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tv   Life After Conflict  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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sponsored by cat time. just a few minutes ago adrian showed you the video it's coming out on the danube here in budapest and we are looking at the very heavy rain you saw there in the video all dealing with this one system right here now the rain's going to continue and that's going to cause a problem as well this area has seen plenty of rain this past spring here is the danube river here starting in germany all the way towards the black sea now the other problem with the danube is the height of the water we've seen very very heavy snow this winter across much of the mountains actually record snow in some locations now that it's spring a lot of that snow is melting and entering into the danube causing the river to be moving quite fast as well as high in many locations that is a problem that they're having with the recovery efforts with the bodies right now so we're going to be seeing very heavy water pushing through much of that area and fortunately the rainy conditions are going to continue over the next few days because we do have that area of low pressure that is spinning in this area there of low pressure has been causing a lot of problems across the region moving very slowly from the central part of the
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mediterranean up here towards the northeast so we do expect to see more rain over the next few days today tomorrow maybe a little break tomorrow more rain pushing out here towards the east but temperatures out here towards the west we're looking into the high twenty's for many. the wet spots that time. let me take. my place on the. wild west the rain. and palaces come. the rain the strongest fostex stunning new skillful. nation comes together to. celebrate.
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stadiums with rocks like incredible gold. to cover the wonders of our newest destination to feel the wind in swelled. 2019. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to here in tow how with the news out from opposite of the headlines israel will hold a 2nd election this year to prime minister benjamin netanyahu fail to form a coalition government that's happened just 7 weeks after he claimed
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a major victory in parliamentary elections. got us prime minister is expected to attend a summit in saudi arabia the 1st high level meeting since a blockade against his nation the saudis are holding a series of meetings to discuss regional challenges namely the whys and tension with iran delegates from all the 15 asia pacific countries are in fact called for. a u.n. meeting on statelessness are expected to pledge action for the millions of people around the world who are being denied a nationality. final preparations are underway in the democratic republic of congo to receive the body of the former opposition leader etienne just a katie he died 2 years ago in belgium at the age of $84.00 after a long illness political crisis of the sea led to the delay of his funeral because of fears that it would spark opposition protests crowds are expected to gather at the national stadium in kinshasa later on thursday well m.t.n. just to katie was a prominent critic of the former leader
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a boot who says he said go and co-founded the union for democracy and social progress party in 1982 he became an opponent to laurent kabila who was assassinated in 2001 and his son joseph kabila who govern the country for 18 years almost 2 years after his katy's death his son felix was sworn in as president although december's elections were marred by claims of fraud it was considered the 1st peaceful transfer of power in the democratic republic of congo in 60 is let's speak to ben shephard who's a consulting fellow for the africa program at chatham house he joins us now by of from london so a peaceful transfer of power ben but we still don't know a lot about how that power is going to be used doing. well that's exactly it the return of the body of a contrast that comes at a moment where the balance of power between his son felix just kerry and the coalition of the outgoing president joseph kabila is not yet clear. prime minister
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was nominated last week he is widely regarded as something of a placeholder a compromise candidate and the allocation of key ministries i think will go a long way to showing us who holds the whip hand just how significant a figure in congolese politics was at the end just a katie. he was a monumental figure he use a huge part of congress politics for 4 decades he was a leading figure in the fight for democracy under move outta in the in the eighty's i spent a long time in prison and again in the transition following before the the fall of mbutu and in the ninety's. he decided to boycott elections following congress war in 2006 did fight elections in 2011 which he lost in widely and a disputed circumstances so his legacy was somewhat tarnished in the last 2 years but the fact that 5 african heads of state have travel to contrast
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that to attend the ceremonies underlines quite how a monumental figure he was not just in congo but across the continent could the return though of his body exacerbate these continuing political tensions in the country i mean that there are still those in the democratic republic of congo who believe that the opposition leader martin failed who was the true winner of the election. well indeed and that is reflected by the figures collected by the catholic church and others that seem to show that matter for you to won the election by a substantial margin nonetheless the situation that we're in is there has been a peaceful handover of power at the top of congress' politics which is an unprecedented step forward had inches cody's body being returned prior to elections it would certainly find a flashpoint now it's much harder to read there is an irony that his son felix just caddy is currently in a coalition of sorts with the platform of just camilla the i.c.c.
