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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 150  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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is in place. thousands of activists are gathering in cities around brazil against education reforms since the election of president jebel so narrow the country has seen a wrong cuts and freezes to the education budget the government says they are necessary measures to tackle an ongoing financial crisis well done no trauma joins us live now from daniel so why is this issue set up such strong emotions on the streets. well it really has i mean we're seeing the beginnings of the demonstration here in sao paolo many people still to arrive but there have been demonstrations which already started in other cities around brazil over a 1000000 people turned up on the 15th of may when these cuts were 1st announced so this is a really big issue but many people here see these as not just cuts to the education budget although they are pretty fundamental some 30 percent of the budget cuts across public education affecting universities university hospitals grants and much much more many of these people see this as an attack on their very way of thinking
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on the kind of soul of the of the country in many ways they say that those who are going to be affected will be disproportionately from the poorer communities from the bluff black brazilians among women any of those who are trying to encourage politico critical thinking that critical thinking they feel is mostly directed against the government's job oh so naro has accused many teachers in the public education institutes of indoctrinating their pupils and has asked the peoples to record and then report them so it's become an ideological battle as much as a financial battle and so many of these people here are seeing it very much as a battle for their future of freedom their freedom of thinking their freedom of political movements so they say it is a battle for the future so it's a fight that's likely continue to continue beyond these ever growing protests and daniel i mean just 5 months into his presidency is german both so narrow minded to be worried about the strength of feeling from the protesters. he's
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unlikely to be he's a man who seems to thrive on confrontation i mean he came to power giving very very clear solution simple solutions it's a very complex problems which was part of his attraction he made his enemies very very clear. to wards of the left the previous workers' party that the governor was ill for many many years towards the gay community often towards black brazilians towards women so he made his enemies very very clear and say often thrives on the confrontation his followers you know exactly who they are he is he is appealing to their prejudice is if you like he's likely to thrive on this and will respond house responded in many ways to the protests against the budget cuts saying they're absolutely essential the economy is shrinking there's massive he says essential pension reforms on the cards are likely to be very costly and they have to be paid
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for he says by severe austerity measures which mostly hit public education public health services so yes this is a fight that's likely to become increasingly polarized i think as the lines become drawn ever more bitter. there in sao paolo daniel thank you. government in northern syria have killed at least 3 children in the province but despite the bombardment rebel fighters are holding their ground reports from beirut. prayed that his children and grandchild will be pulled out alive from underneath the rubble of what was their house. they were at but i. more than 250 syrians have been killed in russian and syrian air and ground attacks in recent weeks opposition controlled towns across southern italy northern and western aleppo in the northwest are under attack.
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every day people are dying under the rubble here in providence while the arab leaders are in air conditioned rooms children women and the elderly a dying look around this is becoming a reality the united nations says further escalation with threaten humanitarian assistance for the region's residents some 270000 people have been displaced since late april. only 30 percent of those in need are receiving aid because the number of displaced in the past month drastically increased the intense bombardment is preventing aid workers from reaching some areas. it's been a month since the bombardment began a cease fire agreed by russia and turkey last year has all but collapsed straining their alliance in syria turkish authorities say there are efforts to revive that deal. we asked and are waiting from our russian partners whom we are in close contact with to use their influence on the syrian regime in order to stop the lead in air attacks on a deliberate soon as possible. the russian backed offensive is seen as military
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pressure on turkey to force the rebels to create a demilitarized zone around it lip and open highways that run through the province . share. the armed opposition is holding its ground believed to be backed by turkey which gives it a strong position on the table but turkey's participation in the russian led astern i think track may be more important for russia than it live as it seeks to drive the political process to end the war. paid route $69.00 containers full of rubbish are being loaded onto a cargo ship in the philippines to be returned to. the philippine government says
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the trash was shipped illegally in 20132014 mislabeled as plastics meant for recycling and mr may 15th deadline. the laser is also planning to send tons of waste to western countries time another short break. i may well a cricket ground in london where the world cup. started with a wave. welcome
