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you spent the last two years heading up the investigation into whether or not there was not only collusion but obstruction of justice by this president he has said very clearly my report speaks for itself i'm not testifying and that was certainly something that was being negotiated with members of the house of representatives that the special counsel was saying he would testify privately but not publicly so there's that challenge but there's also the challenge that this white house continues to ignore subpoenas for financial records documents the strategy appears to be to try and run out the clock whether or not that is going to continue to work is certainly something that will unfold in the days and weeks to come but what is clear right now that this is once again become a partisan dividing issue for americans depending on where you sit on the political spectrum if you're a conservative or if you're liberal is how you are the lens that you're using to view this and just to sort of give an underscore an example of that that's the counter point to what we were just hearing from gerry navl or there would be the
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comments that we heard from the attorney general who heads up the justice department william barr in recent weeks something that's been echoed by donald trump's campaign and that is that they believe that donald trump's campaign had been spied upon that they believe the justice department under the obama administration had been weaponized and well there is pushback on the investigation further investigation into the president what they do support is investigation of whether or not his campaign had been spied upon somewhat unlawfully so what's again it does appear that the political gridlock that has gripped this country for years is set to continue or as i can be held at the white house committee thank you it's beginning to think it's time to the director of the sense of the ethics the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania law school and joins us live from philadelphia pled good to have you back on the program president trump tweeted there's no change the mother report is the end of the story in the case is closed but that's not strictly true as we heard there from jerry not.
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well one when one of the suspects himself in the report says that the case is closed to certainly not entitled to much weight and i think that robert mueller statements today were really intended to throw this back to congress and to say number one i did not exonerate the president i was able to hold him criminally liable or to indict him because of justice department policy but that does mean does not mean that he cannot be investigated and more over that there is a method that is provided by the constitution and that is for congress to investigate for congress to take action so there is a suggestion that. when the report did not exonerate the president notably either with regard to collusion or with regard to obstruction of justice and that the report as he kept saying speaks for itself that congress ought to be taking up
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the facts in the report and delving deeply into them and addressing them as constitutionally permitted and required and what do you make of the point that robert muller made the department of justice had these guidelines that says a sitting president can't be charged a crime when it would be unconstitutional but legal experts already saying they can't recall it being unconstitutional what's your take on it. it's very important to understand the office of legal counsel that issued this memo is intended to be an advisory office it does not make law so they have vies the rest of the justice department and they advise the president about the law but we have many instances in which that office has issued memos that were later recall the justice department is bound by the office of legal counsel memos but
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no one else is bound by those memos now in my opinion it is not a legally correct conclusion that a sitting president cannot be indicted because we have lots of instances in which a sitting president has been within the reach of law such as the fact that we know a sitting president can be forced to testify and we know that from bill clinton's case but nevertheless robert muller decided that he was bound by that precedent as very understandably he felt he was it really puts the lie of though to the attorney general's statements that immediately following the release of the report that robert mueller did not and will recommend the indictment of the president on substantive grounds in fact robert mueller made very clear it was not substantive grounds at all to think this don thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera. qatar's prime ministers are expected to attend a security summit in saudi arabia on thursday but the first high level meeting
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since cattles neighbors impose their blockade two years ago she had been asked the bin honey thani is joining diplomats from saudi arabia the u.a.e. bihari and other countries in mecca the summit said specter to focus on regional security issues including tensions between iran and the us invitation to catalyze leaders suggest the blockade in countries may be softening their stance against. neighbors can't diplomatic ties and impose their economic blockade two years ago next week the blockade in countries include saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain egypt and others they accuse qatar of supporting terrorism in the region and made a series of demands to end the crisis qatar's leaders have always strongly denied the accusations were bashar a is al jazeera senior political analyst and joins us live now from london so just talk to us about cats are and what qatar's involvement is in these in these three meetings in saudi arabia marwan.
