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tv   The Things We Keep  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 4:00am-5:02am +03

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and palestine should have been complimentary instead it is contradictory why because of some invisible hand which which is really dividing the area in a way is whereby we are we are to deemphasize israeli occupation because of some iranian threats when in fact the only has to be some dialogue with the areas and perhaps even with the israelis but certainly projecting all sorts of leverage from the arab persian turkish even european circles in order to end the 50 year occupation of palestine but if anything that seems unlikely because we've seen a real shake up in the. geopolitical order in the region instead of the g.c.c. functioning as a bloc you had this overarching saudi and iran see alliance with israeli and u.s. involvement there and then you have a country like council which is a founding member of the g.c.c. forging relationships with taki iran and other countries absolutely and that's what
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i was meant by some invisible hand in the sense now we find that way and find ourselves in the arab world divided in so many ways and in fact saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have been leading a good number of those divisive strategies in in libya just recently they of helped a very general have to in order to attack and out of tripoli there were no emerges from it's called for that an arab capital is being attacked by a renegade general supported by the u.a.e. and saudi arabia we've seen the tension against that we've seen the escalating war in yemen we've seen even the crisis in lebanon and so on all of them continue and that's why the the crisis with qatar is a symptom of a larger crisis and that is saudi policy so the iraqi policy is going to have to change in the summit and after the summit thank you very much more on the sharon. well in other developments an iranian member of parliament says that the u.s.
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has been using mediators to send messages to his government he says the americans have also asked to hold negotiations with iran contradicting their own actions the us blames iran for sabotaging for oil tankers off the coast earlier this month but to iran denies this and is accused washington of attempting to start a war well u.s. president on a trump says sanctions against iran a working and could force it to the negotiating table. that is that something is very weak and they just says arad. a very weak did they ever read what the budget deal. senior white house adviser jared cushion is in israel meanwhile to try to rally support for the u.s. president donald trump's middle east peace plan talks with prime minister benjamin netanyahu just 24 hours after the political crisis which still parliament dissolved and an unprecedented 2nd election called how a force it has will from west jerusalem. well the day after those incredibly
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dramatic events at the israeli parliament the knesset the recriminations of flying in israel is preparing itself reluctantly i think for another round of elections none precedented series of events 2 elections within the space of the same year avigdor lieberman continues the former defense minister who refused to join the government unless his demands were met he continues to blame the likud party of benjamin netanyahu for ceding too much policy ground to the ultra-orthodox parties his is a secularist party and it is worried about israel it says becoming a religious state instead of a secular jewish state benjamin netanyahu after those events in the knesset came out and blamed lieberman in the most personal terms you can imagine saying that he would deliberately misled his own voters and acted to bring down a right wing government and now this man who has throughout his career been one of
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the furthest right members of mainstream israeli politics he's been using him of being a leftist in disguise so netanyahu will go into these elections still in a relatively strong position there is a good chance that he could win the power again but what it does do is it really hampers his efforts to try to secure some kind of immunity legislatively from the impending indictments the pending hearings over 3 separate corruption cases efforts as well to try to ensure that the supreme court couldn't overturn any such immunity all of that is under threat because of this delay and as well as that there are wider implications to the u.s. administration's peace plan. gerrard. donald trump's envoy on that plan has been in jerusalem on thursday he's met netanyahu netanyahu referred to
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a little live by. that had taken place the previous evening but if the us puts off the political roll out of that plan yet again to accommodate israeli elections that delays it well into what will become a real us presidential election season certain really does have a major impact potentially on the rollout of that peace plan. well still ahead on the program education cuts in brazil send thousands out onto the streets in protest and race hate crimes against children are on the rise in the. however the river danube is running high in fact much of its length has been lashed by pretty heavy rain in the last 24 hours of this circulation shows you
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a big sandstorm here the wind that's rumania but hungary's also been battered quite a lot and the cloud is still there though i think its motion in the next 24 hours will be drifting slowly science words this is the overnight picture if you like and therefore daytime on friday you've got rain potential from the shows of the asiatic right through remain here towards russia too with moscow the thames has dropped a little bit but beyond that it doesn't move very much now much of western europe at this time has seen the writing tabs disappear and the warm story returned by the time we get to saturday the temperature in london could be 26 in paris about 28 clearly it's warmer still than in spain of course with overlays or color background that's where the reds are but even here you've got the oranges coming up for the mass of cloudy as though it's going to feel quite warm when you're in the sunshine is on the low to medium teens now same is true in north africa of course in the desert is hot but near the coast is still with an onshore breeze no good for 1st
