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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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to any evidence adding who else would you think is doing it somebody from nepal iran's foreign ministry dismissed bolton's remarks as a ludicrous claim and the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many reasserted we will not negotiate with america because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm befall the talking started in jeddah it emerged that cattles prime minister abdullah bin nasa bin khalifa any will attend g.c.c. and arab league sessions on thursday it will be cattles 1st high level contacts with saudi the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt since the fall states imposed an ad land and sea blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago the 4 states had accused of supporting terrorism accusations vehemently denied by category leaders the united states wants to see an end to the blockade on cata i would hope that they could work out some of these
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things because they have essentially they being the saudis destroyed the gulf cooperation council it's a paper organization now it never was for middle but now it's almost nothing because of this bitter fight within the ranks of its own members this is not a way to assure security in the gulf and it's not a way to present iran with a solid front from as it were the other side of the ocean whether this could be a 1st step towards repro small is unclear but the immediate effect of cattle is involvement here could result in a broader debate over relations with iran andrew simmons al-jazeera. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back a search is under way in the dunny of the 19 missing people after a tourist boat sinks in a hungry killing at least 7 more in that stay with us. hello
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again we're here cross parts of china we have seen plenty of rain and that's going to continue mostly for the southern part of china here on friday you notice the thunderstorms really building up critically dinny heating of the day the extensions over here towards northern vietnam actually also parts of me and mar in bangladesh are going to be seeing some very heavy rain as well to the north though as we go from friday and into saturday more rain is coming into the forecast for for shanghai we do expect to see more clouds few there with a temperature of about $27.00 degrees as you make a way over here towards parts of india well primanti no rain is making its way towards the north and we are picking up the clouds here as it comes into parts of southern india as well as sri lanka so for carol a state though over the next you days we do expect to see heavy rainfall across that area some localized flooding could be a problem here as we go into the weekend as well but up here towards the north it
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is still quite warm temperatures into the low forty's when they purr at about $43.00 degrees there and then very quickly here across much of the gulf temperatures are on their way up here in doha $43.00 degrees is going to be the forecasted high as we go towards friday but on saturday we do expect that to reach $45.00 degrees over here towards abu dhabi $38.00 and over towards muscat it is going to be a beautiful day with a temp to view of about 36 degrees. every piece of devastating it. tries explores some of the efforts to recover those lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so let's. simulating what happens when an elephant
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life to conflict on al-jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on the al-jazeera israel will hold a 2nd election this year the prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government it happened just 7 weeks after he claimed victory in parliamentary elections. and netanya i was insisting that the political situation will not interfere with a u.s. peace plan for palestine and israel has just met senior white house adviser who's touring the region to gain support for the initiative. has to be on the agenda 3 summits in saudi arabia and leaders in the gulf cooperation council and the arab league gathering in mecca later on thursday let's bring in marwan bashara is
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al-jazeera senior political analyst and joins us live now from london marwan let's talk 1st about qatar's involvement in these saudi conferences how significant is it that the qatari prime minister's been invited and what role is qatar like it's a play. you know it's significant this is the 2nd time they have been invited to accept at this time. and clearly there is something positive in there but of course it remains to be seen after tomorrow night if there are by that the relations about it that are all meetings going on on the sidelines and the bloc of the country has decided to take some positive steps towards cutter because after all they are the ones will manufacture the crisis and for the life of me 2 years later i still can't figure out why would be why would someone take such a short sighted step against apartheid not our knowledge i it within the gulf region when all of these crises are escalating in the region be that as it may it's
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important for the gulf regional council in particular because you know this is a very small cohesive. regional council that's actually worked more or less ok since the 1980 and it's split down down the middle since saudi arabia carried its actions against got there along with the united arab emirates somebody rain and now that it all. basically blew up in their faces and and and the blowback you know as a humiliated them clearly they're trying to extend some hands to what's got out of the question is what happens after that qatar is not going to go down the road to escape inflation or that against iran or escalating the war in yemen because saudi arabia ask so i think this has to be or will be on the basis of new conditions in the relations within the gulf cooperation council and that's an interesting point
