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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 150  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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salsa every sort of this interesting was a. tree might have been stuck. in a lot in an. old metal shop you know jane honey for me going to show. recently. sent it to him to say. it was so many things to. see you. see on t.v. i do know that without them we go. separate but eventually do that he could. see if you survive this if it. was.
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i was having doubts of my own i couldn't tell if berlin was the right place for me anymore. i want to to be close to my father but that the noise i should move back home he didn't need 1st it. you had everything it's your dad. because your mom to me. i don't know i would just like to breathe some beads maybe for a while. back and. you were let me do any. work and travel plans you know i have nothing now because i'm going to u.s. and i'm saying. i don't have the funds kiss it wrong that's alice. right.
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here we're in the shelter door this is where our ladies or whatever this is where we are sleeping and we got the t.v. back to you because i. was like oh i see this it was like. yeah you asked me. my job i just travel around the whole world just doing just moving people in talking to them to want to practice me in a news report you're. still learning something new. by the way so sorry to eat lunch when you think. he's going to stay here. in south america there was one turn to turn to go so i could be like this job he was fine thank goodness we were there for kids his job but they couldn't tell if he was even working. he spent 2 days like this while
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genesis the little girl was getting closer and closer to him i want to know what that change. i even thought because it was as if they think. but then he finally decided to make an interview really usually a little hands on every order almost every single ok i'm going to be probably the meat in 8 years and everybody pretty well. i mean it's me. and i took me along by myself a lot. i think a lot of stuff in my head like right now so.
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and you know getting out. so high to have. and by myself if i'm being a book coloring or writing something. if people are laying on their eyes open or something i just look over and see i'm a long as they can see what i'm doing. and i like to be in rome that's like a box. and asked small area oh i have my home i will stuff. oh no i just. didn't. eat it. in fairness. i went ahead and did it left a little and now tonight what to do it.
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on the keep. on doing wouldn't be good. when it's nice to. let it in. just to stir the christmas to. take a trip to sponsor. them but. i don't think mississippi the books you should see out. because you could get them into really nice liquor sooner. but you.
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after many years i was about to leave their name. there was not much to bring back with me apart from the big bucks. spent the better. but to have this done no. good. but you know she. landed giving the stone the music see saw the dentist on 10 time i think about it. do you think. i don't have to over there and i mean you have to live there it's a long like you going places with your dad and it's actually happening something. that i didn't expect i mean you know my that i feel it's the 1st time in our
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life that we are talking you know about things about. he's asking me about you know my personal seeings about my job about girlfriend he's probably feeling that it's close to the end you know so it's. it touches me it's 1st time in my life i have my father. all you know like you always have here you have your camera when you when you guys hang out and when you go visit him and stuff like that no that's. that's a strange things because i. we're not filming and you know you know if you you will never think. i know i would like and i'm on the other side i'm completely block you know i mean it's. i cannot you know that's again just like sometimes you know you film things and you don't
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people in the film and situations that can be traumatic or uncomfortable and all that you don't exactly know why you end up. realizing later that you know what you are situations even though it's tough it's something that you keep you know like something to keep it something you cherish something this for yourself. a few weeks later i get the surprise after a long time kids you send me again you see midges. i did not know. this is your yes that's not the best gift. you have because you. know. you do this. this is your job or there was
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a god there. was someone got married after that and you know. who. you know you always have good excellent it's good to see you. talking in this venue that was. his or. her fans and he plays. a mistake again. what. am i to.
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say kesey. a member who is somehow not left out of the battle. on the right of the. species some good.
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hey man it's hard to believe that this could be my last video from. i resigned so i'm going to be living here probably the next few months. you know i always film people just trying to live their lives and. try to live in mine. for years ago.
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i remember a time when all i wanted to do was get out of displays. and now both to me and kids it at leaving back in florence. because he asked me to keep the state safe many years ago. and i did. well now i feel is the right moment to give them back to my friend. ah just all those days after the high note. that ends. with the good news the.
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news shall we call the last of the. corruption is so full that that is how this is the way to the. course of a minister of keenest. a european judge tasked with imposing nor an order and a trial testing the nose of a newly formed nation. whitney. highway on out his era.