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friday and saturday temperatures in algiers and tripoli in the low twenty's and some massive cloud still in libya. kidnappings amat is in crimea since russia's 4 stomachs ation of the black sea. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimea into tons have been arrested. most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back quick recap of the headlines now saudi arabia is hosting a series of high level meetings to discuss rising security concerns across the middle east leaders from the gulf cooperation council and the arab league due to hold talks shortly in mecca. u.s. president donald trump says sanctions against iran a working and could force it to the negotiating table this as an iranian member of parliament says washington has been using mediators to send messages to tell ron's government and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has held talks with senior white house adviser jared cushion a in jerusalem just hours after parliament voted to dissolve and an unprecedented 2nd election was called. or in other stories we're following thousands of activists have gathered in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro to protest against education reforms it's the 2nd rally that this month of
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a president gyre paulson or his decision to freeze spending on public schools and education the government says the cuts are necessary measures to tackle an ongoing financial crisis well live now to daniel who is in sao paolo for us tell us more about why this issue is stirred up such strong emotions that. will marry many of the protesters who feel that this is more than just budget cuts although there might be opposed to those they are rather radical for like 30 percent of cuts to public spending cuts to public education system but they feel it's an attack against their very way of thinking against critical thinking criticism of the government that the very people they would be good it would disproportionately affect so many of those who oppose i've also noddle elections last year that's predominately the working clause of the black community here the gay community women will be disproportionately affected these are the ones that benefit from public education. they feel that they are being disproportionately
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attacked by these cults surveille fighting being mentally against them. they see it partly as a way of maintaining that critical thinking they say that if there was more critical thinking in the elections last year that joy abbas in order might not have won the elections he was offering simple solutions to very complex problems so they're talking about a battle for the very heart and soul of the future of brazilian society the society which includes increasingly polarized between those who did vote for him last year and those who are now fighting against already a battle with alliance are likely to be even more firmly drawn in the months ahead and of course jarboe scenario the president says that the cuts are necessary said it in order for the country to deal with an ongoing financial crisis presumably any concessions from the government on this are unlikely to happen. cynics stream li unlikely this is a man that revels in confrontation those well i mean he criticized many teachers in
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the education system for indoctrinating as he said the people could leftwing ideas he urged the religious students to take recordings of report their teachers she's a man who's likely to really revel in this will respond to this in the poll also be even angrier terms the economy is has constructed it does look as though many economists feel it is likely to head it's a recession also on the cards amasses massive pension reform which the government says is essential a but costly for the future of the brazilian economy and these cuts are necessary he says to be able to finance those enormous pension reforms which are which are on the cards thank you very much from sao paolo daniel shaima with the latest on those protests. rescue crews in budapest say they're losing hope of finding any more survivors after terrorist boat sank on the danube river late on wednesday 7 south korean terrorists have been confirmed dead another 21 people are still missing gary
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and police have long. a criminal investigation charlotte dallas has mall. it's a popular stretch of the danube river in the heart of budapest a tourist boat the movie made was docs carrying more than 30 south korean turfs hts and it was involved in a collision with a cruise ship risky team search for survivors the tourists were wearing life jackets and water temperatures were below 15 degrees celsius police said after a month of heavy rain high water levels in a fast current complicated rescue if it's. one of the most we found some people with serious injuries in a critical condition there were some who got lightly injured and some needed to be resuscitated police have now released video of the incident fairytale economically are talking we can see on the footage that the small boat the mermaid is sailing north as is the biggest ship the viking when they reach the margaret bridge the mermaid turns in front of the viking for some reason and as the viking touches the
