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this is al jazeera. hello i'm hello my he is in this is the news are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes qantas council take any concrete action. syrian forces patented rebel held elite province killing civilians and forcing the un to suspend some aid operations. serbia puts its troops on alert softer kosovo police raids several locations in the north sent in bomb
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simmering tensions soaring. process leaders in khartoum or pay to take a national strike will force militia leaders to join a new round of talks. and divisions among the european union leaders as they meet to discuss whom should fill the blocks top jobs. hundreds of thousands of syrians are fleeing a wave of airstrikes in the northwest as the government's and its russian allies pound rebel held areas. at least $27.00 civilians have been killed in choose days attacks health officials in the opposition held at le province a government rockets have destroyed a hospice so in the town of far new blue areas in the provinces of hama and aleppo were also targeted orson civilians to flee towards turkey. well the u.s.
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state department's has called the escalation of violence reckless and the u.n. is warning that's in all its offensive on it lip will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe for its $3000000.00 residents or diplomats gets there james bays reports from the united nations. yet another meeting on the 5th time it's been raised in the security council since the offensive by the syrian government and russia started yet again though division among council members means there was strong words but no prospect of our action and a top humanitarian official made this appeal contour this council take any concrete action when attacks on schools and hospitals have become a war tactic that no longer sparks outrage
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is there nothing to be said or done when indiscriminate barrel bombs are dropped in civilian areas ambassadors from the us and europe talked of war crimes and the need for accountability attacks directed against protected medical facilities are prohibited by international law and are in defiance of many security council resolutions including 216-522-6824 extension 49. there must be accountability for the forces and leaders who planned and conducted any such strikes russia was represented at the meeting by one of its deputy foreign ministers he said his country's military will working with the assad government to fight what he said were terrorists. the russian aerospace forces are providing the necessary support to the syrian government forces to force the terrorists out of the regions that are used to bombard russian bases and the positions of the syrian arab you go he's right there all groups operating in
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international humanitarian law is clear it says military forces must show proportionality and as well as the armed groups there are 3000000 civilians living in the province. at the united nations. and turkey reached an agreement soon reduce hostilities in since then and on this group formally allied with al qaeda seized large parts of the area triggering the regime's latest offensive say to reports. the intensity of strikes like these is increasing and so is the number of civilians killed across southern adlib and northern russian and syrian jets are carrying out more than 100 raids a day. and most are hitting crowded residential areas marketplaces are reduced to rubble hospitals clinics and schools have been destroyed in the
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offensive in northwest syria that is entering its 2nd month. of the loss of your life but. many civilians have been killed the planes have returned to hit moderate to norman the people are panicking afraid opposition activists are accusing the government and its allies of using internationally banned weapons like cluster bombs and white phosphorous they say it is part of a strategy to deep. a belt of territory on the southern edges of province to secure 2 international roads more than 200000 syrians have moved north towards turkey's borders seeking safety in open fields but tens of thousands are believed to be caught in the area of hostilities the russian backed syrian government offensive has barely changed the lines of control government forces are trying to recapture territory to connect cities under their control and revive trade but they haven't been able to take much ground russia too is trying to push the rebels north so that
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its military base in luckier will no longer be within the opposition's firing range . opposition forces have united and are fighting back and some of the armed groups say they are getting military support from turkey which wants to strengthen its negotiating halved many believe the offensive is about pressuring turkey which is trying to balance relations between moscow and washington there are reports that turkey is holding behind the scenes negotiations to try and revive last year's cease fire deal and create a demilitarized zone that fighters from. or s. and the syrian army will respect. all i ask. us. i'm tired of it. actually. is the same because it's not that.