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back top of the sport his poll thank you so much england had the perfect start to the cricket world cup by thrashing south africa in the told opening match the 104
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run win gives home fans plenty of optimism as england try to win the trophy for the 1st time poll has the action. with home advantage england the favorites going into the world cup but that was played down 20 minutes royal welcome and i'm delighted that the u.k. will once again play host to this wonderful global sporting event featuring 10 incredible teams who thanks to the u.k.'s cultural diversity will feel as though they are competing in front of a home crowd every time they take to the field. south africa won the toss and same to england and bad in that decision paid dividends after just 2 bowls. i didn't win lived up to the number one ranking as the rest of the top world old scored half centuries was one of the match been stored set and 9
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boundaries in his 89 as his side reached 311-4850 overs he would later star in the field as well taking 2 wickets and the stunning one handed catch i. south africa's opening batsman hashim amla was forced to retire hurt after being struck on the helmet early on. look to up the scoring. that when he was caught on 68 that this is his chances of victory when with him was south africa all out for 207 as england sounded the strong warning to the tournaments of the teams both ended with al-jazeera. sports correspondent lee wellings has more from the oval in london. well this was undoubtedly an important victory for the inventing bio and strongly for the one by side but in the opening day defeat against south africa would seriously have threatened that confidence and this was
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a close going for much of it which england could have lost so much by win those guys that's going to be really important if they're going to go on and find the whites a home when the well. you know having trying to win a world cup 5 or 40 years and having that. of course there are plenty of teams in this tournament that are going to challenge how well being and same come back particularly they're going to be things that can challenge that india has found out here whether defending champions i don't start here of course despite what's happened with the control of a safe i've a warner and smith in the sun i thought. i could win this and i would cite 6. well funded our chances as well and even south africa after the opening defeat it's afghanistan of the outsiders and i was there expect to win so much is top seed. was given a scare and has 2nd round match at the french open she lost the opening set against 2 time grand slam winner at victoria azarenka and looked in trouble.
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for soccer would fight back and went on to take the decider 63 the world number one has won the last 2 grandstands ornaments. 23 time grand slam champion serina williams made it into the 3rd round with a regulation win over japan's world number 238 truly nora williams looking for her 1st major title move in 2 years. no problems at all for the men's top seed novak djokovic she breeze through against switzerland henri laaksonen run $104.00 in the world in straight sets. a young farm a tame major league baseball game had to be taken to hospital after being hit by a foul ball a safety net at the home of the houston astros in texas didn't extend far enough to stop the chicago cubs albert elmore jr's foul ball flying into the crowd and hitting a girl an adult with immediately took her away from medical attention a war was inconsolable afterwards that hasn't yet been an update on the girl's
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condition players have called for a safety netting at major league baseball games to be extended even further. would go willing i will be over her relationship with this little girl for the rest of what was. called a. cruiser in a. little rude control. them. brazil is gearing up to host the copper america but the country is sweating on talisman neymar who's having to train alone the striker pulled out of team training with pain in his left knee brazil hope hope he'll be fit for their friendly with asian champions qatar next week. another big name strike is back with a bang bow after serving a 2 game ban zlatan in britain which scored as the l.a. galaxy beat sporting kansas city to mail on wednesday slot on funds in the crowd enjoying the swedes 10th m.l.s. goal of the season. lisa louis blues have won a game in the stanley cup finals for the 1st time ever they leveled their series
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against boston with an overtime victory in massachusetts the bruins took the lead twice before being pegged back a lot of it tara centers goal sending the game into overtime. and going to sun was the hero for the blues firing in from one range to clinch a 3 to 2 victory salutes will now have home advantage for the next 2 games. the toronto raptors a building up to their 1st ever appearance in the n.b.a. finals the raptors will take on the golden state warriors in game one of the best of 7 series later this thursday the warriors are in the finals for the 5th straight time no canadian franchise has ever won the n.b.a. championship italian cyclists damiano sima has secured his 1st stage one as a professional by winning the 18th stage of the year and to tell you the 25 year old is riding in his 1st grand tour and was in a 3 month throughout the stage after holding on in the bunch sprint he described
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the win as the dream of a lifetime. all right now a lot more lights aren't all right paul thank you very much well that's it for me down in jordan for the news our man in the miles is up next now your opinion center with much more of the day's news section thanks so much. 2 years into the blockade. we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis. and its impact on life in qatar. join us for special coverage of the
