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you know this is exactly the right point in the right question to be asking the net migration from mexico to the united states is about 0 the migration issues with the united states right now are coming from central america but the terrorists as you correctly indicate are targeted against mexico so you always have to ask the question is the united states shooting at the right target now the obvious response is well if we punish mexico quote unquote maybe they'll take greater steps to prevent central americans from using their territory to transit into the united states and stop these migrant caravans stump of migrants before they can get to the united states but you know you really have to wonder if this is the right tool to be employing to try to get to that result we're hearing 2 words from the trumpet ministration done enough when you've done enough we might revisit this but what does that actually mean. nobody knows that's the problem i mean you can say we're going to institute these tariffs 5 percent are going to escalate to 25 perhaps but
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when is enough and that that's truly one of the issues how if you're the president of mexico who's trying to calm things down trying to send his foreign minister to meet with senior u.s. officials ready asking for calm asking for you know peaceful quick resolution but if you don't know what fundamentally being asked of you how can you know if you've met the standard and how much is enough i think that's part of the problem at the same time you know people who are trying to invest people who are trying to do business how will they know how to plan if they if they don't know if the tariffs are going to be on in the future and then and they don't know what level they're going to be at either this is a real problem and we're going to find out real quick how the business community and others respond and eric when you talk about investments and chatter of some international business community everyone in the north america's canada the u.s. and mexico they've already taken a step into the maze of recipe cation when it comes to recipe cation or exe indeed existing. trade agreements as far as mr trump is concerned does this now in your
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mind clearly mean that those those dynamics are in effect worth 0 because what's the point and russified what's the point in having an agreement if when you see fit you can in effect rip it all up well i think that's the question that legislators in all 3 countries are going to have to ask or at the very beginning of the process in all 3 countries and you know this fundamentally really requires trust and faith and goodwill among all 3 parties if you don't believe you can trust your counterparty to uphold the terms of the agreement that you are entering into at some domestic political cost you have to ask yourselves if indeed it's worth the cost to pay at the front end and i think you know the timing on this is perfect because and i think that ironically because with mexico looking to ratify this agreement right now and with the u.s. vice president penned in canada right now talking about these issues and the u.s. having just sent some language up to the u.s. congress about ratification that the gears are in motion the wheels are moving
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forward the question have to be asked will they be halted now or will that momentum i rather think that people are going to evaluate and this is going to make the ratification of the u.s. embassy a much more complicated very great structure as ever many thanks thank you plentiful ground still to cover for you here on al-jazeera including we'll have the latest on the investigation into the sinking of the budapest tourist boat in which at least 7 people died. also at the government's survival scenario faces one of his biggest challenges to date we'll tell you why these demonstrators are so angry. well many records have been broken in the number of consecutive days of tornadoes touching the ground the number of tornadoes during the month of may but it's almost overnight this is the strong line still with the potential for thunderstorms in its
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bottom half but daytime on friday will see that largely dispersed the potential stormy weather is still there we're talking now about well d.c. west winds down towards tennessee for example maybe but beyond that i think is looking fine the temperatures are recovering in denver 24 and we're up to 29 in dallas far from occasional showers up in wyoming washington so relatively dry picture it may all start up again as we start the new month but it isn't a particularly dangerous even on saturday but showers are certainly there you have the west to texas or new mexico and of course up in chicago too they had a lot of wet weather recently in fact flooding wet weather in the dominican republic probably haiti too and that's in the forecast so for the greater antilles it is a wet spell showers still likely in jamaica and parts of cuba if not the whole the caribbean is turning rather more wet than dry unfortunately and some mexico will
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just off the sas coast here the potential for tropical development. the pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have been gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens delis deadly aired on al-jazeera.