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you make model because the blockade on qatar has thrown as you say the govt arab states into disarray and and these meetings in saudi arabia are meant to find some kind of consensus on iran so how do you see this playing out in terms of unity and consensus. it depends on saudi arabia because so you're a bit over the last 3 years have carried so many divisive policies opened so many fronts escalated so many conflicts whether it is in yemen in the gulf against iran against qatar against even its own partner the prime minister of lebanon in tripoli in libya if it is going on going to they against turkey you know a sunni a stomach ally as it were against its own not partners for within the kingdom so clearly saudi arabia has taken or has chewed more than it could swallow over the last 3 years because of basically the reckless policies of its crown prince now if
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you know it it we will see whether the king has basically understood the blowback from all these divisive it's good actually policies and whether something new is in the in is on the horizon if there is he's going to see that there are a lot of partners qatar included within the region among the arabs among even the muslim partners that will be happy if so that it will deescalate in yemen will deescalate and the gulf and so on so forth on a final quick thoughts on recent developments in israel benjamin netanyahu as we now know has failed to form a coalition government and now faces fresh elections but i mean how much does this complicate jabbered cushion his plans for his deal of the center i mean the palestinians say look we won't be attending this conference in bahrain and netanyahu is political survival is now at stake. you know what amazes me is that every time an israeli prime minister fails it would be for corruption
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sexual harassment of some sort or something of religious secular nature and fact most of them were for religious secular nature they don't happen because of the occupation because of the blowback because of the various wars that took place between israel and snipers the ongoing conflict with the palestinians so here we have once again the prime minister in israel because of a secular religious issue among potential partners is going diving in again to new elections and that will set back whatever coming out of washington the so-called date of the century the stab of the century as the palestinians would refer to it clearly for many it was born dead and now more and more obstacles are in the way i think going to the head in and then of the month for somewhat shop on some initiative that no one knows what it is it's doesn't spell well for anyone involved
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marla michaud al jazeera senior political analysts my own thank you. now police in angry have launched a criminal investigation after a tourist boat sank on the river danube it was carrying south korean tourists 7 people died but 7 others were rescued the search is on for the 19 people still missing heavy rain and strong currents have been hampering rescue efforts reports. it's a populous stretch of the danube river in the heart of bullet pierced a tourist boat the moon made was doc's carrying more than 30 south korean turrets and it was involved in a collision with a cruise ship risky team search for survivors the tourists were wearing life jackets and water temperatures were below 15 degree celsius police said after a month of heavy rain high water levels and a fast current complicated rescue if it's. followed the most we found some people with serious injuries in a critical condition there were some who got lightly injured and some needed to be resuscitated. police have now released video of the incident fairytale economic we
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can see on the footage that the small part the mermaid is silent north is the biggest ship the viking when they reach the margaret bridge the mermaid turns in front of the viking for some reason and as the viking touches the mermaid it gets turned on its side and within about 7 seconds at 6. cruise line operator viking said it's the 2nd was involved in the incident around 9 pm local time the mermaids wreckage was found on the river bed hungary's parliament building in the city's famous margaret bridge the surging river and with it hampered if it still bring it to the surface. the mermaid was a 26 metre boat sightseeing that could hold 60 people. i sincerely apologize for having to share heartbreaking news from. the south korean to a agency who organized the trip to the passengers were mostly families who had been
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scheduled to return to solve this weekend. we will try to get to budapest as quickly as possible and coordinate with the hungary and authorities and our embassy to save lives. south korean president has seen foreign ministry officials to put a peace to help should. i urge you to make use of all diplomatic channels to work with the hungarian government so search and rescue operations take place as fast as possible and if there are not enough personnel or equipment i ask you to coordinate with neighboring countries are hungry to find ways of bringing more rescue experts and additional equipment. as police launched a criminal investigation the search for survivors was extended far down staring into serbia shallow ballasts al jazeera. in sudan one person was killed when a rapid support forces opened fire on an area where protesters have gathered in the capital khartoum comes as activists groups declare their 2 day strike a success protest groups are now threatening more civil disobedience try to force
