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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 9:00am-10:02am +03

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mexico has already responded with an official calling these from tariffs disastrous and promising that mexico will respond vigorously but this threat from the white house does have to be taken with a grain of salt if you'll recall earlier in the year trump had threatened to close the southern border entirely because of this illegal traffic of migrants trying to cross into this u.s. he never did that he actually walked back from that and if in fact these terrorists you take hold they would be unprecedented in reaching 25 percent by october and that is on every product that mexico exports to the united states we're talking about $300000000000.00 worth of goods annually the majority of that auto parts as well as electric machinery these are the very items that u.s. manufacturers depend on and that trump has said he supports in creating u.s. jobs this would be disastrous not only for the mexican economy but for the u.s.
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as well and in fact there's been reports that trump's advisers in the white house for us trying to push him back from making this announcement they've also warned that making this announcement on the same day that the white house submitted to the u.s. congress a plan to ratify the new us mexico canada trade agreement which is the revision of nafta would be quite ironic given that this agreement between the 3 countries was negotiated to prevent these very types of tariffs going forward. what do you think. this measure has been taken do you think is likely to work well in the traffic of migrants that's all. well when you talk to the experts they all say it's the reason that people are leaving their home countries in central america the poverty and again violence that's pushing people to the u.s.
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border it's not really the the it's not just the pull factors in the u.s. and the trump administration in fact has taken efforts to really to cut u.s. aid it to develop those central american countries so there's a lot of there's a lot of doubt that imposing more tariffs on mexico will really adequately address this issue and it's interesting if you read the wording of this announcement the white house says that these tariffs could be eliminated if the legal migration crisis is a little alleviated at the sole discretion of the united states so hidden in there no where does it say a certain percentage of this flow across the border that it should decrease by or exactly what goal mexico would have to meet and not allowing so many people up to the northern border so somewhere in that is this vagueness that may expose this threat for being nothing more than just words however mexico certainly is taking it
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seriously and the trade tensions between the 2 countries have never been at a worse place. there joining us live from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed. well it's more still to come on al-jazeera including the government of jerry buss in our faces one of his biggest challenges sedates we'll tell you why these demonstrators are so angry. and what people in india are hoping their prime minister will deliver assume this is sworn in for a 2nd term. the webvan sponsored by cattle and ways. hello the raid in china particularly southern china is popping up again the satellites bright white top shows big shot as near vietnam cross harness up towards hong kong germany covering quandong that's where
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you might expect to find the rain so no surprise that's where it is it also runs up in to unite and but notice that those quite drug in shanghai west was just showing do nothing much in the sky but the humidity is high and the rain is going to develop i think from hong kong and then further inland you are going to have a circulation here and that's pretty likely to be flooding whether they say we'll see some footage of saxon the next couple of days south of this too it's effectively wet season throughout relays year in the philippines all southeast asia good part of job in bali east which is now dry not sure blessid relief so forecast wise if you're in singapore kuala lumpur shall seem unlikely event bangkok also masses of cloud with of course a rather more humid feel to it but i have to say up in lose all of it doesn't look particularly wet at the moment. harasser india pre monsoon heat has led to some of the time the heat warning in much of pradesh there are
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a few showers around but as yet the rain from the monsoon is a long way. to the weather sponsored by qatar airways. a career reporting to the well doing it here one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. but certain stories can change us in the easiest cleaves use to it when you need it is history. to children like a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera commands over top stories this hour the saudi king solomon accuses iran of developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and i threats to regional security he was speaking at one of a series of emergency summit is convened by saudi arabia on iran gulf nations called on iran to respect international law and stop interfering in other countries internal affairs. sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation as want action will be taken against so-called i'm really elements demonstrators want willing generals who hands power to civilians. and the u.s. president has announced a tariff on all goods from mexico push the government to take action on illegal immigration. trump says the 5 percent levy will be in force from june 10th will be increased every month until something is done. more on our
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top story the meetings being hosted by saudi arabia the qatari prime minister is attending the summit after an invitation from king saul mon it's the 1st time level meeting between the city governments since the start of a saudi led blockade on qatar 2 years ago. reports a rare moment between qatar and saudi arabia. qatar prime minister share how the lebanon lost all but 130 greeted by saudi king solomon binoculars zs in mecca the kingdom is hosting emergency meetings of the gulf cooperation council the organization of the islamic conference and the arab league to counter what they say is iran's growing influence but the saudis who are eager to show they have wider backing face a daunting task and doing the blockade imposed or sister $1017.00.
