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yes it's certainly reserves the goods it's what you know what we don't bowl and you being nobody can predict belief about models for many years. out on the streets and camp beaming is getting louder although after you see and has made it to party manifestos for the 1st time ever it's still not a major election issue but for a recently bereaved family just outside delhi it became a matter of life and death. struggle to beat means there were windows open there were is sees and she was asking for she and she was. to some thought mara died a few weeks ago at the age of 35 she left behind her husband vivek and her 10 year old son studio inch who now wants to become a doctor i want to be an uncle no just because the cancer spreading in india
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continues isn't going to do street so we have to struggle steady pollution is every bit that it's affecting my mom and some other peoples i'm trying hard to become good father i can never be allowed to she was my best friend she was my last season my love and see what i love it's like reckon so. for. meeting some of the worst affected. and has made me realize there is little time to lose in the fight folk clean up and. breathing is the most important. practice that you imagine doing every moment and that's your source of life. the government really needs to take it up as
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a one of its priorities before anything else. the air the big 3 is so polluted that it's causing so many deaths every day. as i leave. my beloved city is facing its greatest challenge from an invisible killer. and until both the government and citizens treat this as an imagined see millions will continue to risk their lives just by creating. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together. from the bottom. of a bolo. this
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is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure and this is that is a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. of italy one of the more it is just unbelievable just unbelievable a major defeat for israel's prime minister for the 1st time in history parliament votes to dissolve and calls for a new election. gulf leaders are set to meet in saudi arabia for an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating tension over iran's influence in the region. the u.n. seeks to help a generation of state. people worldwide who have been denied a home plus. we'll have the story of a young boy in italy who helped to save the lives of his classmates but he's now
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fighting to get citizenship. and in the cricket world cup kicks off in the street in london. will be live at the stadium lights in our warehouse to see favorite singer in the south africa in the opening game. for the 1st time in israel's history a parliament has voted to dissolve itself and call a new election just 7 weeks after the last one benjamin netanyahu want to highly contested race last month but couldn't form a coalition government before a deadline of midnight on wednesday israel's will now return to the polls on september 17th 2 weeks before netanyahu is pretty indictment hearing on a series of corruption charges meanwhile senior white house adviser jared is in
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israel to drum up support for donald trump's highly anticipated middle east peace plan let's go live now to west jerusalem ari force that is the force why harry was prime minister netanyahu unable to form a coalition. well essentially it was because of the actions of his long time political aide slash rival lieberman he's someone who has been with netanyahu in his that is early days of becoming the likud leader and prime minister in the 1990 s. he then went on to set up his own secular right wing party he was and you know whose defense minister until last year but he was convinced that he would not sit in who led government unless he got his way on a key bill which he saw as defending israel from a rising elements of ultra-orthodox religious control over elements of the state
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and of politics so now people here are grappling with the idea of another 3 and a half months of political status while we wait for this election likely to be a pretty unpleasant and personal election campaign given the animists now between these 2 large scale figures in israeli politics and really you saw that relationship just deteriorates to its 90 year overnight and benjamin netanyahu was left looking rattled shaken weary and very very angry. but after a bruising final day trying to magical last minute coalition deal benjamin netanyahu is face said it all it failed she beamed out of. nick israeli parliament and netanyahu urging hooted to dissolve itself and take israel into an unprecedented 2nd election in the same year it's now his best hope of cleaning on to power but he
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insisted voters shouldn't blame him the blame belonged to his former defense minister avigdor lieberman. global amount of didn't even want to travel to look much more it is just unbelievable just unbelievable other door lieberman is now part of the left he's from the left block you give him votes for the right but he doesn't give his spoke to the right wing government this is what we see. lieberman needs a secular party opposed to what he calls attempts to make israel a religious state he was insisting on the passage unchanged of a bill that would increase the numbers of ultra-orthodox jews being drafted for national service the ultra-orthodox parties also a key part of any right wing coalition want the last softened lieberman held firm and the coalition was doomed liquid. the could has failed in this task to form a coalition to form a government together with their turn to the altar orthodox they bear full responsibility for the fact that israel is now going back once again to an election failure to form