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the military council to hand power to. lead opposition women can as more from khartoum. what we're hearing is that a crowd of protesters gathered not where the sit in is actually taking place but one of the roads leading into the city streets and then there was some sort of scuffle between the rocket security forces and the protesters the are asef i we think it's the orus of what you're hearing conflicting reports it may well have been the sudanese army shooting into the crowd we heard that the well at least 6 people that were injured one of those was a young man in his twenty's he's now succumbed to his injuries and is in hospital and has passed away now this comes as a similar incident took place on wednesday between the ourself and the army where a pregnant woman was actually killed as well so tensions on the streets of khartoum
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have been quite high as a result of this incident however this has an escalated in the way that we've seen in the past so it's likely that there is going to be a lot of people out the street long very angry people out on the street and it's now up to the army and the protest movement to try and bring things down to a calm however we are looking at a very hot country a very country that is in political turmoil right now so things like this could well spark something bigger companies forces say they have killed 23 rebels now beni in the region of kiva who the fighting between government soldiers and the allied democratic forces happened on wednesday night according to the army a military position with a touch and a fight ensued final preparations are underway in the democratic republic of congo to receive the body of former opposition leader etienne tshisekedi he died 2 years ago in belgium at the age of $84.00 after a long illness and its cool crisis in the d.r. see led to the delay of his funeral because of fears it would spark opposition
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protests crowds are expected to gather at the national stadium in kinshasa later on thursday. a judge in spain has jailed the head of mexico's biggest steelmaker while has decided whether he should be extradited to face corruption charges in his home country alonzo and see the elizondo was arrested at the main airport on the mediterranean island of new york he's wanted in mexico as part of the president's anti corruption drug. well they were born in italy grew up there and speak the language but were told they would get citizenship after helping to save a hijacked bus full of children are still waiting for the government to keep its promise cases filling calls for for citizenship laws to be changed from room reports. has been called a hero him and his classmate help save the lives of 51 students when their school bus was hijacked in march the eluded the police resulting in
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a dramatic rescue of their hijacked bus. the bus driver had threatened to burn all the children on board before setting fire to the vehicle he was protesting against migrant deaths in the mediterranean i then hid his phone from the hijacker and called his mom for help work 1st particularly frank everyone he knows has hailed him for his courage but despite being born in italy he's not an italian citizen that's because adam's parents moved to italy from morocco under italian law a child born to foreigners does not have the automatic right to citizenship and must wait until they're 18 years old to apply for it but after adam's actions on the bus it leaves government promise to grant him citizenship. i think of someone was born here it's fair that he has a telly in citizenship it's unfair if he hasn't in the beginning they told us they would give us citizenship but it's been 2 months now we still don't have any news.
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the government's decision to grant him and his french citizenship has sparked a debate many are asking should people risk their lives to get to the chip others are calling for immediate set of the chip for all children born in italy. if you neary is an immigration lawyer and he wants the government to change what he calls an archaic system. where the 900 copies the 911 law of course that's not compatible with today we need to integrate foreign citizens starting with minors. who arrived or were born here. elizabeth was 10 years old when she came to italy and couldn't apply for citizenship when she did apply years later the government changed the procedure from 2 to 4 years i can understand the like all my life. you know i have been living here for. like 40 years more 2 years more of. the government believe the laws need to be even stricter about who can become an
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italian citizen. in italy there are 60000000 people and we certainly do not need more in italy there are specific citizenship rules if they legally remain for at least 10 years they can apply for citizenship if a child was born in italy at the age of 18 they can have citizenship. but many foreigners in italy don't agree with that sentiment rights activists believe the different residency requirements based on whether the applicant is a descendant of an italian citizen an e.u. citizen or not citizen creates room for discrimination in 2003 european citizenship by residence was proposed but amid rising xenophobia and nationalism that seems to have forgotten. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera israel will hold
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a 2nd election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government it happened just 7 weeks after a claimed victory in parliamentary elections are a force that has more from western slope. well essentially it was the actions of his former defense minister and prior to that his initial political aide when he ran for the likud leadership and won his 1st election victory in the mid ninety's victor lieberman he is in charge of a right wing secular party that wanted to ensure that a bill which he saw as defending israel from becoming a religious state or at least in part doing that would go through unchanged and you know who couldn't square that with his culture or the docs prospective partners in the coalition government and so his attempts is ongoing attempts to try to get a coalition failed at the last moment while netanyahu is insisting that the political situation will not interfere with a u.s.