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prime minister is seen here shaking hands with the king of bahrain another blockade in country and then the kuwaiti amir steps in trying to bring the saudi king and qatar the prime minister to engage in further talks that might ease tension and bring harmony to a d.c. in disarray king solomon made it clear in his opening speech that he sees iran as the biggest threat to stability in the region. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but for the saudis to build a coalition against iran they need to and the impasse created by the to see a crisis the diplomatic spat started with saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt sever ties with qatar imposed
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a land sea and blockade the blockade in water accused qatar of supporting extremism accusations strongly dismissed but the target government kuwait is mediating in the conflict and the u.s. is concerned the feud might undermine its efforts to isolate iran and defeat icily in the middle east the strategy is flawed from the g.c.c. states flawed because in one sense. they don't want to talk to iran iran has asked for a dialogue and they don't want to sit on the table and talk to your own and sort out all the issues that we have with the iran on the other hand they are instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a bloc a solid block they are actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization the g.c.c. there are conflicts within between the g.c.c.
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member states the blockade against qatar and so you can't have one group standing against your own if you want to push back in one sense and this and this group is this united and this is this fragment that. king solomon also met with leaders of the arab world some showed up while others sent is that representations of the libyan government base in tripoli accuses saudi arabia the u.a.e. of backing his rival the warlord ali for hafter lebanon and iraq reject a tougher stance against iran favoring is the overshoot to words to the arab league also stressed the need to protect the rights of the palestinians an angry palestinian leader denounce the middle east deal the trump administration is working on to these rallies palestinian conflict. we call for an end today israeli occupation of palestine and the stablish ment of
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a palestinian independent state on the borders of 1987 with east jerusalem as its capital i would like to also reaffirm our absolute stance against american attempts to undermine international law with what is called the deal of the century to abolish the principle of a 2 state solution at the end of the meetings the g.c.c. and the arab league he expressed support for saudi arabia against what they described as iran's destabilizing activities in the region as a diplomatic boost for saudi arabia but also a period to more tense in the region. lesson 2 months after its last election israel is gearing up for another after prime minister binyamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government parliament voted to dissolve itself after the deadline passed at midnight so on weapon state the country will return to the polls in september meanwhile netanyahu met with senior white house adviser jared kirshner to
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talk about trump's peace plan for the middle east. iran's foreign minister has criticized the yet to be unveiled u.s. plan calling it shameful. in east jerusalem is not for sale doesn't belong to trump and he can't give it away to anyone it will never be owned by benjamin netanyahu and no one is about to buy or sell it on behalf of the great palestinian nation. police in hungary have to tame the captain of a tour boats involved in a fatal collision on the danube river in budapest at least 7 people are dead and 21 others are missing after a sightseeing vessel carrying south korean to her wrists was hit by a larger boats and sank within seconds police and military crews are searching the river for a 2nd night's. the body of a former opposition leader and has been returned to the democratic republic of
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congo at c.n.n. she security dies in belgium 2 years ago at the age of 84 after a long illness his funeral was delays because of political instability in the d r c one fears that could spark opposition protests. india's prime minister narendra modi has been sworn in for a 2nd term after his ruling b.j. peace scored a landslide election victory this month people across india are hoping he can deliver swift economic change as the country struggles with high unemployment as you're lopez what am reports. the popular and controversial. narendra modi sworn in for his 2nd term as india's prime minister the tight security and thousands of supporters in the presidential mansion he began another 5 here. not a bit of damage don't doubt more doing. this akes are high from modi his policies
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have led to mixed economic results inflation is low but unemployment is at its highest level in nearly 50 years jobs are scarse frustration is growing among young people india's farmers are also struggling with high debt and low returns. in the next 5 years the government needs to look after their employees or they don't have to migrate to the city to find jobs. now new opportunities arise from events outside of india the trade war between china and the u.s. could leave the door open for indian businesses to profit the united states many companies want to replace their supply chains india has an opportunity. become the commission the. notice popularity is undeniable but its policies have been divisive critics say the prime minister promotes a hindu nationalist agenda i hate crimes against religious minorities increased
