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so we have the number one and 2 and 3 on 4 up to 9 to leave i think larry in those toys he's the c.e.o. of m.g.a. entertainment one of the most successful toy makers in the u.s. which of these toys here on the wall are made in the united states now no one made you know none of the nano if you make the beef for 49 you know it's called a low growth the number one thing to you know america if you made the from the u.s. because you would pay $40.00 for it they will buy it for $40.00 for the kids would not have beef toys you can possible to make a log of totally andy you would think as the u.s. china trade war heats up president donald trump gives companies some simple advice last september he tweeted make your products in the united states instead of china
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start building new plants now exciting but trade experts say trying to replace china's factories isn't an exciting idea it's a bad one we have so many strengths that we should be working with rather than trying to duplicate the industry of. the past today's us economy is based on providing services and ideas not heavy industry and china's advantage isn't just in lower labor costs from toys to television sets to technology the u.s. simply lacks the manufacturing infrastructure and expertise to produce many of the items which are now made in china c.e.o. isaac larry and gives one example i've been doing for 40 years. hared grooming on the tool is. routine even this kid can not have been here if the shortage of
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expertise do you want to wait for 30 years 40 years for america to become the biggest dollar manufacturing you would say in the world in philly theory but there are hundreds of highly paid workers at larry ins company headquarters designed to creativity is coming out of their brain a day or paid a lot more for that the moral of the story of toys tariffs and trade is that the u.s. economy runs uncreative brainpower not industrial brawn robert oulds al-jazeera chatsworth california and gary in police have to taint the caps and all of a cruise ship involved in a crash on the danube river in the capsule his vessel collided with the boats in budapest carrying south korean 2 arrests at least 7 people were killed and 21 are still missing. the united states has accused russia of define
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a ban on new clear weapons testing the u.s. defense intelligence agency believes moscow has been secretly carrying out low level nuclear tests in the arctic moscow says the allegation is grind less and provocative russia is a signatory to go see it is in the ninety's that bans nuclear testing. thousands of activists in brazil have held nationwide protests against government plans to cut spending on education local media say demonstrators rallies and more than 80 cities it's the 2nd day of protests this month over the proposal to partly freeze spending in public universities in the 2nd half of this year the government says the cuts are necessary to help cool the economy back from the brink of another recession there are reports from sao paolo. the brazilian government that it's freezing 30 percent of what it calls discretionary spending public universities state high
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schools university hospitals the research grants that there's more at stake some say than just the budget cuts now were supplied your money pull out is very you can manipulate the budget but the intention here is to change the identity inside the universities critical groups or in the universities for all governments not just the specific one it's an ideological attack using finances. these students are preparing for a long fight are shattered over value i personally think that this government won't back off but we won't give up it won't just be one demonstration this is not just affecting the students but the whole society getting all of us then they started saying that universities don't do research on our places of disorder that represent only expense for the government part is not true. and the long term effects someone could be drastic muscle so bad sequencing me a society without knowledge has to go into reverse when you destroy knowledge you lose independence and start depending on others. already strained public education
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buildings they say will fall into further disrepair many here see this is more than just to come to the public education budget they see it as part of an ideology designed to undermine free and independent thinking and attack on those who. think differently to them. the 1st protests when the cuts were announced earlier this month attracted over a 1000000 demonstrators in cities across brazil. president balsa naro has said the public colleges and universities which constitute about one quarter of brazil's education system are hotbeds of left wing indoctrination he urged students to report their teachers. which from chemistry to study fashion one of the subjects he believes the government is targeting. my research field is fashion and sociology my goal is to study society and the influence of fashion on us however i don't know
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what will happen now without a grant i can't focus on my studies and my future career that will no longer exist . while both sides emphasize the importance of education many feel that the very heart and soul of brazilian society lies at the center of this conflict. so come on over time drama on the cup finals paul has only action in sports. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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thank you very much had the perfect start to the cricket world cup by rushing south africa and the tournament opening match the 104 run win gives plenty of optimism as england tries to win the trophy for the 1st time. but home advantage england favorites going into the world cup but that was played down in tournament's royal welcome and i'm delighted that the u.k. will once again play host to this wonderful global sporting event featuring 10 incredible teams who thanks to the u.k.'s cultural diversity will feel as though they are competing in front of a home crowd every time they take to the field. south africa won the toss and seem to england and bat in that decision paid dividends after just 2 bowls. i didn't win lived up to the number one ranking as the rest of the top order all
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scored half centuries was man of the match being stored said 9 boundaries in his 89 as his side reached 311-4850 overs he would later star in the field as well taking 2 wickets and the stunning one handed catch i missing catches him doing practice all the time. he actually messed up he came running in the other not to go back full but i may say with a better yet the correction you know that still catches of course but if you know i paced and it's easy. south africa's opening batsman hashim amla was forced to retire hurt after being struck on the helmet early on quinten to look to up the scoring. but when he was caught on 68 the visits his chances of victory when one of them was south africa all out for 207 as england sounded the strong