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peace plan for palestine in israel is just met senior white house adviser jared is touring the region to gain support for the initiative. plan is likely to be on the agenda at 3 summits and saudi arabia leaders in the g.c.c. and arab league are gathering in mecca later on thursday one person has been killed when suddenly these armed forces opened fire on an area where protesters have gathered in the capital khartoum it comes as activists groups declare their 2 day strike a success protest groups are threatening more civil disobedience to try to force the military council to hand power over to a civilian led administration a final preparations are underway in the democratic republic of congo to receive the body of the former opposition leader etienne tshisekedi he died 2 years ago in belgium at the age of 84 after a long will this. police have launched a criminal investigation after a tourist boat sank on the danube 7 people are confirmed to have died another $21.00 and missing the boat was carrying south korean tourists. well those were the
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headlines continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of thanks for watching. and conflicts one of the silent and forgotten casualties is often the environment. from the chemical contamination of soils and the collapse of water and food
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supplies to the habitat damage caused by displacement. has devastating consequences. not sunni manmade infrastructure has but also natural ecosystems are destroyed and i'm a lives lost as well as human. but even amidst the most vicious struggles through people fighting to protect the world we live in and recover what was lost. i'm tanya a sheet and bangladesh in the world's largest refugee camps where people are working to co-exist with the elephants for which this region is home and i'm happy with all love and on we're group of scientists is rebuilding a seed bank that was displaced by the war in syria. in august 2017 a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing began in myanmar. the military and buddhist
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radicals claimed the lives of more than $6000.00 in a single month. fearing death thousands more fled the country for the 4th of bangladesh. the scale of the exodus was enormous. today they are still unable to return home. there are over 1200000 rohingya refugees living inside of the falling cap the bottom of. this is now the biggest settlements of refugees in the world. many of them don't have access to clean water sanitation or even electricity. but after they arrived the survivors faced a new threat while i was rampaging through count. i'm meeting on one about who witnessed an initial episode firsthand it came from there we did. that looked and came to
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a cost you know from the jungle over that way by directly to her heart and started feeding her heart with it but it struck. this was no one not only construct repeatedly throughout the camp killing 13 people in the space of 5 months. can you tell me a little bit about what happened the 1st and last one of them other side of her just sort of the body was just built on her own to hold on to the little one little bit of a little bit a little loose out of the would you what happened after that that i took a little bit of that i will be out of you in wimbledon or the us in the morning a lot of you only knew go down ahead in a sort of fairness i should learn but i didn't hear whoa hold on a mother that the doctor one of the mothers i said to him as if it had told the family did was i love you i got lost in his official mind what okun is all about budget bloom is about i want. to know a lot. more about how to google the girls or whatever you will hold over here boy
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this is the movie. the attack sparked an investigation into what was going on. recchi but i mean from the international union for conservation of nature believes the rapid expansion of the settlement had a profound impact on the natural environment this is the edge of the camp of the cave right here as this is where the forest began yes what's been going on was the cause behind all of these that you see on all camps they used to be forest they the seems to be an elephant have habitat. the camp expanded at an astonishing rate over $1500.00 hectares of forests were cleared to accommodate the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees. but nobody realised the devastating impact this would have the growing camps severed a vital lifeline for some of bangladesh's last remaining wild elephants blocking
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a herd of 40 from their only path to essential grazing ground. just over there is there is a space we call the elephant now the since the camp is completely blocking that coded door elephant cannot pass through this have it's in search of its shelter in search of his food essential fizz migration path elephants was trying to come inside the camp elephant came so many times and 13 you know simple life force and lost. and elephant is not necessarily a violent mammal it's very intelligent understands it has uses emotions and is show us that is loss is habitat is desperate through this animal migration. it's in their d.n.a. elephant is a genetic memory is it didn't know exactly where they have been growing where they have been roaming generation after generation that they'd the same part. the elephants of bangladesh are critically endangered there are just $268.00 left and