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well look very cvs invitation once and twice and this time they decided to attend it's an important beginning it's an important step towards perhaps some sort of reconciliation of sort but certainly it's important because there is a gulf summit and qatar is an important member of that regional council called the you know the gulf the gulf council and it's important to attend because they were invited and because apparently so the arabia and it's such a light countries the united arab emirates and bahrain have basically run out of ammunition if you will and certainly after two years of stalemate they're poor it gets qatar has basically failed and now everyone is trying to. see if there are new scenarios new options to. explore. i think the three summits specially the arab and gulf summit stick in place there i think it's important that
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in and to see what if things go amala let's talk about iran because iran will undoubtedly be front and center in all these discussions in those three big meetings that you just talked about is it a unified position on iran amongst arab leaders and if not really achieve any consensus on iran. there are there is no consensus among arab and islamic countries on iran certainly not behind the so would you position on iran meaning i think everyone now especially after the us than thrum himself said that he doesn't want the regime change in iran and and that the united states only seeking to. block iran from. developing nuclear weapons as he put it as if the two thousand and thirteen in our nuclear deal does not do that but be that as it may i think the saudi arabia wants today arab and muslim countries to support it after the last few incidents in and out
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a persian gulf whereby there will be an arab and a muslim position that states iran needs to you know behave well if you will not interfere in its regional and its regional in within the region or within neighboring states and so on and so forth now it's clear that there are a whole host of other very very important priorities in this region such as the war that is going on in libya apparently with that that's that support of saudi arabia in the united arab emirates there's the war in yemen that's going on in its fourth year there certainly as we said the gulf crisis but there's also the wholesale confiscation of arab and palestinian lands by israel ok there's the ongoing war in syria so really there's lots on the agenda just a final point from you touched on it briefly there what about the so-called deal of the century that's supposed to bring peace in our time between is when the palestinians we know that jordan's king abdullah has been talking what's he been
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saying. well certainly jordan doesn't want to be the so called of. land for the for the palestinian people now that they're americans are making their position clear that they do not want a two state solution in independence but a city and state so i think what we going to need to pay attention for the next forty eight hours is one what were the jordanian. king say but i think more importantly what will depend a syrian president say when he put the participants on notice that anyone that participates at the end of june and about her reign workshop in support of the deal of the century that then that they are enemies of the palestinian people are not i think the speech tomorrow by the jordanian king and that but i see him president would be something to look for a model in bashar al jazeera senior political analyst thanks for talking to us. now
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a gunfight between members of saddam's security forces left a pregnant woman dead and several others injured comes on the second day of a nationwide strike the protesters are demanding the transitional military council transfer power to a civilian little forty one calm as more from the capital khartoum. tensions on the streets of khartoum us two different units of the sudanese armed forces shoot at each other one woman died and several others were injured it took place at one of the entrances to the sit in where protesters have been demanding civilian rule it's unclear why the incident took place and the soldiers have now withdrawn the protest movement has issued a statement asking people not to react and to continue with the strike. call to a nice standstill and the protest movement says it has the upper hand and is threatening more strikes if the transitional military council doesn't come back to the negotiating table. however the ruling transitional military council criticized the strikes saying the army was part of the revolution but i don't know who the ins
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armed forces are part of the revolution by god we are and then think part of this revolution and without us all morning would have been set in power by god i'm telling you no one would have been able to remove him not was out us a handful of shops and government offices did open but the strike is widespread enough for the organizers to deem it a success the plan today walkout was organized by the sudanese professionals association on behalf of the opposition coalition. of the workers who walked out they hope that the military leaders who replaced ousted president omar al bashir will listen to their demands for a civilian led government so he just likes to do this right but we're going for more if they don't live with the. longer she was a little shocked at one or the first so far the transitional military council hasn't reacted to the protesters demands and said saying the protest movement has. infiltrated by and t.
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sudanese elements now that's a charge that the protestors actually deny but they say they will continue their campaign of civil disobedience and strikes the opposition coalition will be hoping that the strike gives them negotiating power and that the transitional military council will have to listen and we have talks if they don't opposition leaders say they will take further action such as more strikes for now the padlocks remain firmly closed as do the talks between the two parties in iraq carve out is there a hot. also to come here the news hour including the culmination clock is ticking for israel's binyamin netanyahu it'll be an election a rerun if he runs out of time. rescued from the rubble the syrian government intensifies its bombardment of rebel held town and a sport defending champion rafael nadal storms into the third round of the french open story in the sport and.