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looking back here without a 0 live from doha your headline so far gulf nations have called on iran to respect international law and stop interfering in other country's internal affairs and that's after a series of emergency summits held in saudi arabia cathouse prime minister has become the most senior country official to visit the kingdom since the start of a saudi led blockade 2 years ago. sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation is want action will be taken against the so-called unruly elements demonstrators one ruling generals to hand power to a civilian administration mexico's president is calling for dialogue with washington often on trump and on still tax all goods from mexico to push the government to take action on immigration the us president says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced from june the tense. 21 people are still missing after
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a tourist boat carrying south korean 2 wrists capsized and sank in the hungaroring capital but the past at least 7 tourists are confirmed dead as the search operation continues and help with more. a final voyage of a sightseeing cruise and the moments before disaster c.c.t.v. footage shows 2 boats colliding on the danube river the smaller vessel just ahead was carrying more than 30 south korean tourists every telekinetic now total we can see on the footage that the small boat the mermaid is silent north is the biggest ship the viking when they reach the margaret bridge the mermaid turns in front of the viking for some reason and as the fighting touches the men made it gets turned on its side and within about 7 seconds it sinks in. the mermaids wreckage has been found on the river bed rescue teams are facing high water levels and a fast current the result of a month of heavy rain but on the notion we found some people with serious injuries in a critical condition there were some who got lightly injured and some needed to be
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resuscitated. the captain of the larger vessel has been taken into police custody accused of reckless misconduct. the mermaid was a $26.00 metre boat used for sightseeing that could hold 60 people the south korean tour agency which organized the trip says relatives of the tourists will arrive in budapest on friday south korean president moon j. and has sent foreign ministry officials to hungary to help. control law i urge you to make use of all diplomatic channels to work with the hungaroring government so search and rescue operations take place as fast as possible and if there are not enough personnel or equipment i ask you to coordinate with neighboring countries are hungry to find ways of bringing more rescue experts and additional equipment. the search for survivors has been extended far downstream into serbia as hungary and police continue their criminal investigation and are schapelle al-jazeera.
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austria has announced a successor to sebastian kurtz who was ousted as chancellor in a vote of no confidence on monday it's brigitte to be allowing a constitutional judge to set to become the country's 1st female chancellor was forced to step down after a corruption scandal involving the leader of his governing coalition partner of the far right freedom party. less than 2 months after its last election israel is gearing up for another one after the prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government the parliament voted to dissolve itself after the deadline passed at midnight on weapons day the country will return to the polls in september meanwhile mr netanyahu met with senior white house advisor jericho to talk about donald trump's peace plan for the middle east their own foreign minister has criticized the yet to be unveiled american plan calling it shameful flew she nice jerusalem is not for sale truth doesn't belong to trump and he can't give it away
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to anyone it will never be owned by benjamin netanyahu and no one is allowed to buy or sell it on behalf of the great palestinian nation kosovo's foreign minister says he'll band visits by the serbian prime minister accusing her of making racist comments is just the latest flare up in tensions between pristina and belgrade serbia already has its forces on high alert after course of and police launched a raid in the mainly ethnics area in the north natasha butler as more from gretchen in kosovo. it was a message of hope the new born sculpture in pristina was created in 2008 to mull kosovo's independence from serbia but 2 decades after conflict tore the 2 sides apart rivalries between serbs and albanians in kosovo still threaten peace the sculptor is now an m.p. he says belgrade is destabilising kosovo by fuelling nationalism among its minority serbia and serbian politics and those belgrade's. involvement in.
