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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it's about the iranian policies but it doesn't necessarily agree with the way to deal with iran iran is a neighboring country a very important neighboring country other countries in the region like qatar and kuwait also have different policies towards the around that are different from saudi arabia and the emirates and the only way that we can co-exist and live together in this region is through negotiation through dialogue for all inclusive this and not for confrontation or wars or threats and that's an important point to make up because in terms of gulf unity i mean clearly the saudis want to see consensus over iran and how much of a problem will this be for states like come on where you are also kuwait you just mentioned them who clearly want to be on neutral ground and see their role as mediators and not taking sides. well there is in my opinion there is such as yours flawed from the u.c.c. states flawed because in one sense. they don't want to talk to your own iran has
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asked for a dialogue and they don't want to sit on the table and talk to your own and sort out all the issues that we have for the iran on the other hand they are instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a block a solid block they're actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization that you see there of conflict within between the g.c.c. member states the blockade against qatar but there is also all conflict within the arabian peninsula there's a war in yemen there is issues with syria there are iraq and libya and so on and so you can't have one group standing against your own if you want to push back in. and this and this group is this united and this is this fragment it a final thought to you you touch briefly on it what about the war in yemen i mean
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clearly the military option has failed so how do you see a peaceful resolution for this crisis working and what role does mediation need to play there. there is no military solution to the warning him and i think this is an accepted truth that everybody believes and that i think also all time has thought of us that there is there is no winner in this in this war the suffering of the yemeni people with the suction that the woman has been exposed to all is beyond imagination the only way that through this conflict can be a result is the mediation and the only way that it can be done also is through all orderly functions to sit together across the table and negotiate a man has offered for this and is always open the door for. the whole fees are coming to oman and other parties also are coming to him and to talk the international community has or asked and called for. a settlement of this war for
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all negotiation there are certain. factions or there are certain parties that are involved in this war there daunte want to negotiate and those see that there is a military and they still believe there is a military solution which is unfortunately another flawed set up to g. in of them in the region i think time has come that people have to realize that in all wars we've had enough wars and they're usually and the region needs more corporation more coordination more inclusiveness and human has to be brought back to the fault of the out of the region and and only be even with u.c.c. and i think our mind can offer to help in this regard as well as other countries in the region really interesting talking to you thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera. now for the 1st time in israel's history parliament has voted to dissolve itself and called a new election just 7 weeks after the last one in yemen netanyahu won
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a highly contested race last month but he could not form a coalition government for a midnight deadline on wednesday meanwhile senior white house adviser jared cohen is in israel and has met netanyahu he's trying to drum up support for donald trump's highly anticipated middle east peace plan will have a force that has more from western. well the day after those incredibly dramatic events at the israeli parliament the knesset the recriminations of flying in israel is preparing itself reluctantly i think for another round of elections none precedented series of events 2 elections within the space of the same year avigdor lieberman continues that the former defense minister who refused to join the government unless his demands were met he continues to blame the good party of benjamin netanyahu for ceding too much policy ground to the ultra-orthodox parties his is a secularist party and it is worried about israel it says becoming a religious state instead of
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a secular jewish state benjamin netanyahu after those events in the knesset came out and blamed lieberman in the most personal terms you can imagine saying that he would deliberately misled his own voters and acted to bring down a right wing government and now this man who has throughout his career been one of the furthest right members of mainstream israeli politics he's benjamin using him of being a leftist in disguise so netanyahu will go into these elections still in a relatively strong position there is a good chance that he could win the power again but what it does do is it really hampers his efforts to try to secure some kind of immunity legislatively from the impending indictments the pending hearings over 3 separate corruption cases efforts as well to try to ensure that the supreme court could overturn any such immunity all of that is under threat because of this delay and as well as that there are