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now serbia is blaming nato and the european union for a surge in tensions in kosovo after a police raid sparked anger amongst ethnic serbs is now with more european broadcast center mari. hi daryn yes that's right she's days police raid in a so dominated area of kosovo received a furious response in belgrade by the government put serbian troops on full alert ally russia has also waded in saying the operation was just an excuse to push the region's countries towards nato. we goodman who benefits from such provocations those who benefit from such provocations want to make the balkans a buffer zone against the russian federation to achieve that all the countries of the region are to be dragged into nato. well kosovan officials are saying they were simply targeting organized crime and arrested nineteen local police officers kosovo's prosecutors says six people who tried to stop police during tuesday's raid
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have also been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice thousands of ethnic serbs in mitrovica where the raid took place have held a protest. the reports. we are in north major feed said this is a predominantly serve municipality in the northern coast of a people here don't feel the mind to pristina they feel very close in the night to belgrade in serbia and they've come here to protest because they say that they often intimidated by cost of authorities now this is because on tuesday the cost of and police launched a major operation they say was across the country but particularly in this region against smuggling of all sorts of goods such as petrol and cigarettes they made several arrests among them some so and so are police officers who will later appear in court in pristina now serbian people here say this is just an opportunity to try
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and fight in them to try and intimidate them the president of serbia has put troops on the border on full alert he says this is for peace and security but also that they will be able to respond if needed the presence of course of those says that this is simple law enforcement the whole situation is also being filled by russia calling this a provocation as well because of course russia is an ally great an ally of serbia serbia and russia who do not recognize when it's been. one of the developments in the region hundreds of bosnians have protested in sarajevo a very secretly recorded video that appears to show the head of the country's top judicial body taking bribes demonstrators are demanding the resignation of milan table t.-a who oversees all of his judges and prosecution is video video allegedly shows tangled here discussing a case against a businessman a police officer then appears to promise to hand over an eleven hundred dollars bribe denies any wrongdoing. now italy's anti immigrant
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league party is proposing tougher controls on people being smuggled across the mediterranean in boats following its victory in the european elections the party is also targeting italians who work for refugee organizations some avenge of aid reports now from rome. it's hard to imagine the human connection to a dilapidated building but for raphael and her mum this migrant perception center was their only source of income and now both of them are without jobs in. this center was among dozens because it was down after it leaves government decided to change its refugee laws. we are one hundred twenty people who were laid off like me and my daughter there are others who have no salary sat it's difficult and so veiny has no idea what he's doing to our. charities are warning that more than four thousand workers are already jobless and if the government continue to shut down migrant centers the number could rise to fifteen thousand by the end of the year in addition to costing millions of euros essential integration services such as
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psychological assistance and language courses will also be lost. many people have been relocated to other centers some have decided to stay because their paperwork was already being processed no one agreed to speak and camera because they're afraid of what the government might do to their cases if they talk to us. and they have nowhere but the street to call home. at the crack of dawn they pack up their belongings and leave. it's not the live the imagined when they took risks to come to europe. in addition to closing down migrant centers the italian government plans to penalize n.g.o.s for every migrant the rescue italian m.p.'s have been defending this decision saying that out of the hundreds of thousands of people who came to their shores only a small percentage were actually deputies the rest what i cannot make by. opposition politicians accuse the. meant of then a phobia and racism. there is
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a contradiction because the numbers are unreliable the interior minister first bokeh five hundred or six hundred thousand but now he says illegal immigrants in italy are ninety thousand with nurse pronation booked the main. forty four year old deborah has also been laid off from a migrant reception center he was pregnant when the government decided to close down the center in the suburbs of rome since then she has lost the baby and her job . i've looked for a job after the miscarriage but he wants me at my age for the child to get sick once a month my biggest fear is not being able to feed my son i only hope i have is of leaving italy i see no future at the moment but it is all for doing. the right thing government says it wants to put it hollywood's first its promise jobs and getting rid of migrants but the tough conditions are impacting the locals as well deborah was going to tell you parents now she wants to move out of her old country