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i don't. want to read that something is a. fact this desk. although a ceasefire would save lives there's no sign of a deal but for now through their proxies russia and turkey are reminding each other how costly it is when they're not working together senator beirut. now it's one of the balkans most volatile ethnic flashpoints and tensions in kosovo a flared after a qassam police pushed into the city's serb dominated north they arrested dozens of people including ethnic serbs in an anti smuggling operation well service says the move was designed to intimidate and has put its troops on high alert for a chance reports. in the air and on the ground kosovan police in maturity are on edge their raid into parts of the city has prompted serbia's
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army to be put on full combat readiness. this morning at 629 as a commander in chief of the armed forces ordered full military readiness of our armed units in case of any serious disturbance of water or danger to life of serbs in northern kosovo armed forces will protect people. serbia's russia has called it a provocation the un says a russian u.n. worker has been released by close of and police after angry protests from moscow at his detention. the u.n. is demanding the release of another employee also alleged to have been detained and injured. the river and makeshift barricades divide the 2 ethnic harv's of the city majority albanian kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008 a decade after nato. stepped in to support costs of an forces in their separatist war with belgrade but north mature still has
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a population that is mainly and many of them like serbia itself still do not accept kosovo as an independent country nato is peacekeeping force and cause of ok for is urging calm and says it's ready to intervene if necessary because of his government hasn't confirmed how many people have been arrested albanians bosniaks are among them the president says the operation has about law enforcement and nothing else because i mean there were no do it today i know that i am sorry but belgrade should not under any circumstances be in a dress that protects those involved in crimes regardless of their ethnicity or with its bloody history and complex ethnic and religious divisions the balkans have long been a focus of international tensions anger is rising there once again rory chalons how to syria. will cost civil is almost entirely ethnically albanian but used to be part of serbia as yugoslavia broke off in the 1990 s.
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a group calling itself the corsa for liberation army began an insurrection to gain independence was the rebellion escalates its serbia luis de blas he cracked and this included civilian massacres and ethnic cleansing of the albanian population nato eager to avoid another genocide like vast in neighboring bowls leon launched a bombing campaign against serbia to force them to withdraw from the territory has been targets in kosovo and belgrade's well under the protection of western allies score civil eventually declared its independence from serbia in 2008 but belgrade has never recognised this and disputes between the countries remain the main sticking points is northern kosovo which is populated mainly by serbs and keen to reunites with serbia while geoffrey nice was the lead prosecutor in the case. against former serbian president slobodan milosevic at the international criminal
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tribunal for either slavia he says tensions can arise easily in kosovo in a way it could be a non-story this could be a straightforward. police process that who according to president search is being conducted across the whole of course of urns nothing special about the bit that happened to happen in north kossovo and remember that on this particular issue the size of government the president and the prime minister that have sometimes been divided on issues are entirely united so to that extent it could be a non-story but anything that happens there is used by one side or maybe the other to keep alive the tension that arises from the fact that serbia cannot accept that having blundered in the way that it did between 995 and 999 it lost cause of. how on the other hand you reconciled serbia making as much as you can out of an incident like this how that fits with serbia's knowing it has to recognize kosovo
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if you want to get into europe is a puzzle serbia's interests and europe's interests and therefore the broader political interests are in these small countries of service not so small joining europe and serbia simply has to recognize that it has to recognize kosovo. so far cos of own you can feel really sorry for the citizens it's not their fault. they wanted independence it was some of them did they got it they want to be a new state and every turn now blocked either from getting into unesco or recently even from being a member of interpol and this is all part of the political business we don't want to recognize kosovo but ultimately i think serbia will have to back down would have to recognize cause of her and then cause version its citizens can start making the progress they need to make. plenty more still to come on the news hour including
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u.s. truck companies find themselves in the crosshairs as a court case seeks to hold them to account for their role in the opioid crisis. saudi arabia is once again accused of targeting a critic based abroad and this time there appears to be an israeli connection. and in sports more bad news for neymar as he limped signs of training the day after brazil remain as team captain sun we'll have all the latest. process leaders in sudan are increasing the pressure on the military to hand over power to a civilian one administration today a nationwide strike is taking place and protesters hope it will force military leaders into a new runs over the goosey ations imran khan reports from khartoum. on any other