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wider implications to the u.s. administration's peace plan. jarrad push donald trump's envoy on that plan has been in jerusalem on thursday he's met netanyahu netanyahu referred to a little live by. that had taken place the previous evening but if the u.s. puts off the political roll out of that plan yet again to accommodate israeli elections that delays it well into what will become a real us presidential election season certain really does have a major impact potentially on the rollout of that peace plan well for more on the palestinian reaction abraham reports now from ramallah. palestinians have stopped engaging with the u.s. administration ever since the us president donald trump said that he's willing to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which he eventually did last year the palestinian officials would tell you that the americans have become part of the
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problem and not part of the solution and not only do they to jack the u.s. peace plan but also the sword mediation of america in the peace process as to the economic workshop that is due to be held in the next month palestinians it's addictive that they haven't been consulted in that conference and they're not going to be joining that position has been deleted aided by palestinian president mahmoud abbas who was met at a special envoy by the king yesterday he told him that the palestinians are not going to be joining in response the invoice said that is simply hosting the conference and not organizing it palestinian officials have repeatedly said this is the solution to the palestinian cause is not just economic it's political they talk about the end of occupation as well as having is jerusalem as the capital of the future palestinian state in iran's foreign minister has criticised the yet to be unveiled u.s. plan calling it shameful he made the comments to representatives of muslim
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countries and tear on on wednesday. least jerusalem is not for sale doesn't belong to trump and he can't give it away to anyone it will never be owned by benjamin netanyahu and no one is allowed to buy or sell it on behalf of the great palestinian nation an iranian member of parliament says the u.s. has been using mediators to send messages to his government he says the americans have also asked to hold negotiations with tehran contradicting their own actions the u.s. blames iran for sabotaging for the time because of the u.a.e. coast earlier this month to iran denies this and is accuse the americans of trying to start a war where u.s. president donald trump says sanctions against iran are working and could force tehran to the negotiating table. china is becoming very weak and they just said already i think a very weak if they either read what the radio or. what's also to come in on the news hour including another death in sudan but activists insist it will not direct
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their country's political transition. the plight of stateless people asian officials made to devise a plan to help millions across the world. and its border scare for the women's world number one at the french open title is still to come. but search and rescue workers in budapest say they're losing hope of finding any more survivors after a tourist boat sank on the danube for more let's cross to my european broadcast center mari. high down that's right 7 south korean terrorists have now been confirmed dead another $21.00 people are still missing that includes 2 hungary and crewmembers security footage shows the small terry spoke colliding with a larger luxury passenger ship during heavy rain on wednesday night and gary and police have launched a criminal investigation has more. it's
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a populous stretch of the danube river in the heart of paste a tourist boat the move made was still carrying more than 30 south korean turrets and it was involved in a collision with a cruise ship risky team search for survivors the terrorists were wearing life jackets and water temperatures were below 15 degree celsius police said after a month of heavy rain high water levels in a fast current complicated risk you if it's. full of emotion we found some people with serious injuries in a critical condition there were some who got lightly injured and some needed to be resuscitated. police have now released video of the incident krabby to recognize not only we can see on the footage that the small boat the mermaid is silent north is the biggest ship the viking when they reach the margaret bridge the mermaid turns in front of the viking for some reason and as the viking touches the mermaid it gets turned on its side and within about 7 seconds at 6. cruise line
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operator viking said it's the 2nd was involved in the incident around 9 pm local time the maids wreckage was found on the river bridge the hungary's parliament building in the city's famous margaret bridge the surging river and poor weather it had that if it still bring it to the surface the mermaid was a 26 metre boat used to sightseeing that could hold 60 people up and personally i sincerely apologize for having to share heartbreaking news. the south korean 2 or agency who organized the trip to the passengers were mostly families who have been scheduled to return to solve this weekend. we will try to get to budapest as quickly as possible and coordinate with the hungary and authorities and our embassy to save lives south korean president moon j m has seen foreign ministry officials to put a peace to help should come to a gun control law i urge you to make use of all diplomatic channels to work with