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during his 1st term some opponents are skeptical of modi's party and fearful of how the b j p may use its landslide win the next 5 years the major very low they will go again the positives. for now foreign policy may be at the top of modi's agenda his inauguration guest list could be an indication. kluges of gotta start pakistan and china but it is right has invited all the people of the big building goal area so i think foreign policy is going to be very key to moody's next door which also will have implications for the domestic side particularly on kashmir a critical time for india with workers hoping for a form so will improve conditions for generations and with narendra modi looking to cement his legacy during his 2nd term cards here locally so the young al-jazeera. the united states has accused russia of defying
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a ban on nuclear weapons testing the u.s. defense intelligence agency believes moscow has been secretly carrying out its low level nuclear tests in the arctic moscow says the allegation has grown close and provocative russia is signatory to a treaty negotiated in the ninety's that bans nuclear testing. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have rallied for the 2nd time this month against planned education spending cuts local media say demonstrations were held in more than 80 cities the government won't see partly freeze spending in public universities in the coming months or critics say it's assaults on education president's job also morrow has dismissed the student protesters as naive saying they're being manipulated by their teachers. is at a demonstration in sao paolo. the government of president job also not all says that the cuts to the education budget are essential if brazil is going to be able
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to afford what he says is major reform of the pension system coming up while the country is heading for economic difficulties the economy has contracted a bit many people here say that the cuts will disproportionately affect the working class people at the bottom end of political society and that will make life very very difficult for them it only gets about generalizations over the years many people like myself coming from the lower middle class have gone to university i'm now a professor in a public university who have the opportunity to study but instead of pushing to improve the education system to have you know equal growth in brazil the government sees it occasion as a threat to my matches or something suitable thinking so i think i will never be able to pay for private education i want to be a lawyer and go to $1.00 of the best public universities in brasil but i'm $100.00 that might not happen. here. although the protests are only likely to get
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bigger more than a 1000000 people marched across brazil in the middle of may when the cuts were announced many more marching across the country today the president himself is unlikely to be swayed by he's accused professors working in the public education system of indoctrinating students with left wing ideas and urge them to report that their teachers to the all corot is a but many have said this is a battle for the heart and soul of the brazilian society other protests are likely to go on with an increasing polarization of those who support president poso not all and many of those who oppose him. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the saudi king saul man has accused iran of developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in effect sea regional so. he was speaking at one of a series of americans the summits convened by saudi arabia on iran gulf nations
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called on iran to respects international law. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and developed ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security the qatari prime minister is attending the summit since saudi arabia after an invitation from king saul man it's the 1st high level meeting between the 2 governments since the start of a saudi led economic and diplomatic blockade on qatar 2 years ago. sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation it wants action will be taken against so-called unruly elements demonstrators want women generals to hands para back to the civilians the u.s. president has announced a tower for all goods from mexico to push the government to take action on
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a legal immigration mexico is calling the move day disastrous unvarying to respond vigorously a 5 percent levy will be forced from june 10th and increase every month until something is done. we're getting reports that several people have been killed in a series of explosions in iraq more than a dozen others are reportedly injured in the bass in the city of kirkuk. police in hungary have to say the captain of the 2 boats involved in a fatal collision on the danube river in budapest at least 7 people are dead and 21 others missing after a sightseeing vessel carrying south korea interests was hit by a larger boats and sank within seconds. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have roundly and for the 2nd time this month against plans education spending cuts the government wants to partly freeze spending in public universities in the coming months critics say it's an assault on education well that's you
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updates the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story don't go away. he's famous for political maneuvering yet benjamin netanyahu failed to cobble together a coalition government in israel now a new elections will be held the 2nd in just 5 months but will anything change can a new vote shift the balance of power this is inside story.