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mermaid it gets turned on its side and within about seaven sequence at 6. cruise line operator viking said it's a boat the sigyn was involved in the incident around 9 pm local time the mermaids wreckage was found on the river buried near hungary's parliament building in the city's famous margaret bridge the surging river and poor weather that hampered if it still bring it to the surface the mermaid was a 26 metre boat used to sight seeing they could hold 60 people off and i sincerely apologize for having to share heartbreaking news for. the south korean tour agency who organized the trip to the passengers were mostly families who have been scheduled to return to solve this weekend. we will try to get to budapest as quickly as possible and coordinate with the hungary and authorities and our embassy to save lives. south korean president has seen foreign ministry officials to put
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a peace to help. jaw i urge you to make use of all diplomatic channels to work with the hungarian government so search and rescue operations take place as fast as possible and if there are not enough personnel or equipment i ask you to coordinate with neighboring countries are hungry to find ways of bringing more rescue experts and additional equipment or abuse. as police launched a criminal investigation the search for survivors was extended far downstream into syria shallop bellus 0. congolese security forces say they have killed 26 rebel fighters in the eastern region of kiev the members of the allied democratic forces were killed following a shootout with security forces near the city of beni after launching an attack on an army base any is the epicenter of the country's a bowl a crisis continuing violence is hampering efforts to contain the virus now at least one person has been killed in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire at an area where protesters have gathered demonstrators in hard to my threatening
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a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience they've already observed a 2 day strike this week to try to pressure the military into handing over power to civilians a strike failed to persuade military leadership despite protests calling it a success. rice hate crimes against children are on the rise in the u.k. according to research by prominent voices children's charity airport found children as young as 10 are trying to change their appearance to avoid being subjected to racial abuse you've baka has more from london. here. this is one of the shots i was somehow punished you know there are things experienced in childhood to the can scoff a life 16 year old cristo chris cough was beaten in a racially motivated attack and verbal abuse for being an immigrant of garion descent. the incident was filmed and shared on social media by the attackers all of them children. punched about. 12 times
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but. maybe because i was. in some way the assaults left christo questioning his right to be british he's even considered changing his name an investigation by the u. case national society for the prevention of cruelty to children the n.-s. p.c.c. has found that similar racially motivated crimes against children have escalated to a 3 year high that's an average of $29.00 incidents a day some have to experience any kind of racial and racial believe. they can feel isolated they can feel a sense. they just don't have a sense of identity struggle to come they might feel like they're not wanted at school not want to the families of communities that. investigation has
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found that some children suffer racist abuse even before they're old enough to understand the hatred was being hurled at them we're talking about toddlers we're talking about babies. some children have been so profoundly affected by racist slurs they're even using makeup to disguise their appearance. racist insults were sprayed on the front door of a family home in manchester this year the 10 year old boy living here was traumatized the incident shared on twitter led to public outcry when the culprit was caught by police he said bricks it was playing on his mind. britain's departure from the e.u. has turbo charged the public debate over immigration. a spate of attacks 2 years ago in london or manchester have awoken crude prejudice towards ethnic minorities muslims difference. the us p.c.c.
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hopes the findings will draw attention to a culture of casual racism that starts with adults filters down to children these are racially charged times british tolerance is being put to the test. london. and around raimondi has been sworn in as india's prime minister for a 2nd term he was re-elected last week after his b j p party secured in the charts in the lower house of parliament a ceremony took place in the courtyard of the presidential residence or than 6000 people attended including the leaders of 6 other countries. take a look at top stories this hour now high level talks are set to get underway in saudi arabia to discuss rising security concerns across the middle east leaders from the gulf cooperation council and the arab league a gathering in mecca
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a focus is on regional security as tensions between iran the united states and its gulf allies escalate. as more. they want to see it representatives and leaders from the muslim worlds who represent more than a 1600000000 people united with one stance against iran is it likely to put more pressure on iran remains to be seen because the some bliss of unity we're going to see tonight from the meeting. and the new some cracks visible crocks who use divisions between some of the key players in those blogs about how to move forward and how to tackle iran israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has held talks with senior white house adviser jared cushion or the meeting happened just hours after israel's parliament voted to dissolve itself netanyahu failed to form a coalition government and now faces an unprecedented 2nd election commission is meeting its ours in a wide a visit to the region to rally support for u.s.