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in search of a better like some other job with out of the era. well on thursday will have the story of two migrant children who were born in italy and held as heroes but is still waiting for citizenship that will be right here all al-jazeera. now the front runner in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister has been ordered to court over allegations he lied to the public during the breaks that referendum campaign or as john said famously claim that the u.k. sent four hundred forty million dollars a week to the e.u. and the brics it would allow that money to be spent on public health services but opponents say that number was false and deliberately misleading or by the reports that. the big red bricks it fastened its three hundred fifty million pound slogan had an enormous impact on the bracks it campaign and boris johnson embraced it enthusiastically sometimes even embellishing it why we said ten pounds
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a year that brussels but the battle bus claim that britain sent three hundred fifty million pounds that's approximately four hundred forty million dollars a week to brussels is demonstrably false if i was john some continue to use the figure through to twenty seventeen even earning himself a rebuke from the u.k. statistics or forty three what we could do with another three hundred million. the money needed to launch a private prosecution was crowd funded by campaign a marcus ball whose case alleges that johnson's claims had been irresponsible and dishonest amounting to misconduct in a public office johnson's lawyers denied the allegations but the magistrate issued a summons johnson himself must now answer the charges in court is a beautiful day there has been no response from boris johnson or his spokesman but the timing is extraordinary johnson is the current frontrunner to replace to research and if he wins he could find himself as a prime minister facing trial that might make it harder for him to kind of just
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blow past this one. and also it's a very serious charge to suggest that his lies contributed to. the outcome of the referendum and all that goes with that is something that i think you might. hard to shake off. concerns about the character and truthfulness of politicians are not new george orwell described politics as a mass of lies evasion folly but seeing a politician held criminally responsible for misleading campaign slogans would indeed be a startling precedent paul brennan al-jazeera central london let's hear from london for now but i'll have more for you in about half an hour's time i'll see then now back to that aren't. mari must see you then thank you now iraq has handed over one hundred eighty eight turkish children born to suspected i saw fighters there among thousands of foreigners who were caught in iraq's justice system turkish
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representatives took charge of the children at baghdad airport some course you know who has more now from istanbul. these kids need to be repatriated back to their countries and as far as we're concerned this are picturisation with turkey is the first of its kind by the way this is not the first batch of kids are still kids that turkey received turkey received some other kits before from the with the in coordination with the iraqi authorities and those kids have been kept in every habitation centers after they have been handed back to their families grandparents or relatives however the future of these kids is is still unclear because we have been hearing that some of the families are not ready to accept those. kids because they're afraid to be labeled. labeled of being ourselves sympathizers of course turkish authorities are very sensitive about not revealing the identities of the families and these kids because they are planning to reengage those people through
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rehab a little back to the society there's roads prime ministers a race against time to form a coalition government or face an unprecedented second election of the year in a minute and yahoo's right wing coalition has until midnight local time to secure the support of the other door lieberman's nationalist use real better new function without him better than yahoo has no parliamentary majority and won't be able to form a government within the forty two day deadline. time for a short break here now just when we come back. activists in argentina renew their battle to ease their bushnell. and in sport the formula one stars of today bid farewell to one of the legends of the sport mana status.
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had others to want to forecast showers for iran it's on the what expect now to be settling down to hot and sometimes rather unpleasant weather but the situation isn't entirely settled yet it seemed what catherine here in the southern caspian nothing to the west in the event looks quite clear the moment thirty degrees that's all in beirut forty three mind you in baghdad and that light breeze could well pick up the dust and bring it for the science but typically we are now talking about temperatures around the forty markel more in kuwait surat iraq of course is the cool breeze from mediterranean it keeps things cooler in egypt israel up through syria most to syria least bit inland it is hot once again of course dropping down into the arabian peninsula and temperatures here also the story forty two at doha but the same in mecca but this creeping cloud is of course the advancing monsoon structure yet hasn't done very much it will be increasing numbers of showers i
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suspect to somalia touched southern yemen as well but that's it so far salalah is still in the sunshine south of all this and you should be seeing dry weather now. almost all of sudden after that meant some big showers recently but in the forecast they are no more. i mean you want to get down to the nitty gritty the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinist and that is change plans with the entire global federation it is really hard to get used to that pilot or if you join us on saturday people are free not to be helped they're mine this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live here to chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera. a career reporting to the
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wound doing it here one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest please use to it well you know mr. cheney what a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. put them back up to come out of the top stories they are on al-jazeera u.s. special counsel robert muller has made his first public statement on his investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential