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him in the affairs in kosovo has made this impossible for the last 20 years so serbia has to accept the fact that they have a minority here which. will be treated as equal citizens of course or so be a refuses to recognize kosovo the tensions are preventing both sides from joining the european union e.u. leaders are calling for reconciliation deal one proposal would be to reach your borders carving up kossovo along ethnic lines would be controversial the cost of an president's chief advisor says a solution must be found assuming that there can be some sort of a correction in the end of the tops. forever remain multiethnic as it is today because nobody will ever accept any borders among their declines and this is not at all the intention the intention is to camargue come up with
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a final deal between the 2 countries there are reminders of ethnic divisions everywhere in kosovo and echoes of the past some course of an albanians want to join albania others say kosovo should stays that is this is gretchen needs a predominantly ethnic serb municipality just outside pristina most serbs here say they live alongside their albanian neighbors without any problems and if course of i was to be divided along ethnic lines people here say they would. to leave this pharmacy family has lived here for generations and ethnic serb he says his grandchildren's future is here for the money there needs to be an agreement and then everyone will calm down we don't have problems between albanians and serbs it's politicians feeling a tool of course if i was born out of conflict and it remains fragile until pushed belgrade can resolve their differences uniting everyone under the same flag could
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remain elusive for course of his leaders natasha butler al jazeera. kosovo a new effort is underway to identify more than 100 victims from 1992 mass killings when the conflict in the balkans and bosnia herzegovina the korea chinee cliffs massacres on more than 200 civilian shot dead and dumped in a ravine by a police unit it's taken nearly 3 decades to uncover many of the remains and return them to their families for proper burial is paul brennan. in the garden of his home in turn napoleon 78 year old passes his retirement in silence his 2 sons emin and amir were in their early twenties when they were both killed at kota chani cliffs after 27 years has now been told their remains have finally been found. jawbone was found 10 or 12 years ago but they didn't know which of them it belonged to now the full remains were found in that musgrave. i mean and they were exempt
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from ascites known as the stone mass grave the corpses were hidden under a thick layer of rocks in august 1902 a group of more than 200 bosniak men were transported to the edge of the ravine made to kneel and then shot dead by police the corpses are only now being recovered . their dens father ferritin was one of the victims who have now been identified he will be buried in july. of the most part it's all about who was found and who wasn't have the people responsible for the crimes being prosecuted why some didn't get more prison time those sorts of things haunt us take a fix faces having to say goodbye to his brother all over again he already buried some of his bones found at car a china cliffs now a significant portion of the rest of the skeleton has been identified yet. it is not easy but this time around is stronger still i thought i was done with this 5
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years ago i guess this time i'll get actual closure. on 6 umed the bones off forensically examined at this center 112 sets of remains are currently awaiting final identification here the final number of newly identified victims will reach 18180 people whose relatives have spent nearly 3 decades wondering. what their thought will be we have here remains of slain sons and their parents siblings neighbors or kept it together this is in the way a unique situation you could say that this was a family mass grave. each victim has a story who is a senator was a teacher. who teaches senator was killed by one of his former students and it was another one of his old students who found his remains committed the crime and the other one did a good deed. in 2004 the leader of the police unit which carried out the massacre was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 17 years in prison but
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it's only now that these victims can be properly buried that their families can have closure paul brennan al-jazeera. tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil have rallied for a 2nd time this month against plans spending cuts in education local media saying demonstrations were held in more than 80 cities the government wants to partly freeze spending in public universities in the coming months critics say it is an assault on education the president. has dismissed the student protesters as naive saying they're being manipulated by their teachers. as that one protest in sao paulo. the government of president job or says that the cuts to the education budget are essential if brazil is going to be able to afford what he says is major reform of the pension system coming up while the country is heading for economic difficulties the economy has contracted a bit many people here say though that the cuts will disproportionately affect the
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working class people at the bottom end of political society and that will make life very very difficult for them you don't have this imagine such an over the years many people like myself coming from the lower middle class have gone to university i'm now a professor in a public university who had the opportunity to study but instead of pushing to improve the education system to have more equal growth in brazil the government sees education as a threat to monitor something suitable i think will never be able to pay for private education i want to be a lawyer and go to one of the best public universities in brasil but i'm 100 that might not happen. although the protests are only likely to get bigger more than a 1000000 people marched across brazil in the middle of may when the cuts were announced many more marching across the country today the president himself is unlikely to be swayed by he's accused professors working in the public education