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they're increasingly under threat. $15000.00 hectares of land are already deforested in the country every year and this camp only adds to the problem. to help me understand what the elephants are up against i've hired a local guy. so the man in front of me. his name means golden boy and he's our tracker for the day i think we're going to have. it's not long before we find clues that we're on the right path. that out that is if we're not there boggling going to face is that your thought bungalow going to feel that with color than that i would thought i would have basic i like that i think we've been growing is that. we find evidence of hungry elephants everywhere we are here just to take our system to the skies like the elephant
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whisperer. ready tells me that by the end of the summer much of the elephants food here will be gone. then they face a nightmare scenario attempt to migrate through the camp to me in march in search of fresh vegetation or risk running out of food. as is your face when they deny me guess if they. were following the actual footsteps of the elephants. elephants have walked along this path every season for thousands of years i'm feeling really excited i wonder for actually going to encounter some elephants were being told that just a few steps away that they're there then against the odds a moment i can't believe. a majestic elephant standing proud on the horizon. it's just i think i have experience i've never seen an elephant like my own my 1st time.
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it looks so peaceful in its natural habitat it's just really crazy to think that before the caps were put in place that this is what it was a large for with animals roaming about and now there's a human made crisis at play with sprawling refugee camps and it's just a very sad situation. but a select band of refugees is working to solve the problem with the support of the international union for conservation of nature they're formed a group dedicated to safety shepherding elephants from the camp. they call themselves the toughest course. central to their strategy are $94.00 watchtowers which they built around the camp perimeter. they are manned by a team of over 500 brave refugees ready to intervene and protect both the people
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and. i'm heading up for a bird's eye view. of what. ok so what's going on there simulating what actually happens when an elephant comes and you see the yellow shirts yeah. possibles members so they are using the bible so they know. how to respond and they want to form a human shield and slowly moves towards the listening to the telephone understands this danger i have. down on the ground it's clear how committed the tusk or sorry. i don't make an issue of training go to the right you know i stand. by the how do i see me i don't have the right there so i thought it was. quite loud and scary i think that would certainly show an elephant
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off. since the times 1st started there has been no loss of life here despite 45 incursions by oliphant's it's an effective temporary solution until a longer term plan is made for managing the animals migration. the tusk force has motivated the community with over 500 people signing up to join and has supporters throughout the camp. what are you doing over here when is this. going to happen. i think all these different patterns and colors seems like it's a lot of work to do why go through all this trouble to do it right out of the holocaust my bible had to be. one on one where the only one with a machine a 3rd of. the death of my body which. only medically i mean anybody
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do you feel that there's more danger living on the edge of the forest versus people who live in the interior of the camp. without having to get out that i both saw what. i thought of philip as not on the good of. the man and his on with. his only i've been lucky and. not only do people feel more secure they are also more sensitive to the elephant situation saving the animals is now even part of the school's curriculum. you know what you're. doing. the objective is not to build on this momentum. recchi was already taking steps to find a permanent solution to the problem beginning with an in-depth scientific study of the elephants migratory habit. we are planning to put radio collars on the elephant
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this will give us a valuable data valuable science to have a better management of the whole situation once the exact migration route is no the goal is to clear a path for the elephants so that they can migrate unhindered once again of course we want to open the door to door astronauts possible that are so few of the issues that we need to consider before doing that it will take about $100000.00 people going to people to move somewhere else that would be an immense logistical challenge but as human refugees continue to resettle around the world full moves are needed to reduce the impact on local animal populations what i've seen here gives me hope that animals do not always need to be victims of conflict and that a peaceful coexistence is possible. there are over 40 armed conflict.


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