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day this would be the main transport hub for the whole of halting but the central bus station is shut in the general strike is holding disruption to the capital's airport would strike is displaying signs saying we will build our country however the ruling transitional military council criticized the strikes saying the army was part of the revolution but i don't know who the ends armed forces are part of the revolution by god we are an authentic part of this revolution and without us all morning rush of have been said empowered by god i'm telling you no one would have been able to remove him not was out us. a handful of shops and government offices did open but the strike is widespread enough for the organizers to deem it a success the plan today walkout was organized by the sudanese professionals association on behalf of the opposition coalition speaking on monday night before
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the strike started. organizers said they were forced into taking action because the transitional military council are not negotiating in good faith c abundantly so what are the sole guarantor of the revolution are the sudanese people and the law and order in what we agree upon as a constitutional declaration or otherwise this is the guarantor of the revolution not a military rifle for the workers who have walked out they hope that the military leaders who replaced ousted president omar al bashir will listen to their demands for a civilian led government 2 2 so he just likes to do this right but we're going for more they don't live with. longer she was a little shocked when you know the 1st transitional military council was criticizing the strike saying it won't hand over power to an unstable civilian government it's also said that the army is the most popular institution in the country according to these people that's not true however the transitional military council will be very concerned that the strike is holding and it's courtroom wide
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the opposition coalition will be hoping that the strike gives them negotiating power and that the transitional military council will have to listen and reopen told if they don't opposition leaders say they will take further action such as more strikes for now the padlocks remain firmly closed as do the talks between the 2 parties iran carve out is there a hot. i have no party holding an overall majority in the european parliament's there is uncertainty over who will replace her as president of the european commission elections to the parliaments and strasburg's all sense of right and sense of left party's new supports have a chance of reports from brussels. who's next for the top job in brussels the german chancellor angela merkel arrived with the name of only one man on her lips to replace it. as president of the european commission that to me is this when they
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are not truly in a great coalition i support men for their vote but not all coalition partners do the same says the 46 year old but varian has never held a government elected office in his life but as the leader of the european peoples party recent tradition at least say the job should be here is we know that we cannot celebrate a big victory we lost seats but we are still 2nd as a 1st party and that's why we are ready to talk now is everyone to sit together to find a common understanding prosecutor the french president emanuel macron though was clearly against his job and part most choice and he's gaining support among other leaders repos will be confirmed i do not want today to speak about a name and to turn to names i think we must take into account what came out of the polls what european people expressed we must also have decision makers who have the credibility required to be able to react to this no party in the european parliament now has an overall majority each decision on policy each decision on
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appointments will take time and calm provided. the british prime minister to resign may run out of both of those commodities in her to go she ations with europe over breakfast it does matter a great regret to me because i have been able to deliver threats but of course that's mastery is now for my successor and they would have to find a way of addressing the very strongly held views on both sides of this of this issue. the future of course and impact of wrecks that were not discussed at the leaders informal dinner the president of the european council donald though did return to it in his end of summit statement reg's it has been a vaccine against. propaganda and fakirs. the president also had a warning for his fellow diners everywhere the extremes are rising he said and what
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are they striving on on fear and on lies david chaytor al jazeera brussels. and the 1st trial in the us against drug makers blamed for contributing to the crisis is under way in the state of oklahoma it's a test case to see if individual states can hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for widespread addiction reports from norman in oklahoma. in a small courthouse in norman oklahoma a trial that aims to take on a pharmaceutical giant is underway if you of course while people will lawyers for the state say johnson and johnson downplayed the addictive nature of powerful painkillers and flooded the market with their products and ultimately played a role in fueling a crisis that swept the u.s. according to the center for disease control nearly 48000 people died in 2017 in opioid related overdoses more than