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system of indoctrinating students with left wing ideas and urged them to report their teachers to the all corot is a but many have said this is a battle for the heart and soul of the brazilian society other protests are likely to go on with an increasing polarization of those who support president bush so not all and many of those who oppose him. the u.s. government says the 1st leases for oil exploration in an alaskan wildlife refuge will be sold this year both at sea coast had been off limits to oil and gas drilling until the trumpet ministration pushed approval through the congress and 2017 environmental groups are worried about the impact on care. polar bears and other wildlife in that area. recapping our top stories for you so far this half hour gulf nations of called on iran to respect international law and stop interfering in other country's internal
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affairs for a series of emergency summits held in saudi arabia. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security the cattery prime minister attended the summits in saudi arabia after an invitation from king the cell man it was the 1st high level meeting between the 2 governments since the start of a saudi led blockade on cata 2 years ago. sudan's transitional military council says a protest camp in the capital khartoum is posing a threat to the nation that's what action will be taken against so-called unruly elements demonstrators one ruling generals to hand power to civilians the mexican president is calling for dialogue with washington after president trump announced he will tax all goods from mexico to push the government to take action on illegal immigration the us president says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced from june
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the tense and will be increased every month until something is done. the police in hungary have detained the captain of a tour boat involved in a fatal collision on the river danube in budapest at least 7 people are dead and $21.00 others are still missing after a sightseeing vessel carrying south korean tourists was hit by a bigger boat and sank within seconds. austria's an unsafe successor to sebastian kurtz who was ousted as chancellor in a no confidence vote on monday brigitte be aligned is a constitutional judge and is set to become the country's 1st female chancellor and the kurds was forced to step down after a corruption scandal involving the leader of his governing coalition partner tens of thousands of students and teachers in brazil who rallied for a 2nd time this month against planned educational spending cuts the government wants a partial spending freeze in public universities in the coming months critics say it's an assault on education those are your headlines up next is people in power
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i'm back straight after that with 30 minutes of bang up stay out of your world news i will see you. on june the 4th 989 a chinese state crackdown on pro-democracy protesters led to the tiananmen square massacre we'll be talking to those who were there and looking at what's changed in china since then join us on al-jazeera for coverage of tiananmen 30 years on. delhi india a sprawling seat of government is the deadliest of all the world's capitals exposing millions of its inhabitants to shocking range of life threatening response from diseases so why is it so polluted and what if anything is being done to remedy . the mishneh how many it was born and raised in the city to find out.
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in. delhi. a vibrant bustling metropolis with over 20000000 inhabitants the capital of a rapidly growing india expected to be the most populous city on the planet in the next decades. it's also my home i was born in delhi and i've lived most of my life but i've been away
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for a few years and in that time delhi has been making the headlines for an alarming reason it's become the most polluted capital city in the world and its residents say there's snow leaving bison by the air they breathe air pollution is estimated to be the hard highest cause of death in india killing over a 1000000 people every year nearly 12000 people died in that lead 2017 because of the city's bad air some doctors are calling this a public health emergency. so i've come back to find out why like many big cities around the world this pollution from too much traffic and from industry but there are also specific local causes delis geographies one is another what i'm keen to know is why can't more be done to stop this i also want to hear from those worst affected the sick and dying and those on the frontline the
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levels of pollution that i it's a it's a very dangerous situation dr ivan kumar has been a lung cancer surgeon in delhi for over 30 years most of his patients used to be male smokers in their fifty's and sixty's but that's all changed when we analyzed the last year we follow. and the price of $5050.00 distribution between more goods and so-called nonsmokers from hardly any lady 40 percent female then age group from fifty's and sixty's we were now seeing patients in thirty's and forty's and nearly 8 percent of my patients were under 40 years of age i have rarely see along with just think even when i'm operating one teenagers we are fighting big black black deposits and much of this dr kumar believes is down to the city's dirty air in delhi the only requirement
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for you to be affected by the ill effects of air pollution is that you should be breathing. to get a better sense of what that means i had back out to the streets it's early summer and the city is gearing up for national elections pollution levels are generally lower at this time of the year than in the winter. but things are still pretty bad . i've met up with ron aqsa taria who has developed an equity wanted to ring network with piety con for and duke university to my surprise he just my attention 1st to something quite mundane the road speed thing almost like 50 micrograms off of dust which was picking up just when that activity was happening ron extra vice monitors fine particles in the air including something