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hello everyone i'm come out santa maria welcome to inside story well he worked right up until the whedon's day midnight deadline but benjamin netanyahu just couldn't make it happen nearly 2 months after the israeli election and there is no workable coalition meaning the knesset the israeli parliament has been dissolved and there will be another vote on september 17th that means 3 months of campaigning of political uncertainty and of course no guarantee the next result will be any clearer now we discuss the election results back in april on this program and we've got something special lined up for this edition more on that in a moment after this report from harry false that in western islam. but after a bruising final day trying to magic a last minute coalition deal benjamin netanyahu space said it all he'd failed. israeli parliament and netanyahu urging hooted to dissolve it so and take israel
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into an unprecedented 2nd election in the same year it's now his best hope of clean on to power but he insisted voters shouldn't blame. the blame belongs to his former defense minister avigdor lieberman. it is just unbelievable just unbelievable lieberman is now part of the left he is from the left blog you give him votes for the right and he doesn't give his boat to the right wing government this is what we see. lieberman needs a secular party opposed to what he calls attempts to make israel a religious state he was insisting on the passage unchanged of a bill that would increase the numbers of ultra-orthodox jews being drafted for national service the ultra-orthodox parties also a key part of any right wing coalition want the law softened the women held firm and the coalition was doomed liquid. the could have spilled in this task to form a coalition to form a government together with their turn to the altar orthodox they bear full
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responsibility the fact that israel is now going back once again to an election failure to form a coalition would usually put the question back in the hands of the israeli president he would then select a member of the knesset in all likelihood a different one and give that person a chance to form a government but these aren't normal times benjamin netanyahu is facing pending indictments in 3 separate corruption cases in order to give him the best chance of fighting that off only the top job will do last weekend tens of thousands took to the streets of tel aviv for a rally against netanyahu is apparent attempt to legislate immunity from prosecution and ensure the courts couldn't overturn such a law once passed with his 1st indictment hearing june october even if he wins the september election and manages to form a government and he hopes of ensuring immunity will be seriously dented it might make it harder for him but he's. very.
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strong. heikki political capabilities so it's not his last word for sure he will try to maneuver opposition leader benny gantz says the elections are all about netanyahu is bid to survive prosecution we got stable in b. but. really this is all happening for only 2 words only 2 words legal fortress there is no other reason here. dance was mocked for declaring. victory early on election night in april but now it's clear not only owned celebrations were premature the fight he thought he'd won 7 weeks ago has months left to run. out west jerusalem just want to have a quick look now at some numbers the kind which show us just how fragmented israeli politics is and why netanyahu couldn't bring enough factions together now you've got 1st of all he's really be tenured headed by the former defense minister avigdor lieberman it is a secularist nationalist far right party it has 5 seats in the parliament you've
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got the ultra orthodox parties and successive governments have needed their support this time netanyahu is looking for their 16 seats 7 of those from the united torah judaism party headed by the deputy health minister. and also the shas party led by the interior minister are a dairy with another 8 seats netanyahu did manage to get them all on board but differences between some of those parties particularly over the issue of the ultra-orthodox men in the military meant a consensus just couldn't be reached. now we're going to do something a little unusual for this show say on april 10 which was one day after the election i was sitting in this very same chair and our discussion that day was about the result of the israeli election you can see for yourself that al jazeera dot com it is called what kind of government will take power in israel but seeing no government has taken power we have decided to assemble the same panel from that
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april 10th show to try to piece together what happened or indeed what didn't happen and here they are we starting in tel aviv with a keeper elder israeli columnist monitor in london is your c. michael berg a professor in international relations at regents university and in west jerusalem mitchell barrett the c.e.o. of global research and an advisor to the former israeli president shimon peres gentlemen welcome back to inside story. we got the band back together for this one and it puts me in the position which a host loves and then i can throw old answers back at you and we can piece this all together basically so i keep it all the let me start with you. a month and a half ago you told me benjamin netanyahu is a magician he can play the big hero and the master he convinced israel that he is the number one diplomat well it didn't work out that way did it i was wrong.