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a coalition would usually put the question back in the hands of the israeli president he would then select a member of the knesset in all likelihood a different one and give that person a chance to form a government but these aren't normal times benjamin netanyahu is facing pending indictments in 3 separate corruption cases in order to give him the best chance of fighting that off only the top job will do last weekend tens of thousands took to the streets of tel aviv for a rally against netanyahu is apparent attempt to legislate immunity from prosecution and ensure the courts couldn't overturn such a law once passed with his 1st indictment hearing june october even if he wins the september election and manages to form a government and he hopes of ensuring immunity will be seriously dented it might make it harder for him but he's. very. strong. heikki political capabilities so it's not his last word for sure he will try to maneuver opposition leader benny
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gantz says the elections are all about netanyahu is bid to survive prosecution against a 1000000000 people but. really this is all happening for only 2 words only 2 words legal fortress there is no other reason here. gans was mocked for declaring. victory early on election night in april but now it's clear netanyahu own celebrations were premature the fight he thought he'd won 7 weeks ago has months left to run. and as this drama plays out jared cushion or president trump senior advisor arrives in israel what's he doing there and how does netanyahu is predicament complicate his mission well it certainly complicates things he's had begun his meeting with netanyahu understand about half an hour ago they started that meeting he's come here from amman where he's been
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speaking to the jordanians about the trump plan essentially still sticking to this idea that they will unveil the economic elements of this plan at a summit in manama in bahrain on june the 25th and 26th but so far lots of. potentially interested countries are pulling out of course the palestinians are saying they won't be there and he's here to talk about that situation with the israelis he may have expected to come here to speak to benjamin netanyahu on the day that he confirmed his government but now of course that isn't the case the u.s. administration had already put off the of the plan and certainly the political part of the plan in accordance with the unexpectedly early israeli elections called in april will they have to do that again if they do then we start getting into the u.s.
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election season ahead of the 2020 election and the trump campaign for that so it certainly makes efforts all the more difficult the palestinians of course have entirely rejected it in any case. the chief negotiator for the palestinians is saying the deal of the century now look like looks like it might be the deal of the next century i was there as harry for that reporting live from west resulin harry many thanks. this is that he was from out of syria still to come for toys tariffs and trade what examined donald trump's strategy on the u.s. manufacturing. a look at why classrooms across brazil may soon have fewer students . and cool as ice overside drummer in the stanley cup finals and is here only action a little later it's. an iranian official says the u.s.
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has been using mediators to send messages to his government the member of parliament made the comments in a televised interview on thursday he says the americans have also asked to hold negotiations with iran contradicting the actions the u.s. blames iran for sabotaging for oil tankers off the u.a.e. coast earlier this month as iran denies it as accused the americans of trying to start a war let's go live now to the iranian capital and 0 samus ravi is there what are we to make of these comments and. will adrian mr fall a 100 p. shape is a member of parliament a senior one at that he's the chairman of the national security and foreign policy commission of parliament and he was the one who tweeted 2 weeks ago saying that iran should have a negotiating table somewhere in the middle east suggesting perhaps one of the allied arab neighbors iraq or qatar as a place where the united states and iran can talk about how to deescalate ongoing
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current tensions between the 2 countries not just economic sanctions but also the military buildup in the region and on the face of it his comments today would seem to suggest that there might be contradicting standing iranian policy coming from the supreme leader coming from the presidency coming from the foreign ministry but we have to point out that he didn't say that iran was reciprocating in those talks in any way what he did tell us gives us some say. sense of what the discussions might be that are perhaps going on between 3rd parties iran and the united states let me read to you a portion of his comments he said these 3rd party countries explicitly told america not to talk to iran from the position of war because a war with to her on practically speaking won't have any winners these 3rd parties have told americans that iran can handle worktime challenges very well so they cannot confront iran in this way so that gives us a sense of what those talks might be about in terms of trying to deescalate tensions mr fellow had precious comments come a day after iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei in
