean they could be glad we chat with developers about using video games to build communities and tackle social issues tell us what you think by joining the you tube chat or tweeting off. you know being a refugee coming it's just not easy you know what is next what are you going to leave tomorrow you know going to leave tomorrow one day i asked my mom to buy for me a computer she said on monday on the 3 years it was like gun moment that just time never to unite anything is possible for me 73 percent of the population inside.


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