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president on the transfer middle east peace plan a strong and iranian member of parliament says the u.s. has been using mediators to send messages to his government he says the americans have also asked to hold negotiations with tehran contradicting their own actions the u.s. blames iran for sabotaging for oil tankers off the u.a.e. coast early this month claims which to iran denies. trump says sanctions against iran are working though and could force the country to the negotiating table. there is becoming very weak and they just says arad. a very weak if they either read what the budget deal or. and rescue crews in budapest say they are losing hope of finding any more survivors after terrorist boat sank on the danube river late on wednesday 7 south korean terrorists have been confirmed dead and another 21 people are missing including 2 hungary and crewmembers those the top
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stories this hour more news coming up later on i'll see that about half an hour's time after the stream which is coming up next. welcome to the stream entertains africa news special we look at botswana's decision to once again allow the hunting of elephants them with discuss what the detention of 2 prominent broke a says about freedom of expression and will attain here if any occasion and i'm really could be laos and your thoughts on those stories via twitter and you tube but 1st zimbabwe where millions of people are living with the daily disruption of power cuts the country's state run utility recently imposed hours long blackouts
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after a drought left a hydroelectric plant short of water when nearby dam the cuts have had a major impact on zimbabweans already struggling to meet the rising cost of petrol and diesel. i don't want to it isn't for me to take and it's a little bit and i don't know i keep a fuel jerry can here because anytime the power goes i have to close the shop and go to the patch will station to buy diesel for the generator so that i can keep the business running diesel is also expensive and not readily available which is another challenge i only powered up the generator at night so that the fridge is a cold enough to store meat that's the situation in this country almost 6. joining us to discuss this is tendai marine but she's a freelance journalist and by the way and marshall gore is the chairman of the u.k. branch of zimbabwe's ruling parties and he joins us from london welcome to you both so let's get started with our community because they have a lot to say about this i want to start with this tweet this is from someone who
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says putting it very clearly here and magine living in a situation where half to 3 fourths of your salary goes towards transportation that is our reality now and so for a little deeper taste on that reality we got a video comment from a student he's a master student and he talks about what life is like for him now have a listen students are preparing for the. tent to take speeches infusion obviously to continue. with. this is designed to increase the cost of transport for business. this is easy to transport is most public transport. forcing people to work 23. the government is so to me on previous for.
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sure does let's go straight to the chairman without walking 20 to 30 kilometers no electricity marshall what would you say to these 2 gentlemen who shared their experiences. well 1st of all want to say the park. regrettable and unfortunate to circumstances beyond everyone's control we have recently had a drought and on top of that again we had cycle on. but i think the president and the government is taking this very seriously this is led to some changes within the hot seat of the energy minister we have now a new energy minister going to fortune just who is now looking at all of these matters in detail to see how does the government can tackle the situation in make and make normally to retain without any further delays it's unfortunate that we are going through the situation we have gone but what i want the message i carry to the cities it is that we are going through massive reform of our economy and in the
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middle of this we have done fortunate grout in the cycle so i just want to say to the citizens we need to also be patient and bear with our government as they try frantically to resolve these challenges they are unfortunate regrettable but they will be resolved. and i tell us about the reality down on the ground nationally as in the u.k. right now officer he's he's very involved in piaffe wing. government in zimbabwe but in terms of what people are experiencing we're seeing one dramatic picture of video something with no power but it's not. yes it is a situation that we're seeing across the country even in been central parts of the city you know you would find that there are blackouts even during the day you know for a couple of hours it affects the restaurants that have faith offices where people do work also face health centers as well so you know i think the situation in the
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country is quite critical and you know the problem is that you know the government is trying to reform the economic situation it's something that people are asking a lot of questions about it because they're not being returned around that they were promised when the country how the elections last year in july. so there is a sentiment here from prosper and twitter who says that the citizens are justified for their frustrations at this economic malaise but the government is also right in implementing economic policies with short term pain but long term gain what is right it's not always popular and what is popular is not always right so marshall what is the long term gain here. i think the long term gain is that the economy is on the mend we've just had what i would call it with the. program being implemented so we have had huge changes within our economy you know and we have already started to see some games with the fiscal consolidation that is up and
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we've already started to see the government deficit being reduced with website to see government operating with more economic responsibility there's more accountability in terms of fiscal accountability we now have new law for trading currency. which has obviously helped in some way to stop the lies domestic trade but by and large we need more production we need more foreign currency to evade all these short it is that we have it's not a it's not it's not an event but it's it's what is required and we have to work towards that everyone has to work towards that we need productivity we need a new and in how we look at things we need to be more responsible with the few resources that we have we have to focus more on infrastructure development projects so that we can raise the dead the economy so yes it's a period of pain but i envisage this being a short term the longer term is bright. as a period of paying for it as described the last year how did that sort of how do