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warning to the tournament's of the teams who founded with al-jazeera. correspondent lee wellings has more from the oval in london. well this was undoubtedly an important victory for the inventing bio and it strongly for the one by side but in the opening day defeat against south africa would seriously have threatened that confidence and this was a close going for much of it again which england could have lost so it might show up by when those guys that's going to be really important if they're going to go on and find the whites a home when the welcome for the 1st time you have been trying to win a world cup 5 or 40 years and have a lot of that whites have a right of course there are plenty of teams in this tournament that are going to challenge them how well being and same come but it's a. they're going to be things that can challenge that india has found out australia really defending champions i will strive you of course despite what's happened to control over say over warner and smith in the sandpiper by wolf robe i could win
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this and i would fight some of my students who funds it out chances as well and even south africa after the opening defeat it's afghanistan of the outsiders and i would still expect to win so much is top seed. given a scare and has a 2nd round match at the french open she lost the opening set against 2 time grand slam one of victoria azarenka and looked to be in trouble. socketed fight back and went on to take the decide a 63 the world number one has won the last 2 grand slam tournament. 23 time grand slam champion serene at williams made it into the 3rd round with a regulation win over japan's world number 238 truly nora williams is looking for a 1st major title in more than 2 years no problems tall for the men's top seed novak djokovic she breeze through against switzerland's onery laaksonen on 104 in the world in straight sets. a young fan at
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a major league baseball game had to be taken to hospital after being hit by a foul ball a safety net at the home of the houston astros in texas didn't extend far enough to stop the chicago cubs albert moore jr's foul ball flying into the crowd and hitting a girl an adult with her immediately took her away from medical attention more was inconsolable afterwards there hasn't yet been an update on the girl's condition players have since called for a safety net to get major league baseball games to be extended even further. i would go willingly or be able whole relationship with this little girl for the rest of our. careers or in our own. little root control. brazil is gearing up to host the cup america but the country is sweating on talisman neymar who's having to train alone in the striker pulled out of team training with pain in his left knee brazil i hope he'll be fit for
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their friendly with asian champions qatar next week but another big name striker is back with a bang after serving a 2 game suspension zlatan abraham which scored as the l.a. galaxy beat sporting kansas city to nil on wednesday slots on funds in the crowd enjoying the swedes 10th m.l.s. goal of the season. lisa louis blues of want to game in the stanley cup finals for the 1st time ever they leveled their series against boston with an overtime victory in massachusetts the bruins took the lead twice before being paired by terrorists and goes goal sending the game to overtime. and then our son was the hero for the blues firing from long range to clinch a $3.00 to $2.00 victory. so lewis will now have home advantage for the next 2 games. the trance i wrapped is a building up to their 1st ever appearance in the n.b.a. finals the raptors will take on the golden state warriors in game one of the best of 7 series later this thursday the war is there in the finals for the 5th straight
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time. all right that's all sports and all of melissa thank you very much indeed for that wraps up this nice are pretty keep it with is here and now to syria we're back with more of the day's news keeping a core side on the summits in dhaka the great. i don't want to live in the world where everything is designed in california made china the cutting edge is in the hands of the corporations the only way to be subversive is to be able to control the technology but massimo bands he has built
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a chip that anyone can use to build anything with each he needs to cost like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology. part of the rebel geek series on out to 0. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people need to be heard there were days when i get a lot of work with no food for my joints got it all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary scruffy what russian goals hardly a truth none and lightning moves on air and online. on mexico's busy roads there are those who've had enough. cyclists are taking to the streets on mass. their
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objective to make the streets safer alternative forms of transportation but when it proved to be an uphill struggle for this group of activists over the wheel do you find that on al-jazeera. weren't. arab leaders meets in saudi arabia to discuss regional security as tensions between iran the united states and its gulf allies escalates. time how the markets in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. qatar as
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prime minister is at the summit's the 1st time level meeting with leaders of saudi arabia and other nations since they began a blockade of qatar 2 years ago. begun a very weak if they either want to make a deal on. the us president says sanctions are forcing iran to the negotiating table. and put a past lose hope of finding any more survivors after a tourist boat sinking kills at least 7 people. saudi arabia's king has accused iran of developing nuclear and ballistic missiles which are a threats to regional and global security king solomon was speaking jaring an american see meeting of gulf leaders the kingdom is hosting
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a series of high level meetings of the gulf cooperation council and the arab league it comes of escalating tension between iran and the united states and its gulf allies. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and developed ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. well among those attending the meeting in mecca is cancerous prime minister this is the 1st high level meeting between qatari leaders and nations who imposed a blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago leaders are now moving in ca wise are missing off the arab league those talks are also focusing on the situation in yemen and recent attacks on society vassals well riyadh and washington accuse iran of the attacks earlier this month and the u.s.