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a speech from his residence in teheran said that all of iran's leaders speak in one voice when it comes to talks with the united states abunimah america's got ambition there's consensus among executive officials that negotiating with the united states is absolutely not advised not just negotiating with the current government the obama administration was not fundamentally different from the current government it had a different appearance but the same nature we won't be deceived by u.s. tricks that. now mr come in a dare mention that executive officials are on the same page mr felos of course is a member of iran's parliament the legislative branch and even though he may be on the same page with iranian officials on the big issues in terms of resisting the united states there were many comments where he said that american pressure on iran is wrong and must be confronted what his comments tell us is that there is some daylight perhaps between iranian government iranian the iranian government's
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official position of no talks and how the united states and iran and indeed 3rd parties are dealing with trying to deescalate the current tensions. saudi arabia is hosting a series of high level meetings to discuss rising security concerns across the middle east leaders from the gulf cooperation council of the arab league a gathering in mecca later on thursday the aim to focus on regional security as tension between iran the united states and their gulf allies aska escalates on wednesday regional foreign ministers met as the saudis called on muslim nations to confront iran with what they called force and firmness it's been a particularly tense month in the region with the u.s. deploying troops and warships to the gulf and simmons reports. the 1st of 3 major gatherings of leaders one objective to find
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a way of reducing tension in the middle east it's difficult at a time when divisions within the region run deep made worse by the battle of rhetoric between the united states and iran the host for these talks saudi arabia has made its position clear. we emphasize the need to exert more efforts to combat the subversive activities of extremist terrorist groups they must be addressed with all strength and firmness. a reference there to damage to 4 vessels including 2 saudi all tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month and drone attacks on saudi oil installations 2 days later the saudis had accused iran of ordering the drone attack which was claimed by new things in yemen in the run up to these talks by foreign ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation john bolton the u.s. national security advisor visiting the us he said naval mines almost certainly from
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iran we used to attack shipping but he didn't refer to any evidence adding who else would you think is doing it somebody from nepal iran's foreign ministry dismissed bolton's remarks as a ludicrous claim and the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many reasserted we will not negotiate with america because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm. before the talking started in jeddah it emerged that katsav prime minister abdullah bin nasa bin khalifa lanny will attend g.c.c. and arab league sessions on thursday it will be cattles 1st high level contacts with saudi the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt since the fall states imposed an ad land and sea blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago the 4 states had accused of supporting terrorism
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accusations vehemently denied by category leaders the united states wants to see an end to the blockade on cata i would hope that they could work out some of these things because they have essentially babying the saudis destroyed the gulf cooperation council it's a paper organization now it never was for middle but now it's almost nothing because of this bitter fight within the ranks of its own members this is not a way to assure security in the gulf and it's not a way to present iran with a solid front from as it were the other side of the ocean whether this could be a 1st step towards repro small is unclear but the immediate effect of cattle is involvement here could result in a broader debate over relations with iran andrew simmons al-jazeera. let's tell you a little more about the arab league it was formed in 1905 just before the end of world war 2 it has $22.00 members including palestine which it considers an
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independent state bus divisions between arab league nations mean that some countries are not represented at league events over the years the arab league has has had limited success it failed to have much influence during the 2003 u.s. invasion of iraq but was more successful during the arab spring it supported u.s. action against gadhafi forces in libya and suspended syria's membership the latest summit called by a saudi arabia's king solomon will focus on the escalating tensions with iran and military buildup in the gulf. joining me now in the studio is measured alan sorry he's a professor of political sociology at castle university could see you again what are we to make of the fact that katz was prime minister is attending these talks in saudi arabia well 1st of all let's focus on just 6 of it 1st of all we have a proper invitation that came through the right channels from the king himself
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alike other invitations in the past that were done in a not so respectful manner and this apparently you know led the other government to take a decision to send such a high. but also we have to remember that the request is invitation this is a special summit on a very special case which is. in the gulf and especially what happened then for jr and saudi arabia. saudi arabia was not under any obligation to contact them directly through their commitment but they did and therefore that they decided that it should be part of this summit on a high. high level. it was invited it wasn't ignored. given the state of the relationship between. saudi arabia bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. will they be able to form some sort of consensus on iran i don't believe so i think one of the main reasons for that are participating so strongly in this summit it's