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you see that of the chronicle taking over porting offices. right now but what else 1st the pain like how could you describe that. what we've seen and. heard there also shortages of certain basic commodity is the price of bread has fluctuated all the past few months even though the government has promised that it would try and keep the prices of certain goods down but you know we actually haven't seen that on the ground if you will shortages that we can experience saying it's been an ongoing. things since last year despite the fact that the price of fuel has gone up the need to still be and they are still shortages and also the country still facing the same problems with the. physical flow of cash you know just simply being able to find cash in the banks people are still
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lining up pensioners the line on the 13th and 14th will be every month you know you see long queues outside the banks of people waiting to get their money so this is the persistent situation and you know the question is when does the pain end and community here on you tube gives us a little perspective on that question of where does the pain and he rates in live this situation has been building up for over 2 decades the president needs to act and act decisively but we know the results won't be overnight so that's one person who has limited patience another person maybe not so much just on twitter saying as we face where power cuts are rulers are losing their power to lie and intimidate us they can't provide basic things like power water transportation as we like candles in the dark so is their power like a candle fighting against the strong winds of change tendai do you see this turning into mass anger from the people that you're talking to. and fortunately there is a lot of resentment and there is
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a lot of anger and frustration so even though people are told by the government to be patient and to try and hold on and to wait i think the worse that things get and you know the less that you know people see in their pockets you know people start to get very impatient and the danger of their impatience is that it becomes you know. a dangerous kind of anger you know which could lead to other things but fortunately for now we are not the year you know people are discontent and you know they are still willing to hold on and you know hope for the best for you know for their families but you know it's a tough situation. marshall final word in these last few seconds how would you respond to that. well the final word is that we have to work together as a country we have to come together and go for solutions to the economic problems that we have we're going through a challenging situation but my view is that this is not going to last it will soon
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be over the inflation will go down probably by the end of the year they quote me will still be like yes we have come out of i see to you we just have to brace and continue taking medication but i think very soon maybe soon it will turn out on we turn around the corner we need to be patient as a country we need to work together problems with they've been there for the last 19 surely the government has been the only in power for less than 8 months so it would have been haitians would have been. all these things to go around with money go in 8 months thank you so much for that i hear your point patience is he thank you to marshall and to tendai for their thoughts on zimbabwe now a move to cross one where elephant hunting has resumed for the 1st time in 5 years after the government decided to end a ban on the practice the government of president tomorrow with the misses he says at the go hunting will safeguard rural communities that often face herds of elephants but conservationists say allowing hunting or herd efforts to provide a refuge for the animals but swan is home to at least 130000 african elephants but the species remains vulnerable according to the world wildlife fund for more on
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this we are joined from nairobi by paula she is c.e.o. of wildlife direct that's a conservation organization erik for a 9 is a wildlife veterinarian who joins us from botswana's capital governor good to have you here both i have to show our audience this this is a media invitation have a look here on my laptop the date is the 22nd of may 2019 and a surprising announcement later invitation a press conference lifting off the hunting suspension in botswana what's want to got so many compliments around the world for actually implementing a hunting bad eric what happened. well it's just part of the challenge that we have the world complement what's one about this expansion of the hunting then but we didn't take in consideration the fact that he's going to have his on the wall life and on the communities and then i think ben was basically done in
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a way without consultation. and the list of the communities taking away the only power that they had because it was part of the bigger policy of civilization of wildlife resources to promote the photographic safari industry and incidentally puts one as a safe haven for elephants which uses the bucketing strategy but even in the end it is the communities were left out we had influx of elephants in areas where there usually didn't. and we ended up with a situation that we have created save enough $150000.00 elephants in areas where they share with farmers where there is no photographic tourism income and there is no such a sense ability to and we receive we got to this stage where more than 90 percent of people consulted during the social dialogue report to decides on where to look to hunting suspension or not we're actually in favor of lifting the hunting suspension but not only that they were actually in favor of culling. well here is