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a 3rd of those were using drugs prescribed by doctors this trial is so important emily walden son died from an overdose in 2012 he was 21 years old she says companies like johnson and johnson need to be punished and it's time to be held accountable you've killed thousands of people across this country maybe not some of them directly but many indirectly and you lied about your drugs you marketed them and appropriately and it's time to pack. rather than go to court to drug companies and settled out of court giving the state more than $300000000.00 but health experts say the cost of long term addiction treatment programs will be almost 90000000000 dollars it's not anywhere compared to the damage that the opioid epidemic has done to oklahoma and it's not going to be enough to abate the problem and to get us back to where we were before they started releasing these medications irresponsibly over the next few weeks state lawyers will present the evidence to
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the judge attorney general my concert told the court that johnson and johnson only care about profits at the end of the day your honor i was sure one word answer. greed this good you have drug addiction has plagued the us but proving that johnson and johnson played a role will be difficult big pharmaceutical companies on breaking the law by selling painkillers but lawyers here aim to prove they acted irresponsibly if they win here the knock on effect to around 2000 pending court cases will be significant johnson and johnson denies any wrongdoing and says they marketed their drugs responsibly if oklahoma wins this case though it could end up costing the pharmaceutical industry billions and gallacher al-jazeera norman oklahoma well jeffrey cross is the chief executive officer and senior pharmaceutical analyst at crystal research associates he joins us now live on skype from sunday in california thank you just start by giving us
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a sense of the scale of the problem of all protection in the u.s. we had 48000 people killed and 27 seen that seems extraordinary. it is extraordinary and is rather unfortunate the significant problem which is overlooked in this whole court battle however is that there are 50000000 americans suffering from chronic pain with these americans suffering from chronic pain that oblon existed prior to opioids coming out so opioids came out on the marketplace to try and help these 50000000 people suffering from pain unfortunately i don't think the right approach has been taken to treating the pain which is you need to involve holistic measures you need in ball more listed medicine work physical therapy and more assessment people with a prior existing family dependency or a history of dependence or drug addiction or addiction period should not be receiving these drugs at so i had to tackle this problem then it sounds like you
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are looking for a whites a rethink of the american health care system but is going after pharmacy school companies the solution here because they're clearly playing a role. well they certainly play a role but you certainly want pharmaceutical companies involved in your health if you think about the fact that you know about $0.15 of every dollar spent on health care still has as prescription drugs at about $0.85 or $80.00 not the reality is when you die the government gets an inheritance tax and if you die taking a pharmaceutical product no one benefits so the only ones of benefit from that is whoever is your inheritance or your arrogance tax from the reality is pharma companies have a big desire to keep you alive and keep you along for a long period of time so that every day you wake up you take a pill and you pay for pharmaceutical companies that not go into this with the idea that americans are going to die illegal drugs are to come to the marketplace and cheap knockoffs are going to basically come out and help chill people that was not
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the american promise it will help i'm sure it's not but the setting that they do have a stake in this and making sure that these drugs are taken surely there must be some responsibility lying with these companies otherwise these lawsuits wouldn't have been proceeds and so the 2 of them at least successful. well people are certain lawsuits against the gun industry claiming that the gun industry is responsible for its own people and the auto industry for adding people drive cars and the alcohol industry for people driving drunk the pharmaceutical industry unless they're proven that they were promoting these drugs incorrectly if they were breaking laws they should absolutely be reprimanded let's keep in mind pharmaceutical companies are engaged in trying to help people live longer healthier lives and i think going at the people who are doing research and development albeit they do it for profit that's the reason why so many people come to the united states for a chair you know if the pharmaceutical industry is all that obviously they should
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be reprimanded if they are marketing these incorrectly but these drugs and these treatments that come out treat the underlying problem of 50000000 people suffering from chronic pain well if these people if these people are suffering from chronic pain and i and they have been for some time but it's a vase it years that we've seen more access to these drugs and more overdose do you think that's and do you think in some way that restricting access to these drugs could be a solution. i think restricting access to the some sort of criteria that a she would have to meet and tour in order to have them but once again what's keep in mind here that you know restricting access is great but the problem is that a lot of these patients a lot of these patients are dying from el beagle knock offs of this product so it isn't just people taking prescription drugs it's people taking a look a bad person taking prescription drugs calling someone there in chronic pain and
