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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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not an objective jury will be convinced of the path that we have to take as a country to be clear moeller did not clear trump of wrongdoing but he also made it clear while he can't hold the president accountable there are others who can do so if they want rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. well the white house press secretary says everyone should move on from the reports they spent 2 years they interviewed 500 people they looked at over a 1000000 pages and documents over 50 subpoenas and made the determination there was no collusion again that's the entire reason for the special counsel they've concluded it just because democrats don't like the results of the 2016 election or the mall or report it doesn't mean they get a do over it's sad that they have no message that they have no agenda and the hypocrisy of the process that they're doing what they're going through and what they're going to do to the country that doesn't hurt the president it hurts the
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american people and that's unfair and they should be ashamed of themselves you know . well let's stay with this though this hoffmeister is a professor of law at the university of dayton school of law and joins us now from cincinnati in the state of ohio thank you so much for talking to us here and i'll just 0. miller said the state would draw a line and cancer this affair president trumps this case serious sanders says everyone should be informed but it appears to be far from over. well you're exactly right it is far from over what muller who's done a very stand up job has really placed it in congress's lab he's done all he can do at this point and now it's up to congress to decide which way they want to go next i don't know this appears to be more of a political problem than a criminal one because special counsel robert mueller said you cannot charge
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a sitting president with a crime you know you're exactly right now he's done everything that he has he's able to do he's issued his report he's come out and discuss the port report however briefly and now he's told that he it is it was never on the table for him to prosecute a sitting president that was never an option the option was whether or not he could actually clear the president and it appears on the obstruction of justice charge he can't do that and he also can't prosecute so he doesn't want to issue a criminal charge that he can't didn't follow up on so what he's done is said now it's in your lap congress it's up to you now to decide whether or not you're going to go forward on pietschmann are not and as it stands now it doesn't look like at least the speaker of the house wants to go to that direction but there is a significant number of democrats at least one republican who do want to push forward on appeal and this is so is it possible to impeach the president on this it does seem to be that we're not moving any further forward with this and people seem
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to be falling into their entrenched camps in a nothing is likely to get results before the the 2020 alexion what are your views on this why i think you're right on that there's a very short window if if they're going to actually move forward on a piece of it because we're get we're headed into the 2020 election season for not already there. i think one of the concerns at least politically speaking it would be would the democrats overplay their hand it doesn't seem like the majority of the american people want to see a any sort of impeachment proceeding and for those who can remember what happened in with respect to president clinton many felt that the republicans were overreaching when they when they had peach the president for what they called his actions with monica lewinsky and do you think there is a danger of that repeating itself is there or not that sites in the u.s. to see another u.s. presidents impeached well it's hard
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because at this time i don't think there is an appetite i think the majority of americans want to wait out of the 2020 lection however the report has not been has not been reviewed in its entirety there may be more things that come out there there's ongoing investigation of the specter the president's tax returns that could be like reveal even additional information but as it stands right now i don't think there's grounds for the impeachment but nonetheless i do think the investigations the hearings at least in the house of representatives will continue. this whole fight so we'll have to leave it up to thanks very much for bringing us your thoughts there thank you. there's a lot more assaults come on the user including ethnic serbs protest in kosovo after police arrest several people in one of the balkans most tense areas plus. it was me presence next prime minister boris johnson's cranes cheering the referendum campaign coming back to haunt him. and in sports the gunners fail to fire
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as chelsea p. arsenal to claim the europa league title. iran's supreme leader has reiterated that tehran will not sligo seeing over its nuclear missile programs with the us it comes after the us national security adviser blames iran for damaging oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month john bolton to not provide any evidence to back up his comments he's currently visiting the u.a.e. where he has said america has been successful in deterring what he described as threats from tehran in the region. well the tension between washington and tehran is the focus of a series of meetings taking place in saudi arabia over the next 3 days foreign ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation are meeting in the city of