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one such person who is in favor of lifting the suspension this is tobago who just tweeted and as someone living in botswana elephants have become a threat to human life this year alone more than 50 people have been killed by elephants there is a crisis of overpopulation and al offense and this is due to good management that my country is well known for and while we can't verify that number that he gives us apollo what do you make of the concerns of residents who say we need this ban to be lifted. personally i think it's heartbreaking that people of want to think that this is a good idea i'm i come from a country which also has challenges of elephants and human elephant conflict but it's never been something that the communities are turned around and said well let's shoot elephants let's let rich people come to our country and shoot these elephants in what is the save them that doesn't really make much sense at all in fact what quanah like kenya has an enormous amount of income from tourism and in
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kenya the tourism money is what is. to support those communities so i find it hard to believe that if the hunting previously is only generated a tiny proportion less than one percent of the money back to those communities then i don't see why there's going to be any difference in opening up hunting now and the tourism dollars that are coming into the country why aren't they helping those very same communities after all elephants are a major attraction of visitors to but one us i don't think counting is going to stop the movement of elephants moving south this is happening for ecological reasons it's not happening because there's no hunting but i think that both on a need to get very creative there are very many other options to deal with elephants especially when they're moving into areas where there are people we use fences or a clever and innovative ways of keeping elephants out of people's farms and i mean we don't have to kill these animals i think that hunting is a very it's a very barbaric practice and we've seen this all over the world people are reacting
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and but from a concrete can that there isn't a global heartbreak at this decision erica had well yet the problem is the the funding that we're talking about the growing in the photographic industry didn't reach these communities well the hunting ban was what will hunting why don't the communities actually well not so. the u.s. asked the previous administration but the point case that we have i don't think you are going to the way we we have a huge area where there is no tourism income we always co-existing average because we have a number of organizations that are doing a steady job in trying to promote coexistence between wildlife and illiterates. and and the problem is when we simply fighting against numbers that is where it come in it's very easy to say they are a number of other issues but we have tried to i mean as we have tried a number of these and i think it's very important to realize that the elephants are
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not the obvious is the hunting is not supposed to be a population control but the elephants are there to like photographic safari in the city as sustainability tools to conservation to restore the face of the communities in a system that that they were taken out of it's all over the will we have seen now is that the movement to involve communities is very important and the same time is where you are asked the question is why not as i can say is that why is it that 90 percent of more than 90 percent of the people of puts 100 decided against it i mean it is against the hunting so so i think the important thing is not to sing in place you. but i think that one of the challenges we face is that you have a reference that you're moving into areas where there are communities there's a certain number of people who are being injured some farms that have been raided by elephants but those are unlikely to be the elephants that will be hunted so what
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we're going to see is rich people coming to what quanah and the people who are going to make the money the big dollars are not going to be made by those communities that's a fact the elephants that are going to be killed are individual intelligent thinking caring animals that live in families like human beings nobody would dream of opening up hunting of chimpanzees gorillas where you would dolphins other content animals that are very much like humans it's just unthinkable that this is something going on in the modern world today paula and erica well i want to know how just for a moment because i want to bring in our viewers and others online because this is a hot topic online so this is a tweet from gopher and this is circulating on line he pulls out a quote from someone who talks about this issue in another article he says we simply cannot allow another mass extinction on our watch what's what i was a haven any sustained that way and his comment on that is those people refer to as the we are welcome to comment take pictures of an elephant killing their child or
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relative and still promote elephants over population so that's one side of the argument and on the other side we got the comment on video this is audrey and she talks about what conservationists think about this decision which went to the streets in some touching benches in shock when struck to confidential we are using the factual inference year. elections options to find a scene change being lashed long long and equal reunion listen to engine is not running morally questionable. in the face of international efforts to protect these giants and undermines constitute. the whole illegal trade in our dream on. so you hear that take right there unfortunate that's all the time we have for now but i know this is a hot topic that we will continue to follow this issue or thanks to eric and paula for being part of this conversation finally we move to mauritania where to block us have been detained for more than 2 months after writing facebook posts electing
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corruption among government officials including the country's president under him and with that the un shake on did though are being held on charges of malicious accusation amnesty international and human rights watch are calling for their immediate and unconditional release them and facebook post cover property scam that defrauded thousands of mauritanians and allege that president mohamed odeh these a stood to benefit from it press freedom watchdog reporters without borders sent this video comment their detention clearly bears a political signature it also sends a very chilling message among the journals in the community just a few weeks ahead of the presidential election and for reporters it was old borders it also highlights the fact that press freedom is significantly decreasing in mar a tiny country as those to 46 places in orissa have spread freedom index 2016