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then selling the product or or changing the product when you meet other people you know blaming the drug company for that i don't think is correct ok jeff across will have to leave it there but thank you very much indeed for giving us your thoughts jeffrey cross joining us from california. as saudi arabia is being accused of using spyware to targets a prominent critic in britain and i'm. sorry is a satirist and star whose facts are more than 200000000 views on his channel where he regularly criticizes the saudi royal family and saudi arabia's embassy in london was notified of a legal claim on cheese day accusing the kingdom of hacking the comedian's phone and using it to spy on him is the latest allegation linked to the n.a.s. so group the israeli surveillance company whose products have allegedly been used see target activists and journalists around the world well here's johnson is the
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executive director of the research organization arab censor washington d.c. and joins us now on skype 1st so what do you make of the allegations in this letter that have been sent to the saudi embassy in london. i think the specific allegation you are referring to is not a surprise at all it's a basically the filing of a legal procedure or letter of claim by the lawyers who are gun him. door story a well known dissident satirist and critic of the regime in riyadh who lives in actually under police protection in london was attacked late last year you know on a london street required him to police protection since then and this is not an isolated case i think in recent weeks we've
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heard some new similar attempts at hacking telephones and none spying on other dissidents. across the united states canada in europe particularly most recently in norway and it seems to be a pattern and unfortunately the lesson to receive by the killing of. who was the victim of such hacking and spying before he was killed and mutilated. doesn't seem to have taught that people in charge of security in riyadh the right lesson when you mention that this seems to be a pattern and other allegations of this nature have been surfacing in different countries around the world do you think the lack of action on cases like the jamal khashoggi case that have been bolton size uribe and some way. no doubt about it i
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mean any expert on the region would tell you that action in saudi arabia would have been a lot more serious had there been some actual practical. decisions or steps taken particularly by the united states i mean we had an administration here that went its way to simply bury this case and not confront the saudi government and it was joined it set the example for other countries around the world to do the same i think that this did not serve the cause of justice or human rights well worldwide well given the inaction on the. case what difference do you think this claim will realistically of the sickly make i'm not sure it will make
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a big difference in terms of the larger picture but definitely in terms of specific cases i think people have to defend themselves i do not blame him at those are you for doing that and then at them to kind of protect himself better against such steps and to prevent maybe more ominous and more threatening steps from being directed at him the same thing with colleagues like. he's in canada. the most recently in norway and there seems to be a common pattern with regards to the origin of that software and the methods being used by the saudi government as well as other governments in the region and beyond ok for the s.s. and we'll have to leave it that it gets get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to us on a. so to come on the news are we tell you how the violence in yemen is keeping a generation of children away from school. and the world's number one comes close
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to being knocked sites in the 1st round of the french open after come back later. hello that we've had some more severe weather i have a policy of the u.s. and we take a look at the satellite picture we can see this area of cloud here that stretching its way towards the east and it's across this where we've had most of us who are natives in the last 24 hours will say there's likely to be some more severe weather to be had through the next couple of days again stretching along this line here towards the south there's also the risk of seeing some thunderstorms here as well that could give us some very large hail and maybe some tornadoes as well and this dangling leg is still with us as we head through the day on thursday to the southeast is pretty hot atlanta right up at 33 degrees further west it's court
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force in l.a. with a maximum of 24 a bit further towards the south and there's plenty of showers here they're pretty active at the moment through many parts of cuba jamaica and into his band yet and we're also seeing a little area of low pressure that's just off the coast of costa rica this is going to stick around over the next few days so there is going to be a lot of heavy rain across this whole region and there is likely to be more in the way of flooding and potentially some landslides to be further towards the south and we've also got some wet weather ahead mostly over parts of paraguayan into parts of brazil this system is still with us just sinking south with as we had 3 there's also more rain making its way towards chile what day for santiago.
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president trump will be welcomed by the queen and outgoing prime minister to resign made during his 1st state visit to the u.k. but how will the public receive him trump's views on breaks it global warming and other issues are likely to cause controversy watch al-jazeera for full coverage and analysis. with big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives giuliana's saunders a long standoff with international borders is finally over separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera quick demise of the top stories this hour. the u.n. security council is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe and syria's rebel held province. government forces continue their bark meant hundreds of thousands of civilians are fleeing adlib and i'm a province's to escape the airstrikes. kosovo is 10 softer police made arrests in a predominantly serb area of the semi autonomous region police say they were conducting an anti smuggling operation but serbia says the move was designed to intimidate those places troops. on high alert. and with no party holding an overall majority in the european parliament's discussions happening done over who will play sean called as the presidents of the european commission elections all center right