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jeddah andrew symonds reports. the 1st of 3 major gatherings of leaders one objective to find a way of reducing tension in the middle east it's difficult at a time when divisions within the region run deep made worse by the battle of rhetoric between the united states and iran the host for these talks saudi arabia has made its position clear. we emphasize the need to exert more efforts to combat the subversive activities of extremist terrorist groups and must be addressed with all strength and firmness. a reference there to damage to 4 vessels including 2 saudi oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month and drone attacks on saudi oil installations 2 days later the saudis had accused iran of ordering the drone attack which was claimed by new things in yemen
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in the run up to these talks by foreign ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation john bolton the u.s. national security advisor visiting the us he said naval mines almost certainly from iran we used to attack shipping but he didn't refer to any evidence adding who else would you think is doing it somebody from nepal iran's foreign ministry dismissed bolton's remarks as a ludicrous claim and the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many reasserted we will not negotiate with america because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm. before the talking started in jeddah it emerged that katz as prime minister abdullah bin nasa bin khalifa plan he will attend g.c.c. and arab league sessions on thursday it will be cattles 1st high level contacts with saudi the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt since the fall states imposed an ad land and sea blockade on the
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country nearly 2 years ago the 4 states had accused cats of supporting terrorism accusations vehemently denied by category leaders the united states wants to see an end to the blockade on cata i would hope that they could work out some of these things because they have essentially they being the saudis destroyed the gulf cooperation council it's a paper organization now it never was for middle ball but now it's almost nothing because of this bitter fight within the ranks of its own members this is not a way to assure security in the gulf and it's not a way to present iran with a solid front from as it were the other side of the ocean whether this could be a 1st step towards repro small is unclear but the immediate effect of cattle is involvement here could result in a broader debate over relations with iran andrew simmons al-jazeera. a
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major rescue operation is underway in hungary capital after a sightseeing boat capsized on the danube river killing at least 7 people state media say at least 20 others are missing it was carrying more than 30 south korean tourists in budapest and it reportedly co-exists with another tourist bessel heavy rain and strong currents are hampering rescue efforts. serbia is blaming nato and the european union for a surge and tensions in kosovo after a police raid sparked anger among minority ethnic serbs chooses operationally serb dominated area of course of all sparked fury in belgrade where the governments put troops on full alert meanwhile hundreds of ethnic serbs held a protest in mitrovica attash about there is there. the towering statue of kenya's are in north meter of pizza is a symbol of serbian pride in its predominantly ethnic serbian is the policy in
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north and kosovo people are angry over what they call intimidation by prishtina kosovo's police of launch an anti smuggling operation in the area the majority of those arrested were ethnic serbs the worst when you're sitting with. just the issue of with elections possible police i just don't know if people believe in. yet keeping peace as much as we can the flow but every single action again causing more damage especially about the least of the 2 thirds in the opinion some protesters say police used unnecessary violence pressure america this is what you should not frighten children bait people and destroy property as if they're trying to push us out serbia's president has put the country's troops on full alert as tensions escalate the european union's foreign policy chief called on both sides to resume talks if we miss this opportunity i see the risk of the dark
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forces of the past coming back of confrontation even of concert the course of a declared independence from serbia in 2008 after a nato bombing campaign backed course of an separatists but belgrade refuses to recognize it middle of it is a divided city over there south of the bear river it's mainly albanian on this side it's mainly serbian and has a similar picture. across northern kosovo when 90 percent of the population also and most say they want to be part of serbia last year the presidents of kosovo and serbia discuss warping territory in exchange for serbia recognizing kosovo a move the worries albanians in north. london them to the idea of partition is harmful and it endangered the lives of the people living in this neighborhood but i'm sure partition will not happen and this is all about politics prishtina and belgrade show no sign of being closer to resolving their differences but in
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a town where ethnic divisions are deep and memories of the balkans war still fresh few people here want a new conflict natasha butler al-jazeera of the kosovo. the front runner in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister is to face a court trial over allegations he lied to the public during the bracks at referendum campaign 3 years ago boris johnson claimed that the u.k. sent $440000000.00 a week to the e.u. his opponents say the number was false and misleading paul brennan reports that the big red brick sit fastened its $350000000.00 pound slogan had an enormous impact on the bracks it campaign and paris johnson embraced it enthusiastically sometimes even embellishing it why we said 10 pounds a year that brussels. but the battle bus claim that britain sent $350000000.00