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it's one of the biggest faults organisation has reduced in the recent years joining us from cincinnati to discuss this inside you wayne he is a human rights activist and blogger for about mauritania website site and thank you for joining us i was looking at the campaign the release campaign the amnesty international is waging right now the 2 bloggers but the headline mauritania bloggers languish in detention 2 months after their arrest for condemning corruption how dangerous is it to do what they did to actually talk about corruption to block did they know that they might be incarcerated after doing that . thank you for having me it is indeed a dangerous. operation that these 2 journalists engaging in the government of mauritania as we all know has has no qualms about committing criminality to protect itself to tighten its grip on on the power and these 2 have been in the
4:42 am
opposite opposition in the past they've been this gate of journalism and this these arrests signaled that the merton in government is worried about the upcoming elections which are high stakes just imagine exposing by the corruption and criminality in the highest spirits of government being exposed right before the elections that could have an impact on what's going on what's coming up soon they say though we got this tweet from seemed and he says i'm against their detention and i asked the president to release them on the eve holiday that's coming up i think though they should not make public conclusion by sharing fake news we don't want our country to be a chaotic country where you can publish whatever you want we want responsible freedom what did they do and why are there people online who say its fake news quote unquote. this issue goes to
4:43 am
a core of one of the fundaments of jim democracy that the morning that martin doesn't have which is freedom of expression these 2 individuals were investigating corruption. allegedly from the general busies the president himself and they should not be just arrested. it is in this manner without due process. i see what's wrong sunny stay with us. yes yes i'm sorry i hadn't yep it's please continue i'm just wondering about who is paying attention to these because the tension. inside more time al people aware of it though saying that this is not a good for him or its hanger is anyone paying attention yes in mauritania the public opinion is paying attention but as with many other issues there is
4:44 am
a diff there's difficulty in exposing this in the end on the international scene so in mauritania right now in the it on facebook and other platforms people are sharing in trying to get the story out but it's it's they're reaching many news outlets. yours is an exception so say do we got a comment from nasir without the pretty prolific online in the west and he's the brother of the man here's what he told the stream free speech is under threat in mauritania the case of my brother is the best proof of that state of affairs of the more to government claims that the country has wanted to look why this space is for expression in the arab world in fact. that is not the case ultimately my brother sitting in jail in a blatant case of violation of rights as he worked tirelessly on exposing in the
4:45 am
public interest one of the country's biggest financial scandals in history. and. the reality is that the mauritanian government for all of the ready talk about free speech does not tolerate it because. ultimately free speech has become costly. to the regimes image so in a sentence what do you want the world to know. this case is not isolated they skates fits in a patter which is that the mauritanian government engages in violating freedom of expression freedom of assembly just just recently. a few months ago a group of wheels and orphans from the ethnic cleansing 30 years ago were trying to leave mauritania for geneva right. for to witness this case
4:46 am
when they were thanking him for shedding light on an important story in my town already appreciate you joining us in the stream of all of our best today. and so much for being here. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president when stadiums became prisons and the hunter's sole objective was absolute control one man publicly refused to
4:47 am
accept dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of carlos. the footballer whose personal story swayed a vote that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of i end it on al-jazeera after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can now know on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture decodes of the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine coming soon on al-jazeera. the pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have been gotten
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a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens to these deadly aired on al-jazeera. how i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick look at the top stories this hour high level talks are set to get underway in saudi arabia to discuss rising security concerns across the middle east leaders from the gulf cooperation council and the arab league a gathering and macca the focus is on regional security as tensions between iran the united states and its gulf allies escalate it's been
4:49 am
a particularly tense month in the region with the u.s. deploying troops and warships to the gulf andrew simmons has more now the 1st of 3 major gatherings of leaders one objective to find a way of reducing tension in the middle east it's difficult at a time when divisions within the region run deep made worse with the battle of rhetoric between the united states and iran the host of these talks saudi arabia made its position clear. we emphasize the need to exert more if it's to combat the subversive activities of extremist terrorist groups they must be addressed with all strength and firmness. a reference there to damage to 4 vessels including 2 saudi oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month and drone attacks on saudi oil installations 2 days later the saudis had accused iran of ordering the drone attack which was claimed by new theories in yemen in the run
4:50 am
up to these talks by foreign ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation john bolton the u.s. national security advisor visiting the us he said naval mines almost certainly from iran we used to attack shipping but he didn't refer to any evidence adding who else would you think is doing it somebody from nepal iran's foreign ministry dismissed bolton's remarks as a ludicrous claim and the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many reasserted we will not negotiate with america because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm. before the talking started in jeddah it emerged that katsav prime minister abdullah bin nasa bin khalifa plenty will attend g.c.c. and arab league sessions on thursday it will be cattles 1st high level contacts with saudi the u.a.e.