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the hungarian government so search and rescue operations take place as fast as possible and if there are not enough personnel or equipment i ask you to coordinate with neighboring countries are hungry to find ways of bringing more rescue experts and additional equipment. as police launched a criminal investigation the search for survivors was extended far down staring into serbia shallop ballasts al-jazeera. race hate crimes against children are on the rise in the u.k. according to research by a prominent british children's charity that report found children as young as 10 trying to change their appearance to avoid being subjected to racial abuse we've got has more on the story now from london. here. this isn't one of their group chats i somehow there's one punched in there are things experienced in childhood to that can scoff a life 16 year old cristo chris cough was beaten in
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a racially motivated attack of verbal abuse for being an immigrant of bulgarian descent. the incident was filmed and shared on social media by the attackers all of them children. punched about a cunt comment on about 12 times but. maybe because i was gary and therefore i deserve the in some way the assaults left christo questioning his right to be british he's even considered changing his name. an investigation by the u.k.'s national society for the prevention of cruelty to children the n s p.c.c. has found that similar racially motivated crimes against children have escalated to a 3 year high that's an average of 29 incidents a day some have to experience any kind of racial abuse racial believe. they can feel isolated thank you feel a sense that they just don't have
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a sense of identity struggle to come they might feel like they're not wanted it's not one to the families of communities that struck an. investigation has found that some children suffer racist abuse even before they're old enough to understand it was being sold at them we're talking about toddlers we're talking about babies some children have been so profoundly affected by racist slurs or even using makeup to disguise their appearance. racist insults were sprayed on the front door of a family home in manchester earlier this year the 10 year old boy living here was traumatized the incident shared on twitter led to public outcry when the culprit was caught by police he said bricks it was playing on his mind. britain's departure from the e.u. has turbocharged the public debate over immigration. a spate of attacks
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2 years ago in london a man just have awoken crude prejudice towards ethnic minorities muslims difference . the n.-s. p.c.c. hopes the findings will draw attention to a culture of casual racism that starts with adults who filters down to children these are racially charged times british tolerance has been put to the test. london . just one of the stories to bring you wiki leaks founder julian assange has missed a court hearing in london with his lawyers saying he was too ill 47 year old is fighting an extradition request from the united states of a challenge is related to leaking government secrets he had been jews who apparently hearing via video link from a high security british prison a songes currently serving a 50 week sentence for skipping bail that faces decades in prison if convicted in u.s. courts says it has grave concerns about
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a songes health. that's it from london for now now back to daryn and. martin thank you very much now as regional leaders arrive in saudi arabia for talks on thursday they've been treated to an exhibition that purports to show the threat posed by who the rebels in yemen missiles drones and other military equipment said to be used by iran back to these were put on display at the king abilities international airport a saudi u.a.e. coalition has been fighting who the rebels in yemen for more than 4 years well the war in yemen is one of the regional conflicts will be high on the agenda during the talks in saudi arabia let's bring in mohammed the tub is live for us now in yemen's capital. just bring us up to date on the military situation on the ground in yemen at the moment. yes the military situation continues to escalate especially with the drone attacks that have been carried out plans of forces in response to the saudi arabia's little qualifications. in
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action in implementing bear side of the obligations of this radiant peace agreement this is what the forces why the unsubtle of forces have launched such a military campaign which is which includes sending $300.00 missiles and drums. into against saudi arabia's vital economic. especially like what happened in our. ports and there is such retaliatory attacks as the forces like to describe would continue especially of the haven't received any response from the saudi arabia especially as the they have already withdrawn these say that have already withdrawn on behalf of all failed their part of the agreement but the other side of the lead by the saudi lit quality should describe such a move as a play when the head of the team of observers of the united nations was has
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received this word that is what happened in the day when the unsubtle forces have withdrawn from the 3 key ports nearly 5 kilometers to the east side toward the mountainous areas he said that the this is the what they are trying to fulfill to nada to ease the humanitarian situation ok now the also the saudi arabia from its side also is still carrying out its bombings and airstrikes so the military situation is escalating. bill both parties are accusing each other of such as collation mohammad you touched briefly there on the humanitarian situation so what's happening now with the humanitarian crisis the people caught up in the fighting how bad are things now just briefly. yes. as i've already talked about the military situation which has