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after all you know even though magicians like me can. be wrong and when it comes to israeli politics. it is very difficult to even predict the past. and. i think that the maybe the only individual in israel that is not surprised from what happened is a regular liberman. who turns up to be going to a magician there and then you know but. let's meet again. there they are after the next elections september 18th and see what happens when a new fish and danielle is still around and i believe that is going to break their chances to still be with us or believe me i've already got the 3 of you penciled in for september 18th don't worry about that you'll see make
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a big let me come to you you called benjamin netanyahu a skilled part a very skilled politician he knows how to play his audiences in your opinion what went wrong here or was it simply that the other forces were almost working against him. it's nice to know that i'm in good company a killer can be honed as well as i can get it sometimes honk too but you know is a skillful politician but you know i'm talking about magicians every houdini reaches one look too far and maybe this is the case of nathaniel here but this was in nick set of circumstances because in the kind of normal abnormal situation condition in israel you need to do this kid food mess or negotiating with different parties with different interest then you will somehow squirm many many many circuits but here there was something in addition which probably beyond the time you know which is is personally into this and this time you're to overcome not only is political survival but the survival out of cotton out of jail and this forced to
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be is weakness because you concentrated probably too much on trying to weaken the the supreme court try to pass legislation that would grant him immunity and he also forgets that after you know so long in politics everyone even if you've been not only a magician but an angel you build yourself a position and some enemies in politics and liberal money is not an easy enemy to have in politics mitchell barak in west jerusalem your turn you actually said i wouldn't call him a magician you disagreed with the other 2 you said because there's actually no illusion or sleight of hand about what he does he said you know what you see is what you get with benjamin netanyahu you also called him one of the most skilled leaders in the world how is it then similar question to yasi that one of the most skilled politicians in the world could pull together a coalition in one and a half months. well he's one of the skilled leaders in the world many he's still you know even when he you know gave his concession speech last night after the
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knesset fell he said you know i have this whole you know trilateral israel russia united states meeting taking place in israel which no one knew about so on that framework of the international framework i still think he's one of the most skilled people and has the best relationships in this world today with putin and with trump with where i think you know we're seeing him you know in the magician is really sleight of hand it's not necessarily he makes it look a particular way but we've seen what i can say is typical nuts and you know having worked for the guy for 4 years much earlier in his career and then following him you know since then he operates in a certain chaos you know he way he always waits until the last minute and there's a total mess that's involved in it and he really called polygon and then out of that mess he gets everyone together i mean even now where he was playing people off of each other right up to the deadline he still hadn't spoken to any of the likud ministers minutely could all of the likud ministers and want to be ministers we're
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all in the dark up until this point that's something you want to close before you swear in your government to make sure you have every single person on your side and he didn't do that and what he does is it creates a certain pressure among his likud ministers to vote with him among the other people he likes to have these deadlines where he's forcing some compromise usually it works he came up against lieberman who wanted to take this as an issue and he was going to go all the way and you know having most of netanyahu is nemesis is and politics are enemies and politics are people that have worked with him you know who had another party bennett who had another party lieberman who had another you know who has another party they will work with him and they know how he operates and given the chance of actually defeating him sometimes they'll do that so it shouldn't all the chaos that you described michel and on top of that we can. also dissolving the knesset and calling you elections shouldn't all that sort of raise the question about whether he is the right person to lead israel into another
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election 3 months down the road or is he just if he wants a cult of personality now well i think you know i think with what he said was correct when he put his personal interests here way above maybe what the national interest is because normally he could go back to the president say he possibly needs an extension some more time he didn't want to chance it because he you know thought there would be a game here where the president would say you had your turn now many give it to someone else and he was also afraid that it might go to someone else in the likud the most interesting thing that happened in this whole episode was the ireland paid basically said to the likud they said let's form a national unity government any one bit and you know pick whoever you want and more and with you it's almost like he gave the keys to the ballot see the bounty shipped to the likud to the engine room and said why don't you have your own mutiny and they could have had a rebellion they could have had a revolt but they did and you know that's where the problem is when that's and you
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know as it became a personal thing where he said if i'm not going to be prime minister i'm going to go to elections again he had a lot of options he could have gone to the opposition to the blue and white party and said hey here's the government let's figure out what to do because it's not in anyone's best interest to go to elections michel and you'll see of raise this issue of netanyahu the prime minister the man putting himself above the posse and the country akiva eldar in tel aviv how much of that do you think comes down to the fact that in i think it's early october yes october 2nd prime minister netanyahu is due to appear for a pretty indictment hearing over bribery and corruption charges i mean all of this happening at the same time you know and i think it's. very interesting question because i believe that many people who voted crudity could trust him that an attorney oh was telling them the truth. when he said that he's not