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pounds that's approximately $440000000.00 a week to brussels was demonstrably false it follows johnson continued to use the figure through to 2017 even earning himself a rebuke from the u.k. statistics or 48 what we could do with another 300000000 if. the money needed to launch a private prosecution was crowd funded by campaign a marcus ball whose case alleges that johnson's claims had been irresponsible and dishonest amounting to misconduct in a public office johnson's lawyers denied the allegations but the magistrate issued a summons johnson himself must now answer the charges in court district judge coleman decided dunn's having considered all the relevant factors she was satisfied that this is a proper case in which to issue a summons against mr johnson for 3 counts of misconduct in public office if there is a beautiful day there has been no response from boris johnson or his spokesman but
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the timing is extraordinary johnson is the current frontrunner to replace to research and if he wins he could find himself as a prime minister facing trial. that might make it harder for him to kind of just blow past this one. and also it's a very serious charge to suggest that his lies contributed to. the outcome of the referendum and all that goes with that is something that i think you might find quite hard to shake off. concerns about the character and truthfulness of politicians are not new george orwell described politics as a mass of lies evasion folly but seeing a politician held criminally responsible for misleading campaign slogans would indeed be a startling precedent paul brennan al-jazeera central london. still to come on al-jazeera the fastest way to a hospital in rural kenya power writes on 2 wheels is the way to go for many.
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a report from buenos aires on the latest strike against austerity measures in argentina. and in sports defending champion run from the storms into the 3rd rains of the french open all being here with more later on. the web sponsored by qatar airways. we've got more wet weather rolling across southern parts of china still a fair amount of clout there into the south china sea so we've got some live longer spells of rain still hugging the south coast here around the gulf of tonkin hi nancy heavy rain rain starting to pull away from hong kong for a time 27 celsius here will see it very close by as we go on into friday winds
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coming in from the south or the temperatures will not jump to 3 degrees in the process but lots of wet weather showing up on the chart there right across in the china over the next couple of days russia showers as per usual across the southeast asia because some showers there in soo good parts of the philippines malaysia looking pretty wet largely dry across indonesia was a chance of one or 2 showers just to the north of java but essentially i think it's going to be most of march or up into the lebanese to where we do see the wetter weather over the coming days 3132 maybe 33 degrees coming through a little triage just coming into friday there for a toddler but the showers never far away that shabby rain of course is making its way further north the monsoon rains they've not quite by the way into southern myanmar but they're not far away what is 2 showers coming into southern parts of us for much of india very hearts with coming days. the weather
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sponsored by qatar airways after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine coming soon on al-jazeera every war leaves a devastating impact on. earthrise explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws and we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when an elephant comes life after conflict on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories for you this hour israel is facing an unprecedented 2nd election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition governments before a midnight deadline comes just 7 weeks after he claimed a major victory in parliamentary elections special counsel robert muller has made his 1st public comments since releasing his report on russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election miller said charging president dog. was never an option he also said the investigation didn't clear trump of all wrongdoing. qatar's prime
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minister is expected to attend a security summit in saudi arabia the 1st high level meeting since a blockade against the nation the kingdom is also holding 2 other summits to discuss regional issues including tensions between the u.s. and iran. at least 43 people have been killed in syria in 2 days of barton's by russian backed government forces they're targeting the remaining rebel strongholds in hama and southern adlib the u.n. says more than 300000 people have been displaced in the past month all to syria's diplomatic answer james bays reports from the united nations where the u.n. special envoy to syria is calling for an immediate cease fire special envoy good morning are you concerned about the situation in the u.n. special envoy patterson here in new york to brief the security council as the
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offensive in it live continues he met ambassadors here in the consultations room the place where close security council meetings are held afterwards mr patterson who's trying to get peace talks going again in geneva said his meeting had been dominated by events in it lip there are 3000000 civilians. in a live prominence too many has been killed and obviously what is happening is not proportional in relationship to civilian casualties and the fight against terror is what we need to see is that the fight against terrorism is continuing it needs to be proportional to the challenge so it's illegal what's been happening. thank you. the russian delegation strongly denied its forces and those of the syrian government were breaching international law despite the statements of the u.n. humanitarian office that medical facilities were being repeatedly targeted in it
