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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 148  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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things between the leadership of the of the t.m.c. and. various ministers and crown prince is of those countries and that is angering the protestors because those countries saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt haven't even sent them back so it is to meet with the protest movement yet they are meeting at very high level with the transitional moves you counsel ok and racan with the latest from khartoum memoranda. yes national security advisor says he is quote almost certain that iranian naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month but anger about any evidence to back up that statement he is currently visiting the u.a.e. for more let's go live to say mr abi who is and tehran so what's what is their reaction and tehran is saying about these accusations. well rachele ever since the united states pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal
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a little over a year ago perhaps even ever since u.s. president donald trump became what was a candidate for the u.s. presidency the battle between the united states and iran has seemed to be a battle for narratives and that seems to be picking up steam again ahead of an important meeting between arab leaders later this week now what we're seeing in terms of this attack on the u.a.e. port the allegations of an attack that the united states says was carried out by iran iran has said that that was possibly a false flag operation carried out by the united states or israel also providing no evidence for this so certainly they are on opposite sides of a story that both countries leaders are trying to control and to that end in the last few weeks what iran has been doing is pushing the diplomacy narrative they've been trying to reach out to gulf arab neighbors they've said that their arms are wide open and they're willing to sign a non-aggression pact and the foreign ministry has been pushing out information
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steadily to suggest to its neighbors and to the wider world that the things that the united states says in their experience the rhetoric from the american government is something that cannot be taken too seriously. in his 1st media briefing as iran's new foreign ministry spokesman abbas moussavi wasted no time getting to the point if the united states wants talks with iran the starting point is returning to the 2015 nuclear deal. now we won't have any negotiation is the united states and on line has always been respect for international agreements to we stay could return there with. and based on delusion so we have no prospect for negotiation and invades for developments. as to offers by 3rd parties while iran's leaders are open to hearing from concerned friends mousavi says mediation isn't necessary yet stubbornly sticking to its guns
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seems to have worked in the iranian government's favor the u.s. has rolled back hawkish language and even with the american military buildup still in the region a war seems much less imminent iranians often say they don't care about iran's strategic victories or even standing up to america they care about things like the price of diapers for their children the value of their real currency fluctuating from one second to the next and generally being unable to afford a happy life. in my opinion everything should be solved through negotiations but out of politics should be separate from social issues because innocent people are being corrupt into political games if iran and america. get better during a visit to japan this week the u.s. president struck an optimistic note i do believe that iran would like to talk and if they'd like to talk we'd like to talk also we'll see what happens but the iranian government says the u.s. pullout from the 2050 nuclear deal has shown negotiating with americans is
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a fool's errand and as long as meaningful reduction of sanctions remains unlikely talking is a waste of time. iran is not interested in empty rhetoric and pays more attention to behaviors and will decide. iran seems to be meeting american sanctions and military threats with more soft power doubling down on a policy of strong links with other countries to build a chain of consensus and condemn america's role in the middle east to that end the new face of the foreign ministry often iran's loudest voice on the world stage made it clear iran remains wide open to diplomacy with everyone except the united states . now mr bolton continued to push the american narrative also in regards to the 2050 nuclear deal from which the united states has already pulled out saying that iran has no reason to leave and should not leave and
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the only reason it would is if it wanted to pursue a nuclear weapon iran's government has said over and over again that that is not the case and would point to these comments as hypocritical coming from a country that violated international agreements now russia's deputy foreign minister sergei riyadh of is also in teheran today he's been meeting with his counterpart in iran deputy foreign minister abbas iraq and they will be discussing a meeting between iran and the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal we're about 3 weeks into a 60 day deadline that iran set when it started to non cooperate with parts of the 2015 nuclear agreement earlier this year and iran's government the scheme for its remaining signatories european partners to help iran mitigate u.s. sanctions to help it benefit its economy as per the nuclear agreement to try and save the deal but as president hassan rouhani pointed out a few weeks ago iran has not benefited from the agreement and is beginning to roll
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back its cooperation with many of the commitments in that international agreement ok and tehran thank you zain. still ahead on al jazeera. activists in argentina ever knew their battle to ease the abortion law. the web and sponsored by cattle and. hallow has been sundering was writing often heavy in the last 24 hours in central europe the satellite picture shows it quite clearly doesn't look too dramatic just think of the scale of things and the heaviest rain the last 24 hours has been in northern italy and slovenia $80.00 to $90.00 or berlin beaches in 24 hours that's enough for some flooding less so in venice of course sitting on the water the cloud extends right up towards
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a better roost and the baltic states anywhere in that mass could produce heavy rain but for the day i think the risk is likely to be as is shown by the warnings in southern germany with the darkest green dancers d.v.d.'s to to northern italy now ahead of it's quite warm $28.00 degrees all wet toward moscow behind it well it's warming up each $15.00 to $18.00 degrees not bad if it rains quite likely in southern england and in france for example overnight the whole system moves slowly northwards and it was a little bit giving some relief and dry weather for northern ities temps in the twenty's here as they are throughout most of western europe because obviously it's much hotter in spain and portugal and as the rain marches east with sensors will slowly would only slowly drop in places like moscow and book rest rain down one degree but without the blazing sunshine and with the potential for sundry rain it will feel rather different. i don't buy into. everything it's designed in california. the cutting edge is in
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the hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive is to be able to control . what massimo bonzi has built a chip that anyone can use to build anything. close like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology. part of the rebel geek series on out to 0. watching out to 0 let's recap the top stories right now chinese tech giant walk away has stepped up its legal fight against u.s. sanctions the companies filed a motion in court to have bans on its business deemed unconstitutional. protesters
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are into the 2nd day of a nationwide strike and they're hoping it will force the transitional military council back to the negotiating table. security adviser john bolton says he is almost certain iranian naval winds damaged oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month and made the comment during a visit to the u.a.e. but he did not provide any evidence. and the next hour nigeria's president mahmoud abbas will be inaugurated for his 2nd term in office a 75 year old former army general won a closely fought election in february he campaigned on promises to revive the economy and corruption and a faith fighters and the northeast. joins us live now from a boucher so that is quite quite a. the gender that he campaigned on and that he's still working on where things stand.