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cartel blockade on al-jazeera. i don't want to live in the world where everything is designed in california may be charted out the cutting edge is in the hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive used to be able to control the technology but massimo bonzi has built a chip that anyone can use to build anything little bitch the cost like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology meet your make up part of the rebel geek series on out to 0. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. al-jazeera was goes on
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a roller coaster journey in iraq and discovered. an empowered refugee community itself beliefs and identity. i'd like to prove to the world. cup. i will be able to prove myself to my. friend and my soul. to the site. afghan units on al-jazeera. high level talks as that to begin in saudi arabia to discuss recent tensions between the u.s. and iran attacks on saudi vessels and the war in yemen. hello i'm maryam namazie in london a way to al-jazeera also coming up on the program. with
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a very weak they either want to make it. the u.s. president says sanctions are forcing iran to the negotiating table. israeli prime minister meets trump advisor jared kushner as he prepares for another election. and hungary in peace launch a criminal investigation into a fatal terrorist by accident on the danube as hopes of finding more survivors begin to fade. saudi arabia is about to start hosting a series of high level meetings to discuss rising security concerns across the middle east it is from the gulf cooperation council an arab league gathering in mecca the focus is on regional security as tensions between iran the united states and its gulf allies escalate on wednesday regional foreign ministers met in jeddah
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the saudis called on the muslim nations to confront iran with what they called force and fungus is and it's been particularly tense in the region with the u.s. deploying troops and warships to the gulf. simmons now reports the 1st of 3 major gatherings of leaders one objective to find a way of reducing tension in the middle east it's difficult at a time when divisions within the region run deep made worse by the battle of rhetoric between the united states and iran the host for these talks saudi arabia made its position clear. we emphasize the need to exert more if it's to combat the subversive activities of extremist terrorist groups they must be addressed with extreme and firmness. a reference there to damage to 4 vessels including 2 saudi all tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month and drone
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attacks on saudi oil installations 2 days later the saudis had accused iran of ordering the drone attack which was claimed by new things in yemen in the run up to these talks by foreign ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation john bolton the u.s. national security advisor visiting the u.s. he said naval mines almost certainly from iran we used to attack shipping but he didn't refer to any evidence adding who else would you think is doing it somebody from nepal iran's foreign ministry dismissed bolton's remarks as a ludicrous claim and the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many reasserted we will not negotiate with america because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm. before the talking started in jeddah it emerged that katsav prime minister abdullah bin nasa bin khalifa funny will attend g.c.c. and arab league sessions on thursday it will be cattles 1st high level contacts
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with saudi the us a power reign in egypt since the fall states imposed an ad land and sea blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago the 4 states had accused of supporting terrorism accusations vehemently denied by cats leaders the united states wants to see an end to the blockade on cata i would hope that they could work out some of these things because they have essentially they being the saudis destroyed the gulf cooperation council it's a paper organization now it never was for middle but now it's almost nothing because of this bitter fight within the ranks of its own members this is not a way to assure security in the gulf and it's not a way to present iran with a solid front from as it were the other side of the ocean whether this could be
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a 1st step towards repro small is unclear but the immediate effect of cattle is involvement here could result in a broader debate over relations with iran andrew simmons al-jazeera. so let's take a closer look at the relationship between iran and some of the countries in the region since the g.c.c. crisis began and 2017 iran has pursued direct relations with iran kuwait and cattle the countries imposing their blockade on cattle including saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain have all spoken out against iran bahrain accuses it of supporting its shia opposition and fueling unrest while saudi arabia and the u.a.e. say iran is a major regional threat leading the coalition against iranian backed rebels in yemen israel has called iran its number one enemy and condemns it support of the syrian government and lebanon based hezbollah the u.s. and israel both accuse iran of supplying weapons to the group. has covered