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lead why are you bombing hospitals we went to medical facilities or bomb hospitals the syrian army really isn't and please be very much courses and double chip all this source of information of it you told us you said to make sure you when i saw church. double chip all the information of it your quart about these so-called bombardments including from the u.n. in the world in from your air the u.s. special envoy for syria the jim jeffress of the situation in the ad lib was horrific he called for an immediate cease fire but for now there's no indication that the russians or the syrian government are prepared to comply with that james 0 at the united nations. siddons military says it's arrested a soldier who opened fire cheering a gun fights between security forces in khartoum killing
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a pregnant woman and injuring several others it happens on the 2nd day of a nationwide strike protesters remain on the streets of the capital they want the transitional military council to transfer power to a civilian lives authority to morgan reports from car too. out of their offices and onto the streets government and bank workers walked of the job for 2 days in a new bed to precious to dance military to hand over power to a civilian let's council and the opposition coalition is warning they'll go even further if the military doesn't meet their demands. the next step will be civil disobedience if the military council does not accept the demands of the sudanese people also if the rapid deployment forces continue to harass people as happening cattery from some areas of khartoum they will cause violence and will try to push the country into such a direction but we will not be led into any form of violence regardless of their product nationally. the message came after the military council which came to power
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after ousting president all metal bashir in early april said that it won't hand over power to a government that is not elected and that talks to form a transitional government must include all parties in the country talks between the military council and the opposition coalition to form a transitional government was suspended in mid may after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead the transitional period the military council says if no progress is made it will call for elections before the end of the year a move rejected by the opposition amid the stalemate a sit in continues outside the army headquarters on wednesday a dispute between factions of the military led to the death of one female protester and the injury of several others 2 weeks ago protested accuse the military of shooting at them resulting in the deaths of at least 6 people and the injury of more than 200 others. protesters are concerned that there will be more catastrophe like the 12 weeks ago many rushed to defend their fellow protesters
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people have become more cautious more tense that the military might try to do something. the risk of violence doesn't put a protesters who remain outside the army headquarters for the 7th week this if they want to go into the civilian government is in place and their revolution is complete he been working on jazeera for 2. thousands of people have marched through argentina's capital to protest against austerity measures on the president of modest create a nationwide strike has also shut down key grain ports and ground flights so risible has more from point a series another national strike against the government of modi so markets the 1st one since he took office back in 2015 schools and banks are closed the public's transport i down in the city and mostly around the country which you can see right behind me are some social movement here that are giving away free food in this demonstration in the center of the capital.
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people here say that the reason why they're calling for a strike is the rising unemployment and poverty in the country i would hold the world for the world. if the austerity measures are affecting the argentine population undaunted by the international monetary fund last year salaries lost 15 percent of value this year the saying. argentina is facing an economic crisis that has had a severe effect on living standards in the country inflation in 2018 reached almost 50 percent and the rate has continued to rise in 2019 but wages are not keeping up with the pace yes in the south the situation is a disaster i have a soup kitchen and one a series and the amount of people coming continues to grow we don't have enough the government says that this strike hurts the country's economy even more and that it's been organized by biodiesel marquees political opponents presidential
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elections are scheduled to take place in october this year the economic situation has deteriorated mackie's popularity and his chances of being reelected are at risk . al-jazeera has folk into aside the dissident living in the u.k. who has launched a legal challenge against saudi arabia. siri says the kingdom hacks his phone and stole personal data or a challenge reports from london. can a milder sorry's mobile phone is new but he's still numb to confidence that it's secure if someone wants to hack it still find a way says the saudi satirist after all he's convinced they've done it before to get everything all my life is in the phone is bringing a legal case against saudi arabia in the u.k. courts investigators believe a saudi operator sent him text messages with malicious links to pegasus spyware developed by the israeli company and so i think attempted by a. friend. and he told me this is dead there are too many