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so we will try to reestablish communication with that many in the meantime let's take a look at his report. from killings and kidnappings by bandits in some for a in the northwest 2 attacks by boko haram in the northeast nigeria is struggling to contain widespread insecurity then there is a struggling economy rising unemployment and power shortages. these are challenges that president obama promised to solve when he was forced on him 4 years ago. i think people are resigned to the crisis that we're in the crisis of may come amid a crisis of insecurity and end in levels of corruption in the country people are resigned with shouldn't be the case the elections as you know very controversial there a contentious that it's caught up in it costs
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a lot of people did not think their election provide an opportunity for choice much of the violence is happening in areas where most of the hardest supporters live and that's undermining his presidency. right here in 2015 when president elect mohammed while he took his oath it was widely supported by nigerians who criticized his progress or for failing to tackle corruption in security and economic decline for years on many nigerians say those problems haven't changed and that he lost a lot of good will that propelled him to victory. the president's supporters blame decades of corruption and mismanagement for the country's problems and point to what they say i successes of the last 4 years one. you know it's something infinitely not supposition and weather like this. you point out iraq. parted to 2 local government and with regard to control of one of the 1st
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it's. now known is under the control of what i further. the ability to. do. with in the shortest possible period and the not done list this is campaign against corruption while there is widespread disappointment some nigerians hope the president will deliver on his promises i suspect that things will improve the economy we're in for i suspect they'll be more jobs you know the 1st seems in the lasts 4 years there was a bit of a drug. deal. we. joined what other girls . and one of the 1st science nigerians will be watching is a composition of risk i predict and whether or not is to provide it will be able to get a grip on the security situation that's something many nigerians are hoping for.
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and unfortunately we know. they're still having technical issues their. report and we will be talking to us later on in the day activists say syrian government air strikes have killed another 10 civilians as attacks across mark western provinces a day earlier at least $27.00 civilians were killed mainly and the u.n. says more than 300000 people have been displaced in just the last month and the u.n. is warning that an all out offensive on liberally to a humanitarian catastrophe for its 3000000 residents a diplomatic editor james bay supports from the united nations. yet another meeting on the 5th time it's been raised in the security council since the offensive by the syrian government and russia stasis yet again division among council members means
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there was strong words but no prospect of our action a top humanitarian official made this appeal conta this council take any concrete action when attacks on schools and hospitals have become a war tactic that no longer sparks outrage. is there nothing to be said or done when indiscriminate barrel bombs are dropped in civilian areas ambassadors from the us and europe talked of war crimes and the need for accountability attacks directed against protected medical facilities are prohibited by international law and are in defiance of many security council resolutions including 216-522-6824 extension 49. there must be accountability for the forces and leaders who planned and conducted any
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such strikes russia was represented at the meeting by one of its deputy foreign ministers he said his country's military will working with the assad government to fight what he said with terrorists because. the russian aerospace forces are providing the necessary support to the syrian government forces to force the terrorists out of the regions that are used to bombard russian bases and the positions of the syrian air force. he's right there all groups operating in international humanitarian law is clear it says military forces must show proportionality and as well as the armed groups that are off $3000000.00 civilians living in the province james out jazeera at the united nations white house adviser jared headed to jordan to gain support for the u.s. plan on the future of palestine in israel on tuesday he met morocco's king mohammed the 6th and robot on a time son in law will travel to israel later this week to present the economic
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part of the plan at a conference in bahrain next month the palestinians are rejecting their proposals and are urging an arab boycott at the conference. and me i'm our soldiers and located in atrocities against our henschel muslims 2 years ago are being accused of committing other war crimes recently and this international says man maher armies western commandos attacking ethnic rakhine rebels soldiers from the same units are suspected of genocide in 2017 as 3 quarters of a 1000000 people mainly minority mahesh fled to bangladesh adding its force another 30000 people to leave this year. activists in argentina have resumed their battle to legalize abortion politicians are presenting a bill to allow abortions up.


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