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the man who spent the last years his life fighting against that irony will be undoubtedly recognized by the congolese and the king more in particular they have a very very well developed sense of political irony so how this moment is received by the street is very hard to read we'll have to see the numbers of people that come out to the start and on the streets. the government has decided today it's going to be a paid national holiday which suggests that they would rather people came out on his memory rather than being too concerned about the possibility of trouble at least in the immediate sense ben really gets too many thanks indeed for being with us ben sheppard from chatham house at least 20 people have been killed in syrian government air raids in libya and aleppo 8 of those killed were in western aleppo well as strikes targeted a popular market civil defense teams are still searching for victims in several towns that were hit by government strikes one of based 43 people have been killed in 2 days upon bartman by russian backed government forces in syria they're
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targeting the remaining rebel strongholds of hama and southern live the u.n. says that more than 300000 people have been displaced over the past month and a serious diplomatic editor james bay is reports now from the united nations where the u.n. special envoy to syria is calling for an immediate cease fire special envoy good morning are you concerned about the situation in the u.n. special envoy gary pedersen here in new york to brief the security council as the offensive in it live continues he met ambassadors here in the consultations room the place where close security council meetings are held afterwards mr pedersen who's trying to get peace talks going again in geneva said his meeting had been dominated by events in a loop there are 3000000 civilians. in a live prominence too many has been killed and obviously what is happening is not
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proportional in relationship to civilian casualties and the fight against terror is what we need to see is the fight against terrorism is continuing it needs to be proportional to the challenge so it's illegal what's been happening. thank you. the russian delegation strongly denied its forces and those of the syrian government were breaching international law despite the statements of the u.n. humanitarian office that medical facilities were being repeatedly targeted in it lead why are you bombing hospitals though we went to medical facilities will not bomb hospitals the syrian army believing isn't and please be very much of course us and double chip all the source of information of it you called our source information for us our church. double chip all the information of it your quart or both of these so-called bombardments including from the u.n.
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in the world in from your air the u.s. special envoy for syria the jim jeffords said the situation in the ad lib was horrific he called for an immediate cease fire but for now there's no indication that the russians or the syrian government are prepared to comply with that james ouches era at the united nations thousands of people have march through argentina's capital to protest against austerity measures on the president richard mockery a nationwide strike has shut down key grain ports and grounded flights to raise a bow reports for us. another national strike against the government of modi so mark it's the 5th one since he took office back in 2015 schools and banks are closed the public's transport are down in the city and mostly around the country which you can see right behind me are some social movements here that are giving away free food in this demonstration in the center of the capital. people
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here say that the reason why they're calling for a strike is the rising unemployment and poverty in the country i don't know who they were for they were they don't know if the austerity measures are affecting the argentine population undaunted by the international monetary fund last year so in these last 15 percent of value this year the saying. argentina is facing an economic crisis that has had a severe effect on living standards in the country if they should in 2018 reached almost 50 percent and the rate has continued to rise in 2019 but wages are not keeping up with the pace yes in the south the situation is a disaster i have a soup kitchen and we're in a series and the amount of people coming continues to grow we don't have enough the government says that this strike hurts the country's economy even more and that
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it's been organized by markers political opponents presidential elections are scheduled to take place in october this year the economic situation has deteriorated mockeries popularity and his chances of being reelected are at risk activists in brazil of vying to continue their fight against cuts to the education budget that prompted mass protests earlier this month the part of a raft of measures that the government says on necessary to get the country out of its financial crisis but opponents say there are an attack on critical thinking the reports from. the brazilian government said it's freezing. 30 percent of what it calls discretionary spending public universities state high schools university hospitals the research grants that there's more at stake some say than just the budget cuts now will support your money paul i was very you can manipulate the budget but the intention here is to change the identity inside the universities critical groups are in the universities for all governments not just the specific
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one it's an ideological attack using finance it's. these students are preparing for a long fight so i shouted over the valley i personally think that this government won't back off but we won't give up it won't just be one demonstration this is not just affecting the students but the whole society. they started saying that universities don't do research on our places of disorder that represent only expense for the government parts not true. and the long term effects someone could be drastic. me a society without knowledge has to go into reverse when you destroy knowledge you lose independence and start depending on others. already strained public education buildings they say will fall into further disrepair many here see this is more than just a cup to the public education budget they see it as part of an ideology designed to
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undermine free and independent thinking and attack on those who think differently to them. the 1st protests when the cuts were announced earlier this month attracted over a 1000000 demonstrators in cities across brazil. president said the public colleges and universities which constitute about one quarter of brazil's education system a whole beds of leftwing indoctrination he urged students to report their teachers seen with the switch from chemistry to study fashion one of the subjects he believes the government is targeting. my research feel. fashion and sociology my goal is to study society and the influence of fashion on it however i don't know what will happen now without a grant i can't focus on my studies and my future career that will no longer exist . well both sides emphasized the importance of education many feel that the very heart and soul of brazilian society lies at the center of this conflict.