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dissident has been hacked into and they should get my phone checked surprise surprise i was in fact it had both my phones their water compass and i was a citizen lab with the investigators hyde park adams lawyers to look at the phone he found 3. text messages containing links that when clicked on resulted to mainz associated with n.s.a.'s infrastructure. around him broadcast his satire on you tube his videos often critical of the saudi royal family have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times he says his social media accounts have been hacked before and last september he was verbal and physically abused by 2000000 central london we have contacted the london embassy of the kingdom of saudi arabia here for their response to these allegations but as of yet an e-mail and several phone calls have had no answer. the israeli tech company didn't want to comment on the case but did
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say n.s.o. develops products that are licensed exclusively to government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to prevent and investigate the activities of terrorists and criminals who have gone dark and so does not operate the technology and while the technology is used on an extremely small. scale it has saved thousands of lives saudi arabia has been accused by other dissidents human rights activists and journalists of digital spying even jeff bezos the billionaire behind amazon and the washington post believe saudi arabia took information from his phone one famous saudi dissident had more than his data stolen when jamal khashoggi visited the saudi consulate in istanbul last october he was never seen alive again rory chalons al-jazeera london. a judge in spain has jailed the head of mexico's biggest steelmaker well as decided whether he should be extradited to face corruption
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charges in his home country along a seat elizondo was arrested at the main airports of the mediterranean islands off me aka he's wanted in mexico as part of the president's anti corruption drive and arrest warrants has also been issued for the former chief of mexico state owned company pemex john home and has more now from mexico city. this is been president and raise money well lopez obrador slogan when he was on campaign and now as president we need to root out corruption that's the source of all of the country's problems he's fond of saying but this is really his 1st big effort to do this and he's really taken on an emblematic case for those in your audience that don't know the case of all the braked this is a brazilian construction company that basically admitted to bribing officials across latin america to get jobs done a huge corruption scandal it's all presidents food it's all ministers get canned in
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mexico it led to really absolutely nothing happening under the previous president and make it pena nieto so really there's a point to prove here for president under his money well lopez obrador and to do that he's gone after a 1000000 open. the ex head of state will company there's been a lot of noise around him to do with the auto brake case and things connected to it for quite some time he's also going after the director over his ministration public prosecutors have gone after the director of one of mexico's major steelmaking firms so this is just the start really all of this case charges have been pressed. brazil's president. is facing one of his biggest challenges since he took office 5 months ago tens of thousands are demonstrating across the country so opposing huge
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cuts to the public education budgets the government says are necessary because of the country's financial crisis the opponents say there an attack on krystle thinking that the reports from sao paulo you see. the brazilian government said it's freezing 30 percent of what it calls discretionary spending public universities state high schools university hospitals and research grants but there's more at stake some say than just the budget cuts now were supplied your money pull out you can manipulate the budget but the intention here is to change the identity inside the universities critical groups or in the universities for all governments not just the specific one it's an ideological attack using finance it's . these students are preparing for a long fight are shattered over the value i personally think that this government won't back off but we won't give up it won't just be one demonstration this is not just affecting the students but the whole society. they started saying that
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universities don't do research on our places of disorder that represent only expense for the government parts not true. and the long term effects someone could be drastic sequencing me a society without knowledge has to go into reverse when you destroy knowledge you lose independence and start depending on others. already strained public education buildings they say will fall into further disrepair many here see this is more than just to come to the public education budget they see it as part of an ideology designed to undermine free and independent thinking and attack on those who think differently to them. the 1st protests when the cuts run else. earlier this month attracted over a 1000000 demonstrators in cities across brazil. president balsa naro has said that public colleges and universities which constitute about one quarter of brazil's
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education system are hotbeds of left wing indoctrination he urged students to report their teachers see whether there is a switch from chemistry to study fashion one of the subjects he believes the government is targeting. my research field is fashion and sociology my goal is to study society and the influence of fashion on it however i don't know what will happen now without a grant i can't focus on my studies and my future career that will no longer exist . while both sides emphasize the importance of education many feel that the very heart and soul of brazilian society lies at the center of this conflict. and coming up in sports why this woman might not be employee of the month for long after this ridiculous state which i can just.


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