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a great impact on the humanitarian situation because we are talking about which is important for the bringing to into the country 80 percent of the country's imports so yemenis depend march on the seaports of on who they are where the military escalation continues despite of the sweden agreement the head of the u.n. observers there have promised that within the coming month that the they will start with moving out of the saudi forces from the. main road that length of this important seaport city. with major other yemeni cities hopefully if this importance is fulfilled by the united nations and also with the with the submission of both sides the situation with a little bit now the yemenis. are now currently for this severe shortage of fuel
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you can see long queues of cars waiting for gas stations hopefully within. days such as this situation would be resolved and all of the united nations would take it's a responsible mohamed a lot i'll have time to thank you very much indeed for talking to us. time for short break here al-jazeera when we come back the bombs keep falling on civilian casualties are rising we'll have the latest on the battle for syria's lost rebel held profits and cool as ice overtime drama in the stanley cup finals pulled out the action and all the sport more on that stay with us. hello again it's good to have you back we're here cross much of the levant we are seeing the temperatures actually coming up of course this time of year but they're getting particularly hot across much of iraq as well over here towards the middle east we are seeing temperatures into the high thirty's so for syria aleppo is
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expected to get about $38.00 degrees there down towards beirut at about 30 with maybe some clouds but there is no rain in the forecast has been quite dry across much of that area last week we're talking wildfires for parts of israel as well up here towards the temperatures are up for you as well with the time to there of about 30 degrees well speaking of high temperatures it is going to be quite hot here and as we go towards the beginning of the weekend so here on friday we do expect to see a time to hear about 43 degrees but that's not the end of it by the time we get to saturday we do expect to see about 45 as a high over here towards riyadh maybe a few passing clouds at 42 but across the southern coast of yemen we are going to be watching the heavy rain and that could be a problem with some localized flooding there and then very quickly as we make our way down here toward southern africa we are watching some clouds passing through cape town also a disturbance just to the south of madagascar now that could bring some rain showers for the southern part of the country but over here towards your hands for it is going to be a little cooler but some in the forecast with
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a temperature of 18 degrees for you. riskin utah. coming soon. on al jazeera. americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to later cities. a former governor of the indian social bank has cost jobs in the country. we bring you the stories for the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back up to come out of our top stories here on the news hour in the next few hours leaders on the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. and arab league will gather in saudi arabia for a series of high level meetings comes amid soaring tensions between iran and the united states and its gulf allies israel will hold a 2nd election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government netanyahu is insisting that the political situation will not
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interfere with a u.s. peace plan palestine and israel. and iran's foreign minister mohammed job and zarif has criticized the yet to be unveiled u.s. plan calling it shameful senior white house advisor john would push this plan is likely to be on the agenda at 3 summits in saudi arabia let's bring back my own bashar is al-jazeera a senior political analyst who joins us now live from london let's talk 1st about qatar's involvement in the saudi conferences how significant is it that the qatari prime minister has been invited and what role is cats are likely to play in these meetings. of course it remains to be seen that's the short answer because we don't know exactly what would happen on the sidelines of the summits now in terms of the 3 summits probably qatar is more important within the g.c.c. a smaller. summit where there are real problems began when saudi arabia and the united arab emirates manufactured
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a crisis again scotter. in the most despicable of ways really step back stabbing and so on so forth and 2 years later clearly. they realized interested they concluded that they've been banging their heads on the against the wall and that got to continue to prosper and hence now they're basically eating you know their words and trying to mend fences with god then invest a case where it's a good thing and if they would start by lifting the blockade the area blockade at least that's even a better thing and if that's a good step positive step on the longer road the worst local solution within the gulf that's even better and marwan in terms of the broader just takes him in the blockade on cats are has thrown the gulf arab states into complete disarray as you said and these meetings in saudi arabia are meant to find some kind of consensus on iran so how do you see this playing out in terms of unity and consensus.