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and center left parties who supports. the president donald trump's national security adviser has arrived in the united arab emirates against the backdrop of tensions with iran last week john bolton said the u.s. had serious and televisions on threats posed by iran but refused to go into detail iran says there's no prospects of any discussions with the u.s. and restaurant recommit to the 2050 nuclear agreement says he withdrew from saying the reports from tehran. in his 1st media briefing as iran's new foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi wasted no time getting to the point if the united states wants talks with iran the starting point is returning to the 2015 nuclear deal. now we won't have any negotiation with the united states and our bottom line has always been respect for international agreements to we stay could return
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there with the rubble and based on delusion so for now we have no prospect for negotiation and in dates for developments. as to offers by 3rd parties while iran's leaders are open to hearing from concerned friends mousavi says mediation isn't necessary yet stubbornly sticking to its guns seems to have worked in the iranian government's favor the u.s. has rolled back hawkish language and even with the american military buildup still in the region a war seems much less intimate iranians often say they don't care about iran's strategic victories or even standing up to america they care about things like the price of diapers for their children the value of the real currency fluctuating from one. 2nd to the next and generally being unable to afford a happy life. in my opinion everything should be solved through negotiations but
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out of politics should be separate from social issues because innocent people are being corrupt into political games if iran and america. get better during a visit to japan this week the us president struck an optimistic note i do believe that iran would like to talk and if they'd like to talk we'd like to talk also we'll see what happens but the iranian government says the u.s. pullout from the 2050 nuclear deal has shown negotiating with americans is a fool's errand and as long as meaningful reduction of sanctions remains unlikely talking is a waste of time jordi islamiyah the iran is not interested in empty rhetoric and pays more attention to behaviors and will decide and act up and then iran seems to be meeting american sanctions and military threats with more soft power doubling down on a policy of strong links with other countries to build a chain of consensus and condemn america's role in the middle east to that end the new face of the foreign ministry often iran's loudest voice on the world stage made
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it clear iran remains wide open to diplomacy with everyone except the united states . to iran. white house adviser john is morocco drumming up support for the american plan on the future of palestine and israel he has envoys are due in jordan and israel lisa this week son in law presents the economic part of the planet a conference in bahrain next month the palestinians are rejecting the proposals urging an arab boycotts of the conference mike hanna has more now from washington d.c. . the white house has confirmed that jared kirshner's traveling to morocco then on to jordan then a west jerusalem before going on to join president trump on his state visit to the united kingdom now he's accompanied by special representative jason greenblatt and the u.s.
2:39 am
iran representative brian hook it would appear that this trip is connected to the conference for bahrain next month at which a gerald cushion a says that economic aspects of his settlement proposal for israel palestine are to be discussed he's insisted that the economic aspect of this deal needs to be settled before the political aspects can be addressed down significantly the king of jordan king abdullah has not indicated whether he'll be attending that conference in bahrain equally morocco has not made clear whether it will be attending the palestinian leaders have made very clear they will not be attending that conference insisting that they no longer see the u.s. as an honors a break in the ongoing conflict between israel and palestine so very important for jared to convince king abdullah to convince morocco to take part in that conference
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otherwise it could well lose whatever credibility it may have. the 4 year war and yet by the devastating effects in many ways the impact on children is profanes and many are denied an education and on governmental organization warchild u.k. says 2000000 children don't go to school that's up has more from santa. is still in shock after she lost her sister in a bombardment a near call her father's a town's to convince her to go back to school have proved successful. back when she attacked happened i fled the school from horror and later on it scared the death of my sister now i'm afraid if i go back i could face the same fate. as the marsh attack has left students scared. the deaths of 18 children.
2:41 am
after the saudi u.s. strike we found out about the death of my daughter along with other students we wondered why they targeted schools in civilian areas as brutal war should stop a mama shrug and some of her classmates were killed in a saudi heiress while they were on their way to. become a sample of their facts of the war on children. scalds inside the north of the capital sana'a are the worst heads there are that most of the infrastructure is being destroyed every $300.00 schools have been totally and completely destroyed 2 thirds of them have been targeted but such action has not prevented students from continuing their education. those students and the after region and the middle highlands of yemen have been forced to study under the shadow