4:51 am
bahrain and egypt since the fall states imposed an ad land and sea blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago the 4 states had accused of supporting terrorism accusations vehemently denied by cats ari leaders the united states wants to see an end to the blockade on cata i would hope that they could work out some of these things because they have essentially babying the saudis destroyed the gulf cooperation council it's a paper organization now it never was for middle but now it's almost nothing because of this bitter fight within the ranks of its own members this is not a way to assure security in the gulf and it's not a way to present iran with a solid front from as it were the other side of the ocean whether this could be a 1st step towards repro small is unclear but the immediate effect of cattle is involvement here could result in
4:52 am
a broader debate over relations with iran andrew simmons al-jazeera. and some news just in several people are reported to have been killed in explosions in iraq this according to the reuters news agency more than a dozen others are said to have been injured in the blasts in the northern city of kirkuk the military says the blasts were caused by several improvised explosive devices. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has held talks with senior white house adviser jared cushion or the meeting happened just hours after israel's parliament voted to dissolve itself krishna's meeting is part of a wider a visit to the region to rally support for u.s. president donald trump's middle east peace plan. and rescue crews in budapest say they're losing hope of finding any more survivors after a tourist boat sank on the danube river late on wednesday 7 south korean terrorists have been confirmed dead and another 21 people are still missing including $200.00 garrion crew members police have launched
4:53 am
a criminal investigation those are the top stories do stay with us i will be wrong . yes i never thought of nationalising up as a rally it was the last watching that. bit of superiority you have amassed. defending your father while they're in there but tyler myers reason there. are some ways thrusting could to go to do all you listen while at the party should your jeep even be stopped. short of those that are for emotional care for the lower courts or your servers are scored through police work or political
4:54 am
pollution so it's the rational crittur. the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son to move. for you but you must still you will mourn a little but i was the last that i eat. a sailor but that all the law says that i'm in you but you have. to move more openly opposed russia's annexation of crimea in 2014. though his mother refuses to accept it it's likely he paid for his opposition with his life. being is that while the job was to me was that almost life at that point that you well question what it will to transfer us. at that
4:55 am
point the best way of this i would say it's. she's not alone in her grief. humorous young counterman have disappeared following a rest. of the person her brother her for his sugarbush are most absurdly tortious your school records are going to every super sort of church near you do not see. the doors were the problem worse and really did not already throw pretty brown was suspended prepared. to learn you have not the pressure put on a bit of. a show that is the no room for. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. these disappeared other victims of
4:56 am
a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in 2014 . as the only indigenous group still openly opposing not occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat well as was just my piece in the kristof that and i thought that's that's that's a start as i said going to get that in the budget there is. capitalism at issue and i said his leg i can talk i came on this and this is the way. before the invasion of 2014 crimea was a part of another country ukraine reformed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this russia had retained important military bases in crimea and there was also substantial ethnic russian population in the black sea enclave. fact is
4:57 am
that made the kremlin determined to take control of crimea. but in the final months of 2013 things were staring in the ukrainian capital kiev. then president viktor yushchenko vits well known for his sympathies towards moscow rejected closer ties with the european union in favor of placing ukraine effectively under russia's way. resulting protests brought hundreds of thousands into my down square in the center of kiev as well as other cities across the country. the russian media called all the protesters neo nazis and pro-government militia supported by snipers were ordered to put down these protests with brute force. 121 demonstrators were killed hundreds more
4:58 am
wounded. the carnage quickly turned the tide against unocal the church and he was forced to flee eventually turning up in moscow. on february 26th 2014 crimean tatars clashed with their russian neighbors outside the parliament in the regional capital some for are convinced that russia was planning to grab crimea. that it had that i just didn't like if it was up to them but the most of which are not built up but you know the school system those that died. just like you that the rest of us what you've. got. to. sit. in the early hours of the following morning c.c.t.v. footage captured armed men without insignia on their uniforms the parliament
4:59 am
building. the next they took over the airports and blocked ukrainian military facilities. this was just the beginning. and the truth is the truth which. only shows can sure wish it on the oppression. that you know that your descriptions could put a new front of the. pressure. that is going there on whoever. moscow claimed they were liberating crimea from right wing extremists they sent a taken over ukraine. russian troops and to tear it out of crimea to protect crimea and. to roar or new on that sea region going to our why. so it was.
5:00 am
a good ration protection of people. here we. couldn't move we. see it on the dollar store. only some years in a big theater and then asked us. if he did us in. dealey because they. thought as a given in the. garden of grain the writer well you can skip us but they are violent. because a movie in time to one of my daughters. it's there for the have could have said to see each different way you. stiffen uses of c. meeting with the stick in grozny really me and you could go but so can cover a season by b d chilla. the russian forces had the right if they claimed to protect the people it was not an expression of claim it was enjoying crimea and we saw
5:01 am
russia it was to. force the russian government to support crimean people because crimea people appeared to be on sarette or tear our. the world watched impotently as russian forces took control of the entire peninsula . veteran human rights activist and crimean tatar leader jimmy live received an unexpected uproots from the former president of the russian republic of other stuff. meant to mean who was acting as a go between for moscow russia. risky version of cream on earth he reported memory of his authority from which there were.


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