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there is no consensus within the gulf region there is no consensus within the out of world or of a muslim world and certainly there isn't a consensus. to stand behind saudi arabia's escalation against iran there could be some eye consensus for the escalation and for a dialogue start whereby tensions would be. you know controlled or contained if you will and where other issues other hot issues like the war in yemen and syria and libya would also be contain all of these crises saudi arabia has been playing busy an active role over the last 3 years with the reckless policies of the inexperienced crown prince mohammed and so none we've seen saudi arabia lose the leverage we've seen so did it become hostage to the trump administration being blackmailed with hundreds of billions of dollars even running
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down its treasury and now saudi saudi arabia needs some of its former allies and partners got out of course is one of them but qatar is not going to join i would think any. reckless new policy towards iran or yemen or anyone else mo and a final quick thought from you on the recent developments in israel benjamin netanyahu is failed as we know to form this coalition government in a fresh election now is going to be held in september but how much does this complicate jabbered cushion his plans for this deal of the century that said cold peace in our time i mean the palestinians said look we're not going to attend and netanyahu is political survival is now at stake. absolutely you know looked at some of the contributions if you will by some of the ultra zionists in washington who led previous initiatives of previous peace process like initiatives
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and their advice to trump son in law is either to shred his deed of the century or to shelve it at least until it's clear that his father no a trump becomes a president for a 2nd term for in the meanwhile we're not going to see an israeli government until sometime what in october that by then the real campaign for presidential elections starts in the united states so i think there will be no chance really for this initiative whatever it is to fit to take off now the real disaster daryn is that in the end of june cushion or and company are asking the arabs and europeans and you know whatever the rich party is in order to contribute to a political solution then that there are no what it is i mean either they think rich people rich countries are stupid or if they're basically blackmailing them you know considering that america has leverage in europe and in the gulf and other
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places and hence putting pressure on them getting commitments with of money and then imposing their conditions on the palestinians it's a dirty game clearly it's unraveling the jordanians the palestinians and so many others the turks that set their sights or don't want to see it or admonish are al jazeera c.n.n. political analyst not one thank you. now the body of the former opposition leader of the democratic republic of congo etienne tshisekedi has just arrived in kinshasa these are live pictures coming to us here at al-jazeera from the airport in kinshasa and chickadees body arriving back in his home country we can see the casket draped in the flag just left the plane the pool bearers on either side of the casket about to move off he died 2 years ago in belgium at the age of 84 after a long illness a political crisis in the d r c led to the delay of his funeral because of fears it
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would spark opposition protests there and crowds are expected to gather at the national stadium in kinshasa a bit later but these are just live pictures here coming to us from the airport in kinshasa as the body of 83 year old a former opposition figure etienne tshisekedi arrives back home. now instead one person was killed when rapid support forces opened fire on an area where protesters have gathered in the capital khartoum it comes as his groups declare their 2 day strike a success protest groups are now threatening more civil disobedience to try to force the military council to hand power to a civilian government here morgan has more now from the capital khartoum. on thursday afternoon gunfire erupted outside the paramilitaries of the sit in front of the army headquarters here in sudan's capital had a tomb one person was killed and several others were injured and protesters say they don't know how it started but it reminds them very much of what happened on wednesday and even more of what happened just 2 weeks ago when
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a faction of the military known as the rapid support forces tried to move some barricades in the protesters refused to allow them to do that they opened fire killing at least 6 protesters and injuring dozens more know there's thing that they are concerned that with the military is trying to do is trying to provoke them to get into the city and try to disperse them the protesters have been capping there for 7 weeks now demanding that the military council which ousted former president ahmed bashir from power on the 11th of april to hand over power to 3000000000 rule but talks between the military council and the opposition coalition have been stopped from more than a week because the 2 sides could not agree on the corporate composition of the sovereign council which effectively will be the presidential council so with talks falling protesters are saying that despite the threats despite the continuous eruption of gunfire battle between protesters and the rapid support forces and the military factions they will continue with their system and till they hear that a civilian independent transitional government is in place. thousands of activists
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are gathering in cities around brazil against education reforms since the election of president jebel so narrow the country has seen a raft of cuts and freezes to the education budget the government says there are necessary measures to tackle an ongoing financial crisis well done sharma joins us live now from daniel so why is this issue set up such strong emotions on the streets. well it really has i mean we're seeing the beginnings of the demonstration here in sao paolo many people still to arrive but there have been demonstrations which already started in other cities around brazil over a 1000000 people turned up on the 15th of may when these cuts were 1st announced so this is a really big issue but many people here see these as not just cuts to the education budget although they are pretty fundamental some 30 percent of the budget cuts across public education affecting universities university hospitals grants and much much more many of these people see this as an attack on their very way of thinking
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on the kind of soul of the of the country in many ways they say that those who are going to be affected will be disproportionately from the poorer communities from the bluff black brazilians among women any of those who are trying to encourage politico critical thinking that critical thinking they feel is mostly directed against the government job oh so naro has accused many teachers in the public education institutes of indoctrinating their pupils and has asked the peoples to record and then report them so it's become an ideological battle as much as a financial battle and so many of these people here are seeing it very much as a battle for their future of freedom their freedom of thinking their freedom of political movements so they say it is a battle for the future so it's a fight that's likely continue to continue beyond these ever growing protests and daniel i mean just 5 months into his presidency is german both so narrow minded to be worried about the strength of the.


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