2:42 am
of attacks after various call was destroyed many calls have been turned into barracks and centers for internally displaced people that creates another challenge for the country's current generation to have the right to education. bob al jazeera sanaa. thousands of students and teachers have marched through the old syrian capital in protest against the ruling elites they are keeping up the pressure on the military and on 6 weeping changes the only 2 months after president. was forced to resign army chief. has called for compromise between interim leaders and the testers the demonstrators once a law and other figures from the area every era rather to step aside before elections. activists in argentina have resumed their battle to legalize abortion
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probes of supporters rallied in the capital where politicians are presenting a bill to a lower abortions up to the 14th week of pregnancy a similar measure passed more house of congress last year but was not really defeated in the senate but pressure from religious groups to support has more now from when a series. where here in front of argentina's congress were pro-choice activists are once again presenting the possibility i don't want to present a bill to legalize abortion discounter and decriminalize it let's not forget that abortion is illegal in argentina with exception of in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk with that happening after what happened last year when we made it to congress that was the bait and get past the lower house but it was rejected in the senate and that's why hundreds of women are gathered here today once again to demand the legalization of abortion let's talk to one of them right
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here it's he's been here all day demanding the legalization of abortion argentino why do you think it's so important i think it's super dumb because they reach out. i mean rich people are going to for some abortion they don't surrender is going to die and. they die. it places that i mean you sure are like me like a dentist or somewhere else that this is that you don't have any safety right here i think it's some family hell no i said. so you've really got. because efik 2 of zaidi i mean. what why do you think it's going to be different this time with the catholic church obviously pushing for this not to happen i guess that. i hold that the sign we can fight we. at the last time a lot of. give us a lot of pictures a little. about how many we were told me the other people out of the other side
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where you can see that they're fighting for these days they don't even look at them i mean the just the just dirtbag. excuse themselves some love oh oh yeah we. even formation of schools but no it's true i didn't know anything at school so i mean that's super good thank you so much so this is an election electoral year in argentina presidential elections are expected to happen in october and the senate here is the same senate that last year rejected the bill that the abortion debate is something that cuts right through party lines there is those who support it and those and detractors in all political parties in argentina and many believe that this year the possibility of passing the bill this year it's to be extremely difficult mostly because most politicians at this point are afraid of angering the catholic church let's not forget that the pope francis is
2:46 am
argentinean that most politicians in the country do not want to have a bad relationship with him. the u.s. refugee agency says ethnic fighting is forcing thousands of nigerians to seek refuge in the bring these are around $20000.00 have fled their homes in the last month alone fighting has flares between farmers and herders of different different ethnic groups kidnappings for ransom are also on the rise. the family of al-jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein say a new investigation against him has been opened days after an egyptian court's ordered his release the say has been held for more than $880.00 days without charge trial or conviction after he was arrested in egypt while on a family holiday scott griffin is the deputy director of the international press institute's he says egypt's willingness to ignore
2:47 am
a court order has confirmed his worst fears. we had hoped that at the very least he would be released under some kind of conditions you know that he would have to report to pretty soon a in the evening for example which is obviously not ideal but at least he would be able to be free and spend time with this family so we're very concerned that this latest move is a sign that egypt is not going to let go of much to say that easily i think we need a lot more pressure from egypt's allies in the 1st place we need countries that are western powers that are allied that see a friendly face in the courage of the government to stand up for the ballot is that they claim to protect if you look to the u.k. for example which this and now is to major campaign for media freedom globally egypt this is the kind of country that these sorts of campaigns need to be targeting it's absolutely unacceptable that allied countries are killing journalists like this and and the case that much would you say to me if i do think
2:48 am
there has been some impact we finally had a court ruling that ordered his release by the authorities have decided to step in and stop that i mean we had some success really to this year or to unesco awarded its journal the surprise to the photographer shot he was least under conditions and we were as i said more hopeful that that was what would happen in my case so we are calling for more pressure from egypt's allies to be written to the foreign minister yesterday urging the governments to of finally said 3. so. far all for. the baseball season.