9:35 am
going to ask for immunity and not play those dirty tricks of. foaming gov personally laws and fighting with the supreme court and doing everything to undermine the israeli democracy there are only just people who believe that it's democracy is about all in israel who hated what they saw and i think that there will be pressure more and more pressure from the constituency on the attorney general to stop this madness i don't have any other definition to what's happening is careless it's madness and it's. maybe something else that starts with c. it's what is doing is corrupting the israeli society and i think that this
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is going to be the ultimate test for the very constituency either the israeli people and to the tourney general this was the 1st time that we saw the supreme court justice the president of the supreme court judges making very clear statements. about the conduct of the prime minister we saw more than 50000 people are saturday. in a rally and there will be more of that so i think that there is a movement to and if you ask people in the street what they think about what happened in the last 24 hours they will say they want to see something else and this is why i'm saying that i was wrong when i said the baby is is a. you shouldn't be squaws he was trusting and i think a little bit too much he went a bit too far with his trust his power and the need of
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these really people to have a king say so i think if you don't generally we get this message you'll see your thoughts on that do you think the attorney general will get that message because. i think i actually asked you this on our last show i think i said shouldn't the issue of a prime minister. being under bribery and corruption clouds shouldn't that have been a much bigger election issue i would suggest this time especially with all happening so close to the next election that with election it will be. well going back to your earlier question is he the right person or the wrong person things their own person to lead the country for so many reasons not only their co-option but this is a major issue co-opts is a cave said. the country the political system and obviously this weakness and vulnerability of him is for everyone to see the minute that blue and white party said we are not going to join your. group coalition with the likud because of the
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allegations it gave so much power to other small parties because almost the natural cause will be between the likud and the blue and whites a party but this couldn't happen with if there is any courageously the within the likud party it is ready to say that the king has no clothes and there is time full for change and in the next election to lead the electorate to go beyond oprah think beyond beyond an attorney out there is a great chance but they are at the heart of it you know going back to what netanyahu said himself about a prime minister can stay in office when there is such a serious indictment and cold cases against them and the indictment the potential pending hearing against it and yell away most of ill than there have been against all meant. let's go back to mitchell american with terrorism who's been know you've been noting a way that i i think you're probably the closest to his ready politics and the personalities of the people do you think that there is anyone as you'll see
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described who would be willing to put a hand up or at least a cold netanyahu out and say no we need to do this differently and not within the likud and not at this point meaning that if you look at the history of likud it's quite interesting unlike labor which changes chairman party chairman every 18 to 24 months meaning basically since 1977 there's really been only 4 or 5 people who have been head of the likud party menachem begun yet scotch heir benjamin ateneo he resigned ariel sharon and then back to benjamin and you know likud will stick with their leadership they will stick with them through thick and thin and the thing for likud they're still trying many of the likud people they're already 2nd or 3rd generation from pre-one 1987 when many of them were discriminated against especially those from the lower social economic sector who are sephardic jews mizrahi jews from arab countries meaning so getting power is really important
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maintaining it is really important and many of them believe that netanyahu narrative which which it was talking about which is corrosive to democracy which is the media is controlled by the left the court is controlled by the left even the police are controlled by the left of center the the police all of these things the universities now if you saw on its own now last night who came on looking really worse than he's been before almost like a wounded animal what was the biggest insult he could say to a vet lieberman he is from the left and he went to his voters and said he's from the right but he is really from the left like that is the greatest curse that you could say to someone who is a right of center likud person so he creates this fear of of the left and was. able to put on the tail so they'll stick with him and again you know he's always going to run a negative campaign whether it's you know for sure teacher threat or from the internal
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threat and he's putting himself it in 1st by saying they're trying to take me down they can't do it in the ballot box so that's why we have to vote and vote stronger for the likud and there is no one short answer to your question there are in many many good unqualified kavis the only good that take it over given the chance although i have more experience than when it's a now came in in 1906 but none of them have the same kind of killer instinct than that and yeah did when he came to take over the likud and none of them will do anything to rebel against ateneo at this point interesting high tech wants oh go ahead and false will show they're not coming out is becoming alert pretty to the likud and they're going to lose in the next elections and maybe there will be a baby that one of them who will say that the king is naked and let's put an end to this longest and you know can deliver the goods to the other people who are