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because. 8. and the other players in the arab world believe very strongly that this is collation is not needed it will not result in any good for their security of the region as a whole and these countries want to be part of the discussion they need to be about this question and they want to ash allies politics in the region we've seen a lot of rational movement when it comes to the politics of the arab world and this article in general because of the movement inside there to be in the u.a.e. with me to get into the actual the national politics and i believe that the omanis the kuwaiti there rocky they all believe in the same matter i've got that has never been a gated. responsibilities toward the arab world. all the time it's got out of the way or the present it strongly and couple has always been very adamant about being a positive force within these 3 settings the service station of a council is a positive development is this the beginning of the end of the blockade against us
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or is it too early to say. that indicates the relations of flooring should be look out for i mean it's very clear that for the past couple of months we've seen some. the escalation or at least a lack of escalation however there hasn't been any real initiative in mediation efforts that are led by the kuwaiti government and by the way one of the main reasons for those high delegation is the fact that leading the meeting for the g.c.c. and you know they appreciate that couple has for the. weight of all in general in the g.c.c. but also we have seen. not by the americans and by any other party to mediate between. them look at these meetings that leads to a new initiative if they can't agree will it will be firmly close together soon as these meetings are i think it's already firmly closed there's no gap in the door so to speak maybe what we can see in the coming months is that the saudis and their
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market untangled in so many regional issues and their projects in sudan in yemen in libya are not going so great that they would need to at least stop the escalation deescalate the crisis but i don't see any real end to the crisis coming so professor it's always good to talk to you many thanks to you for being with us. the un says that millions of people around the world are being denied a nationality they're referred to as being stateless and the growing problem has prompted the un to host a meeting in bangkok to look at ways to solve the problem delegates from more than 15 asia pacific countries are taking parts they're expected to pledge action ahead of a global gathering in geneva in october so what are the causes of statelessness and just how big a problem is it becomes well the un's refugee agency estimates that there are at least 10000000 stateless people worldwide a 3rd of them children people end up denied a nationality for lots of reasons in many cases because of ethnic and religious discrimination that's the case with the from in march for example the u.n.
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describes them as the most persecuted minority in the world let's go live now to bangkok out of syria scott hyla can tell us more what's on the agenda at this conference scott. even with so far today what really has happened there it's with the workshops and it's really kind of a look with these 15 nations what is works in each nation to help stamp out stateless people in those countries what has worked what hasn't worked who have they cooperated with and how has that gone so kind of like a best practices workshops sharing of ideas throughout the day now we know as you mentioned you know the millions around the world are stateless recognized by the united nations as stateless they don't really like to put a number on that they just say millions what's interesting though of those stateless people around the world more than half of them are here in asia that's why there is such a focus on dealing with this issue stateless people here in asia because more than
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half but also it's very it's in when you look at you know over the last there's an initiative by you in a refugee agency of the united nations they have given themselves 10 years to really kind of try to wipe out stateless people around the world they say right now they're halfway through that tens of thousands have been received national status in some of these countries here in asia so there's been progress but when you're talking about millions and millions of people around the world a lot more still need to be done a.j. as you said they're looking at what works and what hasn't worked what are some of the things that are being identified as potential solutions to this. well right now one thing that is really been focused on is the changing of political will that is because you have legalized discrimination in a lot of these countries where there is a big stateless issue that is because written in law there are there is discrimination against ethnic groups against religion and even gender so the