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al-jazeera. a judge in spain has jailed the head of mexico's biggest steelmaker one it's decided whether he should be extradited to face corruption charges in his home country along so until a elizondo was arrested at the main airport of the mediterranean island of new york he's wanted in mexico as part of the president's anti corruption drive an arrest warrant has also been issued for the former chief of mexico's state owned oil company pemex john home and reports now from mexico city. this is been president andres manuel lopez obrador slogan when he was on campaign and now as president that we need to root out corruption that's the source of the country's problems he's fond of saying but this is really he's 1st big effort to do this and he's really taken on an emblematic case for those in or audience that don't know the case of all the braked this is a brazilian construction company that basically admitted to bribing officials
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across latin america to get jobs done a huge corruption scandal it's all presidents it's all ministers get canned in mexico it led to really absolutely nothing happening under the previous president and make it pena nieto so really there's a point to prove here for president under his money well lopez obrador and to do that he's gone after a 1000000 open. the x. head of the state oil company there's been a lot of noise around him to do with the auto brake case and things connected to it for quite some time 3 he's also going after the director over his ministration public prosecutors have gone after the director of one of mexico's major steelmaking firms so this is just the start really all of this case charges have been pressed now they were born in italy grew up there and speak
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the language for 2 boys who were told that they would get nationality after saving one. hijacked bus full of children are still waiting for the government to keep its promise their case is fueling calls for italy's citizenship law to be changed from . reports. has been called a hero him and his classmate help save the lives of 51 students when their school bus was hijacked in march the eluded the police resulting in a dramatic rescue of their hijacked bus. the bus driver had threatened to burn all the children on board before setting fire to the vehicle he was protesting against migrant deaths in the mediterranean i then hid his phone from the hijacker and called his mom for help work 1st particularly frank everyone he knows has hailed him for his courage but despite being born in italy he's not an italian citizen that's because adam's parents moved to italy from morocco under italian law a child born to foreigners does not have the automatic right to citizenship and
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must wait until they're 18 years old to apply for it but after adam's actions on the bus it leaves government promise to grant him sort of than ship. i think that someone was born here it's fair that he has a telly in citizenship it's unfair if he hasn't in the beginning they told us they would give us citizenship but it's been 2 months now we still don't have any news. the government's decision to grant him and his french citizenship has sparked a debate many are asking should people risk their lives to get citizenship others are calling for immediate side of the ship for all children born in italy. if you neary is an immigration lawyer and he wants the government to change what he calls an archaic system. on the web the 1902 law copies the 911 law of course that's not compatible with today we need to integrate foreign citizens starting with minors children who arrived or were born here. elizabeth was
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10 years old when she came to italy and couldn't apply for citizenship. when she did apply years later the government changed the procedure from 2 to 4 years i cannot the spanker like all my life. i have been given. more to. get. the government believe the law is need to be even stricter about who can become an italian citizen. in italy there are 60000000 people and we certainly do not need more initially there are specific citizenship rules if they legally remain for at least 10 years they can apply for citizenship if a child was born in italy at the age of 18 they can have citizenship. but many foreigners in italy don't agree with that sentiment rights activists believe the different residency requirements based on whether the applicant is a descendant of an italian citizen an e.u. citizen or non use citizen for discrimination in 2003
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a european citizenship by residence was proposed but amid rising xenophobia and nationalism that seems to have forgotten all of them they are. just ahead here on the. cricket ground in london where england and south africa the cricket world cup on the one.