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called pm $2.00 which is smaller than the wit of human hair this tiny particle is a mighty killer it has been linked to nearly 3000000 deaths around the world in 2017 with more than half of them occurring in china and india. although the indian government disputes mortality figures to. recchi linked to absolution b m 4.5 are the most harmful pollutants to humans you know it goes deeper than the body it settles in the lungs and over an extended eurasian you know it definitely caused all the respiratory problems while many disorders people like i was fostered by the people who are actually doing the work they're exposed to this on an extended duration day after day. there's more to the east apple using than just a good dust bowl. and so we set off to take measurements around the 6 x. 7 right now we have quite a bit larger the field $2.00 level here is higher than 60 in the last 24 hours
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standing how much of the problem is taking over the rate of actually called about 30 to 35 percent of belief where you should wake up going in a very costly unless it is regulated to keep going. with around $10000000.00 vehicles fighting for space in delhi's crowded streets it's unavoidable and sadly ironic that among those in the news them are some of the victims of the city's police in crisis. i'm a 26 year old new delhi resident about 6 months ago i got diagnosed with stage 4 made a static lung cancer. priyanka jan is a digital marketing consultant an only child she lives with her mother in south delhi the right lung is completely damaged the cancer has spread so much that it's just not visible on the extreme it's less than
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a year ago she used to drive for an hour and a half one way to get to her office nearly 25 kilometers away. now many of her journeys to and from the hospital the city's evolution has been a significant contribution to my health issue it was very very difficult because i was you know working i was living my daily life i was happy and then all of a sudden i started experiencing these breathing issues i would go breathless and then one day i was hospitalized i still feel that. i'm not sure if i would even make it for the new year and i don't know how many how many days do i have. an ear of think about it is pretty evident that she's too young to
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have any cancer at all and then to have a longer answer which is classically related to smoking is almost impossible to with priyanka as dr need to gain has been on colleges in delhi for the past 7 years he's noticed a rise in the lung cancer among his patients we used to talk about smoking go back every day for 25 years causes cancer say 46 so it's quite obvious that that may not be able to use their gums to chemical industries somebody who's exposed well she's not exposed to dark either then you start thinking of family history and she doesn't have the idea that you have to stop and. pollution actually be your reasons for a cancer somebody dark young there's enough evidence in the world that pollution can go dark and i really wonder if that was the main chord to be
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a true fact of if so then it could be in accord with the latest state of global air report on air quality and health it states that 33 percent of lung cancer deaths in india can be attributed. pollution. living in a city like delhi your directly but do you think in handing. when all look and serve warming chemicals not for one day off for daughter or do you been doing this for years together i can not see or stop it and say that's katie. and ron a kids means some more disturbing news in the past 6 months has put monitors in 15 of. the city he's noticed high levels of pollution even young hospitals in a neighborhood where i grew up. this is bad news for patients to risk of having respiratory ailments from the air that they breathe is very high for you know
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places like these it is particularly more important to make sure that the air is far more cleaner. it also helps explain why we could see a lot of nebulized and mosques being sold around us people used to buy headache. pain killers buying breathing about it is which is becoming a medical equipment you know requiring still the unfortunate reality you know what is happening to the i don't doubt. it's been shown by studies that men of lung capacity in generation born and brought up in the new cities like they really is much less than their counterparts in polluted cities. children are missed because some of the most exposed to the cities and pollution i meet them just a few kilometers away from where i live a poor community that helps clean up danny but is he clearly vulnerable to its
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dirty and. covered up go of her. name. but actually. it's a learning center run by an n.g.o.s children surprise me other than knowledge of how full eating their daily chores are but they see they have no other choice. but to. file must hire leading cause of household and the indian government has made a commitment to replace the. with gas and windows and a $50000000.00 homes according to official figures almost $71000000.00 have
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benefited from this so far but many of the poorest communities like these have yet to be reached that. being here has made me realize that denny's absolution comes from many sources big and small. it's all made worse by the city's unique job regime and atmospheric conditions but from other areas gets blown here and then gets trapped. what is surprising is that the fight for clean air was 1st spotted decades ago and partially won but experts say the gains have now been last week cleaned out the public transport sector we cleaned up the auto rickshaws the grass polluting sector but then.


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