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well many records have been broken in the number of consecutive days of tornadoes touching the ground the number of tornadoes during the month of may but it's almost overnight this is the strong line still with the potential for thunderstorms in its bottom half but daytime on friday will see that largely dispersed the potential stormy weather is still there we're talking now about well d.c. west winds down towards tennessee for example maybe but beyond that i think is looking fine the temperatures are recovering in denver 24 when we're up to 29 in dallas far from occasional showers up in wyoming washington so relatively dry picture it may all start up again as we start the new month but it isn't a particularly dangerous even on saturday but showers are certainly there you have the west to texas or new mexico and of course up in chicago too they had a lot of wet weather recently in fact flooding wet weather in the dominican
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republic probably haiti too and that's in the forecast so for the greater antilles it is a wet sparrow showers still likely in jamaica and parts of cuba if not the whole the caribbean is turning rather more wet than dry and fortunately as a mexican well just off the south coast here the potential for tropical development . al-jazeera. hello i'm how am i hearing this is the news are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes arab leaders meet in saudi arabia to discuss regional security as
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tensions between iran the united states and its gulf allies escalates. qatar's prime minister is at the summit's the 1st time level meeting with leaders of saudi arabia and other nations since they began a blockades of the gulf states 2 years ago sudan's military rulers say a protest camp outside the defense ministry in khartoum has become a favorite to the country and president donald trump analysis you tire of so on goods from mexico and i believe to force its neighbor to stop illegal immigration. good to have you with us on al-jazeera there are signs of division between arab leaders over how to deal with iran after emergency summit in saudi arabia the final communique condemned tehran accusing it of threatening regional and global security
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but iraq is against the statements warning that aggressive rhetoric could make the situation worse prime minister was among those summits and the 1st high level meeting between qatari leaders with nations who pulls a blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago. reports. a rare moment between qatar and saudi arabia. qatar prime minister shareholder. greeted by saudi king salmond binoculars he's in mecca that the kingdom is hosting emergency meetings of the gulf cooperation council their organization of these lama conference and the arab league to counter what they say is iran's growing influence. but the saudis who are eager to show they have wider backing face a daunting task and of the blockade imposed or qatar sr 1017
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the thai prime minister is seen here shaking hands with the king of bahrain another blockade in country and then the kuwaiti amir steps in trying to bring the saudi king and qatar the prime minister to engage in further talks that might ease tension and bring harmony to a d.c. in disarray king said man made it clear in his opening speech that he sees iran as the biggest threat to stability in the region but the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but for the saudis to build a coalition against iran they need to and the impasse created by the g.c.c. crisis the diplomatic spat started with saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt sever ties with qatar imposed a land sea and blockade the blockade in quarter accuse qatar of supporting
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extremism accusations strongly dismissed but the target government kuwait is mediating in the conflict and the u.s. is concerned the feud might undermine its efforts to isolate iran and defeat icily in the middle east the strategy is flawed from the state law because in one sense. they don't want to talk to iran iran has asked for a dialogue and they don't want to sit on the table and talk to iran and sort out all the issues that we have of iran on the other hand there are instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a bloc a solid block they're actually dividing it into different countries they are this. integrating. regional organization that you see there a conflict within between the g.c.c. member states the blockade against scott card so you can't have one group standing
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against your own if you want to push back in one sense and this and this group is this united and this is this fragment that king solomon also met with leaders of the arab world some showed up while others scientists lower representations the libyan government base in tripoli accuses saudi arabia the u.a.e. of backing his rival the warlords highly for hafter lebanon and iraq reject a tougher stance against iran favoring is an issue to words to the arab league also stressed the need to protect the rights of the palestinians an angry palestinian leader denounce the middle east deal the trump administration is working on to these rallies palestinian conflict. we call for an end today israeli occupation of palestine and the stablish ment of a palestinian independent state on the borders of 1987 with east jerusalem as its