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thank. you. well fellow that has been with us was about music means cricket for the next 6
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weeks at least cricket's leading nations are in england for the world cup the hosts are the favorites they've just started their gang against south africa on a wednesday the opening ceremony took place in the center of london organizers saying 95 percent of the 800000 tickets available have already been so we will take games coming my way straight here all the time to hold the final is coming up on july 14th coming up right now is our schools correspondent lee wellings he's at the oval well batting 1st against south africa at least just give us an idea as to how significant this tournament is in world sport. this is the 3rd biggest single sports event in the wild also the football world cup and the rugby world cup 10 seconds as you saw i am not quite controversial many wise because the i.c.c. cricket's got the ball they have decided to keep the big things in with the exceptions about being honest on who will want to just so qualify as and have excluded
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a lot of the emerging nations other rays in the dom base is very typical a big song wild sport which is for financial reasons and so there's a lot of big guys there's a gower and so you have india pakistan as a government of england australia they started a guy it's raining good in south africa with a lot of people on happy about what's the cricket salt's i think a lot about will be forgotten and the excitement is that not necessarily throughout england because england's in a bit of a strange place with cricket in that a lot of schoolchildren would recognise you go pick up the jug route because it's not on free to air television but if you go to india. hundreds of millions of cricket fans will be consuming this told and there's a lot of excitement around the dog lay england all the favorites they've never worn it before which of the teams do you think a likely to challenge for the trophy. it's interesting is that includes all the favorites justifiable favorites because that phone since the last world cup when i flopped miserably. fantastic in some ways it's like i'm
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a guy and so in the level that is extraordinary bought by however not cheap which is to try if you'll be watching them fail again and again sometimes our rates are over 40 years therefore there's every chance that i could make their way through to the sub before i was and just how i all right back to. the challenges well india will have high hopes that got a very strong statement in just what i have i think somebody could be the ball of that's always been australia the defending champions all the control around all night and smith of the sandpiper it's them that back in that same night will farrell got a chance of winning this time with the possible exception of us got a start it might be too soon for that and all 10 will feel by have a chance to think about the controversial form is it. the best for the study form as we know all human side about. the oval stadium in london thanks so much for
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the plenty more from les throughout the day and throughout the tournament let's update you now on that opening match between england and south africa pretty terrible start for any jonny bairstow out 1st ball and then have recovered just past the 100. and joe root both with hall for centuries. isom sanest news now on top seed soccer in danger of an early exit at the french open are sorcha losing the opening set civics or as a rank about fight scene back in the 2nd a world number one has won the last 2 grand slam sort of and she's 54 up in the 2nd set. now despite qualifying for the champions league in some i'm currently see honest he has paid the price for a relatively disappointing season the club sacked him on thursday after $2.00 seasons in charge into finished 4th in italy saria purse belletti couldn't deliver any trophies former events is chelsea and italy coach and sonja conseco widely tipped to be his replacement. chelsea adding i'm from back here after they're in fact signature of all still in the europa league final could be
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a very different look for chelsea next season with management so sorry not yet certain to stay also eden hazard could be on his way out he scored twice in the 4 win and said afterwards i think it's good bye he's been a target of realm of dread for some time and even his team mates seem to think him out of played his last game he has been very honest of that. does why the fans love him because he didn't leave our baby there for our mother on friday us always give you suppose he was very familiar with the club and that's where the grubby so so hard with the amount of easy stuff because to me before he. has been amazing for us i hope. he's still we struck the gravity. back or is the choice of venue old sue evidence with plenty of empty seats around the stadium both clubs return tickets from their allocations you are for hope the take it will be better when backy stages matches during next year's european
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championships. it's a brand european europe where we want to show that football can bring people together. and of course it will be easier to come to london or to to roll or to munich then to order book that is for bebo. but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't play there or fine apathy shouldn't be a problem in brazil as they prepare to host the cup or america but the country is sweating on their side as a name or who's having to try to line up the moments they struck a pulled out of the same training with pain in his left knee brazil hoping he'll be fit for their friendly with asian champions cuts or they kick off a copper americans bolivia 10 days later. another big name striker backed with a bang after serving a 2 game ban as last neighborhood of each school is the l.a. galaxy be nice to kansas city had to go on wednesday but fans in the crowd certainly enjoying seeing his scent analyst told us.
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they salute spurs have leveled up the stanley cup finals after an overtime win in boston on wednesday the bruins twice took really before being paid back by the mets are sinkers goals taking the game in 3 additional periods. are going to sin was the hero for the blues bargain from a long range. to clinch a 32 victory solution might have home advantage for the next 2 games. starting for game 3 on saturday i 1st game we're happy today we came out you know fire and i think we played a great game for 60 plus minutes. and you know that is that is the team we are we come back later we never give up and yeah it is for me to pull in there and get to get the win or just it's a great feeling. and the toronto raptors getting ready for their 1st ever appearance in the n.b.a.
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finals the raptors will be taking on the golden state warriors in game one of the best of 7 series later on this thursday the warriors are in the finals.


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