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this story extensively and joins me now from doha so a lot about iran a lot of this centers on iran doesn't it hashim and there are no shortages of challenges in the region tell us 1st what saudi arabia will be wanting to accomplish from these meetings. well basically money on those concerns dates back to many years ago when the saudis have been saying that iran continues to use proxies to destabilize the region and promote a radical shia ideology in the middle east now saying that there needs to be a united stance against iran and this explains why they are using mecca as a venue for the talks being islam's holiest site of the month of ramadan being islam's holiest month they want to see it are presented to leaders from all the muslim world's present more than a 1600000000 people united with one stance against iran now is it likely to put
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more pressure on iran it remains to be seen because the semblance of unity we're going to see tonight from the meeting in. hides and the need some cracks visible crocks huge divisions between some of the key players in those blogs about how to move forward and how to tackle iran there is a general sentiment at this particular moment that the only way to engage with the iranians should be through diplomatic means should be through direct talks between the g.c.c. the arab world and with the iranians and that further isolating the iranians could just further destabilize the region and lead to a full blown military confrontation it remains to be seen with the saudis will be able to muster the quorum and have everyone on board to have to remember they 2016 i was in riyadh where the saudis managed. to bring all the muslim and arab leaders for a meeting with president donald trump today that political clout assad has enjoyed
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for decades seems to be suffering a major dent right and one thing we've seen with iran is they're only see they don't deal with the g.c.c. as a bloc they tend to pursue bilateral relations with individual countries be it oman or kuwait or indeed catherine they've managed to capitalize on recent tensions within the bloc so could all this actually backfire if they fail to come up with some sort of united position of consensus what exactly i mean the only with this whole initiative by the saudis of further contain iran is the moment when the saudis did every want to be on board the start of the located 2017 qatar undermining the decision which is widely see in this part of the world as one of the most inefficient organizations in the world completely disconnected from reality played 0 role in trying to contain the quizes in the g.c.c. let alone trying to cope with something which is bigger
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a mammoth like dealing with iran when qatar was facing the blockade the iranians allowed the qatari. to flow through its space you see the irony here the iranians have been building very strong relations with other countries like the kuwaitis like there are many is wish is that the g.c.c. this particular moment will. not be able to come up with a strong robust unified stance against iran thank you very much in doha thank you hashem and with me in the studio now is al jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashara marwan that the prospect of these summits leading to any resolution of the gulf crisis is very premature obviously the blockade is still in place but what is the interaction likely to be like between cateye and its neighbors. you know it remains to be seen but the fact that qatar accepted this invitation not the
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previous ones means that there's something is going on for it to actually take the step go to saudi arabia the block of the country in the hope i would think of having some biological meetings whereby some 1st steps are taken by especially saudi arabia to lift the aerial blockade and to start taking some steps in order to pave the way towards more positive atmosphere this is especially the case because quote that understands as everyone else does that after 2 years of the blockade it basically failed and to continue it would be a sign of insanity and hence saudi arabia is basically you know concluding that maybe it is time to at least deescalate with a partner within the g.c.c. and that is good. but so i mean one thing i suppose we haven't seen despite cancer building relationships elsewhere and its resilience in the face of this blockade it
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it hasn't prompted any fundamental change in the saudi policy or strategy has it yet this exactly why i would be very careful to talk about the future because the question is not going to be let's lift the blockade and continue with business as usual there is no more business as usual and this is not just the question of the gulf i mean the issues were of the day right because i think a question of just to see the arab league and the islamic conference that once. for the last 40 years or 50 years the issue is is it palestine or iran it's been mostly palestine but every time as of recently we start talking about iran it was at the expense of palestine when in fact talking about iran and palestine should come in the same breath meaning having iran join the war and the islamic world to put pressure on the occupying power israel in order to withdraw from palestine so actually having iran and palestine should have been complimentary instead it is
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contradictory why because of some invisible hand which which is really dividing the area in a way is whereby we are we are to deemphasize israeli occupation because of some iranian threats when in fact the only has to be some dialogue with the areas and perhaps even with the israelis but certainly projecting all sorts of leverage from the arab persian turkish even european circles in order to end the 50 year occupation of palestine but if anything that seems unlikely because we've seen a real shake up in the. geopolitical order in the region i mean instead of the g.c.c. functioning as a bloc you had this overarching saudi and iran alliance with israeli and u.s. involvement there and then you have a country like council which is a founding member of the g.c.c. forging relationships.


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