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capital i would like to also reaffirm our absolute stance against american attempts to undermine international law with what is called the heel of the century to abolish the principle of a 2 state solution at the end of the meetings the g.c.c. and the arab league expressed support for saudi arabia against what they described as iran's destabilizing activities in the region a diplomatic boost for saudi arabia but also appeared to more tension in the region . well as we mentioned earlier the iraqi president disagrees with the communique text and warned that wise tensions with iran could spark war. in the midst of this tense time and rapidly changing developments in a regional and international environment full of tension and threats we are watching before our eyes of
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a regional and international crisis which can turn and turn toward their willing goal for us all if the crisis is not managed well then we will be faced with the danger of a regional and international confrontation which will bring tragedy to our country as you well know rubin is a former deputy assistant secretary of state c. joins me now live from washington d.c. . a lot of support for the. position when it comes to syria iran but as we just heard there are still some divisions there among u.s. allies on this perceived threats from iran. yeah how there really is and the region right now as you just described in your previous package is divided on how to confront iran the question about iran as a regional actor that is creating very difficult circumstances chaotic circumstances in syria in lebanon on in yemen that is not in dispute but
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there is dispute about saudi arabia's role as well and engaging iran in those fights so to see these meetings come out with a little more of a diplomatic boost for saudi arabia that that does give them some within the sales but it doesn't answer these core busy questions which is how will the regional states saudi and the u.a.e. ready in particular how will they engage iran in a manner that avoids a major war because that's what everyone here in washington right now is very much concerned about dealing with iran but not sparking a major regional war that we here in the u.s. get sucked into well this is the key question and of course we are getting mixed messages from the united states about the chances of a war with iran and just how far the u.s. wants to go when it comes time to. yeah we really are having a dissonant policy right now coming out of the white house the president one day
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says he doesn't want a war he doesn't want to run to be hurt and then the next day his national security adviser sends a 1000 or $1500.00 troops out to the region and puts iran on notice essentially so the policy is not clear in terms of how it's being executed and the articulation really isn't clear either and that creates these kinds of dynamics where countries within the region begin to pick and choose sides and have disparate views and then within iraq as well a country that's majority shia but very clearly heavily influenced by iran it's left hanging in limbo in between these 2 heavyweights between iran and saudi arabia and it's a very uncomfortable position and with the u.s. not sending clear signals of of what we want to see done it creates dynamics that inevitably lead to chaotic decision making and one of the issues that the u.s. has been relatively clear on is the fact they want to see more units see within the
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g.c.c. given that what do you make of the signs of rep processional between qatar and. the other gulf nations the fact that we did see cuts as prime minister attends that summit would suggest there is something of a breakthrough no. it's a good sign it's critical not only for the gulf states to deal with iran as the top line messages and why they need to have gulf unity but also within the region and for regional stability to have tension points reduced is always a good thing and so to see that opening that hopefully will become an opening that begins to expand and where there are real discussions of reestablishing normal relations between the parties the region doesn't win when it has these tension
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points and right now there are tension points practically everywhere one goes and i think that's also partly centrally why the united states policy is so difficult right now it's not as if we here in washington have a magic wand and that the white house can just decide there's one thing that it will do and everything gets resolved if we should all actors continue to be at loggerheads it only makes it that much more difficult to have a coherent american policy towards the bigger issues ok joel rubin great start to you thanks very much for joining us that life from washington d.c. thank you. i citizens transitional military council has declared a process camp in the capital khartoum as a danger to the country protestors have been staging assists in the ministry of defense for weeks they want the ruling generals to hand over power to civilians but the military has told state t.v. that legal action will be taken against what it calls unruly elements at the
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protest site the council has also ordered the office of the al-jazeera media network in khartoum to be shut down without giving any reason a toll well david shinn is a former deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sudan he joins me now from washington via skype what do you make of these developments that we're seeing in. the fact that this process camp which has been there for many weeks now has not been described as a danger well 1st time in the world you're the oldest there or. is a setback for freedom of the press and if you have is reflective of the gulf state politics and the fact that sadam has been the beneficiary of about $3000000000.00 financial from saudi arabia the united arab emirates as far as.


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