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election said charging president trump with a crime was not an option because of the department of justice doglike. the house judiciary chairman jerry not now is accusing president trump of lying about the findings of mahler's russian investigators and not much said when it comes to moving forward with impeachment proceedings all options on the table. the to attend a security summit in saudi arabia on thursday will be the first time level meetings and neighbors impose their blockade two years ago. iran's supreme leader. has reiterated that it will not negotiate job its nuclear and missile programs with the u.s. it follows the u.s. national security advisers accusations that he's almost certain iranian naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates early this month john bolton did not provide any evidence to back up his comments is currently visiting the u.a.e. where he said america's response has been successful in the tearing what he
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described as threats from iran in the region has more than terror. iran and america are locked in a battle of narratives over the damage suffered by foreign oil ships in the emirate the port of for cure earlier this month during a trip to the united arab emirates u.s. national security advisor john bolton said that iran was almost certainly behind the alleged attack now the us is so far provided no clear evidence to substantiate the claim when the incident took place iran's leaders also without providing any evidence said it might be a false flag operation carried out by israel or indeed the united states itself on wednesday iran's foreign minister spokesman abbas mousavi categorically denied what he called an absurd allegation and described john bolton as a warmonger and speaking during a weekly cabinet meeting iranian president hassan rouhani said that american leaders were making contradictory statements about iran and instead of listening to
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what they are saying people should be watching what they are doing ahead of a summit in saudi arabia of arab leaders to discuss regional tensions iran has been on a diplomatic push with official visits to arab allies in iraq a month quit and qatar iran's leaders have been floating an idea of signing non-aggression treaty with their arab neighbors and in recent days there's also been talk of reopening to her own stores to washington an apparent softening of its official position of no direct or indirect talks but there is a catch as unlikely as it may be if the united states has any hope of future diplomacy with iran leaders here into iran say that america must first recommit itself to the twenty fifty nuclear deal the latest barrel bomb attacks on astrid's a northwest syria have killed at least ten civilians syrian government and russian forces north attacks on wednesday the u.n. says more than three hundred thousand people have been displaced in the past month
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santa ana reports from beirut. this is how the government's won back territory from the armed opposition. in recent years targeting civilians to pressure rebels to surrender now the tactic is being used in northwest syria. there have been hundreds of these air strikes in the past months but the last few days have seen major escalation busy streets crowded areas are coming under fire. in the body and they like to punish the civilians they always do this we found ten burned bodies here they target the civilians the people when near a pharmacy when they were killed was it's an all too familiar scene the casualties particularly among women and children are increasing from northern and hama province is to the southern edges of it live and further west of the aleppo countryside nowhere is safe out there. people are living in
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fear children were playing in the street when they were martyred there is no rebel position or headquarters here you can see the civil defense workers are trying to move to a woman under the rubble and hospitals are being destroyed and humanitarian services have been suspended the united nations says denouncing world powers for doing nothing to stop the attacks it is warning of a catastrophe i don't know. why. you know like. i write. this well. every. part of. it is under the control of the sham which many in the international community believe is still linked to al qaida the syrian government and its allies say they are fighting terrorists but the province is home to more than three billion syrians
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hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave their homes and this rebel held territory on the southern end. but if this becomes a full scale battle for the entire opposition held regional northwest that crisis will get a lot worse than a. beirut. chinese tech giant who are way has stepped up its legal fight against u.s. sanctions the company has fallen motion in court to have bans on its business deemed unconstitutional agent grounds and this report. few companies could withstand the assault that while ways no wonder part of its response has been to open its doors to the international media in corporate china but these are unusual and uncertain times for the country's biggest technology company now effectively locked out of the us market we believe these sets a dangerous precedent that they can it come and our way
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tomorrow it could be your industry your company your consumers on wednesday the company announced it's pressing ahead with legal moves to try to scrap a recently passed law that prevents u.s. federal employees from using waterway technology the trumpet ministration says it could be used for spying because of accusations the firms in the pocket of china's government the u.s. government has provided no evidence to assure that our way is currently threat there's no. no smoke only speculation u.s. politicians he said were using the entire strength of the u.s. against one company while we had anticipated being placed on the u.s. trade blacklist which effectively prevents said buying components which its technology is dependent.


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