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initiative here they're saying what needs to happen and there needs to be political will to change those laws and once that starts to happen you can root out stateless situations in nations that have it on the on the books but also you know kind of the political will of politicians in these nations to put forth initiatives so that those people those populations those ethnic groups those religious groups they start to be integrated into the national system in these countries it's a lot of work ahead obviously but they're seeing some of this progress halfway through this 10 year initiative what's learned here is going to be taken to geneva in october and that's when they have a high level meeting to deal with the issue from all around the world they're going to be other regional members like the ones here from asia joining there again trying to push this issue forward and find out what's working in some parts of the world and hopefully integrate that in other parts of the world that need it more as a company thanks scott high live reporting live from bangkok. rescue teams in hungary say that there's minimal hope of finding any more survivors after a boat capsized on the danube at least 7 people are confirmed to have died another
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$21.00 are still missing the boat was carrying south korean tourists it reportedly collided with another tourist vessel heavy rain and strong currents have hampered rescue efforts. going on until our boat was docked and preparing for departure at the time of the accident we received a report that a bigger cruise boat crashed into our one protest leaders in sudan have declared today strike a success people across the nation stopped working on tuesday and wednesday protest groups are now threatening civil disobedience to try to force the military council to hand power over to civilian rule imran khan reports from khartoum. what's a revolution without a little music that's the thinking of musician and shopkeeper. he took part in the strike by sitting in
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a shop as usual but refusing to sell any instruments he says he lost money but is willing to continue the strike if the call is made. up of the earlier this reich is just the beginning of more escalation is to come because the military is wasting time and will meet the demands of the revolution and only give us talk in just 2 years i expect if the military council does not give us a straight answer in the negotiations and show us good faith then you should expect more civil disobedience the posters outside his shop display his and many others opinions one says we don't want the spring we want the whole garden another says. to me a reference to the vice chairman of the transitional military council's threat to sack anyone who went on strike. into the early hours and there's a celebrate 3 out with the city outside the military headquarters one of the senior leaders of the protest movement tells us the strike was
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a success but challenges lie ahead. after the high response to the strike would receive word the army wants to talk again and welcome such a move because we believe in dialogue and resolving things in a reasonable manner but the revolution will continue and who will keep escalating gradually right now the protesters are in a confident mood however the transitional military council are sticking to their guns and they say they won't hand over power until there's an elected government and they want to oversee that process that's not good enough for the protesters who say that they want a sovereign transitional government to oversee the election process iraq on through in kenya a verdict has been delayed in the trial of 4 men accused of terrorism charges and the 2015 attack that killed 150 people if convicted the suspects could face life in prison gunmen ambushed the university campus in northeastern kenya the siege that
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lasted nearly 15 hours the attack was later claimed by the somali based al-shabaab . in just a moment we'll have a weather forecast with meteorologist kevin corriveau then. the report from one of the latest strike against austerity measures in argentina. and sweating on neymar brazil's star man bids to be fit for the copa america and he will be here with. the wedding sponsored by qatar. just a few minutes ago adrian showed you the video it's coming out on the danube here in budapest and we are looking at the very heavy rain you saw that in the video all
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dealing with this one system right here now the rain's going to continue and that's going to cause a problem as well this area has seen plenty of rain this past spring here's the danube red here starting in germany all the way towards the black sea now the other problem with the danube is the height of the water we've seen very very heavy snow this winter across much of the mountains actually record snow in some locations now that it's spring a lot of that snow is melting and entering into the danube causing the river to be moving quite fast as well as high in many locations that is a problem that they're having with the recovery efforts with the bodies right now so we're going to be seeing very heavy water pushing through much of that area unfortunately the rainy conditions are going to continue over the next few days because we do have that area of low pressure that is spinning in this area there of low pressure has been causing a lot of problems across the region moving very slowly from the central part of the mediterranean up here towards the northeast so we do expect to see more rain over the next few days today tomorrow maybe
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a little break tomorrow more rain pushing out here towards the east but temperatures out here towards the west we're looking into the high twenty's for many. the west. bank and time. let me take. my place on the. west the rain. and thousands come to. my children in the strongest false testimony skilful players. play. nation comes together to. the british police to play the stadiums were to rob like an incredible place.


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