2:49 am
2:50 am
there is green policies make her strongest ever suring and european elections say some of its focus in the ways to curb climate change is being held in austria and she found terrorist says subsidies that promote the use of fossil fuels are destroying the worlds where politicians company representatives and activists are in the capital vienna they're trying to speed up sustainable climate protection projects so mccain has more now from vienna and the austria world summit has been all about combating climate change and particularly prioritizing clean energy production again and again the delegates inside the auditorium referred suit what
2:51 am
more could be done to prioritize that one of the particular issues at this particular conference as being the rise of the green movement politically drawing some substance from the european elections that took place between thursday and sunday of last week in which green parties right across the board performed particularly well especially in germany but one of the things that the keynote speakers at the venue have been stressing is the need to combat climate change and now we heard from the swedish teenage campaign a good rated soon saying that time was running people have to realize what was going on and governments have to speak the truth finally one of the local citizens as it were from austria the former governor of california arnold spots and i go at a pretty strong words for multimedia for the large multinational companies saying that their time was running at. it was as if they were letting sounds fall through their fingers it was going to leave a mess in their hands that they couldn't deal with that's
2:52 am
a pretty good summation of what people here feel about what's happening with climate change. malaysia says it warns be bullied into becoming a dumping ground for plastic waste from other countries it's sending thousands of tons of rubbish bag back to britain the us canada saudi arabia and china the governments also promising to crack down on illegal wastes imports where the philippines is in a similar disputes with canada china bans imports of plastic waste last year let's bring you up to date the sport now here's some. thank you very much a women's tennis number one now me osaka has avoided a big upset and the 1st round of the french open she lost the 1st set 6 love to slovakia's and i coraline i made love who is ranked number 90 that's 90 in the world the japanese was then 2 points from defeat in the 2nd but forced
2:53 am
a tie break to level the match at one set all her opponent caved after that all soccer winning the decider 6 want to reach a 2nd round and continue her quest for a 3rd grandstand title in the. old number 47 i tell me i know of it gave defending champion simona halep a bit of a scare as well this rally one of the highlights of their match abuts hallett but lost at the 2nd set to the australian came through in the end though 623661. men's 5th seed alexander's bit of overcame australia's john millman and a battle lasting 4 hours and 8 minutes the germans acrobatic helped him close out the match in 5 sets to reach the 2nd round. several plays in spain's top 2 football leagues have been arrested over suspected match fixing it is alleged that players and officials of from some clubs formed
2:54 am
a criminal organization to profit from fixed games spanish police released this video of what they said it was the search of former real madrid player while bravo's house they said that he was one of those arrested on tuesday after league filed 8 complaints about matches in lower nonprofessional divisions and international friendlies legace says none of its complaints that relate to games in spain's top league. ac milan's failure to qualify for next season's champions league led them to part ways with the coach gennaro gattuso on tuesday so had a far less success in charge and he did as a player the former world cup and champions league winner could only lead milan to 6 and 5th place finishes in 18 months as a coach still their best performance in 6 years though the italian says he won't ask milan to pay him the rest of his contract their mom has been stripped of the
2:55 am
brazil captaincy ahead of their hosting of the copa america next month he's been replaced by p.s.g. teammate daniele fessor for the upcoming friendlies against the root to make things worse of the former boss the striker limped out of the training in real tuesday has been under pressure because of disciplinary problems. it was the bruins have won the opening game of the stanley cup finals it wasn't easy though they had to rally from 2 goals down to beat the san louis blues so how much it has all the action. i still thank the boston bruins of coming to the stanley cup finals playing some of the best hockey of the season based what the eastern conference finals for nothing against carolina but playing on home ice in that stanley cup open i guess they knew it things didn't stall well but i did tell thing they went one down in the 1st period with great insurance scoring for the blue thank you
2:56 am
was things got worse for boston as a lot of guitars john could play nooses advantage was about boston know a thing or 2 about dealing with pressure having gone to a game 7 defied in the opening round thanks conduct and got that fight back stock it was and then charlie mcavoy scored on a foul play to go into the final period to all. thanks from that post and dominate with shaun curry put them ahead through was and brad muschamp stated the comeback win with an empty net thanks final score 4 to boston our team has been resilient all your if you watch our group not necessarily from comebacks but just you know different guys in the lineup different guys
2:57 am
producing we're generally going to go up and down why don't get guys that are going to play the standard the bruins are looking for a 7th stanley cup title or they'll have the chance to take a step closer to that when they host game 2 on wednesday here thanks ohio malik al-jazeera. will finish it with some incredible reactions in major league baseball and take a look at this. data she was she was next up was she was an hour. capability a great catch too for the milwaukee brewers that pitcher jeremy jeffress against in minnesota saving a both his face and the game as the brewers won 54. and that's all for we'll have more later on thank you very much for that rob someplace nice to stay with us here on al-jazeera if you after this very short break more latest from around the
2:58 am
world don't go away. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason the people that are robbed of the h one n one push isn't getting much difficult like you now a w h o has just as who says don't your terms of trust that you trust who
2:59 am
are knowledge is 0. every war beats a devastating impact on a mission financed earthrise explores some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws and we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when an elephant comes life up to conflict on al-jazeera.
3:00 am
millimeters. qantas council take any concrete action. syrian forces pined rebel held at low province killing civilians and forcing the un to suspend some aid operations. and alamo he'd seen this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. serbia puts its troops on alert so after call civil police raids in the north send in long simmering tensions soar and. to.


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