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has deployed additional troops to the gulf. well maran bashar is al jazeera senior political analyst he joins us now live from london marwan sightseer rapier is clearly hoping to put on a united front faced with the threats of iran highlight they'd see achieve this given the tensions that we see between those who are gathers and 7 balls right now . i think riyadh will get some limited support solidarity against any attack against the kingdom because. all our regimes certainly would not like to see a fall or a country attack by iran or by any other nation. but i think that i think the solidarity and the support will be limited to saudi arabia defending its own
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interests it staggers its commerce and so on and so forth but when it comes to the escalation against iran i think we won't see the kind of consensus riyadh is hoping for so there will be. a show of unity if you will among the arab leaders but it won't be sufficient in order to contain iran in order to contain the united states or to contain further escalation for the time being that requires a different kind of a dialogue one between the arab world united and iran on the other side and then we'll see what will come out in the final communique if there are any new signs of perhaps a 3rd way forward and aside from this a lot of talk is focusing of course on the fact that the qatari prime minister was invited and as it sends it's this summits and what do you make of this to suggest
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in some way every professional in between qatar and the nations who have put the country under blockade. well there's no doubt that qatar has said once and again that it has every will and intention to support gulf cooperation council unity but in the end of the day 2 years ago it was saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that many factor the crisis with doha now basically everyone around the world knows how this crisis was manufactured. but we still don't know why in the end of the day qatar is a small ready productive rich country that has been more or less constructive in its relations with its neighbors and certainly has been more so in support of them across the creation the one graphic movements and out of world you've asked me earlier and i did not mention about what's all that sort of divisions are going on
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in the arab world well the most important division that i neglected to to underline is that between the arab leaders and their people because most of those present in the arab summit are autocrats or dictators and the end of the day what started in 2011 some sort of an attempt a democratization and liberalization of the arab societies and polities after a large degree failed because saudi arabia and some of its. allies have stood against democratic process in the arab world so while today some of those leaders would be united but clearly there will the greatest and the greatest division is between those very particular leaders and their societies that continue to suffer in terms of development in terms of access to health education and so on so forth ok i'm our one average going to cut you off just there because sad we're
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going to cross live now i see it said see a replay which is also hosting an arab league meeting in mecca and let's listen in . challenges and threats that are aimed at the out of it. stability and we are here to discuss the best way to face and to contain this threats and to maintain the. security and the stability of our countries. all the crises that our countries face and can put up with. at the level of security education and human humanity we it is not acceptable today on this basis that we cannot be drawn into a new there. new episodes of fighting
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we have the right to have. stability and security our priority is is to still. continue with our efforts to. curb their reasons for. the honest ability and of course the main problem is the palestinian cause and have in a just a solution in accordance with the. no and resolutions in this respect and of course in respect of other. other disputes and cases and within our understanding and within the conflicts of interests. there is no justification for interference in the
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internal affairs of any of the countries to undermine the stability of the region and causing tension. and comprise compromising the peace and safety and therefore tunisia condemns the attack on safe cities in saudi arabia to condemn by ballistics missiles and attack in commercial ships within and outside the united arab emirates and. the pump oil pumping stations in saudi arabia which in saudi arabia which is a threat to the international maritime navigation and tunisia emphasizes that their collective national security is one unit.
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and. it confirms saudi arabia's keenness and all the arab countries keenness to. maintain stability and security in the whole of the arab region and in the world dear magisters section arses and their highnesses are. adhering and stand in together firmly together would require us to continue our efforts in order to. have more solidarity and in order to increase our ability to face the perils and the challenges and to face terrorism in all its forms which targets our says it the security of our countries and its develop and their development it also represents one of the causes
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that creates the divisions which is some of our countries and some of the countries of the regions suffer and in this framework with what i ask will call upon everyone internationally and regionally to stand against this. ill and to. participate to lee to alleviate the. tension causes and everything that undermines the international peace and security and to condemn all. violent and terrorist attacks and the anything that threatens that. sovereignty and then in neighboring countries dear majesty's.
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excellences. our national security is the absolute priority in our work tunisia well through its presidency of the arab league well of the arab summit that will. confirmed keenness to achieve this and with as we are in the holy place in saudi arabia and within the meeting with king solomon been so good and these are the brother systems nation saudi arabia i would call upon his majesty to. head chair the meeting and i hope that god grant us success in what is good and in the interest of our countries i'm a peace be upon you. in
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the name of god the merciful. the compassionate my god the peace and blessings be upon his prophet. messenger my. brothers excellence his majesty's and highness as i would like to welcome you and your country saudi arabia and. thank you for your. comment to the invitation i would like to thank my my. brother the president of tunisia and. for chairing this session while today here gathering to consider the threats that. are threatening the.


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