9:42 am
most of them but there are some people that you don't sow and others and once they will see the polls will be very clear about it that people are sick and tired of hearing then perhaps there will be renewed. final thoughts stan because we started to run out of time but i want to ask about the opposition benny gantz and his blue and white coalition lest we forget they got $31.00 seats in the 1st election they weren't that far behind netanyahu and they could see is this now a big opportunity for them to actually springboard you know it's a springboard to go form and actually you know pick up some seats here i think there are many within the israeli political system the opportunity which goes back to your previous question i think anyone from the likud that won't take this opportunity to challenge netanyahu whether it's difficult or not doesn't deserve to leave the country the country is in a junction of history they do need courageous people to come and say what need to be said about the future of the country and so many different issues the same goal
9:43 am
for the opposition the blue and white is not a. it's it's a coalition of these and they're not even sure about whether they're going to want to get there and who's going to be leading the disparity in the going to to keep their what ation but yes i think the departed from the center center left the labor party together from its about the they should think what is the best way to gain and to create this major 61 seats that they can actually lead in the next coalition but for that they need to bring probably more people and convince and most importantly not to not to fight with the likud party not to campaign and don't have to actually present in the alternative not in terms of personalities but in terms of platform in the ideology final thought then and this is looking forward as we did last time looking forward to this idea of an election in september is there not a risk that the israeli public will get fed up with all of this and that
9:44 am
a they might not turn out to the polls as much or be they might turn out to the polls and the result will be even less conclusive even more fractured than the vote in april was a keeper. yeah i believe the worst of all that the turnout will be much lower 1st of all this is an eye season people travel this is the high holidays in israel and . the people that will show up and this goes to your question about the u.n. why i think that this world work more for blue and white and between from the left who will be more motivated to change as i said before to change the reality and to change the political map and to bring some hope and not to have more of the same and i think this can be against it and you know and the other thing is that what we saw last saturday is i'm president we saw the leaders
9:45 am
of blue and white standing side by side with the leader of an arab party was iman all of that and perhaps this opens an opportunity for a collision of our partnership not only between blue and white label and merits maybe even some kind of an alliance with the our parties and maybe this down the our own. constituency of these really are obscure will be more energetic and their turnout will go up it's going to be fascinating the votes on september 17th so gentlemen i will see you on september 18th i hope to keep the elder yossi make over and michel thank you and thank you for watching today there is more online and out of the red dot com inside stories in the show section if you want to check out our other editions our also at facebook dot com for slash i j inside story on twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at if you want to message me directly to for the whole team thanks for joining us to say you can send.
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june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst and pollution in the world 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and hats off join us for special coverage of the big picture examines the power of potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence as it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will
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gather for the food team 3020 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera. the pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have be gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens the least deadly aired on al-jazeera. on americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to vegas if you're. a former governor of the idiots have your back has cost the country good stuff. we bring you the stories that are
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shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards from selma paying the ultimate price when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera. and how he'd seen in doha the top stories on al-jazeera saudi king solomon has accused iran of developing nuclear weapons on blissett missiles and i threats to regional security he was speaking at one of a series of emergency summits convened by saudi arabia on iran gulf nations have called on iran to respects in session
9:49 am
a law. that the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. well the qatari prime minister attended the summit since idea of a the afternoon that station from king solomon it was the 1st high level meeting between the 2 governments since the start of a society like blockade on qatar 2 years ago some of pickering is a former u.s. undersecretary of state for fiscal affairs he says council has a presence at the gathering is a promising sign that the invitation from king solomon to the prime minister of qatar has opened the door i think more than just a little bit his presence there and the handshake i think is a sign that for saudi arabia at least at this moment unity in the gulf cooperation
9:50 am
council and that unity spreading over into the meeting on the arab league will be very important in bowstring their sense that they must face iran with a united effort the u.s. would like to see the united front emerge but it may be a hard and very serious and perhaps longer term struggle to bring it back i think there is no question at all that qatar would like to be back but not in invidious terms not in terms of the numerous requirements that admin levied on it in the past that required almost that it capitulate on every and every area and so we'll see whether in fact arab diplomacy can bring that about at the moment the g.c.c. is not just you to shew knighted with respect to cutter both kuwait in amman have but haps some serious reservations about how much this facing down of iran will move and how much it will move into the potential for conflict. the u.s.
9:51 am
president has announced a tariff on all goods from mexico to push the government's take action on illegal immigration the 5 percent levy will be enforced from june 10th and increased every month until something is done i do joe castro has more now from washington d.c. . mexico has already responded with an official calling these from tariffs disastrous and promising that mexico will respond vigorously but this threat from the white house does have to be taken with a grain of salt if you'll recall earlier in the year trump had threatened to close the southern border entirely because of this illegal traffic migrants trying to cross into this u.s. he never did that he actually walked back from that and if in fact these terrorists you take hold they would be unprecedented sedans transitional military council says a process camp in the capital khartoum is posing
9:52 am
a threat to the nation it wants action will be taken against so-called unruly elements demonstrations want them generals to homs power to civilians. we're getting reports that several people have been killed in a series of explosions in iraq more than a dozen others were reports it injures in the blasts in the city of kirkuk. police in hungary have detained the caps and over to a boat involved in a fatal collision on the danube river in budapest at least 7 people are dead and $21.00 others are missing after a sightseeing vessel carrying south korean tourists was hit by a larger boat and sank within seconds. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have rallied for the 2nd time this month against plans education spending cuts the government wants to partly freeze spending in public universities in the coming months critics say it's an assault on education the president's jeroboam scenario has dismissed the process and the student protesters as naive well those
9:53 am
are the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera after witness. this was supposed to be a short about my old flatmate kids but i've been collecting images for more than 15 years. in this box of simply people and places i could have never imagined.
9:54 am
me during the summer of 2002. i was in my twenty's and i was leaving to rome my dream was to become a cinema director and i was pressing on my time feeling good around my flat. and then. i. see notice you know it is someone's going to listen. but you know it will include you know if you have any other goodies to them but instead take a set it brought me a whole new year's. a month and i'm sure no. question i've got some ideas i'm lisa mullins ok let me out of the. loop believe you can tell. us. so we should casey. so can we had
9:55 am
all but should go off to dance to it get everybody to jordan let me stop you know. it will be interesting to be good enough to be pretty much a journalist think out. and it was just like these that casey entered in my life and like with the other flatmates i started to feel me. and said yes that is what is. crazy must. be functor no no suspects only some of my. kids all coopted will think it well. now does it from me that if i found that said something about you
9:56 am
the only thing i want to. see them clearly. julian. called up was there was somebody. got. shot that pizza for that i'll put up with all of it to put on that way with. none of the folks. she sat killed by neon pots. and i were very different is energy was exhausting but also exciting he had the ready travel to many countries and could make friends anywhere. even while they can fruit from the neighbor we're going there i born in the ceiling. much lost my biggest fear and they're going to live with the down i know the stuff you know. you watch. all of you.
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well. i'm gonna sound good. did you do to. get going to school again. whenever i was with kids it seemed something would happen so i decided to make a short film about my flatmate and his life in pro. bowl because there's a problem but. because he was working more and more and so george passed and slowly started to be interested in my future coming. i found jobs feeling sense as an assistant director but this one as i had free time i was
9:58 am
with my new friend and. i wanted the spirit to last forever but then when the good job of it and was leaving for the middle east. suddenly there was an immense distance in between us and i was afraid we would lose touch. here it is then my video to show it to you. my normal life and abnormal please. check out this random. like some is your pic with people in it that i can barely even see the now so right here so much and everything is white everything lex is a follower of the stream old the way to the middle east and me i also left rome and
9:59 am
moved to berlin. to decent job at the rectum before mentors for german television. and in my free time i could enjoy the boy email lifestyle of the sea. is instead was sold was looking for something more something new. i need something that i can just. because i'll be climbing like this his latest obsession was to be able to travel and work alone. through if you're friends. you know you've got friends you know your reference point. your friends your tribe. oh dass you're spending your time you're. there you go sky.
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high there. was you know. there's like a really great. guy going out like oh yeah ok.
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when they receive these package. door for. there was only one short cannot finally working alone check out the stapes and keep them safe. al-jazeera is a place you can travel to the northeast of mali i met up with a group of migrants on the 1st leg of their journey across the sun hard.


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